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Monday, March 28, 2011

DPP recommends charges for 'plotters' as Bainimarama fishes for info

According to intel sources, police interviews against the alleged plotters who last year tried to overthrow the dictator Frank Bainimarama, have been completed.

Sources say the information was submitted to DPP to evaluate and decide what charges should be laid. 

The DPP has since recommended the following people be charged for trying to overthrow Bainimarama.
a) Roko Ului, Mohammed Aziz (although he remains in the army), Pita Driti from the Army

b) Tevita Lesu, SSP Tabakau, Tevita Uluilekeba from Police

c) Epeli Ganilau, the former Minister of Defence.

The former police commissioner, Esala Teleni, was on the list to be interviewed but sources say the questions that were sent to him remain unanswered.
Sources say the above men were brought to Bainimarama's attention through the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB).

The NIB approached Bainimarama on several occassions through Lt. Colonel Pio Tikoduadua and reported against Teleni and supporters.

Police and intel sources say Bainimarama was manipulated with the help of the illegal attorney general and Tikoduadua to suspect his own men from 2006, which led to Teleni's resignation last year.

Sources say four weeks ago Bainimarama visited George Speight in Naboro Prison to ask him if he knew anything about the failed plot to remove him last year. 
A prison guard has told Coupfourpointfive that Speight said to Bainimarama "Prime Minister you are finished!"
Bainimarama stormed out swearing at Speight.


Anonymous said...

So its OK for Bainimarama to overthrow a government but it's not OK for other people to overthrow his government.

Tamata viavia levu. Luveni kaisi bokola!

I tell you Bainimarama your government will never get anywhere. It will never achieve anything in Fiji only more corruption and total failure!


Stealth. said...

Tikoduadua is (was) known in ADF circles as Blockhead.

mark manning said...

Beware the ides of March Frank Bainimarama !

Anonymous said...

Watch out the game begins up at Delainabua

Interesting, that what's being played out recently in the military higherachy is true to form ie....dictatorships throughout history, invariably turn inwards in self destruction. By its very nature, it is very undemocratic and is propped up by one way top down control relying on strict unquestioning loyalty to authority. Any element showing signs of independent thinking is brutally eliminated to maintain top dogs survival. Similar to how the alpha dorminant dog in a pack of wild dogs (wolves etc) maintain leadership

From now on, as the real nature of this dictatorship becomes aparent , discontent will inevitably appear amongst the players....these deviants will not be spared the chopping block. It will be ruthless and will work itself out for the objectives of maintaining Bainimarama's and his henchmen survival and supremacy.


Anonymous said...

Dog eat dog day coming up!

Please moderator, really helpful if you could put up photos of all QEB goons listed in the left side of this article so we know what they look like.... just in case we mit them on the street.

Peeps, keep ur cameras close by and take shots of them whea eva they go, eh? No escape from shame!!!!

Anonymous said...

Voreqe,you reap what you sow!!!

My advice to you is to watch the latest on TV from the Arab world as the "dictatorship hemisphere" falls to democracy as military despots try desperately to cling on to their corrupt and evil empires.Get out while you can before you become a cornered rat with nowhere to run or hide.

Long live i taukei and long live Fiji..power to the people!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for the day when these dogs start shooting and killing each other.

Big lovo pit should be built and all these dogs and their families should be thrown in it.

Anonymous said...

To all you people commenting here, you're all talk no action,put your money where your mouth is and let's see some action. By the looks of it, you're all just the "vakawaqa buka".
I've read that the QEB goons' addressees have been posted on this site yet all I read about is threats against the men and their families, I've never seen nor heard any action being taken against them by the people blogging on this site.
So, please cut the crap and get out of your ego trip, only comment once you've done something otherwise keep your blogging mouth shut!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No honor amongst thieves aye!!!

TheMax said...

What a circus.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:18. Thank God these bloggers are not idiots like you, intent on revenge.
Thank God these people believe in the Law. One day the Law will be restored in Fiji, then all who have done wrong will be brought to justice.(Not like now where there's one law for Vuaka and his thugs and another for everyone else.)Right now he and his thugs are sticking their fingers up people's arse. One day they too will get the same treatment in Naboro.

Anonymous said...

the asswipe commenting on whether we"re gonna take action or not....."YES WE ARE GOING TO TAKE ACTION" the legal way..we"re going to take them to court when its free and fair...you"re trying to imply that we go do the buturaki to these people (why should we?) we dont wana waste our time on these opportunist suck bai balls pimpz because the way things are going these people are gonna veibuturaki among themselves....just like they say "only a ninja can kill a ninja"..

Anonymous said...

