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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pink Elephants and Damm Cats!

WATER BOYS: Bainimarama and Nailatikau.

Both are known as piss heads but they'd have us believe they're teetotallers on this occasion. Get these two at the recent Sayed Khaiyum and Ela Gavoka nuptials.

Bottles of water are in front of them but it's common knowledge these days that the dictator, Frank Bainimarama, and the illegal president, Epeli Nailatikau, are drunks.

Regime sources have revealed that Bainimarama fritters money away on parties and expensive bottles of wine and that he's drunk as often as four times a week.

Nailatikau also has a reputation as a mateni; he seems to spend a lot of his time at the Defence Club imbibing freely then foisting himself on company.

The drinking of the El Supremo and El Presidente brings to mind the following clever quip: Alcohol removes inhibitions - like that scared little mouse who got drunk and shook his whiskers and shouted: "Now bring on that damn cat!"


Anonymous said...

thanks to tappoos for sypplying mountain dew and bottled water,infact they paid the bill.

Anonymous said...

what a cheap wedding reception; bloddy typical... no champagne, no wine? They might've at least served their softies in elegant jugs! Uwaiyawe!! Showing the class... or rather, the lack of it!

Keep The Faith said...

So if the party started at 7pm, I'm guessing these are shots taken around 7:30 - 8:00pm.

What I want to know is where are the "real party" shots and there MUST be some -- the whole shindig was teeming with journo's.

mark manning said...

Excessive alcohol consumption also masks fear !

ex Fiji tourist said...

Of course, being a moslem ceremony, no alcohol would be provided.

So these two fools sat there drinking nothing but water; I think not.

If you look closely, you can see the hip flasks.

ex Fiji tourist said...

As the poor woman subjected to the taliban lust of hairyarse is 'in the club', I wonder whether the initial fallout between haityarse and the girl's father occurred months ago when it had to be revealed that hauryarse had been sowing a few wild oats.

Soon after this revelation, bananasinpyjamas and his fools started attacking the FRU and eventually the father resigned from the FRU.

Who has sinned here; it certainly wasn't the pregnant girl's father.

FijiGirl said...

They are probably also wary of being poisoned. Or at least, they should be.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

hotel bill was paid by tapoos on ag wedding.
All tappoos drink products.
People get drunk when they are scared and under pressure this shows on the faces of these to guys.

Get rid of them... said...

So much drama - so much heartache -just so this couple of losers can maintain the lifestyle too which they've become accustomed.

TheMax said...

Sa rui levu na lasu. Enough bullshit.

Bainimarama is not a drunkard thank you very much.

TheMax said...

Why don't you anti-Fiji/Bainimarama numbskulls read this for a change:


Get it in your collective numbskulls that Bainimarama has support now from the i-Taukeis all over Fiji, the very people you guys have been trying to divide and revolt against the current leadership. Ordinary i_taukeis eyes and minds have been opened by the current military leadership especially with Bainimarama at the top.

Revolution against the current Bainimarama leadership by the i-Taukeis will not happen. That's the end of the story. You can tell the FDM in New Zealand and Australia that especially Sai Lealea, Tui Savu, Suli Daunitutu, Sam Speight, Ted Young, Simi Kaitani and their other SDL cronies that we, the ordinary i-Taukeis who wants to move forward, will come after them the day they set foot in Fiji. These are the guys instigating a bloody revolution in Fiji with their constant agitation, manipulation and misinformation with their discredited ideologies. One just have to read through their articles online in the various blogs they publish it on.

Anonymous said...

Bai to Epeli "Bro got your hip flask, time to visit the toilet eh, thought Aiarse was joking when he said to me Boci no alcohol"

Anonymous said...

Epeli to Bai "Bocilevu lets go, thought you and Aiyarse are close"

Anonymous said...

And to add to the conversation, Aiyarse to Ela "Oi see those 2 bocis there, I think they're drinking alcohol. I told Boci Marama NO ALCOHOL but he didn't listen.Bastard."

Anonymous said...

Max , you're an idiot.

