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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Naliva: the pictures that lie about the Hit Squad ringleader


THE SOPHISTICATE: Without the M16 rifle.
This is the Ben (Penioni) Naliva he'd like family, friends and the world to see him as.

But Naliva is no sophisticate or cultured ambassador as these pictures show.

The photos are a long way off from the butt prodding abusive soldier that has been identified as having beaten and tortured at least two Fiji citizens at the QEB barracks.

Coupfourpointfive continues its name and shame campaign today of soldiers illegally committing acts of violence against citizens. 

And we continue to encourage anyone who is unfortunate enough to be taken in by military and police to identify their abusers and to gather evidence so the illegal acts can be reported to the international organisations that can document and prosecute.

Naliva (pictured here in Rome in 2009) has been named now by two of the victims of the recent crackdown, former government minister Sam Speight and Suva man, Ben Padarath.

All of the beatings and tortures done, of course, with the knowledge and on the orders of Fiji's self appointed leader, Frank Bainimarama. 

COSMOPOLITAN: Dirty soldier more like it.
In these pictures and others we have of Naliva, there's no sign of the brutal ringleader of Bainimarama's hit squad.

Former government minister, Sam Speight, identified Naliva as the soldier who stepped on his head, and who was armed with a M16 rifle. 

Most of the soldiers wore scarves to hide their faces but Speight picked Naliva out saying: "I was shocked when I felt the metal barrel of the gun forcing my shorts down from the hip exposing my buttocks and to my horror he attempted to force the point of the gun into my rear end. "

Naliva was also singled out in the particularly vicious beating of Ben Padarath.

No pictures available yet of of the other soldier identified in the Speight beating, Siwatibau Rabuka.


Improvement said...

I don't understand why the opponents are not simply kept on a remote island of the southern Lau group for the next 10 years. There is no need to beat them. You keep the away, out of touch with the rest of the world, simply.

If I was a dictator, that how I would handle my opponents in a civilised way.

mark manning said...

I wonder what Frank's supporters think of the RFMF and its Leadership now !

Anonymous said...

Improvement...problem is that our dearly beloved Mr Suguraki wants to show that he is in power and controls everything. This is solely due to the fact that he is insecure of that very authority. We are dealing with a deranged lunatic..someone who will give orders to kill his own people to stay in power. He came from nothing so he will do anything to cling to it.

Anonymous said...

Here you are USA,UK,AUS&NZ, the face of the man who has and continues to violate Human Rights in Fiji and has therefore commited and continues to commit crimes against Humanity.

He is very much up there in the same legue as Hitler,Idi Amin,Gaddafi,Saddam Hussein and Malenchovic.

Take this person,Bainimarama and others,to task if you insist Human rights is universal and its abuse ammounts to crime against Humanity.

Otherwise its nothing but lip service.Show us you mean business.

Whatabout an aircraft carrier at suva harbour.Our tinpot navy can only shoot seagulls.Whatabout a fighter plane to shoot down these people.You will encounter nothing but kites in the sky.Just Do something PLEASE.

Butt Boy Naliva said...

So Penioni Naliva likes a little bit of butt prodding? Perhaps he is seeking to be a chief justice?

Anonymous said...

Too much gun maro going on at QEB.

Jake said...

“Most of the soldiers wore scarves to hide their faces.

Bearing in mind and according to Samu’s words they wore scarves.

The wearing of scarves is intended to conceal their identity besides if Samu is incapable of identifying the amount of people how is it possible considering there were between five of six soldiers present for Samu to identify Naliva?

So what is it five or six soldiers present? Samu cannot be inconsistent or be vague with the facts, because the facts will weigh heavily in Samu’s favour if Samu can identify conclusively the amount of people present and this Naliva fella.

Speight picked Naliva out saying” "I was shocked when I felt the metal barrel of the gun forcing my shorts down from the hip exposing my buttocks and to my horror he attempted to force the point of the gun into my rear end"

Again Samu singles out Naliva why? There were five or six soldiers present that are just as capable of inserting allegedly the barrel of a gun into Samu’s Ganga.

