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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hold those complaints: I'm off to the rugby

The illegal leader's phone appears to have rung red hot this week with people taking advantage of his offer to tell him of their concerns.

According to the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, an overwhelming number of people contacted the dictator about "the performance of civil servants and government departments as well as issues directly affecting their lives".

Pity Frank Bainimarama wasn't so interested when 66 year old Apisai Tawake wanted to discuss his concerns with him last Christmas. 

Remember, Tawake was beaten by soldiers after having the nerve to try and get a meeting with Bainimarama to discuss village matters and breaches of human rights in Fiji.

As noted in Tawake's statutory declaration which has been forwarded to Australian authorities, Bainimarama knew about the assault as it was happening and was obviously okay with it.

The dictator has now conveniently put his helpful mode on hold (the cellphone gig was a red herring after all) and has headed to Hong Kong to hob nob and make sure those Asian dollars keep coming Fiji's way. 
The illegal foreign affairs minister, Inoke Kubuabola, says Bainimarama and the illegal Minister of Tourism, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, will also attend the Hong Kong leg of Tourism Fiji’s Road show.

Bainimarama will also go to the Hong Kong Sevens to cheer on the Fiji team.  

People have  now been asked to text their issues to 01 or email pmsoffice@connect.com.fj and three senior officers are on stand-by to address their concerns. 

Editor's Note: The regime is putting it about that tourism will this year account for the jobs of 63 thousand people or about 25 per cent of total employment. According to its website investments in tourism total more than 200 million dollars or about 28 per cent of this year's GDP.  The regime says within a decade, it will be 40 per cent. It says tourist numbers were a record high of 631, 868 last year, up 16.5% from 2009.  The Fiji Times today quotes Tourism Fiji's chief executive officer, Josefa Tuamoto, as saying there were 18,000 visitors from China last year, an increase of more than 32 percent from the previous year.


Anonymous said...

Tuamoto who ran away when the coup happened has now returned and saying "rum rum yes boss" to the dictator. A few others like Bune and Felix Anthony did the same and where are they now? Tuamoto, a graduate of USP and Wales knows very well the tourism dollar alone is not enough to pay Fiji's debt level. It is merely volume driven and nothing else. It would be interesting to know if Tuamoto can tell the world how much in real Fiji dollars does each asian visitor give to the Fiji economy?

Anonymous said...

Frank is a very good PM. Better than any elected leader. Fiji doesnt elected idiots for a while.

mark manning said...

Any " Bozzo the clown " can inflate visitor numbers or increase arrivals by reducing fares etc.
But try creating and maintaining a viable Tourism Sector, with well maintained and Serviced Planes, Hotels and Resorts, Rental Car Services and the infrastructure and pay increases that should go with a viable Tourism Sector.
There is a big difference, one is smoke and mirrors, the other profit for investors etc.

mark manning said...

Frank Bainimarama is obscene, just look how this clown sits there as this young lady places this lei around his neck.
It should be a hangman's noose !

SaRauta said...

So the clean up garb was all bulshit. This used to be the same practice: official tours coinciding with the Hong Kong Sevens.

At least Keneth Zinck has and is still paying for his own fare to HK.

Anonymous said...

Tourism. We were heading for $1 million before the coup. What is the point of comparing with 2009 figures which are way down BECAUSE of his coup.

Yalewa Dina said...

Sure txt your issue so you can be there tissue. They will collect your issue so they can track you down n beat you up n track others out through the complaints n beat Em up. Only idiots will txt him. Wots he going to do kiss your shoes?

Sa Rauta said...

Kenneth Zinck and his team used the money from the FRU lottery to travel around. The FRU hasn't been able to dicuss this cause they didn't have a quorum at the last date.

soon all will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Be careful people. Those who complain about the government will be taken to task, unless you trust a snake not to bite you.

TheMax said...


You luveni kala poci your lialia is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So the big party in Hong Kong on taxpayers funds has come to down to earth with a a big thud.

Who are these crooks trying to fool - Enjoy it while you can because God is powerful and one day you and all your families and hangers on will pay dearly for the crimes you continue to committ against the people of Fiji.

Thany you Tijens, Raikabula & Co. for giving Voreqe, Khsaiyum and Co. a big boot up the rear where it really matters.

Anonymous said...

The asian lady should have used an accupunture needle and stab the boci in the neck.

Anonymous said...

Picture of the traitor says it all,bloody power hungry and corrupt Communist sympathiser.

What a damn shame that the FMF fell into the hands of an inept criminal and I blame that dumbass Gainilau for nominating Voreqe to the commander post without the proper qualifications.He has no qualms about selling the FMF out to the blooody communists for a couple of bucks in his back pocket and tax payer funded trips to watch the rugby in HK.

Many of our grandparents gaave their lives to joing the RFMF to fight in wars against the communists so that we can live in a free and democratic society. This mongrel is doing the opposite and insulting their memory and sacrifices.

All I can say is Voreqe and his bunch of traitorous thugs up at QEB have no regard for RFMF past military history and should be f/ken hung or placed before a firing squad. Soldiers need to f/ken wake up to themselves because of the sorry state of the military and especially their current misguided leanings towards communism and this stupid coup.

We do not want Communism nor do we want to associate with China who has a history of killing and torturing their own citizens.The next elected government dhould kick out the Chinese and realign the FMF and Fiji's interests with the free democratic countries of the world especially our strong allies in the people of the US,Australia and New Zealand.

