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Friday, April 1, 2011

Axe hangs over officers after leaks hurt Naivalurua

Intel sources say the Police Commissioner has been told to act immediately to save face after recent department leaks.

They say Ioane Naivalurua has to prove he is in line with the illegal prime minister's vision of unity and national security.  

That being the case, the following officers are keyed to be terminated or sent on indefinite leave:

Rank                Batch No.             Name                 Unit

DCP                2152        Isikeli Ligairi                   HQ (official corruption/ abuse of office)
ACP                239         Henry Brown                HQ      (official corruption/false Intel/ abuse of office)         
SSP              1023         RusiateTudeavu           RPC/S   (false Intel reports / official corruption)

SP                  389        Luke Navela Wainiu       CID (official corruption/ planting false evidence)
SP                    MESULAME SENIMOLI   Force Chaplin  ( false information/ abuse of office)
SP                    679      Erami Raibe                  HQ      ( abuse of sukuna sports  funds / false intel/ went to NZ and stayed at Balu Khans house in 2010)
ASP              2394        Abdul Khan                    NIB  (official corruption)

IP                 3010        Tevita Tadulala                HQ   (false information/ official corruption)

It's also being touted that some officers who were sacked and falsely accused are likely to be brought back to hold the fort for the illegal government and do away with any investigations for the 2006 coup.


mark manning said...

Now is the time to strike !

Anonymous said...

Military and Police this is time to topple dictator Vore......your futures are uncertain with him in power

Tutaka na Dina said...

Zero Tolerance Policy, Commissioner..dont let Ligairi, Brown, Rusi and Abdul go unpunished. Junior officers in labasa were courageous to stand before the court and said..plead guilty your worship.. now, lets see whether the axe is really going to fall on them. Lets see whether the commissioner is going to be committed to what the police spokesperson said that the FIJI POLICE will not condone any such stupid act..If not, tell the spokesperson to shut up and dont say anything that he is not aware off...ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY , Commissioner, dont spare the axe, let it drop, or it will drop on you..

Anonymous said...

All officer are corrupt like its govt leaders.
We can trust any one now police/army/pm/ministers.
sack the whole lot.

Anonymous said...

Who are you people?!!!! - be brave and show your face!

Anonymous said...

Talking about leaders, does anyone know much is the PM's salary? I suggest we pay minister well as in Singapore. Each Minister gets minimum 500k to avoid them getting corrupt. Btw I hear biggest salary given in fiji is 500k for telecommunications chief. Would interesting know others from bloggers. I also fhl chief was on about 300k. Seems under paid for me.

Jake said...

Arent we just glad to have the most honest leader Fiji has ever known?

Bainimarama will outsmart Qaraae any day of the week for not much can go wrong with this man at the helm.

What we see before are the remnants of the old Qarase regime where every mongrel thought they had unfettered right to plunder the country with impunity.

We ought to be greatful we have a leader that is cleaning up the mess left behind by those thieves.


Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@4.01pm According to figures revealed to blogs, the illegal leader holds five portfolios and gets $700,000 per annum. C4.5 Editor

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:01. Read the story on this blog of "Pink Elephants & Damn Cats" you'll find the Salaries in the "comments" section.

By the way,Australia's PM gets paid $354,671.00 per annum, since August 2010.

Increasing a salary does not stop corruption.
What you need is a an honest Police Force and a upstanding Judiciary and Media Freedom.
None of which exist in Fiji.

This can only happen in a Democracy, hence why we fight for it so much in this blog.

Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

out of all the pm's we've had, frank is the dumbest of all!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonimouse @ 12.15p.m 2 April says:
Who are you people?!!!! - be brave and show your face!

No worries mate - lift the PER, rid those outdated arms and get your thieving thugs back to barracks and Fiji will sock the TRUTH into your thieving faces! Hihihihi......!!!

Anonymous said...

Frank Dumber & Dumber....as always , coup apologist always blaming LQ.

Anonymous said...

The word of the day is hypocrisy!
@Anon 12.15 Be brave and show your face:
Why don't you do the same and say who are first?
@Jake- 5.17 pm:"... regime where every mongrel thought they had unfettered right to plunder the country with impunity."
Take your comments and apply it to the current illegal regime- mongrels, impunity, thieves! No difference!

Anonymous said...

CORRUPTION,ONE BOARD MEMBER OF firca ,a solicistor from LAUTOKA is creaming from clients to fix up tax matters ho ho ho its ChristmaS FOR HIM.. Has any one got more to add ????

ThePiggy said...

Jake you senile old prick. Lai masia na dakai nei Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

He is on few other Boards and full time tax consultant now Wake up Frank or this Lawyer will be another mistake like John Prasad.Firca staff are dancing to his tune and crucifing innocent businessman.Every dog has his days its his now,but for how long.