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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Ben Padarath pictures: proof military soldiers beat Fiji citizens

Padarath pre and post beating!

Yes, we find it hard to believe, too, that is the same man. But we've been assured the injured individual in the wheelchair below is definitely the same guy on the left.

This is Ben Padarath before his beating at the hands of QEB military goons, abuse that we have been told was meted out on the orders of one Major Ben or Penioni Naliva.

The Padarath in the wheelchair is post-beating, outside the Suva Court with his lawyer Rajendra Chaudry, accompanied by a police officer, about a week and a half ago.

Remember, we reported that Padarath ended up in the Colonial War Memorial Hospital
with a number of injuries, including burns caused by hot water used by military soldiers during his interrogation at the Queen Elizabeth barracks.

The beating took place the week of February the 12th, when we ran our original story.

Cynics and regime supporters, and the military itself, of course, have tried to rubbish coverage of a recent crackdown involving youths, journalists, trade unions and former government ministers.

Doubting Thomases have preferred to believe Fiji soldiers or police would never abuse  innocent citizens saying it's lies generated by those trying to discredit the regime and individuals trying to get quick visas or residency in Australia.

But word is spreading, despite the protestations of the likes of Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitonga this week.

The US based online newspaper, The Bula Tribune, secured the photo of Padarath in the wheelchair and has spoken to journalists who interviewed Padarath. Bula Tribune says Padarath revealed to them that he was sexually violated with a bottle.

Padarath originally came to the attention of military because of the $400,000 fraud allegations involving the Ghanian businessman and lawyer, Renee Lal, who was also beaten with a bottle about her head.

But he's also been in their range over the failed plot last year to overthrow the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama.

Coupfourpointfive is urging anyone who is unfortunate enough to end up in the hands of soldiers and police to document any violence and abuse, be it mental or physical. 

We also encourage people and their families and supporters to photograph the injuries and to see a doctor for the purposes of reporting these crimes against humanity to the right international authorities.


Destroyed rule of law said...

And this is justice in Fiji under the coup collaborators Gates and Pryde? These two should be hung for the human rights abuse and destruction of the rule of law that has occurred under their watch. Just cowards and thugs.

Anonymous said...

This picture should be shown to Tikoitoga.
God bless the Fiji army.

Anonymous said...

This is totally inhumane and my heart and prayers go out to Mr. Ben Padarrath. We will do to others what we want to be done to us !! I am ashamed this kind of thing is happening in our beloved Nation... Lord help us.....

Anonymous said...

army are liars like their boss bani/ag.
what will they say now.

Anonymous said...


hope you are still proud after seeing the picture , Baini/Aaiyss/all are just thugs ,mark my word wait for another two months and see GODS justice on baini and aayiss.

Anonymous said...

This is what he looks like after being cleaned up and treated by the nurses and given antibiotics by the doctors.
You can only imagine what the poor guy looked like at the time of the beating.
The soldiers are guilty.
Mr Gaytes and Pryde are guilty. Bainivuaka is guilty.
This is inhumane treatment and its still happening here in Fiji.
What about Avisai from Kadavu.Sam Speight from Tailevu; the Boys from Wailoku?
Where is Naivalurua?
Can't the Police arrest the thugs who are perpetrating this crime?
How long , Mr Naivalurua are you going to stand there and allow the Sotia ni solisona continue with this criminal activity?
Maumau nomu lotu tagane!

Poaka said...

These soldiers are christians who go to church and pray. Says a lot about the lotu in Viti.Hypocrites like Naivalurua and the others want to portray that they are committed christians. Mai Ya so...e boi dada walega.

Jake said...

People stop being so emotive take a step back for you will see on close scrutiny the pictures appear to one and the same but in fact they are not because its an optical elusion the reason is very simple these pictures are designed in such a manner for the unsuspecting eye to first observe at first glance the persons dressed wounds.

Now look at this persons head profile and you will be able to compare the difference the facial features are the same except the nose but what stands out like a sore thumb is the coloration of his skin and the picture above he is aged whereas in the bottom picture he appears to have a fair complexion and rejuvenated.


Anonymous said...

Let us spare a thought for the Mentally Handicapped who will get on this forum and agonise over the decision whether to believe "the photo" or believe "Tikoitoga".

Anonymous said...

What a sad case! The only things needed now is for photographs to be taken at any opportunity.

Baini & AG think they'll get away with it - sorry!

Your days are numbered. We are already working on getting you out - this time the march will really happen and all your soldiers and police force put together will not be able to stop it. That day is coming!

Anonymous said...

