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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Youths arrested and tormented over Free Fiji March and DVD

"These young people we made to do duckwalks, run around, crawl and kiss each other in the hot sun, while some soldiers cheered and made fun of them. They were also beaten and kicked around the ribs and backs."-

"So far only high profile figures have been highlighted in many overseas media and blog posts, so the plight of ordinary citizens detained by the military is hardly reported. "

A human rights worker in Fiji details the latest abuse!

On the 26th of February, the XXXX was advised of various arrests following a raid of the political party Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party. A concerned youth relayed to the network how his father was taken by military officers from their family home in Nausori Town on the 26th February "they came at 9pm at night, and were shouting at the gate for my father, they took him and returned him on the 27th of February at 2pm in the afternoon. He was beaten up and have bruises when he returned". His arrest was due to a DVD that was distributed discrediting the Military Junta's efforts.

On the 26th of February also, the XXXX was advised of the arrest of four youths in Wailoku. They were arrested at 1pm and taken to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks. We were informed that their arrest had to do with a planned 'protest on the 4th of March', I with two other human rights youth advocates and parents of two of the detained youths arrived at the Camp at 3pm to negotiate and to call for the immediate release of the youth's, when we arrived at the gates of the camp we saw young people ( 7 youths) running around the ground in the distance (a portion of the ground is visible from the gate) and been taunted and constantly been hit by solders on the Camp grounds. 

One of the parents of the youths arrested from Wailoku identified one of the persons running in the ground as her son, she started crying and kept pleading to the soldiers at the gate to release her son. The youths were than told to sit in the sun, some were visibly injured. They were later told to get up and move to a part of the ground that was hidden by fauna. There was at least 20 soldiers in the ground.

We were not allowed to come into the camp and were kept at the gate. At this point one of our youth activists began filming on he's digital camera as I began negotiating with a Sgt Turaga on the immediate release of all those on the ground. Sgt Turaga ordered that we leave immediately. A military truck arrived at 3:55pm and a military officer grabbed the digital camera and slapped one of the youth activists, he later punched one of the parents who moved in to help our peer.

I was literally pushed several times by another military officer and ordered to "fuck off". Although a few of the solders had guns, no one attempted to threaten us with them.

At this point we saw all the youths coming out of the gate, as they walked towards us, a few solders we swearing at them. At the gate some of the youths stopped to pick up their wallets, watches, and phones. We greeted all the youths (some needed immediate medical attention), but the military officers kept ordering us to leave the camp. We all left immediately fearing that we would be targeted next. We advised the youths and their parents to write statements, they have come back to the network in phone conversation to say that they were very scared to write anything or go to the doctors.

In a phone conversation with one of the youths who was arrested on 26th, I was told of the inhumane treatment they all faced at the military camp. These young people we made to do duckwalks, run around, crawl and kiss each other in the hot sun, while some solders cheered and made fun of them. They were also beaten and kicked around the ribs and backs. 

They were told that if they complain or are seen to be distributing anything against the government, they would be cut up and thrown into the sea. The youth, also informed me that all those arrested were at a house on the night of the 24th in Wailoku, drinking grog, where they were discussing a protest planned for Suva, on the 4th of March by some people on the internet. The internet source was asking people to assemble at the Albert Park.

I have since informed the youths concerned to write statements and document their injuries, we can also meet with them to do this. They have been shaken emotionally and fear for their lives. We are very concerned with the targeting of young people in the recent escalation of human rights abuses in Fiji. So far only high profile figures have been highlighted in many overseas media and blog posts, so the plight of ordinary citizens detained by the military is hardly reported.

These citizens are hunted down, detained and abused. Many are also interrogated and forced to undergo various 'military exercises'.

I now see, that it is very important that human rights activists station themselves at military institutions when news of arrests happen and negotiate the immediate release of detainees. Also the indignity surround those who are detained is a 'crime against humanity' and we are currently drafting a letter to Fiji's Military backed President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, asking for a stop to the recent violence against Fiji Citizens.

