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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Renee Lal kicked out of office prior to her arrest

The Suva lawyer at the centre of the scam where perpetrators used Frank Bainimarama's name to fleece a Ghanian businessman, was kicked out of her office five days before her arrest.

Renee Lal was taken into custody last Friday morning, trying to make a quick escape to New Zealand.

Just days before Lal, who is a partner at Jamandas and Associates, was locked out of the office by senior partner, Dilip Jamandas, leaving her husband (former RFMF lawyer Amani Bale) to retrieve her files.

The Renee Lal scam is one of two major frauds revealing the massive corruption and weaknesses of the regime and its appointees. 

Lal's alleged scam involves hundreds of thousands of dollars and has a touch of the bizarre about it. Bainimarama was used as bait with Lal and the former politician Ben Padarath playing up their connections with him to butter up investors, including a Ghanian by the name of Freeman.

At one stage Freeman was told the money was for Christmas expenses for Frank. On another occasion, he was told to put dark tints on his vehicle windows - the same vehicle that was taken off him in the weekends because Bainimarama supposedly wanted to use it.

Authorities were also led to believe the Ghanian had AIDS, which led to him being arrested.

The FijiVillage reported a short time ago that the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption has confirmed it has received a complaint from a foreign investor and that it's investigating.


Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
what a twist in the story now.
how can we trust the lawyers .they took oath to uphold the law but they brake the law for money/power.
reene and ben .you guys are a disgrace people.
freeman should have known that ben was a conman but he did work with him to get the oil and gas deal.
the question should be asked .
how did he enter fiji and knew about oil/gas.
seems like freeman have used people in fiji too.
what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Once again NZ is the bolt hole of choice for these criminal parasites. Once there extradition
is impossible(military regime - can't get justice etc).

When will NZ wake up?

Anonymous said...

Why isnt Fiji Times printing any news on this.? Yes, cos, Mac's nephew Teijesh is married to Rene's sister. Fiji Times you are not indepedent. Fiji Village and Fiji SUN you are clearly showing up FT on this.

Anonymous said...

Latest on this ....Uncle Richie Lal (& his funky bunch) have gone to see PM. Wanting to pay Freeman money back and a further $100k for damages caused to PM's reputation via a donation in the form of a new coach to Fiji Prisons courtsey of PA Lal Coachworks.

Uncle Richie accepts Commissioner Conners will de-bar Rene for life but doesnt want her to go into singsing!...I guess understandble. Isa Richard! Good thought. Lets see if PM accepts proposal. A little predictment aye!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about this Ghanian businesman? Does he really have the money? Hasa he brought any money into the country? Or is he just another con man one of the many associated with this regime. Drilling in Bau waters? How come we have not heard of anything this significant? Oil is oil and must make the news if it is discovered and if prospecting etc starts.It requires a lot of capital just to get the exploratory drilling done.
Please check these facts 4.5, as I suspect you are now being used and are unwittingly aiding the regime!

Delilah said...

They should investigate the entire Jamanadas & Ass law firm.... Too many familiar stories like this been coming out!

TheMax said...

It is Fiji that has to wake up; not NZ.

Anonymous said...

Isnt this the 2nd time this law firm has been caught up in a scandal involving trust funds.....

Radiolucas said...

For C4.5:


Importantly, this commentary (which isnt particularly surprising): "The upheaval in Egypt has again proved a rule that students of history quickly come to recognise - authoritarian regimes don't last, even supposedly moderate ones that sanction a little dissent, hold a showpiece election or two and happen to be convenient for another nation's foreign policy goals."

Proud Fijian said...

Yes, its all New Zealand's fault! They undermine the road map without even knowing what it says. The media is unbalanced and tries to portray Fiji's PM as a garden variety thug and dictator. In reality, Bainimarama has never been quite a dictator in the Saddam Hussein or Bokassa mould. His rule is more like the semi-enlightened despotism of an 18th-century European monarch.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time there was The National Bank of Fiji/NBFAMB with a whole raft of scams rorts frauds and corruption.That involved an entire cross section of the Fijian community,from top to bottom.Since then we have had a series of dubious outcomes in other Fijian institutions.Nothing but nothing seems to change.All I can say from experience is good luck to whoever has to unravel all of this once the Military Junta is unseated.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:35am - If what you're saying does come to pass it will definitely show that anything can be bought in Fiji and connections to the Baini does get you favours. These people are doing the very thing the accused did....use Baini to gain an advantage he is of course happy to play God in all this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"When will NZ wake up?".