May be Naivalurua fears Bai more than he fears God.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting behaviour thats now become the norm for the morally corrupted military. I'm starting to see why the blogs are increasingly starting to call them 'sotia ni solisona' because of their perveted actions.

paula raqeukai said...

Very Sad indeed....the PER is really vb/ag'S armor to manipulate their current illegal governance dealings....God is watching all our steps whether right or wrong even things done in secret...my plea is please stop the beatings and lets talk face-2-face and bring Fiji out of the mess we are in right now...it is not too late...lets reconcile our wrongs with the victims....and MOVE FIJI FORWARD...God Bless Fiji....

Anonymous said...

So sad Ben Padarath!!!!....I recalled how an expat friend of mine was duped by Mr. Padarath over a thousand dollars and not until this forum highlight his misery than we realise that Ben is stil in Fiji, and still doing "it".

I totally disagree with inhumane treatment done to fellow citizens but a big High 5 to the beatings to Padarath!!!!

Ben, you can run but you cannot hide........those beatings are far less painless than those you inflict to your innocent victims!

Anonymous said...

See story by FBC on military officers being investigated. Unity?

The Oracle said...

A Jake & Anonymous 10.38

Hopefully you will each get your day with a bottle up where it shouldn't be. Then your eyes might be opened - even if you tried to remain blind.
If Padarath deserved a beating for conning someone, that's one thing. But being sexually assaulted by soldiers? If you think that's okay, you don't just need your head examined. You need your whole existence as a so-called human being examined.

TheJoker said...

The stupid Jake is indeed a sorry ass. The day the guy appeared in court all of us there saw him in the wheel chair just as in the picture.

So what is the fuzz all about? The plain fact is that he appeared in court after being released from the military camp. When he was taken in, the guy was on his feet and free of injuries. A moron like Jake will never accept that I guess.

Anonymous said...

Guys, Tikoitoga is just gonna say that Padarath resisted arrest, se vacava? And that would be their justification!!! hahaha! Tikoitoga should go back to sunday school and learn to speak the truth!! Only the truth will set you free guys!!

TheMax said...

Padarath himself should have still been in jail for manslaughter (killing his defacto girlfriend in his car by ramming it into a coconut tree just opposite the FIRCA building in Nasese) and driving under the influence. How he got out of jail remains a mystery. If I recall correctly, one of the reasons why he was released from jail was because he was diagnosed with a mental problem and was going to be sent to St Giles.

Unknown said...

Who cares ... this is what happens to dogs who support the junta. Driti will be next to get a bottle.-Comment edited, C4.5

Jake said...

The Orifice oop's Oracale.

All hypothetical nothing occurred its all in his head besides this fella has turned state witness now who can trust such a person.

The Joker.

Its all in your mind what you think you saw was in fact a clown.


Anonymous said...

Wailei!! What resisting arrest when the sexual assault happened at Q E B ~ Queen Elizabeth Barracks - hours after the "arrest"!

No one deserves to be beaten or tortured, no matter how much allegations pile up against them - that is why you have an independent judiciary and a justice system to deal with people like Ben P.

Well... I guess, if anything, all this goes to show how un-independent Fiji's judiciary and legal system is.

Another classic example of the Fiji military taking the law into their own hands, as they have since Dec 2006!

@ Jake - enough with the taunts and take your head out of your optically-eluded ass. Now... can you clearly see? lolz.....

Anonymous said...

@ The Oracle 11.22; Did the soldiers really sort Ben's ass out. If so I feel soory for the guy.

And if that is what the soldiers do, I rather have my ass saved than my life saved. No wonder why people did not turn up for the march.

They love their ass just like me!!

Anonymous said...

It is long overdue for Gates to have his Australian passport withdrawn.

The Oracle said...

@anonymous 12.37
Rest assured. It's human nature for one to love and protect their own "orifice' as Jake put it.
The point being made is not how important or otherwise Ben Padarath's ass may be. What's important is that we have soldiers in this day and age, descending to a level totally unbecoming of humans. That's what power does - power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Sure, we're all scared and would refrain from protesting in public knowing the fate that awaits us at the camp.
But let me assure you, when people reach a point of no return, even their lives don't matter to them anymore.
Frank B reached that point of no return in December 2006 when he was a cornered cat. We're all suffering as a result.
When the day comes that we all reach the point of no return, protecting assess will no longer be an issue - saving lives will.
@Jake: as recommended to you above - pull your head out of your orifice because all you're seeing is pure shit - nothing else!

Anonymous said...

