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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Officers accused of being on the take

Intelligence sources have identified the following police officers as taking drug money and bribes. The information comes from within the regime.

Rank                Batch No.             Name                      Unit

DCP                       2152        Isikeli Ligairi                   HQ

SP                  389        Luke Navela Wainiu       CID

ACP                239         Henry Brown                   HQ               
SSP              1023         RusiateTudeavu           RPC/S

ASP              2394        Abdul Khan                    NIB

IP                 3010        Tevita Tadulala                HQ


Anonymous said...

Are they spying for the RFMF or just taking bribes privately?

Ovisa Vesu said...

Is this another leaked document from the Fiji Police National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) headed by thick head Brown and doppy Abdul. These guys are not to be believed.

Commissioner, do the right thing, send them home, undermining your leadership.

Jake said...

send them all(including CP)home

Anonymous said...

i this is true then this is a very sad day indeded in the fiji police orce.

O ira saraga eso na senior policeman that other junior ranks looks up too for guidance sa qai maumau na nodra vakavulici ena lawa ni matanitu era vulica ena nodra gauna ni recruit ena Police Academy..mau2 na swear tiko nai vola tabu..i only can say sa qima but the lord will show them their weakness & teach them a lesson in years to come.

"Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency.”

Anonymous said...



Wili blog jiko vi ratou na ofisa!! qai ratou tu tale na lialia ena fiji times, ratou tabaka na press release mai vei ratou na media cell!


THE police have denied reports that a senior police officer was seen having a discussion with a suspected drug dealer, while drinking inside a nightclub.

According to police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri, "nothing like that happened and there's no truth in it".

"We only work on things that can be proven in court and people making such allegations should present us with evidence," he said.

"The report has surfaced from a blogsite and we can't rely on that without any concrete evidence."

Insp Sokomuri also said the police were unable to do much about the blogs because people filing the reports remained anonymous.

The blogsite reported a senior police officer had a discussion with a suspected drug dealer inside a nightclub in Suva last month.

It said the information was from a leaked report of the Fiji National Intelligence Bureau.

The blog said the senior officer's official vehicle was parked outside the nightclub from 9pm to 2am on that night while the driver was drinking inside.

Anonymous said...

Salus Populi Est Suprema Lex. The welfare of the people is the ultimate law.

This is the Fiji Police motto and it was so sad and heart breaking to watch Voreqe destroy this institution and turn it into a criminal enteprise that engages in criminally harming the people. Naivalurua and Teleni names should be at the top of the list.

Crooked regimes = crooked Police

Anarchy starts at the top because Voreqe is an illegal PM and is breaking the law every day. His regime is no different from the criminal sydicates being run by the Mafia,Chinese triads,Al Qaida and so forth.The consequence of this coup mess is manifested in a culture of criminal behaviour within what was once professional law enforcement and disciplinary institutions. Everything and evryone becomes a victim of Bainimarama's immoral behaviour.

Voreqe is nothing but a conman who tries to convince everyone that his corrupt and criminal activities in his misguided coup will create a society of clean living and law abiding citizens.What absolute bullshit and nonsense,worse still there are some dumbasses who believe all that crap.

Good governance has its roots in high moral and ethical behaviour which are based on working within the law. Voreqe's regime was created on the back of breaking the law and indulging in immoral and unethical behaviour therefore it is no suprise that there is systemic corruption and rot in all government institutions and this will continue to escalate if nothing is done to remove him by force.

Salus Populi and not should be forgotten and every Police should strive to bring these criminals to justice and to restore the force to its rightful state,

Anonymous said...

What's Marama Baini's cut?

Anonymous said...


ear ear said...

Can anyone tell me what has happened to pot-belly big ears Sharon, she the one with the onerous job of giving the military the mouth job everyday? Is she up and about or still on her back in service to her bosses?

Coup 4.5 said...

Several comments have come in saying she is no longer in Fiji but back in Australia. We have not had the opporutnity to investigate but I'm sure someone will write in eventually if it's true.-C4.5 Editor

Puaka said...

hahahahaha @Anon 12.11pm..Inspector Atunaisa Muaimuri denying their own NIB leaked report. Thats funny...

Editor C4.5..find out how this Inspector Atunaisa joined the Police and how did he get his rank? must be one tabetabe kind..

Anonymous said...

Corruption is rife in the Police Force and begins with Voreqe and Naivalurua. One only has to look at Mac Patel's photo with Naivalurua at Police Commissioner's Conference.

Money has already been paid up to Voreqe, Khaiyum and Naivalurua.

Mark my words - Mac Patel will be be acquitted.

Where is the Financial Intelligence Unit of the RBF - Tell the people of Fiji where these big deposists are coming from into these people's account.
Why do you think Khaiyum appointed a Muslim to this post - He will keep his mouth shut as he is also getting his cut.

And the dogs want to preach about corruption to the people of Fiji - God is great and will punish these crooks, all their hangers on and families one day.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Police is telling Mac Patel in photo - Do not worry as my wife is also supplying juice to the Fiji Police Force that will cost way over the $75,000 for the clock.

There was no tender process and FICAC cannot lift a finger against me as Voreqe, Khaiyum and myself are all involved in corrupt practices.

Look at my predecessor Teleni - He made millions with his brother Atu in the Police Crusade and will be enjoying his holiday in China knowing that all this money will enable him and his family to be comfortable for life.

I say disband FICAC and help feed the poor as they are not independent and are directed who to investigate and chare and who not to. Same with the Police Force under Naivalurua.

Case in point - Why is there such a big hype and readiness in charging Tuisolia for supposedly not having business licence while these crooks are milking millions from Fiji everyday.

Any comments Langman & FICAC.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Smith Johns is in Australia apparently very sick from cancer.

SaRauta said...

FICAKE is just a phony wasting money to pay useless idiots. A facade for the thieving military morons.

Jake said...

Boinamarama should bring in more military officers to replace this lot. More in the mould of pretender Naivolorua.

Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

Yeah right. Throw more idiots and thieves into the pot - brilliant plan.

Anonymous said...

PM, AG, CEO FIRCA, COMPOL and the CLIQUES. AS of today we are getting information from the very people you sent to prison and there is no way you can escape the truth of your involvements on drugs. We knew that policemen and army officers are selling drugs via your connections Islamic, trucks, vans, 4x4 wheel drive vhicles, mini buses, women prostitution and ex-crminals, night clubs, security guards connection around the country in. Where are we in the near future with these kind of corrupt leadership information is at villigers and public hands. Shame on you Frank

Anonymous said...

Mac will go in. Just see. Powell evidence will knock him in. IG just want him and DLB to be made an example.

Mouth job sharon said...

Sorry, can't reply. I've got a gobful at the moment.

Anonymous said...

This is the result of the coup culture. Corrupt police officers, a higher degree of abuse of powers/authority and incompetent officers promoted overnight. The police force will go down this way for years to come. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

hah! hah! 3.10p.m. So who is that trashy elephant ears Sharon SJ kneeling before these days? ;)

convict said...

Fatty Sharon in Aussie? Can't be. She is a criminal and needs to be tried as a human rights violator. Has Australia regressed to again become the destination for convicts and criminals? Surely not. So why was fat Sharon allowed into Aussie?