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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bainimarama packs a sulk and threatens to pull Fiji teams completely

Poor dictator Frank Bainimarama and his hopeless hankering to be part of rugby's biggest occasion this year.

The illegal leader continues to try to move the goalpost and touch down, even though he's been told NZ wont waive the travel sanctions.

The deluded dictator was banking that his promise of 3 million dollars might help get him to the international tournament in September.

He has now threatened to stop the Flying Fijians and the Sevens team from attending either the Cup or next weeks Adelaide 7s tournament if the bans aren't relaxed.

He told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation the Fiji Rugby Union do not deserve to be given the $3 million at this stage as they have not taken responsibility or have the will to fight for the best players to represent the country.

He said the FRU should push the International Rugby Board to pressure Australia and New Zealand to give visas to soldiers who represent the country and are participating in IRB sanctioned tournaments.

Fiji village had earlier reported the Fiji Rugby Union had provided the IRB with a list of players in both Sevens and Rugby World Cup squads that are currently affected by the travel bans imposed by Australia and NZ.

Fijivillage reported that the IRB said they are having ongoing dialogue with both countries but both ultimately NZ and Australia reserved the right to deny entry to any individual in accordance with their respective immigration policies.

An outraged Bainimarama was today quick to threaten to pull Fiji out completely.

Just a few months ago, Sports minister Filipe Bole said the regime would save the Flying Fijians.

But as always, it was with strings.

The IRB thwarted that move but Bainimarama is angling again to be part of the world cup action, playing hard ball.

How conveniently he forgets the travel bans are due to his 2006 coup.

The arrogance of the illegal leader suggests he can run wild on the international playing field as he does in Fiji, thanks to illegal decrees and bribing his soldiers with perks. 

He may have his fans in Viti (check him out at the wedding of the treasonous AG to Ela Gavoka) but there are far and few in the real world.


  1. I plead with our Fiji brothers and sisters resident in NZ to petition Mr Key the NZ PM to ban all military personell including Bainimarama, and senior civil servants and illegally appointed officials ...ban them from attending the Rugby World Cup.

    Please Sai Lelea use your connections with people in PM's office to pressure PM and other Ministers to strengthen the bans accordingly on coup supporters from Fiji

  2. na ulukau ga na ulukau!!!

  3. You can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig !

  4. Lets fnd out who Bainimaramas mistresses were, adulterer.

  5. @Anon 10.52pm
    I totally agree with this. How can he force invite himself if the host of the tournament isn't welcoming him. Good point and I hope that the current government officials are stopped from attending.
    See MARK MANNING, a person can voice his opinion on this blog without being a nitpicker or inciting hatred.
    P.S. Can you do a spell check for me Mr. Manning :) thanks

  6. Keep the money and stay at home. And stop your whinging and idle threats. You are nothing but a goon with a gun.

  7. The IRB is controlled by the main players Australia, New zealand and the UK.

    If the IRB was as apolitical as the FIFA then they would have fought that the events be moved.

    Aussie and NZ do not have a principled stand on democracy. It is about control of the region. And they won't get it as Fiji now has the support of Melanesian countries.

    Aussie and NZ bans are not working. Can't they realize that. Get your spies back to your countries cause your strategy of instigating protest that will turn violent didn't work and will not work.

  8. May I also request the Fiji community associations throughout NZ and Australia, and Anti-Fiji Coup groups and individuals throughout the world to petition Mr Key the NZ PM to harden NZ-entry bans on all Govt officials and military personnel from Fiji entering NZ for the Rugby World Cup. This is a great opportunity for us to put accrosss to global rugby nations and rugby fans the issues against dictator Bainimarama and his cohorts. The focus on rugby will be at our doorstep presenting us with a wonderful opportunity for global publicity publicity.
    Thank you.

  9. bananasinpyjanas is as thick as two short planks but in his case it must be hardwood.

