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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Renee Lal and Ben Padarath out of custody, for now

Two of the key players in the scam involving thousands of dollars and a Ghanian businessman have been questioned and released.

Military sources have told Coupfourpointfive the Suva lawyer, Renee Lal, and the former politician, Ben Padarath, have both been released for the time being.

Lal is accused of swindling thousands of dollars from a businessman named Freeman and Padarath, of bringing the two together.

In an interesting turn of events, the illegal leader has been brought into the story with The FijiVillage and the FijiSun both saying Frank Bainimarama's name was used in the shenanigans. 

The Sun says "one false demand on the investor was for $30,000, with the claim that it was for Commodore Bainimarama’s Christmas expenses."

It goes on to says it was revealed that one false demand on the investor was for $30,000, with the claim that it was for Commodore Bainimarama's Christmas expenses. Threats were allegedly made by the businessman to the investor.

"The businessman had threatened that money be given to him whenever he wanted it or else his uncle, who a senior military officer will deport him (the investor)," the source said. "The investor asked him once why his car window was tinted and he said it was because the vehicle was used by the Prime Minister on weekends for personal runs."

The source also revealed the alleged fraudulent dealings that took place.

Money allegedly obtained by the lawyer:
*) $200,000 was allegedly deposited to the lawyer's partner's account from the United States of America by a client-an investment company running a development project outside Suva. The money was for the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) payments and the salary of the workers but no documents/receipt have been received by the investment company to confirm the payment. The investment company will conduct their own inquiry into the matter.

*)$20,000 was allegedly obtained from the investor for his new office's furniture. Nothing has been bought to date.
*) $30,000 was also allegedly obtained for the false "PM's Christmas expenses", falsely using the Prime Minister's name.

*)The investor also gave $150,000 to the lawyer for his exploration licence.

Money allegedly obtained by the businessman:
*) $10,700 was allegedly obtained from the investor for the construction of his office after claiming that he owns a construction company.

*) He also demanded small amounts of money such as $200 every now and then with the threat of deportation if it wasn't given. Fiji SUN was told that this matter was brought to light after one of the alleged suspects told immigration officials that the investor should be deported because he was an HIV/AIDS carrier. However, upon being apprehended the investor revealed the dealings he had with the informer (the businessman) and the lawyer. The businessman reportedly introduced the investor to the lawyer.

Footnote: According to Coupfourpointfive sources, Renee Lal is getting treatment for her injuries as an outpatient.


Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
good news from fijisun.
why pm wanted to employ people like ben.
Ben mum lavania in govt boards.
Ben and Renne should put them behind bars.
Ben the conaman style have catch up on you now.

Anonymous said...

more lawyers to be part of this ,Shivam be ready for the axe and also ministry of health minister with him being a silent partner in a poultry farm in sewani nausori and a medical distributor IDEAL PHARMACY DENTAL SUPPLIES . how was this licence given to a non pharmacist to ministers golfing and drinking partner ,who will supply medication to govt and lord behold what more

Leone said...

Thanks Frank,clean out all the corrupt people and its activities,then you will see what God has in store for you,Youre about to reach there a big thumps up for all what youre doing for the people of Fiji, we support you for that

Jake said...

Have no pity for these pair in fact thrash them with the ratan they will soon learn.

If this fails take them out to sea and dump them there, I doubt if the sharks would want to dirty their teeths on these thieves.

Have no mercy if they survive their ordeal beat them again, if all else fails banish them to the Sahara Desert they will soon perish.

May be send all ex party members of the SVT and the SDL and their leaders to accompany these two thieves between them they might devise a plan on how to steal the Sahara desert.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brain Singh the fall guy went to prison and the main guy left scott free. Thanks to Aziz and Ana ,as he PAL is bragging of paying for it to become a crown witness .

Keep The Faith said...

Such is the stupidity of Padarath and his mother.

Jnr Padarath hangs on to the regime in the hope of scraps and opportunities with the regime -- forgetting that his personal benefactor ie Driti is now in the outer limits (so too for Lewensky we see).

MOTHER Padarath will also be cut loose soon now that her bossom buddy up at the white house has til the end of Feb to get the phuck out.

The saying that "ill gotten gains never prosper" seems apt right about now.

Anonymous said...

@ Jake...

Vinaka. Took my words out. And perhaps 1987 coup makers too.

ex Fiji tourist said...

So it looks like 30000 is the going rate for the slice of the cake for bananasinpyjamas if you want to invest in Fiji.

Thanks to the comedy sheet, sun. for confirming bananasinpyjamas' corruption.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon and Jake

Jumping to conclusions here aren't you?

Anyway, what would you convict SDL / SVT for? Are you just trying to distract the issue away from Frank?

Everyone knows that to get things done in Fiji now - you NEED to have the road smoothed over first with Frank and his regime. Now THAT is corruption.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the 2 little brains (Leone and Jake) fail to see that these corrupt transactions took place after 2006.
You read their threads and its typical of the blind morons supporting this regime.
What they fail to see is Wrong begets wrong. If you do a Coup, there is no way in the world that you will get the Right result. So it is no surprise to me that there is more corruption under this regime than under Qarase (I'm not a Qarase supporter).
So here is Kindargarten Lesson 1 for you two: There will be more corruption as long as your stupid regime continues.
If you two can't follow this very simple logic or explanation I've given above then your brain must be either empty or full of da.

Terrence said...

