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Friday, March 18, 2011

Police sting: drugs and drunk police official

This was sent to Coupfourpointfive a short time ago:

Leaked Report Fiji National Intelligence Bureau (NIB)

Sub 1.1

Latest Priority: Classified by Dir. NIB
Authorized by COO ACP Brown

Feb 2011 (exact dates and names withheld)

Suspect Case: Drug Peddling Surveillance Report  

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Seikeli Lageri used the GN: 480 official vehicle after hours from 6pm to 2am.

GN: 480 – seen parked outside Deep Sea Night Club from 9pm to 2am with DCP Official Driver. DCP was seen drunk and in heavy conversation with one Mr. Setoki Cei Naturaga suspected drug peddler and distributor inside the Deep Sea Club.

Back Ground on Mr. Setoki Cei Naturaga – officially charged and under NIB surveillance for the 2010 drug bust at Toorak worth more than FJ 1 million dollars. Implicated in this case is also Pita Driti Fmr. Land Force Commander.

Mr. Setoki Cei Naturaga brought three other people with him as they joined DCP in heavy drinking and chatting until 1.45am in the morning. (Conversation not recorded as our surveillance team risked being indentified by DCP).

All four people left the club at approx. 1.50 after one another with DCP Lageri going out at 1.55. GN 480 then drove him home.

…… Certain details been left out for security reasons.

Fiji Democracy Movement and SDL win its first battle.

There is definitely major support brewing for the democracy and SDL within the Fiji Police force as the NIB ( national intelligence bureau) and CID personnel find courage under the new police commissioner to gather information and open files prior to the 2006 coup and after.

The Fiji Democracy DVD that had Sam Speight beaten up – is the leading key for the change and the evidence portrayed by the DVD has been the guidelines of these brave NIB and CID major crime unit to investigate Teleni, Roko Ului and Driti.

There were very strong supporters of Teleni who were sacked before the new commissioner came in as they were hindering the process of investigations in 2006 files. ACP Berenado, SSP Rusiate ( NIB) and ACP Brown ( Fmr. D/Dir NIB) with the guideless from Mosses Driver a key supporter of SDL party  managed to have the following people removed so that investigations could proceed:

Sacked were:

  1. ACP Tevita Lesu ( Chief Operations Officer and Fmr. Director CID)
  2. SSP Taufa Lote ( Director Logistics)
  3. SSP Tabakau ( Head of Special Police Task Force)
  4. SSP Tevita Uluilakeba ( CO RAU)
  5. SP Nadeem Tahir ( Deputy Director Logistics)
  6. SP Nadiu ( OC Valelevu – major investigator CID)
  7. ASP Gopal ( OC BMU)

After removing all these people who were hinderers to the investigation process of coup 2006, a perfect team has been set up who have complied major data on the events of 2006.

Well this is a starting point and victory to some extend.


Anonymous said...

Dream on. Police not split at all. Under current COMPOL very united. They all love him. Very good guy is Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

May God bless those police men & women who have remained honest.

Anonymous said...

police and army officers forgot the oath they took.
our lawyers/judges too.
thats why we have jungle law now.
if all lawyers/judges/police/army officer uphold the oath, law and order fiji would become a paradise again.

Liu Muri said...

The partisan Coup 4.25 has failed to report on jailing of the falls guys of Qarase's corrupt regime. Bhikha and one other civil servant fall guy, just like the fall guy, Permanent secretary of Agriculture, Peniasi Kunatuba, have been jailed. SDL Ministers Tora and Rigamoto have also been named to have benefitted from Qarase’s corrupt means of winning Fijian votes..
Coup 4.25 claims to support democracy but manipulates news so that news putting racist Qarase in bad picture are systematically “censored". Why cannot you publish things on the thieving SDL and how they won the election by using farm implements and public funds?
Go ahead, make my day punk, and publish this.

Anonymous said...

well about time you accept that current compol is clean.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10.07pm

- u blind or wat .. who was saying anything about the compol ... its about other police officers ..

lozzz.. you afraid that something will be exposed about current compol ? Well the only benchmark has has achieved is changing all police post signs to community post .. @ an expense of 25,000.00 to his buddies sign company.

- also last week while drinking with PM - he was saying that he is afraid some of NIB are plotting aginst him and PM told him to sack all those people...

Anonymous said...

hahahaha ,,clique team back stabbing each other... ligairi recomended brown's promotion,, navela still shadowing..

Please Commissioner, sack this officers and also watch your back

Anonymous said...

Binimarama, if you are to be bilieved we expect you to sack these offending Policemen.

Anonymous said...

what sdl victory? sdl is dead. its leaderless. good however to see sdl fijians now talking about democracy, human rights and the constitution!

Anonymous said...

what sdl victory? sdl is dead. its leaderless. good however to see sdl fijians now talking about democracy, human rights and the constitution!

Jake said...

Ceinaturage is an excon and not suprising that he is havily involved in drug dealings. He is hardcore and the DCP should not be fraternising with him.

Anonymous said...

Well saud anon 10.13am...this site just cannot report anything positive. Seems controlled by a very disgruntled person like Digitaki, wailelakeba or mac clock patel.

Anonymous said...

haaahahah @ Liumuri...where is the evidence you idiot...you want evidence..we'll give you evidence..expect a new DVD release soon with the add on of pamphlets exposing everything about Baini and followers...

Draki qo, draki ga ni dvd! Hahah!

Anonymous said...