Frank, varau lauvutu!!!hahahahaha!!!! stubby bottle coming up your arse soon mate!!!!

SEMI MEO said...

Oh boy. what would the consequence amongst the innocent citizens of beloved . could Fiji really afford another upheaval to divide us again??..already 3 generation has been dragged through confusion and stupidity from 1987 to now….if this Intel spew from one agent vinod holds any water at all!! Many of us DO NOT BELIEVE THESE RUBBISH!!

Ratzmann said...

levu ga na vosa vei kemuni na blog tiko qo...sega nomuni tovo..bau va laiseni taka mada na gusumuni...e vakaraitaki ga ni macawa kei na sega ni dua na ka. Sa dina la na ka era dau kaya tu...empty vessels make more sound..levu ni lala kei na ululala...vosa ke sa dua oti na nomui valu...

SaRauta said...


Nai valu cava o bau sakitaka tiko macawa levu luveni kala poci.

Anonymous said...

Ratzman, sogota na drakamu. Tamata viavialevu. Cei o iko mo mai vosataki keimami? O cei o iko?. Dou valolomataki keimami kei na neimami vuvale mo ni qai sova masimataka tale mai na neimami mavoa?. O iko kei ira nomu kawa we curse them. Sega ni dua na ka vinaka mo ni na rawata. Mate yani luve ni bokala iko!

mark manning said...

@ anon 8:18 am
Getting nervous are we ?
It's our Democratic right to free speech to comment as we see fit !
You and your ilk have no authority here, so perhaps it's you who should leave the site.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:18AM.and 3:41PM of March 29th are both military men ulukau and liumuri and arsehole. To win a war, battle, fight, veibuturaki or whatever for that matter of killing, the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE is the only way. Dua mada ga me vutuka na nomudrau sona, you bastards. Time is coming for the kill and blood will flows heavily including yours my friend. You swine you started all this bloodshed and killings now we are coming to give it back to you and you seem not to like it.Na cava ga kemudrau via cakava kina na laba kei na veivakararawataki tamata.Vutulaki! Your mouth is so big because of the guns in your hands. Tamata lamusona. For your information we are now organizing to meet you and your guns fair and square. No way Ratu Epeli, Ului, Driti, Aziz, Tabakau,Lesu, Tevita U and many more will go to jail because we will break all the Prisons and release Speight too. Again your strength is decreasing day by day. Vutulaki! How come Kean released from prison and become navy commandore again and not release Speight. Beware of the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE my friend. We also collecting information like you did but ours are much more accurate and stonger then yours too. Sa rauta mada na nomu lasulasu kei na boro bata tiko mai Voreqe and Ratu Inoke Kububoci.OK

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:31. So how do ya take em to court without police and without a revolution?
With Constitution abrogated Fiji is lawless, only illegal decrees controlled by a bunch of gangsters.
So what laws do you think you'd be breakin?

Anonymous said...

Fiji will never win the hong kong sevens under the Bainimarama government..God is looking down and he will never allow it cause they might get too high headed..that was the biggest mistake the fiji team did was to allow themselves to be associated with Bai and crew..from the day they shook hands with Aiyaz Sayed Kaiyhum at the airport during their departure to hong kong and the presentation that dickhead voreqe did in hong kong was a grave mistake from the moment I saw it..I knew that the team was doomed..

Anonymous said...

@ blogger 7.46pm..Very true..and that mataceba kete busi..EsalaTeleni the con man sitting up the grandstand sucking Bai's balls and mary's tits..what a sight..

Anonymous said...

@Ratzmann, You want us to stand around while innocent people ( eg Rabaka) are killed by Bainimarama and not say anything.
What if that happened to your father or your mother or brother or sister, would you want us to stay quiet and not fight for you too.
Qo sara ga na neimami i valu. That the rule of Law be respected.
You guys got rid of Qarase because you said you were cleaning up corruption. But in fact Bainimarama's government is more corrupt than any other government before it.
Why did you change the Tax law just so that a minister ( Chaudary) can get away without paying tax.
Why have you allowed the former Governor of Reserve Bank send away $800,000 to NZ without paying tax?
Why did you let Rabaka's murderers go free.
There is so much corruption by Bainimarama, we could go on listing it for the next 40 pages.
So you want us to keep shut.
You want us to just sweep it all under the carpet.
No my friend, we will not stoop to your level.

