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Friday, March 11, 2011

MILITARY SHAME! Sam Speight's statement and photos proof of shocking treatment at hands of RFMF

"I was on the cement floor lying face down receiving blows to my back and head and my head being stepped on by a boot the soldier whom I identified as Penioni Naliva was armed with a M16 rifle and I was shocked when I felt the metal barrel of the gun forcing my shorts down from the hip exposing my buttocks and to my horror he attempted to force the point of the gun into my rear end. "
UNDESERVED: Former government minister Sam Speight at Redcliffe Hospital in Brisbane.

On the Unlawful Detention and Torture
Of Samisoni Speight Tikoinasau
(Deposed Member of Parliament Fiji)
on  21st February 2011-23rd February 2011

Monday 21st February 2011
On the evening of Monday the 21st of February 2011 at approximately 2215hrs I was at our SDL party Head Office in Suva when a group of men arrived and called for me to come out of the office. The men were in civilian clothes and I was ordered to get into a waiting utility vehicle. There were other collegues of mine present when I was apprehended and whose identities I will not disclose for obvious reasons.

I was seated at the rear seat between two men one on either side of me. In front were the driver and a man in the passenger seat. The driver then spoke to someone on his mobile and then I was whisked away. After a twenty minute ride I saw that we were approaching the route to the Fiji military barracks at Delainabua, Suva and soon after we arrived at the top entrance to the military camp at around 2240 hrs. As we entered the gate the vehicle stopped and I was told to disembark. I was then led to the guard house where there are holding cells and to one of which I was placed.

There was nothing said to me at all as to why I was being detained and as I settled into the cell I began to survey my surroundings. The cell measured roughly four feet by five feet by ten foot high with a grated window at the six foot mark of the wall. The cell was concrete in nature with a thin single sponge mattress of dirty condition with no pillow or warm cover. The walls were also dirty. 

Late on Monday evening a soldier came to the door of the cell and began asking me about a certain DVD. He threatened me verbally with the intention to harm me.

Tuesday 22nd February 2011
I spent the whole day in the cell with virtually no meals and without a shower. There was no movement that evening and as it approached midnight I decided to go to sleep.

Wednesday 23rd February 2011
At around 0300 hrs I was sharply awoken by loud shouting and the feel of boots to my head. I was ordered to crawl on my stomach along the narrow corridor towards the guard room. As I was crawling severe verbal abuse and kicks were directed at me until I was lying on the floor (on my stomach) of the guard room proper. These men numbered five or six in total with a few of them wearing scarves to conceal their faces.

They then proceeded to interrogate me about the existence of a certain DVD containing material that was in their view critical of the military regime. I acknowledged the existence of the DVD and they continued to exert more pressure in the form of torture tactics in their efforts to ascertain the source of the DVD and to whom I had passed the discs on to.

As I was lying on the concrete floor hot water was poured beside my hips and legs to intimidate me and the continued use of an M16 rifle butt on my back and head. There was no let up in the torrent of abuse and threats to kill me. I was at one stage made to sit on a chair where I was slapped and punched. I was made to lay my hands on a table where they proceeded to bend all of my fingers and thumbs backwards to almost breaking point resulting in excruciating pain. With the blows to my face and head I experienced moments of dizziness. As part of this assault one of them had armed himself with a chair and threatened to smash it on me. I was then dragged outside the guard house onto the road and ordered to run along the road in the camp and then to run onto a field which I presume to be a parade ground. The soldier ordering me to do this was in possession of an iron road barricade shaped as an X.

As I returned to the guardroom I received more blows and swear and abuse of a very violent nature. An extremely disturbing and humiliating element of the violent treatment that I was receiving was the incident where as  I was on the cement floor lying face down receiving blows to my back and head and my head being stepped on by a boot the soldier whom I identified as Penioni Naliva was armed with a M16 rifle and I was shocked when I felt the metal barrel of the gun forcing my shorts down from the hip exposing my buttocks and to my horror he attempted to force the point of the gun into my rear end. I immediately turned over and asked him what was he trying to do and to which he responded by swearing and confirming his intentions. I struggled to my feet and was further assaulted. I heard one of the assailants cautioning the others to be careful that I did not incur any visible injury. I interpreted this as their efforts in trying to conceal the physical abuse that was being inflicted upon me.

The assault and interrogation seemed to last forever and the swear words used in the Fijian language were of the most degrading imaginable. This continued until I was ordered to go back to the cell and they left. A military police on duty came to see how I was and apologised for the treatment that I had received. I asked him what the time was and was told it was around 0420 hrs. During the course of Wednesday the 23rd I was not given any medical treatment and I did not eat anything. I felt that my face was swollen and bruised with swelling to my fingers that were subjected to bending; I had very severe and sharp head pains to my neck, back and body. There was also swelling sustained to my head.

At around 2230 hrs on the Wednesday evening the military police on duty informed me that they had been advised that I was to be released. One of the men who had been part of the beatings and interrogation appeared and warned me not to engage or try and do anything to oppose the regime and that next time I would be taken out of the camp in a coffin. He swore at me and told me to find my own way home.

I walked out of the military camp and made my way slowly to the main road being careful to try and avoid traffic coming out of the camp in case they changed their mind to have me re-detained. My family picked me up from lower mead road and from there I asked to be taken to the hospital in Suva. There was no resident doctor however I was attended to briefly by a contracted intern who gave me a pain killing injection. I left the hospital at around 0130 hrs in a disorientated state was taken to Nadi airport to catch a flight to Australia for further medical treatment and to avoid further illegal persecution.
Thursday 24th February 2011
I arrived in Brisbane Australia on the morning of Thursday the 24th of February 2011 and was taken to Redcliffe Hospital for medical checks.
Whilst resting at Redcliffe Hospital, I received information from Fiji that officers of the regime had been out searching for me again.

Friday 25th February 2011, Brisbane Australia
I was informed on Friday the 25th of February by associates in Suva, that the SDL Party headquarters was raided by the police searching for Pro-Democracy Information. Following the raid, the office was shut down on orders of the military regime.

Despite the regime’s efforts to stifle the work of the SDL Party and its supporters, I am certain that our campaign to pursue the restoration of democracy in Fiji will only become stronger both in Fiji and from overseas. I have also been reliably informed that I will be at great risk of being further detained by the regime should I return to Fiji.

The death threats, extreme verbal abuse, violence, humiliation, intimidation and trauma experienced at the hands of Fiji’s unlawful military dictatorship over the 3 nights and two days of unlawful detention without any avenue for legal redress is an experience that will remain with me and my family and one that I hope others will never ever be subjected to.

*NOTE - The two soldiers who were identifiable to me out of the six and who were responsible for the beatings, interrogation and abuse were one Penioni Naliva and Siwatibau Rabuka. I was informed by sources within the military camp that these soldiers are part of a special HIT SQUAD acting under the direct orders of Frank Bainimarama.

I want to thank family and friends for their concerns and prayers and those associates who facilitated the passage to Australia.
My humble appreciation to the medical staff at Redcliffe Hospital, Brisbane for the excellent medical care and clearances that was rendered to me. 

Editor's Note: Coupfourpointfive would like to thank the family of Sam Speight for sharing this important information with us in the interest of exposing the unjustified and illegal treatment of Fiji citizens at the hands of military soldiers. We apologise for the need to use the photographs and the revelations in such an explicit manner, again in the interest of discrediting once and for all the denials of the RFMF and the regime regarding its treatment of Sam Speight and others. Vinaka Vaka Levu.


Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Speights' family and others who have been mistreated, tortured and abused by the hands of these animals!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam! Man your treatment is very similar to how FLP mp's were treated in 2000 by thugs. The name of their leader escapes my mind.

TheMax said...

@ Sam Speight

Now you feel what's it like to terrorise people like you and your brother George and his group did to the innocent law abiding people of this country back in 2000. Stop whining like a cry baby. We've had enough of the likes of you. Time to teach you guys a lesson.

Anonymous said...

sa pote tale o Tikoitoga ni sa tu na evidence.............na Kalou ena qai sarava ka sauma kece vei keda ya dua na noa i valavala....sotia-mo yadra-bai sa leqa tiko na nona qavokavoka......e na qai sauma vei ira na luveni na kalou levu Jiova......Masu tiko qai nanuma na vei vakararawataki e cakava tiko na sotia i Viti-o Eli sa wawa tu.

Penioni Naliva: Fiji Military Coward said...

To the coward Naliva
Tik Tok....Tik Tok....pity your family can't travel - if they could they would get a taste of what you give others - you slum dweller

Anonymous said...

The Sotia ni solisona obviously have a preoccupation with shoving things up peoples bum.

