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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leaked document: youth leader on military goon's hit list

The following document has also been sent to Coupfourpointfive.

It reveals the illegal regime has its evil eye on Fiji citizen Pita Waqavonovono.

The regime has singled out the youth leader for surveillance apparently because he has the temerity to alert international organisations to the breaches of human rights being committed by the military and in some cases, the police.

We can't verify it independently just yet but will, however, still forward the information to the relevant international authorities and will also keep a keen eye on Waqavonovono's situation.

All cases of mistreatment and abuse must be documented.














Editor's Note:

Waqavonovono has been intimidated several times by military visiting his home; they've also tried to question his work colleagues.

He has been advised to take the above information seriously, even if it is an intimidation tactic by the military.

He's also trying to find out more about the document and how it came to be in circulation but says it's important people remember that anything of this nature needs to be taken seriously until proven otherwise.

He says he's already been advised that some of the codes used in the document is genuine intelligence but there are inconsistencies in other parts.

Waqavonovono says too many people, espeically youth, are being harassed by military and people need to feel empowered rather than intimidated or bullied by the situation.


  1. How stupid are the RFMF unintelligence ?
    Do they not know that we have " all " been lobbying and advising the International Criminal Court and United Nations an many others, as well as Prime Minister, Presidents and other organisations as to the RFMF and Frank Bainimarama's abusive oppressive tactics since December the 5th. 2006 ?

  2. Ladies & Gentleman, I present you David and Goliath Part II. We know who slayed the giant.

  3. What a joke! One unarmed, harmless, young person who stands only on the courage of his moral convictions is considered "a threat to national security." How low our beloved nation has sunk?
    Peter is worth much much more than the whole military and regime put together and we will make sure the whole world is closely monitoring and watching any violations of Peter's human rights by the thugs up at the camp. Who is the police protecting now, the regime or the people? Stand up and be counted guys!

  4. How low will this UIIMJR go.
    Peter is a likeable and well educated Youth leader with a degree in law and politics. Is this capital exactly what they are afraid of.
    They have everything (power) but have lost it all.
    Dr Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni elected SDL Member for lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006).

  5. How do we know this is a legitimate document from the IIR? Fellas can't spell.
    God bless Fiji

  6. The Regime only has the power the FIji population has bestowed upon it.
    None !
    Frank Bainimarama, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the Military Council drongoes and the RFMF are all a threat to National Security, now known as National insecurity !


  8. Peter is future political leader material. All such leaders have to go through a baptism of fire.

    Now for the other side of the coin. Do not forget collaboratot Major (ah um) Leweni. He must be one of the first to go to jail. He does not know who I am but I can assure him he is firmly in my sights and I will never rest until he is behind bars.

  9. @FijiG
    "fellas can't spell."
    Doesn't that show the level of "intelligence" of these guys.

  10. jale says;
    Fiji should wake up to what is happening in Libya , Egypt, Tunisia etc right now. Why can't you claim you freedom with the people power. Stand up to a two men dictator as in Frank & Aiyaz. How can THE I TAUKEI SO GULLIABLE.

    USA & United nations should also be mindful of treating all countries with same & not only prioritise OIL supply countries of interest. Fiji is no different. Innocent civilian lives taken, reported & unreported beaten and tortured for demonstrating their right to freedom of speech etc. Military brutality and torturing tactics has caused more suffering & pain to innocent people. They & families afraid to talk for futher assault at the camp. Media has been surpressed, truth hiden away as military/police report only what they find good for their propaganda.
    USA & UN stand up and practice what you preach.

  11. @ Mere Samisoni

    George Speight was also well respected and graduated with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business from Michigan's Andrews University.

    Does that make what he did right?

  12. PETER keep the flame alight. YOU ARE MY LEADER

  13. Assuming that this document is as it states and bone fide, then the mere fact that it has been exposed and made public, would suggest that somebody within the Regime or the RFMF is no longer supportive of Frank Bainimarama and prepared to risk themselves as a result of releasing these documents.