Do you realise that the Fiji times only prints propaganda articles from the regime due to restrictions of the truth reports and facts. Go to school and learn something.

The illegal regime is not accountable to anybody, no did the citizens of Fiji elect them to be their leader - in short ordinary principled people do not operate of the same platform of lies as the illegal regime.
Basically they are parasites preying on innocent people's abilities & capabilities.

Anonymous said...

Then Ela to Aiyaz: this wedding is blaidy boring. My people like to party, not sit here and look at each other

Anonymous said...

Whoever was it that aptly said; "alcohol... once y've tasted it that is all you want to drink"!!

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti...... Bainiboci And Eveli then wnet to the toilet where Ben Nalive was waiting with the gun from Sam Speight, a little pun..pun.. there just to get a kick.

Radiolucas said...

@ Max

So if Baini and Aiyaz are so popular why the media decree? Why the PER?

No answer huh? I wonder why your bosses are so scared of the people that love them so much...

Open your eyes.

SaRauta said...


You luveni kala poci, what you on about. Only idiots like you think highly of numskull Boinamarama.

VereBau. said...

@ The Max.

"support from the Taukei's all over Fiji"?

As a fellow blogger once succinctly wrote...

"what colours the sky where you live?".

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether Baini... is a drunkard or not & don't really care which one is he... but as the saying goes, 'a picture says a thousand words' is so true in this picture. Baini... lately his preggy belly showing, his face looks so stressed & unfit ... the fact is Baini... has aged so dramatically ... repent & give it up, not worth it in the long run Baini ...

action jackson said...

All bloody bocis all of you bloggers - all blog and no action and you want a revolution? Revolution is getting out on the streets not talking shit from your computers both here and elsewhere.....

Anonymous said...

@ the Max you think by pushing your lies in this forum, you can buy everybody's loyalty. If you & Baini ... are so loved by the people, why is Baini so scared of taking the country to the polls? Why is the media sensored? Why is there decree after decree? Baini has been bought by the Indians & Chinese, enjoying the money - buying SOME of the vulnerable, gullible, soldiers' loyalty to protect him & keep him in power. The Taliban policy is being pushed down Fiji's throat & reality is Baini does not even know, he is just enjoying the power, the money, the travels, etc. Wake up Fijians - you have been attacked from within without knowing!!! The Vanua, the lotu, the Vola ni Kawa bula, the Native Lands, the GCC, the i qoliqoli, the Fijian identity, etc (everything that makes a Fijian a Fijian) the Taliban agent (Kaiyum) is at work to ensure that the Fijian race is left out to hang dry. Kaiyum is thieving the Fijians of their rights to their homeland. Wake up Fijians!!! Enough tolerating the lies, you are being stripped of your dignity day by day.

Gone ni Viti said...

@ Max.....rauti iko??? luveni sala..qaralevu/sonalevu to the Max.

Anonymous said...

good question @ Keep the faith. Why would someone sitting in close proxy (to be identified) share this photo on this blog?

Fiji Mojo said...

The Max@10.29 If you so produ to be itaukie, TheMax. why don't you show your true colours and blog under your real name? P3ople lile Fiji Girl, Radiolucas even the unlikeable Jake have a semblance of a real persona.

Anonymous said...

TheMax is right !!

Anonymous said...

taroga mada.na cava na nona magiti.eso na vore e moku? se sa rauti Vore ga ni tiko.

Anonymous said...

The faces of guilt and shame!!. Your days are coming!!.

This is a preview of whats coming when they will be sitting on the dock waiting for the hammer of justice to drop.

Psalm 37:7 "Do not fret because of him who prospers in his ways, because of the man who brings wicked scheme to pass. 8 For evil doers shall be cut off; 10. For yet a little while and the wicked shall be no more; Indeed you will look carefully for his place, but it shall be no more. 12. The wicked plot against the just, and gnashes at him with his teeth. 13. The Lord laughs at him, for He sees his day is coming."

Anonymous said...