Naivalurua where the hell is the bloody poofta police?

Anonymous said...

Democracy is very important Sam. What the Military did to Sam is only minor compared to what Sam's younger brother George Speight did to the Prime Minister of Fiji Mahendra Chaudry in 2000. The 2000 coup conducted by George Speight resulted in the deaths of many innocent people. The 2000 coup supported by many hypocrites now crying for democracy.

Anonymous said...

To you animals [soldiers] monitoring this site - go tell Tikoitoga to STILL deny all the BULLSHIT that he has been telling us. Do you Green Goons REALLY think that we are so gullible and stupid like you people - DOU TAMATA YAVU ULUKAU!!!! YAVU KAWA NI VAKARARAWATKI TAMATA!!!!

Anonymous said...

The mothers,fathers,brothers,sisters and relatives of Ben Naliva and Siwatibau Rabuka should be ashamed of these two men because of their criminal actions up at QEB. Maumau ga na Sandhurst and Duntroon training because this coup has taken their careers to the rubblesh dump and made them marked men for life.

The FMF under Voreqe's watch has degenerated into a cartel full of thugs and corruption. Wearing the uniform of the FMF and abducting and torturing unarmed civilians like Samisoni is the lastt nail in the coffin of the FMF. They have absolutely no credibility.

Rest assured that these photos will be circulated to all the media and governments worldwide. Voreqe is finished because the rest of the army can see that his leadership is evil.

Voreqe must be assassinated as soon as possible because he is the single biggest threat to a prosperous Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Be strong and brave Sam - My prayers are with you and your family.

God is great - These dogs will get what is coming to them and the pain & suffering that they and their families will be greater than what you have suffered.

Tiger Balm said...

Shame on you Penioni or Ben Naliva and Siwatibau Rabuka.....Shame Shame Shame.

Thank you Sam Speight for revealing the truth to the world.

Lucky for you, you were able to escape to Aust to tell your story, unlike the many others that have been taken to QEB and haven't been able to reveal what really happened to them because they still have to live in Fiji.

Guaranteed what they did to you happened to them as well....people like Virisila Buadromo, Angie Heffernen, Richard Naidu, Attar Singh and many others. I don't blame them for being quite, I would be too if I had to live in Fiji alive.

Samu said...

Thank you Sam Speight and Coupfourpointfive keep up the excellent work.

Anonymous said...

To Mr Samisoni
I am saddened to hear about the torture you received at the hands of those criminals. Wishing you a quick recovery and also you will realise that this will now live with you for the rest of your life.

Also understand now that this is what many people in our country faced and experienced in 2000 during and after the coup your brother was part of and which you supported and was also part of in 2000.

This is all about do on to others as you want them to do on to you. After this experience you should firstly publicly apologise for all the pain you caused others in 2000 and then become a champion for democracy and fight a clean fight.

Remember, firstly admittance of your own wrong doing will clean your soul and then take the fight to these criminals.

We would happily welcome you on board as we continue to fight against these dictators.

Anonymous said...

Ni Sa Bula

Just want to let the sam speight family know that Commander is ordered that they be invesitaged and locked up after reading this.

The Commander at 0100hours today in his full drunk state was also asking his PPO's and PSO if they can contacts in australia who can whack sam speight - its my responsibilty to tell the world what i have heard.

Please alert the AUS suthorities.

TheJoker said...

What shame and lawlessness.They must really think they are tough the boneless ass oles. This Naliva should know know that he will not escape the consequences of his actions.

Jake said...

Unlike Ben Coke, Samu Dakai was about to receive allegedly the ultimate fighting equipment in the nether region whats with these boys in green?


Unknown said...

E sa vakaraitaka sara ga na vei solisona kei na veivutu era cakava tiko mai na keba. Oti na ka qo me rau lau vutu kece

Anonymous said...

Sam remember Muaniweni and how farmers were robbed and terrorised by men you sent and served your political agenda? God works in mysterious ways. You and your brother started this, the killing and abuse in 2000. I hope you have learnt your lesson in good faith

mark manning said...

Thank God Sam made it out alive and in one piece, though battered and emotionally worse the wear.

As a returned Solider once said on Gene Simmon's show, " Gene Simmons, the Family Jewels " [ freedom isn't free, it costs ] !

And this is one of those costs, it seems.

I hope that Sam has the identity of the guard and that this particular guard is brave enough to be able to supply the Authorities in Fiji with a statement and account of the things that happened and just who the other 4 people were who Sam was not able to identify. This alone could mean a lot once prosecutions against the Regime begin.

Perhaps someone can suggest the best people to contact and how this can be done with the most impact, if only to be used once the coup is brought to an end because to expose them now might endanger the guard's life.

I suggest either the Red Cross or the Australian Embassy, given that Sam is now in Australia.

An important factor in this article and report is the fact that this group of lowlifes are under direct orders and control of Frank Bainimarama.

This fact proves to Loyalist Soldiers that Frank's orders, are illegal, and should not be followed, to any degree.

It also implies that any Soldier who does follow them, is personally responsible and will be held accountable consequently, in due course.

Welcome home Sam !

I suspect that Frank's goons are jealous that you are here and that they remain stuck in Fiji, unable to travel to Australia and New Zealand.

Unknown said...

getting some of your own medicines huh yeah its bitter.
violence begets violence

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Well said Anonymous 9.17a.m. Vinaka.

Moderator - could you please post a photograph of the goon Siwatibau Rabuka? Vinaka.

TheMax said...

@ c4.5

So you are not going to publish my comment I sent last night?

Let me tell you and the anti-Fiji/Frank crusaders this. This time, we are not going to bow down to these bullshit wannabe democracy/freedom fighters such as Sam Speight, his brother George and those SDL thieves or racist extremists who terrorised this country in 2000.

How does it feel to be terrorised this time around Sam? Feels good huh? Get this from me, next time it's gonna be worse. You can take that to the bank.

hypocryte said...

And now why don't you put something about the "speacial tratments" Speight's family did to Indians in 2000?

Anonymous said...

Isa Sam...this is similar to the beating and torture Mahen Chauhry and his son Rajen experienced in 2000 at the hands of your brother. I heard Rajen had to have surgery to his rear end. Chaudhry had broken ribs and a gun was put to his head. I wonder if you spoke out then...you were such a bully, but now the bully has been bullied

Anonymous said...

Trouble with us gang in Fiji we can;t get past the past. An eye for an eye a life for a life what about the here and now. Speight did not deserve this

Anonymous said...

Anon:9.34. Thanks for the news on Voreqe's drunken rage. That's a sign of mental breakdown and loss of control.

BTW, since you are Franks messenger please tell him that Sam enjoys wisespread popularity in Fiji and in Australia thats why he does not need bodyguards anywhere he goes.Why doesn't Voreqe try the same in Fiji??? Is it because he is the most hated person in the country and will be whacked even in his camp the moment the bodyguards are taken away?

Don't worry,Sam's torture has reached the hands of every government in the Pacific and overseas including the UN. Maybe it would be less painful for Voreqe to hang or drink himself to death.Pass on this message to him.

Coup 4.5 said...

Max@12.36 already printed and yes we get it.-C4.5

mark manning said...

All this crap makes a good argument for the Democratic process no ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12 mar 9:17am,
All SDL /Matanitu Vanua Party MPs implicated in the 2000 coup had tendered their public apologies during their maiden speeches in Parliament in 2001. This include Sam Speight. You can check up Hansard Report of Sept 2001 for information. And if that was not sufficient, there was a National Day of Forgiveness for the 2000 coup event on the 10th of Oct 2005 where a National Apology was presented to the victims and those Offended. The Tui Cakau, Rt Naiqama Lalabalavu presented kamunaga again seeking forgiveness on behalf of all the coup perpetrators and supporters. The late President, Rt Iloilo personally and officially received these as a means of commencing healing and reconciliation for the Nation. All accused MPs were investigated, charged, some imprisoned for their role. It is obvious that they all have learned their hard lessons through the due process of law.
Unfortunately only MP Chaudhry and Dictator Bainimarama had their own agenda and never came around to seeing the truth. I personally believed that the current turmoils that our Nation is now going through has a specific objective. That is to publicly expose Frank, Khaiyum, and the likes of Chaudhry's hidden agenda. That the whole world will see the real culprits expose and shamed in the manner they never know. Watch developments as the truth continues to unfold before our eyes.

Max the hollow roti said...

@ The Max

Ms Max - you are sound increasingly like an hysterical mynah bird. Loosen up girl. You need to move on from falling off your swing in 2000. Your daddy's broken toenail when he ran down the cassava patch would have repaired by now? If he hadn't been jumping at shadows and peeing his pants as he ran, he might have waited to help your mummy.
As for your hollow threats - I think we all know who we will back when push comes to shove - and it won't be little cowards like you roti boy? Now you go and paint your pretty little toenails.