  14. If this letter is genuine, then there must some dumbasses at the RFMF..the idiot who wrote it has limited literacy skills, and that says a lot about the Fiji army and it's lunatic head Marama Baini.

  15. Leweni is a SLY thieving rat... how much r they raking in?

  16. The new of getting a country to follow your political line:

    1. Send in spies
    2. Instigate protests
    3. Get governments security forces to react
    4. UN security council approve military action against government

    Sounds familiar - Iraq and Afghanistan, now Libya.

    I wonder if Australia has spies in Fiji trying a similair strategy.

  17. How is it that reporting of human-rights abuse is now classified as a threat to National Security.
    Did they learn that from the Chinese or the Indians?
    Continue looking North you bunch of morons and you'll wreck this country for good.
    Yavu tamata ulukau viavialevu; kaisi bokola!

  18. It is sad that those at the QEB Killing Field continuing doing what they are best known at. Let also be known to them Killers that Waqavonovono is not alone what he is best at and that is to lead our Youths to better and higher grounds of joy and hapiness, which this military government failed to commit themselves in to. Keep praying friends for PW's protection and God will release natural disasters like earhquakes, floods, tsunamis, thunderstorms, landslides and hurricans not excluding government financial diifficulties, high prices on foods and fuels etc. Famine and diseases will rise so as complaint after complaints, apppeal after appeals to the UN and UNDHR to act immediately on cruelty at the QEB Killing Field. God will annoint His man/woman to lead our march and gathering at His own good time and date and venue. The Talatala, Reverends, Pastors, Priests and Imams must stand firm in the Words of God and not backstabbing, aghe peeche or limuri.It is either our survival to enjoy happiness, peace and good will forever or crying in pains in the hands of the QEB Killing Fileds. The first of seven Trumpet soon be sounded any time now. The birth of pains is taking place today and we need to stand firm in our faith to God.

  19. If this is the english that the useless green goons use in their intelligence report, then it is a true reflection of their mentality!!
    We are with you all the Peter.

  20. @ anon 1039 am
    The RFMF Literacy Induction Test Level :-
    " ah der " !

  21. @ Sa Rauta said... March 20th 10.46pm.
    Any coup is wrong.
    So was George's coup - legally (man's law) and spiritually (Divine law).
    The people's democratic government is just that (Romans 13:1-7 says it all).
    Let's hope George will tell his story one day.

  22. Is it too late to forgive all these people from baini and baiarse to the lowest low life in the military including the military council, so that we can move forward with rebuilding our country? And I mean forgive them totally including George Speight and gang and release them all from jail. We may get to the same end faster. Let the Lord deal with their crimes. "Vengeance is Mine", He said.

  23. @ Sa Rauta 11:46am 21 March, you under estimate the rational of the average Fiji citizen. This is not about Australia or NZ but about the public saying enough is enough! Enough to the coup cycle! Enough to the corruption! Enough to the violence! Enough to the robbing of our future! Enough...to the prying on our young men like Peter! Enough beating of our women! Enough empty promises! Enough stealing from our public coffers! Ironically 'SA RAUTA'!

  24. Gestapo files !!

  25. Sa Rauta you gusu ni poci.

  26. Well Mere Samisoni, now you are all for human rights but how about the 2000 coup when you were supporting the treason acts by speight and goons by supplying them food, finance and support while they were all in parliament.
    Thats the problem with the likes of you who are nothing but hypocrites.

  27. @ Annonymous March 22nd 2:18am.
    Take your opinion to the Courts and it will be thrown out as you do not have evidence and never will.
    I will never forsake my people in dark times but will be the voice of empowerment not evil.
    Your rhetoric comes up so often on this blog that I take your opinion as a propagandist paid by tax payers funds, which is evil.
    As they say in the ruby circles "play the ball not the man". My case the word becomes woman, of course.
    Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni elected SDL Member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006).

