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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ghanian businessman had eye on Taunovo Hotel

TAUNOVO: Freeman was last year trying to buy the collapsed hotel from Mitch Hagerman.

Another interesting snippet about the mysterious Ghanian businessman with the money to throw around in Fiji.

Readers will know that Paul Kofi Freeman is caught up in the alleged fraud involving lawyer Renee Lal and con man Ben Padarath.

Freeman has gone to ground after protesting his innocence to Coupfourpointfive, claiming  Lal was the con artist and that she and  Padarath did the dirty on him.

The scale of wrongdoing is wider than that, though, and not so black and white. It also reeks of the incestuous corruption at play under the Frank Bainimarama leadership, particularly in the area of business and consultancy. 

We can today make public another document in Coupfourpointfive's possession that shows Freeman had his finger in several pies, including the failed Taunovo Bay Resort.

We're not sure whether the deal went ahead, but it would appear not.

The question that keeps popping up is: how did the Ghanian, who was supposedly dripping in money (he was able to cough up $30,000 in backhanders for Bainimarama) get FTIB and FRB approval to operate locally?

As a non-resident, he would've needed a licence to set up a business, as he did with the South Pacific Natural Resources Ltd (Coufourpointfive March 17).

The company, which had Freeman as fixer and agent, is understood to have been incorporated by Dilip Jamnadas (Lal's business partner at Jamnadas Associates) and his personal assistant, Losalini Seruitanoa, whose brother-in-law is QEB goon, Ben Naliva.

The following application to the US Embassy seeking a visa for Freeman shows Lal was last year helping Freeman negotiate to buy the collapsed Taunovo Hotel from Mitch Hagerman:


Dilip K Jamnadas LLB (NZ)                                       LEVEL 6
Renee D S Lal LLB (USP)                                       FNPF PLACE
                                               VICTORIA PARADE
                                               SUVA, FIJI
Mele L Rakai LLB (USP)                        P.O.BOX 14824, SUVA
                OUR REF:                 PHONE:(679)3311911
                                                FACSIMILE: (679) 3300161
                                E-MAIL: djlaw@connect .com.fj
                                WESBSITE: www.jamnadaslaw.net

10th November 2010

The Consular
The U.S Embassy

Dear Sir,


We act for the above-mentioned, who is involved in the purchase of Taunovo Bay Limited, which owns and operates Taunovo Bay Resort (“TBL”)

TBL’s property has been placed under receivership and it’s properties advertised under mortgagee sale. The abovementioned and his associates have conducted due diligence on TBL and a sale now needs to be urgently finalized. The principals of TBL, Mitchel Hagerman and others are located in the United States. Due to statutory infringements including tax and FNPF it is not adviseable for them to travel to Fiji to conclude the sale. As such the final discussions need to take place in the United States. This proposed meeting will involve lawyers from Fiji and the abovementioned.

We trust that the above mentioned application will be given due consideration. Should any further information be required please do not hesitate to contact the writer.

Yours faithfully

Renee Lal


Jake said...

Whats with these corrupt people arent they sick of backing a dead donkey like the other fella stroking his dead horse.

I say beat the crap out of them than be they will learn.


Abovementioned said...

I've never seen so many "abovementioned" in a single letter. Strangly, the last one is spelled "above mentioned".

Anonymous said...

Freeman wanted to buy momi bay resort too.
Ask fnpf and unit trust of fiji.
Freeman is a con man like ben.
The PM /FICAC/FTIB/RBF should investigate freeman now.

Anonymous said...

Freeman got married to a local when his visa was about to expire. He managed to get visa through his marriage and claims his wife is from a ratu family.

Stealth. said...

Can't see what all the fuss is about? Couple of emails - phone calls would quickly authenticate Freeman's credibility - lack of it.

Anonymous said...

You are such a looser, the guy is simply trying to bring investors, that is his line of business so what is your problem

Anonymous said...

army said.
Freeman i meet you in a meeting.
You boast that you can buy all this hotels.
Now i know you used fiji people for information and used martin funds.
Be careful we are going to take you to the barrack and lock you up.
Fiji army and people are not fools .
Stop going around with small girls .
We are getting info from doctors .
where you got vd treatment in suva.

Anonymous said...

Fire army.........more details, which meeting, which doctor??? My Gosh!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:29.

Obviously you have no experience with investors - genuine investors
are very low profile in what they do - do not attract this sort of negative media attention or controversy.

Anonymous said...

Doctor in samabula clinic.
Meeting in fnpf/untof and ben house.
We have ex -army officers in those meeting.
Freeman count your days

Anonymous said...

