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Friday, February 25, 2011

Speight: Military pissed about pro-democracy DVD

The former Fiji politician, Sam Speight, has told Pacific Beat how he was picked up by military soldiers while he was working at the headquarters of the SDL Party of deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase on Wednesday night.

The army officers were in civilian clothes and took him to the Queen Elizabeth barracks where he was kicked and beaten with rifle butts.

Here is the transcript of the Sam Speight interview with Radio Australia's Bruce Hill.

TIKONISAU: Yeah, I think Bruce there's a dvd that was prepared in Australia by the freedom community in Australia who are in the struggle for the return of democracy to Fiji and they've prepared a documentary in the Fijian language on certain important issues that were happening in Fiji prior to the coup 2006 and our information giving it a true state of the country economically and so forth. This was on this particular dvd which was sent to us in December, and which was circulated to supporters of the SDL party in the rural areas.

HILL: So your suggesting that the military got wind of this distribution of this dvd which had been prepared in Australia and they were trying to find out who was distributing it?

TIKONISAU: Yes, that is basically it Bruce, yeah.

HILL: Did they give you any reason for the beating, did they say anything to you while they were doing this?

TIKONISAU: Well, the contents of the dvd was the thing that they were very angry about, because sort of anti-regime and they exposed a lot of truths leading up to the coup in 2006. As you know, the leaders of the coup in 2006 were accusing the government of the day of corruption and various other things and so I think the disk exposed material that was contrary to that, yeah.

HILL: Well, I have to ask this question, you're a former politician yourself. Your active in the SDL, the party which was deposed in the coup. You've got a vested interest in painting the current government in as negative a light as possible. How can we know that this beating did take place and that you're not perhaps exaggerating what happened?

TIKONISAU: Yeah, that's a good question, because I was the only person taken from the office that evening on Monday the 21st and for two nights and two days, there was total blackout. No one knew what was my fate, only just the SDL party members and family. I was held there from Monday night through to Tuesday, then Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, about three in the morning when this incident occurred where they took me from the cell, got me to crawl and into the interrogating room and tactics were used to kind of extract information further regarding the disk.

HILL: Now how did you manage to get to Australia immediately after you were beaten?

TIKONISAU: Yeah, surprising thing Bruce, I really didn't expect to be released, because I just told them yes, I received this material from Australia, and distributed it. And the reasons are that I felt that the people needed to know some truths, the other side to the story and to give them an informed judgement of really what happened in Fiji during the coup 2006. My release late Wednesday night, about 10.30pm came as a surprise, so I came out of there and I walked out and made my way to the main hospital in Suva to try and get some treatment and then the family were just so concerned, they said no, no we've got to try and get you out of here and make arrangements made here in Australia from family to get me out so I just made by way to Nadi and thankfully I managed to get onto the plane.

HILL: And what are the extent of your injuries?

TIKONISAU: Well, basically bruising to the face and all that and swelling on my head and on sprained fingers which they tried to sort of bend back to get information, use of the pain and overall body aches and all of that, yeah.


Anonymous said...

Sam you should have told them 2000 coup story too.
when your brother george /his people burned suva business and looted the farmers in tailevu/naitasiri/others.
what goes around comes around .
lucky you in auss now .just stay there.

mark manning said...

Frank's day will come as will his dogs.

Anonymous said...

What bull crap Sam!

Anonymous said...

Can the dvd be posted up on youtube or on this blogsite, so we can all access it?

curious said...

Has anyone got the web address to see the tape?

Joe said...

Look who is talking "democracy". When the shoe is on the other foot. You got what you deserve Sam, and I am sure your brother is getting it in Naboro. Stop running to the international media disguised as a champion of democracy. You dont know what democracy is. It may be best for you to go back to your mechanic job in Carpenters Fiji Ltd. I bet you cant fix your own Pajero (now confiscated), because technology has changed a lot since you were a grease monkey.

Anonymous said...

where can we access this dvd? can the pubisher post it up on this blog or provide a link?

Anonymous said...

Frank's day came in Dec 2006 when, on behalf of the ordinary people of Fiji, he threw out the corrupt leaders and is on a clean up campaign.

Carry on FB

Be Warned said...