  28. The first man to lift a finger is the first to have run out of ideas!

  29. Anon 2:18am has a point Mere. I watched you march with George. I watched your son march a week before that. I watched your younger brother, David, rocking up to Parliament in a hot bread van to deliver bread. I also watched you on TV very active in the events of May 2000 including the Muanikau accord. My loved one was a hostage for 59 days. He never tasted hot bread during that ordeal. Yet you quote scriptures so eloquently as if it were from a mouth of an angel. You jump on Peters bandwagon under the banner of democracy. Democracy upholds equality for all, not a preference for one race. I join the other bloggers in calling for YOU TO LEAD the march instead of doing what you know best, getting on Peters bandwagon, to position yourself. I pray that when you get to Heaven, you will have some good answers to tell your maker on your role in May 2000, and your views on race relations in Fiji. I am reminded of Ghandi who said "“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” We itaukei should be grateful that through India, we are able to over throw imperialism and enjoy our right to self determination and governance of all people of all races. Its probably time for you to retire to enable Peter and the youths of this country to begin negotiating a more vibrant, peaceful, fun loving Fiji for all.

  30. Anon 2:18am has a point Mere. I watched you march with George. I watched your son march a week before that. I watched your younger brother, David, rocking up to Parliament in a hot bread van to deliver bread. I also watched you on TV very active in the events of May 2000 including the Muanikau accord. My loved one was a hostage for 59 days. He never tasted hot bread during that ordeal. Yet you quote scriptures so eloquently as if it were from a mouth of an angel. You jump on Peters bandwagon under the banner of democracy. Democracy upholds equality for all, not a preference for one race. I join the other bloggers in calling for YOU TO LEAD the march instead of doing what you know best, getting on Peters bandwagon, to position yourself. I pray that when you get to Heaven, you will have some good answers to tell your maker on your role in May 2000, and your views on race relations in Fiji. I am reminded of Ghandi who said "“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” We itaukei should be grateful that through India, we are able to over throw imperialism and enjoy our right to self determination and governance of all people of all races. Its probably time for you to retire to enable Peter and the youths of this country to begin negotiating a more vibrant, peaceful, fun loving Fiji for all.

  31. who is this guy crosbie walsh , doe he work for the military govenrment? his site seems to be all about PR for the army...this bunch have been in power now for how long and still need outside help to promote themselves and address 'rumours'?? The mainstream news appears only to be allowed to report government/military press releases and sports.WTF!!!

  32. @March 22, 2011 8:32 AM
    I am only stating the truth Mere Samisoni and the truth hurts.
    You must note that it was you and your SDL mates who has brought us and the whole nation to where we are today. You were all a bunch of thieves, racists and evil people. Now you are hiding behind the whole human rights banner, you are nothing but a hypocrite and only talk about human rights when you got your ass kicked.
    I hate the likes of your and Frank and Ay-arse.

  33. Missile the barracksMarch 22, 2011 at 11:30 AM

    A couple of cruise missiles into the feral military barracks at QEB would sort these feral dogs out like it has with the other dictator gaddafi and his military cowards. And if the dimwits don't then get the message round them up like saddam and his sons - and remove them permanently - only way to deal with dictators and their collaborators.

  34. Crobie is a crab incarnation....big claws but walks sideways....a mallet is the best way to crack his shell

  35. Is it too late for reconciliation - True forgiveness and love for those who persecute us? "Vengeance is Mine", The Lord says.

  36. Mere is nothing more than a two bit malignant hypocrite.

    To what depths will people descend to justify their existence these types of rejects ought to thrown of Joskes thumb.

    While there throw Qarase and his debauched party off as well.

    Sick bastards.

  37. Thank God for the likes of Dr. Mere Samisoni who supported the 2000 coup. Where would we be if Chodo was allowed to lead our country for 5 years. He only got away with $2mil that he stole from his own countrymen. Hopefully this IG will give him what he deserves.

