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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Koussa sticks it to Gaddafi: Kubuabola sticks to Easy Street

REGIME POINTSMEN: Kubuabola at today's MSG discussion and Libya's Moussa Koussa (below).

Both had their digits out today but just one of them had the balls to give their beloved dictator the fingers.

Libya's Foreign Minister, Moussa Koussa, broke with the rabid Muammar Gaddafi today, defecting to the United Kingdom.

Koussa's departure is significant news; it shows major cracks in the hierarchy of the Libyan regime as it fights to keep rebel and Coalition forces at bay.

His Fiji counterpart, the illegal Foreign Affairs Minister, Inoke Kubuabola, was also pulling finger today but with less integrity. He was bedding down at the Melanesian Spearhead Group discussions on Strategic Framework for Change – Good Governance, Socio Cultural and Economic Development. 

Noble subject but one Kubuabola and the regime are unworthy of commandeering, considering their track record of refusing to allow elections and unmandated decision to dismantle Viti's constitution, judiciary and public service.

Koussa's motives may not be pure (he obviously wanted out before Gaddafi was brought down and will help the Coalition forces in return for a safe haven); still the gesture helps put another nail in the coffin of the Libyan leader. And that's welcome news to the Libyan people and the free world.

Could the likes of Kubuabola have the balls to ditch Bainimarama and bring down Fiji's illegal regime?  No. Like the other gutless wonders who've been able to graze and get fat on Bainimarama merino, he'll take his chances of being treated leniently in a return to democracy. 

In the event of that happening, no mercy should be shown him and the others who chose to not lift a finger to help Fiji when she most needed it. Worse, they led the raping and pillaging.


mark manning said...


Dakai said...

I am TheMax and I love Voreqe to the end. A noqu cakacaka na masia na dakai nei Voreqe.

Cakau said...

Sa qai ai Samoa dina o bokola qo.

SEMI MEO said...

Sadly, though big brother America and sister NATO targets Kaddafi for no other reason but ..yes..OIL deposits. Oh..no Mugabe could continue killing Zimbabwe’s innocent..he ain’t got rich OIL. We do not think the big boys care about Fiji at all. We got nothing, apart from a few of our Military personal they could exploit to do their dirty work.
But, give credit to Ratu Kubuabola for leaving the comfort of Foreign Diplomatic service to serve in cabinet and give a bit of civilian credibility to the present Fiji Gov.
As for Foreign Minister Koussa ? Well, he may be worried more about his lollies in the west. Still no comparison at all with our Foreign Minister.
Oh, and election will still be in 2014 and I challenge Mr. Pio Tikoduadua in a any Nation seat of his choice.

Anonymous said...

why worry about all others,our hospitals and medical centres out of all medication,govt cant buy thanks to Minister for wasting money on korean equipments putting ministry out of budget He will now buy locally from his friends company at Raiwaqa IDEAL SUPPLIES. The local chemist and drug stores also shying away as restrictions by REDDY of commerce commission

Viti Mojo said...

From the Fiji Times today!

This was out yesterday but getting a big push today.

Credible agenda'

Elenoa Baselala
Friday, April 01, 2011

THE Melanesian Spearhead Group will push for Fiji's re-engagement in the Pacific Islands Forum and the Commonwealth.

This was endorsed by the leaders after they recognised that the People's Charter for Change, the Roadmap for Democracy and the Sustainable Socio-Economic Development as the credible home-grown development agenda for Fiji.

And the sub regional group of five nations yesterday agreed Fiji's re-engagement would help the country's efforts to implement the framework and to return to genuine democratic elections in September 2014. Fiji is suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum and the Commonwealth because of its political instabilities.

Yesterday's meeting of the leaders was conducted without the Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands prime ministers.

Sir Michael Somare had telephoned the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama last week to inform him of his (Sir Michael) inability to attend.

PNG Foreign Affairs minister Don Polye represented Sir Michael while Solomon Islands Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Shanel Agovaka represented Danny Philips.

Mr Philips, who was in the country on Wednesday, had to leave yesterday morning because of "overnight developments" in his country, Mr Agovaka said.

The meeting ended yesterday with several agreements and strategic plans agreed upon.