Anonymous said...

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that Fiji has ratified includes the following.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person (Article 3, UDHR)
• No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (Article 5, UDHR)
• All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law (Article 7, UDHR)
• No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention (Article 9, UDHR).
• Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which they have had all the guarantees necessary for their defence (Article 11(1), UDHR)
• Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression (Article 19, UDHR)
• Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association, and no one may be compelled to belong to an association (Article 20, UDHR)
Article 5 includes the following that is relevant to RFMF personnel

No disciplined service personnel may inflict, instigate or tolerate any act of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, nor may any law enforcement official or soldier invoke superior orders or exceptional circumstances such as a state of war or a threat of war, a threat to national security, internal political instability or any other public emergency as a justification of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Max's Threat said...

@ The Max

Yes Max, we Fijians hear your threat. Next time can you deliver your threats in a less squeaky voice? And you can take that to the bank (along with your soft little hands).

Poaka said...

Max and Jake sure need an SLR up their nether regions, may be, may be, then they can think properly.

This not about SDL, Speight and whoever; its about the military and what they are doin. That is the issue.

Anonymous said...

4.5. Mate seems this report is back firing on the website. Far more support for the army in teaching Sam a lesson as opposed to sympathies.

mark manning said...

@ anon 121pm
Drunkenness is a sign of alcoholism !

Loyal Fijian said...

Pictures please of the other offensive soldier who likes prodding innocent citizens in the rear, Sitiwabu Rabuka. The families of both soldiers should be woken up to their foul acts. God bless SAM.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Fiji Army is full of rear prodders.
Too much solisona going on at Delainabua.

Anonymous said...

Dirty foul soldiers

Anonymous said...

I can detect the victim-hood syndrome @The Max and others continue to play on such as the 2000 coup, etc. I don't think Sam is playing on being victim here, merely exposing the thugs who hypocritically call themselves "peace-keepers" but are really terrorists in their own backyard.
This is not about pay-back time! What happened in 2000 cannot be compared with the extent of violence and abuse at the hands of gun-toting thugs holding this nation to ransom over the past five years.
I am not downplaying the suffering of others in previous incidents but I think we should get out of the victim mentality and do something about the current unacceptable conditions. As the saying goes, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!
The issue here is about thugs who suffer from 3 deficiencies: lack of education (manifests ignorance and darkness of mind); lack of spirituality (no fear of God which manifests arrogance, violence); lack of humanity (heartless, no respect for other human beings). This makes it easy for their minds to be brainwashed and fed only with propaganda against a trumped up "enemy" in this case - LQ and SDL supporters, and a bullshit "cause" that began as cleaning up corruption and ending with the "race" card to drum up sympathy against a major world race playing the victims. What we get are thugs who are locked in their own dark world of mental slavery blindly following orders.
To Sam and others who have suffered in the hands of these criminals, your testimonies if official declarations in Australia, can be used as evidence to petition the UNDPKO against the hypocrisy of ontinuing to hire the discredited military for peacekeeping stints overseas.

mark manning said...

I think Frank misunderstood when we all said that we will put an end to this !

Anonymous said...

Working on the rear seems to be the only thing these thugs know best. Shows the level of mentality they are at.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The issue is the military. It was in 1987 and in 2000 and 2oo6.Pay back is because of it.Our forefathers created for us,with blood and honour,an honoured institute in thr FMF to protect our Constitution and through it all citizens.These mongorels have abused that honour very very badly indeed.Abuse of human rights is a crime against the very essence of our humanity.

Anonymous said...

If human rights is fundamental and trancends national barriers, then how can the international community, or for that matter USA,AUS,NZ&UK,that hold that value cntral to its policies allow a person like Bainimarama continue to abuse our human rights unchecked. What other evidence do they need.These countries,unless they do someting,are partners to the abuse by doing business with the regime and allowing their tourist to finance the abuse. Come to Fiji please and experience it from this end.It may assist change your foreign policy, in these matters,for the better.

Mongoose rear ender said...

@ anonymous 7:25 pm

Sam is a patriot mongoose. You seem confused? Is it the term copping it up the rear end that excites you? We can make sure you and your coup supporting buddies get plenty of that...tik tok...tik tok...

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that Fiji has ratified includes the following.

* Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person (Article 3, UDHR)
• No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (Article 5, UDHR)
• All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law (Article 7, UDHR)
• No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention (Article 9, UDHR).
• Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which they have had all the guarantees necessary for their defence (Article 11(1), UDHR)
• Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression (Article 19, UDHR)
• Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association, and no one may be compelled to belong to an association (Article 20, UDHR)

Article 5 includes the following that is relevant to Military personnel

No disciplined service personnel may inflict, instigate or tolerate any act of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, nor may any law enforcement official or soldier invoke superior orders or exceptional circumstances such as a state of war or a threat of war, a threat to national security, internal political instability or any other public emergency as a justification of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

The UIIMJR is in denial hoping that we will forget their human rights abuses.

Anonymous said...

Vinakavakalevu Samisoni Tikoinasau,your bashing is another reason why the i Taukei will never ever trust another Kaidia again.Since 2006,they assist in the harassing of our high chiefs and tatalas and also killed Fijians too.We will never forget this dark time in our history and there will be a payback time.Long live the i taukei!!!

Fijians now realise what Indians are really like when Mahen joined Voreqe in this coup.The kaidia was wrong by doing that because this is not their country and worse still they help in the torture and killing of the people of the soil..the i Taukei. But everything happen for reason and thank you God for showing us that these bleri matakau worshipers are cunning and evil in making some blind Fijians like Voreqe go agailst the rest of the Fijians.What is happening in this coup is that the kaidia in Fiji are supported by the Indian government in putting money in Voreqe's pocket to go again his own kind.

Voreqe,Saumatua,Qiliho,Naliva,Siwa,Kean and others are little stupid i Taukei who are blinded by the vulagi money and bullshit call for equality in Fiji when this coup show they want to dictate to the Fijians. Unfortunately, the i taukei interests are bigger than those stupid officers and like Baledrokadroka,Driti,Mara and Ganilau they will realise that going against the i Taukei in their own country will never succeed because they are just commoners and dodonu me ra vakarorogo ki na tagi ni vanua.

Don't worry Samisoni, the i taukei don't mind if another gets injured or killed by another i taukei for honorable reasons. But in your case just like the GCC, talatalas, Rabaka, Verebasaga and many other i taukei...vulagi hands (especially the kaidia) had a direct influence in all your suffering.They will pay for it in the near future. My advice to all the kaidia is to start leaving Fiji quickly because the new Fiji will not be to your liking.

Long live Samisoni, Long live Rabaka, Long live Verebasaga, Long live all the chiefs who have suffered, Long live all the talatalas who have suffered and Long live the I taukei!!!

Anonymous said...

Kaidias and kaidia lovers in this forum better be careful when they criticize George Speight because he is a genuine Fijian hero.So what if George threw out that corrupt kaidia Chaudary??? This is not his country to bloody dictate to us his Indian policy and greed over our lands and culture...huh..bleri kaidia!! If any vulagi in parliament do those sorts of anti itaukei acts then it is justified that they be booted out and taught a lesson...vinakavakalevu George o iko na tagane!!

The real i taukei don't want democracy or the parliament if the kaidia is going to be there.Thats the only problem with the last constitution because it allows devious and corrupt kaidias to be back in parliament after 2000 event. George was right about their anti Fijian motives because look what they did in this coup!!! Vinakavakalevu George, you saw what many Fijians did not see in 2000.The kaidia can never be trusted again and all those directly involved will be rounded up and put before the firing squad.

Even Voreqe can't see that he has being blinded by the vulagi greed in the name if bullshit equal rights and a better society.This kai Kiuva will not die a natural death because he days are numbered. He is the most hated man in the i taukei history and a traitor to his own race!!

Long live George Speight!!!Most popular and brave i taukei in Fijian history who sacrificed his life so that other i taukei can be free of another vulagi colonisation!!!.

Anonymous said...

The goons are on facebook, pictures and all.

Anonymous said...

Problem with some commenting on this site, they don't know the total truth but yet harping about the little 2cents knowledge they have. When will people realise that the very people who were against Chaudhary in the 2000 coup are the very same people who ganged up with Chaudhary to do the 2006 coup! Get it? George Speight was the default coup leader when the real masked man did not show up - the masked man showed up in 2006!!! Get over it the 'Chaudhary sympathisers!'

Anonymous said...