The violence on Fiji's citizens must stop immediately. (Report has been compiled for Amnesty International and was given to Coupfourpointfive)


Anonymous said...

This is just unthinkable. These soldiers are thugs. You can see their twisted mind in making boys kiss each other.
That is shocking.
They definitely deserve their name "Sotia ni solisona".
Apparently they also sexually assaulted Rabaka before he died.

Yavu sotia boci!

Jake said...

Fijians beating or Fijian killing Fijian is nothing so why should we be alarmed or for that matters even pay credence to this crap compiled by a ghost.

On every Friday or Saturday night there at least several beatings taking place by our very own.

Should we not be concerned about the high rate of child rape among other things spousal beatings instead brushing some idiots ego.


Anonymous said...

What is the president doing now.
Seems have no guts to sack ag taliban and bani.
god help the youth.

Radiolucas said...

"they have come back to the network in phone conversation to say that they were very scared to write anything or go to the doctors"

This is very common - people are not only afraid for themselves, but for their family.

What we should also remember that this shows just how scared the military are - they cannot arrest everyone in Fiji - so this small band of criminals try to scare everyone by taking these innocent people up to the camp, then release them to tell their stories.

But fear can't protect Frank and his cronies from justice.

Cowardly intimidation said...

This is cowardly intimidation by Fiji military thugs under an increasingly deranged dictator.
And this type of thuggish cowardly human rights abusing regime is supported and applauded by Gates, Pryde, Smith Johns, and the facist fool from Horowhenua - these people, these parasites, are enemies of the Fijian people.

mark manning said...

I'm still grappling with this term " Youth " !
They are adults and deserve to be treated with the same respect as any other Citizen.
Thankfully though, each assault reinforces within the Communities psyche the need for and the relevance of, Democracy and the Rule of Law under the Constitution !
Frank Bainimarama, as commander of the RFMF, is directly responsible and accountable for these and other Human Rights atrocities.

It's time to take him and his supporters, out and I don't mean for lunch or dinner !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Claps .. Claps and Three cheers for the bravery efforts off the greens!

There are a few say 200-500 of these shameless greens who are loyal to frank.

Others are just there for the pay and nothing else.

We call on Roko Ului to be the man and carry the Mara pride - take part in the march and redeem Fiji my Kai!

" its better for you to be the man - instead of being drunk and swearing at PM - whn nobody is around sir !

Max said...

please be advised that this stories are all lies, the people of fiji are moving forward and there is nothing of these sort happening; ask urselves these, why is tourism booming?/ why is there rapid development in rural areas?/why are the fijian landowners happily receiving their money? why are customer services in all govt departments improving.
if you would doubt all these, i ask you to come to Fiji to experience it urselves, we are happy with wats going on now

Anonymous said...

bainimarama & ur colleagues...you're ANIMALS...you are now very similiar to Hitler & Idiamin...you traitor, thugs,...you wait...your time will come...wen the people of Viti will put their foot on ur heads....wat you did to the youths shows how uncivilised you are...laughing at something that is non-sense. YOU'RE NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

sun king said...

this junta is in its death throes folks. it is slowly beginning to implode under the weight of all the crime, lies and deceit. as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, this bunch of thieves will bite the dust. soon!

Anonymous said...

The proposed march is going ahead regardless. We will bite the bullet to get international attention in the form of intervention, if that is what it takes. A few lives will save the lives of a generation. Such is the mindset. True patriotic soldiers have assured a "shoot to kill" stance in the affirmative. The liberation of Fiji has begun. May God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...


They are shivering from what is brewing within the people.. and they know that their days are numbered.

Every incident like this that happens are reinforcing in our mind that IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!!

The out of Max said...


Hey the idiot Max has re-appeared minus The. The issue is not about development, its about beating up people for nothing you dope.

Anonymous said...