Well since Frank is directly addressing hardship @ grassroots level, he must be doing something right 'cause all those who fight him, get into trouble - natural disasters in Australia, NZ & Samoa, and, the ones in Fiji get found out. (Frank, be warned though that if you're not truthful in your leadership, your fate could be worse than those who're fighting you now).

Coup 4.5 said...

We'll try to load the DVDs asap-C4.5

Anonymous said...

They beat him up because there was no porno in the dvd.

Anonymous said...

While there may not be any visible injury past 4 - 5 days there is a way to identify injuries and get them recorded.

This is called Meditherm Thermography. IT picks up inflammations at the site of injuries.

It is the same imaging machine used to identify flu like symptoms at boarder control during swine flu epidemic.

Go get one done Samisoni Tikonasau and get a repeat one done after a month to show the difference as comparison that can colloborate the findings to new injuries.

Leone said...

this is onother exagarated allegation which is made up to gain Australian residency status.Why cant you just apply innocently and except what ever Australia decides rather than making false allegations that will haunt you for he whole of your life.You will not take away anything from the military as it is firm in it decision to change Fiji to a much better Fiji no matter what you are going to plan to do.I think the military is strong enough to stand up to any opression which I doubt theres any in Fiji at the moment,judjing from the peoples demand for no election in 2014

Jake said...

Much has been said about the recent alleged beatings there in Fiji by the military most of which if proven to be conducted out of malice then we must in the strongest terms condemn our right such barbarity.

But let’s not adopt a sheep like mentality and run with the flock just because of our biasness although some may argue the death of democracy occurred on that fateful day in 2006 while others would argue Qarasae’s government was the antithesis of democracy.

Whatever the case is Fiji along with its citizenry whether they approved or disapproved crossed the rubicon and it would be very difficult to rustle back the status quo.

With all this publicity surrounding in what some may say was an unjustified beating let’s not lose sight of a important fact if these supposed Democracy

Movement want an immediate return to parliamentary democracy then they must get off the fat arse’s and travel to Fiji and do something about it instead of spouting their rancid mouths off.

Not recruit from within Fiji to do their dirty work because the consequence for those who are party to or deemed to be in breached of the PER will at the end be severe as claimed by those who were allegedly abused.

If it proven beyond reasonable doubts that these beatings were in fact carried out by the Military than they must cease arbitrary beating their citizens.


Anonymous said...

Type Suli Daunitutu on youtube to view files.
SDL office raided twice yesterday. Computer and files taken out.SDL members having grog chased out and office is locked now. Army and poice looking for Suli's DVD. Hundrds have been distributed all over Fiji.
Bune was locked in QEB last night.
The revolution has begun.

Anonymous said...

Sam speight is all bullshit!! He said and did nothing when the locals in wainibuka beat us up and looted our farm in 2000...fiji is a better place without him and his lies and deceit!!

Anonymous said...

The Speight brothers were hero's of rape of democracy in 2000 as George was thrown out of mahogany deals with Americans, so he turned against the democratic Fiji and against the 1997 constitution.

So what is this current democracy about that the DVD is talking about. Can someone summarise this in English as all Fijians can read and understand English.

Anonymous said...

Sami and everyone should know that we are still under PER (public emergency regulation) in which the power still hang on to the military.
So we better watch out....

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Annon @2.26am. You and I both know that Frank's motivation was not and never was the welfare of the common people - if it was, why then does he need an army of body guards and a muffled Fourth Estate ? A genuine leader has nothing to fear from the ordinary folks, for, their love and devotion and loyalty are all the protection that he will ever need! Power to the people, power to knowledge!

By the way, Frank's clean - up? Nah, Frank's clean-out yeah? Regimental Fund, FNPF, Merchant Bank, Fijian Holdings, Private Businesses (via regularly demanded "Frank's cut")!!! Need I say more???

Anonymous said...

Jake, Leone, Arsena, same arsehole using different names.

rear admiral said...

No I keep saying the Clean Up is every morning when the army brass go to the toilet to wipe their backsides. Then they get their junior officers to stand behind and check their cici. That is all the Clean up is about folks. Who wants to get a clean up? Bend over please and say, ahhhh!

Anonymous said...

