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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where did Ghanian businessman get money to invest?

Increasing interest in Coupfourpointfive's story about the Ghanian at the centre of the alleged fraud case involving Renee Lal and Ben Padarath.

Lal and Padarath were busted after they tried to get Paul Kofi Freeman deported by telling authorities he had HIV and it came out Frank Bainimarama's name was somehow used to swindle money.

Both Lal and Padarath have been dealt to by authorities and the spotlight is now zooming in on other players and enablers, notably Freeman but also the law firm, Lal worked at - Jamnadas Associates.

Comments coming in suggest there is some sympathy for Freeman, just as there is speculation about the work the Jamnadas law firm did for Freeman.

Coupfourpointfive is continuing its investigation into the dealings between the parties but can reveal today a little bit more about the mystery Ghanian businessman.

We understand he came to Fiji from Ghana where he was promoting boxing and helping local pugilists get visas to other countries and better opportunities.

Fellow country man and boxer, Joseph Kwadjo, who is now well-established on the Pacific circuit, was his ticket to Fiji. From there he got to know Boxing Commissioner, Tim Nobriga, who according to one source showed him how to wiggle his way around Fiji.

Freeman's resume suggests he's well connected in the world of oil exploration but this has been challenged by some locals (Coupfourpointfive March 1.) who say he is an impostor.

Sources have told us he was a key cog in an incorporated company by the name of South Pacific Natural Resources Limited.

It's believed the shareholders were Freeman (fixer and commission agent), Tim Nobriga (failed businessman in Southern Cross Management for oil exploration), Ben Padarath (real estate agent), Martin Kamandu (a US registered nurse), and a Dr Macharia Irungu, who Freeman said was an oil tycoon from Oilibya.

Sources say difficulties arose between the shareholders resulting in the shareholding being reduced to Freeman and Kamandu only.

Another source has since suggested Freeman told Bainimarama he had money from a United States loan to invest but the money came from Kamandu.

But doubts have been raised about Kamandu, a nurse who apparently earns $30k a year, having the capacity to come up with the millions of dollars needed for investment in oil exploration.

Coupfourpointfive has tried to discuss this with Freeman but he seems to have gone to ground after telling us he was not, as originally, believed exploring for oil in Bau waters.

PICTURES: No photos yet of Paul Kofi Freeman but pictured are boxer Joseph Kwadjo (top) who has a fight coming up at the end of the month, Tim Nobriga (middle) and Martin Kamandu.


mark manning said...

As disturbing, is Frank Bainimarama's thugs handling of this situation !
Illegal detention, abduction and torture by the Fiji Police and RFMF Soldiers, are now the norm in Fiji business !

What's next, a barrage of M16 rifle Barrels up one ginger ?

Anonymous said...

Have you guys heard of Nigerian Scam? There are similar scams that have dealt in millions of dollars stolen from peoples bank accounts.

There are some with you have won a lottery say $40,000 etc. then you give out some money to claim the price. There is no real lottery but scam. Sometimes prices run in millions.

Sometimes there are $15m pounds to be shared from dormant accounts, etc.

Some people were also caught in Australia 2 years ago of African origin who were full time in this business but were tracked down to be operating from within Australia.

This is an ongoing scam with many individuals involved.

So are these people part of that scam and were trying to legalise their loot in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Now we see these guys came and used people in fiji to get info.
They are the real back stabbers.i was even used with my mate and took them in meeting with ministers.
Ftib ,immigration/ficac,police and govt should investigate all these guys and cancel their permit.
they tried using me and my other mates too.they still owe us money we paid for food/fuel/others.
We said we want prove of funds and due diligence done first. before they will be partner of our new oil/gas company.
Thats when they went and form company with all these guys and jamadas lawyers.

Anonymous said...

I hope renne can expose these guys more.
since she was the lawyer and has lot of info on these guys.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure this guy paid Ben Naliva to bash Ben Padarath. I thought that was illegal in Fiji. Shouldn't the police take him to court?-Edited C4.5

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong investigating Freeman. If he's innocent, he'll have nothing to fear. At 4.40pm Anne Sloan is the sister of the Sloan that was charged and had nothing to do with the case. Edited C4.5

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.28pm Figure was around $400k NZD. If you attended Renee and sister's wedding, you would've seen they each would've probably costed around $100k each. They flew special cook from NZ for $15k to cook for the night.-Edited-c4.5

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@9.41am Too early to suggest any links there. Anyway, Nigeria and Ghana two different countries,bro!C4.5

Anonymous said...

