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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goons eye DVD distributors but too late - message is out

The illegal regime might be hunting those who distributed or passed on the controversial Suliasi Daunitutu DVD, but the message has gotten out to people.

According to figures given to Coupfourpointfive, 300 copies were initially made of the three-set DVD and these were all distributed, just before Christmas last year.

Organisers achieved their target of getting at least 1000 sets to villages, the main target of the democracy DVD. Many are largely in the dark over the treachery of the regime and the DVD, which was made offshore, and aimed at raising their awareness levels. 

Sam Speight was, of course, beaten over the DVD and it appears the SDL member, Dr Mere Samisoni, is now on the hit list. 

The illegal regime of Frank Bainimarama is so scared of allowing people to see a homemade DVD; it shows it knows it doesn't have the mandate to rule.

Moment of mirth: while the regime hierarchy was getting drunk and living it up during the Christmas holidays, Fiji villagers were taking in the illicit message as part of the festivities.

Awake, the Fiji countryside!


Anonymous said...

To access Daunitutu's DVD go to address below and you will watch the whole series....they are on Youtube. First tumbled on them this afternoon:


Anonymous said...

This is obvious Chinese influence. They persecute anyone who talks about Democracy. Even now as we speak, hundreds of people have been rounded up and thrown in Jail in China because of the Jasmin revolution.
When we get into power, lets get rid of Bai and all his chinese friends. Kick them out. We don't need them. Cancel all their loans and debts.

a.rogo said...

Suliasi Dauniququ and Bunch of want to be something and nothing....wat are U trying to proof....don't cry over wat has been our past....we are moving forward now and we appreciated wat this govt. is doing to help us.....all those disgrunted ex-ministers who were nothing and only because of that 2000 event with the support of the people who he is saying he represent he was able to be a puppet in the Qarase govt...because he was a nothing and end up marrying one CRW's wife....he's looking for sup
port...even because of his selfishness, all the members of his vanua are against him now...he's missing that big pay pack he did;nt even sweat for.....o iko Suli....bau cakacaka mo rawa ni qaravi iko vakataki iko...kua na vakararavi tiko vei ira na yalewa.....ka kua ni kodro tiko mai vakayawa...na ka gona drau qai vinakata kei Spagetti qori mera sa qai sega ni dua vata kei kemudrau oira na wekamudrau dina....o ira sa raica tiko na vinaka ni toso sa cakava tiko na matanitu sa kauti keimami tiko qo

Anonymous said...


Rogoca said...

Daliga dora whar you on about. You the useless and worthless fly by night.Go n kiss the Pigs ass.

Anonymous said...

Jake says;

A Rogo..........your comments signals what you have up stairs, empty and thick blank Grey matter who don't know what your right hand does.

You're an idiot. get real ulukau.

When the dust settles lets see where you will go.

Anonymous said...

@ANONYMOUS 11.41......where is Good Governance and Honesty in the "toso ki liu" you are barking out loud?

Going forward should equal 'satisfaction' level......bro, there is a big mismatch......you are under ILLUSION, my sister!

End of methodists said...

"The illegal regime of Frank Bainimarama is so scared of allowing people to see a homemade DVD; it shows it knows it doesn't have the mandate to rule."

I rather think that the regime is scared by the limited capacity of understanding of most villagers, the relative ease to influence them. I think that's the #1 problem with Fijians, it has to do with their traditionnal way of life. Fijians don't "think", they "believe".

Getting rid of the Methodist church is a beginning. That chuch is way too expensive. Look what they did in 2000.

Let's get rid of the Methodists! Now.

Wilson Tamanikaira said...

A.Rogo..11.41pm..kena ca na vuli vakavo kei na tawa lotu.Cuva ka vakatutusa vua na Kalou,kerei koya me vukica nomu bula ka rawa ni kautani mai vei iko na yalo nei Setani.

Kevaka o kauwaitaki Voreqe,
masulaki koya talega me kau laivi na yalo dokadoka. Masulaka na keba ni mataivalu me curu yani na YaloTabu ni Kalou me ia na vei savasavataki.

Na vei ka kece e vakayacora tiko qo o Bainimarama e yavu tu mai na basuraki ni lawa,na lasu,na butako,na vei vakararawataki kei na laba vaka na nona a labati Sakiusa Rabaka kei Nimilote Verebasaga. E sai koya li oqo na "vinaka ni toso" o cavuta tiko?

Everything Voreqe is doing with government money is nothing new.Legitimate governments before him have been doing that and much,much more for ages.That is the duty of every elected member of parliament who have been given the legal mandate by the people to use their resources wisely for their benefit.

Previous democratic governments have built hospitals,schools, roads, bridges and have given social and economic programs for the people.Even the military was created by the government and military personnel like Bainimarama owe their careers and livelihood to the elected governments and the people of Fiji.That is why they are made to swear an Oath of Allegiance to protect the government. Voreqe and his regime are breaking that oath and they are well aware of that. Ora tiko na lomadra e vei siga.