    I wonder what part of travel bans he doesn't understand?

    There is no way that the idiot dicktator is going to NZ.

    He can do a Napoleon and crown himself Emperor but it still won't be allowed into NZ; apparently they have this thing about NOT ALLOWING criminals into their country.

    Would one of the green goons who blog ineffectively on these blog sites go and explain this to the moron in words of one syllable or less?

  10. Sports is a strategy of the devil and all who watch and partake are worshipping Satan. No christian should be involved in sports.

  11. Hey,

    VB wants his assisgned military murderers and treasonous thiefs to come to a peaceful country where everyone is free to express themselves and respect people's freedom and rights.

    These bloody goons can kill innocent people like Rabaka, Nimilote ete etc, jumb on womens stomach and make them run around should be shot not entertained in NZ & Australia. Rugby should not be made as a cover up.

    While the IR claims every one else is corrupt and wrong, what about the day light robbery of Fiji's democracy. Frank & Aiyaz has committed the higest crime "treason" but still telling the people of Fiji & the world that they must follow the law. They are the biggest law breakers by any standards.

    It will be sad for Fiji not to participate just because of an ifiot like Frank and his ass hole lickers like Bole.

  12. Well,Voreqe has to learn that good behavior is supplemented by good rewards.

    First of all he is currently committing criminal acts every single day his misguided coup drags on.He is an illegal PM..full stop. He is illegal, his coup is illegal and not only that, it is wrong,wrong,wrong and braking the law.

    How can Voreqe and his soldiers abduct citizens off the street, beat and torture them up at camp and then expect to be welcome with open arms by the international community and the people in Fiji? Real professional soldiers do not engage in such low down and criminal behavior to harm the citizens they swore to protect.

    Soldiers up at camp and in the rugby team should also realize that what Bainimarama is doing is illegal and wrong.It is because of his stupidity that they continue to suffer the shame and indignity of being banned by civilized countries around the world.

    Bainimarama is just a stupid, stupid,stupid hooligan who is trying very hard to be a statesman.The weddings of that other stupid idiot, Khaiyum is a shameless public display of criminals spending big on taxpayers money to indulge on all sorts of luxuries that ordinary citizens have to pay.

    If Bainimarama or any soldier enter NZ or Australia, they will be assassinated by local hit squads.In fact if that was done then the hit squads would have done all Fijians and Fiji a great service in ridding the country of these common variety rascals.

  13. Looks like the new wife is already preganant. Hmmm as they say in Aussie short gun wedding due to preggy! Man n look at kete levu PM. He forgot his dentures must b too much yaqona. Yes the dressing of pm n wife says it all
    Fiji is now the new china of the pacific!

  14. Let him come over we are waiting for you and your Boci Guards..it's a No Man's Land this time Frankie...who's gonna protect U or are you goin to call QEB for help,... Be careful on what you wish for.....

  15. ...and who said Aiaz was Gay?

  16. @ anon 1141 pm
    And your point is ?

  17. @SaRauta

    How doppy can you be. The IRB has no say in the immigration policies of countries. Just like Viti where your lover the Pig decides who stays and who is kicked out. Acha

  18. To all Wanting to send message of support for Bans on Fiji coup supporters entering NZ, below s PM Key's facebook address you may use to contact PM on your opinion.

    But please be civil and polite to PM


  19. To send an email to Mr Key, access link to official contact by email below. Please ask him to tighte ban on Bainimarama and all coup supporters


  20. This fella is crazy,he is like a child like his brother in law Kean,they think they own fiji that anything they want to be done their way will work..what a jackass & dumbass they are really.

    people watch my word,i am coming in dec to assisinate him & khyum with 1 big bamboo gun full of da...hahahaha

    wailei ko viti..io na ulukau ga na ulukau,sara sota tiko ga vakalialia kei na koco & viavialevu.

