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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fiji regime tries to silence rattling skeletons

DECEMBER D-Day: Skeletons in the 2006 Coup cupboard. And below: Francis Kean (left) seems to be 'missing' from the Naval base.

Denials and clarifications today from the illegal regime over the arrest of Henry Brown and the absence of Francis Kean from the Naval base.

Coupfourpointfive reported earlier this week that Brown was held at QEB over the Easter weekend and was released on Monday.

Tackled about it today by Fiji Live, police spokesman, Atunaisa Sokomuri, 'refuted' the  Fiji Police's chief operations officer was taken in by Frank Bainimarama's special forces.

Our informers say Sokomuri is trying to bury the Brown arrest because it reveals the regime's fear about Brown and others investigating corruption, like excessive salaries, and the 2006 Coup.

Brown, whose been helping CID officers conduct key investigations, has been privy to a lot of confidential and sensitive information, including the files on Bainimarama the DPP has said will not result in any charges because of lack of evidence.

But there's other statements, which were never submitted and which have been kept for future reference. These will be used when democracy returns to the country and will serve as a passport to freedom for some officers.

Coupfourpointfive bloggers have also been quick to note that Bainimarama's brother-in-law, Kean, hasn't been seen at the base.
Today, Bainimarama told Fiji Live that Kean  has not been replaced. Quote: “He is still the Navy Commander but has got an extra job,” before clamming up.

Editor's Note: In another development in the police force, the position of the deputy commissioner of police, Seikeli Lageri, who was accused of corrupt behaviour along with Brown, has taken extended leave. His job, meanwhile, was advertised in the Fiji Sun over Easter.


  1. The paranoia is in full swing now, as they each begin to suspect the other of attempting to take the top spot.
    The Regime appears solid on the outside, but full of rot on the inside :-


  2. I agree Mark - the more that they try to cover up, the worse it gets.

    What is even more amusing is that Frank & Co have been so busy hiring and firing that sooner or later they will run out of people to appoint and there will be too many "skeletons" for them to bury.

    It is going to implode not because of anyone doing anything in particular, but because of their own internal concerns over power struggles - Frank relies too heavily on his coterie of thugs, which is okay to protect him when they are around, but it also exposes him to others in the ranks and within the government.

    All Suva needs to rise up and protest is a consensus amongst the rank and file - the people will follow.

  3. And who said the Fiji Press has been gagged ?...Government's timely response to investigative journalism by Fijilive and other media shows vast improvement since the foreigner Fiji Times was kicked out and caught by Motibhai.

    Let’s relax, ..me volleyball mate form nairai park raiwai is STILL Naval commander and being a very efficient and professional manager has been tasked with added responsibilities..all in line with our journey toward imminent election in 2014...then, we will chhose a government we prefer..

    Let’s not lose any sleep this weekend…zzzzzz…zzzzz..let's rise up in our heart and pray for those who wishy wish to invade Fiji and kill our innocent relatives...

  4. Who is going to pick up the ruins of the economy when all is done?

  5. Yeah all are covering the asses and no one is safe as suspicion reigns.

  6. o voreqe e vutuki kean tale tikoga, so if kean is in jail sa no one to vutuka o voreqe

  7. Fiji is invited to play All Blacks soon. Hope military personnel and close relatives will be banned from playing in the Fiji Team.

    Can somebody publish here names in Fiji Team so we can start lobbying NZ Govt in earnest to impose bans on military personnel and close relatives


  8. Meo....fact remains.....your volleyball mate did kill an innocent civilian.......sa dri yani!

  9. @ Sammy Meow, why don't you move back to Fiji and sort out your FAB scholarship bond (FICAC this is another catch of the day) first before supporting this illegal regime? Your elder brother was a victim of the coup and yet you're supporting VB, whame a shame you tabu teve!

  10. @faceless cowards...read my lips..I am NOT afraid of FICAC because I have not committed a crime!!

    ..many of us (99.99% )are victims of 2006 coup..as I said in an earlier blog; a certain draconic decree rendered me and my business associate lose money….

    ..that is the reason we are eager for return to democracy and pinning our hope in the present Government's path way to 2014 elections.

    ..oh, only us with names are allowed to vote or our view credible ...all anonymous coward Fijians, anonymous coward christians,anonymous coward no bodies will just be...eh...nobodies, then now and forever!!!!!!

  11. @ Semi
    You are backing the wrong horse, sorry, pig.
    I'm guessing your business failed because your not a good businessman, but a clever criminal.
    Perhaps your criminal activities will pay you handsomely.
    But selling your soul to the Devil seems a high price.

  12. If I am right Meo was just in Fiji last year and nothing happened. So i guess all this hype about FAB scholarship are just Bull Sh*** and defamatory remarks...Anyway we will never know why Brown was actually taken in because none of us was there. All that is happening here is speculations and speculations are almost 95% always far off the trek from the actual...

  13. Vinaka vakalevu Mr. Meo.

    Don't worry about the USUAL SUSPECTS i.e maniac manning & gangsters who like to throw mud at you, hoping some will stick. Y'see they hve to much up their.... oh nevermind...Haahhahhaha!

  14. Nice one Mark Manning....

  15. Meo

    mimi ca levu na da...sa dua ga na via tu ena 2014 election, you are sure deluded. Kala poci, mama na nei comada navy.

  16. @Poaka...o sa poaka dina sara ga..why should we reply to those who love the muddy slimy dungeons of life...boy..some poakas...


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