Voreqe and every single member of his government have broken the law to be in stolen positions of power and presiding illegally over the wealth of the people. This is no different to thieves taking over the bank, its employees and all the monies that people have saved there.When Voreqe gives aid he is handing out stolen money.Every single citizen must understand this because it is morally and ethically wrong to entertain thieves or accept stolen goods without the knowledge and approval of their owners.

If we entertain Voreqe and his immoral behaviour,then what damage are we doing to the future moral fabric of society which our kids will have to live in? Are we teaching them that it is fine to accept stolen goods and to make heroes out of thieves and traitors? We have to stop this military coup culture now because our society if corrupted and doomed if we don't.

Voreqe acts only for his own misguided personal interests He himself admits that he is unelected and does not trust the people.His regime is no different from the Mafia and drug cartel bosses who at times appear to be benevolent when distributing "aid" to those who support their illegal enterprise or to win desperate citizens over to their cause.

No matter how benevolent they try to be and just as a leopard cannot remove its spots, Voreqe cannot remove the illegality of his actions and his regime.

Anonymous said...

a.rogo....ka vinaka cava sa cakava na illegal regime qo. The duty of any government of the day is to deliver to the people ether they support or not and the 2000 coup..blame the military...Frank knows about the 2000 coup and he run away to Hawaii. The CRW that took part in the 2000 coup for the first week they were going back and fourth to the camp. You should go back to school and learn about what is the definition of the coup....ULUKAU

mark manning said...

We need to start getting the names of these goons, who keep supporting the main goon Captain Seagoon R. F. N. !
Name and shame plus photos and also name their families !

eq2 said...

sivia ga na vosa NO ACTION .
Stop barking like a female dog from Australia , and come to Fiji do what you believe in, also get all your so called fijian majority supporters in Aussie.
The fact is there is over 100,000 (hundred thousand) Fijian born leaving and working in Aussie - and I have noticed in the last 2 so called DEMOCRACY march like 20 adults and 30 kids attended, how come you guys cant even get at lest 1000-2000 (thousand-2thousand) to march with a huge former Fijian community residing in Aussie , you cant say they were busy working when the marches were held on a sunday .
Ive seen those dvds NO BIG DEAL -

Anonymous said...

@eq2. If the DVD's are no big deal, then why is Vuaka so scared of it?

Anonymous said...

eq2 2;45PM open up the emergency degree. What are they afraid off.You have seen the DVD no big deal...lasulasu the DVD shows how Frank way back in 2003 was telling his senior officers then to map out a coup. Not even the SDL/LG name was mention then. Cava e mosi na dina and why now they are looking for people distributing the DVD. The TRUTH bro will set this country free.

Anonymous said...

@ End of Methodists 11.09.....you are insulting the Methodists and more than 1/2 of the i Taukei people.Plz stop the generalization and think before you speak......removing the Methodist will be a genocide!

I believe a single living -young or old Methodist still worth a penny for Fiji's future.

What have you done for this country? Where were your ancestors while Methodist missionaries volunteered throughout Fiji and Pacific to help in the civilization of the i Taukei in the 1800s?

Reflect on how much the Methodists Church have contributed to this country, yet i acknowledge the STUPIDITY act of some people belong to the Methodist Church of Fiji who fight for the name but not on the principle of the Church nor of the focus of the Church!

Methodist, AOG, CMF,ANCF,SANGAM,SDA,CATHOLIC, ISLAM....etc are equal and should work together for Fiji's Future!

Sa Re!

Anonymous said...

A.Rogo & eq2..........na toso i liu cava drau tukunia tiko?? We have murders & killers like Naulia and Keane walking in our midst. What sort of example are we potraying? Are you condoning the fact that you can murder someone with your barehands and get away with it? Or are there 2 sets of rules in Fiji? One for you and one for us. IS THAT PROGRESS? NA TOSO I LIU DRAU SAKITA TU YA? KAUTA TANI NA VAUVAU E UBIA TIKO QORI NA MATAMUDRAU.

Anonymous said...

A.Rogo sonalevu!

Anonymous said...

Agree the Methodist hurch in Fiji is a big drag on village life in Fiji. It is a monstrous money chewing monster. Just been to my village and could not bilieve the pressure the church puts on people to collect money to keep the church buraucracy in Suva turning with the soli vakamisinari.

Burocracy is manned by obese lazy people in Suva and Nausori who go around exuding piety as representing God on earth.

They travel in very expensive late mode cars....see them often shopping in these church cars in Nausori and Suva with families.

The i Taltala in my village gets his garden planted by men and kept weed free by women of five villages in my Tabacakacaka.