You have to be an insider at Delainabua to see how much solisona goes on here especially at night.

Anonymous said...

The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights will become truly universal when the international community takes upon itself the relative duty to enforce that right by the search and destroy of abusers irrespective of national boundries.

Otherwise,as it is the case now, call it- the National Declarations Of Human Rights for Americans, Australians, New Zealanders and those lucky enuogh to enforce it.

Anonymous said...

Good move C4.5 & bloggers - continue nameing & shameing these deviates posing as RFMF personel.

History 101 said...

Soldiers are not thinking people, they follow without thought and now in Fiji follow because they're paid the big bucks. What their families get out if it? Money plus false security they're doing alright, maybe even better than rest of us. That's the mentality where there are oppressors and the oppressed.Come the time when role will be reversed. History has shown it will happen. Penioni Naliva and Siwatibau Rabuka will find that out.

Sa Rauta said...

Aii I see is a small bruise on the bottom of the left eye.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Army from now on should be called:
The Army of Rear Prodders (led by The Rear Admirer, sorry I meant Rear Admiral lolz)
So when they march in Suva or wherever then that should be called "The March of the Prodders".
In Fijian you can call them Sotia ni Solisona (no longer sotia luva i sulu....hahaha!)
In Hindi you can call them Barka Chod.

So whenever you see a soldier walking around Suva, remember to always face him.Don't show him your rear end.

And remember he or she or shim has a new name now as written above.

Jake said...

People your emotions precede you beacuse you all are deluded by the fact this fella got a bit of tune up.

Which by all acoounts is warranted this fella is crying fowl now but he and his halfcaste brother misled you native Fijians.

Like lambs to slaughter you ulukau's bought into it big time.

Stop people and see the truth is these halfcaste sidewinders have taken over Fiji.

But than again all is not lost because these halfcastes in more than one way are similar to natives.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni
When and where did you earn your doctorate from?

Jake said...

It is no wonder the Fijian nation have remained moribund since Lutunasobasoba arrived on our shores because the sheep mentality seem to have gotten worse even when most are educated one would think people would at least think for themselves.

But this is not the case now listen people you first must stop being emotive and stop quoting various UN conventions because Fiji is a military state get that through you numb skulls.

Although Fiji is signatory it doesn’t really matter because these military personals don’t give a damn about people’s rights especially when they breach the PER.

This fella seems to have regained his lost memory to compile a statement riddle with inconsistencies.

You all need to accept the fact the debauched SDL party is dead and buried along with its corrupt members.

Did he deserve to be thrashed?



Anonymous said...

To those of you who feel that Sam Speight deserves this because of what happend in 2000, please identify the difference before you open your mouth. All the beatings in 2000 were done by individuals who took advantange of the situation. Individuals who thought they could get away with stealing, looting and beating up people including the poor hardworking farmers at Muaniweni.

In this case, we have a deranged mentally unstable Thieving Robber Suguraki Leader who uses the peoples hard earned taxpayers money to employ a hit squad to beat up & kill those who dare oppose him.

These are very different scenarios. So please, think before you open your mouth and stop immitating your deranged lunatic idol - Mr Suguraki Baini Marama!

Anonymous said...

Jake says;

I wonder fi these soldiers ever had a mother, father, sister, brother or any children to be acting in an animal like behavior. Some animals are better behaved morally than these FMF army guys. I don't even think that they have some human feelings.

sam you have indeed exposed to the world the world all the lies and torturing this illegal regime is doing.

I am now confused about the real role of the world UN human rights & UN decisions of engaging Fiji soldiers to protect other countires in the middle east when at home butchering their very own indegenous people. Its a big political decision. Again are these UN officials human beings. What moral ethics do they have, or if they had one. You worry about what goes on in bigger countries but what about the poor third world countries like Fiji.

United Nations be man & be human & do the princilped and integrity thing. Act now and restore some dignity and respect for human life.


Anonymous said...

A word of caution to Naliva, Rabuka, the sypathises and the 'ULUKAU' Army - What goes around will surely come around again. Dou qarauna - dua na siga e na lesu tale mai na ka dou vakayacora tiko me na VAKAYACORI vei kemudou!
E sa tu e vei o Driti kei Ului nikua? O rau na yavu kawaca qo e rau a liutaka na veivakalolomataki e na Dec 2006. E a lewe tale ga ni lala oya o na luvenisala o Qiliho!!
E sa noqu masu me na dua na siga , da na mai sota vaka tamata vakasoresore e tuba - sega na dakai, sega na M16, sega na bodyguard - one on one!! Me qai macala mada dou yavu tamata sonalevu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Saw that liar Tikoitoga at church to day, and boy, was I surprised!!
He has the gumption to come to the Lord's house after all the lying, tortures, impregnating an innocent and young girl etc etc!!!
Dua na siga Tikoitoga - e da na qai mai sota e tuba - oya e na dua na TAMANI SOTA.
Bau tu mada vakadua ka veiraiyaki - e sa tu evei o rau na veivutusona o Driti kei Ului. E rau sa sega sara ga ni bau laurai e lomai Suva. E cava, e rau sa rerevaka e dua na ka ??
O na va talega ya oiko tamata kawaca!!!

Anonymous said...

"SLUM DOGS/DWELLERS" are what I would call NALIVA and RABUKA!!!!

Anonymous said...

few coments are challengable , why blame kaidia for your own failure itaukei, what have you done so far to protect your own race , culture , it is your itaukei baini killing your race , go and see some facts , 99.9% solders are itaukei , who is beating who , it is no doubt that Mahen join the coup but that shows itaukei are so cheap that can be bullied by anyone.When coup took place Indians like Attar Singh , Parmond Rae voiced against the miltary and they were beaten. So please itaukeis don't blame others for your own failiure , I wrote if anything against kaidia you taukei will unite but you cannot unite to protect your own culture and race , only lamus blame others so you all

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.56am

Bring it on mate. Kiaindia's will fighback this time. We are prepared this time.

Anonymous said...

To these toys soldiers Naliva na Rabuka, be prepared for you will be answerable to your criminal action. The world will hold you accountable for this tourture on a civilan of Fiji. You will regret the day you left your mother's womb! Drau yavu kaisi bokola! Waraka tiko, eda na seva ga bua ka da a tea. To my Indo Fijian brothers and sisters who felt good after looking at Sam's pictures, stay out of this because the military thugs are not doing this to assist you. See what had happened recently to Chaudry, Ahmed and Anthony to name a few Indo fijian who have also been subjected to this indiscriminate/inhuman treatment by these bunch of low life from Delainabua. Join us in the fight for democracy and giving power back to the law abiding citizens of Fiji. The ending of the game that Franky had started will be determined not by himself or his army but by those who strongly believed that the spirit of the people and with God's guidance is far greater than the work of evil. It will come!

Anonymous said...

To the Taukei populations, please stop blaming others for your failures.
Stop it once and for all and take responsiblity for the past and present.
1987, 2000 and now 2006.
End the cycle and everything will be perfect once again.

Anonymous said...

I want to make it clear to all that not all soldiers supporting cruelty at the QEB in this peacetime. They are faithful christians but could not open their mouths because right now there are food on the table during this difficult period.the moment they seen the pull from people's power they will cross over and be counted to us. To you outside Fiji make noises to the UN, UK, USA, EU, AU and NZ etc. to come over and investigate the killing and toturements at QEB. I think we have enough evidence to move them forward before worse settles in and it would be too late. We must base our angers on small numbers that supporting Tikoitoga,Naliva and Rabuka for FB and AK.

Anonymous said...

Naliva and Rabuka listen and listen very carefully with tjose that have revealed their burt. You are using your gun to protect and strengthen you and I gope it will be for life.The time drop that gun you are dead. For you Jake, vakaloloma na nome lesu nei ma British Army and turned tabetabe.

Anonymous said...

Right, stand and be counted and take charge of the future for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

To you Indian partcipants on this column , please beware of what you saying. You imported, forgery, embebzzelment, corruption and briery in all our works of life to make money at quick fix and ways and means , by hook or by crook. We Fijian learnt from you and we got caught and sent to prison to make it worse. we feel that Bainimaram and Kaiyum acted and paid up by Indian to stage the coup in 2006 of which Fijian retaliated and betrayed. Please Kai Idia keep away or give us the support we need to call for the UNDHR to investigate and arrest Ben Naliva and S Rabuka.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.00pm,

Who did Rajen's rear? was it George or someone else? This quewstion is important as I understood that had George not been there, they would have really killed the father & the son.

If anything George saved them both by trying to deter them from their intentions.