Freeman SAGA in a nutshell.. Renee Lal told Dilip Jamnadas that she was leaving the firm. Dilip who hasn't lifted a piece of paper in the last ten years freaked out knowing that his cash cow was walking out the door. Renee Lal had also figured out Freeman was a fake!

Dumb and Dumber then teamed up to bring Renee down. They made up these allegations that she swindled money from Freeman even though the man can't afford his rent, wears counterfeit clothing and collects his scam funds from Western Union all in the hope that she would be a broken woman after her ordeal.

Two men used the military to have a lady beaten, which up pretty much sums up the calibre of "men" that they are.

Time will come when the truth will unravel and the military will hopefully figure out that they have been used as "hired thugs" in what was nothing but hot air in the hope that Renee would not leave Dilip so that he could continue living his life of leisure without having to lift a finger.

One thing that these two men do share is their love for young women! Watch this space for more to come...

Freeman will be exposed very soon, and when he does he will sing like a little bird. I hope that Dilip Jamnadas has insurance… this SAGA is about to take a twist….

Anonymous said...

How sad, you are all loosers, nothing better to do. Leave the guy alone, if he is a con man it will surface, let him do his job and stop wasting your time worrying about Freeman because he is living a very comfortable life, its you who has to worry about where your bread and butter will come from

Anonymous said...

Bring it on @ 9.10p.m!! Yaaay! Love this! The truth, nothing but the truth please!!!

Anonymous said...

@29 March @ 3:29pm... strongly condemning the threat of violence on any human being. So barbaric! But thank you for proving to the international community that you are in fact a violent army. Kudos!

Freeman is an investor. Investors are suppose to be opportunists. That's why they are called investors. They explore all types of deals because they are looking for the golden opportunity. There are no clean investors or shady investors. Its just business Duh! If anyone is looking for janola clean investors, check heaven... you may find them standing next to Peter & Paul !!!

So who cares if Freeman and Dilip like dating young girls. Its their private life! Are these girls underage-where are the parents? A persons private life, is his/her's private life. Isn't it true that older men like young girls to prove they're randy and youthful? So what's the up? A lot of local men (Dalip is a case in point) happen to like young girls too, and a lot of young girls like the old sugar daddy scene. Older women like younger men too. Age is just a number.

What a circus! Two rich partners having a public spat and who frankly cares. There's still no water in this city, inflation is so damn high, people are struggling to make ends meet, high levels of unemployment; while the rich sleep and their children enjoy the high life.

Then Frank enters the scene to play the pipers tune so that we can be fooled that he is doing what he said he would do when he came into power : "rid this city of corruption". The media is a pawn in the game - its medium to showcase his busy lifestyle while taking us on a joy ride of public assassination of individuals.

Nearly 4+ years in office, we now have a mushrooming of corruption. The Army is bright enough to offer the public this case as evidence to prove that Frank has failed in his dream of a clean Fiji (a model a he deduced from heaven because no country in the world is 100% corruption free), and he is so upset he can't meet his goal that he throws a violent tantrum (via his hit squad) on a woman. We read your game...

Looking forward to more drama on Shortland Street Part II. Next!

Anonymous said...

How can you say that Freeman's rent is not paid, he is living in an expensive rented apartment, he flies in and out of this country so stop painting a false picture of the man, you are just a whole lot of losers, leave the guy alone and just worry about your own life

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are all nut bags. Leave the con to his own his got enough rope around his neck he'll hang himself soon enough!!!

Anonymous said...

Renee got what she deserved. Really after getting TBL owners out of the country she never had guts to face any TBL staffs till todate who were suddenly without jobs and no updates. Wouldn't even take a call.
She even took all the trust money that was sent to pay staffs FNPF. What a women! Like i said she deserved what she got.

Anonymous said...

Good one, lets just worry about our own lives and not others please

Anonymous said...

haahaa..maleka..would you guys just shut the f*** up and stop picking on the guy..It just seems like all these bunch of loosers are just picking on him cause they want to clear their names..we know who you are..ben,Amani and the likes..bunch of loosers..Freeman is a genuine investor and what is your f***** business on where did he get his money..stop making him sound like a con artist cause he is not..get a life..

Anonymous said...

Thank you, as for you Amani, Ben and Renee and whoever else you are, stop trying to rubbish Freeman and trying to paint a good picture of yourselves, its abit too late, everyone knows that you lot are just a whole bunch of crooks, end of the story, accept it that you are.

Anonymous said...