Sa rauta mada na viavialevu Voreqe and step down baleta ni sa rui duka ka macawa na nomu vuaviri.Other soldiers also need to remember fallen heroes like Cpl Sefenaia Sukunaivalu,who at age 22yrs gave his life so that we all could be free of the type of cowardly FMF thuggery we are facing today. Honest soldiers need to band together and say enough is enough to save the people, country and especially the FNF from sinking deeper into darkness.

Yalo vinaka kemudou na sotia, remember that all our grandfathers served in the RFMF and previous wars, not for rascals like Voreqe to use the institution, weapns and resources for his own illegal and criminal intentions.Nanuma tiko that this coup started from a criminal act therefore evrything else to come out of it is illegal no matter how much Voreqe is saying that it is good for the country and FMF.What Sukunaivalu did was good but not the current rubbish Bainimarama is dragging the military through.

Rise up and throw him out please and you will all be our heroes again.If you do not do it for us then do it for Cpl Sukunaivalu who never had the opportunity to return home to a heroes welcome but his honourable deeds still live in our memories. Don't let that macawa Voreqe ruin that forever.



Cheapskate said...

Where has all the romance gone?

The AG took his bride on her honeymoon to glamorous Hong Kong. However, he was going to be too busy to spend time with her. He was going to watch the Rugby, Attend a tourism junket or two.

You can just imagine the pillow talk. “Oh Darling, you are married to the cleverest man in the world. The government paid for our honeymoon. I did not have to pay for a thing”

Proud fijian said...

Ver wise move to have the tourism roadshow during the hong Kong Sevens.

Lots of people together at one place. These are people that can afford to travel and want to enjoy.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to market fiji tourism?

Great move IG!

Anonymous said...

Hah, no wonder the Fiji team lost in HK semi finals. IN your face Frankie, mai ya so! Everything you touch turns to shit!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:56PM.. not turns to shit, he is shit.shit for brains that is!!Like they say, you can put a lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig, in Bainiboci's case, you can spray and put fancy clothes on shit, it will smell and turn out like shit.........go fuck yourself Bainiboci...

We're Waiting... said...

Please let Frank attend - he can travel thru Hawaii or Australia - get arrested - problem solved.

The Oracle said...

All calls/txts to Frankie goes into a Black Hole. Coup4.5 double check with Vodafone and Digicel. Is Frankie getting paid paid or the number of calls/txts made to his mobile (like the radio and TV stations?). As the Lautoka radio station says - Txt Mai, kemuni. However in this case, your txt will go into a black hole and you'll be feeling proud that your voice was heard (without realising you just lost more money for nothing)!
As for Hong Kong -- what tourism. People saved their money to make it to the HKong Sevens .. they don't care aboit visiting Fiji - not with the prices we have to offer!!!
Look at the Lei - either HKongers have caught on pretty fast about making leis or Frankie carred it across with him.

Anonymous said...

On one side I feel for
the seven players and ordinary rugby fans when we lost to NZ sevens team in HK

But am thrilled in Fiji being thumped by NZ to rob dictator Voreqe the opportunity of exploiting the win to foster positive implications on his illegal administration.

Being the stupid idiot he is, Voreqe will spin the win in HK to be due to his policies and he would bathe in glory and be pumped up over it. Good he went over to HK to be drowned in sorrow on site.

The political, economic and social environment in Fiji and life in general are gloomy and suppressive that people find it hard to excel in every thing they do including rugby in particular.

Part of the solution is to get rid of Voreqe and his gang of thieves to make all of us happy again, so that we can do well what we normally do best.

go figure said...

Bainimagana is spouting all these fanstastic-looking figures, but how real are they? How can we check the data transparently? When the IMF is doubtful of the information being pumped out by the junta, we better be careful. I can bet with my last dollar that the tourism figures have been fabricated. The reality is there is nothing good happening. These goons are just having a great time boozing all night and taking their missus on overseas jaunts, thanks to our tax money. You must never be sucked in to this junta's propaganda - all b/s.

Anonymous said...

@Tamanikaira. You should call them by their real name ie Sotia ni solisona.
"The Army of Rear Prodders" led by the Rear Admirer (I mean Admiral).
Supported by the Rear President.
Delainabua is full of arseholes.
Ni yavua sotia ulukau. Sa sega tu vei kemuni na dina kei na savasava.
Maumau nomuni lotu. Vei na vanua e nai Vola Tabu e volai tiko kina moni kitaka tiko na veitono i cici. Ni yavu ulukau, no school.
Kemuni sa muria tiko na sala i Setani (Bainimarama).
Sai koya beka ya na "savasava, dina kei na lotu" ni vunautaka tiko?
Ni bau tu mada vakatagane ka vakasamataka na ka ni kitaka tiko.
Biuti Setani ka muri Jisu.
You have only one life to live. Make sure it counts. Follow Jesus, instead of following the Vuaka.

Anonymous said...

Fiji will never win in hong kong under these corrupt theiving leaders..God is looking down and he will never allow it..From the moment Sayed Kaiyhum shook hands with the team to Bai's presentation to the team in hong kong..I knew that the team was doomed..to top it all of..the sight of that mataceba..kete Poka Esala Teleni on the grandstand sickened me..moce viti..

Anonymous said...

NZ Govt Hangs Out Carrot for Fiji's Dictator...read about it here.......


Anonymous said...

Vuaka should call the Election now so that we can throw him and his rear-prodders in jail.

Anonymous said...

I think Frank has read George Orwell's book 1984 and missed the point.

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