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Thursday, March 3, 2011

From inside junta: Help us bring down Bainimarama

Coupfourpointfive has received a plea from the inner sanctum of Fiji's turbulent illegal regime to help bring an end to the corrupt and evil reign of its leaders.

In an email to Pacificinthemedia, a senior figure from the highest echelons of the military regime reveals that he and others have had enough of the hopeless direction they've been pulled in by Frank Bainimarama and his decree-manufacturing attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Our man admits his own hands are not clean but says he believed '100 per cent in what they did in 2006.' But he says 'no longer,' and that others share his frustration and desperation.

He says the regime is fragile.

Coupfourpointfive has established as much as it can that the senior figure we've been dealing with, is indeed who he says he is. 

A list of questions were sent to him and he was able to provide us with information regarding the recent arrests of senior military officers and former prominent pro-regime supporters among other controversies.

In this first part of our story, we can reveal that the email we received went something like this:
"URGENT TO COUP 4.5....i am risking my career and getting buggered by the BOSS' thugs.....i don't know how much longer I can do it."

He adds: "But you need to be advised and to publicise that it's falling apart here from the inside out. My conscience can't take much more. I have seen enough."

We asked him the following questions and recieved these answers:

Q: Why have you not resigned?
A: Why is not relevant…what is relevant are the threats that came to me and my family and everything I have worked for directly from the top and #2.  Do you really think anyone is still here because they believe in the direction the two of them are taking us…don’t be naive…we just have no way out.  I am not clean in this either, I know that and will have to live with that for the rest of my life.  I believed 100% in what we did ’06, bro – but that is over.  i hoped for big change....now sega options and buggered.

Q: Where are Driti and Roko Ului? Did Ului clear his quarters in Domain on Sat, and was he asked to do that by regime?

A: They are both in Suva and being closely watched.  Yes to your second question…I have seen the letters all done under direct instruction from #1

Q: Who is FA referred to in the email - Felix Anthony? The one who suffered eardrum damage from his beating?
A: Yes

Q: What has happened to Poseci Bune? Arrested just yesterday.
A:Yes, taken then released under direct instruction from #1

Q. Who is Ben Naliva?
A: Naliva is just a thug under #1’s control now that tuks is gone.  #1 and #2 are in panic almost 100% of time.  I don’t think people know how fragile it is here…#1 sees what is happening in Libya etc and knows it could and will happen here (and to be honest, there is little difference between #1 and Quadaffi…just fewer people know about our man.) i have seen him raving drunk more times than i can count recently...that is what a 2,000 wine-bottle party can do for a man. i was one of his biggest supporters...that is over.

We need help…real help…and that starts with people knowing that #1 and #2 won’t stop until they know there is no opposition left…then they can have their business-house friends fill their pockets without anyone watching.  #1 and #2 are getting rich while the rest of the nation suffers…Fiji is not their personal ATM.  That’s what Driti and the others see and saw and makes them crazy…two people profit while the country becomes the laughing stock of the pacific.  I am done abetting a ransacking….i don't really know who you are, but i know people read your blog and trust what you say.'

More to follow tomorrow.


Joker said...

Great and we new that this was happening. OK people its time for action. Lets do it.

Anonymous said...


ex Fiji tourist said...

The plea continues @


Anonymous said...

Power to the people. To the ordinary law abiding citizens of Fiji,stand up and do not be afraid. The world is with you. You can do it. Trust in God and he will direct your way! Let the sun shine again in Fiji tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Isa Vinaka Vaka levu to that anonymous officer. We appreciate your honesty. @C.4.5 so looking forward to reading more of this exposé. Brava!!

Anonymous said...

Offer him immunity and $1m to kill Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Oh puhleeze! Resign and follow your conscience if you believe in doing the rights thaaaannngggg!!!

Anonymous said...

"....i am risking my career and getting buggered by the BOSS' thugs.....i don't know how much longer I can do it."

WOW! @ 'risking career'! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Why don’t you guys post up the relevant section of the Geneva Convention (or whatever UN Declaration) prohibiting soldiers from following illegal orders.

I’m sure there are quite a few in camp who don’t like what is going on, but don’t see much alternative to disobeying direct orders. I know those at the top kept the military quarantined from knowledge of these kinds of provisions in 2006 when they launched their coup. But now that many of them are grumbling “enough”, this may be the time to at least publicize the relevant provisions on one of the freedom blogs, so those who want to see them have some opportunity to do so.

Anonymous said...

I think this guy is credible and he and his brave commrades should wear their Military Uniform and March with us after all thats what their very existence is all about.

Pray for us all..

Doubting Thomas said...

I wish I could readily believe you Coup 4.5 but, the Doubting Thomas in me asks, how do I know this is just another ochestrated plan of the American/Australian/NZ alliance to reduce Chinese infilteration into our Pacific ocean?? And when they succeed, Fiji has an election, picks a leader who then continues with evil hegemony in collaboration with Australia? Remember the MOTI case?

