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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tributes herald state funeral for former president

He has been hailed as an extraordinary leader but if the  history books are honest, he will not be remembered as that pure.

The state funeral for former president, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, gets underway tomorrow and some of Fiji (and her friends) are preparing to farewell him as a Great Son.

The prime minister of Tonga, Lord Tu'ivakano: A loyal chief and a true gentleman who will always be remembered with great respect in the region’s history for the many accomplishments he achieved in Fiji and the Pacific. In all his endeavors, whether as Head of State, as a politician, or as a traditional chief and leader of Vuda – Ratu Iloilo was characterized by the traits of his loyal, firm, polite and humble demeanor.

The United Nations Resident Co-ordinator, Knut Ostby: Fiji and the world has lost an extraordinary leader who was totally committed to the progress of the country and the betterment of all its citizens.

Nauru’s former High Commissioner to Fiji, Dr Ludwig Keke: Fiji has lost  a great chief. A great man of great responsibility and a highly respected leader. 

The president of the Asian Development Bank, Haruhiko Kuroda: Ratu Josefa has been the voice of reconciliation and an advocate for a harmonious society in Fiji during difficult times. He stood for stability and traditional values while championing the cause for development for all Fijians.

The general manager of the Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji, Peter Hopgood: Tui Vuda paved a way for all the people of Fiji to imitate. He served the people of Fiji very well, from being a teacher, civil servant and then as president. He was a staunch Christian, who lived what he preached and in so doing played a very crucial role in a time of uncertainty in Fiji when it was in great need of firm, unwavering leadership.

The CEO of National Fire Authority, Jone Koroi: He was a human rights crusader of inimitable courage, a philanthropist and a patriot with great commitment to nation building. Ratu Iloilo was dedicated to the unrelenting pursuit of good governance, equity and justice for all.

Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji President, Bhuwan Dutt: Ratu Iloilo was a humble and peace loving person who worked hard for unity in Fiji. 
The leader of the Fiji Labour Party, Mahendra Chaudhry: He served during extremely difficult times and was constantly under pressure from various political groups. It is a credit to Ratu Iloilo's tenacity he remained in office as long as he did, balancing the interests of the nation against the pressure on him.

Acting CEO of the Sugar Cane Growers Council, Sundresh Chetty Ratu Josefa was a true statesman and had a special place in his heart for sugar cane farmers and their families and never wanted them displaced.

The regime's illegal Education Minister, Filipe Bole: He was a progressive leader who wanted Fiji to maintain a peaceful relations with sovereign leaders. (collated from FBC, FijiVillage, FijiTimes, Fiji Sun and FijiLive)


Anonymous said...

Why all the lying? Why all the bull? Why all all the grandstanding? What are all these peolple trying to prove?
The man will go down in history as THE one who raped Democracy. THE man who who condoned all the killings and beatings, THE man who condoned the demolition/neutralisation of everything dear to all FIJIANS - GCC, the Methodist Church, the NLTB, the FAB etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Well, while the entire country lives in the shadow of death and delusion,a little more won't hurt the cause too much.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

Tui Vuda, Ratu Josefa Iloilovatu Uluivuda succumbed to the pressure of the gun when he violated the democratic principles of service to the people of Fiji.
His performance will be judged as an ordinary human being and history has been recorded for the truth to be accounted.
He abrogated the 1997/1998 Constitution and appointed Voreqe Bainimarama as the illegal Prime Minister of Fiji. Josefa Iloilovatu is now with his maker, and may he find his peace?

Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni elected SDL Member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006).

Anonymous said...

What does the PM of Tonga know about Iloilo and Fiji to say what he is saying? He just should BUTT out and keep his mouth shut. We the FIJIANS do not want any TONGAN bull!! He has not a single iota of how people are suffering here because of people like Iloilo!!
We do not want your sympathies Tonga PM - because we do not even sympathise and mourn here in Fiji. In fact we are REJOICING, we are JUBILANT, we are DANCING, we are THANKFUL that THE man who raped us all is now history.
We are eagerly praying and awaiting the demise of the rest of his illegal gang who propped him up.

Sold out democracy said...