  38. @ Anon 3:24 good point. Then who stole the 800 million in foreign reserves that were left after Mere stopped him in office? Who was placed next to manage the affairs of this nation? Where did it all go?

  39. @Anonymous 3:59 $800 million , that's a lot of money to lose.
    Are you sure?

  40. Now, now let's not get hysterical about nothing! Why are people here more angry with those involved in the 2000 coup than 2006?

    Cause in my humble opinion for a certain race in this country, forgiveness doesn't come easy! They will continue to play the victim until the cows come home. They will continue to see those like Dr Samisoni as traitors just because they were seen in Parliament, hence make wild generalizations based on their own myopic biases. I do not think that just because I can see through the "Other" makes me a racist. I do not think I belong to a superior race, just different. I appreciate the turn-around of SDL supporters because they of all people now see how precious democracy is. As the song goes, "you will never miss the water till the well runs dry." As for Labour, I expected more from them having fought for democracy all their lives, yet when their leader was tested, he failed miserably.
    So can we get back to the issues and stop crucifying individuals who have made their mark in life? Just to end by saying, I salute Dr Mere Samisioni, for being a "goal setter and go-getter". I certainly wish you and our beloved nation all the best!

  41. Mere Samisoni,
    You the biggest George Speight coup 2000 supporter. I don't know how you can write "deposed 2006" with your comments when you supported the illegal over throw of Mahen's democratically elected government in 2000. Maybe you think Mahen is Indian so 2000 coup is OK. You nothing but a hypocrit.

  42. @ March 22nd Anonymous 2.18 am, Anonymous 10.38 am and Anonymous 11.21am again, I challenge you to take you opinions to the Courts or zip up.
    You must be paid propagandists to come and lie, humiliate, intimidate and frustrate good people who want freedom, human rights and democracy, with the purpose that we leave the blogs and make way for illegal regime legitimacy.
    DAVID NEVER DELIVERED BREAD TO PARLIAMENT DURING THE 2000 COUP. If he did I certainly did not know about it! Ask him!
    I will not respond to this moronic (radiolucas’s word) type of accusation again.
    There must have been over 200,000 gathering in Parliament daily, in 2000. Who can afford to feed this number except themselves? Certainly not our small family company!
    Of course, I went to Parliament to help stop the rot that went on for 56 days. Both sides trusted me as those in Parliament were not permitted outside the gates. As I have said many times before, I was offered the Minister of Health position, but turned it down on principle, because I do not believe that Taxpayers should pay for illegal and treasonous acts of the coup planners and their supporters.
    Personally, I have had enough of coups, the pain to business balance sheets and their high costs and risks to the Fiji economy. We have to stop this once and for all using the wisdom of the majority.
    Thank you Anonymous 22nd 10.20pm. It is mature and wise people like you that are needed to help take our beloved Fiji forward so youth leaders like Peter can make a difference.

    Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni elected SDL Member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006).

  43. @ 10:20pm - A coup is a coup! A dictator is a dictator! A regime is a regime! Racism is racism! Prejudice is prejudice! Violence is violence. Human rights is human rights.

    Its also a proven fact that forgiveness NEVER comes easy to human beings. Its called "being human". Do you think it came like a lightening flash to the black south africans who endured systematic discrimination for decades? Try asking the wives of the CRW soldiers killed after 2000 to forgive the brutality? The lack of forgiveness does not belong to certain ethnicity. Its just people. Free your mind please!

    Dr Mere was not only seen in parliament. Her rhetoric was heard at the national economic forums, in the halls of parliament, in newspapers. Her views are public documents. Do you ever read?

    So forgive half the population of this country for finding her comments on this blog thread ironic. Human rights and democracy somehow don't gel with racism. She stated her case on this blog using human rights and religion as a shield and its ironic! The public were very quick to draw an analogy with George and Peter and called her bluff, bluff!

    This is not about party politics between the SDL and the Labour. I believe that they've both passed their sell-by-dates. Its also not about giving discount to certain individuals just because they have (using your words) "made their mark in life" because this nation is full of women and men that have made their mark in life with no exceptions.

