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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NZ should sort itself out first before pointing the finger at Fiji: Kubuabola

Fiji's interim illegal Minister for Foreign Affairs Ratu Inoke Kubuabola says the regime is committed to holding General Elections in 2014.

This follows comments by New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully that they will only lift travel bans on Fiji once the military government gives a firm commitment for return to elections.

Last week the dictator Frank Bainimarama threatened to stop the Flying Fijians and the Sevens team from attending either the World Cup in New Zealand or next weeks Adelaide 7s tournament if the travel sanctions weren't relaxed.
Ratu Inoke said New Zealand just doesn't want to recognize nor understand that Fiji needs to give its people a fair and just election system that makes up the multiracial country of Fiji.

He said these things cannot be achieved overnight, and the government has set the time to 2014.

Ratu Inoke said New Zealand has some real issues to address first before it can, make such a swipe at Fiji and question the commitment towards elections in 2014.


Anonymous said...

Note how Kubuabola didn't include crucial words "free & fair" in his election ramblings?

mark manning said...

Wasn't it Frank Bainimarama who said Sports shouldn't be Politicised ?

And why can't the Regime understand the obvious ! no one in the International community agrees with their assertion that Fiji can't be returned to Democratic Rule now ?

Anonymous said...

The dictator should follow through with his threat to pull the fijians out. They never win ANYWAY. jUST A WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE. Samoa is the real threat to the world cup

Anonymous said...

inoke your grandfather was a colonial labourer from samoa and was send to fiji by the british to work in the sugar cane platation in vuna taveuni,you are a con man like your grandfather,go back to samoa the whole lot of you and the Ratu and Adi your family are usuing l dont know where it came from,con ga na con KAWA CA.

Anonymous said...

Read about NZ's Foreign Minister's comments here.................


Anonymous said...

Isa o Knoxy,jumping fence from one regime to another so desperate to have money in the pocket.
What a pain it must be to now talk multi-racialism. Just be honest man! You know the elections wont' happen in 2014 and that any electoral reforms won't be legitimate unless, so who are you fooling?.

Anonymous said...

@ Blog-owner,
If you have to edit pls make sure the meaning is not distorted! Thank you. Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

minister conman kubu bola.
same guys was in 1987 coup marching with filipe bole /others.
svt govt than jam with sdl to be high comm in png.
now with bani -whom you fooling .
nz shouldnt allow these thugs in nz.
fiji rugby team/players are not bani or your property it belongs to the fans/union.

TheMax said...

While I don't like Rt Inoke for his part in coup 1987 and 2000, at least he is saying the truth here.

Anonymous said...

Inoke knows very well that Bainivuaka is lying. So why does he keep harping on about the 2014 election, like a parrot.
Sa lusi ga na Sevens mai Hong Kong sa rauta. Cava so na complain.Timi lusilusi.
Good we have elections in 2014 so that we can throw Vuaka and all his ministers in jail.
Inoke can then go and parrot from Naboro.

paula raqeukai said...

...the most important thing in the future political arena of Fiji is that future politicians should be a God fearing person and MUST rule on the principles of FAIR and JUST to the people of this great nation of the pacific community...NO MORE FILL THE POCKET or UNSTABLE Politicians like my ratu from ca'au....we the new generations of this beloved Fiji must strive for a better future of our children and most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ MUST be the HEART of our constitution for a peaceful and God fearing nation....

Anonymous said...

inoke sonalevu!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like holding the MSG chairmanship is making Inoke and Frank feel very powerful. So they refuse to be rabbits tempted by carrots today.

With the economy in strife and the failed coup pushing more people into poverty, they'd better rethink these international junkets and conspicuous spending!

Anonymous said...

Don't get distracted. Its a ploy. The promise of election is a carrot that is offered to the public when the internal thermometer reads " there's going to be an internal revolution". Must be a good sign that someone inside is worried that they offer this peace stick to appease the masses, hoping that the brownie points will win them time.

What is interesting is that the AG, an expert in constitutional criminology and directly responsible for explaining to the public why he favours an Indonesian model when Fiji has NEVER been an Islamic state, passes the buck yet again.

mark manning said...

In response to an email i sent the N.Z. Foreign Minister some time ago, I received in the mail 2 days ago, in the form of a signed letter, confirmation that Frank and co. won't be being granted a visa to enter N.Z.
I suspect that position has changed slightly since that letter was written, but that it would now be with a proviso !
Elections Confirmed !

