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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tikoitonga: No abuse in camp - come and see for yourself!

EN FORCE: RFMF troops at QEB grounds.
The RFMF has resorted to inviting Australian and New Zealand media to visit the Queen Elizabeth barracks to prove its soldiers are not beating and torturing Fiji citizens.
In a second day of denials, Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga has again rejected outright that soldiers beat and abuse locals.
In an interview with FijiLive, he insisted Fiji was doing well and there were no problems: “If we had security issues and problems, then we would not be having increased number of tourists, investments etc."

Tikoitonga went on to make accusations of his own. He said: “There is more abuse in Australian detention centers than could ever happen in Fiji."
He urged media in Australia and New Zealand to come and see firsthand how well the country is doing.

“I personally invite Australia and New Zealand to Fiji to see how Fiji has increased Tourism, investment etc, stop speculating,” he said.

Unfortunately, for Tikoitonga the beatings are documented and well-publicised thanks to revelations by freedom blogs and human rights groups like Amnesty International making sure the international community hear of the abuse.

A source within the junta last week confirmed to Coupfourpointfive that the regime has imposed another crackdown and is using the PER to round up people who oppose it.

The source said as long as the PER is in place, the military would use it to intimidate people and consolidate its hold on the country and its citizens.
But Tikoitoga today tried to shift the blame on police saying the Military only assists police in apprehending people when they are asked to and when the PER has been breached.

“All investigations are done by police and not us,” he said.

Tikoitoga also denied outright the former Land’s Minister Sam Speight, who is also known as Samisoni Tikoinasau, was beaten by military soldiers. He said: "That is not true."

Earlier, he was quoted thus by FBC:
"My friend there is a lot of accusations on the government by the same people who have continued to propagate against government activities here in Fiji, and unfortunately like I said they are airing their grievances in the wrong forum. However, I would be the first to testify that the military forces are not taking the lead in any investigations or any arrests. Any investigations or arrests in Fiji now are being handled by the Fiji police force. They do need help every now and again and under the Public Emergency Regulations that are in place in Fiji; the Fiji military forces does go out and help impose arrests where the police want our help, and we have done that. But we've handed over all the people that we got and given to the police, and the police take the lead in the investigation which is the right thing to do. I'm not sure where the complaints are coming from."

Regarding last Friday's failed Free Fiji march and the organiser's claim it was due to increased police and military presence, he said:

“I've never heard of that alleged demonstration. Like I said, the Public Emergency Regulations that are in place now would require anyone who wants to hold such public meetings to make an application to the Fiji police force. And if they assess that it was not safe to do so they would not allow the process to go on, instead of trying to saturate the place it would be easier to say that the meeting won't go ahead because of associated risks. But I didn't hear of any demonstration, neither were we involved in trying to saturate the area. Like I said, there's a Public Emergency Regulation in place that doesn't allow for the gathering of the public.” 


Anonymous said...

Nai tovo lolovira vaka oqo really takes the FMF to the kava ni benu because Bainimarama is an evil man who is misleading those in the military to commit more crimes that only lead them down the slippery slope of darkness.
The simple fact is when soldiers acting under direct orders from a military commander resort to abducting, torturing and sometimes murdering detained innocent civilians within the camp without legal retribution or justice then this poses a serious threat to the very moral fabric of the military and on a larger scale to a peaceful and stable society.

Soldiers and Police Officers have a moral duty to stand up for justice and to protect every citizen under the law. This coup situation is not about pointing the finger at our fellow citizens but about standing up for what is right and wrong.

Everything Bainimarama has done since 2006 is definitely wrong and evil and current serving officers and soldiers can no longer hide behind the excuse of turning a blind eye because they need to feed their families. This excuse is ethically and morally wrong and makes them equally culpable to the heinous crimes being committed under their very noses. By doing nothing, they are perpetuating and encouraging the enemy within the camp to subject their mother and sisters to acts of humiliation and degradation.

Voreqe and his cowards are just a handful of thugs who go around spreading their message of fear within the military and to the public at large. But this is this fear real?? I say no because their ploy is a matter of perception. It is a false perception that they are everywhere listening, watching and ever ready to pounce on anyone who wants to express their own views of the real situation in Fiji. In reality, they are few in numbers but we are many. Citizens need remove this psychological barrier of fear in your mind and the battle against them is won. It is that easy!!! Just look at the lessons of people power in Egypt, Libya, Philippines and even the feared communist dictators of the USSR.