    This is about democracy and human rights! Its also not about Peter per se. Its about our freedom of expression, our resistance to violence, our need for our own emancipation from dictators, it about our future and our hope for this country.

  44. Mere.

    "There must have been over 200,000 gathering in Parliament daily, in 2000"

    Come Mere you are exaggerating the figure was more like 1000.

    And if you were part of that coup who cares.

    Besides you dont expect people to take you to court based on opinions do you?

    Why dont you just come clean and admit you dont want Fiji to advance.

    Tis the Mo of the SDL party manifesto.


  45. There seem to be a lot of disenchanted
    non-indigenous Fijians, still residing in Fiji !
    If one is so unhappy, why not migrate to somewhere more accommodating ?

  46. @ Mere, your logic truly fascinates me for someone with a PHD.

    For a person advocating human rights, asking someone to "zip up" makes me wonder whether you are in fact related to Frank. It appears, you're using the same lingo but only in his case its "zip it or else I will have a gun up your rear".

    There is a human rights known as the freedom of expression. You should both (Frank and you) try it sometime. You may like her!

    Logically, having a different view from you does not make me a paid propagandist, nor does it make me a liar, nor does it make me a collaborator.

    Is it that offensive to think of me as just a normal itaukei, with a deep conviction in human rights and democracy... a itaukei that strongly detests Frank and ASK!

    Can I be permitted to explore the ideology that every non-indigenous persons in this country is a human being and an equal partner because its my moral conviction; yet having these views does not make me a SDL supporter, nor a FLP supporter, or a NFP supporter, nor a Frank collaborator! I am just making an informed choice as a human being.

    Can I dream of a Fiji that is more inclusive without being labeled as a traitor of Fijian values and beliefs. I am still written in the VKB, I speak and write Fijian, I help my village, I practice all the cultural norms.

    Can I disagree with you yet also value the contribution that you are making on this blog, and that does not necessarily mean that I want you to leave, nor that I want to you stay. I am just indifferent! Can you live with that!

    You see, the problem with people who are extremist by nature, is that they are quick to label any divergence of views as "an extreme". Dictators are known for possessing this trait (Idi Amin, Gadahfi and of course crazy Frank). Tread carefully.

  47. http://www.courthousenews.com/2011/03/22/35146.htm

    Violence in Fiji May Offer Chance for U.S. Asylum
    (CN) - The 9th Circuit ordered a review of an Indo-Fijian Muslim's request for asylum, finding that the most recent takeover of the island nation by its military may put members of the ethnic and religious minority at risk for discrimination, rape and torture.
    Indo-Fijians, whom the British brought to the South Pacific islands in the 19th century as contract laborers from India, make up about 38 percent of Fiji's population. They have suffered abuse, curtailed rights, harassment and in some cases torture at the hands of native Fijians since political unrest gripped the country in the late 1980s, according to a ruling published Friday.
    The federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled that an immigration judge and the Bureau of Immigration Affairs (BIA) had failed to consider the fallout from a 2006 coup - the fourth military takeover of the country since 1987 - when it denied Jannif Ali's petition for review of his applications for asylum and withholding of removal.
    The 9th Circuit has ruled on least 14 related Indo-Fijian asylum requests since 1995.
    One such case from 2000, Gafoor v. INS, provides a chilling synopsis of some of the worst crimes committed against the Indo-Fijians, most of whom are Hindus and Muslims in a largely Christian nation.
    "The Department of State received numerous reports of physical abuse of detainees by the military, some of whom were forced to run barefoot on blacktop roads in the hot sun for several kilometers or were dumped in pit latrines or in the sewage treatment holding plants," according to the case, quoted in Friday's ruling. "The most horrible reported attacks on Indo-Fijians include women raped in front of their children, political opponents brutally beaten, detainees forced to walk naked in the streets while holding human excrement, people forced to swim in sewage ponds, and children stripped and beaten for Sunday curfew violations and forced to rub their noses against a concrete floor until their noses bled. Ethnic Fijian youth gangs raided, stoned, and fire bombed Indo-Fijian homes. In 1989, five Hindu temples were burned. In October 1990, an Indian school was burned. Freedom of speech was severely constrained, and political meetings and demonstrations banned."
    Fleeing such treatment, Ali and his family came to the United States in 1989 on visitors' visas. Ali applied for asylum in that year, but the government didn't interview him until 14 years later, when it began removal proceedings against him for overstaying his visa.
    Ali claims that after the 1987 coups, he was harassed by native Fijian soldiers while praying at a mosque, and that soldiers beat him, vandalized his house and threatened to rape his wife, among other things.
    Thomas added that "the new material, detailing the 2006 coup, could have made it more difficult for the government to rebut Ali's presumption of a well-founded fear of future persecution."
    The panel granted Ali's petition for review and remanded the case back to the BIA for another look.

