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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Soldier behind Speight beating named

Major Ben Naliva has been named to Coupfourpointfive as the soldier issuing the orders to beat Sam Speight.

Speight received severe injuries after several days in the hands of the miltary goons.

Naliva, who is from the Rewa province, has been named as the ringleader firing the orders for Speight to be thoroughly thrashed.

Also known as Penioni Naliva, this zealot surfaced a few weeks ago in the beating of con man Ben Padarath.

Naliva was Frank Bainimarama's main personal staff officer around the 2006 coup and is still in the job, getting his hands dirty and bloody for the dictator.

Of course, the real culprit behind the assaults of ordinary Fiji citizens is the despotic Bainimarama, the biggest criminal of the Pacific, who is beginning to look as grotesque as the mad Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

Like Gaddafi, Bainimarama continues to intimidate and terrorise citizens because he knows that if he doesn't keep his foot on people's throats, he wouldn't be in power. 

And like Gadaffi (this is the monster who yesterday called on his supporters to go out and attack the 'cockroaches' demonstrating against him), Bainimarama must eventually fall.

What was Speight doing after all? Distributing DVDs with a pro-democracy message - hardly a killing offence but one that clearly gives Bainimarama the runs.

BLOODY HANDS: Naliva and Bainimarama.


Jake said...

Can anyoe produce medical reports or evidentiary photographs taken by either medical personal's or the police.


Anonymous said...

@ Jake...they are being taken here in Australia as we write...he left Fiji less than 24 hours from being released from QEB..photos & video were taken of him leaving QEB with black eye and other bruises...so you can rest assured it's all going to be out in the open for the world to see very very soon...no censors in Australia..ha..ha..

TheMax said...

What for Jake? You don't need any proof after all you whorship Bai and you should applauding the actions of his men. Its all for the betterment of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Penioni Naliva - trust you have an alternate post military (coup) career planned? Name duly noted for future reference.(prosecution).

mark manning said...

Every dog has it's day, as does every pig !
Jake, your next, dick head !
I'll bet my bottom dollar Jake is one of those useless skinny little indians from india !
A useless little man of no worth and little brain, struggling to get noticed but too petrified of his own shadow to divulge his true identity.
another Dan Carter for certain.

In fact, your not even a dick head, because they are useful !

Anonymous said...

Great news,the bloody coward Nalivas name as finally comes out.I have to hire someone or( I will do it myself )who can do some dirty jobs on him or his family.Watch out Naliva,I know you and your family and I will surely pay you back this time.

mark manning said...

Ben Naliva, doesn't deserve to be called major !

mark manning said...

Hitler was so scared of his opposition that he had them all assassinated overnight, after they helped him get into a position of power.
I sincerely hope that Frank and his family are afforded exactly the same treatment which he and Aiyaz are giving their fellow Citizens.
Sins of the Father Frank, be careful what you wish for !

I'm looking forward to seeing just what the Loyalist soldiers of the RFMF have in store for Aiyaz and his family, the pathetic weak, cowardly skinny little Indian Moslem.

Jake, hide your family mate !

Anonymous said...

Sam the rodant got what he deserves. I hope he realises what justice is. This is the same person whose bro george (also a rodant) once trashed the entire city of suva. Funny how someone who once believed democracy to be a foreign flower now distributes messages of prodemocracy. He is just a snake whose head needs tp be taken off.

Anonymous said...

Why is DEMOCRACY so scary that you have to beat up the messenger?

This is another proof that Vuaka hates Democracy and there will be no election in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it Jake,noone is accountable to you but rest assured that all the medical reports will be circulated to all the relevant embassies,NGO's and international bodies whose job is to pursue illegal and cowardly regimes like Bainimaramas that torture defenseless citizens.

Jake said...

Mark Manning.

I am right across the ditch if you and anyone of your fijian bum buddies would like to pay me a visit you all welcome.

Now listen you sheep shagging drongo who the phuck you calling Indian you lowlife mongrel.


Anonymous said...

Bani, ben .aiyaz,aziz and doctor shau khan /sisters -your days are numbered .
your own army officers will shoot you.
mark my word.
This time no where to run and hide.

Jake said...

Mark Manning.

I await the day with great anticipation I just hope you and your little Fijian ophidians are prepared because you see my boy I have been there done that and I have yet to lose.

If you want bet your bottom dollar than you better be advised the likelihood of you losing is very real but if you insist I reside on my one of Farms in the far north of NZ but then again being a typical no dick gutless loud mouth Australian you don’t have the finance’s to back you bet.