Truth said...

It is impossible to determine the credibility of this piece of information.

Jake said...

"URGENT TO COUP 4.5....i am risking my career and getting buggered by the BOSS' thugs.....i don't know how much longer I can do it."

On reading the above portion of –email I started laughing uncontrollably and almost choked on my breakfast then it dawned on me this dickhead who sent this e-mail is taking the Mick.

He claims his career is at risk the he goes on to say his being sodomised by his boss literally he then goes on to say “he doesn’t know how much longer he can do it” but what astounds me is his very mild rebuke goes so he must be enjoying all the finer things in life.

For someone who is trying to break the shackles of submission he certainly isn’t showing much strenuosity.


Anonymous said...

Jake, the tide of change that will sweep Fiji will eventuate. People like you and Doubting Thomas will probably cover your asses by jumping over the fence. Baini Marama, Aiyarse and their thugs better come up with a better Plan B as they will get hammered.

Maxy Joker said...

Jake you sodomite.

Anonymous said...

No time for clowns like this 'supposed' 'Officer'!

Don't come crying to us for a solution............... you are best placed to do something..........we have no guns........you do...........so grow some kahunas and act........you sissy!

Anonymous said...

I know its hard to believe, but we've been hearing this for over 12-18 months. This type of information hasn't previously been released since everyone in the military is paranoid. The easiest way to remain in power is to 'feed' the military (eg. pay rises etc) and take popular actions (eg. claim to remove racist policies, control prices artificially etc). However eventually, like Libya, Egypt etc, the country's finances can no longer withstand the abuse and 'ordinary' people see the reality. Fiji Sun is a propaganda machine for the regime and 'ordinary' people believe what they read. Misinformation must be stopped in order to get regime change. Lastly, people think this so called military officer is a bogus or even a traitor to the nation since he doesnt have the guts to stand up. Well, let me put it this way, when your family is threatened and taken away in the middle of the night and remain missing for 48hrs, it puts the fear of God in you and to take this 'next step' against your superior is not simple. This is how Saddam, Mubbarak etc had ruled for decades. So my humble suggestion is to support 'inner circle' officers etc like him and cut him some slack for even 'venting' this to the public... this is how regime change starts. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Guy.....you stand at the crossroads of the history, fate and destiny of our country....unlike many before you who did not have the guts to do something..........grab the reins....and lead us out of the doldrums we are in......you (together with many like you) are best placed.....decide what you want to be remembered as..........just another officer full of hot air.......or a real patriot?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The problem within the camp is you never know who's going to backstab you as recently found out by Driti and Ului. Some of their very own kai were the ones who let them down and informed on them because they're very much enjoying the $$ that he's been handing out to them. They can't see past the next two weeks of pay to understand what the nation is going through.

Anonymous said...

@Jake, Some people don't have the same fortitude that you have, so please take it easy on the man.
Remember this is a guy who was entrenched in his belief that what he was doing was right. So it takes time to come around. It takes time to change. Good on him!
God bless him and God bless us all.
As for you Jake. You are taking your time too in coming around.
Remember when you point the finger, the other 3 fingers pointing at you.

Unknown said...

i am a muslim and i belong to the most favoured community in fiji-so dont even mess with me
we have a lot of clout we even import muslim malaysians to do even menial tasks such as road workers-who cares about the fiji people so long as my muslim brotherhoods get employment-and dont worry about the depletion of foreign reserves as there is plenty where it came from-just dont touch my foreign accounts in malaysia and other muslim nations

apolosi india

Anonymous said...

when is the march happening?

Anonymous said...

Great to see SDL stalwart Ratu Inoke given life today. Another long prison sentence on its way for Bhika on Monday....another corrupt SDL stooge. Good stuff ASK and IG. Keep it up. BTW, visitor arrival even higher during democracy. What is NZ & Aussie on about.

Tiger Balm said...

March is supposed to be happening tomm I think.

I applaud this person, I assume who is a soldier, for being brave enough to come out with this information.

Yes yes we all new this etc but this is the first time we are hearing it from someone official.

My advice to this soldier now, is to stand up and get your comrades together and revolt against Bainimarama.

In Egypt it was the army who listened to what the people wanted and revolted against Hosni Mubarak. Wen Mubarak told them to attack the protestors, they put their guns down. And said they would support the people.

You officer, you and all your comrades who know the truth need to stand up and save Fiji.

If need be, be a martyr, at least you will go down in history as the one who saved Fiji.

And your children and grandchildren and generations and generations of family will honour you always.

C4 thank you for all the work you do to fight for democracy for Fiji. It must nt be an easy job but from the amount of discussion and debate and the way the regime reacts to whatever news you put on here, shows how people depend on you. So keep it up.