Points taken - what I was referring too however was NZ constantly being used as convenient bolt hole for Indian coup supporters - Samy - Reddy etc. Sorry if this offends - but unfortunately its true.

Trev said...

Well to be fair, the article is wrong when it says that CEOs are not usually on the Board of Directors. This is actually a very common thing in Western countries. In the USA especially, the CEO, Managing Director (call him what you will) is sometimes the Chairman of the Board as well.

It comes down to the confidence that the shareholders have in a particualr individual as to whether they make the CEO a director (in which case he might be called Managing Director) or leave him off the Board.

Anonymous said...

Questions for the writer of this blog:

1. Are you suggesting that violence, esp against women, is justifiable?

2. If as you say, this is the second time that this firm is involved in abuse of trust fund : why not refer the matter to the Police instead of waging a personal war in the media, and then justifying that by referring the matter to the Army thugs to beat her up?

3. Why would a person go this far, to even pull the wool on a blog site like yours, that your react against the core principle why we need to unite - democracy and human rights.

Find time to reflect : Frank uses your blog site effectively : divide the masses to rule. Bravo!

citizen kane said...

baini must tell us how much riyaz khaiyum n robert khan made in the fbc deal?

TheMax said...

@Proud Fijiana

A dictator is a dictator end of story. Why balme any other country, blame yourselves you bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Said
riaz , robrt khan,john prasad and aiyaz all made big dollars in fbcl upgrade deal.
ficac and pm office should investigate and charge them.
example microphone cost 80-00 nz was sold for 800-00 fjd.
what a joke.

Jake said...


No the only retard in this forum is you what say dipper.

Lako sara lei cu vei Bai.


TheMax said...

@anony 12:27

No use investigating jest hang them.

Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

All your ramblings never have any point other than to express your love for the dictatorship.

Perhaps you should stop writing about it on here and just tell Frank how you feel. Maybe there is a future for you two.

Jake said...

Radio Otiose.

Much like your ramblings arent it.

Why is you think I am infatuated with this legal regime?

There i nowwhere I gave that indication.

I think Bai and crew is doing a bloody marvellous job apart from that everthing is much the same.


Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

Reading and interpreting your class-one-style verbal diarrheoa is tiring.

"I think Bai and crew is doing a bloody marvellous job apart from that everthing is much the same."

Yes. If by "marvelous job" you mean 'stealing, threatening and ruling by stupidity' then yes, they are truly gifted.

They took away power and money for themselves, denied the public their freedom and human rights, abused the populace, installed a government whose incompetance is unparralled in Fiji's history and have flushed our future down the proverbial toilet.

As for "much the same", depends on your timescale - if starting at the end of 2006 - you would be right.

The military have continued to be completely useless at government - an incredible feat given the amount of time that they have had to do what they promised.

Are you sure you are fit enough to be commenting on these forums?

I am sure it is tiring for you, lying there strapped to your bed, frothing at the mouth and staring at the picture of Frank taped to the ceiling.

Anonymous said...

@Jake, Kaise, Tum bohut pakla!Murgi chod. (translation = you are very clever Jake). I find your arguments interesting but sometimes bordering on insanity.

Anonymous said...

Jake, like the frog who habitually sings the same tune in a monotonous tone over and over again. Like the character Boxer in " Animal Farm", he glorifies illegal Voreqe " as "the Boss who is always Right!". A real case of moral bankruptcy!. What a waste and a tradegy that Jake cant think or reason beyond his own delusionary state!. Each time he blogs, he only spew out the rot and vernom that currently compounded his waste!. The use of habitual vulgar langauge above as means of defense confirms all.
" Empty vessels makes more sounds"!.

Jake said...

Radio Luka.

“Reading and interpreting your class-one-style verbal (diarrheoa) is tiring”

I am certain you will be able to interpret this your infantile idiocy precedes you, tis a sign of ultimate weakness when one has to resort to name calling but then again I have come to expect nothing less from a cretin.

“They took away power and money for themselves, denied the public their freedom and human rights, abused the populace, installed a government whose incompetance is unparralled in Fiji's history and have flushed our future down the proverbial toilet”

You seem to be crying over split milk, get over it boy, the same is said of Rabuka, Qarase and all of their beneficiaries you included.