You just dragged up turd roaming the streets there in Ozzie trying very hard to justify your existence.


Anonymous said...

Will anyone get arrested and beaten to death for shooting and killing the dictators?

Could there be any innocent who are in the line of duty also be killed, and if so, will the purported hero be trialed and jailed for making mistakes for "good course"?

Anonymous said...

Voreqe Bainimarama,Ben Naliva and Siwatibau Rabuka take note!!!!!

You've just got caught in the cross- hairs and you will go down.I'm coming for you so watch your back!!!

Who Dares Wins!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet if it was a porno DVD, the sotia ni solisona would be so excited and probably wanked themselves until they were blue in the face.
But because it was a DVD on Democracy they beat the guy up.
Here we can see the limited mentality of these soldiers.
Right in front of them are people who are ripping off thousands of dollars ( ie Aiyaz & Aziz) but instead they beat up a guy who gave a dvd to friend.
How bizarre is that!
Do these termites take the time to think at all?
Ni sa vakaraitaka tu ga na sotia na levu ni nomuni no school qanibulu.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...the regime is getting so desperate...run while you all have a chance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tu- Dua na boci levu ni Mataivalu solisona. Na bogi dou duri tiko vei Voreqe - Sir vamalua Sir sa qai oti qo o Khaiyum as mosi tiko noqu cici.

Na boci qa na boci. Dou tori qa vatakei Jake, tamata solisona vei oratou na Mataivalu solisona.

Delilah said...

@ Mar Manning - I am quite disappointed at the way you've described Jake to be a skinny Indian etc etc... That is really sad coming from someone that usually has some pretty excellent comments! Is your bitterness towards Indians or the Bainimarama government? So so sad & really disappointing indeed.
Penioni Nailiva - I wait for the day when your arrogance will be shat on your face. You'll be crawling for forgiveness when this war is over! A despicable & demented person.

Anonymous said...

Speight and Democracy !!!

Where was he in May 2000 ??

Anonymous said...

Speight ( like Inoke Kuboabola) wants a minister's salary and all the perks !!

He doesnt want democracy, or else he would have spoken out in 2000.

ex Fiji tourist said...

"In fact, the local radio station in Misurata is now broadcasting free material against Gaddafi and celebrating with the population." ABC news

If only the 'press' in Fiji would release their self imposed shackles and start reporting the truth about the atrocities being perpetrated by 'joke' and his grubby green goons.

Anonymous said...

Ah good. So now we have the name of another of the COLLABORATORS. Penioni Naliva. Sounds like a particularly nasty one as well. Quite a few to be rounded up. NO AMNESTY for any of this bunch of terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Time will come soon for you ben and bani ,
god is looking at your deeds.
learn from the arab world.
all leaders coming down.
fiji is next.
freedom peoples power.

Anonymous said...

Street justice is the way to deal with these cowards who are hiding behind Bai's ass. And Bai should be the first one to be dealt with.

Anonymous said...

check naliva out on FB

Leone said...

evidence please and in court should be excepted by many

Anonymous said...

All you gang must be unemployed and on the dole with nothing better to do (like me)!

Anonymous said...

@Jake shut up you!!! reading your comments we can tell you are bloody convicts...hahaha

TheMax said...

Leone you qari qase

Unemployed Bloggers said...

Anon @ 3.52pm - oilei and what great wastage to the overseas taxpayers. E sa rauti keda ga na vosa ratou dau tukuna mai na Tebara "...bula e na vosa, ke laurai vakavinaka, e warai sa la ni dua na ka e caka tiko..."

Jake said...

Well I am of he opinion while there is currently a PER in place everyone ought to be mindful of that fact.

If this person is found to be in breach of the PER than he deserves the thrashing he recieved.

After all Fiji is a Military State where dick heads alike must be very careful.

News for Mark Manning Fiji will no longer allow paedophile's on its soil.

You best be advised to remain there in the slums of Ozzie and go about you sick life.


mark manning said...

@ anon
My comments are meant to sitting, but only those responsible for this coup
I'm not anti indian, belie me, one of my nieces was adopted from Fiji and is Indian Fijian and my love for her is as deep as the ocean !
This is all just a game of psychology, don't be offended, try and read between the lines ! Sorry if i've offended others.

Anonymous said...