These are fruits of the seeds that were sowed in 1987 and 2000.Only difference is that now the sword is in the other hand.How does it feel guys.Where you were bloggers when young Indian mothers were taken to the army camp and do inhumane things for violating the Sunday law.We would never have seen this day if alas you bloggers had been active in 1987 and 2000.Reap what you sow guys.Majority of the Indain community have now left Fiji.So its time to guys start your tribal wars and back to cannibalism.Its the curse of the poor souls who were hurt and those darkest days of Fiji's history.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:38 I hope Inoke Kubuabola resigns too. How can a Christian watch his government beat up people in their homes and think it's ok.
Doesn't he have a sense of shame?
You cannot change this idiots Inoke.
Remember Lot, he ended up living in Sodom and they even influenced his way of thinking to the point where he was willing to prostitute his daughters.
So, get out of there now, Inoke.
It's time to get out of the pigsty.

Anonymous said...

Jake , you are such a heartless animal how could you speak like that about Fijians beating Fijians...i think your animalistic opinion about the Fijians should be kept to yourself. We are talking about human beings. Speak on the issue discussed that is the interrogation done to the youths. Speak sense and not shit...You are waste of space in this blog, and we all know you must one of the overstayers on the run overseas CARA DA TIKO VEI IRA NA PENSIONERS...LUVENI MANUMANU FOR SPEAKING LIKE THAT ABOUT THE FIJIANS...ASSHOLE!!!

Anonymous said...

I am in Fiji from Aust here. From what i read on this blog and what i see seems two very different stories. Everyone is very happy with what Frank & Co are doing. It seems a very high number of people do not want the likes of LQ and MPC running the country. They seem fairly happy with an unelected Govt. Having a discussion at Defense last night with a senior govt offical

mark manning said...

you have to be another Indian Moslem ?

Leone said...

Max u need not worry the TRUTH will always wins and nothing of this stupid people on the Blogs are going to have it their way in trying to falsify the good work of the military that has been experienced by all the people of Fiji.We are not witnessing anything like that which is painted all over the blogs,The military is innocent and done nothing wrong, so far so good.This Govt is trying its utmost best to clean out evil deeds of the past while this people on the Blogs are trying to cross its path by sabotaging its course.Max relax because whatever lies theyre trying to incite the military with will all fail because they are innocent from all those allegation being circulated throughout the Blogs and that all those stories being told are just made up to stir emotions of the people in order to support this Dream much Titled kua ni rere march and also coming from the supporters of Ratu Inoke who should be sentenced for inciting Mutiny in 2000.Its easy to align what rumours are meant for,which is cycological warfare and the military knows all about that.In fact all this allegations will still come back to evidence and we had better not to to much about it

Anonymous said...

My Fellow Fijians,
Do not fear, when Jesus was to depart to his father, he mentioned the signs of his arrivals in Mathew 24...

Also Christ our king mentioned for us to pray for his kimgdom-goverment of god...
'Let your Kingdom come" Mathew 6:10
So this government or the next will not bring salvation as we are living in the last days..

All these things should come to be, as it is written..

1 Peter 5:8 states,
'Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.'

1 Cor 15:33
Stop being deceived:
"Wicked friends lead to evil ends."

Mathew 26:52
As Jesus our King said
"Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword. ...

1 john 2:17
Do not be part of the world as it is passing away along with its desires,
but whoever does the will of God will live forever...

Jake said...

I now see the light previously I lived in darkness with Piggy as one of his little beloved piglets till I was superseded and rearended by the new rosi of the camp Naliva

Please forgive me for my naivety, my feeble mind does not belong in this esteemed company Mark Manning and others.

Ni vosoti au kece kemudou na Turaga kei na Marama

The Jake

Puf-Military said...

Down with the junta - Piggy you and your cowardly poofters are on your way out. The people will vote with their feet at the freedom march, and plant their collective foot on your monkey arse

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, I didn't see anyone complaining when Indian's were being beaten on the streets in 1987.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:09 There was no internet in 1987 and most of us were too young then anyway. How old are you?

Anonymous said...