  21. The $3m of taxpayers funds is not his to give anyway. Voreqe ia juat a fking thief and dumbass who will be thrown in jail for all the criminal activities he is committing in his equally dumbass coup.

    All the soldiers, naval officers and Police are also dumbass unprofessional cowards who cannot save the country from a couple of hooligans like Voreqe.Instead, they choose to still support him like dumbass blind mice. Those two dumbass idiots like Ben Naliva and Siwa Rabuka are two exapmles of what ia very,very,very wrong about parents sending their kids to the military.

    Voreqe and all his dambass soldiers deserve to be kicked out of every civilised country including NZ. They should keep going to that dumbass country China who specialise in torturing their own citizens.

    What is Voreqe wearing in the picture..some cheap bloody Chinese garb..thats right..all glitter but no class.He looks pregnant and maybe the women are just there to cover up his gay affair with Khaiyum. Gavoka's daughter and Mary should not be smiling because they are taking their family names to the garbage dump.Shame,shame,shame,,,and keep it up NZ and Aussie...ban the bastards!!

  22. voreqe kulina, cava mo lai cakava i NZ???? kalaboci!! drau veidre boci ga kei Commander ni Navy, lewa ga o NZ kei Aussie na tamata e lako mai vei rau, rau sega ni vinakata na mai vakalusi oxygen ena gauna ni world cup! tu ga yani i Viti....

  23. @Anon 1.25 am
    No need for a hit squad, don't stoop to their level. Even better -police will be ready to arrest them.
    The supplementary form for fiji citizens should be enough ground to hold NZ govt to account- every visa applied for we have to go thru the rigorous process of declaring that we have nothing to do with this reject. Imagine if they let him in! What a paradox!

  24. tukuna vua me qai mai....ke dua na gap lailai ena loma ni airport ikeri sama yamoci kina....e dua na mataveibuturaki bula...waraka namaka.

  25. They should all be allowed to travel...land in Auckland Airport all get arrested by Interpol for crimes against humanity...immediate transfer to the Criminal Court...hahahah...what a sight that would be...let them go..qai macala mada..

  26. Good time for the Fiji sevens team to apply for protective visa overseas because they will be welcome with open arms.

    Voreqe can lead his rugby team of solisona soldiers and go and play masipolo with the China soldiers.

    Sa daramaka voli tiko o koya nodra sulu na kai jaina,e rairai sa tavaraka jiko nona sala ni tavioka na Peresitedi ni Jaina me rawa mai kina na $3na milioni.

    Voreqe na tamata lasulasu, qauri, lamusona, dau katukatu solisona.

  27. The baby is some one else no
    ag .he is qori.
    he wants to be pm of fiji.trying luck to win fijian support.nadro dont support taliban.

  28. What a fkin marriage sham...Gavoka girl should realise that their kids will bear the shame of their terrorist Tailiban father for life just like the f/kin Keans and Bainimarama children and relos ????

    Some of the Keans and Bainimarama relos are changing their surnames because it brings bad luck and negative reactions from people whereever they go.

    Gavoka girl is bringing shame to her yavusa and kaivata for marrying a anti Fijian carawai to them. Worst still, their poor children will have the coup genes in their blood and be the future terrorist threat to our peaceful society and to all the i taukei.

    Then, the poor kids will go through hell when their parents will be either hung by the neck or sent to Naboro for the rest of their lives.....bloody criminal bastards!!

  29. The other army wives are looking on in amazement and obvious jealousy at Mary's extravagant shopping and garish wardrobe, especially after every overseas jaunt. Tu mai vei na Mrs Nothing. Her husband was a nobody with no job but luckily Inoke her father-in-law president of the RSA invoked some classic nepotism and got Frank a job in the navy. Now this thieving couple puts on all the airs and graces with their ersatz chinese garbs. But once a pig always a pig. You should watch when Mary has had one too many. Frank has to make a dash for the cassava patch with his demented wife in hot pursuit. It was a sign of things to come!