When Talatala goes to one of the villages to lead servive for anything he travels by hired vehicle while his herd of sheep walk. They pay his salary. And he engages them in women, men, and youth meetings/ralies which take up whole day each, often....its incredible.

He is obese because he does not do much physical work.

Surely each individual can commune with God on a one to one basis and may not need the intense intevention of talatalas.

The Methodist Church of Fiji must change its ways of engaging people. It is enslaving villagers. It gets worse as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

Cannot say much for the Catholic ,Hindus and Muslims ministers who have jumped on this fked/up solisona Voreqe bandwagon in 2006 to fk/up democracy in Fiji.

All these f/ken blind bastards assisted in taking away our rights and freedoms, torturing and murdering their fellow citizens and then bring f/ken shame and hurt to their own families also.

When this is over they should all be arrested and f/ken hung by the neck in Korovou jail bleri stupid blind Catholic,Hindu and Muslim bastards.

Archbishop Mataca really live up to his name in this stupid coup and brought shame to the Catholic church. What is he still doing there being their leader? What, are the bloody members too scared to boot him out?? He should be f/ken hanged for treason... bleri qauri SOB.

mark manning said...

@ eq2
Wait till you see what goes up on youtube tomorrow !

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6.27 pm

Well, the non-Methodists may have shortcomings I am not sure but there is no argument at all that the Methodist Church of Fiji is putting too much emphasis on collecting money to meet the budget set by people who will benefit through church fundraising.

Budget set up by people who spend church money in totally unaccountable ways.

The church went into a lot of business to be financially self supporting...but members are being asked to give more now then before.

When i watch the names of people read out during church services in the village with amount of money they had donated and outstanding amount, i really get very angry. Its torture using group pressure to force people to give money they do not usually have.

Methodist church has done a lot of good for communities and am sure for individuals, but there is no dought that it has to change its focus, governance and its whole mission for saving souls.

a.rogo said...

kevaka eda vinakata na toso ki liu kakuatale na vosatiko ena matavulo.....kakua talega ni o vosa ca tiko baleta qori nai vakaraitaki ni lala tiko na koro turaga....qo na vanua eda veivosakitaka kina na veika eda vakabauta meda vakayacora meda toso vata kina ki liu.....na veika dou weroka tiko mai qori sa sega ni dua na betena....qo sa gauna ga ni veitauriliga me da toso ki liu....maumau wale na vaka kelia mai na sui mate ni na sega ni dua na vanua o na tini kina....ena vakavuna ga mo tini kina i eli....laiva vua na dau ni lewa me qai veisausaumi...kevaka e cala na ka sa mai yaco oti....ena qai sauma ga ko koya.....sa noda cakacaka ga meda veitauriliga ka da toso ki liu.....sa dri yani and God Blessssss.......

a.rogo said...

@ Jake.....au set sara tu ga qoka tamana...sega ni macala ocei e leqa tiko...kakua ni o vakaraitaki iko tiko mai....au vakaraitaka tiko yani na ka au kila...na ka au vola tiko yani is the fact and not hia say
as you are doing....vinaka and God Bless

Unknown said...

@ Mark MASIPOLO Manning , there is so many crap apart from Justin Bieber videos in you-tube mate.
While I'll wait patiently for the next crap of so called Democracy dvd bling blings tomorrow can you also upload little red riding hood & snow white and the 7 dwarfs, the later 2 seem to be more realistic & a happy ending then another rumor bling bling dvd.
You sure you & Suliasi Daunitutu not competing with Harold Camping & his Rapture on 21 May 2011 & End of the World on 21 Oct 2011 now that's crazy to :)
Last thing mate can you send my lolomas to the Reverend Pastor J.Tui.
Tell him i am enjoying reading his and your crap in MATAVUVALE.C0M keep on dreaming mate ,TIK TOK BLING BLING gosh it's almost 2012.

VITI said...

dua la na ka au via cauraka ike ya ki vei suli sa totoka na sasaga o caka tiko ia nomu i vaka macala ga sa rui mamaca,bau va macala tu mai kua na gunu yaqona bau biuta tu mai nomu "back ground" e dua na noda kuila ni noda vanua qai vaka macala mai me keimami bau kila nio bau via mate ena no vanua...qo keimami raica ga nomu vaka vamacala oti mai dabeca tale tiko na gunu yaqona sa kila sara tuga ike na levu ni nomu vucesa kei na vosa sega na caka2...bau tu vaka makosa taka nio caka edua na baleta ena sasaga qo...biuta mada yaqona qai va macala...sai koya na kena levu

Jake said...

The Methodist church of Fiji like that of most religions are parasites.

They prey on the weak,the downtrodden and those that are just too farked up to to do anything.

Yet the people in their attempt to seek some sort of absolution from their marker are driven deeper into pverty by these corrupt ministers.

They are not custodians of the faith for these ingrates treat their supposed calling as a means to financial gain.