Don't get upset by comments from those who criticise you etc, at least you are doing something to try and bring democracy back to Fiji, unlike them.

TheMax said...

@ Anonymous March 4, 2011 11:18 AM

You still believe in Suli Daunitutu? How long will you guys come to your senses? If he is advocating a march in Fiji yet sit there in the comfort of his hole in Australia, I just can't understand you lot.

Jake said...

It is on now

Anonymous said...

The regime is fragile as can be seen from their inability to dislodge Nailatikau from Government House. Despite all the bravado and deadline of 24th of February set by Khaiyum, Nailatikau remains in office as of today, one week after his notice period expired.

This is a sign of weakness by the regime.

What needs to be done is to nurture dissidents in the military like this officer, and grow their numbers to the point where VB is given his times up notice.

Anonymous said...

Kece Lamu Sona, Vosa Vakalevu.
Sa levu rere na cakai. Ole ga musuna sa levu.

On the issue of corruption, when Ratu Mara was accused in 1987 of corruption and how he made his million dollar marela House, I Taukei said so what - who cares. We will remove the govt that peaches corruption against our leaders!

@ 9.47, yes where is the hero Qarase and Hero Chaudhry.

Chaudhry is lamu sona now, but come election campaign, he will say only leader that stayed back in the country to fight for democracy so Vote FLP!

Anonymous said...

To Doubting Thomas....perhaps,but do you want to know something...you are welcome to Chinese colonisation...because that is what will happen...your few hundred thousand will disappear under a wave of "help" from China...try Tibet Laos !!!!!!!!let us all hope for the sake of Fiji there is truth in all this...you guys cannot last a lot longer under these thugs.

Unknown said...


What happened to that protest march?? that was to have taken place today? I have rung friends and asked them if they have seen anything. Nothing I am told.Sometimes I wonder if what we read here on coup 4.5 is really true. Having visited Fiji recently everything looks normal and in fact I can see a lot of changes around, development etc. Common people on the street fijian, indians, chinese etc were saying that they were happy with new changes comng through and they could now see the government doding something for the people. Then I visited some relos in the interior who had complained about prices for goods etc. What I observed amongst these relos they were bloody lazy. They live off this land for nothing. They have so much land to farm and make money on the side but when they saw me coming from overseas they gave me their chapter and verse not realising that I was quick to pick on their phibs. The overall picture I got from the people on the ground that only the butako people were complaining because they no longer can practice their butako techniques to get to things.

Therefore we have to recognise that there are enormous changes that have occured in fiji most of which are very good forthe common person

Mao said...

@ Anon 12:05pm

No time for nurturing.....the officers/soldiers know who stands where......he who holds the guns has the high ground.......just a matter of the anti-Bai officers quantifying their resolve......doing their risk analysis (No need for a Threat Analysis if their resolve is 100%)

Overall, I am not convinced....I think we have a time waster....unless he/she can prove who he/she really is by answering some test questions that the mods can pose to him/her.........or it could be a shim!

Anonymous said...

So any news on the march? Or was it just all hot air - please update us?

mark manning said...

I believe that some in the Regime have realised their mistake in becoming involved in this latest coup and are trying to resolve it by standing up to Frank and Aiyaz once and for all.
The people of Fiji must be told to stand by any Officer, Citizen, Soldier or Sailor who has chosen to ignore the illegal orders of Frank Bainimarama.
It's time to win the hearts and minds of all Fijians.
Retribution and retaliation against Indians, Chinese and others within the Community, must not be tolerated by those who assume Command in Frank's place.
Every Citizen, be they Military, Police or Citizen, will be held accountable under the Law under the Constitution of the Islands of Fiji, as it is still the Supreme Law, if they elect to take the law into their own hands by assaulting others.

Delilah said...

Was there a march? Am too far away to join but would really appreciate some news..


Anonymous said...

No one has enough guts to start the march. Let ask Suli Daunitutu to come to Fiji so he can lead the march.

After that he can be no more koli kodro tiko............

Coup 4.5 said...

We've been trying to get information as well. Some info going up on Matavuvale blog.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hypocrites!!!

You guys must all be writing from abroad.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this officer has no option but to continue with Bai to save his/her family. Officer, please release more information to us so readers can get the truth of whats happening.
Hows the economy?????

Anonymous said...

Eh Bros ... I stood there all by myself waiting for suliasi and company to come and march with me but brother not even their shadow showed up. i think they all lamu sona saraga ... they scared of the big chief at QEB ...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tagane, ke o sotia dina ... RESIGN, tu vakatagane, nanuma nomu vosa bubului kina nomu i tavi ni ko na maroroya nomu vanua kei ira na lewena ... sa veibasai na ka o ni sa vakayacora tiko qori mai na keba!

Get on with it said...