Ratu says;


You need a bottle too bro.

keep sucking up the military, one day dey will turn around and say, my turn boy.

moce jo

Anonymous said...

Gates will do the honourable and correct thing as an Englishman. He will take action and pull out of his untenable position. He will not want to continue as a collaborator like another Engishman did with Adi Amin.

Chief Justice of Human Abuse said...

This state sanctioned violence and intimidation is all happening while Gates is the so called Chief Justice for the illegal regime. He and Pryde must not be allowed to escape when the clean out of this human rights abusing regime, which they support, takes place.

The Oracle said...

Unfortunately, Gates also reached the point of no return when he accepted appointment after the abrogation of the Constitution. No matter how he tries to justify it - his hands also bear the blood stains from those killed or tortured since 2006.
As for his being an Englishman - he's now probably spent more years in Fiji than he has in his homeland.
While we would wish that he do the right thing, we can expect that he won't - he's too attached to his regular Fiji "tavioka" treatments which are now being flavoured with the sweetness of Ceylon tea (given his preference for Sri Lankan lawyers/judges).
May he rot in jail with all the others.

Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

Jake, seriously - You really think someone photoshopped the image? Are you that brain dead?

You cannot win the argument that noone is arguing over Jake - people have seen him, have seen his injuries and heard his testimony.

Anonymous said...

@Jake, your comments not helping the cause of your masters, mate. Just making them look even worse. It might end up with your soldier buddies putting a bottle up your arse, if you keep making statements that embarrass Frank.

Anonymous said...

Any where in this world if a Muslim person is given a leadership, that place will be full of corruption , abuse of human rights,destruction of the rule of law its no offence but it’s a FACT , Sayed Khaiyum
Will not be easily removed because he is lawyer and knows how to play its game with PM Another example is Sahu Khan (another lawyer) president of Fiji Football from 1985 he doesn’t want to leave that position because he is getting very big salaries.so we can see whats happening in libya

Anonymous said...

@ JAkE,

Why dont we have a bottle up ur rear, and see how fair and rejuvenated you'll be!!

Gates the reject said...

Remember that Gates was refused a visa entry into the USA - that says it all about this coup collaborator.

Poaka said...

Jake you are the clown and a doppy one at that.

Maxy mini: the issue is where the guy should be but the denial of assault by the military you nin con poci.

Anonymous said...

It's common knowledge that the Fiji police force have been assaulting suspects and criminals for years, sometimes accidently killing them in the process. I have witnessed many such beatings on the streets and in police stations. The Fiji Military aren't doing much different at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, these b...s are all the same. In Libya, they are even going to the extent of killing off the wounded in hospital and sweeping war debri off the streets immediately after the firefight lest their atrocities gets seen by the whole world! DENIAL is a common haven for these monsters especially when they are just hanging on by the skin of their teeth!!! There is honour among thieves!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's all rally behind Ben and urge him to officially lodge a formal complaint at Central Police Station.
Ben should ensure that he asks for a photo-copy of his police statement for future reference.
Then we will see whether karua Naivalurua is true to his word about upholding "NA DINA, NA DODONU KEI NA SAVASAVA" by way of getting his boys to fully investigate without favour.
In fact Naivalurua should start by openly and publicly condem what has happened - got the guts Naivalurua??

Jake said...

Radio Luka.

"Jake, seriously - You really think someone photoshopped the image"

The images shown have been manipulated people of your ilk just can’t seem to get it the mighty men in green is incapable of such crimes they are there to protect you and the nation.

You need to do away with your spectacles because it’s doing you a great injustice however this tall tale is just another fabrication by the anti regime diehards.

Are you that brain dead?

Shouldn’t you be asking your fellow travellers this question because if they can believe this they will believe anything but then again when you are gung-ho and trying to topple the people’s regime any news is good news even though such stories are riddled with holes.

“You cannot win the argument that no one is arguing over Jake - people have seen him, have seen his injuries and heard his testimony”

Panacea, this fella is a known villain whether or not it’s him in these images still does not alter the fact he has been jailed and therefore anything he says is questionable.


Anonymous said...

@ Jake

"What stands out like a sore thumb" (as per your silly statement) is the fact that you've got to be the biggest ULUKAU weve ever come across!!!

When this sadistic treatment is tried on you by the military one day, we'll be reading the same comment concerning yourself by another dumbass creature with the same kind of mentality that you inherited!


Jake said...


You may want to take a look in your back pocket for there is where your meshed up brains are very close to your fundament.

Like most fools emotions take over and reality is blurred.

Ulukau ga o tamamu ulu va kanace.


TheMax said...

