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Monday, April 4, 2011

Breakout rumour at Naboro

NABORO: Said to be on high alert.  

Sources say prisoners at Naboro maximum security are being moved because of a massive breakout rumor. 
Prison officers are said to have been working overtime in the last week to move prisoners to other locations. 
A prison officer has told us they were directed to empty the maximum prison because the army will also be carrying out mass arrests very soon and that all political prisoners will be kept at Naboro. 
It's believed allocation has been made for 50 prisoners and that they may include: 
1) Former SDL ministers
2) FLP members
3)Trade Unionsts
4) Ex Army and Police Officers
5) Youth leaders
6) And a few chiefs 

The rumoured breakout, if it happened would be a major threat, of course, to the illegal government of Frank Bainimarama. 

Intel sources believe there is a very strong possibility the 300 3FIR soldiers deployed just today have only been chosen from Tailevu/Naitasiri areas, allowing Brainimarama to build his inner circle. 
Attempts are being made to access the list of 300 and to establish if there is a trend at play. 
Intel sources also continue to relay there is a possibility the converging of so many soldiers in Suva will allow the dictator to remove the illegal President, Epeli Nailatikau, and detain anyone who tries to move against him.


  1. Tik tok.....tik tok

  2. Qori Ragone, the more rumble there is the better are the chances of break down happening. If this is so the chances will be the chances for someone to plant some bullets into Bainivore, and finish off his trip down to the veitavioka..

    The quicker this happens the better for all of us...

    People from Dritabua, Speights' vanua, get ready to stick some knives into Bainimarama and avenge his treatment of your Speights relativess

    To the Tailevu and Naitasiri soldiers, if you count at all as a warrior from proud Kubuna, you are expected to take Voreqe out for the sake of Fiji.

  3. jone do the right thing.
    bring back the govt and restore the 1997 constatution and law/order.council of chiefs.
    god will bless you all.
    fiji people was fooled
    pls dont be fooled by ag taliban and bani.
    they reaping fiji and its people basic human right/freedom which our god gave us.
    title of liberty brother.moroni did it so you can do it too.
    poor driti/mara was removed bec of their stand against ag/bai.

  4. Give Bainimarama the same treatment he gave Ratu Mara. ie tell him to step aside on a boat somwhere (him and Tikoitoga.) or we will knock your head off.

  5. Plans are to take all Lauans from govt and starts soon with Firca .So Jitiko and Moala start packing and back to home base

  6. There is no rest for the wicked says God.
    Bai will be forever looking behind his back.
    All that money but no rest. How sad!

  7. Bocimaramac is shaking so hard people thought he's got Parkinson's disease..he's scared shit lol

  8. this could lead to bloodshed if this continue to happen..removing all Lauan ppl from govt in the army,civil servants etc..

    does bainimarama think he can still continue his bull crap & hood winking the public??

    please try to remember what happen in Rwanda in africa about the killings of the hutu ppl?

    i think Frank forgets that all 14 province are all related..it will be very hard to dowhat he is thinking of doing now.

  9. Many Lauans have strong links with Waimaro, Tailevu, Naitasiri, Rewa and Ra provinces. We will all fight against our common enemy the dictator who has robbed us of our human rights and the Govt we elected.

    We must not sight of the real issue here...the miltary usurption of power and the need return Fiji to democracy

  10. @ Anon 12:44pm and we all related to the human race. No real difference under the skin - just a bit blood, muscles, and bones. After all, what is a province? My Tutua recalls the day he was told by the Brits to take on a surname, register in the BLV under his father to lay claim on his land, be part of a province, join a confederacy. It was one system fits all or face time in prison. There you have it, the history of modern Fiji that we defend. Created by the white man to fool the black under his divide to rule policy . Guess the jokes on us!

  11. And what about the four other complexes at Naboro? have they been evacuated too?

    Fiji Prison officers have those bb guns that shoot those metal pellets - after all they put up how many 'rebellions' in 2000 which resulted in the uninvestigated deaths of two prisoners and injuries of dozens more.

  12. jus keep cool n wait for u turn to run the next government if u can do whats been done now

  13. Bainimarama is running around like a mad man. Now you see Tikoitoga and Kalouniwai. Not far back you saw Driti and Roko Lui then not too far back you saw Baledrokadroka and Seruvakula. Do you see the pattern. No doubt Tikoitoga and Kalouniwai will be determined to maintain their positions. How does one do that. You make sure that you do not pose a threat to Frank; whether the threat is real or not is not the issue. The only thing that matters is whether Bainimarama thinks you are a threat or not. So Tikoitoga and Kalouniwai your days are numbered - you are not like Aziz or Khaiyum - you are Fijians and your relatives do not have the money to buy favours. You may think you are safe now - but believe you me - if your are doing your appreciation you should have deducted that you will only last until someone dobs you in with Frank. The people under your command have a direct link to Frank and you know that the power is in the hands of Frank's informers. And as usual these are the useless soldiers. The best soldiers of course will not tabetabe. Just like you they think that with hardwork and honesty they can get ahead. There is only one problem - the goood soldiers and you have not realised that there is a fundamental paradigm shift. It is no longer a professional corp of men at arms. It is now a militia. Therefore "tabetabe vakakaukauwa" to stay on. Whether you accept this or not - this is your fate; it does not last! You guys are dead man walking. I am not encouraging mutiny or for you to do something to Frank. Your mental escape will be to say to yourself that you are professionals and only obeying orders - orders which you know are illegal. That is fine everyman has to survive. The only problem for you is that your day is coming and Frank will have his way and throw you out after he has used you for his next move. He will force you to do something illegal to shut you up for the rest of your lives. You will then be not safe from either side.