  30. To all of you my fellow Kai Vitis, please take up the dictators invitation to call him up for any complaints....below is copy of his reported message (check up on Radio Fiji website):

    "Speaking to the people of Nakalawaca in Tailevu, Bainimarama says people can call him on 9905798 or text him on 01 if they believe civil servants are not delivering to the best of their ability".

    Please take up his invitation and call him. Do not forget to order him to step down and commit harikiri....self destruction/suicide.

    Unload all your anger and frustrations about our Fiji on him.

  31. This photo makes me sick...they having a lavish wedding @ taxpayers expenses when they aren't entitled to it..forced people to accept an illegal charter and putting out all sorts of rubbish decree's..all of them should go to jail..the newly married couple and Mr. and Mrs Bainimarama..No matter what you say and how you think you can impress fijians on accepting what you doing..saying that it is good for the nation..it does not add up at all cause at the end of the day..they are all still illegal..

  32. frank, you will need your bodyguard in HK because we will be there looking for you,dont come out to the pub,restaurant or anywhere in public during the HK seven because will take revenge for my son death.

  33. Fiji Military ReputationMarch 23, 2011 at 10:25 PM

    It is hard to believe that the once proud Fiji military reputation has collapsed so disgracefully in just 4 years under the poor leadership of bainimarama - it will take decades to recover. The current batch of military personnel will be international rejects for the rest of their lives - along with their disgraced families - their fathers seen as cowards and thugs.

  34. Who do Vore and Kean think they are to AGAIN threaten Australia and New Zealand? President Obama?
    The bloody cheek and audacity of them. Don't they sound like little kids - what a shame to us all fijians!!
    As for Vore's and Mary's pot bellies, it is from all the freebies and kanalotos that they have been getting!! Someone has suggested that maybe MARY is pregnant. How can she be when the Vore is pissed drunk as hell everynight 7/7? If she is then surely it must be by one of the bodyguards!!!!
    Notice how nine times out of ten, Vore has been turning out at social functions dressed in Asian style/designed shirts?

  35. Hihihihi!! Dey the army wives always jelous of each other, don't care about country or law expect payday from hubbys and run strait as fast as fat legs can carry dem all da way to prouds and tapoos duty free for shopping, all from stolen tax funds and stolen $1million. Mai yaso!!

  36. @ Anon Mar 24, 2011 12.42am - who are you? And who are you refering to? Why are you trying to make a baseless general accusation on all the army wives? We have had some very respectable, professional, elegant & beautiful army wives who have made us all proud in the past, their personality & character spoke a lot of who they are and their husband & family's achievements, some have been obvious in national and international positions of leadership ... they have done a lot to serve their community and enhance/uplift each other as part of a proud & prestigious group 'the army wives', their husbands (soldiers) and their children have been proud of them and a lot of them are the best of friends till today, so don't come to this blog & spit out your bitter utterances ... if you know who you are talking about or you know someone in the category you refering to, then just point them out individually, making a blanket criticism of 'army wives' is baseless, unjustified & mischievous!!! Army wives globally are some of the 'powerhouses' ever been known for their commitment to humanity & sacrifices.

  37. Hahaha...is Frank really going to HK...he's got a nice surprise waiting for him..

  38. @ Poaka

    I agree with everything Sa Rauta said. In fact, he is right on the mark.

    In regards to the 7s, In 2007 when the New Zealand government tried to ban the Fiji 7s team from participating at the Wellington 7, IRB told then New Zealand PM Helen Clarke they will pull the 7s out of New Zealand.

    The current situation clearly shows that the IRB is not apolitical. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the IRB is controlled by Australia, NZ and UK. Compare this with FIFA and you'll see the difference.

  39. Talking about Kean.....I hear he has gone back to his old ways........yaqona.................alcohol....swearing etc at the Naval Base!