TheMax,perhaps you're feeling slightly safe through some connection to the illegal goons with guns. But you will be the first one to jump the fence and claim you always oppose Bainiboci and his sub-bocinates. It's bocis like you who need to think clearly and get rid of Marama Boci.

TheMax said...

@ Anti-Fiji/Bainimarama bloggers

Levu ga nomuni vosa. O Viti me sa toso i liu sega ni keimami via mi vesuki tu ena so na vakasama sega ni yaga, lesu i muri macawa.

I see quite a lot of you guys are saying derogatory words against me. I have to ask why? Just goes to show the bunch of losers you all are.

Ni kila vinaka sara tiko. Na siga na yaco kina i Viti e dua na tiko yavavala o ni via cakava tiko qori me vaka e yaco tiko mai Ijipita, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, o ya na siga keimami na vaqarai kemuni yani nai lala o ni vosa tiko qori mai NZ, Australia, USA, UK.

Ni nanuma vinaka sara tiko qo o kemudou na tiko qori mai na FDM mai NZ, Australia, nomuni "ideology" e sega ni yaga vei keimami na tiko qo e Viti. O Viti me toso i liu, sega ni toso lesu i muri. Ke o ni via tosi Viti i liu, ni lako mai me da mai cakava vata i Viti. Ni kua tiko ni vaka na koli ni kai Idia, kodro toka ga mai nomuni matanivale mai valagi. Vakaraitaki ga ni tamata lamulamu.

Jake said...

Max mimi ca na cava o bau rawata, levu ga na da, you carawai, kawa ca.
Mama na poci nei Vore.

Anonymous said...

@ Max March 27, 2011 11:08

This is what Voreqe Bainimarama have done to our country since 2006:Is this what you call moving the country foward?

1. He borrowed $300M - $700M from the Exim bank in China and the people of Fiji will pay this loan after five years at 3% interest.
2. He increased VAT by 15% disregarding the poorest of the poor.
3. He increased: Bus and Taxi fares, Water bills, Electricity, Telephone, Mobile, Food, School fees etc..
4. He made more people unemployed, some stay at home without jobs and this will increase prostitution, crimes, unwanted family breakup and other social ills.
5. He violate our basic human rights of freedom to speak and assemble through PER.
6. He sold our our national assets put together by our forefathers such as Viti corp, Rewa dairy, Government printing press etc and sold it the muslims.
7. He sold our land to foreigners like prostitutes.
8. He brought in fly-by-night consultant foreigners to be hired by TFL, FHL, Tourism Fiji, Information ministry, Water authority, Roads and Trades siphoning millions of dollars in tax payers money with no positive results.
9. He sacked exeperienced senior career civil servants with no valid reason or explanation and replaced them with unqualified in-experienced military officers.
10. He ordered the killing of CRW soldiers in November 2000.
11. He ordered the murder of civilian like Nimilote and Rabaka during his 2006 coup.
12. He ordered the burning of several houses in Suva using military and police officers.
13. He ordered the breaking of houses and private vehicles of former Fiji Editors, Netani Rika and Qarase's lawyer, Tevita Fa.
14. He abrogated the 1997 constitution using Ratu Iloilo as rubber stamp and replaced it with illegal decrees without any consultation.
15. He took $300 million of superannuation FNPF funds to pay government workers and government operation expenses.
16. He ordered FHL Sereana Qoro to be paid $200,000 as goodwill to keep her silence. She abused her power through nepotism by recruiting her husband and daughter to work in the FHL office with $160K.
17. He fed the nation with lies on China investments when we are paying China what we borrowed - $200M in five years time.
18. The Chinese money will go back to China. They brought their own people and their own materials. Our children will have to pay the loan, not him.
19. He have morgaged Fiji to ADB, IMF, CHINA Exim bank and Malaysia bank.
20. Because of this we are not in controll of our land anymore, that is the reason the governor of the Reserve bank ran away to NZ. He knew that our reserve is insufficient and he has been feeding us with lies.
21. He brought in John Prasad the former PS Finance. He left Fiji for good to collect and prepare for the overseas payout from overseas accounts to
PM Voreqe Bainimarama. Aiyarse Kaiyum and Reddy for Water Authority contracts, roads and others.
22. He brought in son in law Sorovaki to run FRU and his brother in law Francis Kean the murderer to be the Navy Commander.
23. He brought in her own daughter Litiana Bainimarama, the un-qualified with no experience been given the CEO post for the Fiji Sports Council with a salary of $120,000 despite the other highly qualified applicants with experience.