  14. The time is here and we are waiting for the hour . Take away Ratu Epeli Nailatikau from his Presidency is your best move to bring the hour much closer to end the game. Na vasu levu mai Naitasiri sa vakarau oqo me kolotaki koya ki tuba ko Voreqe mevakataka ga na turaga na Qaranivalu.

  15. Time to remove bai /ag taliban

  16. Anon @ 8.25pm

    Ratu Epeli is illegal therefore it would not really matter if he is removed.

  17. voreqe kei taliban, bottle time is up guys!!!!! me sogo vinaka tiko na sona!

  18. All we read about is here is how to get rid of Bainimarama and how bad we want to do it. There's so much talk of violence against the army commander and his men, what would be done to them when they're brought down. And yet we call for the restoration of democracy and rule of law in our beloved nation.
    Many commentators have even mentioned going after the soldiers' families, their wives and children, is that what democracy is all about because if it is I certainly don't want to be part of it nor do I want to associate myself with people who fight for that kind of democracy.
    This is not the democracy that I'm fighting for, I want a democratic system that is able to follow the rule of law whereby all citizens of this country are given a fair opportunity to express themselves in a an orderly manner, respective of each other, uphold the teachings of the bible by looking after the women and children, even the wives and children of Bainimarama and his soldiers. The sins of the fathers should never be allowed to be passed on to the families because it would be ungodly of us to pass judgment on them because only God has the power to judge.
    To call for the shaming of the soldiers' families is not what democracy is about. I think people are being misled by the idea of being a freedom fighter and democracy activist. To be a freedom fighter, you firstly need to have a situation where there is no freedom. In Fiji there is no such thing, people move about freely enjoying their basic daily routine. The people enjoy their freedom and they have government, which I would say, looks after their basic needs first, without any racial discrimination. Thank you.

  19. Anon 3:57 PM. Because you an army's gun carrier too, I ask you Why you kill those armless people in the QEB Killing Field and threaten unarmed ladies and gentlemen with your barrel of the gun? Is that the FREEDOM OF DEMOCRACY you are saying? It was all started with you and not all soldiers involved. The ONE you are preaching about is watching everything you do and one day He will strike down from Heaven on you and your family for 7 x 7 generation. Keep on and keeping on veivakalolomataki my friend one day we all get paif for the good and bad we do everyday.Poor innocent children of yours in the first generation who read all these blogs and knew what you did wrong to innocent and armless people but he was helpless and because of your bastard action they suffered the same way too or may be worse. Vengence is mine says the Lord. Do not speak the language that you do not understand its full meaning.

  20. @ annon 4:53
    Firstly, what people and what killing field are you talking about. Are you sane or insane? There's no such thing as the "QEB killing fields". You must be in a dream world because we're here in Fiji and nothing is happening. The situation is normal and we go about daily lives and are satisfied with the status quo. This is not Ivory Coast, Sudan or Rwanda where killing is the thing of the day.
    Secondly, you sound like a deranged person, cursing others as if you're pure in heart, threatening curses on others and their children. Well let me enlighten you, we're all sinners here, every human being born into this world is a sinner. Only one person was born with a pure heart, that the Lord Jesus himself, full stop. And that's a fact all people should understand and be able to know its meaning. When we comment we know exactly what we're talking about and we know and understand its full meaning.
    Thirdly,next time you want to comment on this blog make sure you use proper English because the one used above really indicates to the world your IQ level. For example, the use of the word "armless" refers to man who has no limbs. Is the army taking in armless people and for what purpose? I think its you who should do the thinking next time before you comment otherwise just your half school mind and mouth shut.

  21. Anon 5:55PM 8th Apr. Yes,You exactly correct translating the word I used , ARMLESS. You half educated military guy giving lectures on english. ARMLESS meant that you been punching, kicking, thumping, booting and sweatring etc at women/men who do not have any limbs at all to reply or push you away to protect his or her face to escape your thundering and painful onslaught,you big coward bully bastards lamusona and good for nothing. Are you not ashamed of punching those armless and harmless women men who cannot protect their faces , cunts, arses, balls and all with their arms or hands to be precise for that matter. Why didn't you ask me for a fair and just fight to extract information without your gun to show me that you have limbs, cork and balls like me too. I love to show you what 12 rouders means you big bully. Vaculaki ira tikoga koya e sega na ligadra . Vutulaki mamaca!!!!. Fuck you bastard.

  22. @ Anon April 8, 2011 5:55 PM

    Sa - getting personal there eh? Use your half-brain to try to understand what he meant to say - then respond to that.

    Don't try to pick on someone because they don't use the "proper English" to your liking: here you are Anonymous and not having a single thing to say about anything? Very childish.


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