Iloilo sold out democracy - it is that simple. Either he was a fool or he was evil - take your pick? He means nothing. NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Dr Samisoni - Dina taucoko na ka o tukuna.He actually allowed himself to RAPE us all. I do not know whether he will find his peace or not!!
Na gone turaga na Tui Lau, na gone Turaga na Vunivalu, Na gone turaga na Roko Tui Bau, na gone turaga na Tui cakau, Rt Sukuna must be all turning in the graves!!! MAY THEY REST IN PEACE. As for him....????!!!

Anonymous said...

Very sad.
I just hope that my life doesn't turn out like that "He started out well but ended badly"
May God give me the grace to "end well".

Anonymous said...

The Lying Spirit that has become the backbone of Franks Military has continued to manifest themselves in the deceptive tributes being accorded to the passing Pressie. SDL PM Qarase demonstrated honor when he humbly praised his adversary with his tribute. We are commanded not only to love our enemies but to forgive , and pray for them. " Revenge is mine, says the Lord!". Rt loilo is now history whether it wishes us well or ill. It does not make any difference. What matters most is how we perceive God's will for our Nation. " We will see with our own eyes when the wicked will be rewarded"(Psalm 91 :8). Lets not be deceived by what the Devil is now doing. Our Redemption draweth nigh!.

TheMax said...

What a load of bull crap. They should at the very least be moderate and realistic and this hog wash of empty parises.

TheMax said...

@ Dr Mere

The dude is not with his maker; he is dead and will rot in his grave like everyone else. Then one day he will have to account for his life in front of his maker. He is no going anywhere but the grave.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mere Samisoni. Iloilo was weak as piss.He should've died in prison. His funeral is a complete waste of taxpayer funds. F!@#&% Iloilo.

Presidential Suite said...

Am I right in assuming that the SDL people (see Matavuvale blog) are the only ones willing to give former Prez Iloilo the benefit of the doubt? That gang on Matavuvale have a tribute going and many of them are forgiving of Iloilo, wishing him fond farewells to the other side. Have to agree with the mob here that Ratu Josefa allowed himself to be an instrument in VB's hands and his Vuda advisers supported the treasonous act.

Humility said...

Anon 13/2 @ 11.31pm. Yes, Iloilo shouldn't have allowed himself to be used by Bainimarama. BUT, compared to chiefs you've compared him too, there must be something great with his parenting. His children are humble (includes a Talatala)- certainly not the kind that expect the nation to look after them.

Anonymous said...

Chaudary, Bole..? The same line up of hypocrites putting the final nail into Iloilo's coffin and he deserved it too.Play with venomous snakes and you will get bitten one day.

Iloilo can be classed as Fiji's worst President because he was spineless against Voreqe's mob.In the end he became a stooge for the Bainimarama mafia and when he could not gurantee immunity from prosecution under the consitution,was discarded by Voreqe into the trash heap of history.

No,this man does not deserve any state funeral but the Vanua of Vuda should give him a quiet ceremonial send off to the Judgement throne up in heaven.Right now, he is already there but as an ordinary sorry man.He will be staring at Voreqe's murdered victims realizing that all this coup rubbish was a tragic mistake.

donu said...

chodo called him 'simple.' china called him 'old.' that sums him up. the rest of the condolence is just bs. and i resent having my daughter forced to stand in the sun to watch his casket go by instead of being in school doing something useful. what has he done for her future?

Anonymous said...

Anon @February 14, 2011 6:21 PM

He is not "already there". He is DEAD. Dead man don't go anywhere. They no nothing. The memory is perished. Dead man have nothing more to do with anything under the sun. Sa FINITO. ECCL 9:5,6. All that is being touted around Suva and the west right now is a heap of QELE. That's all that's left of what was that human being. That's every dead man's reality. The sooner they return it to where it came from the better. From the kuvu ni qele it came to the qele it must return. FINISI, KAPUTO. The breath of life has left it's nostrils and returned to God when it expired it.Then wait for the second coming to see whether in its life it was a sipi or a silly billy old GOAT.

Keep The Faith said...

Oilei it's "rent a crowd" much.

The military regime even in his death is trying to flog a dead horse and pretend that Rt Iloilo was a man loved by the people worthy of a state funeral. Hellow! no one even knew who he was until he became President!

I resent that half a million of my taxpaying dollars is going towards placing him 6 feet under.

Sorry Rt Iloilo but you and Bainimarama both wanted the doing away of everything Fijian by telling the GCCs to drink home-brew under the mango tree's when you couldn't get your way.

