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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free Fiji Rally message: Aust and NZ will keep a close eye

TIME TO BITE BACK: Fiji citizens urged to stand up to illegal regime. pic NZ Herald

"Cameras and phones are important, if footages are taken in the first hour, they should be relayed instantly to the world, and every hour, there should be an update of progress sent out from Albert Park to the world through the social network."

Message from Free Fiji march organiser, Suliasi Daunitutu

Fellow Democracy Advocates!

This is the last day that you will live under dictatorial rule, which in the last four years pressured you into believing continuous lies and propaganda. The 4th of March 2011 will go down in history as the day the people of Fiji demanded their freedom from its oppressors, and decided that their future and their country should always be in their hands.
As I write this last letter of encouragement to you all, the US and British warships are making their way to  Libya as the confrontation between Qaddafi and the people’s rebellion intensifies.  Warnings from the bigger countries to the dictator have been forthcoming, cautioning him not to harm his own people.  Australia and New Zealand will be keeping a close eye to your progress and how the military regime will react to your peaceful protest.
You must remember, that, as the “Rules of Engagement” states, soldiers will not harm unarmed civilians” we also know the identities of soldiers who have tortured helpless civilians, the likes of Captain Penioni Naliva and Major Rokoura. 

They will face the consequences of their actions. If there were higher authorities who gave orders for the beatings, we will make sure that this mistreatment of Fijian citizens gets its day in a proper court of law.
You must also remember, that it might take days before Bainimarama understands the motive behind the protest as he has been locked in his own chain of thoughts about how to siphon money out of your government into his and his family’s pockets, so please, stay focused and if the need to stay longer than a day arises, then you must endeavour to achieve our goal, that of a complete and unconditional liberation.
You must also remember, that dictators don’t get to rule because they obey constitutional perimeters, so, be prepared for draconian rulings to be administered, use your humility and be armed with facts and the truth, shout that out for the world to hear, as that is what they have been censoring all this time.
Loruama has advised, cameras and phones are important, if footage are taken in the first hour, they should be relayed instantly to the world, and every hour, there should be an update of progress sent out from Albert Park to the world through the social network. 

International Media will be focused on your progress, and will be trying to interview people or publish photos as they come to hand, so don’t worry, we will be watching very closely.
If you can get through the first 6 hours of protest, Fijians overseas will see that your protest is sustained for the period you will stay there awaiting your demands be met.
Bainimarama’s government said, that “Fijians live on handouts, they should learn to stand on their own two feet”.  My countrymen and women, that is exactly what you will be doing tomorrow.
You will be telling Bainimarama, “We don’t want handouts bought by your loans from China, we are here to tell you, we want to decide what is right and what is good for us.”  That is an act of standing on your own two feet.
There will be people there who you will see are the organisers, and any queries you might have will be accommodated by them.
This is my last message to you all, and I will post again in this forum tomorrow. I will be keeping an eye for further comments that might be coming from QEB, but that should be all water off the dalo leaf for us.  This is the time to focus and be ready.
To conclude my friends, the Bible in Acts 5, told us the story of how the people saw the miracle that started by a few men (apostles) and before long the place of gathering called Solomon’s Porch was full of people from the city.  

The authorities jailed the men who started the teaching and healing, but they were released by the power of God.  In verse 29, Peter and the apostles nailed the core reason of the gathering, and that is what you will be doing tomorrow.
Me maroroi kemuni na Kalou ena siga ni mataka, ka me duru bukawaqa taka nai lakolako ni kena gadrevi na tu galala.


Anonymous said...

GODSPEED to all the Freedom Fighters!!

Jake said...

People God wont help you, dont listen to these people they are sending you to your doom.

The fact is this idiot wont be there to support or lead you he is a very weak person a coward at that.

If he was man of his convictions he would lead from the front but no he would like the rest of them when push comes to shove they will be running for cover.

Dont be fooled for this like all other articles are desinged to capture the less than average minds.

While you contemplate your decision to march bear this in mind if Bainimarama is capable of thrashing supposed inocent people what chance have you got.

I will only march if the likes of these people make their way to Fiji and be counted.

Australia and New Zealand don give a rats arse what happens to you.


Anonymous said...

lets do it the people of fiji.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jake, what a feeble rant! You do sound like you're at the end of your tether, bless you!

Stealth. said...

ANZ won't be the only one's watching closely. Ni Moce.