You keep waffling on about freedom among other things human rights and abuse; let me say the worst maltreater of human rights in Fiji pre- 2006coup was your pappy Qarase and his thugs.

Qarase and his thugs have collectively curtailed the rights of the many while abusing their position in office.

You will get no sympathy from me in fact you ought to be obeisant at the first sight of new TUI VITI that’s right your friend have been elevated and accorded the title by his people.

For this regime will remove all barriers that beset the nation of Fiji by ethno-nationalists and include every nationalities in the process of governance.


Anonymous said...

Two 2 or 3 years back, it was reported in the news that lawyer Adish K Narayan had signed off on a letter that had the letterhead of office of the Attorney General. This lawyer is also a private practitioner, does anyone what ever happened in that incident?

Jake said...

Anon @ 1:46 PM

"Jake, like the frog who habitually sings the same tune in a monotonous tone over and over again"

Tis a classic case of the kettle calling the pot black isn’t it?

"Like the character Boxer in “Animal Farm", he glorifies illegal Voreqe " as "the Boss who is always Right!".

Isn’t it the same ramblings from the pro Qarase squad trying to justify their exsistence?

"A real case of moral bankruptcy!. What a waste and a tradegy that Jake cant think or reason beyond his own delusionary state"

Wow this is now beyond the pale in fact the only government that was not only duplicitous but deemed immoral was none other than Qarase and his debauched thugs you depraved characters aboard emulate.

"Each time he blogs, he only spew out the rot and vernom that currently compounded his waste"

Try looking from my perspective than you just might have a change of heart because you blighters are walking through life with your blinkers on.

"The use of habitual vulgar langauge above as means of defense confirms all"

This I must say works both ways and here is how it works for me to respond there would have to be a transmitter because if the transmitter, transmits vulgarities than I shall respond in kind.

" Empty vessels makes more sounds"!.

It may pay to check your vessel because where I am the reverberation is deafening and that is a very long distance away.

Fight for peace and love fight for Bainimarama.


Anonymous said...

Jake thinks denial is a river in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

@ Jake....

Your ramblings are ridiculous! Marvellous job by the military?

How about having your head beaten about with a bottle of water.

How about being treated like an animal or better still be tortured or murdered??????????????

How about it huh? Any justice in that? HUH??????????

What's your response to that?

WAKE UP MAN!!!!!!!!!!

Jake said...

Anon @ 10.05am.

“Your ramblings are ridiculous!
Marvellous job by the military?”

Oh yes! You and your likeminded friends can take comfort in the fact that your interest in Fiji is in excellent hands and not squandered. Unlike your past masters where the norm was spend other people’s money.

“How about having your head beaten about with a bottle of water”

Unless this incident occurred to you I am not interested because it is common knowledge among our Fijian people where gossip is rife and backstabbing is the norm, unfortunately younger Fijians nowadays are very weak both psychologically and physically and therein lays the nations dilemma.

“How about being treated like an animal or better still be tortured or murdered??????????????”

If you are referring to the 2000 armed insurrection than those treasonous soldiers ought to have been summarily executed without delay this would include their leader and all known collaborators.

The nation of Fiji have in the last twenty some years become a nation of shirt-lifters and have weaken the family unit.

“How about it huh? Any justice in that? HUH??????????”

There is no justice in love or war we all end up losers.

“WAKE UP MAN!!!!!!!!!!”

I am more cognisant now than ever before.


Anonymous said...

Poor Jake. He exists solely as a stark reminder to all, of how the truth and the tradegy of the blind [Jake himself] , being corrupted and enslavely led by the corrupt and blind Bainimarama!. Lo and behold, how they will both fall into the ditch!.

Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

"Qarase and his thugs have collectively curtailed the rights of the many while abusing their position in office."

You really do have something of a crush for Frank don't you? You should call him. His number is in the paper - it's not as if he is going to read this blog and think he wants to date you on the basis of your postings. Put yourself out there - from what I can gather from your life so far, you have little to lose.

Anyway, the challenge for you is to name an example, proven in law or by sentence of Qarase's state-organised corruption and abuse of our civil rights.

Qarase and his government, as abhorrent as they were to many (including me) at the time, and as stupid as many of his ministers seemed - were ELECTED. So although I wasn't a fan of all their decisions or policies, I took their election to be the mandate of the people. I would have made my vote count at the next election.