Gaddafi said...

You need balls to do what Koussa did. Unfortunately, this particular part of the human anatomy is in very, very short supply in Fiji. So I am afraid you guys have the government you deserve!

Anonymous said...

Dakai you idiotic deluded psycho, bet you will be one of the first one's to raise a bowl of yaqona after Bocimarama is ousted, and say about time.

Fiji Mojo said...

Ex Fiji SUN:

The Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Summit yesterday ended in triumph for Fiji and Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

As the leaders of the region’s biggest countries and economies gathered in Suva, they:

l Effectively endorsed Commodore Bainimarama having a two-year term as chairperson, until a summit in New Caledonia in 2013;

l Backed Commodore Bainimarama’s Government’s People’s Charter for Change, the Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development and the accompanying reform agendas. They said these are a credible home-grown development agenda for Fiji.

Commodore Bainimarama responded by saying: “I assure you that in my capacity as chair my focus will be on strengthening our young organisation and enhancing its ability to respond to our development needs and aspirations.”

He said while the meeting has laid the foundation, their task remains in steering the MSG with its new organisational structure, through these challenging economic times.

This needs to be done in a manner that reflects their unique Melanesian identity and values and through this strengthens and raises the profile of the MSG.


During the opening of the summit at the Vale ni Bose complex, Commodore Bainimarama had said the onus is on the Melanesian leaders to provide new visionary leadership for the Pacific Islands.

He said since Melanesia has the bulk of the region’s population, trade and natural resources, it has a bigger responsibility to

its island neighbours to provide that leadership.

He said Fiji will direct all assistance possible to ensure greater trade and economic cohesion between the MSG countries. This includes facilitating free movement of goods, services, capital and labour across their borders. The leaders signed the MSG Leaders’ Declaration Statement on the implementation of the United Nation Millennium Development.

The leaders noted an update on the situation in Fiji and recognised that Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama stressed the need to focus on development needs.

Commodore Bainimarama thanked all the leaders for the constructive manner in which the deliberations were conducted.


This allowed them to focus on concrete, achievable and result-oriented programmes that are core to the Melanesian Spearhead Group, he said.

He said: “Our meeting today, short and pleasant as it has been, has dealt with complex issues affecting the future of our Melanesian people.”

He said with leaders and Government representatives signing a declaratory statement on the Millennium Development Goals this will help governments work collectively to achieve them.

Out Quaddafi said...

@semi meo 4.22am ... don't know that it's that simplistic. the popular uprising in tunisia and egypt gave rise to the internal crisis in libya. it' is a genuine reflection of what the people ofmlibya want . an end to 40 years of dictatorship. there are always the spoils of war to fight over and in this case someone might be the winner in libya but the oil argument and US greed in my opinion is a hackneyed one.

SEMI MEO said...

@Out Quaddafi 4.22am,Ni sa bula saka. oh..so there was no anti-Mugabe uprising?... and ruthless retaliation by Mugabe’s coyotes. True "US greed a hackneyed one" AND STILL THE TRUTH.TRUTH never ever dies, even when monotonously a trodden point.No way spoils of war but purpose to invade!!

SEMI MEO said...

Thank to Ratu Inokes Kubuabola’s wide experience in the Diplomatic services, sure showed in the well oiled functions and resounding success of the MSG Trade Fair/meeting. Time to make use of our MGS preferential trade, immigration platform while we work to put our foot in the Pacific Plus deals. Vinaka Ratu Inoke.

TheMax said...

@ Out Quaddafi

What I see with the lot of your kind is how little or how caught up you are with the Western world's propagandas. To know the real reason for the bombardment of Lybia, search a little more. You can make a start here:


Bring this closer to Fiji and you can see why New Zealand and Australia are trying their best to create instability in Fiji and the Pacific as a whole. What Bainimarama and the current Fiji government are doing will reduce the two country's influence on the Pacific.

Out Quaddafi said...

@Semi and Max. Bainimarama is not about indigneous rule he is military rule. No virtue in the latter. I'm not in favour of colonial rule but I haven't seen anything from Frank and co to convince me they got a better way. The ideal is there but it will take someone with a real vision and sway to make it happen. PS Fiji not without its own oil, coconut oil. I think it's what Kubuabola uses a lot on his head.