Discontent military and Police officers are the majority in the force and they should rest assured that the people of Fiji will support them in the battle to overthrow tyranny so come forward and support your fellow citizens. Chiefs, church leaders, party leaders, community leaders all need to unite and talk about gathering the people to remove Bainimarama and his small circle of criminals once and for all. They are holding the country hostage and blocking the path to progress and freedom by spreading their culture of crime and illegality.

Remember that the unity of righteous citizens is the greatest fear of a dictator and his lackeys
Let us start today.....please all you leaders of influence, lets save our families from this evil and really build a better Fiji without the shackles of a military dictatorship.

I am willing to coordinate and facilitate communication between all concerned community leaders and individuals to form a united front to liberate Fiji. Another day of inaction is a day too late because in reality we are all suffering. The people are waiting!!!

I propose that we begin removing this illegal regime commencing this day 9th March, 20011. I want you all to repeat after me....
“Today is the day I no longer fear Bainimarama but only fear God. By Gods love I will be liberated and in turn will help liberate my fellow man in Jesus Christ who strengthens me.Amen!!”

Moa Tse Tung said,” the greatest victory is won without firing a shot in anger”....I think Mao read the teachings of Jesus in secret. This is the proven strategy we will pursue!!!

Bainimarama cannot detain 800,000 citizens but instead he will flee.

Please I urge you all to email: Ilisoni Tamaikaira and my address is: fijistudent@gmail.com today to start the ‘Liberty for Fiji” campaign”.

Vinaka and Long Live a free Fiji!!

Your son,

Wilson Tamanikaira

Anonymous said...

My advice to every soldier In Fiji is to liaci kemudou yadudua kei koya e vei liutaki tiko baleta there are some who are hiding behind the uniform and bad leadership so that they can go out on the street to abduct unarmed civilians and subject them to humiliation within the camp. Is this the character of a professional soldier?? Is this criminal standard where the once proud FMF has been reduced to...a mob?? Is this what you swore an oath to protect all civilians regardless of personal opinions, political persuasions or race?? Is this how you treat your grandparents, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters?? Is this how you treat your fellow Fijians?? Is this how you treat your chiefs?? Is this how you treat your talatalas and more dangerously, is this how you treat God’s highest creation, created in his image??? Tread wearily because rest assured that as day turns into might God’s wrath will return to haunt you and your generations to follow.


Bauhaus. said...

Any doubts about Tikoitonga's current mental state well and truely settled by his latest claim

Invites ANZ & US to "visit QEB - confirm soldiers are not beating & torturing Fiji citizens".

Least they won't be the day delegation makes its inspection.

Does he seriously believe people are that stupid?

See now why he never made it in rugby.

Tiktoktonga the ball boy said...

This Tiktoktonga wouldn't even make a toilet cleaning private in a real army. Since he has become land commander the military has just become a bunch of gorillas eating bananas. Apart fromm making coups what do these monkeys do?

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga, go ahead and invite them! On the very same day we will march on Suva. Then, you wouldn't have to worry about showing them that all is well because we'll show them ourselves!

Beat that!



NOT A LAMULAMU STYLE......Tamanikaira.....



NOT A LAMULAMU STYLE......Tamanikaira.....

Anonymous said...

He was just a junior officer doing the junior officers training in Canberra similar to Cawaki,Kean,Mason,Tikoduadua etc..etc and a few others who are taking the front line for Voreqe.Probably its an opportunity for them to be in the public eye which is only in their dreams for most them.Greedy, coward and opportunist is the word to describe them.Tikomaitoga na korakora ni kai Kadavu sonalevu o sa varogorogo baci taki kemi na kai Kadavu.

mark manning said...

Aiyaz and Frank must be shitting themselves over the possibility, no, probability, that they will be indicted by the International Criminal Court soon.

Anonymous said...

So I guess it was a ghost that bashed up Ballu Khan and Peter Foster.
This was on NZ & Australian TV so their journalist don't have to come to Delainabua to see the proof of bashing by the military.
Has Tikoitoga got a brain or is he really that dumb?

Jake said...

Wilson Tamanikaira.

You idea is very noble but dont be a fool because the crowd over the ditch is stil trying very hard to pursue that end.

Its nigh on impossible to convince the nation of Fiji to accept your harebrained scheme.

The people majority of which have given this regime more or less their blessings now what make you think you can make a difference when the chiefs themselves are inert.


Anonymous said...