    The Yellow Ribbon was only a tool put in place by Tavale (Frank) to be used to gain freedom........All those tears shed to the navy boys were only crocadile tears..........

    Some people never learn........there really is a God.......and it's not very smart to be messing with him!

  40. Don't mean to be mean.............e vaka ga esa 'puncture' toka o Lewa!

  41. @ MAX, Fifa is almost corrupt as this illegal Fiji government.

  42. @ MAX, Fifa is almost corrupt as this illegal Fiji government.

  43. @ TheMax

    It is right that political sanctions should apply. It is sad when the sanctions apply to an entire sport but not when they apply to individual players who have clear ties to the military regime.

    To claim that this is somehow unfair is ludicrous - it would be worse if OZ and NZ chose to make exceptions - they are right to apply a hard and fast rule. The IRB is not a state. It has to obey the law - something that the military has a hard time dealing with.

    Frank should just grow up and stop acting like an idiot on a public stage. Embarrassing.

  44. @Anonymous 9:37. Can you name one army wife who has helped Fiji?

  45. Arise Sir ASK. Well done. Really rubbing it in to the SDL types. Well done son!

  46. Fiji should just stay home and give the $3m to a needy cause - they are useless anyway ...Samoa will beat them

  47. @TheMax

    Nah you way off the mark. The 7s circut is up to the IRB to change on an annual basis. The world cup is a different ball game.

    The application to host had been approved, contract signed and millions of dollars spent in preparation. To break the contract will cost IRB big time, which they cannot afford.

    As such you, Viti and Boinamarama can dream on. IRB cannot change the venue for your shake and they cannot force NZ to change their immigration policy. Acha Baiya

  48. @ Anon 12.59pm - U MISSING THE POINT BIG TIME!!! Think GLOBAL not your small Viti world!!!

  49. To Anon 12.59pm - just adding to earlier posting ... if you didn't know most army wives are professional in their own fields - teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, administrators, enterprenuers, clerks, flight attendants, secretaries & even in regional & international organisations, etc,etc. THAT'S HOW THEY ARE SERVING FIJI (to answer your question) therefore not all army wives depend on the army money to go to Tapoos & Prouds! Typical "army wives" (globally) are always involved in doing lots of 'charitable activities' - community projects such as fundraising to help hospitals, orphanages, etc. children & women's development projects & health issues, etc. these events never reaches the media - it must be true to the words of the Bible "But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing...". So please don't come to this blog & unanimously run down women that you do not know!!! Unfortunately, the current leadership in the army has taken away the pride that the RFMF once had.

  50. Sa yaco tu qo vei Gavoka na ka eda masulaka vakaukauwa nai tubutubu me kua vakadua ni yaco vei ira na noda kawa. E sega walega ni kai tani o baiya, ia sa dua na kawa ca eqai vakadinadinataka na kai Viti. O koya saraga e vakavuna na nodratou bula vakaca na vuvale nei Gavoka. Me qai tu tale o lewa ka vinakati nodratou dau iveivakatotogani sa dua na ka vakadomobula. Sa da sega saraga ni kila na ka meda tukuna vei Gavoka ni sa tasova tu na sucu. Na cava eda rawa ni cakava nai tubutubu me kua ni ra mai vakalolomataki tu vakaoqo na luveda?

  51. @ Poaka

    Get yourself up to date. What I said was exactly what happened in 2007. The IRB warned Helen Clarke they will withdraw the tournament if Fiji was banned. Just goes to show how ill-informed you are.

  52. @TheMax

    Nah you are ill informed. Get it into your numb skull, you idiot. The 7s circut and 15s world cup are different ball games. Na 7 e kerei ga e vei yabaki, baku...so IRB has a hold on that. Na 15 e milioni na dola se dora ni daligamu, once it is given to a country to host, that is it.

    Kala poci lai masia ga va levu na volo nei Vore.