Radiolucas said...

@ TheMax

"know the real reason for the bombardment of Lybia, search a little more... Bring this closer to Fiji and you can see why New Zealand and Australia are trying their best to create instability in Fiji and the Pacific as a whole."

Please. Reality check.



FIJI: timber, fish, gold, copper, offshore oil potential, hydropower.

AUSTRALIA: bauxite, coal, iron ore, copper, tin, gold, silver, uranium, nickel, tungsten, rare earth elements, mineral sands, lead, zinc, diamonds, natural gas, petroleum.
(note: Australia is the world's largest net exporter of coal accounting for 29% of global coal exports.)

Honestly, I mean, we have a beautiful country but Australia is its own CONTINENT. Its gross domestic product for for 2010 was 1,297.831. Fiji's in the same period was 3.306.

Do the maths. There is no comparison. Australia does not want to come here to steal our tinfish.

TheMax said...

@ Radiolucas

The size of the economy doesn't really matter when Australia and New Zealand are both vying for a seat at the UN security council. That's where they need Fiji's vote.

When it's comes to geopolitical influence, Australia and New Zealand would like to claim hegemony over the Pacific.

@ Out Gaddafi

That's because you don't have lateral thinking abilities which is the reason why you think Bainimarama is not for indigenous rule. You have to be able to think laterally to understand some of the decisions he is making because if you can't, you will think Bainimarama is anti-indigenous or anti-Taukei.

We have seen in the past coups that even though we the i-Taukei continue to have the political leadership in Fiji, at the end of the day, it is money that rules the final outcome. This is why our indigenous politicians were easily bought to approve policies without any real tnagible benefits to the ordinary indigenous Fijians.

Bainimarama and his military council are just using a different approach but his approach is better than the other coups. I will leave it there and you can figure out for yourself the rest of the clue.

Anonymous said...

@SEMI MEO. So you, Inoke and the Melanesians think that the meeting was a "resounding success". They completely ignore the little matter of human rights abuse going on under their nose where people are being hauled up to Delainabua and have things shoved up their arse.

God is watching and I'm sure He has a different definition of success to your definition.
Perhaps you've spent too much time in Oxford St, Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Am so glad that his job na Masia Tiko Na Dakai Nei Voreqe . Wow! Wow! Are you not afraid of Mrs Voreqe.? No wonder Voreqe is enjoying drinking his Whisky every night because his 10 inches gun always sharpened by his bodyguard. Thank you for the admission of facts.

Anonymous said...

@ Max-anus......Bainimarama and his military council are just using a different approach but his approach is better than the other coups. I will leave it there and you can figure out for yourself the rest of the clue.....Guess what Max, there is not much difference in between the orange prison dress and the olive green of the RFMF. Why? Brcause thugs and murderers both where them.....the once in orange have been caught, while the once in green WILL be caught.......

TheMax said...

@ Anonymous April 2, 2011 12:39 AM

You know what, it is a sure sign of a loser when you use derogatory words against those with a different opinion than yours. You can dream about prison all your life but the current military leadership still rule in Fiji. So as long as they hold the rein of power, prison will remain a dream for you. Only one advice, just be careful you don't end up there yourself.

Small minds like yours cannot fathom Bainimarama's goal and ideal for Fiji because you can't look beyond the tip of your nose.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Anonymous of April 1,2011 5.53PM. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is RATU Inoke. I post my real name and it is on record since contributing to these esteem column that I refute and vigorously abhor all acts of sedition since 1987 including the unfortunate events of 2006. Agreeing with the majority, I condemn all acts of brutality against our citizens alleged to me meted out by a few thugs who shamefully taint the proud legacy of the Fiji Military Forces.
Next time, have some balls and post your real name, bothy!!..and , Ido NOT live in crowded Sydney , thank you..but enjoy the tranquility of the Sunshine State

Anonymous said...