Who can trust such demons.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone advise or no of any videos which were made of 1987 and the 2000 coups especially the mayhem caused by Indigenous community at the parlimentary complex of the sex and orgy which occured with George Speight and his merry men.We could make an interesting comparison and show it to the innocent villagers whom the bloggers of this web are trying to hoodwink.
Wake up guys to the reality of the world.While 2 wrongs dont make a right,I think Fiji will be a better place to live in the next 10 years if VB continues with what he is doing.
And for gods sake stop fooling the villagers with your emotional videos.
This is what the likes of Apisai Tora,Taniela Veitata and others did which led to the previous mayhem.

Anonymous said...

@ Jake April 1, 2011 8:43AM

Can you two tell us your true identity? Nothing more nothing less. We would like to know whether you are a Mr (men), a Mrs (woman) or a Mistake (products of prostitution). So, until you tell us the truth about yourself you will remain as Jake Mistake.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 11:08am

"I think Fiji will be a better place to live in the next 10 years if VB continues with what he is doing"

Have you seen the rate of inflation in food prices we are getting? Little jobs, no investment, struggling economy?

We won't be here in ten years if it continues at this rate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Former Argentine Gen Eduardo Cabanillas has been sentenced to life in prison for running a notorious detention centre during military rule in 1976-83. .....time will catch up with everyone...tick..tock...tick..tock

Anonymous said...

Reality hurts guys.Just think of the pain that the cannibalistic acts of 1987 and 2000 was committed by the so called thugs under the guise of Nationalism.The chook has now come to roost in the name of VB.Have those methodists forgotten their actions of 1987 and 2000.The bible clearly says Reap what thou shall sow.So guys stop this false propaganda about democracy and come to terms with reality.Looks to me that the contributers of this blog are the same thugs and thieves who were responsible for 1987 and 2000.Please in the name of god stop this false propaganda because those villagers where the DVD'S were distributed are more educated and know of the secret agenda behind that DVD.To those who are hiding away from Fiji and creating all this propaganda,if you have the guts get out of that safe hole where you are hiding and join the people of Fiji if you are so concerned about democracy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN WHERE KILLERS LIKE KEAN & OTHER SOLDIERS GET TO WALK FREE!!! YEAH RIGHT, IF IT WAS ONE OF YOUR MATES THAT WAS BEATEN TO DEATH BY THIS THUGS, I DOUBT YOU'D HAVE THE SAME OPINION........sounds like some sort weird concept of democracy..yeah folks, come out of your holes and join the people of fiji and end up getting your rears messed up by the RFMF.......

TheMax said...

Jake is a faggot who used to pimp round Auckland.

An old gay parasite who now lives in Northland in NZ somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Na cava soti o ni sa vakacacani Bainimarama kina vakalevu - ni taroga kemuni mada o cei e a tekvutaka na Vuaviri (Coup Culture) o ya na tamata moni vosa ca taka - kevaka o ni tiko e vavalagi o ni se sega tale ni bau lesu mai Viti e na gauna oqo - ia au kerei kemuni mo ni kakua ni vosa tiko - baleta keimami marautaka na toso sa vakayacori tiko mai Viti. Na veivakatorocaketaki e sa vakayacori tu oqo e na noda veiyasana - na kena vakalailaitaki na cakacaka vakailoa, na basulawa,na veika e da dau vakabibitaka nai taukei - na maroroi ni bula raraba. E dina ni a yaco e so nai tovo kaukauwa ka vakaloloma e nai tekivu ni Vuaviri - e dina ni da sega kece ni marautaka - au vakabauta ni oqo sa ratou vuli mai kina - ka sa gauna me da tovolea me da veivosovosoti
ka toso vata ki liu. Na Veidigidigi e sa na vakayacori ga e na 2014 - me da vakavakarau kina - ka kakua ni da vosataka tiko ni na sega ni yaco. Sa vakavakarau tiko kina oqo na matanitu. Na ka ga e rawa ni da vakayacora nai Taukei ka da sa tu e vanua tani me da vukei ira na dui wekada e ra se tiko mai vanua ka masulaka na noda Viti lomani me vakatulewa kina na Kalou. Oqo e dua na vuli levu vei keda - ka dodonu me tu vakadua ka rai lesuva na vanua e da lako mai kina - ka kakua ni da lesu tale kina - ka saga me na dua tale na Viti Vinaka sa tu mai ki liu - e na yaco ga oqo e na noda veitokoni ka veilomani ka masulaka nai liuliu ni matanitu oqo me dolava na Kalou na nona rai ka solia vua na vuku kei na yalo matua me rawa kina ni kila na gaunisala me muria me vakalesui Viti tale ki na dua na Viti vinaka ka da na marautaka na lewe i Viti.
Me vakalougataki kemuni na Tamada sa cecere sara.