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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Questions being asked about the Ghanian 'oil explorer'

Mystery surrounds the Ghanian businessman at the heart of the scam involving Suva lawyer, Renee Lal, and con man Ben Padarath.

Paul Kofi Freeman has been touted as a big time oil explorer and investor but several Fiji locals have been in contact with Coupfourpointfive challenging his qualifications and credentials.

In recent weeks, Coupfourpointfive has tried to establish who and what Freeman does but checks have yielded few details and certainly no photographs of the Ghanian national.

Our interest in Freeman, of course, is legitimate - he is the lynch pin in the estimated $400,000 fraud allegation involving Padarath and Lal. 

This was the fraud investigation, remember, that led to key military officers behind a failed plot last year to overthrow the dictator Frank Bainimarama being fingered.

It was also the scam that made a laughing stock of the Dictator when it was revealed Lal and Padarath had been using his supposed 'good' name to hook business investors like Freeman.

Lal and Padarath apparently prised money out of the Ghanian by saying it was for Bainimarama, for things like the illegal leader's Christmas presents.

An embarrassed Bainimarama later admitted to the Fiji Sun he was worried about other people using his name and that the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) was investigating.

We have yet to hear anything about that FICAC investigation but Padarath has been charged and Lal is about to go the same way. 
Freeman, who appeared to have been the victim when the story broke, is now looking as though he, too, should be investigated.

Information unfurled through several sources shows he is supposed to be from Ghana and a French resident. He has sold himself as having a history with GE Petroleum, however, his identity is unverifiable; no identity documents for this investor can be found anywhere.

Internet engine searches only return Paul Freeman as a 419 Internet scammer that sends emails to unknowing people soliciting money through Western Union.

According to one source, Freeman's full name is Paul Kofi Freeman and his date of birth is May the 20th, 1977. He is said to have been born in Accra, Ghana.

Sources claim he has been conning people all over the world and is a known operator in South Africa, South Korea and Japan. They also say he has lied about working for the President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and having a degree from the University of Ghana.

Coupfourpointfive has his resume and has checked with some of the places he says he is supposed to have worked at and there are no records of him. 

Searches for pictures have thrown up several Paul Freemans but no Paul Kofi Freeman. In fact, all of the pictures found on the internet with his name show someone who is definitely not of African extraction. The pictures we've seen show men who are older and white.

Pictures: Freeman's listed contacts, President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo in a photo with former US state secretary, Condaleeza Rice (top). And (below right) Fiji's Bau waters, where Freeman is supposed to be looking for oil.


Anonymous said...

FREEMAN Should be investigated too.
scms ltd has oil and gas exploration licences for bau waters/others.
So how can freeman get this area bau water and lands.
Freeman used tim/rajesh to get all information on oil & gas .he has conned fiji people with info .
now trying to get the oil/gas licences for him self and his mates .south pacific natural resources ltd. jamadas & co have done his company registration and applied for licences at mrd.
govt should investigate him now.

Anonymous said...

People are not allowed to sue the Illegal govt or Bainimarama according to their Decree and yet when someone does anything to them they cry like a baby and run to the judiciary.
"O mummy mummy , Ben is playing with my name again. Please stop him!"

Sotia ni solisona!

Anonymous said...

should contact university of Ghana and see if this Freeman character graduated or not? Well done Coup4.5are you able to post a copy of his resume?

Dilip Jamnadas is quite these days.. must be chasing bills and working since his ATM card walked out on him! LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

ANON 7:50 :- You are so very true!
As long as they are doing the 'SHAFTING' it is ok. But the moment you 'SHAFT' them, they can't take it and go crying to the shemale CJ!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is the nature of the beast.
We human-beings are created in this way. That whatever a Leader does, the rest will follow. If you are a father, then your children will become like you.If you are a captain of the rugby team, then the rest of the players will model their training and playing on you.
So if you are a Prime Minister, the people will follow the Leader.
So if you take something illegally ( eg Coup) then the rest of the people will stsrt to do illegal things.
As I have said before, every Tom Dick and Harry will do their own little coups, including the little Kaisi in the village.
So it is no surprise to me that there are people like Mr Freeman in Fiji.
What I am surprised about is that there isn't more of them whether kai-China or kai-India or kai-valagi etc etc etc. I guess we already have arseholes like Gates,Pryde and Sharon.
So don't be surprised if more arseholes like Mr Freeman or Mr Lee begin to show up in the next few weeks.

Leone said...

have you seen that no one is ever running or hiding away fron this Govt ?Startinng from 2006,look at all those events that had unfolded during all this time,the assination plots,the chiefs,the methodist church,fiji labour party,Daunitutu's and Waqaitarewa,blogs and all their lies have not stopped Frank from his vision for Fiji, and its continuing.God has allowed him to do this or else he would have been stopped ,so people watch out ur on the wrong foot

Anonymous said...

O raibaci qori me sa vutuki Voreqe madaga yani!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tamani conman qori! This is what happens when idiots are in charge....all the conmen in the world know about it and come around for a slice of the action.

mark manning said...

@ Leone
There you go bullying and threatening everyone again !
It seems that anyone who doesn't support Frank's so called " vision for Fiji " is to be admonished.
I'm guessing that your either indian or a Soldier who is pocketing money from the Regime.
You can't possibly be an honourable Fijian.
Frank's Regime is coming to an end and you are becoming more frightened everyday.

Anonymous said...

Leone vacava mo daru lasa mada kei Voreqe...

Anonymous said...

All conman running the govt .bani/ag.
learn from rabuka days 1987.-what happen conman came and took big loans nbf/others.
results nbf closed down.420 million write off.
Dont worry ag /bani have put fiji in huge debt to china/india/malaysia./imf.
freeman will con his way too.

Joe said...

@Mark Manning
As much as I agree with most of your comments, your racist slur against Indians is inappropriate. Being an Indian myself, I know that grassroot Indians dont support this monster of a person we have. If you are making reference to the wealthy businessmen Indians, that is fine, but please dont generalize. We all are together in this fight.

Leone said...

Mark Manning coming to an end my ass,it been years now that you have saying that son of a bitch

Suva resident said...

Mark Manning might be a racist but it's important to realise that you don't even hear a squeek or protest from his so-called democracy supporters in Sydney, admonishing him for his generalised, unfair racist comments and attitude towards ethnic Indians in this country.

Why do you think no one could be bothered with their call for a march in town tomorrow? LOL!

Leone said...

Joe this man is an animal and I really love to see hin in the march in suva so he can be buthered down and brought down to control,He thinks people like his comments when they dilike badly

Radiolucas said...

@ Joe

I agree. Generalising about anything is fraught with error.

Leone. Enough. I know you have a big crush on MM but maybe it is better to send him private messages instead of on here.

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