Anonymous said...

@ Max March 27. 2011 11:08

This is what Voreqe Bainimarama have done to our country since 2006:Is this what you call moving the country foward?


* ILLEGAL CJ - $180,000
* ILLEGAL PS-$120,000
* CEO AIR PAC-$240,000
* CEO FHL -$650,000
* CEO FBCL-$130,000


The illegal Commander and PM Frank Bainimarama, Aiyaz Khaiyum AG and the illegal cabinet is our enemy. They have destroyed our land and they have ruined our future by bringing the snake devil of al Qaeda to destroy the plan of God for our people and our future, removing the people’s god given possession in their land of inheritance.

This government has turned truth and justice into bitterness and morality into chaos and decay. We want this government removed and all of them be brought to justice and jailed for life.

Radiolucas said...

@ TheMax

We are not anti-Fiji. We are anti-dictatorship and pro-freedom.

Your lies will haunt you. Your form of treasonous cowardice will not be celebrated in years to come - but by then you will have hidden yourself well and deny all the ridiculous claims you make that you are following Frank for the good of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

O Max, karua kei Leweni, masipolo qai toso, ke sega, drami vusi sara tiko ga i boto ni kuro.....na toso cava o tukuna tiko, na toso ni laba -Naulia & Co, Kean, laba rai qai sereki tiko, na toso o kaya tiko.....sonalevu lako mada mai Australia se NZ qai laurai mada na kodro tiko qori, koli ni kai idia nei Aiyaz.........lako mai!!!

Anonymous said...

Max sonalevu!!!! waraki au tiko niu na lako yani i Viti, solia rawa tiko mai nomu naba ni talevoni kei na nomu adress!!!! ira mai viti sa ra voraki tu ga na vakamuri kemudou ni tu vei kemudou na dakai, dou yavu ulukau, good for nothing!!!! mai rawa nai tutu cecere loto, sega ni bunoci!!! sa ra valoloma na lewe ni vanua, sau levu na bula, cava dou cakava rawa kina?? dou nanuma ga na tawa ni nomudou taga!!!!dou yavu vuaka!!kanakana benu!!! loloma yani vei iko Max, sa voleka mai na nomu siga tagane........

Anonymous said...

Have a closer look at Bai's lips.. it looks like he was saying boci, and his bro behind saying magaitinana. By the way they were angry with Aiyarse for saying strictly no alcohol at his wedding.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to happen to Frank and his lot. "Na kaiviti lamusona lelevu" At least in 1987 a Muslim Indian had the guts to try and hijack a plane for democracy. You idiots just sit around a computer talking big all day. If Frank comes around to your village or place of employment you lot will bend down in front of him in submission and give your stupid cultural claps and then serve him grog while all the while hating him inside. You "boci levu's" and hypocrites. Funny thing is Frank is doing more for the kaiviti now then anyone else has. All the positions in government are going to the kaiviti. He is touring the villages and sorting out long standing issues building bridges providing electricity and asking the lazy ones to get up and work. He has even gone so far as to get a fixed pricing on Dalo to help Fijian Dalo farmers. I wonder what you kaiviti are complaining about. He has not been seen in any Indian communities willingly unless invited by some pole polishers. In fact he is doing nothing for the Indian community. He has not even been able to get leases renewed on a large scale which certainly would have been something to cheer about for the kainda. All he does for the Indian community is pay lip service by promising equal suffrage in the next election. Come on anybody out their please prove me wrong. Show me what he has done for anyone else in Fiji except for the kaiviti. Yes he has removed the Methodist Churches influence on politics and hammered the British influenced chiefly system almost out of existence. How many out of you lot actually want the church to run Fiji directly or indirectly and how many of you commoners are actually glad that you will finally get an equal amount of money from your lease money as your chief. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with that? In my view there are 3 major things that Frank is doing wrong and they are the PR decree, the fact that he is ruling without democratic mandate and the thug like behavior practiced by his henchmen. Other then that he is god sent to you kaiviti. Please some one write a constructive argument against my opinion and base it on facts please if you think I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