O iko ga sega na nomui tovo. Sega ni bau tu vei iko e dua na loloma mo lomani ira na wekamu.Bau lomani tinai Rabaka, Na levu ni mosi ni yalona.
I don't know Rabaka from a bar of soap but I feel sorry for his family.
I feel sorry for the Primary-school Fijian kids in Tavua who have to go and cut cane in order to feed their family.
Don't you care?
O iko ga na tamata ulu lala. sega tu vei iko na loloma. Sega tu vei iko na veikauwaitaki.
Don't you care about the future of these children?
So, don't tell us to shut up.
We will never shut up.
God is on our side because we are fighting for justice. We are fighting on behalf of these young kids.
What about you?
So you take a very good look at yourself and ask yourself the question:Do you want to continue supporting this immoral illegal government or will you stand with God and fight for the truth.

This is the war that the young Fijian kids are fighting everyday.

Nai valu cava o valuta tiko o iko?

Anonymous said...

@Ratzmann..tukuni iko tiko ga ni o tamata macawa kei na ululala...valu cava tukuna tiko...TOURISTS WAR....valu caka mai Solomoni.Lepanoni,Iraki kei Sinai peacekeeping not War...do you know the difference between War and Peacekeeping?

Anonymous said...

@Ratzman...valu cava sa bau valataka o iko, yavu "peackeepers fuck all"..dou moku civilians tiko ga, veitono cici tiko, mataivalu ga ni qauri kei na veivutusona na RFMF - mo kila tiko ya, keimami sa raica taucoko na kena vakasisila, boidada. Kua so na vosavosa vaka vuku!! tonoka nomu sona!!

Anonymous said...

Ratzman, nomu sona,you should ask youself why frank vuaka took the fmf band to HK??? he knows that we will get him there....frank stayed in his hotel room most of the time with his 25-30 bodyguards... va cava o seqa ni rere????

Anonymous said...

@Ratzmann.. e toto a socomu, lako sara vei Naliva me laki vakamasia cake e na M-16, mo raica ka vakila a cava na i VALU..

Anonymous said...

NZ dangles a carrot in front of dictator Voreqe for visa alteration....will he bite it???....read at site below:


Ratzmann said...

gonei...vaka tale na sara blue na ka sa volai mai qo...kaaa..moderator so na sex maniac ko tokona tiko se era a sexually abuse taki beka. Sa vakaraitaki ga ni lolovira ni bula..

@ Anonymous March 29, 2011 9:24 PM: kerekere sara kua ni vakayataka na Kalou ena nomuni valu qo...wilika na ka era kaya tiko na nomui tokani..sa vakasisila dina. Rai mai na Kalou qai raica ga na dukaveluvelu ni bula ena qai rai tani...vosota sara. Na Kalou e totaka ga na tamata yalosavasava.

Anonymous said...

Time is coming to end.
gods time.all dictators of the world is coming down.
peoples power .yes we can.
come on driti/rokolui/teleni/good army officers .
do the right thing and be heroes of fiji people.
get rid of bani/ag taliban.
fiji is going in big debt who will pay this loans.
people are struggling to buy food/pay bills and sent kids to school.
do it for god/country/people.
we need moses in fiji to lead.

Anonymous said...

@annon 1143 Are you sure there were 25-30 bodyguards?? I was in Kong Kong and I met the PM and his wife and son Meli. There was no sign of any bodyguard as you mentioned. Kua mada na lasu tiko, tamata macawa, the RFMF band went there on a promotional tour to promote tourism, get your facts right. and to the other bloggers commenting on hurting the soldiers and their families, shut your trap baleta kemuni tamata macawa, lamulamu, kabasu na moimuri. Kua ni levu tiko an gusumu ni sega tiko ni laurai na matamu.

Anonymous said...

we praying that bani/ag taliban end up in prison.

Anonymous said...

annon 1033, kubu ga nei Bai!!!!

Anonymous said...

@annon 10.33...why do you have to take the military band to go and promote tourism? tourist dont kum to fiji to go and visit the military barracks.....dua na tamani valusi lavo levu....PM,WIFE,SON..(is this where tax payers money being spent)..sa qai dua na ka vamadua.....vei kemuni na sotia, you cant go against bai because he is bloody paying you well...you guyz knw that when it goes back to normal, you guyz will be the first one on the chopping block....io eh, kani one day rich..

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10.33am

Ni yavu macawa ga na sotia. We all know that ordinary soldiers are recruited from the villages, and school dropouts. Officer cadets are form 6 or 7 schools leavers. This why you are all dumb asses, all brawn and no brains.

You have no where else to go and are unemployable. That is the reason why you harboured jealousy against fellow citizens who succeed at school, obtain tertiary qualifications and land good jobs and earn good salaries.

You used the coup as an excuse to get even, and grab jobs that you are not qualified for, to earn salaries that you can only dream of. Oya na macawa!