Jake ulu va ceke

Anonymous said...

Jake is a teaser,e kenadau na veisa vosa ga, so why waste your energy in replying to his comments. Just leave him on the wayside and you will soon find out that he will be commenting on his own comments.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with Ben being beaten up but may be Ben deserves the cruel treatment that he has gone through, he has frauded alot of people, he has stolen from friends that I know without any feeling of remorse, so may be now Ben will realize that he can't continue hurting and cheating people. To the Aussie High Comm, a word of advise, please never ever grant political assylum to this crook and a murderer, he would also do it in Aussie if you allow him in

Anonymous said...

The Oracle, 1.02

I note your comment:

"but let me assure you, when people reach a point of no return, even their lives don't matter to them any more. Frank B reached that point of no return in Dec 2006."

This is absolute correct ... and then they tried to get rid of him legally while some of them enjoyed parliamentary salary...etc.

So who created the purported monster? and now after finding themselves out of pocket, they are running to mataganisau and welcome him like some kind of god.

Had they done the same during reconciliation week, everyone would have been enjoying democracy today.

But they wanted to mataganisau everyone else but the institution who they came to crush thinking that they are still having a weak commander who will bow down to illegal activities....

So when it comes to point of no return, than off course they too will make mistakes and do anything to survive. But people forget their own illegality and run to become god to fix others.

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around. Anyway, what about the family of the woman he killed?

Coup 4.5 said...

Jake@9.44am You're wrong. Wheelchair picture has been verified by source close to Ben that it's definitely him.

Anonymous said...

To Bens wife, you knew of most of the cheating that your husband Ben use to do and you condoned it by supporting him, you don't deserve the job at Ficac and I'm glad that they have removed you from there because you are equally responsible for Ben's action, to the aussie High Commission never grant Ben and his wife political assylum, she is just as evil as her husband Ben

Anonymous said...

The Military is the Military is the Military. If slow learners don't get it they deserve to be bashed.

Anonymous said...

Jake - You are a sick imbecile who urgently needs URGENT psychiatric help!!

Anonymous said...

It is common knowledge that the coward and sadist Driti is Ben's uncle. Wonder where Driti is now days as he certainly did not go to the rescue of his beloved nephew. Has Driti lost the power that he once had - to abuse, to rape, to sodomise, to trample on people? It seems that he is now a Mr NOBODY , the boci!@!
Oh, by the way, have been very reliably informed, from nowhere else but the 3-storey buliding that the Dishonourable Minister
for Lands was actually given 8 hrs notice to leave office - HE DID NOT, AS REPORTED, RESIGN!!

Anonymous said...

Seem's like it's only wrong when it happen's to you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 5.21 please stop the Muslim bashing. Gadafi is an an a...hole and so are all the leaders in the Muslim world and the whole of Africa. Mugabe is not a Muslim neither is that numskull in Ivory Coast nor was the leaders of Congo and all the other failed African states. People are people no matter who they are. Their behavior is shaped by the lust for power money etc. It is not confined to any race or religion. People who base every thing on race are usually small minded and have very similar characteristics to those who they criticize. I met Ben a long time ago and in the brief period I associated with him I found him to be a real sleaze bag. However no matter how bad he is as a person and how bad his character flaws are no one deserves a beating like that. In a civilized society this should never happen. Those of you who spend their time writing on this site supporting democracy and then are cheering because in your small simplistic mind you think he got what he deserved should seriously look up the meaning of democracy in the dictionary. In a civilized democracy this is not supposed to happen. Yes if you are criminal you go to jail but no one has the right to beat up someone like that. The other danger here is the fact that anyone can be next. In a country where someone has absolute power and no checks and balances are in place anyone can be picked up and beaten just because the powers that be don’t like you looking at them wrong. The greater issue here is civil liberties. It does appear that Ben got the beating because he was mixed up in a plan to get rid of this regime. I will say one thing for his character at least he has balls unlike the rest of us particularly those of you who are sitting pretty offshore and trying to get the people here to do your dirty work. You bunch of loosers.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 10:52am

"People who base every thing on race are usually small minded and have very similar characteristics to those who they criticize... The greater issue here is civil liberties."

Too right. Your message is for everyone to heed.

Anonymous said...

Pacific in Media...could you confirm if Sharon Smith is still in town? One of his drivers told me that she went overseas some time in November and has not returned.I wonder if this is true?

Savasava said...

Medical Report for Ben

- 7% burn
- no sign of fracture or swollen
upon x-ray
- no report on bottles up

He is playing BOLLYWOOD coaching by the manager production..Rajen

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