Awww rear admiral, but that is where the sun never will shine so it really doesnt matter whether they or their junior officer gets it cleaned up.

What DOES need cleaning up are their hearts and minds so they can see the errors of their ways. With their dark moods and black hearts, our BELOVED FIJI continues to suffer. So, it is not BEND OVER (that strategy is self-serving and only benefits themselves)rather it should be MEND OVER PLEASE and set my FIJI free!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with George Speight's pro indigenous takeover of 2000.If he did not do that then all i taukeis would be eating,sleeping, thinking Hindu by now.

The FLP Indian mafia and corrupt Fijians like those in the FA and VLV were on a strategic mission to consign Fijians to the scrap heap of history and to make Fiji India's further outpost. What George did only slowed the process because just look at what is happening to Fijians since 2006.

Since 2006, Voreqe's Indian backed junta has trashed the GCC,deposed a Fijian government,trashed the lotu and passed so many laws including new land laws. Every single decree is designed by Khaiyum,an Indian.

Vinaka vakalevu George,I support your type of coup that has genuine concerns for Fijians in their own country.It is true democracy when indigenous people stand up for their rights.Fijians are fed up of living under foreigners for close to 150 years and we do not want to live under another vulagi dominated one like this illegal regime..

Voreqe's junta is full of corrupt vulagis who hold the cash out in one hand for favors from him.The FLP Indian mafia supported him, including corrupt businessmen and hangerson like Ahkoy, Motibhai, Aziz, Khaiyum, Shameem,Gates,Barr, Sami,Reddy and others.All these backers are anti Lotu and anti Fijian.This is a foreign cartel trying to intimidate Fijians in their own country by torture,murders,bribery and other devious plots.

Let Voreqe and his Indians enjoy the limelight for now and to display their true anti Fijian colors.But beware when the tide turns because they will be taught a lesson that future generations will never forget.

As we say in Fiji, "set!set! enjoy it while it lasts but remember evrything comes to an end"

I totally support any coup that is pro i taukei but will work hard to throw out corrupt pro Indian and Chinese regimes like this one now. Long live the i Taukei and may we continue to rise up against tyranny!!

Anonymous said...

Load of rubbish being said about George Speight's deals with mahogony etc...no proof but FLP and military propaganda.

What is true though is that Speight saved the i taukei race by throwing out the Indian nationalist party,FLP before they could do more damage to Fijian political rights,culture and property rights.Fijians are fed up of living under and alongside corrupt foreigners. Vinaka vakalevu George..o iko na tagane!!!

Chaudary, Vayeshnoi,Ganesh Chand and other koolies are hardcore Hindu nationalist who have always been anti i taukei.The proof is in 2006 when they sided with the pro Indian FMF led by Bainimarama and trashed the GCC,trashed the Methodist church,killed and tortured innocent indigenous people in their own country.

I am i taukei and hate anyone who does those lowdown acts to my chiefs and talatalas in my own country. They will never be forgiven and will suffer the consequences later.

So don't any foreigners criticize George Speight because he is a Fijian hero and did a good thing.

Fijians will never believe Voreqe because he liumuri at the Muanikau Accord, liumuri Ratu Mara in 2000 by treason,liumuri the CRW,liumuri the FLP,liumuri Baledrokadroka, Driti,Teleni,Aziz,Mara,Rokomoti,Teleni,Mataca,Sami,Rt Iloilo, Nailatikau and liumuri the i taukei.

The only difference I have with George Speight is that he was a bit sympathetic towards the kaidia by still wanting them in parliament. I am 100% more i taukei than him because I will support a new constitution that recognizes only Fijian rights in Fiji. Anyone else want to promote their race rights and culture can go back to their country.

We need a 100% i taukei government.No vulagis must be allowed in parliament, the military, Police and any other important institution.Ban the use and display of all foreign cultures and languages in public except English for trading purposes.

Everything must be Fijianized including government, education and commercial sectors.All names of parks,schools,streets,shops etc must be turned back to their original Fijian names.All businesses are to be owned by Fijians and the vulagi can only work here,like in Dubai.

The above are only some policies I will support and any vulagi who don't like it can go back to their country who will favour them.