Isn't Ben Naliva's sister in law Dilip's secretary? Probably Dilip that paid Naliva to bash Padarath and Renee.

Aiyarse is middle man because Renee made sure Aiyarse only got 3 votes in the Fiji Law Society elections after Aiyarse dumped her in 2004. Payback is a bitch!

Anonymous said...

I think C4.5 you're a bit heavy handed with the editing.
You should bring back the original guy to do it. Cos you're cutting out some important points.
Don't throw out the baby with the water.
Thank you.

Poaka said...

All sort of scammers will flock to dictatorships like Viti after all the Dictator came to power through scam.

Jake said...

I say we all cotribute to fund all talk no action Mark Manning to go and terminate parts of this regime.

You along his side kick that pastor there in Australia.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you mean cown-trees!

Anonymous said...

@Jake. Mr Manning has actually done a lot for Fiji.
What about you Jake?
What did you do?
Gana kato? or kuto?

Anonymous said...

Freeman is a con man .
Why police never investigate him.
he paid money to police/others.
Freeman said he sold diamond too blood diamond.
he carries expensive mobile/expensive phone too.
he has good police mate at nadi airport boarder control.he sponsored the namaka police wifes uniforms last year.
I meet him in nadi hotel.

mark manning said...

@ Jake
Thanks for mentioning my name Jake, you must be missing me ?

Anonymous said...

Tim Nobriga should also be investigated.....he was with Speight in the late 1990s trying to tell Vanua Levu Pine Landowners to sell pine trees belonging to Fiji Pine @ $1/tree! Later he teamed up with Osea Gavidi in the $6 billion scam.Now with his failed Southern Cross Management, only God knows whats he up to next..big time con artist!

Anonymous said...

Renne Lal, Jamnadas, Freeman & Ben should be investigated by Fiji Police and if guilty of fraud sent to Naboro.

supa fly said...

Con men are attracted to failed states like flies to a lump of shit.

Yalewa dina said...

I must say i lived in Africa before n they all beautiful ppl from anywhere in the continent no differences to any other race in the world. But like every country n in every race there is a group who loves to do the much on talking to find there way into wot they want and every country has it especially conning ppl.. As for the continent of Africa we have Nigerians known for there outspoken personality and also knowns as the cons of Africa.. Nigerians like Philipians in Asia will do anything to get out of there country and wen it comes to money its alot more then just a story, as they say money talks bullshit walks.. Most Nigerians dont like to be called nigerians due to this roots of cons, so they take up the Ghanian identity to get there way around for anything they want this days.. This people reminds me so much of the Rewa and Tailevu ppl especially those from Quiva, Tokatoka n Nakelo... They have got all the cons of wot a con can be sweet talks but comes with a suprise. When they leave u know who they are.. lovers of talking n mostly connie.. funny how all this ppl all around world can be so identical yet so distant in ways never seen before.. cause many led by same tevoro spirit as it is upon Bai n his dogs this days. Every dogs will eat his vomit one day... As i said before its like this Nigerians cons + Ghanian = Comjos
Rewa + Tailevu (Quiva, Nakelo and Tokatoka = Verevakabau as we can see today!!!

Anonymous said...

Marama Baini and Ayiarse are the crooks on the top of the echelon.

nayacakalou said...

Leave the poor guy alone,he came in to invest,so what is the problem?He had nothing to do with any of us,its his money,arrest the thieves and give the poor guy his money,unless he committed a crime.

Anonymous said...

@Yalewa Dina. you must be hurt at one stage from rewa & tailevu ppl as u mentioned. Please understand that in evry race no matter if you sub divide the lots & minimize it to the lowest common denominator..there will be always CON PPL around till the end of the days, but not all people.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.19p.m. you say mr. suguraki manning has done alot for Fiji?

Like what?

Anonymous said...

tavaya ga i nodratou mua i muri, RFMF style!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please also put up pics of Renee Lala the conwoman

Anonymous said...

If they are conman, then good to be conned by Padarath and Rene. At least he has monmey to conn and try to get his way.

This type of "contacts" still happen in civil service and in Lands Ministry....

The Ghanian met his match.

If he is an investor, he must be rich to give so much in back hand.

Do you really think corruption has stopped in Fiji?

Ask anon 2.01 Janola Man he knows better it seems.

Anonymous said...

What happen to the ficac/police cases on ben/reene/freeman.
freeman must have paid people and ag/bani seems like.

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