I do not recall Qarase doing anything like the abuses of power that the military regime have prepetrated.

To make it easier for you to counter, I will help by referring to the acts that Frank and his cohort of cretins have done to Fiji to date. For instance did Qarase:

1. Commit murder and treason?
2. Abrogate the constitution?
3. Detain and torture citizens without just cause or legal warrant?
4. Rule by decree?
5. Censor all free media outlets?
6. Appoint best friends and family to all government ministries?
7. Sack and Appoint new judges to rule in his favour?
8. Preside over one of the worst periods of depression in our nations history?
9. Ban public assembly?
10. Make criticising him punishable at law?
11. Eject foreign diplomats?
12. Alienate Fiji in the eyes of our international neighbours?
13. Appoint himself PM (twice) and ignore a court ruling against him?
14. Appoint himself minister of everything?
15. Ignore the Laws of Fiji?
16. Blame foreign countries and former leaders for his own failed policies?

The list could go on and on. But I have a job to do today. Everyone in Fiji could add another crime to Frank Bainimarama's list. Do you want to invite them to do so? Perhaps have a running list for you to refer to?

If I were you I would check everything you write more often because your arguments simply don't hold any water.

You also make statements that are too easy to counter quickly and hence make you look silly.

You repeat the same themes again and again, maybe in the vain hope that by repeating them, it might make the arguments valid?!?

It looks like a kind of verbal masturbation. Noone wants to see you do this in public.

Anonymous (Feb 7, 1am), like many other commentators, is just repeating what we all know about your inability to deal with reality.

We have all also seen that when people do respond to you with an argument that you cannot bluster or bark around, you don't respond at all. I think you choose to wait until the next time to "try again" with the same, boring arguments.

It is sad and tiring to read it and respond to it. You should try harder - we all like a good challenge.

Perhaps take out your thesaurus and look up the word "effort". Do more of that and less of these inane masturbatory arguments over whether or not Frank Bainimarama is the best man to ever walk the earth.

He isn't: He is a incapable leader. A failed wannabe politician. An ill-tempered, short-sighted bully with inflated sense of his own mediocre abilities. History is his judge.

Jake said...

Radio Otiose.

There's no need to write a running commentary about your papa because what you say of Frank is my exact sentiment of Qarase.

Bearing in mind the election you claim your papa won was in fact manipulated as determined by the UN monitors now that is hardly a fair outcome is it.

While you laze around there in Aussie at the expense of foreign taxpayers you may consider doing the right thing and start by apologising to nation of Fiji for your misdeeds. I on the other hand

You can’t keep going through life hating people my son I thought I have taught you better than that time is on you to change your dastardly ways.

Come clean come back to Fiji lets change Fiji for the better without Qarase.

My farm animals are calling me must rung alone it’s time for milking.

Clear the fog from your eyes it will enable you see with clarity Fiji is on the move.

Try and keep your future correspondences to 150 words or less it suits your ability.


Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

All I asked was for you to just name something that you think Qarase did that compares to this dictatorship. Instead, you ignore the argument (that YOU started) and start talking about UN monitors and your need to go “milk” your farm animals.

As I said before, tt is a constant pattern you have that if you are losing, you avoid the argument altogether.

So lets take what you say is an argument - the UN election monitors and allegations of "election fraud". These allegations stem from the Fiji Human Rights Commission (FHCR) and its notorious former leader of the Citizens-for-Enquiry-Knowledge-and-Errors (CEKE for short), Ms Shaista Shameem.

Shaista created allegations and led fishing expeditions to find evidence that she wanted to present and surprise, surprise, she "found" the evidence that she needed to help her arguments.

The FHCR under Shaista is the same commission that ignored blatant human rights abuses, refused to investigate claims made against the military regime and was subsequently suspended from the Asia Pacific Forum and the International Co-ordinating Committee (ICC). (FYI: The ICC is the co-ordinating and accreditation body for national human rights institutions in the Pacific region.)

Shaista made all sorts of claims of electoral fraud, treason and crimes against humanity. She even said that Qarase CAUSED the coup (what?). A later review by the ICC stated that the commission "lacked both credibility and independence". Noone was surprised by this finding.

Yet you honestly sit there and try to rely on this fan-club's finding to cite evidence against Qarase?

Please. Jake. Stop playing with your goats and try a little harder.

Anonymous said...

Renee Lal is a BITCH.

Anonymous said...