@ The Max....no need to try & fathom Bainimarama's goal.Its to keep his murderous brother -in -law out of jail, thats his ideal for Fiji, Rape & Pillage Fiji for him and his cahoots, regardless of the economic, and lives it costs....So much for ideals.After all he is un-elected and therefore is not accountable to anyone.He is only answerable to his so-called disciples and goons like you so that you continue to get pay rises for keeping QEB clean, and continue to prod the arse of those who oppose him.So I suggest you get your head out of Bainimarama's arse and start reading the writings on the wall........Quit the condescending attitude- Fuck You & your un-elected boss - Bainimarama!!!

Sa Kua said...

Meo kania na dei Inoke.

Athena said...

@ Max - there are 190+ countries that Aust/NZ can approach for UNSC votes. They also operate in the other 3 MSG countries with ease, as they do in the other PICs. What value added do we gain by isolating ourselves.

Unfortunately, Aust/NZ are not after our resources because we've become a remittance economy, by and large. Our resources are our people. We need to trust our own people to negotiate their future, and the way forward, without the barrel of the gun. We need to nurture the right environment to grow economically by luring the right investments. But who wants to invest in an unstable country, with a violent army and a cycle of instablity?

Our reality is that we are just way too small by global standards to influence the world. We are part of a region with the second largest AID donor dependency, after sub-Sahara Africa. We are considered high transition costs for most of the developing world. We can't operate in isolation because we are part of the global community - even our Fiji dollar is pegged to a weigh basket of currency, which includes US, Australia, NZ, Japan and the Euro. We are stuck in the middle of the ocean.

Four coups and every single one of them has taken us back 10 years, while the world progresses and strengthens their position.

Who ultimately benefits when we self-destruct as a nation? Citizens of Australia, NZ, China, India don't suffer. Citizens of the other MSG countries don't suffer. Citizens of the other Pacific countries don't suffer. But WE DO!

We become even more dependent. We weaken our position as a nation to negotiate in global waters; because we are busy depending on other countries to give us money, to enable us pay our public debts. We can work tireless to build a better future, only after we've cleared our debts.

Our children will have to compete with global citizens that have enjoyed way better resources, in more vibrant, and stable conditions. Our children will live with the violence and suppression. The only solution that they will know to survive is through the barrel of the gun. Yes, they will continue to become rugby players, netballers, soldiers, and surfers; instead of becoming astronauts, scientists, investors, creators, etc; where the practical solutions can be found in science, technology, dialogue, reasoning and compromise - instead of violence.

Fiji needs to take a reality check. A fifth coup can never be an option for us. Stuck in this rut of suppression, is not one either!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's ideals were to avoid prosecution for his involvement in the deaths of the CRW in 2000, to force the renewal of his contract as Commander.He fostered the rule of two sets of rules, one for his goons like his brother-in-law Kean and other soldiers/murderers walking the streets of Fiji. Thats why I'm saying there is no difference in the Orange prison garb and the olive green uniform of the RFMF. They are both worn by murderers, rapists and thieves.His ideals are nepotism, his daughter is the new CEO of the Sports Council,his brother will continue to work as a PS till 2014 despite other Civil Servants "forced " to retire at 55.His convicted brother in law murderer was re-employed as the Naval Commnader. So much for ideals.......Your head is so far up Baini's arse that his stool is blurring your eyea with all the realities of his "ideals"

SEMI MEO said...

@Sa Kua of April 2, 2011 11:00 PM..oira la vuni wavoki tiko ena ruku ni sulu vakataga kei na sari ena levu ni nodra rere sa na voleka sara mera yacova na ka vakasisila drau monataka ia..ia, na ka la e tu e loma e kaburaki mai..se vaevei.."Sa Kua"..na rere se via undercover kaiviti tiko..SHAME!! noqu email..semimeo@gmail.com..talanoa mai...

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo It's a bit hypocritical to be there enjoying yourself in a Democracy while you show support for Inoke who is supporting a Dictatorship.
Why don't you come back and see the reality of living here?
Also remember that Voreqe ordered the beating of Sam Speight, so its' not just "a few thugs". This is modus operandi. This is how your beloved Fiji Army works now days so get over it.

Anonymous said...

@ Semi Meo.........hoping that Rt Inoke will read your posting and recommend you for the 1st Secretary @ the Fiji High Commission in Canberra or even make you the High Commissioner in Australia......masia sara na nei Inoke boy!!! sa voleka sara, o raica rawa na nomu reflection mo sa kida sara!!!!LOL o Viti.........