Please tell your man if he really cares about the people of viti to rally the troops or expose Vore so we can get rid of him.

mO jO said...


Anonymous said...

So VB gets to lovey dovey with Mary and children while ratu inoke rots in prison. funny how old judge gounder and the authorities can work to solve a crime when it suits them, eh.

Anonymous said...

there was a march @ korovou town in tailevu, I was there five minutes ago, thats the only homeground of the warriors that storms the parliment of year 2000, they still exist to show the world again and Bai''''''''''

Enough of fooling said...

Just as I thought, no march and I am now convinced, this so-called Officer's plea is just piece of wool, pulled over our eyes - it was staged to gear up our feelings and go march and get a beating while they watch us from overseas, take pictures and send them to the UN and the Australian/NZ governments to support their applications as assylum seekers in their current countries of residence. We in Fiji are just being used as stooges for Daunitutu and his group - ie. to strengthen his case for Autralian citizenship! Sa rauta mada na lawakica kei na veivakalialiai!

Coup 4.5 said...

Enough fooling: Not true. We had already been in conversation with him before last night.-C4.5

Anonymous said...

don't fool the readers there was no much in Korovou town....??

you mean soldiers to resign ...... who is going to support their families...........????????

You will sit down laugh and enjoy your stay in Canberra Suliasi.... than the boys at home will suffer on the action you are pushing them to do.

Shyyyyyyyyy o your thoughts.

Coup 4.5 said...

...when we managed to verify everything we needed to be able to run a story. Hence it going to print last night!

Anonymous said...

Let us agree on one thing. Today it is confirmed that Fijians are either lamu sona or they are not lialia!

I would have joined the fight if it went for a week, but from now please start giving respect to us Indians as that makes us both lamu sona now.

Even our so called hero Chaudhry is gone. I thought he would be there in the front line of the protest since FLP prides itself of putting out press releases on their blog So that they can boast they were fighting regime throughout.

Well Chaudhry join the lamu sona group proudly. Maybe no Punja or Motibhai, Tappu's, Suncourt to paying the money for bus hire and logistics. Hey should have just asked Chaudhry, he is generous!!

But this time no money to pay to get to town. Or no one to organise bus hire as when one does two to report. Then get the tukiya!

Bro, we brothers o.k. but in lamu sona!

Anonymous said...

to be frankly saying , I want to see Mahen Chodury put behind bars, I believe labour supporters said coup is good ,as it will wipe out corruption , ahhh it wiped out their very own corrupt guru , mark my word people , God is silently punishing everyone , it started from Mahen down to Mara & Pita , maybe in couple of months Aiass followed by idiot baini

Anonymous said...

Hello!!!! That inidividual must think that we are so gullible to now accept him/her back into into society!! After all the murders, torture, the heartaches, agony, persecution etc etc, he/she NOW has the bloddy audacity to expect us to sympathise with him/her!! You make your bed you lay on it.
It is FAR too late now to expect any sympathy. Be prepared to meet your fate.
It is FAR TOO late now Mafato!!
May you AND your family rot in HELL and may you not ALL rest in peace!!!!

Doubting Thomas said...

Anon @ 1.17pm, we will manage just as we have been doing for over 100 years of leadership by greedy and power hungry chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Thats it..I'm never going to buy newspapers anymore..either fiji sun or Fiji Times cause all they dish out is military propaganda..Btetter for me I will save that 80 cents for my loaf of bread..and besides I can always read it online if I want to..bloggers please do the same and put mahendra Patel out of business the bloody carniving bastard..

Anonymous said...

When the 'curtains' to this pantomine was first drawn open in December 2006, all the wannabees, losers and Mr/Mrs nobodies gave a "Standing Ovation" at the Premier.
As the pantomine was taken country-wide, futher auditions were held to recruit more for the cast. The wannabees, losers and Mr/Mrs Nobodies attended the auditions quick time and were taken on board.
For reasons known to only the Director [Voreqe] and Stage Manager [Khaiyum], some members of the cast were given their marching orders as the show progressed.
NOW, as the show is drawing to a close and there will definitely be a "Curtain Call" [Court cases/Naboro], some like the individual mentioned here wants to opt out - before the "Curtain Call"!!

Anonymous said...

To the individual who now wants to opt out, I would TELL you to stay in the cast and wait for the "Curtain Call" [Court cases/Court Marshalls/Naboro/Korovou] because you [the stunt man], the Director [Vore], the Stage Manager [Khaiyum] and the whole cast and crew REALY, REALLY deserve a "Standing Ovation" from us innocent and peace-loving audience.
Taura vakatagane Boy. Na Army e ra curu ga kina na tagane. Qo o sa qai viavia coward/yalewa. No amount of pleading will convince us otherwise, you bunch of leeches!!

Mao said...

Boys.........Sometimes good to be Lamu Sona..............you live longer!!!