I believe that coups are necessary.Fijians should not cry about this one.Let Voreqe and his Indians have the glory in the sun today..kitaka ena kena levu!!! This is their turn and all their devious anti Fijian behaviour has been revealed.

When the i taukei will get rid of Voreqe in another coup I fully support a harsh crackdown of all foreigners in this country who have been working to unseat the i taukei from his rightful place.

BTW,I also believe that the population numbers of non Fijians should be reduced to 10,000.Everyone else should be encouraged to go back to India, China or where they came from and also enact a "no child" policy for them,similar to China.The less vulagis we have in Fiji then the less political disturbances there will be..

long live the i taukei till the next coup!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:19am...you are your own worst enemy, not all those you have named. Why? Your anger controls you which is instigated by them, who at the moment control you.

Free yourself my brother so you can join the good fight with a sane mind...

Liu Muri said...

While I detest any forrm of violence and reported breach of human rights in Fiji and reported beatings of SAM SPEIGHT, readers need to have a better appreciation of historial perspective. SAM SPEIGHT is father of the George Speight, who led renegade soldiers and toppled Chaudhry's democratically elected government. If Sam had given his treacherous son lessons on the importance of the values of democracy that he is now preaching, perhaps Fijians may have been spared a lot of heartache and political instability. That is the price father's pay for dereliction of parental duties and poor upbringing of children like George Speight. You deserve this Sam - a lesson for other dad's who supported Rabuka in 1987 and Speight in 2000.-Edited. C4.5

Anonymous said...

@ Anony Feb 28 4:23am and 5:19am Thanks so much for your comment. Today, I can understand that there are some pro Fijian still out there, I thought they were all gone and lost.
Kai Viti dina!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Liu Muri get your facts right, This Sam we talking about here is George's brother totolo calacala. 2000 coup was suppose to be carried out by the military. na nodratou sona levu on the 11 hour then George was brought in to be the scrap goat. Think Liu Muri, way did the CRW do the mutiny.
because they were used to do the military duty job and the mission was not accomplished because people like you LIU MURI.

Leone said...

If you have sinne d dont forget that it will still come back to haunt you uh Mr speight

Anonymous said...

O Speight na tagane!!!Long live na i taukei i viti!!!

Please, all you foreigners in this forum eg, kaidia,kaidia lovers, kai china etc,etc...just shut up when you in Fiji..sa kila tiko!! O na lou vacu kece..ni yavu bakewa!!

Who gives a damn about Bainimarama and his bullshit kaidia and kaijaina loving army?? Go ahead and give the i taukei all you got in this coup..just remember when the tide turns we will punish him and all the vulagi in Fiji who help him.

Don't try and compare George Speight to that lamusona Bainimarama. George Speight stand for the i taukei whether he has the guns or not because he has the guts!! George Speight does not rubbish the GCC,he does not rubbish the lotu, he does not try and steal our land, he does not try and buy us with money and bullshit projects instead he lifts up the i taukei in their own country and protects out interests even if he goes to jail..This is the mark of a great i taukei and man!! Voreqe has never been elected by the people but George has...what does that say huh..can some kaidfia lover here explain??? O iko na tagane dina Speight..too much class for all these losers...

I support a 100% i taukei government..let Fiji be run by the Fijians and everything will be stable in Fiji.Bainimarama cannot do that because he is recieving kaidia and kaijaina lavo in the back pocket..kua mada na magiti roti kei chop suey tiko Voreqe..sa macawa nomu coup...O iko kei ira na boica tiko nomu muaimuri ena QEB sa na loulou vacu e vei siga ni dou gase mai..waraka!!

I am proud to be a Fijian and support any coup that protects the i taukei rights..if any vulagi don't like it then piss off back to your country...take Voreqe with you..!!Long live the i taukei!!

KAIVITI said...



Anonymous said...

@ Anony Feb 28 5:19am You are true indeed on Bai's LIU MURI style.
Bai your time will come to an end...

Anonymous said...

@ Anon Feb 28,3:20pm
Hey boy, you talk like a inner circle.

Anonymous said...

Kaiviti 7.42,
Kuvai??.dou yali vata kei nmudou kuijia mai Korovou,dou ra veitavaraki salanitapi valada!!! 'Push Idia,push vaka!!"....tamata moro magiti roti veisiga...boci!!".