Anonymous said...

Da ga na Da - Mataivalu ni solisona. Navura vura qo dua ga na mataivalu dou solisona, tamata boci kece, kaisibokola.

Sa rauta sa losi na timi ni Viti- Baleta tolu na sotia ni mataivaluni solisona e qito tiko vatakei na suporters boci oratou na band ni mataivalu ni solisona vakatei Voreq, Khaiyum Teleni.

I roqoca oratou na bodyguard ni boci Voreqe e vutusona qa noda hotela.

Boci ga na Boci.

Anonymous said...

Ratzman lausamu!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:33
"kabasu na moimuri"
Why you Fijian soldiers have a preoccupation with the anus?
What the hell's wrong with you guys?
You guys are really really really sick!
I think your parents should be ashamed of you.
You are all pathetic.
Is it really true that you guys are now called "Sotia ni solisona"?
It's funny looking at the soldiers all dressed up nicely, but inside you must be some really sick individuals.

Honestly, how come the Fiji Army is turning out sick people like you? It never used to be like that.

I beg you my friend, leave the Fiji Army straightaway because its doing terrible damage to your brain.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 10:33am

So Fiji's new idea on promoting tourism is sending a military band to HK - coinciding with the rugby event? Awesome idea. Surely the money couldn't be better spent on promoting tourism to better sectors such as OZ and NZ? No. HK visitors are what we need. Idiotic.

Also - have you seen the number of bodyguards that Frank has following him around? Meli usually has one too because he cant keep himself from being beaten up in Traps. Family of ingrates.

paula raqeukai said...

...we need God fearing people in Fiji and not violent and dictatorship rulings....thats the fact...we MUST all build our country from its messes....and the only way to do that is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior who will bring us out of the doldrums...sega ena vakaraitaki kaukauwa, vosa viavialevu kei na dokadoka...gadrevi ena gauna oqo na veivosoti, na yalo malumalumu kei na rerevaka na Kalou....nuitaka nida rawa ni solia vata noda vakanananu me rawa kina na bula sautu ena noda vanua lomani....sa rauta na veivakarerei tiko, kei na qaciqacia ena sega ni kauta mai na bula sautu...ena kauta ga mai na rusa....mai da mai tara cake tale na noda vanua lomani o viti...God Bless

Anonymous said...

Setiseti @ Anon-MOUSE 10.33a.m. vosa tu o tamata lamus%*#! duadua, cava soti na rere, sega ni rawa ni varaitaka rawa tiko mai na matamu KALAVO qore...osobo...sega na betena na dakai tu qori e yasamu, boc!

Jone beca said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Corruption everywhere under this illegal Government

Serulagilagi’s son has been dating Vore’s daughter for some time. The boy is a high ranking army officer.

A friend of Serulagilagi was telling me that Bai’s daughter would drive a military vehicle to Serulagilagi’s house to pick up her boyfriend as if its her father’s private property.

How can we accept this kind of behaviour when civil servants under Serulagilagi’s PSC Chairmanship, are strictly forbidden to misuse govt vehicles.

Voreqe has asked the public to report to Govt any misuse of govt vehicles they observe.

So Voreqe and Serulagilagi, the the two top dogs allow their children to misuse govt vehicles to fascilitate their fornication while the rest of us ordinary mortal peasants are not allowed. What planet do we live on?????

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:21. It's amazing that people like you and me and most people in this blogsite would look at what Voreqe and Seruilagilagi are doing and call it corruption.
But then you have soldiers like @Ratzman who honestly believe that Voreqe is pure as the driven snow.
If this is the mentality that is present in Delainabua then what they have there is a cult, and Vuaka is their god.
That is a very sad state of affairs.
Usually you'll find that these sort of people are so lost in their delusion, that you can't reason with them.
It begs the question then that if you have individuals like this then why is Mr Keys (NZ PM trying to reason with them.

Pigman said...


Gonei va mo kida, o sa taqeya dredre tale. Nida kala poci ga kua na vosa vakaveitalia...mama nakulina nei Vore.

hereford said...

people need to get their facts right.bainimarama's daughter drives her own private car to serulagilagi's house.and serulagilagi's son is no longer in the army because recruitment was done fairly…so where is the corruption????stop trying to put one and one because you are coming up with bullshit

Anonymous said...

hereford. what private car is she driving around. Must be real new, does she work to afford one? Have they not just returned from a tour of Europe? How do they afford these?

Anonymous said...

as a matter of fact she does work and the car aint new.i wouldnt call it tour of europe,coz it's only one country they went to.u can afford it then, especially with a place to stay and food provided.u obviously havent done one

Unknown said...

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