So would like to know more about this? Afterall the plotters had themselves reported that they only approached George 2 days before the coup, so he was not really the coup maker or plotter but ended up becoming the leader in the absence of leader not showing up at the end...


That is so closed bro......... release the names of those who are still hiding when GS is spending his life time in prison.

Anonymous said...

The PER has been extend again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ anon 7.58,

You want Kaidia support to fight for democracy? It is Kaidia's who have a history of democracy and no coups. It is I-Taukei that has history of coups and lack of democracy.

Why blame Kaidia's for financing the 2006 coup? Have you not heard about millions lost in overspending tax payers money by RFMF?

This means mostly I Taukei has financed this coup through their taxes as it is I Taukei that are majority in employment in Civil Service.

kaidia fought in 1987 and again in2000. So unless you can repeatedly say those two coups were wrong and undemocratic and that they should never have happened,

it is difficult to understand the definition and terms of reference in the make up of the fight for democracy any more...

As far as Kaidia's are concerned, this is the 4th coup at the hands of the military and 5th in total which is the 1977 coup by the Governor General.

And all of them are against the kaidias, but this one is done in such a coniving way that kaidia's cannot see or they are so used to it now that they no longer have the energy to do anything under the public emergency decree.

But you I-Taukei are strong and fearless worrior class. Remember Indians did not join the front line to the war? So only you Fijians are actually trained in great numbers to fight the monster.

bellarina gal said...

Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord...
speedy recovery and continue to stay blessed!

Anonymous said...

This is a message to Peni Naliva.I was up in Wainibuka over the weekend andsaw a very interesting development among the Dritabua. All I can say is do not forget their enemies.-Edited C4.5

faithinem said...

it's sickening to see how inhumane we can treat others. Are we going to remain silent? Are we just going to be blogging?

How can we enjoy freedom abroad while our mother, father, sister ,brother, nephew, niece, grand children, friend going thru so much.

How much can we endure? We need to use all medium of communication and let the world know what is happening back home.

I am willing to stand up what about you.

Anonymous said...

Sami, sega ni qai dra vou me tirivi kedatou na kai Naloto, eda kawa ni tamata dau vala ga mai liu na tukada, neimami masu na wekamu e Naloto, ni na cadra tale mai na matanisiga vou e Viti. Vakacegu tiko mai keri, keimami na vala tikoga na wekamu e delaniyavu kei Naloto.

Anonymous said...

People are so bold to make threats when they can hide their identity. So much cowards on this blog talking tough. Words will not deter soldiers like Naliva. They trained to deal with enemies in various ways. Naliva will know these are big mouth wannabees in this blog that should not be taken seriously.
All talk no action. The useless kind.

Anonymous said...

Stop crying Sam, now you know how it feels. You alone with your brother should be shot. Fiji will be a better place without people like you.

Anonymous said...

@ Faithinem wat is your strategy for standing up to voreqe? Let's hear it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you C4.5 for the excellent job.
Whatever is done in the dark will be proclaimed from the rooftop. The truth will always emerges, the truth will always prevail and the truth will always win in the end. Inside the RFMF; nobody trust anybody, everybody is suspicious of each other and everybody liumuri each other. These are signs of divisions. The Vore is living in fear day and night. Soon and very soon they will start shooting at each other. To all of us law abiding citizen of Fiji, relax and watch!!!. It's coming!!!

iTaukei said...

E sega ni rawa ni o vunautaka jiko na loloma ni Kalou levu o Jiova me ra qai mokuji iko na sotia. E rairai cala beka na i ulutaga ni ona vunau o Sam...... ekaya edua a kena bui ni yasayasa Moala...sau ni valavala a sota..

Anonymous said...

Oh,oh,oh..please can everyone settle down on the pork barreling saga.Maybe Penioni thought Sam wanted to sign up?

Rear ending is the most important SOP at ATG in relation to Voreqe's recruiting policy.Every prospective soldier must go through through the "eye of the barrel",a secret initiation ceremony.This test is not about loyalty but something deeper...gay love!!.When you join you are married to Voreqe!! He demands no less!!

This is why Voreqe hands pick his men because he personally carries out the rear ending initiation himself.The size of the barrel depends on which circle you are aligned to up in camp because there are two groups,other sildiers and Voreqe's favoured inner circle.

Other soldiers get the M16 and K2 and other officers get the 50 cal up the sona. However,the real test applies to officers within Bai's inner circle like Naliva and Jake.In their case,Voreqe slams their sona with a 84mm mortar barrel..ungreased and after it has fired off five mortar rounds to give it maximum heat. For promotion,Voreqe gives them his 100mm doka ni dalo mai Kiuva. This is how Voreqe moulds them into being his biaatches who would do anything to protect him rather than just plain officers.When anyone passes into Voreqe's inner circle you can be guaranteed that their rear circle has had a full workout!!

Thats why Naliva's and Jake's abnormal and unhealthy protectiveness of Voreqe is similar to that seen in the movie "fatal attraction".The cruelty with which they dish out punishment to unarmed civilians who criticize Voreqe comes from a strong and deep solisona love for him.

It also brings more clarity and truth to label,the FMF"solisona mataivalu".

Anonymous said...

Qarase's prediction of Voreqe's regime is turning out to be true.....nothing but a aimless circus run by clowns and the laughing stock of the international community!!

Anonymous said...

People please sign the petition on the Fiji Today Blog site. It's one way we can help bring down this murderous regime.
@Coup 4.5 given the 89 comments in this article, please assist the people of Fiji by distributing the petition in your blogsite and to others.

Jake said...

I suppose it would be humane to throw this blighter of Joske's thumb than to stick a gun barrel up his cici.


Radiolucas said...

Don't blame the kaidia for the same problem that we all share. It is easy to generalise and put the blame on a group, rather than individuals. But this is also very lazy. Frank and his cohorts are not the definition of the "kaidia" I know and respect.

The problem is the military's complete lack of respect for the people of our nation.

Anonymous said...

Thy Au Sleeper Cell awaits instructions.

Anonymous said...

Anon@11.10am I call it Bruno love.

Viti Viti said...

Anon@12.55am Let that hate go it's not the way forward and it's what divides us which is exactly what this regime wants.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

As the elected member of the SDL Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006) Laisenia Qarase led Multi-Party Cabinet (MPC), may I respond to the racist comments and dynamics that while it needs to be ‘aired’ must not be a barrier to the cause and return power to the people through Constitutional Democracy.

1. As I have noted on this blog, people are confused between race and racism. The former is a market differentiator and the basis for our diversity in language, art, fashion, style, stories, myths, heroes, heroines, history, religion, lifestyle, food, recipes, sciences, strengths, weaknesses, culture, traditions and technologies as niche for the future of our children and nation. These can be measured and served in innovative entrepreneurial ways for human capital development that can add valued to National and International development. This truth or positive Godly side of our humanity is based on character and human values/ethics/moral/spiritual high ground and linked to the world wide, supply value chain management, in the regionalization of markets. For us in Fiji it is the Pacific Plan (2004/5).
2. On the other side of the coin of our human nature, is the negative or satanic force, one of which is racism. While this source of negative energy, needs to be exposed for what it really is, it is not to be suppressed, according to the policies imposed by this Regime under John Samy, Voreqe Bainimarama, Military Junta, People’s Charter. The dynamics of racism is ugly because it is based on biased stereotyping that reduces a person or group to an oversimplified negative category, that no decent person would condone. As a member for Lami Open Constituency voted in by all ethnic groups I recommend highly, Unity from Diversity that is representative of the “hearts and minds” of our communities. Hate and Fear have no place in this wisdom of the majority.
3. In this regard may I respond individually to some of the bloggers:
4. Anonymous March 13, 12.28pm. I studied as a distant student at the University Sunshine Coast (USC) in partnership with Training Productivity Authority of Fiji (TPAF). The USC, URL, Site for my Thesis is:
Here you will learn about success factors (186) for a Leadership model relevant to 21st C Fiji, based on Ratu Sukuna’s model – Kalou (Team building Leadership), Matanitu (Access to Markets) & Vanua (Access to Resources –information and finance).
5. @ Jake March 13, 12.48pm, Update your knowledge. No SDL Member of Parliament in the May 2006 elections has been convicted for corruption. So stop the rhetoric and supply substance.
6. Anonymous 13th March, 1.06pm Good one for working together on principles of Democracy.
7. @ Anonymous March 13th 2.18pm. This, particular case of abuse by the Military of Samisoni Tikoinasau, is feedback to the UN to align their purpose to 21st C needs of the market customer economy that is inclusive and to take action accordingly. Hence my input March 12th, 11.09pm. The Regime is in denial on this issue of abuse.
8. @ Anonymous 13th 6:30pm, we must unite from our strengths in diversity and work on principles and purpose of freedom and democracy that refocus on human values and that give power back to the people.
9. @ Anonymous March 13th 7.11pm your message is clear for groundswell support from the people as a legal basis for empowerment.
10. In conclusion unite, with support from deposed PM Laisenia Qarase and the International Community, give VB an out through a Truth and Reconciliation Commission like South Africa did and power back to the people.

Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni

Jake said...


I would like you to understand this your government was the most egregious and debauched government that rule the country with total disregard for its people.

You and everyone that were part of that corrupt government are and still is the bane of society.

You ought to be ashamed of youself you are a bloddy disgrace.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr Samisoni for your comments. Unfortunately we will alwasy have people like Jake who doesn't seem to have anything better to do then throw allegations around hoping to distract from the current mess and corruption that is the illegal regime. The sooner we get back to a democratically elected government the better it will be for all of Fiji's peoples.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 4:25pm

Exactly. Thank you Dr Samisoni.

Anonymous said...

Like I've said before: Jake is an old, demented and very bitter Indian man living on a pension in Hawaii. He was sexually abused in the past. While he lives in a Democracy he wants you people to suffer under a Dictatorship.
Because of his dementia and bitterness for what happened to him, you will never get a logical discussion out of him. Only filth and anger.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 14 march 9:33pm 2011.
My friend let me ask u, why did Naliva and his boys cover their face while beating and torturing people?????. That shows how big their sona, fuck him.

Anonymous said...

Without your name and Dr written aginst your burbling article above, i could still make you out as the writer. Your trademark flippant rich decorative display of market force cliches smell strongly of you. You condense everything and in the above,race and racial issues, as most of your previous blurbs, to market dynamics. Not surprising as your last brush with academia dealt with marketing. But your liberal use of market dynamic cliches at times appear inappropriate, gets boring and often amusing.

You have a personal interest in SDL so am not surprised that you are a fervent supporter of the Party.

Your Govt was corrupt to the bone. I was a civil servant within the Dept of Agr and sent by SDL Minister to distribute agr tools in Lomaivuna under SDL Scheme which was later known as Agr Scam. This was under Qarase's watch. I travelled with him to Rotuma to distribute similar bribes to the Rotumans. Qarase is a complex personality, presenting a religious and astute personality on one side but corrupt and culculating on the flip side. I went to high school with him...I know him very well.

Mind you Bainimarama is just as corrupt as your SDL.

Jake said...

Anon @ March 16, 2011 4:25 PM

No girl contrary to what you believe I am a very busy man, the courts have just handed down jail sentences for the two who were very closely aligned with the Qarase’s government there never was any allegations but facts.

This just goes to prove among other things the corruption was imbedded into the Qarase government.


Jake said...

Anon @ March 17, 2011 9:57 AM

“Like I've said before: Jake is an old, demented and very bitter Indian man living on a pension in Hawaii”

Demented maybe not likewise with being Indian or living in Hawaii why don’t you ask who I am instead of clutching at straws.

“He was sexually abused in the past. While he lives in a Democracy he wants you people to suffer under a Dictatorship”

Sexually abused oh yes everyday who can say no to a beautiful female brunette, there is absolutely nothing wrong living in a military state it’s a challenge after all your rejected leader once said democracy was a foreign flower so who needs democracy.

“Because of his dementia and bitterness for what happened to him, you will never get a logical discussion out of him”

Dementia ga o tamamu as for being bitter I don’t know I have a very clean and honest heart besides there is nothing to be bitter about except having to respond to halfwits.

“Only filth and anger”

Isn’t this a case of the pot calling the kettle black oh am very sorry you don’t understand what I had just said do you?


Radiolucas said...

@ Anon March 17, 2011 4:43 PM

"Mind you Bainimarama is just as corrupt as your SDL."


I mean, I agree with you in part.

The SDL are not a poster child for honest government but they still had to obey the rule of law, public criticism and hold elections - it is a fairly long bow to draw to compare what they *make have* done in the agri scam (i.e. they need to be proven guilty of the crime) to the destruction that Frank & Co are responsible for.

Anonymous said...

@ANONYMOUS 4:43 If you were there with Qarase in the Agr Scam and you saw something wrong then why didn't you tell him to stop . Why didn't you inform the Police?
I'ts no use crying NOW over spilt milk!

Anonymous said...

So you are not sure whether you are demented or not.
That is so funny!
Why don't you look up the Thesaurus to find a word you can understand.
You are spending too much time with the Shanti Dut.

Anonymous said...

The debate rages on. Qarase was corrupt Frank is corrupt Chaudhary is corrupt etc etc. The fact is Fiji has had no decent government since independence. Part of the reason is that Fijians of all races have never used their heads while voting. We have been swung from left to right by politicians brandishing loaves of bread and promises coming out of Aladdin’s lamp. Race religion and all other divide and rule tactics have been used to screw this country over and over again. The fact is that ido-fijians have no where else to go.
This is their homeland now just as it is the i-taukei’s. The 2 major races need each other now more then ever because we need to rebuild this country. While we have cultural differences ultimately we all want the same things out of life. Chaudhary had the chance of a life time to become the national hero of this country. When he was released by George Speight he should have forgiven the coup perpetrators. By forgiving he would have been seen as the greater men and he would have won the hearts and minds of the indigenous community. Only by forgiveness can one free once self from hate. Forgiveness would have increased his respect within society and also united the nation. Sometimes love cures societal ills more then punishment. On that note I think in the near future leaders should be chosen from every province every district and every community in Fiji for a big talanoa session organized by the next government. These leaders should sit down over 2 or 3 weeks if necessary and have a heart to heart open and frank discussion about the issues of race our politics business economy and every thing else that affect our nation. This committee then nominates a guidance council and a Memorandum of understating in all languages should be devised and signed by all with all the resolutions passed by the Reps noted in this MOU. This council then becomes the ultimate authority in Fiji. We should do away with the Presidents post and have elections based on the MOU and the head of state becomes the PM who is guided by the council. If this exercise costs $50m so be it because i think once all that is in our hearts are out in the open and forgiveness is sort by all from one another that would be the best $50m spent in this country. This is the only way forward for Fiji. Do it the Fijian way.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3.39pm ..I agree with generl drift of your above contribution. All previous Govts post independence and current dictatorship are corrupt, devisive and all tainted with and are guilty of exploiting racial issues largely for personal gains. Politicians can be justifiably blamed for being there largely for personal gains. This includes even Mara's government.

There must be a better way for us in this beautiful Fiji. Agree that our future in Fiji lies squarely on all races especially the Fijians and Indians coming together, accepting each other as brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of Fiji.

There is no other way. We Fijians must accept that other races in Fiji belong to Fiji and we are all one. Our differences can be overcome if we want. So Indians should also discard all the prejudices against Fijians and genuinely change to win the confidence of Fijians.

We all share a common future in Fiji and we can make our country the best in the South Pacific.

We must wwork out the best form of government suitable for us. Previous forms have failed us and have lead us to destructive coups. I bilieve that part of our future is one without a military force, it has been very destructive.

God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Agreed 11.54. Yes by having a Frank and open discussion i`do mean that the Indian community also letting go of all their prejudices and meeting the i-taukei half way. It cannot be a one way street.We all must shed our prejudices to move forward. It will be a cleansing process. Then we start fresh without the Military.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1.41pm...hope your use of capital "F" for "Frank" is not an obtuse play on that word to suggest that we may have Frank Bainicobo......in our future.

The bastard should be incinerated before sundown tomorrow

Dr Mere Samisoni said...

Thank you Anonymous March 16th 4:25pm, Radiolucas March 16th 6:57pm and Anonymous March 17th 9:57pm.

I respond to the negativity from Anonymous 17th 4:43pm and Jake March 17th 5.07pm and 5:10pm.

As an entrepreneurial Manager, may I put this debate into context in order to align the negative bloggers with Anonymous March 18th 3:39 pm on forgiveness and Anonymous March 18th 11:54 pm on Diversity towards Unity as opportunities for the new information age.

Anonymous 17th 4:43pm lets have a healthy debate based on a level playing field. Remove your alias so that I know whom I am dealing with. But you are afraid and in your fear, your self worth and TRUTH will always escape, to your “stunted” maturity.

Jake March 17th 5.07pm and 5:10pm you are actually James Anthony, who used to write as 'Topasi' on the Raw Fiji news. As a former trade unionists involved in the 1959 Suva riots you live in self-imposed exile in Hawaii, and was a media consultant to Shyster Shameem, a supporter of the 2006 coup. Your motives, explain your negative comments and inability to see the other side for balance and TRUTH in Fiji for our future generations.

