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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FICAC reports what Fiji media dodges: Padarath in court re Ghanian businessman

Benjamin Padarath charged

A businessman appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court today charged with one count of “False Information to a Public Servant”.

Benjamin Padarath is alleged to have given information, which he knew to be false to the Director of Immigration Fiji, Nemani Vuniwaqa, via text messages, intending to cause the Director of Immigration Fiji to include the name of one Paul Freeman in the Fiji Immigration Watch List, which the Director of Immigration ought not to do, if the true state of facts respecting which the information was given, were known to him.

After being read the charge, Padarath submitted that he understood the charge laid against him. His lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry raised a preliminary issue with the Court in which he wished to be advised on the provisions set out in the FICAC Promulgation that gave the Commission the powers to charge his client.

FICAC Prosecutor Livai Sovau told the court that the offence against Padarath is contrary to Section 201 (a) of the Crimes Decree and that FICAC could charge any offence under that section. He then asked for time to reply to the issue raised by Chaudhry.

After receiving no objections to bail by FICAC, Magistrate Thushara Rajasinghe ordered that Padarath enter a $2000.00 bail bond, two sureties and to report to FICAC once a fortnight. He was also informed that Padarath’s travel documents were already with the relevant authorities.

The matter has been adjourned to 19th April 2011 for FICAC’s reply to the issue raised by Chaudhry and to check on second phase disclosures.

Bail was extended for Padarath. (From the FICAC website)


  1. did not know that immigration PS takes text msgs for this serious action.He should have verfied and stop this practise of putting DPOs on advice from any one as most of it is by digruntled ones even FIRCA and other govt orginisation

  2. FICAC to question one Jioji Vaka as to a racial statement made at Firc staff meeting .This still happening despite PM giving directive and assurance that Race matters not to be a issue with this Govt.People who still are racist should not be in prominent places like Firc as they use Race to victimise tax payers too

  3. The latest on the red head mouth piece for government. She has been in australia having plastic surgery on her face. My sister works as a nurse who treated her 4 weeks ago, the first operation was a failure and she had to have it fixed. She told everyone she had cancer but its not true. i saw her medical record and can confirm its to her face and it looks BAD.
    She has been lying to everyone about her problems. Wait until she comes back to fiji, then judge for yourself. She is also engaged to a local and is getting married in october, she told the nurses this.

  4. Someone sent a text message to Dept of Immigration and now FICAC doing the prosecuting. How "f#^ked up is that! What a bunch of morons. Isn't that the Police's job? How fu%^ed up is the judicial system in Fiji. The Judge should throw out the case. It's all wrong for f%#ks sake!
    At this rate Ben will never get an unbiased hearing.

  5. ben lawyer should check with doctor mitchell and samabula medical clinic in munia street.
    the doctor will have record of freeman vd injections and all medical records
    .he is having affairs with lot of girls.

  6. Well, then let the Law take its course. Many have found the Director of Immigration Fiji, Mr.Nemani Vuniwaqa to be one of those who performances his duty with integrity and diligence. I have met many overseas and in Fiji who speaks very highly of the efficiency of the Fiji Department of Immigration.Probably not other Departments, especially one that is a pain in the..uh..well,I say no more.

  7. Call yourself lawyers?...April 7, 2011 at 9:07 AM

    Lets get this in perspective?
    What this is says is that under section 201 (a)of the crimes decree "anybody" could be charged with "anything". Interesting.

    Suggest that when democracy does eventually return - any & all
    lawyers who had input into this blatent breach of human rights & common sense should be immediately disbarred.

  8. How can the Director of immigration put someone on a watchlist by just relying on a text message? Stupid!

  9. I wonder who he will con this time to the $2000 bond.




  11. go benny boy. you are a slick operator.

  12. Illegal director of mimigration nemani vuniwaqa, is very very much at fault as benny padarath. He also looks like an over-fed baboon on TV1.... case of monkey say, baboon do? lolsss......

  13. @ Anonymous 8.23

    Your sister is nurse and she revealed information to you about patents she looks after.

    and you read her personal medical records. Either you're lying or your sister is an idiot with no sense of professionalism and confidentiality required in the medical profession. Perhaps that runs in the family?

  14. Associating young inexperience man like Ben and those holding new SENIOR promotion in the military and [police have its back fire one day where our nation will fall so badly that will resulted to open revolts because of CAKA GA ME RAWA DECREE AND POLICY. If Ben is a matured person he would protect his uncle Driti and Co by closing his big mouth with clip wings until the objectives he knows fulfilled. Na dokadoka kei na dogadoga ni yalowai ka via rogo nei Ben sa yaco kina vua na moku. Good on you solidier boys. Luckily he is still alive. I would put his limbs to the dog because he puts many inncocent people to trouble because of his stupid and want to be action. Na boci ga na boci.

  15. Meo and Vuniwaqa are kai vatas

  16. Fellas, just try to visit the INEFFICIENT Small Claims Tribunal and see for your self records after records of claims against the BUGGER & murderer Ben Padarath!

    BEN PADARATH is a conma, a con artists, a con bastard!

  17. Anon @ 8.23pm

    Are you sure she is not getting plastic surgery to reduce the size of her backside?

  18. @Sa Rauta.

    Sa Rauta mada na gusu mawa jiko! E sa boica ca jiko ga mai na gusumu.........what Anony 8.23 shared from his sister is right for this context!...what we want is information.....the problem with "Confidentiality Policy" is the reason many people (Anonymous)are harping around in this blogsite....

    Sa Rauta mada na sogota tiko kei na buturaka tiko na i tukutuku dina!thats suppressing Rights to Information, no Transparency, and big time 100% VUNIVUNI Policy!....iko ga na IDIOT!

  19. Ben Padarath is also a HUMAN BEING not deserving of this inhumane treatment by the Army. If he is guilty of these charges, take him to court. Even if the judicial process in Fiji is established by the army, under decrees brought by the army, and then prosecuted by army's DPP, and where there is a possibility that the evidence produced will be manipulated by the army. Its still a better option.

    If the Army can inflict excessive inhumane treatment on its citizens, and on women (Angie, Virisila, Laisa Digitaki, Jacqui Koroi, Renee and many more), what hope is there for other countries in the world, that employ them, as international peacekeepers. Peacekeepers whose mandate is founded upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights where there exist a right to 'fair trial' and 'inhumane treatment'.

    Be warned. Next time, you or a family member, may be the next 'Ben Padarath' in the hands of these local mercenaries. Life is so damn hard in this city for everyone, its easier to rent-the-army just for a few bucks to gain revenge. Sadly, this is what we've become!

  20. @ sa rauta..I work @ admissions office of the hosital she was admitted in..its mouth ulcer..it is the direct result of sucking excessive amounts of dick fluid and male tissue from military guys..the slut could have done better by asking her military men to penetrate her hole instead of putting it in her mouth..

  21. @ Athena..He asked for it..Like they say..Memu sici vaka miti..Na i vakarau ga o vakarautaka e na vakarautaki tale vei iko..what goes around comes around..

  22. Thanks FICAC for the good work.

    May God's light shines upon you all

    1. Thanks ficac one question you spend how much of taxpayers money to charge around 15 people per year and successfully prosecute around 10 per year. And do you think this work could be well handled.by police force. Think ficac should be a unit within police force and should be headed by commissioner of police and more man at work than sitting in office.

  23. @I taukei ni ceke

    Kubu ga vei iratou mai FICAc

  24. @ Semi Meo.....for the first time in the history of our nation there is NO passport. It is a simple case of LOUSY or NO planning by Nemani Vuniwaqa, the person you hold in high esteem. Ha! ha!ha!ha!


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