Why is it that everyone else has to adapt to this illegal and treasonous bunch anyway and why aren't Frank and Co. getting the message ?
Nobody in Legitimate Government, believes you !

Unknown said...

I don't know how to get this piece of information across to the blog, but I have been told from a very reliable source that the $350,000.00 cheque paid to the landowners in Bua where the bauxite mine is to be established, has bounced.... yes it has bounced.

Please follow it through but it is real. So much for the Land Bank.

Anonymous said...

Suggest Kubuabola's time would be better spent figuring out ways he can pay back NBF the $193.951 he owes?

Anonymous said...

@ Paula - 1.41pm...It is god to have a GOD fearing people to lead, am just wondering what the current Christians in this current Government think of a Person who is GAY...It is acceptable for them to hold public office? We should start from within if the laws that is going to be done is from Jesus Christ teachings....

sara'ssista said...

How can it be that Egypt's military interim regime can organise elections for 80m people within a year of the fall of a despotic reime with a poulation largley rural with limited educational oportunities but Fiji requires 8 years of 'reform' , and even then elections to be held with conditions. How is that ?? Eactly how special are Fiji's circumstances and how must people feel to be portaryed as ignorant and easily manipulated that they need so much time to get their heads around the concept of a particular kind of democracy that appears to be specifically designed for fiji??

Anonymous said...

Daunitutu's DVDs, in Youtube format, that were distributed by Speight in Fiji and triggerred the army to investigate Speight's rectum/cici with point of a gun, can be accessed at Youtube site below:


Good listening

Anonymous said...

I think the immediate lifting of the PER by the bainimarama govt would be a positive sign to the NZ and Australian govt that they are committed to the elections

Anonymous said...

I've always said from Day 1 that Vuaka is not someone that anyone should waste their time negotiating with.
He lies to everyone.
He asked to sit down with Qarase in NZ and he did not keep his word. He lied.
Talk with the Methodst Church - he lied.
Told SDA Leader Mr Wilisoni that he will pursue justice, then very next week he beat up Sam Speight.

He said elections in 2009, he lied.
He lied to MSG
He lies to everyone
For some stupid reason, the NZ Prime Minister Mr Keys thinks that if Vuaka promises an election, he will deliver it.

Mr Keys , honestly, yah not that stupid a yah?

Come on Mr Keys. Bainimarama is a lier. Don't bother with carrots or Kiwi fruit, what I suggest is "tighten the sanctions even further". Get the UN to send ALL Fijian soldiers back home.

This arsehole Vuaka does not respond to anything except the pressure from his thug soldiers.
So send all Fijian soldiers home & you'll see Vuaka jump around like a cat on a hot tin roof.
There will be no need for a carrot then,because Vuaka will push for Elections immediately.

Anonymous said...

Kubu and friends should realise now that their words are worth less than a piece of shit.

dibau said...

inoke dau vuvale dau con ,o tukamu na nomu yaca kei tamamu o manasa e rau a roko mai taveuni ena levu gona ni con,between your granddad,your uncle kitione and your dad they sold alot of land in taveuni which doesnt belong to them you butabutako family,you guys use all the chiefly names in fiji so that you can hide your true identerty,na kemui rairai says it all TU NA KAI SAMOA

Anonymous said...

No Election will happen all lies.
all these guys are lamu to end up in prison.
people have to stand up and fight.

Anonymous said...

The difference is due entirely on the fact that the Egyptians are genuinely commited to progress towards democracy for which they fought and hundreds died. Attainment of democracy was the uniting force which created their revolution some weeks back.

In Fiji on the other end, the military dictatorship wants the opposite...it does not want to return power to the people because those in power, the ruling junta benefit financially under their dictatorship and also benefit in in many other respects by holding on to power. Important too is the fact that there is a high possibility that dictator Voreqe and many military personnel will be tried and convicted in court of law for murder, treason, rape, fraud, etc when democratic govt takes over. So it is in the military's favour to either delay or even cancell the return of a representative democratic government.

It is for us the people of Fiji and not outsiders who should be fighting hard to return to democracy....with help from international friends

Anonymous said...

@paula raqeukai.Apparently if you ask Inoke, he will tell you that he is a "god-fearing" person. And he honestly believes that Baimarama is god-sent and that NZ is totally unfair & unjust.
And even Bai will tell you that he tries to follow god. Remember he said that a few weeks ago to Wilisoni (SDA World Leader).
This was just before he started beating up Sam Speight.

So how will you make your idea work?

Anonymous said...

Where's the old editor of C4.5 ?
Bring him back. He was good.