Momo Sami.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please, remember we are still under emergency regulation (PER).

Anonymous said...

Prayer ... the last refuge of a scoundrel ... good luck with your pie in the sky plans suliasi ...

Frying pan to the fire said...

I am an indigenous who witnessed for myself the cowardly act of indigenous youth beating up innocent Indian people. The same happened in the 2000 coup. They walked into homes and claimed hard earned assets of the Indians. The same happened in the 2006 coup with a mixed race activators, this time they targetted a mixed team of indigenous Fijians and Tongans/Lauans, who'd worked hard to get where they were. Yes, most of them were corrupt but, there are instruments in place to take care of that. My fear now is the existing stirrers like Daunitutu for example, who is he? What is his track record? Likewise Baledrokadroka, did he abuse the Army funds, as Bainimarama and Ganilau are allegedly guilty of? It is alleged Kaitani was a crook and likewise Ted Young. Like you young people who're agitating now, I agree with you, YES, Fiji does not need corrupt leaders and we need to have an election NOW, for together (all races), we can all work our way through this. But, let's fight for freedom and ensure we're not led by another/new bunch of crooks, for if this should happen, then we're going from the frying pan to the fire.

Anonymous said...

one very interesting point to note, when coup was staged likes of Mahen and his crowds crept in for their own ajenda, we all know who are/were they, but just see the GODS move everyone who stuck with idiot baini slowly got booted out and even Pita , Mara , Aziz etc are latest. It is not far when we will witness , G Gates , Nailatikau than the main culpirits -baini and taliban ag.No march , no fight , nothing GOD is going to punish in his own way ,again example are here

Anonymous said...


Vucesa said...

This is a big joke, as usual.

For every protestor, there will be 100,000 kava drinkers.

TheMax said...

Jake common sense will tell you that Suli would be no use to the movement if he went to Fiji. Coz the military will neutralise him on arrival. Thus he is more effective from where he is.

As for useless cow-ards like you just put your damn tail between your legs and lick Vore's balls.

Anonymous said...

Moku na koki ...ragone!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

please people reveal yourselfs by marching .... lets just see once and for all what support the qarase/sdl supporters really have

Anonymous said...

The people driving this website and campaign are racist/nationalist people? Where were these people during 2000 coup? Off course in parliment supporting george speight!! What goes around comes around!!

Anonymous said...

It will not happen as the people of Fiji have no guts and will just bow down to Sir Khaiyum & Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

i have never seen a more gutless race of people than the fijian. wake up get rid of the slackness and reclaim your country from the despot. be at the march today or forever seal your lips.

Savasava said...

Daunitutu - dont mislead the fools who believe you in the Rules of Engagement issue...tell them of the LAST RESORT...WPNS CAN BE FIRED TO DISABLE THE ENEMY.

kEVAKA NI SEGA NI VAKADINATA NI LAKO MAI QO KI SUVA NI DA SA TU QO ENA KENA SIGA...dAUNITUTU/ Waqatairewa kei Tui mo dou nanuma jiko ni nodra na mavoa, rarawa, tagi oira era muri kemudou dou na saumi taro kina mai lomalagi

Jake said...


Excuse after excuse the fact is they placate to weak minds like yours but internally they lack the rudiments of courage.

If these people incite weak minds then they ought to at the very least be there to stand by their brothers/sisters should there be problems.


Leone said...

Godshit no ones going to the march, Ive never heard about any arrangements at all transport and whatever , even the stronghold up in the hills are talking much about how good the development is taking place back home and that they have never ever come across such a leader such as Frank,They approve of him and that they will stand up if someone is against him

Anonymous said...

4.5, you are losing the plot. Just like you said ASK had lost its job. There will be no March. The likes of Waqavonovono are SDL and Digitaki stooges annd creating nosie for nothing. Frank please take both of these two to in to QEB for a night or two please.

Maxy Joker said...

Jake you are the one with weak mind you boneless creature.

Anonymous said...

Update no march yet in suva.
we have seen army officers with gun in some parts of suva.
I dont think people will come and march.
people are scared of the army/guns.

Anonymous said...