  48. Mark Manning.

    They have are you that blind or stupid Australia is currently hosting some 45000 rejects with NZ the other 30000 not to metion the amount in Canada and the USA.

    I thought you Aussie's had eyes in the back of your head or is the third eye.


  49. @Annuni 11:45

    You don't have the balls to show your name so you are not in the same league Ms Samisoni.

    You kala poci you talk too much, you need Jake's soseji to keep your mouth occupied.

  50. @Mark Manning well said. If people feel that they can't get on with Fijians, then they should piss off to another country that will accomodate them.

  51. Fiji needs a new breed of leaders...all the chiefs and others that have supported Frank from Day 1 for this are being marked so don't for 1 second think that when the shit hits the fan and Frank is finally arrested that the usual opportunists can come by and jump straight into the drivers seat. One good that has come out of this criminal Vore's takeover is that all the people of Fiji now know who stands by the right principles even if it means no income! We're watching!

  52. @ Anon 4:37pm and Mark Manning. Why should I piss off to another country as a kai viti. I have my vanua, koro, tikina and yavusa in this country. I also happen to hold a different political view expressed throughout this blog thread esp 22/3@10:30am; 23/03@1:55am and 23/03@11:53am. Stop stereotyping! Even i taukei people have views based on reasoning rather than political propaganda that hasn't taken us anywhere!

    Why should non-indigenous people leave?! This is their home too. Its been home for more than 100 years and it will be home for another 100 years. As a i taukei, I am proud to be part of a melting pot of different ethnic groups. They enrich my life. I like the fact that on Sundays, I can enjoy yumcha; and on Thursdays, I am at Singh’s curry house; and during lunch times, I am enjoying a sandwich at a deli before I return home to my i taukei roots. I am multi-lingual and I come from a country with rich Christian, Hindu, Muslim heritage. I am a better human being because of that.

    Here's one for you Mark (as an outsider) I once considered coming to your country but I stopped short because I have dark skin with fizzy hair and I did not want to be treated like an Abo....besides, I hear that all those racist goons from South Africa got VIP visas to Australia and NZ. I opted to stay in the country of my birth and help build a more inclusive society. Maybe, we should ask your PM to send you to Fiji so that you can fully understand the racism that you will face as an outsider. Maybe that will knock some common sense into you!

  53. May I reply, to Anonymous March 23, 12.30am, Anonymous, 1.55am; Jake, 9.28am; and Anonymous 11.53pm.
    Whew! What angry people.
    One thing my critics have in common is your biases and alias, which do not help the democratic cause and the return of Fiji to a legal Government. This is the issue.
    @Anonymous 12.30am yes I am deposed and this is brand talk to remind people like you, the need to return to constitutional law ASAP.
    @Jake so our numbers differ. I am quoting the late Dr Armed Ali. In fact his calculations went as high as 300,000 but averaged out.
    @Anonymous 11.53am so you are an Indigenous Fijian! So we differ in process.

