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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Naivalurua looking to set the standard at MSG police summit

OH, YES, THAT'S HOW WE DO IT: Ioane Naivalurua shares with one of his Melanesian peers the wonder of Fiji policing.

Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and the Solomons Islands  - all have their problems with corrupt and incompetent police.
Still, it was rather ironic to have Fiji's police commander Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua on the podium, looking as though he was extolling the virtues of Viti police.

But in a week when police have been accused of assaulting children (and let's not forget the QEB Goons), senior police officials associating with suspected drug dealers and officers on the take, Naivalurua doesn't have a lot to crow about.

In fact, he probably should've been listening to the Melanesian police heads instead of bending  their ears. 

And oh, yes: true to tradition the two officers accused of assaulting children have apparently been 'transferred', the usual answer to internal police inquiries.

Regarding our National Intelligence Bureau scoop about a police official seen having a discussion with a suspected drug dealer, while drinking inside a nightclub, police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri says “nothing like that happened”. Really?

The summit with the MSG is looking at a range of issues including natural disasters, law ad order, transnational crimes and sovereignty issues.


Poaka said...

Yes nuthin new, same, same old story...the corupt trying to lead the corupt.

Jake said...

Naivolorua is just trying to be good to Boinamarama.

Fiji Police said...

Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua Achievements !

1. Well ... maybe you didnt know that there was a plan of mass breaakout of prisons just last week .. yellow ribbon is a failure - ask any prison officers!

2. No accountability of the poultry and pigery farms that Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua started - they are selling evrey week -- but where did all the money go?

3. Fiji Police has no vision for 2011.. all Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua has done is at 12.30 everyone to run and get trim.. then the same after 4.30pm. When will police officers do police work and attend to crimes.

4. And the statements you Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua are so proudly are making with the MSG Commissioners - that idea was Teleni's who is the author of this idea. You had dismantled everything that Teleni why have you kept this idea - just because it makes you look smart infront of the commissioners who were present in 2010 at intercontinetal resort in Sigatoka when Teleni presented the idea and Sir Michale of PNG have his ok. They are not mad my friend - your glory will be short lived!

RFMF said...

Ni Sa Bula Saka

Hon. President Sir - wasnt this goon on your left the one who came up to your offical resident and asked you to move to Borron House so that he can have Presidental after rennovations.

and you respectfully refused ...

No Offense Sir - but you need to grow balls and make a stand Sir !

Anonymous said...

He should come back and investigate those who are sticking their fingers into other people's anus at QEB.
Isn't that called digital rape?

Anonymous said...

ha!ha!ha! this man amuses me. He acts so intelligent, yet, whell... no wonder he opted for a career in the military. But just what is it that makes him think he ticks? Oh the commish! God Bless Fiji! Era sa bau mai via veiliutaki tu na ba'ola!

Anonymous said...

Oqo edua na i lawalawa ni kana loto. Kana mai na vaini ko sega ni rawata. Vakaloloma!! Vakania tiko na nomu vuvale ena veika e butakoci mai vei ira na lewe ni vanua.

mark manning said...

They are probably trying to work out how to commit those crimes better without getting caught !

Anonymous said...

wel when he waz leading the prisons department, he cared more about the welfare of inmates then his officers..he recruited boys straight from his village taveuni..it was said that out of the 50 or so recriuts, more than half of that was from naiselesele alone...vacava tu ya? one of those boys was still planting in the farm when he was called to go and get ready bacause he was going to suva on the next boat...he only knew that he was being recruited when he was on the boat to suva...shame!!......while he was overseas he ordered some officers to go to his residence on the morning of mrs birthday for them to go sing happy birthday when (mrs think that shez also boss) wakes up..hahahaha..the new legislations for prison was done during taokas reign..the rehabilitation in prison was there from way before...nauvalurua jus came in and put up a fancy name for it "the yellow ribbon program".....he wants to bring with him hes standard and style from the military, up in the camp you have guns to defend yourself, in prison you have nothing...your only weapon is your fist...but when an officer defends himself, next day sacked...many think that he is a hero for yellow ribbon...but the real deal is, its the officers who hold the fort in prison..those who hold the keys inside...this brigdier wana be macho sega mada ni rawata na tauri key loma..kila o koya qo sega na dakai..lakolako dromodromo na taurasese....lol

Anonymous said...

Ha!ha! at stolen ideas, geez that's been going on since they stole the people's government from them and all its ideas... and have since been presenting them as their own! Bakolas!

Anonymous said...

Poor Iowane, can't hide anymore - the truth just has to come out. All this time you hiding while your senior army officer colleagues were being slaughtered one by one - you thought you were seen as the good one, the intelligent one (mind you - you & were the only thinking that way, not your colleagues!) ... but now you are thrown into the eye of the storm (the public) where you cannot hide anymore. Every dog has its day.

Jake said...

Naivolorua is da man. He should take over from Boinavoco Vore as PM.

stinker said...


WANTOK: Hey something smelling very bad. Did you fart?

IOWANE: Sooo boso. We all brothers now. I smell bad all the time, but now you join us, you smell bad too. Share and care, eh? By the way you got any money in your pocket you can give me quietly? This is a great Fijian tradition started by my predecessor for officers to give money to the Compo. You should try it too.