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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Second QEB goon named

IN THE FRAME: Captain Aseri Rokoura in 2008 with Bainimarama and Aziz Mohammed. 

A second goon from the Queen Elizabeth Barracks can be officially named today, thanks to sources who were quick to recall him from earlier run-ins.

He is Captain Aseri Rokoura, who was singled out as one of the army operatives behind the brutal assault of Felix Anthony of the Trade Union Congress, recently.

The blog, Intelligentsiya, reported that Anthony was beaten over a story that appeared in the Fiji Times concerning Fiji Sugar Corporation maintenance work. 

The goon singled out for that beating was 'Rokoua' but we've since established with the help of bloggers and sources that he is more likely to be Aseri Rokoura, a trusted member of the inner gang of Frank Bainimarama.

Aseri was also Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi’s ADC when he was still vice-president. He went to Duntroon Military College in Canberra, the same place military school as Major Ben Naliva, and married an Australian girl.

He is the brother of Fiji Netball coach Una Rokoura and his father was a former professional boxer, Tomasi Rokoura. The family are from Naitisiri. 

Rokoura was also shot by rebels at the 2000 coup in parliament and according to Peter Usaia Waqatairewa from the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement, he hasn't got over the incident.

Waqateirewa - one of the people to identify Aseri Rokoura - says Rokoura threatened him in 2009, using Bainimarama's s email address and Blackberry to do it. 
Waqatairewa says he'd been trying to approach the Dictator to discuss a way forward when he was verbally abused and sworn at. He thought it was Bainimarama but his interrogator identified himself as Captain Aseri Rokoura.

Waqatairewa says Rokoura admitted to him in text messages in 2009 that he still carries that grudge of being shot and wounded by rebels and his main driving motivation against Fijian Nationalist.

The freedom activist says Rokoura's father worked under him as a Trust Accounts clerk when he was Manager Finance and Admin at NLTB.

He says Rokoura senior brought his children to thank him and management personally for allowing him to work until 56 instead of the mandatory 55 when he was Manager Finance at NLTB. He says this allowed Rokoura's father to pay off the family mortgage.

The QEB goons obviously have families and friends (trawl through Facebook and you'll see they're 'normal' people) but remember they don't treat the people they're beating up on are father's, husbands, brothers and grandfathers.

They have no conscience about tormenting and mistreating people. Where were can, let's name these goons so the world knows who they are, and influential organisations like the United Nations don't give them jobs or treat them like heroes.


Anonymous said...

Armies were to protect people and their property .
Frank said fiji will have good clean govt.
whats happening all filling the pockets now.
why aunty bano paying salaries to govt ministers.
i smell a rat.
these army officers shout be shot.qori like their boss bani/ag.

Anonymous said...

Armies were to protect people and their property .
Frank said fiji will have good clean govt.
whats happening all filling the pockets now.
why aunty bano paying salaries to govt ministers.
i smell a rat.
these army officers shout be shot.qori like their boss bani/ag.

Anonymous said...

Rockyroad is a PSO for vuaka.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad day for us kai Naitasiri to have our name of dragged around in the dirt like this.
Rokoura's behaviour is shameful.
I think it reflects more on his Nabua upbringing rather than being kai Naitasiri.
No one is above the law and Aseri should also face court like everyone else.
I urge you Aseri, be a man and leave the Fiji Army.
It's shameful what you guys are doing.
Assaulting the weak.
That is not manly.
That is weak. Morally weak.
God says that we should defend the weak but instead you guys bash them up.
Drau kua ni vakalolovira taki kedatou.

jay said...

Good job!! Identify them and publicaly give their residential adress, the more the better so we know where they live

Anonymous said...

Picture says,

Rokoura saying in Fijian...Sir.....o koya toka i liu qo e vo valailai sara niu rabacaka vua dua na gusunidakai non muimuri baleta ni liumuri taki iko tiko vei Driti kei Ului”

Voreqe...reply..”Oi, au sa qai rogoca vakdua qori!!! Noqu kaidia namaki o koya..sega ni vabauta ni dou va qo o ira”.”Tukutuku cava tale e tiko vei iko, noqu boy??