So really what is being unsaid and unacted upon (did you see the footage of his body in state yesterday @ the white house -- it was teeming with people NOT) is the revenge of the Vanua ie we will not be party to this facade.

Close your roads, march through town, place your ridiculous rules in Viseisei, whatever -- we care not.


Leone said...

Please have some respect for the president,he has done a good job and is being acknowledge by many including the foreign dignitaries.Right now in Fiji we dont like to see the likes of Mere Samisoni a big thief and social manipulator and we just wont take on board any culprits, whether ur a culprit through your mind or actively lobbing against Franks vision towards Fiji.We have seen with our own eyes whats bad and whats good for us and we have chosen to side by Ratu iloilo's vision,and that is to support frank no matter what is at stake

Anonymous said...

The poor old simple man was just being used as an instrument for the coup perpetrators to do their dirty work. Conveniently used as cover and frontman of every illegal action like the illegal abrogation, immunity for the coup criminals and not opposing any of Franks illgal abuses. He was liken to a glove used by criminals (Frank and co) to carry out a crime without leaving the incriminating fingerprints. So while Rt Iloilo was sadly not in control of all his faculty he will unfortunately be remembered as the one who involutarily gang raped the country and brought misery upon it ever since.

TheMax said...


People don't have to respect him just because YOU think he has done a good job. Respect is earned and it appears the joker could not earn the respect of the majority.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

The Editor C4.5, may I respond to The Max (Feb 14, 11.13am), Presidential Suite (Feb 14, 2.07pm) and Leone (Feb 15, 10.57am). The tone of their input is all part of this Regime’s propaganda machine, political bias and leanings.
@The Max I was debating on a Spiritual level not Temporal when you mixed the two meanings, in order to degrade my input. They are different and the public is not stupid, as they know more about the essence of truth as opposed to what is false and fake as demonstrated in this case.
To explain briefly, the essence of truth, is white is white and black is black, but you, The Max say that white is grey or grey is black. Hence in the communication process, meaning is in people and context NOT words, which can be manipulated.
@ Presidential Suite, Matavuvale blog is not an SDL blog site, neither do the majority of bloggers support the wrong committed and the lies coming through on this case. This comment leads to Leone. @ Leone, in the context of Fijian culture, or any culture for that matter, truth is pure in essence where any fake will show up.
If you say I am a thief then for your truth take it to the Courts for their decision and see if it is not thrown out, for lack of evidence, even before you get there.
As meaning is in people, the three of you show your faces, and have the guts to debate on issues.
Your lack of true identity as ghostwriters playing politics of fear is an abuse. And worse still being paid by taxpayer’s funds to do this is evil because it is wrong.
In contrast, politics of debate is about transparency, accountability, participation and fair play. The Fijian culture and Christian values I have been brought in, is about fair play and we process that as truth NOT LIES. So raise your bars.

Dr Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni elected SDL Member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006).

Anonymous said...

I would have hope that we remember Sakiusa Rabaka, Verebasaga for their deaths were approved by the President...may frank and his merry men live with that till kingdom come..

TheMax said...

@Dr Mere

No you are wrong. The essence of truth is death is death. He is dead and not going anywhere both on a pysical and spiritual level. That to me is calling black as black and white as white. Death is dead, full stop.

Anonymous said...

I find Mere Samisoni’s comments about fair play etc etc etc a whole lot of horse crap. Where was your sense of fair play when you were supporting the 2000 coup? Where were your beliefs in Christianity then when a whole bunch of thugs took over an elected government in 2000 which you openly supported? The fact of the matter is since the year 2000 their has been only one truly elected government and that was of Mahendra Chaudhary's Labor party. As much as i despise him and his party he was elected legally by the citizens of this country and he should have been allowed his full term. Your party's reign of power was only achieved because of an illegal act so stop throwing stones when you live in a glass house yourself. The fact of the matter is social, and moral maturity only comes when you recognize that any wrong no matter how it is sugar coated and for whatever cause is just that wrong. No coup is good in any context no matter how you try to sell it. Believe it or not i have met many i-taukei who have transcended the "Cause is right method is not" BS and have finally realized that a wrong is wrong whether it is done by Frank, George or Rabuka. I challenge you Mere for the benefit of our readers to accept that what was done in 1987 and 2000 is just as wrong as what was done in 2006 and that you and your government took power as a result of the rape of Democracy. Are you Christian enough to admit this? The truth will set you free.