Typical regime response is to deny any wrong doing or else they lose their credibility. Another liar fronts the international media to claim that all is well which is untrue. Of course beatings don't happen on a daily basis so what will the reporters see when they come over. Nothing since the thugs will put on their best behaviour just to falsely impress. Ask those who have already been beaten and challenge the army not to futher victimise the victims if they told the truth. I bet they can't do that.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Army bashed up men , women & children; kicked out Ambassadors; kicked out Newspaper publishers.
Even now they are still bashing people.
Where are all the dickhead supporters who wrote up the NBBF charter?
Peni Moore, Rev Yabaki, Father Barr, Bs Mataca can you please speak up or come and clean up the shit you have smeared on the Fijian people.
Is this your idea of "correcting social injustice"? (quote Peni Moore)

Anonymous said...

@ Jake & Sega na Leqa & Qara Na Leqa:

I checked out that name on google and i suggest you both do too! He does actually live in Fiji - in Ra.

Who knows, probably right now he is being escorted by military trucks from his village to the nearest "bashing & torture house". Oh! and don't worry you can always say he "resisted arrest"!

Mao said...

What can you expect.... history repeats itself time after time after time....a dictator (normally stupid and dumb at the same time) rids of those that are a threat to him (Good and capable officers)....and surrounds himself with junior officers who are yes men (and who are normally very good at scrotum shining and fart catching too)........and who are rapidly promoted.....and who owe what they have and where they are to their leader (who is normally still stupid and dumb).

I don't care how many pips and crowns you have on your shoulders.........if you ain't got........you ain't got it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga's statement of denial is about as credible as his insistence that Driti and Ului are still in the Army and that their future roles in that organisation will be decided after they resumed duties from leave.

Anonymous said...

this person Tikoitoga is not a full-blooded Fijian. His mother is a Fijian from Kadavu but his father is an English man and desertted the mother when he was still in the womb.

I can understand where he is coming from.

Half-blood too!

Anonymous said...

Fine invite the international media, now get the witnesses who were drinking kava at the SDL office that night, let them state that Sam did not resist arrest, he was taken by a young officer from the RFMF, they know this chap, get Ana, Sam's wife to testify, that Sam was locked up at QEB, that none of us could contact him two days after his was taken, and that the next time we talked he was in Australia, recovering from his injuries.
Tikoitona is lying and struggling very much to keep a straight face.

Mao said...

Further to my last, does this ring a bell?

Herd behavior in animals: A group of animals fleeing a predator shows the nature of herd behavior. In 1971, in the oft cited article "Geometry For The Selfish Herd," evolutionary biologist W. D. Hamilton asserted that each individual group member reduces the danger to itself by moving as close as possible to the center of the fleeing group. Thus the herd appears as a unit in moving together, but its function emerges from the uncoordinated behavior of self-serving individuals.

Anonymous said...

Jake anD Sega NA LEQA, if you and your lamusona hero Bainimarama were elected representatives of the people then your words might carry a bit of weight. At the moment your words are equivalent to the turds floating around in a toilet bowl waiting to be flushed down the sewer pipes to Kinoya.

What is lamusona Bainimarama waiting for?? Lets go to an election to test his bullshit popularity qai macala oi cei e conman tiko. Bleri yavu caqepepa kana loto,magiti roti kei na chop suey.

Voreqe, kua ni solia tiko nomu sona vei ira na matadre kei ina na roticuri...tamata lasulasu kaisi bokola.

Anonymous said...

Who is making representations to the International Court at the Hague?

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 can you guys find out if Ilisoni T is still safe in his village or has he been taken to camp??

Coup 4.5 said...

Jope: Go ahead, it's okay otherwise contact us directly via pacificinthemedia@gmail.com

C4.5 Editor

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@6.30pm: Have asked around but no-one seesm to know. Van you tell us more?-C.45 Editor

Anonymous said...

Top picture says,
Everyone is on parade and waiting for the number one crook and his detail to arrive.

O koya e cola dakai tiko i matadra tou na wawatiko is thinking,"I better make sure none of these bccis standing here are armed too"."O naba dua does not trust any of them after that DVD saga,that's why we take their weapons off before they come on parade and we keep watch on them while they here.If any of them try and liumuri him I will smack them with my M16".

The men are getting restless and some are thinking,"sa sega saraga na veivabauti na gauna oqo mai vei naba dua after we sweat our ass for him in 2006 at the checkpoints, day and night". "Sa sega mada ga ni kilai e maroroi tiko i vei na neitou yaragi"."Looks like if anyone give a surprise attack sa na vakayagataki ga na domo, bang,bang se na yava... i vei tavioka!!"