Would it be possible that these soldiers were conducting exploratory investigation and the equipment used was nothing more than more than the good ole dakai titi.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who is this 'Lord Haw Haw' fella crosbie walsh on another blog.....?
This guy should be Mugabe's public relations advisor.

Poaka said...

He sure looks like a dik head

mark manning said...

@ improvement
Now there's the dichotomy !
You can't behave in a Civilised way and be a Dictator at the same time !

Anonymous said...

Sexual pervert written all over his face. Sick man, living out his fantasies on helpless victims, Ben, and Speight to name a few. Probably his Dad and the rest of his clan specialize on these sorts of sick issues.

Sick Man!

Anonymous said...

To Improvement, that island in Southern Lau has been reserved for your heros Bhaini, Naliva, Rabuka and others so don't you worry about it. You're more than welcome to visit them as many times as you want but everytime you go make sure that you take your diapers for the sake of Naliva.

SaRauta said...

Jake needs the butt up his rear end.

Anonymous said...

Sexual pevert written all over his face.Sick man living out his fanstasies of helpless victims, Ben, Speight and others.Edited-C4.5

Anonymous said...

This guy Naliva needs to be checked out given his infatuation.Was he subjected to sexual sadistic abuse at some stage in his life?-Edited C4.5

Anonymous said...

His father is Vo or Vonivate. Father and father's siblings from Nadroga but brought up in mothers village in Kadavu. Father Vo is an ex RKS student and career soldier. Was an officer cadet but did not get commissioned when he and others broke into mess and stole liquor while training as officers in the 1970s.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9.02, Did you support to topple Qarase and SDL by switching sides and running to meet Qaranivalu in Jail?

What was that for? Did you suceed in cleaning up SDL?

Coup 4.5 said...

To Anon who has just sent the list and numbers, thank you. Quick verification and then we hope to publish!-C4.5

Anonymous said...

Iam amazed that you believe sam speights version hook line and sinker! Sam knew if he only reported a beating no one would remember so he added the butt prodding bit to sensationalize. Sam is a man who misled the Fijian people. Sams face is the face of any criminal who has been taken to task by police and army in fiji.the forces like to teach people a lesson, but the butt prodding and naming of Naliva is a propaganda and name and shame tactic being strategically done to discredit. You guys should be careful in where u going with this - its a tactic that could backfire badly. Excuse the pun. Speight and Padarath and Lal are conmen. Don't make a habit of defending conmen

Anonymous said...

Naliva must be saying to himself now " hey, who took these photos out of my album????"
I hope he is not going to use his m16 to any of his family members to find out who did....

Anonymous said...

Anyone know his mobile or home number so I can harass the shit out of him?

Anonymous said...

Barrel up the sona is how all FMF soldiers in Fiji are initiated into Voreqe's military.Its the only way Voreqe is assured of their love for him.

Jake should know, that is why he always willing to take an 84mm mortar barrel up his cassava tunnel in times like these.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there have been too many examples of seemingly similar examples of contradictory, surprising, bewildering examples of characters like Ben Naliva in our midst. Naliva presented an educated and sophisticated facade to the public but his murderous side has just been witnessed. Reminds me of the bible bashing coup starter Sitiveni Rabuka who was busy thumping the pulpit after closing down Bavadra’s govt while shafting women behind doors simultaneously (remember when found with under pants down over a female journalist?) We have Rabitu the Tailevu Provincial Council fiendly harmless looking driver who was one of the cruel torturers and murderers of fellow kai vata Nakelo man.

My friend Qarase the former PM who is widely regarded a strong Christian of high integrity but his dark side full of corruption (under his watch millions of our $$$ siphoned off in Agr Scam….although has not been legally poved …. I personally distributed materials under his command in Min of Agr to be distributed in Lomaivuna).