Liu Muri, they still cant find anything for Qarase and cannot prosecute him.. just shows that he is a man of intergerity not no school like you naming ppl who have already served there sentences. People like you are garbage collectors cause you wont admit to the current crime by this evil illegal regime committed 10 times worse then any other fijian coups by your dog boss Bainikaisi n his kaisi goons!!! You need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror and see how much the devil is using you this days.. its time to change because your days of living in the dark and cooperating with the devil is getting shorter by the hour!!!

Anonymous said...

Ligairi, Brown and Navela are the culprits, by-passing the Commissioner and reporting directly to PM. They stabbed Jo, Uluilakeba, Meli and other Lauans holding senior post (Lau vs Vanualevu)..lodged reports against them without single evidence, relieved of their duties so they could also grip power. Source from within their own circle that they went to prison and recorded statement of numb-skull criminal Rokotuinidau to implicate the Lauans of trying to coup PM. The pains of double edge sword is now hunting them down. Funny, its now VANUALEVU vs VANUALEVU (Ligairi vs Brown and Navela) in the Police. Let them taste the pain of their own double edge sword. Please, Commissioner, weed these thorn branches away from the Fiji Police, all of them. They wanted power without brain..

Anonymous said...

commissioner please know that Brown is a corrupt officer .. receiving money from Angle chinese restaurant owner (Victoria Parade) on drug deals. Money shared with Navela and police hit squad and sometimes Navela and group receive money directly from Angle. Members of NIB including Abdul and hit squad eat free--- all corrupt. Sack them all, they dont deserve to wear uniform..

Anonymous said...

@ Liu Muri,
Are you saying Bainimarama isn't biased? Why the need for censorship and the PER, other than to promote one point of view and suppress all others. Isn't that a definition of partisanship?
C4.5 was set up to counter censorship and the suppression of alternative viewpoints.
This story falls under that definition.

TheMax said...

Do not delude yourself into thinking you have support in the Police Force and Fiji. You don't have any support.

Anonymous said...

Liu muri you cici get your hands out of your pants. Want to say punk, lialia levu.

Tiger Balm said...

Wailei here comes Liu Muri again aka Thakur Ranjit Singh. Get a life man, you still after Qarase and co after they did the dirty on you. Mate look at the bigger picture, not what happened to you. But that's just like you, selfish punk. Heard you applied for the editor and publisher's job at Fiji Times when they advertised and was rejected. You getting rejected everywhere man, get the hint.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this site just prints anti Frank comments. Also funny reading disgruntled SDL lot like Zink, Wailelakeba venting their anger. Well Siti, Alec Chang you all will be going in with LQ. Join the queue guys. Vinod Patel to follow.

Anonymous said...

I am an ex-police officer that joined in 1987 & i have served & joined the Fiji Police with those guys mention as through junior ranks(constable) & left in 92 to pursue other fields of work.

i am really shatterd that the motto of the Fiji Police "Salus Populi" as been monopolised & the true meaning of this latin word Protectress (literally salvation or health) has not been followed when you swear your oath to join FPF.This can be blamed in my opinion to the introduction of the fiji military doctrine that is beign incorporated into the ways & rules of conduct to be a police office.Military conduct & Police conduct are totally 2 different ketlle of fish.

This has also demoralised many true policeman that have served their duty dilligently, compared to some that has use this new illegal govt to further or build their true ambitions to promote themselves to gain any high ranking positions of which neither of them have any seniority,experiece and resolution to belive in what they have sworn when they first join the Fiji Police Force. This is evident now & can be also seen in public which has erroded the the image of the fiji police force as a whole in the sense that all those newly promoted policeman are just yes man to the new commissioner of Police & Frank goons.The camaraderie we had during my days are long gone now.The abuse of positions in the police is another story...i just shake my head.Policeman & families cant say much now as their jobs depends on their lively hood now hence why no one is speaking out. The old rules is that when a new govt is formed fiji police(dont belive in politic or stay neutral) follows that govt of the day no matter what,but this is an illegal govt which has their days numbered to those supporters out there.

Sa laurai qoka sa lailai ni dina & koco me solia nomu dina kina taqomaki ni lewe ni vanua ko viti kei na lawa ni vanua,ka sa koco na tamata ena i tutu era dodonu mera sega ni taukena. E tekivu mai jerusalemi na ka kece ena vuravura qo.God is the fighter of the truth & he will reveal very very soon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anon146 qarase cannot be prosecuted YET for corruption is proof of the extent of his involvement and his ability to make 'gullible others'. The SDL made the i-taukei to be greedy, manipulative, racist and lazy. These are never i-taukei traits, her genuine respect for protocol, power and willingness to serve was taken advantage of - for political power by a select few. May the next generation of i-taukei see through this and choose to serve and compete equally and fairly on all fronts.

Concern Officer said...

Commissioner, beware of officers like Brown, Ligairi, Luke, Rusi, Manoj, Jerry and Abdul..they bought their promotion in the pretext of 'Lotu' but big Farisi. They sold their intergrity to the Drug Lord at Victoria Parade, free food and drinks. No longer to be believed but to be trashed, suits them well. Wearing the respected uniform but their skin is covered with contagious scabbies ready to spread at any cost. Stop them now Commissioner before they stab your back. They did it before and they will look for a chance to do it again. Do the right thing Commissioner, send them to where they rightly belong..TRASH.. You will never regret

Poaka said...

Says a lot about the calibre of people being promoted by da Pig.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Nadeem Tahir who used to be at the Highway Traffic Section. OMG he has really gone up the ranks. Gd on you (2000) Nadeem <<<<<<.....

Anonymous said...

sad day

Anonymous said...

we must go on regardless and we should remember the Mafatu's story

Anonymous said...

Не jests at scars that never felt a wound.

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