@ Max..toso o tukuna tiko ya? Laki sogo tamata tiko na cell mai QEB, veitono cici tiko dou qai laki vaka boica tiko..........toso tu vei iko ya?? Maumau, luveni kawa ca nomu kawa....dina sara ga na ke tukuni tiko i cake, koli ni kaidia nei Aiyaz...

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 28, 2011 4:31 PM

Frank Bainimarama have recurring heart attacks since 2000 and was rushed to Suva Private hospital many times to save his life. More than 100 RFMF regular soldiers have collapsed and died of heart attacks since 2000.Voreqe Bainimarama is doing more harm for the kaiviti now then anyone else has. All the top positions in government are given to unqualified untrained over-promoted soldiers like him. He is touring Fijian villages with his normal bullshit indoctrination propaganda in order to gain their support. He claimed sorting out long standing issues of building bridges providing electricity which was actually started by PM Laisenia Qarase and the SDL party. He has even gone so far as giving his phone number and email address to villagers to win their hearts and minds knowingly that 99% of rural Fijian are complaining about him for destroying their livelihood and businesses. Do you realise that all local Newspapers, Radio and Television stations in Fiji only prints and broadcasts propaganda articles from the regime due to restrictions of the truth reports and facts.

He has been collecting millions of dollars kick back money from Indian communities and businessmen since 2006. In return he is giving them big time businesses. He has not even been able to get leases renewed on a large scale for the Indian because the Fijian land owners will not be fooled by him. He has been paying lip service to Indian community by promising them equal suffrage in the next election. Yes he tried to removed the Methodist Churches influence on politics and also tried to hammered the British influenced chiefly system out of existence in order to gain the support of Fijian people. He also tried to get an equal amount of lease money to commoners to win their support and all backfired on him. We Fijian, the owner of this land will not be bought with Bainimarama's cheap politics.

Everything Bainimarama is doing are illegal and wrong. He overthrew our democratic elected government, abrogated our constitution and since then ruling without a
democratic mandate.The illegal regime is not accountable to anybody, nor did the citizens of Fiji elect them to be their leader - in short ordinary principled people do not operate of the same platform of lies and deceit as the illegal regime.Basically they are parasites preying on innocent people's abilities & capabilities.You said Bainimarama is "god sent". The God of Fiji is the "God" with capital "G" not small "g" as you mentioned. He is God Almighty the creator of the universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The "god" you mentioned is none other than satan - the god of this world system. !!!Get behind me satan!!!.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 28/3@ 12:13pm & 12:15pm - Thank you & well done!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear!!! Get rid of the despot and his illegal cronies. Bocimarama is doing more harm than good, and supporters like Max are simply following the master like stray puppies.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! iam 24years old and even looking at all this comments i find it totally ..well very sad.. :-(.... i figured that most of you aare older than me, maybe im assuming or maybe not, but WHY R WE FIGHTING AGAINST EACH OTHER, WHY R U SWEARING, I LIVE here in Fiji and well let me say that i have never come across a government in all my 24yrs of life to give Free Bus fares for our children. Please i ask you all as a young person of Fiji, let us not live in the negative let us be positive stop with childishness because we only expect those words from high school students. Let us be an example to our youth... I love my country, i love my people but most importantly i want to be a wonderful example to the young... Please let us not Fight, such language isnt expected of an example citizen, if Bainimarama is doing the right or the wrong thing than God will be the judge of that... Everything is in Gods timing, he makes the changes and his the reason why we're here... thank you all... and God Bless

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

max kubuti bainimagana....

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