    Why do you all have to be so abusive? Stand for Parliament, where there is a level playing field to debate. But before you get there, the question for you all, is will your community accept you and your Party Manifesto to vote you in?.
    This is the test. You can have all the opinions in the world but it is the people who have the last say no you as individuals and that is what you are projecting here – individuals.
    Whether you like it or not the imposed John Samy, VB, ASK and Military People’s Charter is not working.
    The Reverend has asked for an audience with the deposed PM Qarase. Time for talking is over.
    Fiji certainly does not need a new unelected illegal government as Radiolucas noted - moronic.
    For legal reasons, Fiji must return to the 1997 Constitution asap, in order to bring about early elections, supervised by the international community for desired democratic and not “elite” changes.
    Delaying this legal process only adds to the demonic forces, in the rape of the peoples’ power, that is destroying cultural literacy in Fiji.

    Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni SDL elected member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006).

  54. Who the hell are you Mark Manning telling non natives to leave Fiji. Who the hell do you think you are you idiot?

    Fiji is home to many, taukei and non taukei alike and dont you ever dare rubbish my non taukei citizens with your nonsense.

  55. Mere.

    My dear you have reached your superannuated years and its time for you to sit back and relax and not worry about if whether or not the foreign flower will ever grace the shores of Fiji again.

    Use your belated education to educate the young and the wayward bound more so the latter do no corrupt their fragile minds for it could be disastrous for all concerned.

    The political arena was never your forte infact it wasn’t the forte for most of your SDL sidekicks retire gracefully with whatever mana you have left.

    You have no more point to prove here the younger generations will assign most rejects to the scrap heap its their time now.

    The brainwashing is over.


  56. OMG
    PETER be careful please.

  57. It must be a full moon or too much polluted ganges water? The bony butts and tiny rotis are screaching hysterically today and tonight?

  58. Jake is always trying to show off his wisdom but regretably he only comes out as a sore old sucker who polishes the Vuaka's nether region at every opportunity.

    So folks don't let his ramblings distract you. He just came out of Henry Bennett metal institution last week.

  59. @ Jake

    "the foreign flower will ever grace the shores of Fiji again"

    "Use your belated education to educate the young and the wayward bound more so the latter do no corrupt their fragile minds for it could be disastrous"

    "The brainwashing is over."

    Seriously Jake. Do you ever read the stuff you write? It is neither wise or logical.

    It reads as if it was written by three different people, none of whom agreed on the topic. Bizarre.

  60. Jake is not bizarre he is merely a luveni kala poci, macawa and useless to the peoiple of Fiji.

  61. theres only 83 people who have signed the petition. nothing is goin to happen definitely.

  62. Radio luka.

    You still alive I thought those bogey man in green took you for a spin in the back of their pick up.

    Never mind maybe next time aye!


  63. The Max.

    Luveni baku ga o tamamu.

    Tabu teve.


  64. @ Jake

    No Jake. Unlike you I don't go on romantic rendezvous with strange burly men in the back of a pickup.

    You can have them all to yourself.

  65. Annon@March 24, 2011 5:43 PM

    "theres only 83 people who have signed the petition. nothing is going to happen definitely"

    The people have awoken to sickness that was Qarase and his SDL debauched party.

    Radio Luka had high aspirations of joining this sick party but he doesnt have the guts to admit he chose a dead horse.


  66. Jake you ucu luka, duka na muna.

  67. SaRauta.

    My friend the last time I had a ucu luka you grandfather was just a kutu cebe on your great grand daddy's left nut.

    Go and wash your mouth out with nuclear waste.


  68. @ 23 March 7:26pm - reacting to your comment " my non taukei citizens ". You sound exactly like crazy Frank- you must be related. Kindly note that WE ARE NOT YOUR citizens. We are citizens of a country, a collective community. You don't have the right to have dominion over us but of course, you can control the birds, the bees, the flowers, and the trees. That's from Gensis, in case your are wondering. While I strongly disagree with Mark Manning for his suggestion, please make your argument stronger than asking him who he is? Idiots know who they are, they self call.