God God God. God in our rugby. God in our plantations. In Fiji god is everywhere it seems. The fact is God isn’t going to help no one. He is to busy worrying about the rest of the 2 or 3 billion who barely can feed themselves on this planet. He has not been able to help those women and children and innocents murdered raped and tortured over the many years of earths history. Why will he help us? Gadafi ran his country as a dictator for 43 years making his people suffer why did god not intervene. The people had to do it themselves and the same goes for Fiji.
We brought all this suffering on our selves by voting incorrectly in 1998. So we suffer. The people of this country are just too stupid to be helped. They are like sheep follow the one who brings the most loafs of bread. Most of the citizens of this country do not deserve to be free. As soon as we get rid of this tin pot we will get in another racist pig to replace him. It is the Black peoples curse get used to it. We are too full of personal prejudices to run a successful country. Can anyone please prove me wrong and show me one Black run country where things are as good as in the white run countries. In fact I will be relived if anyone does.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 10:16AM

Sorry to burst your bubble but the whole white v black comparison is fraught with complexity - it is not simply a matter of comparing white v black because the "whites" have been very busy for the last 1000 years. An author by the name of Jared Diamond wrote in his book of the same title that the whole reason that the "whites" have done so well is because of a combination of factors: guns, germs and steel.

This effectively have given these nations a great headstart - but I wouldn't go so far to believe that the gap is insurmountable - or that somehow, we Fijians are incapable of being righteous leaders of the South Pacific community. We need to struggle and fight for our rights to understand what it is we have when we have it.

Once Frank is gone, Fiji will be much stronger, much more open to our own scrutiny, hopes and dreams.

Have faith. We are better than we seem!

Anonymous said...

No March guys.Everything quite and cool in Fiji.You are all laamu sona.To Suliasi and Baleidrokadroka please stop poisioning the minds of the Fijian people.They have sufferred enough.You guys are hiding behind Aussie and NZ and asking the innocent people to create unrest in the country.If you guys are so conerned about democracy than go to Fiji and lead the crowd against VB.Dont be cowards.Similar to what happened in 1987 and 2000.This will not bring any good to the country.Bear in mind that everything either good or bad will come to an end.Justice will prevail.If VB is doing injustice today,he will repay in time to come.My advice to the contributors of this blog is to just sit back and pray to god for a peaceful solution.Afterall Fijians are good at that.The loud speakers around Fiji are a testimony to that.May God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

You are a black arse idiot who will never be white. That is your curse that comes with everything you have said. Its in you wherever you are/go. You take your curse of the black arse with you. No matter how long you spend in white men country. Your arse will always be black arse charcoal. Get used to it.

Coup 4.5 said...

FYI:Posted on Matavuvale by Suliasi Dauinitutu three hours ago: Message from Albert Park, the park is crowding up, and as the rugby gabe is going on, the people are just standing around and watching each other. There is a big Police and Military presence, contrary to what Ture was saying yesterday.

Stay close to your PCs, as news comes in, I will post straight away. Pictures in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

oso nobody never come to march with me ... all the lamu sona crowd only can talk talk but no gits to do anything ... they all like qarase only talk when time to show some courage the tail go between the legs ... oilei who gonna save fiji now ... maybe we should start supporting the big chief at QEB at least the falla got some courage ... when he say something the falla do it saraga

Next Generation said...

fEar not people, our time will come taking longer than we deserve but it will come and when it does let us not take freedom and our rights as citizens for granted. Let's be vigilant in keeping our leaders and ogvernments honest so we are never held to ransom the way we are the moment. Let us stay honest as well, as people. We have to look after what is ours. I would hate to think that my children and grandchildren would ever go through what are being forcced to.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9.23am - isa, please take it easy on Waqavonovono and Digitaki. Waqavonovono is a product of a broken marriage and Digitaki is a home breaker. Erau tamata yalo ramusu. Hence the noises they're making.

Anonymous said...

Ouch !!! @ Anon 7.18pm

Anonymous said...

I have seen stupid moves like this some where else too. But where was it ....Oh! yes in Laos. All these cowards are doing this staying in their homes and watching TV and wasting time on the internet. While the govt of Fiji right now at this moment is doing all it can to improve lifes. We have been in hell for years, people and nation do not just get better overnight it takes years. I have seen improve in Laos. The roads, hospitals, schools and life style, people are happy there. I believe given the time without stupid opposition, one party rule is the best for Fiji. Atleast we can see some changes in this fours years. Some governments stood for 8 years what major changes did they do? Do not believe in everything that you read and see in the media. Media says Laos is very poor country but if you ever go there you will see that the people there live a much better life than what some of us live here for.
Leave my country alone for once and just it makes its own way.
We are better off wihout you and surely you are not needed here.