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous April 3,2011 4.25PM.
Firstly, I join many in condemning the thugs who alleged to have best up Mr. Sam Speight. That was an evil, inhuman and low act by these notorious elements in the Military.

However, to taunt that we foreign Fijians are enjoying ourselves in other democracies with no thought for the economic and political blight of our love ones at home is an insult!!

Again we say that for the last 5 years, foreign remittance from these oversea Fijians supersedes revenue from Tourism, Sugar etc. I visited Fiji 5 times last year in attempts to set up a few paisa model, unfortunately under some draconic decree. Lost a of money and business credibility. So in a way am a victim too. Do you then think I support a prolonged Government ruled by whims of decrees? NO..NO..NO!!!

However, today is 3rd month of 2011 and many of us wanna get back asap to democratic rule. So all these aimless and damning rhetoric only delays the rebuilding process to early elections.

My only personal ambition is, should the new constitution permits, contest the next election and as I openly challenged previously: take on Mr. Pio Tikoduadua in any national seat of his choice.

Se dua tale nai wali ni noda sasaga e tiko qori???

Paniwala said...

Meo luveni cara wai.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo . You know very well that Bainivuaka is not interested in an election. That's why he did the coup in the first place.
He wasn't interested in what the people wanted or who they voted for. Vuaka did all this for himself. So you and McCully keep thinking that he's going to keep his word after he has lied time after time after time.
You two must be dreaming. Just like the people who participated in writing up the Charter. Vuaka just ignored it.
One thing comes from his mouth, another totally different thing in reality.
So get a grip Semi and every other idiot out-there who thinks that Vuaka will keep his word.
You must be all fools or just totally immature or burying your collective heads in the sand.
Get over it guys. Vuaka will never give up power . So give it up.
What Voreqe needs is a stick.
The only stick that will work is to send all Fijian soldiers under UN employment back to Fiji.
Sack them all and you'll see the fun begin.
Vuaka will be running thru the veitavioka crying for help from Mr Keys and Mr Rudd.

Radiolucas said...

@ Athena

Very well said - but TheMax and his kind only have their eyes on their prize - reality doesn't feature large on their agenda. We need a brighter future than what these incompetants can manage off the back of high interest loans from China. Madness.

SEMI MEO said...

@Paniwala April 4,2011 9:39AM..tacina,vinaka na carawai ni tubu kina na savasava...se dou sa vakayagataka tiko ga na drau salato??..ma sa achii!

Anonymous said...

@ Semi Meo....change of subject, do you think that Tanivula -7's coach should go or stay?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:46 ask Semi Meo about Lawn Bowls or Masipolo with Inoke

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous April 5,2011 9:38AM...ka ga o tukuna ni o rairai cakava sara tiko ga..sorry, I do not worship sports..but, run infront of me with a kinda ball and taste my bone crushing tackle ..ya sa acchii!!...and I am only 54 yrs old!!

Salato said...

Meo desrves a drau ni salato up his nether region as the senile ole Jake always say.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo. I think the only bone-crushing you doing is at KFC. lol.
Sa oti vei Lockyer. Moce Jo.

SaTaura said...

Max and Meo drau lai veitauri kau tu mada.

SEMI MEO said...

SaTaura na drau ni Salato...ma sa achii ruarua!!

SEMI MEO said...


Wilson Tamanikaira said...

If Semi Meo is intent on taking up a public position in Fiji then he better get his judgment right.

First of all, there is a matter of good governance and standing on the principle of ethics.Let’s begin with the illegal regime and in particular characters like Inoke Kubuabola. This regime was created out a criminal offense in 2006 and Inoke also enjoys his current position from that offense.

Our ethical obligations as society in regards to these offenses is that we have case precedence’s from 2000, of others who have committed the same offenses and have been tried and jailed in a democratic system of law. Some, notably George Speight who at the moment is legally, ethically and morally repaying his debt to society and we respect him for that. Society expects and will met the same justice to Voreqe and his mob of thugs. Justice must be served before reconciliation.