Even the tinpot dictator Bainimarama is a self contrading lowlife needing to be weeded out. We have many examples in Fiji unfortunately

Pray that one day we will have robust political, judicial and governance systems and educated population in Fiji to prevent these swines on their tracks before they inflict harm on our country.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon @ 2.01p.m which female journalist you saying was caught with Rabuka pants down? Same on with Draunidalo?

Anonymous said...

anon201.The SDL pack were corrupt, arrogant and self serving. Bad mouthing the self made labour MPs who are still around today tending to their businesses. The SDL crew? Bankrupt, in jail and out in the yonder seeking asylum and refugee status. It will be a long trying journey to the i taukei, with god and heart, must make it right. Fiji needs you to step up and be counted.

Anonymous said...

Innocent Sam Spieght,isnt this the cattle buchter of Misiwani,The head of goons that created fiji first political refugees,the man you represented the kick indo-fijians out of fiji party?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.54pm. Am not sure of journalist's name but they were cought fornicating in a hotel in Taveuni when he, Rabuka, was PM.

The story is that the late Tabualevu (former Fiji rugby rep)stumbled upon them doing the scrum in the hotel room.

I think the same female journalist just won a Journalist award recently.

vinivo said...

The reporter was Wainikiti Bogidrau who is now the 'respectable' mouth organ for FNPF and head of Netball Fiji. Don't ask me of how she has managed to climb the letter of success so far.

Anonymous said...

Hihihihi....@ anonymous 3.09pm and Vinivo, (with hand over mouth) OMG!!!

Anonymous said...

whinykiti waqa knows which side her bread is buttered on, always sidling up to the dicks in power - doing very well for Fiji netball as mary's lady in waiting though. Won a few gold medals at USP, so not dumb. Current netball committee is doing VERY well with businessmen falling over themselves to donate to netbal fiji since frank and mary host the cocktails. All good for netball.

Coup 4.5 said...

You are correct Vinivo, Wainikiti is the female. If indeed habits do die hard one easy way up the ladder to apparent success is to look for the person in power who can provide the ladder then dish out to him/her what the person likes.-Edited C4.5

Jake said...

I like Naliva to dish me the gun butt exercise.

Eli said...

Pooooooor Sam. NOT!!!!!!!!!!! the guy deserved it. Go Frank!!!!!! all of ya ex fiji citizens who are sympathising with Sam. Get a life you fanantics. Him and his brother did the crime that has led to to the decay of our economy and country. What goes around comes around.

Eli said...

Thought I'd let ya suckers know the whole speight family have had Aus PR since the 80s I dont see why this fella is yelling, "Asylum."

nayacakalou said...

I think,he must be still living with his mum,he is mummies boy.They do get angry when they loose their toy,especially when you loose your hair,made you want to eliminate anything with hair.

Anonymous said...

My simpathies go to Sam Speight for violence metted out to him. nobody deserves it.

But the guy is a cohort to the violence his brother and relatives metted out on Fiji in the name of indegenous rights.

The cruel incident must surely driven home to him and his family the nastiness of what they inflickted on Fiji. Sam, his father and family live in two worlds, when they need to invoke their Fijian connections, they use their Fijian names. This was very apparent during the speight coup when they needed indegenous support.

If ther Eoropean links would bring them higher status and benefits, given the situations in front of them, they switch back to the Speight thingy. Word of warning, be careful of such colonial detritus who will jump side to suit their interests...well, like a camelion which changes its colour to blend itself into the immediate environment.....I am their kai vata from Sawakasa, related to them.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 2.13..silly observation on attempted ridicule of racial profile of Speights..a bit contradictory when you say that you are their kaivata. Which side of kaivata..kaivalagi or i taukei ni qele????

Besides, why are you hiding behind the anonymous tag ??? O ira na Speight e sa kilai vinaka nodra yavu and the people of Naloto are proud of their origins just like they are. Vei keitou, they are the true sons of Naloto na kawa ni tamata qaqa.