  53. Dogs and their offspringMarch 24, 2011 at 7:50 PM

    The Max

    You are confused again. Fiji and the FRU are not banned - only the feral Fiji military cowards and their families - and appropriately so - rugby is not a place for human rights abusing dogs and their offspring.

  54. @ vAnon 9.34 and 5.16pm..al army wives are a bunch of dumb bitches..We all loath them..my parents told me never marry army guys cause they are all loosers..big time..so everytime I get introduced to one..I say ..what a pity..the girl definitely could do better..To all army wives..you are all loosers like your husbands..

  55. Anon @5.16pm

    I suppose you are referring to army wives like Wainikiti, former journalist and currently FNPF spokeswoman.

  56. @luveni tani. O masuta tiko na Kalou cava? Na Kalou o JIOVA, se na kalou beka ni vanua?

  57. You see, OmniVore, this travel ban is one of the CONSEQUENCES of your illegal actions. Just because you surround yourself by Yes-men and like to shoot the messenger so you never receive any bad news, does not mean that the bad news ain't there.
    God bless Fiji

  58. @ Poaka

    Oilei what are you dumb or what?. Why don't you find out for yourself and google it?

    The New Zealand government tried to ban the whole Fiji 7s team during the Wellington 7s of 2007 but was warned by IRB that the event will be shifted if they do so. They then allowed the Fiji 7s team to play in the tournament.

    Get your facts right before you misinform people on this blog.

  59. 9.46p.m. Count in that infamous reporter turned army wife spokeswwoman of LTA? caught with pants-down late Colonel Draunidalo in government Pajero? what a joke these cheapies are, they give a new meaning to the expression "getting a leg up"! Oh indeed, all the ef-ing way up! ha! ha! ha! lolzzzz..

  60. @ Anon 9.44pm & 9.46pm, u definitely same person, u sound like a very sad case, bitter towards army wives & 4 using the b... word, 'takes one to know another' huh? LOL! U are a sorry case 4 judging army wives by Wainikiti Waqa's standard!!! But Don't blame u 4 raging bcos She is Mary Bainimarama's best friend! Birds of the same feather flock together. U still missing point big time ie. attacking the symptoms, the root cause of Fiji's missery has to be addressed & attacked NOT the army wives! Failed Politicians, leaders, etc who politicised the army 4 their political agenda are responsible - the Maras, Ganilaus, Chaudhary, etc. go vent your anger there mate!

  61. Personally hope that Bainimarama does pull Viti out of the world cup- then maybe - just maybe - the rest of the world will finally realise what kind of despot he truely is.

  62. Max lai google taka ga nomu i voco. Nothing you say or do will change the fact that IRB does not decide who enters NZ...stop. So you and Vore can spew and froth until you turn blue but no military personal is allowed for the world cup. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  63. Anon @6.27pm

    Pushing blame on others will not solve the problem. Why don't you tell your military husbands to grow some balls say enough is enough and demand that right be followed?

    Who told them to take up PS and District Commissioner positions? Certainly not the Maras, Ganilaus or Chaudhary?

    And you as a wife should play your part and tell your husband to do the right thing.

    The problem is that you are all kanalotos, enjoying the benefits of ill gained positions. You should realise that you are all corrupt by doing so and deserve to be abused.

  64. So true!! @ anon 12.22p.m. Tamani kalalotoss they are!

    As they say in Fijian "qori era sa matau na cakacaka lo!" hahahahahah....@ thieving Pigs!

  65. Franks plan has back fired, Fiji's team stacked with army players has lost to NZ in the semi, now lets hope this team going to aussie wins.

  66. the army wives and their husbands are all the same. all the wives wait until their hubbies go to the middle east then they spread their legs and shake their bums at any and all takers. i am talking of ALL army wives, they all give their yaya on the side - and that includes Mary.

  67. No kiddin'! @ side dish, uuuuuuuwiii spare tyre jiko da kalavo army wives.... hahahahahhhha!


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