In this regard, the outdated centralized economic order (from about 1750 to 1950’s) was corrupt because the “elite” looked after their own interests that led to the recent global financial crises where the developed economies like Britain (recent court cases and jailing for over claiming on expenses) and Banks, (delinked assets and liabilities in the balance sheets using mortgages and derivatives) were not immune to greed and corruption, to impact poor financial practices and supervision of the financial systems, capitalism and its purpose. This is the nature of the “elitist” system and human nature itself that is not peculiar to Fiji or Fijians but is a worldwide trend.

I personally blame this impact on secular education and governments that have divorced themselves from the high moral ground of right over wrong and good over evil. We need to center our spiritual development in order to guide the “checks and balances” that is completely lost in Fiji today. Government by decrees and PER cannot stop the tide of freedom and democratic change that is taking the Middle East by storm (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia etc).

In this regard, structural market reforms for the new economic order started from the 1950s to present day. Information Communication Technology (ICT) and the Internet, technologies have decentralized power to the people as markets and customer niche, driven by world wide trends and manifested in the 3 C’s - Customer, Companies and Capital. These structural changes move with the European model for freedom and democracy and together with the administrative structural reforms by the World Bank (WB) and was accommodated by the Public Enterprises Act 1996 in Fiji under the SDL lead Multi-Party Cabinet (MPC).

These factors were linked in the Strategic Development Plans 2002-2006 rolled over to 2007-2011 to accommodate the Paris Declaration 2005 for good governance and accountability, aligned to the Public Finance Act 2004 (upgraded from 1981 when public servants were appointed by seniority to skills and performance based in 2006) in the Pacific Plan 2005.

So, our ducks were aligned for Aid and Trade in the new economic order from the grassroots up.

But along came the events of December 5th 2006, with their stooges who build on the biases, negative rhetoric and “stick” style management that add more “risks and costs” to the now “lost” Fiji economy. This is in complete contrast to the positive and “carrot” approach needed in a democracy, which takes wide consultation and time to change while adding value. The Public Finance Act took 23 years to be upgraded from 1981 to 2004. It would have been unrealistic to expect the SDL led MPC, with the inherent problems of diverse communities, as indicated on this blog, to “dialogue, forgive and unite” human and political capital in less time.

Dr Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni SDL member for Lami Open (deposed 2006)".

Dr Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

To Mere the 2006 deposed member for Lami:

you may call me unclued, but I just cannot make out what on earth were you trying to convey above. Basically what i was trying to say above in your quoted blog is that all post independence Govts were corrupt disguised as democratic based on free votes. We need to work on fashioning a better system.

And importantly all races especially Indian and Fijian have no choice but madatorily get on well for our general good and good of Fiji. We all have a common future rooted in Fiji. Everybody born in Fiji are all kai Viti, me da liutaka sara tiko ga na i Taukei na veilomani. Vaka tale ga kina o ira na Idia.

If we continue the way we have been worse things will befall us in future.
The Rabukas, Speights and Bainimarama will continue to shaft Fiji.

Your high pollutin exposition above may be good for a Uni desitation but fails to communicate to us what you are after.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

Anonymous, March 20th, 10pm.
You must have had a very negative abusive upbringing because that is what I am reading of you.
I don’t like to be abused. But, I will answer you now the second time and no more.
Let me put it simply, my university dissertation is based on the practical success of HBK chain on marketing. In fact normally people do the theory first then apply that after, in practice.
By chance, I did it the other way round.
In other words, as a market differentiator, race has human values that can be segmented vertically as niches to be served in entrepreneurial ways (innovation first and the money will follow).
We can work on markets through political manifestos to be voted in to Parliament. Try it, as it works. But will the people vote you in? That is the question you must address.
In Parliament, the markets can be harnessed via Trade and Aid, based on the “hearts and minds” of our respective communities. This dynamic cannot be forced. It is initiated, especially now after the 2006 coup and is about empowering people, through the “carrot” style of management.
The 2006 coup, like other coups were based on nothing more than bias and stereotype. What a high risk and costly affair!
As a marketer, I suggest that your “stick” communication style is a big barrier and needs a paradigm shift for you to see opportunities not problems. This will create a positive energy about you for acceptance in a Multi Party Cabinet (MPC) team and be part of taking Fiji forward.
Dr Mere Tuisalalo Samsioni, elected Member Lami Open (Deposed 2006).

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 10:00pm

Her response is a reply to your post.

As for myself, I cannot see any rhyme or reason to your proposed "new government" - it is hardly justification for the moronic nothingness that is the military regime.

Anonymous said...

To the Deposed member for Lami:

Thanks for the suggestion but my interests are far from participation in a multipary cabinet or politics as you have been. You miss the point Mere. What many level headed wise men and women have suggested is that the root cause of our political disfunction in Fiji is that we have a weak and faulty foundation to build on. The weakness is we have a society obsessed with communalism and racism which manifest themselves negatively in politics, policies, developmental programmes, education...you name any facet of our society in Fiji and you can smell these fundamental weaknesses.

There is nothing wrong with a multi-race, multi-cultural society. In fact it is our potential strength, in fact we are much more advanced than many Sth Pacific countries but we can be much more dynamic and developed if we focus on positively harnessing our wide ranging skills and talents inherent within different races.

We need effective, relevant and suitable systems of politics, governance and judiciary as some of the tools to propel us forward.

You harped on Multi Party Cabinetas if it is a panacea to reesolving our problems. The MPC you were part of was part of the many failed old systems that historically allowed navel-gazing-ratbag politicians to participate, corruption, mismanagement and coups to happen.

Your market differentiation theory of our society is fine but we must remember that politics deals with humans who are complicated by nature are not tradeable commodities such as BREAD. They think, choose, have complex relationships, have past and future they treasure and have needs and wants which may be dynamic.

Many agree that if Fiji is to progress the old order must give way to more appropriate systems. If we are to survive and take our rightful place globally, regionally and provide for a modern progressive society we must find a better way of doing things. Not Bainimarama way, not SDL way, not Mara way, not Chaudary way. YES WE CAN. God Bless Fiji

iTaukei said...

Mere, if you are deposed dont try to expose. You must know that Apisai Tora and Rigamoto's name are coming to the picture and will soon stand in court and put to jail for stealing millions of dollars through tax payer. I wonder whether Laisenia and Qoriniasi have the guts to stand up and declare the policy and the stratergy they mapped out resulting to the scam [vote buying]. I beg you Sorovakatini, Tora and Rigamoto reveal the truth about your leader and the Good Lord will forgive your sins ....

iTaukei said...

Mere, if you are deposed dont try to expose. You must know that Apisai Tora and Rigamoto's name are coming to the picture and will soon stand in court and put to jail for stealing millions of dollars through tax payer. I wonder whether Laisenia and Qoriniasi have the guts to stand up and declare the policy and the stratergy they mapped out resulting to the scam [vote buying]. I beg you Sorovakatini, Tora and Rigamoto reveal the truth about your leader and the Good Lord will forgive your sins ....

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:19.What is your suggestion in how to run this country?(Please remember that Capitalism allowed to run free was the cause of the Global Financial Crisis).
And don't suggest Communism because that has failed too. Even China has moved away from it.

Anonymous said...

I respect Dr Mere Samisoni especially for her bravery and a number of other reasons.

Dr Samisoni is a role model for all citizens of Fiji.She created a business empire out of her hard honest sweat and money.She is also popularly elected representative of the people who rightfully still fights against the criminal injustices of the illegal regime.No one in the illegal regime comes close to what she has achieved, not even the misguided Bainimarama.

This dedication is bourne out in this blogsite by Dr Samisoni having the guts to reveal her true identity in her posts.She still resides in Fiji and is taking on great personal risk because of the irratic behaviour of the dictator and his criminal abduction squad.

I want to thank Dr Mere and others like her because of their refusal to be intimidated by Bainimarama and his bullies and cowards whose illegal activities only amount to hooliganism.

Jake,Jake,Jake,Jake...and others in this forum who anonymously criticise her,listen up!!. Be a man and come forward. You all might gain an ounce of credibility if you all revealed your full and true identities on this blogsite instead of hiding behind the mask of cowardice just like how your misguided heroes who are hiding from the law behind the barrel of a gun.

If you cannot do that then please fade away quietly with your tail between the legs because your words are worthless. Voreqe's words and threats are meaningless because we all know that real men never run for their lives through the cassava patch when the battle starts.

Na 'agane dina,

Wilson Tamanikaira

Anonymous said...