I am a NZer. Over the years many Fiji Indian families have emigrated to NZ and have become our neighbours and colleagues and I have got to know them. Many are sad about what is happening in Fiji but there is a significant group who appear to support the last coup. When I hear this I ask questions and get the same answers.
Q. Why do you support the coup?
A. Because of what the Fijians did to us in the last coup?
Q. What about democracy, human rights and Fiji's economy?
A. Who cares, I live here now.
These people seem very bitter and have no love for their country of birth, which, as a patriotic Kiwi, I find hard to understand. I notice that many have an association with farming. Suspect Jake may be one of these types.

Anonymous said...

To Mark Manning,

Stop playing game of psychology if that seems funny to you.

This same psychology game had been played over and over agian whenever coups were against the Indians for living their lives and earning for a hard days work.

You would not call names to those who work with those anti Indian govt's of the past.

Every opposition calls their own in opposite camp as traitors. They like to play the race card to make themselves feel good.

Yet they do not have balls to throw out the IG who have overstayed their welcome in Govt.

Jake said...

Anon @ February 25, 2011 8:10 PM.

Your suspicion can be confirmed indeed I am a cattle Farmer however I owned more than one right here in beautiful NZ.


mark manning said...

Aiyaz is Indian isn't he ?

TheMax said...

Jake boci you talk too much

Manuqalo said...

Anon@8.10pm+MM 25/2- from a hypothetical viewpoint: Your suggestions that Indians support this coup because of what happened to them in the 1987 & 2000 are correct because it's human nature. Mind you, there're also native Fijians who did not support those 2 coups. I live in Fiji and there is a big turnaround-Frank-support amongst rural people (Fijians/Indians). It's because there is an increase in support for the rural people -eg.microfinance. It remains to be seen however how effective this is! The educated Fijians though (natives/Indians/others)who supported Frank earlier are sceptical now as the cost of goods keep increasing and only a few are getting richer. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but, it may take us quite a while to get there as long as Governments (Frank+his predecessors) continue to make contradictory policies that eventually make a few richer and increase the poor. If the gap between the rich and poor keeps increasing - there may well be a revolution if not this generation, the next.

Jake said...


If you are in NZ and overstaying and in need of a job I am looking for someone to clean cowpats around the entrance to my rotary milking machine.

Se vacava no teve.


Anonymous said...

Whether Ben, Felix, Gaffar, Tawake and now Sam did is illegal or not is NOT the issue here. THE issue here is that Naliva and his bunch of murdering swines have NO right whatsoever to beat people up. PERIOD!! Like I have pointed out before they must have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm when beating people up.
Where is the FREEDOM [ OF SPEECH ETC] that the Vore keeps harping about.
I have heard from very reliable sources that last Saturday the FSC Penang General Manager and his Chief Engineer were tortured and humiliated by soldiers, led by none other than the Vore imself.
One day, one day Frank and Naliva.
You should both take your cue from the sadist Driti.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jake is one of those scrawny little indian, who is a bitter and twisted little shemale that lives in Hawaii and dinmaro on the US pension.
If that is not what you are Jake then show us "medical proof". We want photos.
I am sure you are a shemale.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.32am;

Fiji had for too long democratic way of dealings in sugar industry.

Maybe Frank things by doing it the communist way will make sugar sweeter and return the cane to sugar ratio back to its best results of 9 to 1.

I am sure if he achieves all that, this torture to the mill managers will be forgotten.

This is the first time in history of Fiji to have such a powerful sugar minister where his powers are coming out of a barrel of a gun.

If this story is indeed true, then I am sure this year FSC will have a bumper production.

Benny said...

Sam Speight does not deserve sympathy!! He said and did nothing when the looting and beating of farmers in Wainibuka was happening in 2000!! In fact he supported beatings!!Now he runs to the world as if he's a saint!! Bullshit!!ignore the bastard! Everyone gets what he deserves!!

Anonymous said...

To you mark manning..where were u in 2000???? Probably hiding your white ass from the Sun!!!! Good excuse not to be seen!!!

kaiviti said...

I say anyone who doesn't like the rules in fiji should shut up and go home!!! Kaivalagi or kaidia....we will do as we want in our country!!!!

Anonymous said...

"kaiviti" - I am a "kaiviti botoboto" and I do not like what is happenning. For you info, it is the kaivalagis and the kai idia's who LOVE what is happenning here.
You certainly cannot be a kaiviti, you instead must be a 'KAWA CA'!!

TheMax said...

Thanks Jake I can cum and machine you while you working the milking machine, you boci lila.

Anonymous said...

