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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deputy police commissioner got off lightly for crashing new pajero

A police report shows the deputy commissioner of police, Isikeli Ligairi, cost the force $35,000 while he was Regional Police Commander, North.

Ligairi is one of the officers listed in a recent leaked report about officers taking bribes and the subject of an earlier leak revealing he was caught drunk, associating with a well-known drug peddler, while using a police vehicle.

According to the latest information given to us, he tumbled a brand new vehicle while using it (again), for non-police work.

Sources say Ligairi was relieved of his duties after an investigation and transferred to the office of the former police commissioner, Esala Teleni, and later became CAO (ACP post) in Jan 2010. 

His case file has been classified and he was not charged for the damages to the police vehicle. Fiji police ended up footing the 35k bill.

Traffic Incident Report – Labasa 2009 (Classified)

Ref # XXXXX / 2009


Sub: Dir. Traffic 624 SSP Mahesh Mishra

Report Complied: As directed by COMPOL

Investigation Officer: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (PSD)

On the XXXXXXXXX day blue GN XXXXX Mitsubishi Pajero after hours was involved in an accident on the XXXXXXX stretch with was driven by RPC

Initial reports confirm that vehicle tumbled off the road due to high
speed at around 2300hours on XXXXXX day 2009. As the result the total damage is estimated to be around $35,000.00 as vehicle is brand new.

After interviewing a number of police officers on the activity of RPC North 2152 ISIKELI LIGAIRI, it was establish that RPC was using the official vehicle without his driver for private activity by visiting a Ms. XXXXXXXX. His driver PC XXXXXXX told us that RPC North 2152 ISIKELI LIGAIRI   usually visit this lady after hours and does not use
the driver but prefers to drive himself.

RPC North 2152 ISIKELI LIGAIRI  at the time of accident is said to be under influence of alcohol but not evidence on hand is avail to
confirm this. After the accident RPC North called a tow truck company of his friend from his official mobile XXXXXXX and vehicle was towed to Labasa Police Station.

No incident report is lodged in Traffic records – only a journal entry

was found ref XXXXXX.

Report Respectfully Submitted for your Comments and Directive

SSP Micheal Nand

Director Professional Standards (PSD)


Anonymous said...

What else do we expect from Vuaka's govt.
Totally corrupt.
I bet he'll pay him $200,000 to go away quietly. (like Sereana Qoro).
What a waste of Taxpayers money!
And we have poor Fijian kids in Tavua who can't go to school because their parents are unemployed and have no money.
Come on Mr Naivalurua, you should prosecute this fella & send him to jail. or are you big lamusona levu ga na vosa?

Anonymous said...

Please put up a photo of this hideous thug in uniform ISIKELI LIGAIRI so we can see what he looks like.

He should never ever work again as a public servant, much less as a police officer and should be made to pay off the damaged vehicle.

Be sure to clean up this mess properly NAIVALURUA! We're watching!

Ovisa Vesu said...

Is this another leaked report from BROWN the head of NIB. Please Commissioner, send both of them (Ligairi and Brown) home.

Ex-Police Officer said...

Liumuri and back stabbing has been the playing field for senior officers (Ligairi, Brown, Rusi, Mishra, Manoj, Michael, luckliy, Tabakau and Lesu have been suspended) for more than a decade. Good work C4.5.. EXPOSE THEM ..I know this info is also coming from a liumuri

Ex-Police Officer said...

In today Fiji Village.com, Commissioner terminated the contract of two Junior Officers that were involved in assaulting students in Labasa. Police spokesperson, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said the termination of the contracts of the two officers shows that the Police Force is serious about these types of incidents.

He said there is a zero-tolerance policy in place for these types of cases involving the Police Officers, and anyone found doing so will be taken to task.

I am just wondering whether zero-tolerance policy is equally applied to senior officers, like Sikeli Ligairi in this case. This case is even more serious - Abuse of Power/Office or whatever you may call it.

Isa, sa ra vakaloloma ga na junior officers..

Anonymous said...

Fiji is full of hypocrite police officers.
Limuri is the game now.
Snr officers are saved junior officer become the scape goat.
The cp is to be charged for treason with all top govt ministers.
sdl govt was good and our vp and other mp went to prison in 2003. .
why these guys are saved from the law.
when they committed treason act.
no clean up all cover up.

Perspectives. said...

So what if Ligairi crashed a Pajero? (can be fixed),
Frank just wrecked a whole industry which can't.(sugar).

Two Balls said...

Its the modus operandi of this illegal regime. Some are more equal than others and the Vuaka is da boss at the Viti Animal Farm.

Anonymous said...

The onus to stay on the straight and narrow is MUCH HIGHER for senior officers since they ought to know better than the junior ones in how to conduct themselves on duty as PUBLIC SERVANTS.

It therefore follows that the penalty meted to Ligairi must be much higher and more severe than the two jailed in Labasa.

This is another example of the rot in the entire government machinery (including the military) where inexperienced and junior staff are FAST-TRACKED through the hierarchy, resulting in these unnecessary and COSTLY messes that we are now witnessing on an almost daily level!

Coupsters, coup-plotters and their apologists - these are all on your heads!

Fiji Police said...

For Your information :

ISIKELI LIGAIRI - has never been a carrier police officer... in mid 2000's he left police force and joined the banks.

He only came back in 2004 and was away again in 2004 doing studies at usp.

Actually looking at his trend he just used brillantly the tax payers money to build his education. He was always away on education leave.

He is currently looking for his UN posting and his DCP post is just a reward. He doesnt know shit about police work.

ISIKELI LIGAIRI, ACP Brown, RPC South and Pio (PM office) are the think tanks of all that is happening with the FPF today.

Vuaka said...

So whut they are all as oles

Anonymous said...

This guy never learned his lesson and to think that the Police Force kept him in the job for another 2 years...WTF.

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