@ Jake...your so damn right mate. Thieves like these two are a glaring example of what will happen to all those other thieving lawyers, doctors, dentists and anyone else who are MERELY LIVING TO RIP OTHERS OFF. They are merciless thugs and greedy thieves who will reap what they sow in the end.

Missy Lal...you should have known that 'cheats do not prosper'.

Anonymous said...

There must be some substance in payments going to Voreqe and other f..kwits in the IMG. After all,it is this lawless system of governance which breeds this type of corruption.

Voreqe is the mafia boss and the IMG is the crime syndicate.The military are just the lowdown street lieutenants that go around collecting debt and brutalizing people.

Maybe Filipe Bole should throw in $1m to solve this problem after all they are throwing money at everything else including their back pockets....bastards!!!

sara'ssista said...

I am still waiting for a crime free Fiji!!! what happened to the utopia that was going to be created given this regime has had five years... So really the assaults still happen, the crime still happens , the military still exrecise police powers of arrest...

Anonymous said...

Man! Amani you must be feeling like on Kay See Bakola today! hee hee lol! Barbara must be smiling all the way....wai le! de power!

Anonymous said...

Sa tu na da!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well there is another lawyer from Mitchell Keil, Nilesh Prasad invovled in all of this. He provided advise to Freeman to go to Rene. Apparently Nilesh was making his cut in the middle with Ben.....Walter will now go even redder!

mark manning said...

Why does Frank hide behind tinted windows if he is like so much by fijians ?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning - the Vore is NOT liked for one moment by the fijians. Why should we?
First he abolishes the GCC, threatens the predominantly fijian Methodist church, down-grades the Ministry of Fijian Affairs to a Department, opened up Borron House for one and sundry to have orgies in, opened up the new GCC complex for further orgies, we are now all called FIJIANS, etc etc. Do you for one moment think that we, the FIJIANS like all that?
We are only PRETENDING that we support and like him in order to get what WE want. That is FIJIAN politics for you - LIUMURI at its best. And guess what/ Being so gullible, he has taken it all in - 'HOOK, LINE AND SINKER'.

Anonymous said...

I just find it so amusing that most of you don't know that the rich and well connected in this country have been shafting the poor and all those who aspire to live a decent life for the last 40 years since independence. If i had my way i would collect all the politicians and their benefactors (not too hard to figure out) in the last 40 years till now and roast them in a large couldron of oil. They have been raping and screwing this country up for so long. Sadly this scenario is common in most countries run by colored folks. Using race religion and other devisive factors the so called elite have been at it for decades. The world including Fiji is waking upto to it slowly. Egypt Tunisia and Yemen are just a few examples. Hopefully one day Fiji will to.

Delilah said...

@ Anon 3.19pm
What do you mean by the term 'countries run by coloured folks'? Are you some fair skinned American or just a racist prick? The way you spell certain words without adding the letter 'u' suggests an American spelling so you're definitely from the 'coloured peoples' country. Don't comment on this blog you freak!

Anonymous said...

NON 6.00pm touchy touchy aren't we. I am neither American nor fair skinned. I can assure you that my skin is as brown as yours. Why run away from the obvious. I am not racist but just stating the obvious. In recent history all countries that have been royally screwed by the colonial powers have been screwed right down to the ground by their successors who have generally been Black or colored skinned people. Instead of making things better for their lot the powers that be rule by oppressing their people curtailing freedom of speach, beating people up, rigging elections and staying in power for decades while building an empire in Swiss banks from stolen billions from their people. Those colored people who cannot take it any further try to migrate to white run countries because despite all their problems they run far better countries then we do with at least the basics of human dignity respected and cherished. You want examples just look at Africa. From Zimbabwe to Sudan. All screwed up. Look at the Middle East lack of democracy right of free speech oppression all their for the taking. Look at the Pacific from Fiji to the Solomon’s to Tonga. Watch the news you ignorant fool. About 80% of the news is made up of stories of black and colored people running their countries to the ground and guess who is trying to help them the white folks. I am not being racist and if you find my comments offensive then i regret this but open your eyes and start thinking is their something wrong with our cultures. Are we doing something wrong by allowing this to happen to us? Use those grey cells instead of trying to shoot the messenger.

Anonymous said...

Leone is so full of shit..He is such a dick head..that Ben Padarath was drinking vodka with him while the taxpayers of this country were suffering..He was also a close friend of the now defunct landforce commander..pita Driti..They are all big time loosers..that Ben must have learnt the tricks of the con job trade from his big mouth mother..Lavenia..she was the one going around spreading lies about qarase's Govt being corrupt..now the truth has come out..now you hardly hear anything coming out of her and her loud bitcho friend Jokapeci koroi..They should all be locked up for yonkers years..and that Ben is such a looser..I wont be surprised that he will use his st.Giles patient story to run away from justice..Ben the whole of fiji now knows you..what a shame..if I were you I would jump off the Nausori Bridge..you looser..

Anonymous said...

@ February 4, 2011 10:13 AM

We're sick and tired of racist expats and foreigners bludging off Fiji. If you're not white, then what are you? Indian maybe? Only an Indian would think the way you do. For your information, I'm not indigenous Fijian. I'm part Fijian European (kailoma).

Anonymous said...

Kailoma- Look whos talking maybe you are unaware or uneducated, you are part of the problem. The Kailoma has contributed nothing to Fiji. have you heard of the term SPONGE thats you.You are no better than the gujaratis and the muslims in fiji, you go which ever side offers more and last but not least the above cannot be trusted.