What Meo is suggesting is that we turn a blind eye to justice and welcome these criminals with open arms so that,
1. Fiji can have an election but most importantly to him,
2. he gets a chance to stand and win against a regime criminal, Pio Tikoduadua??

It is obvious that Meo’s narrow- mindedness is only focused on himself and self interests.

My advice to Meo is to please,
1. get a medical examination of your mental state,
2. enrol in a course of good governance and most importantly,
3. pray to God to give you the gift of wisdom to so that you can vakadewa vakalotu na vei kacece e sa yaco tu na noda vanua.

One last advice...please!!! for the sake of you health and family, do not entertain the idea of standing in the elections because the last thing we need is another idiot who is suffered from the effects of sunstroke up at Baravi Siga.

Anonymous said...

Oh bother! Lift the sanctions and work towards elections pls!

Anonymous said...

Oti vakadua vei Semi.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Wilson Tamanikaira..Ni sa bula saka. I recall we crossed cyber sword a couple of years ago, obviously your still shooting from the same dugout.

For the millionth time, I DO NOT and will NOT concur any act of sedition against a legitimate Government. Both illegal and unbiblical acts, irrespective of who engineered these under the sun.

We’re very sad that in your attempt to appear to contribute academically in this esteemed column, have inadvertently stooped to insult Mr. George Speight and others by demeaning their precedent as the only seditious act in our history.

Oh, you conveniently choose to forget the wheeling and dealing pre signing of the deed of cession in the mid 1800. Resulting in a handful of “Chiefs” who then enjoyed privileged connections to sign our warrant to be colonized. Goodness, do not insult the other autonomous kingdoms within who were unceremoniously left in the dark, just because they did not have a seat in the “kilavata” minibus. Rampage acts of sedition do you agree??. But, we resolve in spite of all that discrepancies or our imperfections to move on and build beloved Fiji.

Fast forward to 1987; first act of sedition painted over by doctrine of necessity and immunity. We resolved to move on. Even victims dug deep to forgive and move on to rebuild beloved Fiji. You are smart enough to deduce that between 1987 and 2000 a new goal post was erected within our constitution. The engineers of the 2000 were caught on the wrong side of that and will soon be released to assist build our great Country.
Again, you are smart enough as you pointed out that this present Fiji Government has since 2009 operating on decrees as the Constitution was send to smithereens.

By now, I hope you must have awoken to the pragmatic ethos of goodwill and renowned human spirit to build the decimated, bring to life the dry bones and move away from the rut you allege.
Sounds like you’re also a bible guru. Heard of a man of God like Daniel? And others who served in seditious and oppressive regime. Did Daniel duck for cover? NO, he stayed on and assist. Modern day Christian lay preacher and Deputy PM/ Foreign Minister Mr. Aziz of late Iraq President Saddam Hussein regime. These are Christians who have guts. And for that I take my hat off for Christian Lay Preacher Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, probably the best Foreign Minister Fiji has ever had!!

Are you one of the few who are trying to convince US, Australia, NZ, NATO or some ill conceived mercenaries to invade Fiji?? You should be ashamed of yourself to allow your Fijian brain to wander in to that no go zoon, as only our own people will pay be indiscriminate victims of any volatile act.

Let’s have an election in 2014. We do not even know the boundary or the eligibility of us foreign Fijians. May be I will just have the honor to be holding your placard as a campaigner; Tamanikaira for Minister of Foreign Affairs!! Ni moce saka toka mada valailai..

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo. Those who misconstrue God's word will burn in Hell.
Where in the Bible does it say that Daniel was helping the King of Babylon? Instead, Daniel told him to repent because he was immoral and he was facing sure destruction.(Mene mene tekel u Pharsin)
Do you see Inoke saying that to Vuaka?
Inoke should be protesting to Vuaka about the Corruption and Illegality of the coup and all the abuse Vuaka is carrying out to the public.
Instead Inoke is enjoying himself wallowing in the mire with the Vuaka.

And you Semi are cheering them on from the sideline.
Honestly Semi we've all had enough of your bullshit.
You are so lost in your own delusion you are beginning to believe your own bullshit.

Message for you Semi: None of us believe your crap.
So don't waste our time.

Come and stand for the election. No one will vote for you!