To Anon 3.40 pm above
Mila na uluqu when your bit above is entitled "Anonymous said......" then your supposed/fictitious name "Wilson Tamanikaira" at close of your blog. Which one is valid, the heading or your "name"

I am pretty sure Wilson is a bullshit name , so you are the same as us...what the fu..k are you on about you hypocrite. You also want to avoid risking collateral damages on yourself....who knows what Bainimarama may do to you eg prod your back orifice with point of rifle to investigate its size like they did to Speight. Kua na liu muri rau. Oso..oso.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

May I reply, to Anonymous 23, 9.45am; Anonymous 23, 3.40pm and Anonymous 22, 12.19pm.
@ Anonymous 23, 9.45am and @ Anonymous 22, 12.19pm, this applies to you as well. The John Samy, VB, ASK, Military Junta, Peoples Charter has collapsed as the Reverend is asking to talk to the deposed PM Lasenia Qarase. Time for talking is over.
I have branded myself as the 2006 deposed SDL elected Member for Lami Open Constituency, because branding is a communication tool where the product talks to the targeted customer. Here I am saying that the legal basis and framework for Fiji’s development is the 1997/98 Constitution and it is time to act and reconnect to this Constitution. This gives legal basis for the return of the 2006 elected peoples’ government with its MPC, to hold elections for reforms and desired changes. Indeed, to facilitate the necessary checks and balances in Parliament, Executive Legislator, Judiciary and the Presidency asap.
@Anonymous 23, 3.40pm, Na ‘agane, Wilson Tamanikau, Thank you.
Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samsioni elected SDL Member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5.50pm...kena ca na vulivakavo...the title of the blog is just how I post my thoughts but google my name and you will find that I have been around for along time since Voreqe did this silly coup.

Qarauna,o Tamanikaira na kaira dina mo kua ni dali iko va lialia de sa na vano ugumu na manumanu mai vei ki'a ka 'aceka 'inia lagamu orifice..

Cowards are fearful of the truth and that is why Jake and other stupid kaiviti's like him cannot publish their real names here.Try doing that and you will earn the rank of na'agane dina and deserve to face me!! Otherwise,I will dismiss you because you are a lamulamu individual, maumau na nomu bula because you will always end up nowhere hiding in the dark and talking tough.

Dou ukunia noda qase..na 'ama'a wara ni kila na ca e wara ni kila na yalona...lei kaba i vunikau ka kaci, "yaloqu lesu a'le mai"

Come on I dare you and Jake to be be a man and reveal your true and full identity here in this forum...

Kua na vaqakoro tiko rau..sivi na koro qai kalu..oso,oso..kania ko Ratu Vuakaloa!!

Ilisoni Tamanikaira

Anonymous said...

To Tamanikaira

No do not bilieve you 'ai Ra. You came out as Anonymous because you chose as your identity the "Anonymous" out of the choices below...and not as you bulshitted "on how I post my thoughts.." O cei o vakalialia...no school, sa laurai levu.

Ke va 'a o 'ai Ra dina, 'ua na bulusiti 'io.

Your no sukulu is apparent. O drau Wilison e liu qo sa Ilisoni. Sega ni Ilisona?

Please focus on issues facing Fiji

Radiolucas said...

A recurrent issue by commentators is that there needs to be some sort of reform of governemnt - which would then "cure" all the past ills of our previous governments. One commentator states: "Many agree that if Fiji is to progress the old order must give way to more appropriate systems".

This is a nice idea, but what it implies is that (1) the military regime is an appropriate system; and/or (2) the military regime are doing something towards developing an appropriate system (of government).

Neither of this suppositions are true. The military regime barely function as a government. Through mismanagement, increasing debt burdens and a myopic and nonsensical approach to managing criticism and diplomacy they have decimated Fiji's economy, governmental systems, freedom of rights, international reputation and our collective future. It is a dictatorship ruling a country slowing becoming a failed state.

So are they developing an alternative system of government? All we have to go by are vague stories about how they MAY be following a secretive "roadmap" that no-one, other that Sharon Smith and Crozbie Walsh, can talk about. The People Charter, a noble concept, has been abandoned.

Further, elections are promised for 2014, just as they were for 2009. Not many hold out hope for this actually happening and if it does, no prizes for which dictator gets elected.

Effectively, the military regime are neither a appropriate alternative form of government nor a catalyst for change (unless dictatorship was your aim).

So what do we do? Protest, record and keep pressure on the regime to keep its promises it made at the outset - not to rule us, but to make a change.

Those who see protest and criticism as ill-founded need to take a hard look at their own purposes and aims.

If we do nothing, the military regime will continue to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

@ March 24, 2011 12:05 PM

No the Military is also part of what we have....they have all failed.

The new ways of doing things eg new form of government etc....to be decided through democratic means ie people to have a say in it.

The quicker we get rid of dictator Bai the better. We must first elect freely our next caretaker Govt.to work on our future reforms with genuine participation of the people.

antimilitary said...

how long will we put up with these bainimarama's shit

antimilitary said...

@ TheMax

kua mada na vosa tiko vakalialia

vakacava ke yaco ya vei ganemu se o tamamu will you be singing also.

lausamu luveni manumanu.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments by Tamanikaira and Anonymous.10.11AM

Tamanikaira has a point and valid challenge to all pro military bloggers who are hiding behind pseudeynoms or anonymous labels in this forum.

Characters like you Jake..etc,etc...would be better off if you all revealed your true idenitity here.Dr Mere and Tamainikaira seem to be coomunicating with dummies who rant and rave in the dark.

People who challenge these two should get real and reveal your identities otherwise don't waste time and space in this form because our words really mean nothing.At the moment, Dr Mere and Wilson are the best posts because they are real people who are not cowards to hide and make noise behind a computer screen.

And kua na vosa vakalialia because it only reveals your silly nature..Vinaka

Anonymous said...

To hell with all corrupt leadership this goverment and the previous one. We in Fiji need people who are not playing around. We want a goverment who is genuinely interested in the welfare and continuous improvement of the peoples lives and economy. The protection of civil liberties. This military force should be dismantled forever and everyone sent to their villages to go and do something worthwhile with their hands instead of terrorising civilians for voicing their opinions after all they paying for all this.

sdl.to.da.bone said...

Why do people keep harping on about with their ill founded allegations of corruption, regarding the SDL government. Till today, there is not one iota of evidence of any systematic corruption having being organised by anybody in the SDL. Not one. Yet just because some civil servants get burned, because they flouted the Financial Regulations and Instructions of government, and because Statutory Bodies such as the NLTB made some strange (but legal) decisions regarding their I.T systems, the whole SDL party has to suffer as well. Taking garden tools to Rotuma and handing them out to people does not amount to corruption but purchasing a $40 spade for $200 is. That is what Kunatuba and company were guilty of. The Caretaker Government following the 2000 coup felt that they needed to communicate with the grassroots people, making them feel that their concerns were understood, appreciated and that something was being done about it. Remember, that most people that were involved in the burning of Suva and that were in Parliament, were rural, Fijian folk. It was the thinking at the time, that the message that needed to be sent to them was that their concerns were understood but they didn't need to be fearful anymore. Therefore, the government at the time came up with the Agricultural Scheme. Politicians come up with policies that they feel meet the needs of the people at a particular time. Officials (civil servants) then go and put those policies into action. Politicians do not have the authority to sign cheques or LPOs. Civil servants have that trust bestowed upon them. Which is why no minister at the time was convicted. Kunatuba and other civil servants were the Gatekeepers, yet they were the very ones benefitting from the rich pickings, as Bainimarama and Khaiyum are doing now. The Fiji Labour Party had their serving PM renovate his own house and furnish it well on Tax Payers' money yet nobody seems to be making a fuss about it. Chaudary even had the gall to defend his decision in Parliament and made counter allegations against those who pointed a finger at him. Corruption is a spiritual disease, and no amount of legislation will eradicate it. Systems and processes must be put into place to control them and the courts need to be tougher on them. Other than that we have just got to teach our children at home and in our schools to be honest and turn away for illgotten gain. No government in the world, since Adam and Eve, and until the end of the world, was or ever will be free of this stain. So, can people who are fond of doing this, please find some other group of party to poke fun at? The SDL stands proud of its achievements. The only political party in Fiji that was voted in by the people on consecutive election counts. No other party has done so. It's economic achievements stand out as well; having the best economic performance for any five year period since Independence. We'll be back! Count on it.

Unknown said...

Hello, I am a US citizen and have recently discovered my bloodline is related to Sam and George Speight. It is likely we share the same Grandfather.

I have been looking up the histories of these gentlemen in hopes to trace my lineage.

How would one get in touch with Sam or George?

Unknown said...

Hope your rear end has healed now Sam Speight