KKT said...


While I don't like Inoke I think he is a good guy. Like TheMax he is merely lost in the heat of masi polo to the vuaka.

And people don't be rude to call such a Chief a kai Somoa lolz. TheMax is kai Sonalevu.

Jone said...

Thank you Anonymous 9.04a.m. for pointing out the obvious.

5 years on... so its shocking to read some comments that remind you of on ostrich with heads stuck in the sand. hah!.

Problem with Fijians is that they want someone else to do the dirty hard work for them, hah!.

Get off your lazy arses, get your act together and reclaim what's yours. Drau bula.

Anonymous said...

Kubu,his master,Commodore Sotevulavula Katukatu and their solisona military should cut all the bullshit and be real men.

They should just do what all their pro-coup supporters in NZ and Fiji want..carry out a military invasion of NZ and Australia and overthrow their governments.

Oh..I forgot!!!...all the sotia solisona mai Delainabua always kalamu na sona when they come up against opposition with guns. De qai prod taki nodra cici mai vei ira na sotia kaivalagi.

Kua tiko na vaqakoro Inoke,bleri tamata con man macawa.

Anonymous said...

Ahh..Noke...please see youtube of Voreqe saying there cannot be election because he cannot trust the people..

Ha,ha....why is he worried ?? He should trust us because we promise never to vote for his stupid criminal party.

Waraka ga na orders,"Bainimarama,rai ki Beka u bleri tamata soli sona"

Anonymous said...


mark manning said...

@ tekoroi 430 pm
If you look at the left hand side of the
" coupfourpointfive.com " home page, you will see :-

Click Here
I suggest that you scan your document into your computer, give it a document name, go to the " click here " on the home page and email coupfourpointfive and don't forget to attach with the email, your document which can be identified by the name you gave it !

Here is their email Address :-

Wilson Tamanikaira said...

Inoke Kubuabola is another reason why the Fijian race is in limbo.In the past, politicians like him have continually compromised their prosperity by underhand deals and dirty money.

When we see the make up of Voreqe's junta we see a bunch of failed and corrupt politicians like Kubuabola,Filipe Bole,Jim Ahkoy,Epeli Ganilau, Berenado Vunibobo,Tabakaucoro and others.Is this the best that Voreqe has to offer the people of Fiji and the world???

Even his most ardent supporters must agree that this lot are just a bunch of corrupt losers who are taking the country backwards at a fast rate because none of them can win another election and they see an opportunity for personal gain at the misery of the people.They also share a common trait in that their names are associated with all the coups that have occurred in Fiji.

Kubuabola has no credibility because he does not represent Fiji nor its peoples.He only represents an illegal mob who are clearly the uninvited and unwanted minority in Fiji.Like Voreqe, his only hope for survival is to barter a deal for immunity from prosecution but the people will never allow that to happen this time.They are determined to met out justice first before any reconciliations are entertained.

The world is rapidly moving towards a more democratic environment and Inoke should look at the uprising in the Arab world.The romantic notion of a dictatorship is no longer attractive in these modern times and Voreqe has made a tragic mistake in carrying out this misguided coup.

Like Voreqe, Inoke's rantings against NZ are childish and immature.He may be impressing the communists who fill their back pockets with cash and the MSG known as the "Pacific arc of instability and corruption" but at the end of the day they are digging their own graves by perpetuating social disharmony within the region and in Fiji.

Voreqe should realise that when the going gets tough,Inoke and the other losers in his camp will be the first ones to jump ship to save their miserable little lives.That's the dog eat dog nature of his brittle and unstable regime.

New Zealanders should take note that beneath the facade of tourist tranquility in Fiji,an atmosphere of terror reigns on the ground.Fiji's citizens have no rights,they are being abducted off the streets by the military and tortured up at camp and are fearful of criticizing the illegal regime which Inoke represents.

This dark and sinister behavior is evident in a regime who has no qualms in punishing the national rugby teams in order to satisfy their egotistical and misguided greed for power.

paula raqeukai said...

@anonymous 10.19am...Kubu n VB are both fake God Fearing leaders because most of what they had been doing are all illegal activities....against the principles of God....if they fear God they would have not done this treason act in the first place....remember the devil is always searching to destroy....God Bless Fiji...

sesedina said...

If inoke wants nz to sort things out, then perhaps nz government can sort out inoke's psychiatry records at auckland hospital from the 70s. this guy was medically certified as a verified nutcase. i hope someone in nz wud publish his record. it helps explain why inoke acts like a madman.