Rokoura thinking..”Sa, vaka e sega ni vabauti au na kai Kiuva lialia qo..rairai dua tiko nodrau sema ni wadua makawa kei baiya”.

Rokoura.replying..”O Sir, nanuma tiko that I took one in gut for you during 2000 coup...don’t forget that...o kulina qori tamata Taliban, liumuri, boica tiko na muimuri nei Chaudary kei Ului!!

Voreqe thinking..”io,thats good news but kua ni ragata nomu take one in the gut for me in 2000 de o take one up the sala ni tavioka vaka the initiation to enter my loyal military council inner circle”

Aziz thinking...”What???...o lialia qo o Rokoura doesn’t he realise that I understand Pidgin and everything he is saying?? But shit...he is true.....I better deny it as he is just a foot monkey then I get him arrested by Naliva and Siwatibau Rabuka and taken up to cell block to be converted into a woman..old Taliban torture method..awa!!”.

Voreqe reply....”Ok..vinaka Captain for a sterling job....(In Fijian)..au sa na vakasamataka na tukutuku qori because wrong time now as I am on my way to blow the Chinese High Commissioner’s trumpet... he got a big one so I need the energy and money to pay you and buy Mary a new dress for her birthday!!

Voreqe thinking.....sa!!....ira kece qo sa vuki me gata...sega ni kila o Roks ni sa yaco vei au na news ni nona lasa tiko kei Mary..bleri luveni kai jaina..take one in the gut for me but vakatawana tiko na noke nei Mary...rau tamata liumuri toka qo i mataqu!! Oti qo au na qiri vei noqu rosi o Naliva me rau vesi qai kaucake na cell block....me tovolea mada o Roks na doka levu ni Musilamani sega ni va babyoil..o Taliban na qai tovolea na ka sa kila tu o Naliva.noqu taba ni dogo mai Kiuva..rau yavu tamata kaitani,lasulasu!!

Aziz thinking......I am up shit creek now...everyone knows about Operation Vakamatevuaka...I better call Mary so that we can catch the first flight out of the country to Pakistan!!! That will really stuff him and his stupid coup up..bloody machorrd!!

mark manning said...

The behaviour of the few desperate Soldiers is and indication as to just how fearful Frank and Co. are.
Expect things to get worst before they get better.
It's just a matter of time before Soldiers open fire on unarmed Civilians and Children a re killed and that is when the real Fijian Warrior will be unleashed and Frank and Co. will experience the wrath of Loyalist Soldiers.

These are the death throws of a dying Regime and it will do anything to survive, but their very actions, are causing its own demise.


Anonymous said...

Excellent move C4 & Bloggers.
"Name & Shame".

Anonymous said...

That rokoura doesn't have an indigenous look as the name suggests. Perhaps a luvei ni yali/luvei ni maga toro.

Anonymous said...

Mark, you making assumptions. You read too many fairy tales. The Fijian Warriors were all dead before 1900s. Are you expecting the "Fiji will live happily ever after ending?" What is Fiji's problems compared to Libya right now? Give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

Hey they will get their chance of being bashed after the head goon Baini Marama falls..they can't hide in a cassava patch.

Anonymous said...

He certainly doesn't look like a Fijian, but his name does. He looks like a part Asian..hmmm his mother should own up now and confess to her night out at Suva wharf when she was supposed to be at her family's place in Nasinu lol

mikey said...

@ Anonymous: wow watch the profanity coming out of your mouth!!!! do your parents talk that way to you??

mark manning said...

It's what is in a man's heart that counts, no one can help their appearance.

Anonymous said...

Rokoura from a very good family. Thanks to the likes of him racists polictians r out of the picutre. Peter waqavonovono should be arrested and given a lesson. His is liasa digitakis toyboy wen siti is being a guji in png.

Gutter level attack said...

Anon @ 10.09am, that's gutter level attack and only people who were dragged up (not brought up) do that!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.56pm, ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!..Man, lasa saraga na nomu picture commentary..very,very witty and please keep it going!!!

Name says it all. said...

Rokoura - prawn name - prawn brain.

Anonymous said...

Gutter, what a great name you have. Perhaps you were dragged out of the gutter.