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous April 8, 2011 12:14 AM...another faceless, nameless and gutless person.

I am no bible guru..but please re-read the verse and context I mentioned..while you are at it..may be use the the good book as a mirror to see you relextion..if you like it,then I rest my case..but if you see a "vuaka"..then you need a lot of help..I offer to assit the best I could so you could stop calling yourself and others "vuaka"..my email semimeo@gmail.com.

Enjoy your weekend.. and be blessed.

Wilson Tamanikaira said...

Semi Meo ‘s argument is shallow, outdated and irrelevant in today’s society. The idea that we should just “accept” and “overlook” the crimes of Bainimarama and of others in the junta, like the failed politician, Inoke Kubuabola is dangerous and disrespectful to the plight of the many thousands of victims in their misguided coup endeavours.

Meo proposes for example that, when a person comes into our village, remove our chiefs and community elders from the decision-making process and then hold the rest of the villagers to ransom because of so called corruption, we should accept that? Worst still, in the process of carrying out their evil intent, they enter our houses then rape, torture; kill our daughters and anyone else who complains. According to Meo, we should overlook these crimes, accept these criminals with open arms so that we can move forward together in what they have planned for the future? In this day and age, I say no way.

My advice to Meo is to be relevant because as societies change, so does their expectations. By mentioning the "dakunikuila" and 87 coup incidences to justify his position, Meo and those like him are the reason why the coup culture still exists and why the Fijian race is stagnant in its progress. It is a school of thought that compromises our existence for a better society because it serves to overlook legal, ethical and moral issues that are important for social harmony. This way of thinking may be relevant in days past but it is not accepted by today’s generation who through globalisation and technologies are very informative about their rights and the type of democratic freedoms they wish to live. They are also able to see through “media restrictions” and the amateurish tactics and the evil strategies of a misguided dictator, Bainimarama.

On a moral and ethical level, we as a society must fight for the rights of all the victims of this misguided coup. We must be the voice that demands justice for innocent victims like Samisoni Rabaka and his family because he cannot do that from his grave. Kubuabola is where he is today at the expense Rabaka, Verebasaga and Vulakoro, Buadromo and others were were abducted by soldiers on Voreqe’s orders and humiliated up at QEB. We must also speak out for all of Fiji’s citizens who have had their basic human rights and freedoms criminally stolen and extinguished by callous thugs like Kubuabola. Meo’s solution is simplistic and just plain nonsense.

There is a saying in Australian war remembrance, “Lest we forget’. Meo should not forget where he is today because many diggers have and still continue to sacrifice their lives to give him and his family a better standard of living and future. The current generation of Australians will not compromise those standards to entertain an idiot like Bainimarama and his parrot, Kubuabola.

BTW, your interpretation of God’s role of the prophet Daniel under king Nebuchadnezzar is flawed by your demented love for the traitor,Kubuabola.Don’t forget that Daniel was a hostage under the king Nebuchadnezzar and he worked to uphold God and not the king. He was even brave enough to unleash God’s judgement on the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. Like fellow hostages, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,Daniel refused to bow down to the King and to acknowledge his kingdom and ideals. They did not flinch even through the fiery furnace. To hold Kubuabola in the same light as Daniel is blasphemy and an insult to God.

Refer to my previous blog as to possible remedies for your state of mind...Vinaka.

SEMI MEO said...

Many of us could weep when reading Mr. Wilson Tamanikaira’s reply. Purely ‘cause his rumbling proposes NO solution, real workable and tangible solution to our predicament.

We are filled with deep sorrow that over and over again, insensitive self proclaimed crusaders like Mr. Tamanikaira selectively cite cases of human tragedies and sufferings of our fellowmen to attempt justify their continuous whining.

We say, please wake up!!

1.Majority of us Fijians abhor, condemn and vocally rebuke the ruthless killers of our fellow Fijians since December 2012. Google search yours truly and establish my personal stand in condemning these evil acts posted under my real name in numeral blogs and media!

2.I have NOT at any time advocated to broom the moral and legal discrepancies of our history under the carpet of time and to be forgotten. NEVER!! Purely, because I do not want to play God, for He alone is the righteous judge over all other judges. None of us could hide from him. Never!!