  69. I have been around Fiji recently particularly around the rural communities and have i been surprised. The majority of the Indigenous folks i have spoken to seem to love Frank. They say that they have finally got a government that seems to care about their lot. Strangely the Kaidia populations seem to be the ones more disgruntled then the kaiviti. Is it because the kaidia can see past all the hog wash that the regime dishes out or is it just a question of this government going the same way that Qarase did. I decided to do some analysis on the matter and realized that aside from Aiyaz, Dr. Sharma and Parmesh Chand there are no more kaidia with this government. All recent appointments into powerful positions in this country have been filled by Kaiviti. With all the talk about equality and all that BS it does appear that in the hope of appeasing the kaiviti Frank is going the exact same way as Qarase and Rabuka did. I wonder what the more racially aligned contributors on this website are complaining about. I have finally realized that Fiji is no place for true Democracy and all that it stands for. After Frank finally dies or is kicked out he will be replaced by another racist pig and that will be Fiji for many years to come. To all you kaidia on this website, we will never be accepted as true Fiji citizens. It is time that the Indian community leaders call a spade a spade and advises all Indians who can get out of Fiji to please do so. We should also lobby the Australian and New Zealand Governments to start going a bit easy on applications from Fiji Indians so that we may join our family and friends in these 2 countries. Indians should start pulling out all their money from Fiji in whichever means possible. This is no place for us to call home. We have had the balls to fight for democracy 3 times only to be called traitors and all sorts of other names just because some misguided kaiviti decided to do another coup. We won’t win the PR battle. When the coups were against us it was our fault, when the coup is done supposedly to fix the wrongs of the past it’s is still our fault. We are caught between a numskull on one side and a group of racist lazy good for nothing pigs on the other. Time to go people.

  70. @ Jake

    "he doesnt have the guts to admit he chose a dead horse."

    What are you talking about horses for? The phrase is "flogging a dead horse" - not riding a dead horse.

    What kind of pervert farm are you running??

  71. Hohoooooohhaaaaa

    The uculuka Jake is a pervert who plays with dead horses' balls.


  72. Radio Luka.

    I dont know when it comes you fellas anything is possible riding flogging or anything you chose.

    If you must know we dont engage in zoophilia.


  73. 25March@3:40pm. You're taking the easy option. With that kind of mentality, you should go. We don't need losers in our struggle, we need those that are willing to partner with us, the more racially aligned, to create new beginnings. Dr Martin Luther King Jrn formed this alliance with white americans to share his dream where his children can sit and not be judged by the colour of their skin. The African National Congress, after many years of struggle, partnered with the world to bring an end to apartheid. Ghandi used peaceful means to overthrow imperialism that changed the course of history for the entire world and today we see a new world order emerging where Brazil and India can take their place along side the US, China & Russia. If we have to take 10 bites to get our piece of the cake, let's take 11. If we have to walk 100 miles to see the castle, we will walk 101. Racial politics and the trend of army coups in this country... are long gone. Easy options are for losers like Frank. Lets not loose sight of the common struggle.

  74. Anon@March 25, 2011 11:16 PM.

    Here's a thought stop blaming Frank for your weakness people of your like mindedness seem to find the answer to your woes by apportioning blame.

    Start by looking at the root cause here's where to start Rabuka George Speight Qarase and the Farked up GCC.


  75. @ Jake - The gods are already carving out a place for him in the HALLS OF SHAME where he will take his rightful place with Adi Amin, Pinochet, Saddam Hussein, Rabuka, George and Gaddafi. And in the wise words of Father Desmond Tutu " they all bit the dust" in the end.

  76. peter you are my leader

  77. Frank - slogan for your party..."He who controls the past, controls the future". regards George Orwell.

  78. Am just reading this now.
    Hilarious that they monitor me.
    Well nothing to hide


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