The one with the rifle is thinking,"O sobo,sa rui bera vakalevu o naba dua,kua ni kaya ni baci benchpress taki Tikoitoga tiko o koya" "O Tikoitoga mada ga waste of food and money baleta ni tamata qauri,lasulasu, ketelevu.Sega ni macala e pasi taka vakacava nona IET e veivula?" "Sivia ga nona kubuti boso tiko ka vavuna nona bera mai nukua".

"Na cava dou raici tiko mai o kemudou na duri i liu?"I know they all talking behind naba dua's back about that Daunitutu DVD.Ia,au mada ga so sarava oti and so as every other military person in the camp" "Vinakavakalevu na taciqu mai Nailega"." Tiko beka vua na DVD ni nona 69 taki Khaiyum o boso kei nona threesome o koya,Khaiyum kai Saumatua?","Sa vavuna ni via vakawati kaiviti tiko Taliban,ia, kenai ubi o luvei Gavoka." O Saumatua e vakataki Tikoitoga...bleri tamata lekaleka,lasulasu,ketelevu, kanaloto..dua talega vie ira na masia vavinaka na dakai ni Kiuva me rawati na IET".

"Sa voleka tiko mai na gauna ni sa na kidacala o ira na tu qo i mataqu niu sa na rabacaka nona qavoka2 o Voreqe dua na 5.5mm".

mark manning said...

The wages bill for this band of useless Soldiers must be around the $75,000,000 annually.

DDS said...

Tamanikaira - kerekere komuni ira mai vakatotolo na nomui lala baleta o au edua au na valu me baleta nodra bula na wekaqu...

Kakua ni soli sona jiko mai valagi mo qai sagai keimami jiko mai...tonoka a mata ni demu

Anonymous said...

Vei kemuni kece na sotia ena gauna qo o ni sa tamata vuli ka sa dodonu mo ni sa kila na dina kei na lasu, na vanua e tekivu mai kina ,na vanua e sa mai yaco tiko kina kei na vanua cava e sa na kauti keda tiko kina. O ni vakawekani vata kei keimami na tu qo e tuba. E sa vinaka tu beka vei kemuni me keimami sa vakatotogani tu vakaoqo? O ni sa na raica tu na veimatalevutaki mai vei keimami ni da qai sota kei dua vei kemuni e na gauna oqo. Sa yali na noda dau sota,keimami dau dredre yani dina ni sega na veikilai ia keimami dau taleitaka na sotavi kemuni. E dodonu mo ni sa vakila ni sa sega na i vakarau qo e na gauna oqo. Sa dodonu mo ni sa madua kina, ya ni sa vakaraitaka tiko yani ni keimami sa sega ni taleitaki kemuni vakararaba e na veika ko ni sa vakayalowaitaki tu kina e na gauna oqo. E se qai dua wale ga na gauna lekaleka sa oti qo e da se qai lasika cake mai kina ena veivanua vakacakacaka ni veiliutaki ka sa mai vakabotoilevutaki tu qo e na nodra sa mai vakasewasewanitaki tu vakailoa ka biu laivi tani tu vakaveitalia. Na ka beka o ni sa vinakata me sa kua ni dua vei keda me toso cake ka me da waboraki kece sobu tale me kua sara ni dua na i taukei me na veiliutaki tale.Ni veiraiyaki mada ka vakaraica na ka au tukuna tiko yani qo,ni vakataroga mada, ka kakua ni dua ga e mai kaburaka tu e dua na veibeitaki ko ni sa mai vakabauta tu yani. Ni yalomatua ka vakasamataka mada vakamalua na ka au talaca tiko yani oqo.Eda na sota tiko e na veigauna ka yacova yani na gauna e da sa na mai veitalatala kina e na vuravura qo. E na oti mai na dara ka dokadokataka tiko na uniform ko ni daramaka tu oqori, ko ni na curu mai tuba e na dua na gauna, ia o keimami sa tiko rawa tu qo e tuba.Keimami na sega ni via curu yani e na vanua ko ni sa tu mai kina qori.Ko ni na sega ni na kauta mai ki tuba na dakai ko ni sa vakayalowaitaki tu kina qori. Na cava sa na qai nomuni ulubale se mo ni mai lasutaki keimami kina me rawa ni lesu tale mai na veiwekani makawa ka sa mai basuraki tu e na veiliutaki o ni sa mai vakayagataki tu kina e na gauna qo. O ni rawa ni bau lialiaci kemuni vakayadudua mada se sa donu tiko na vanua ko ni sa vakayagataki tu kina qo mo ni mai kauti keimami vakasaurarataki tiko kina ?