3.We could deduce you to be a well read academic and interest in research as it took you 3 days to reply, and that you do not live in Fiji and may have last travelled or lived in Fiji in the last century. Not only are you barking from the “dakunikuila”; your view is sadly from “taudaku kei Viti”.

4.For your information only, I temporary live in Australia and am a Fiji Citizen, travelled to Fiji 5 times last year. I voiced my opinion with 4 Cabinet Ministers and 4 Permanent Secretaries and vented my anger at one of them as am filthy with a draconic decree that muffles the very progress I thought this present Government portraits, causing me and my business associates to lose a lot!! Was I worried that I’ll be arrested at Nadi on my way out??.Bloody oath, I was. Those experiences only heightens my persistence and resolve to help in any small way I could rebuild beloved Fiji for quick return to democratic rule.

5.May we ask; what is the solution and those of your few supporters believe in?? Hopefully, it is not military invasion or hopping the Bainimarama Aiyaz Government voluntarily to step aside. Ya sa wadrega!!..so let us work with what we can change and let the future to He who knows..Simplistic view?…of course it is..why make life complicated..dur!!

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo supports Inoke Kubuabola.
Semi Meo supports Naivalurua
Semi Meo supports Filipe Bole.
Semi Meo supports Voreqe Bainimarama.
Semi Meo supports all Fijian Military appointments in the Civil Service.
Semi Meo supports the Fijian Military
Semi Meo half-supports all Indians appointed by the Illegal Bainimarama government.
Semi Meo does not want "white people" in any position of authority in Fiji.
All things mentioned above can be verified by reading his blogs.
Let's call a spade a spade;Semi Meo is a Coup Sympathiser and a racist.
If you hold racist views, you are a racist.
The Australian Federal Police and ASIO should pay him a visit there in the Sunshine Coast and discuss with him the terms and conditions of his Australian citizenship.
Perhaps they should seriously consider stripping him of his citizenship and deporting him back to wherever he came from.

SEMI MEO said...

Correction to previous post item No 1.. "fellow Fijians since December 2006"....

Now,we decided to favor @Anonymous April 11,2011 7:46 by summarising his contribution

"Of course Semi Meo supports RATU Inoke Kubuabola who’ve sacrifice a lot to give a bit of civilian credibility to the Military dominated Fiji Government!!..etc etc
Of course Semi Meo supports General Ioane Naivalurua who did a splendid job in Prison rehabilitation which NO Commissioner has ever thought of…etc..etc
Of Course Semi Meo supports Mr. Filipe Bole for helping Fiji parents through school busfare, credible curriculum and to re-learn they own language etc etc
Of Course Semi Meo DO NOT supports Rear Admiral Voreqe Bainimarama Coup, excess payment of Leave money and subsequent abrogation of the Constitution etc.
Of course Semi Meo supports all Fijian Military appointments in the Civil Service who are doing a professional and pragmatic work and breaking the “vakamalua” fever that may have been prevalent in the Civil Service.
Of course Semi Meo supports the proud Internationally renowned legacy of Fijian Military, NOT the few thugs therein who are evil, evil, evil to the bone , especially the thugs who bash on Saturday and preach from the pulpit ro lifting their hand in Church on Sunday!!
Of Course Semi Meo supports all Fijian Indians appointed the present government to assist man the fort before the 2014 elections.
Of course Semi Meo does not want foreigner in any position of authority in Fiji.
All things mentioned above can be verified by reading his blogs.
Let's call a spade a spade; Semi Meo is real Fijian patriot who does not allow himself to be stereotyped by nameless, faceless and clueless “ a nuni-mosi” (anonymous) cyber no bodies.
If you hold racist views, you are a racist. And Semi Meo has never been a racist having contested the National election in 1982 in a dominate Fijian Indian Political party, Pioneer of the only modern day Radio Station with a a tri-language format and speaks fluently all 3 major language in Fiji.
The Australian Federal Police and ASIO should pay him a visit there in the SunState and discuss with him the terms and conditions of his Australian citizenship and how he can assist identify IP addresses of these pretend patriots who stand for nothing.
This is the Semi Meo we know…who are you and what do you believe in??..oh nameless & faceless one..