My heart bleeds for OUR beloved Fiji just as I know the hearts of ALL Fiji loving kaiviti, kaidia, kaijaina, kailoma do. The sooner we all realise and accept that the problem is not the kaiviti or the kaidia, the sooner we can bind together to TOSS OUT these self appointed arrogant pocket filling self-righteous leaches.

Regardless of our ethnicity, one way or another, we are all victims of Frank's half baked socialism. The only thing that is not half baked are his band of greedy and devious black knights feeding off our fear and inaction!

mark manning said...

@ anon 1256pm
I was living in Coogee and driving buses in the Eastern Suburbs !
My arse is no longer white, thanks to an all over tan !

Radiolucas said...

@ 11:58am

Having a no-school nincompoop like Frank as the sugar minister is plain insanity.

Frank can barely count, never mind him trying to manage people and production. He is incapable of managing any of his self-entitled portfolios.

Military leaders are not civilian leaders - leading with the barrel of a gun won't give anyone more incentive to work harder or produce more.

Anonymous said...

Picture says,

Naliva talking quietly..."Here darling Vo!!, proof of BBC news report on Skynews of Sam Speight's beating I gave him in the cell block....now do you believe I love you and do anything for you?"

Voreqe replies whispering ..Shhh!!! kua ni kacivi au va ya de qai roroca o koya duri i sau qori” (Talking now)Ah!!!!,sa vinaka Major ...at ease!!!oh...I did not know you went that far but good job..we can counter Sam by saying the usual corruption stuff and btw (whispering) kua mada ni let on tiko that we are lovers, de qai yani vei Mary nodaru masi dakai tiko”

Naliva..thinking...”Bastard....still don’t want to ackknowledge my love in public...tamata lasulasu, viavia lotu and family man...ca ga..I take take Mary up to back gate cell block and give her to Siwa, Qiliho and Saumatua to play with for 2 days then he will understand I how feel!!.. this bloody kai Kiuva too much lasa i tuba and better not liumuri me like he did with his other past cais, Driti and Ului or I'll cut his balls off and send them to Sam"

Voreqe thinking... "Caiti iko Ben, you stuffed up by releasing Sam and now the whole world knows about it and blaming me.... Ben is infatuated with me because I was his first sicini since he left Grammar...ah!!...Red Fire ga sa danger...!!! I better watch my step because he is pushing me to pass a law on legalising gay marriage... ni oti ya sa na sega saraga ni via vunitaka o koya na neirau war games e veibogi i veitavioka..lol, ia maleka vei au niu rogoci Benji me kaya..”push kiuva,push!!!

Naliva ..whispering, ”raica mai a mataqu Vo!!..don’t try and ignore me now..bitch tagane!!! O koya va soti vulavula ligaleka duri tiko i sau via vacacini au talega..au qai tukuna vua..taciqu raici au mai...qo e sega ni kemu..qo na kei Vo!!!

Naliva thinking.....”Lol, this kai Kiuva got small mind like his small dri....that should make him jealous”.

Voreqe looking straight down,nodding and whispering angrily..”Nacava....dina ya??..I will make him run around the oval 1000 times to get him angry then get him to vaqaseni Siwa..sa na qai vakacava nomu garovi koya lo tiko??”

Voreqe whispering in Naliva’s ear...”Cuva mai darling..rogoci au vakavinaka!!! Kua ni dau vakanini i au because you know my weakness.... au kila talega ni o a garova na jaina droka ni Wainibuka ni a vesu tu...oti qo o na kila nomu cala..au sa na vakasilimi iko na Baby oil me yacova niu rogoca nomu kaila,”Push Kiuva,Push!!

Naliva replying..”Oi lei..o cei e cata!!

Bainimara talking..uh uhum!! Ok photographer..you got that shot...all dismissed now!!

read this!!!! said...

the millitry:going around bashing civilians thinking their high and mighty the farking weak dogs why wont they go one on one or make them selves use full and go fight over seas in a real war??? Rather then terrorising the local fijian people and making them suffer on a say so from ben sona levu naliva and frank cici levu bainimarama???the truth is no one will stop him not the aussies not kiwis or any one else reason being is because they wont risk the lives of their troops over this.Instead the put sanctions here and sanctions there but the only people suffering are the local fijian people.If something needs to be done it can only be done by the Fijian people them selves no one else.Anyone thats in the Millitry just stop for the moment and think why am i doin this start thinking for ur selves rather than being a yes sir no sir person question why things are being done and separate the rights from wrong..