They are all hard working,extremely well educated and do not depend on government handouts. One other very important thing that all the people up in Tailevu North including Naloto understand and know very well is that they have shared so much of their time and wealth with the people there. Also equally important is that they are dedicated and famous internationally for being fighters of i taukei rights in Fiji because o ira era taukei ni qele talega.That is why we all vote for them in all the elections in Tailevu North and surely you can't say that you are the only clever one in Tailevu North..tamata ravarava ulukau kawa ca.

Why don't you reveal your true identity in public like them...?? You cannot be their kaivata ni Naloto because you are lamusona. Na Vunivalu mai Naloto is not afraid of anyone in Fiji let alone one little boci like you...

Also, don't bring the good name of Sawakasa into disrepute because the Naloto are close relations to them. If the Ratu mai Sawakasa or Matacula know who you are they would personally tie you up and bring you to Naivicula. You know what they do to their enemies there!!

Anonymous said...

I will come to Korovou on 25/03/2011. Please meet me on the bridge about 1200 noon. I would like to take this discussion further and hope we come to some common understanding like true kai Tailevu North. Will be wearing a red T shirt

Drau moce

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5.08 The horrendous bashing and torture dished out to Speight is bad. Did not know he is from Naloto thought he is from Vatukoula.

Well if the warrior Naloto people are what is claimed above to be, why did they receive the torture with apparent silence....expect rebellion and war against Bainimarama by the Naloto people in retaliation. Bainimarama has been to Nakalawaca and other parts of Tailevu north recently where he should have been carried away with long pole between tied legs and arms to heaps of red hot stones

Anonymous said...

To Anon March 23, 2011 5:08 PM

I do not bilieve that the Ratus of Namalata and Matacula will dream of ever tying up anybody then have people to carry him to the Naloto people...you think we still live in the stone ages??? The Ratus will be charged for kidnapping, assault and perhaps aiding and abetting cannibalism if the incident resulted in the latter.

Did not know Tailevu North people still live like that. Perhaps some of us live in two worlds, modern Fiji and pre-Christian era.

Probably our friend from Naloto is just being carried away with his anger and Tui Naloto will not condone barbarism.

Anonymous said...

To Anon March 23, 2011 5:08 PM

mai Naloto

Even Tui Naloto Chiefs and elders of Naloto are not very impressed with your hero Samisoni Speight. Your popular politician has ambandoned you, prefering Australia....if he has heart for his people he will rough it with his people......no Sam is for Sam. Read below.....

Clans upset
Ifereimi Nadore
Friday, March 25, 2011

THE vanua of Naloto has distanced itself from claims by former Cabinet minister Samisoni Tikoinasau (Speight) that he acted on their behalf in distributing an anti-government DVD that led to his arrest.

The chiefs of Naloto collectively agreed ina meeting at Naivicula Village last week that Mr Tikoinasau be relieved of his position as chairman and trustee of the Dritabua Dairy Farmers Co-operative which is wholly owned by the people of Naloto.

Mr Tikoinasau, who represented the Tailevu North constituency in the 2006 election, is reportedly seeking political asylum in Australia where he went to last month for medical treatment.

The meeting, which was attended by the Tui Naloto and all heads of the landowning units from the villages of Nasau, Naveicovatu and Naivicula, disagreed with the comments by Mr Tikoinasau which were posted on the Internet.

A spokesman for Naloto, Tevita Tamanisau, claimed the people of Naloto were embarrassed by Mr Tikoinasau's comments.

Mr Tamanisau said the people of Naloto had sought forgiveness from Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama about the events of 2000 and supported the current administration.

He claimed Mr Tikoinasau's utterances painted a bad picture of Naloto and contradicted the vanua's stand and its support for the Bainimarama Government.

"What he said was quite embarrassing to the vanua," Mr Tamanisau said.

"The decision to sack him was unanimously supported at the meeting."

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