Freeman is a con artist
.he owes money.he was stopped in nadi airport once.he didnt pay his bills in holiday inn .
lucky he asked his mates to send funds than he was paid and .cleared to go.
he is using his mates money.
also tim nobriga paid some tickets for him by his credit card.

Anonymous said...

@ March 29 @ 9pm - hold steady. You seem so upset that you are ranting like mad lunatic Frank, and calling people 'losers', as well as using vulgar words. Are you related?

The beauty about THE TRUTH is that IT WILL SET ITSELF FREE. No stone should be left unturned in this drama.

Only those that hide behind violent acts, and then try to justify it with public character assassination, using the media as a pawn, have something to hide themselves.

Violence is UNACCEPTABLE in any society.

The public has the right to hear this drama because it falls within Franks anti-corruption mandate of staging the 2006 coup. He wanted to create a janola society by ridding corruption WITHOUT public mandate. Has he succeeded after 4+ years?

This is an interesting case study. It will prove that he FAILED in this mandate and that he may have his fingers in the pie.

Now here's a thought: why would Frank order the hit squad to beat a woman over an issue that could have been solved through investigation of FICAC and the Police?

What is HIS interest in the internal working of a private legal firm? There are hundreds of legal firms in Fiji doing exactly the same thing as this firm, but why this particular one?

What power does this legal firm or investor have over him (Frank), to make him unleash his most trusted soldiers to carry out violence?

Why was Ranee too much of a political baggage for Frank that she had to be silenced, given that he has half the population of this country discrediting his clean character, and his life is constantly under threat?

Why would the hit squad pounce on Ben to inflict degrading treatment, don't they already have the power, they have control over the country, and supply in guns?

Oh! I forgot huh, its a technique used by tyrants to silence the truth.

Who is hiding what? Where is the BIG fish because this aint it? This case is just public distraction for the real deal.

From Anon@29March@5:31pm, we hear that FNPF workers funds are missing, yet we also know that OUR funds were lent to pay for the salary of civil servants? So who has their fingers in the FNPF pie?

Before this saga, this firm has always had trust fund issues and its been publicly announced. Someone either steals or is accused of something to do with missing funds. They must be racking in millions because they can still operate, live the high life, have children in exclusive schools, and still afford to loose money. Something does not add up.

Let the truth set itself free, and let the public judge for themselves.

Annonymous said...

Best comments out of any blog or fiji sun etc etc to be found here on C4.5. God Bless Fiji and freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

jamadas is a guji and ag mate.
freeman paid bani seems like.
what is the police and ficac doing.nothing.
no clean up all cover up.

Anonymous said...

Freeman SAGA Continues....

Given all the rumors and allegations that fly around on this website, I wonder if FTIB has reviewed their files for Freeman and verified him as a legitimate investor.

I'm sure that the funds that he has alleged to have been swindled from him by Renee Lal would have been bought in through the proper channels given the sum in question and his insistence on being "genuine" investor. Or did he bring it in a duffle bag right through Fiji Customs, or maybe through his favorite mode of money transfer, Western Union.

Could it be that he is another fly by night character that has taken refuge in Fiji?? Maybe the Fijian authorities can liaise with their neighbors and Interpol.

One thing is for certain, Dilip Jamnadas has used Freeman in his dispute with Renee. I wonder how long before Freeman realizes that he was used by Dilip and the tables are turned!

JAMES said...

Freeman... Dilip.....Renee...

Whom to blame???

Freeman- an investor said to be a pawn by most.

Dilip - found out renee was going to quit so according to the saga dilip played renee.

Renee - who is married to amani were about to move in there own new established firm prior to the week she was caught by soldiers.

and some staffs had already resigned from jamnadas & assoc to work for renee (senior staffs)

After this tragedy of losing the best workers in your firm, wouldnt you take an action?

and people c'mon these are professional people... and they will do anything to save their reputation, business, fame or family.

Coup 4.5 said...

Freeman has been in touch again; more to come hopefully, and from his own gusuna.C4.5 Editor

Anonymous said...

wonder why Freeman is so worried about a blog. Could it be because Dilip is running scairt?

Anonymous said...

While we await Freeman to return from the blink blink blink, here's one:

1. Dilip-(minus)-Imrana = Frank+legal system+media assassination

2.Dilip-(minus)-Renee =Frank+Violence+media assassination

Is Frank, Dilips sidekick? Why is Frank acting like a jealous lover or is he?

Well with too many veitono cici going on in Delainabua these days, Bubu always says that the culture in the land always reflected the moral life of the leader.

Sa dri yani.