Leone said...

au kurabui ka galu ka sa qoroqoro ga,rest in peace ratu Iloilovatu

nayacakalou said...

@Anon....so you mean to tell us that he is a rapist?I think we should remember him as just that.

Stealth. said...

@Anon 3:13.

Don't ever forget the names (memory) of the CRW men murdered by Bainimara & crew.

Might be very handy one day?

Manuqalo said...

From observation, Mere Samisoni is no thief and rose to where she is through hard work. My sister-in-law who has worked as a single parent in one of the Nadi Hotbread shops for many years now thinks highly of the Dr Samisoni and her family and their care for their workers. She is over 60 years and still working. I also know of others in similar situation. The business sector of this country could learn more about social justice from the operations of Hotbread Kitchen.

Anonymous said...

The freakin local dailys are spurring with "Iloilo's" funeral news...who gives a 'F" to the old fart who couldnt do anything constructive for Fiji in his dying days !!! His dead and gone..the local media should be reporting about people who are alive in Fiji or rather struggling to stay alive in Fiji...I have no water in my freakin tap for the past week!!! Will Iloilo raise from his grave and fix that ???

Anonymous said...

Leone - Respect is EARNED it is NOT a right. One has to work hard at getting respect. If you want respect, then you should first show and give it.
He was the Illegal Pressy who raped us all, at the beckoning of the Vore- hello.
If someone raped you, would you still, at the end of the day respect him??
It seems that you too have a pea [pee] brain like all of them!!!

Anonymous said...

Leone - The only "foriegn dignitaries" who have given their accolades are the Chinese, Indians, Malaysians and Tongan people and countries. Why? For their own selfish and dubious means. Where have they been all this time, I ask you? For them it is - "this is the opportune to shaft Fiji".
The US, OZ and Kiwis are " too much of a gentlemen" to take advantage of us and the curent predicament we are currently in!!
Can you not see this?

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

@annonymous Feb 16, 2.23pm, We all have our biases, and yours is no different.
But for fair play, let me clarify and take up your challenge.
I do not support any coup as it is illegal and an abuse of human rights and identity.
I am a Fijian women and when I see wrong being committed I will say so to my people and I will not forsake them in times of difficulty. Fijian culture has many strengths that will rise to the occasion in order to evolve our culture with Christian dignity.
This I did in 2000, when I was offered the Ministry of Health position, to turn it down on principle.
I can live with my conscience and account for my beliefs and my behavior.
Can you? for starters show your face and identity so I know who I am crossing swords with?
Otherwise, I challenge you to take your bully politics of FEAR to the Courts or ZIP up and stop grand standing.
Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni elected SDL Memeber for Lami Open (deposed 2006).

Anonymous said...

Was at the funeral and I NEVER saw Nailatikau and the Vore exchange plesantries, let alone smile at each other. PUSH TAILEVU!!!!

VereBau. said...

@ PT.

Kai - heard rumblings about Burebasaga - Vanua & Nukalau?

Anonymous said...

TRIBUTES!! What a sham - even the CEO of the NFA has conributed!! De boko buka!! He is ONLY a CEO - this is a supposedly a 'STATE ORGY' - hello!! Na cava okoya?? E cava e sa 'short' na turaga dina e dodonu me ra vosa? Sa siosio e levu na tamata tau vanua.
Bole - the man is senile!!
UN - that is diPLOMACY! Trying to be nice!
Au sa yalo vakacegu ga ni'u kila ni 5 ga na koro e vakarorogo vua!!Qo na gona na ca ni vakalevulevu taka na ka!
Tonga - setiseti!! Who knows him anyway!! Insignificant imbecile.
Understandably, did NOT see any tributes from OZ, Kiwi land, US and UK [leave alone from HM the Queen] - these people have CLASS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Meda kua ni dau vosa ni vakasisila tumada ga na koro...R.I.P my chief..

KiinG_IX said...

Everyone is commenting based off stuff they read in these bullshit blogs and during 'kakase' sessions over a 'tanoa'.
Did ye gang really expect an 80-year-old with Parkinsons to refuse the demands of trained killers with machine guns?!