Guess what's in the "ninemsn news".
Keep fighting my brothers.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1.09pm

Renee Lal, Ben Padarath, Felix Anthony and Felix Chaudhry are all Indians and have also been assaulted by the military goons.

I am sure you will not find this funny.

The fight for democracy is not about race, you idiot!

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.09, YES man... could be these were the people, or their fathers and uncles who supported the beating of Indians then in 1987and 2000.

They should march and campaign - please stop beating us .. beat the Indians instead. Those skinny legs have tougher skin!!!

@ anon 10.13 - Inoke Kumbuabola is no Christian as he was part of leaders of 1987 and 2000 coup. He did not say sorry to the Indians being beaten.

Ratu Iloilo was a true Christian.

Anonymous said...

To Anon, Mar 3 2011, 1.09pm - The Indians were beaten by thugs in the streets and let me speak for myself, I was one of the many I TAUKEI who were in the streets of Suva on that day, who protected the Indians (whom I did not even know) from those thugs. Some of us collected these Indians who were shivering in the streets and escorted them to Central Police Station for their safety. Mind you the beating done to the Indians in the streets that day was nothing, it was merely a thrown punch or a slap and the thugs moved on swiftly. BUT WE ARE TALKING HERE OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN COLLECTED BY THE ARMY (WHO IS SUPPOSE TO BE THE DEFENDER OF THE NATION, IT'S CITIZEN & THE LAW) & BEATEN UP (UNARMED). Whether it is Indians or i taukei beaten IT SHOULD BE CONDEMNED. But Anon Mar 3, 2011 1.09pm you sound like a bitter (age piche) Indian & it is human beings like you who are injecting poisonous venom in Fiji! Must be a culture of great grand ancestors from where you came from? Kaisi bokola!!!

mark manning said...

I heard the same stories from fijians of Indigenous Fijians protecting Indian fijians from thugs in 1987, but i don't know about 2000, though I'm sure its the same !
No one, not even those in the Military who are responsible for the recent beatings etc. should be harmed, otherwise we are no better than Frank and his cronies.
Let's keep it clean and legal !
Respect Human Rights, as we are asking the Regime to do !

Anonymous said...

Oi, so customer service has gotten better? Good, good! And landowners are happy? Are you sure?

I am not sure though about your tourism and development claims.

You say tourism is booming? By what measure/instrument did you base your optimistism on? Visitor arrival? Not safe enough a measure, in fact, that is the surface outlook only my friend. Too superficial and 'window dressing-like' only!!! Besides, what percentage of tourism earnings is retained here? What is the employment status (current numbers and projected) of the industry? What about the wage level in the industry? how much of the local produce is used in the industry? etc etc etc...

The myopia in the present 'self-appointed' rulers is also reflected in their bid for development funds. You shout praises for their rural development efforts. But tell me, HOW ARE THEY FUNDING ALL THESE? In any case, if tourism is performing so well, why do they need to ransome Fiji's future to acquire exhorbitant loans? More importantly, on what mandate are they undertaking these loans? History has taught us well enough how hard it will be for a poor small developing country like Fiji to dig itself out of a debt hole! So while you are singing their praises, try and look beyond your nose to see everything in perspective.

While we all want progress and development, we at the same time must be mindful of the cost - in totality!!!

Leone said...

Mark manning you sona levu we waiting to see how big your sona is while marching today

Anonymous said...

looks like you have two battles at hand...the indian and the military...!!!it sounds uphill, really.

Anonymous said...

Also remember the indians do not want to asscociate with your bull crap against the military, we think its time for you and asshole freeriders to payback.

Anonymous said...

Also remember the indians do not want to asscociate with your bull crap against the military, we think its time for you and asshole freeriders to payback.

Radiolucas said...

@ Leone

"The military is innocent and done nothing wrong"

Seriously? Have you been taking too much of your medicine?

Come to the march today. I think you would look good if you could stand up and say that to everyone - maybe you could wear your uniform too eh?

Anonymous said...

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