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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ghanian: Lal stole my money then tried to discredit me

FREEMAN'S FORMER LAWYER: Pictures are scarce but searches led to this picture of Renee Lal (left) at a Fiji Women's Law Association gathering in 2005.

The Ghanian businessman, Paul Kofi Freeman, claims he was fleeced of $F75,000 dollars by the Suva lawyer, Renee Lal.

In an exclusive interview with Coupfourpointfive, Freeman said the money was supposed to cover the setting up of an office on the sixth floor of the Dolphin Plaza on Victoria Parade, in Suva and buy a Toyota Hilux four wheel drive from New Zealand.

Freeman, who has caused a storm of interest since the story about the alleged fraud broke in February, says the office was supposed to be the HQ for his company, South Pacific Natural Resources.

HQ: Dolphin Plaza
Considered by some Fiji locals as a 'con man' because of the way he throws money around but doesn't seem to have employment, he insists he's a straight up business consultant just trying to make his way in Fiji since arriving in 2009.

"I am just a young fella like anyone else in the world, trying to make my dreams come true but they are trying to kill me before my dream comes true. She's (Renee Lal) trying to crucify me."

He claims the $F75,000 was broken down as follows: $20,000 for furniture, $45,000 for a used vehicle from New Zealand and $10,000 as a retainer for Renee Lal.

He also says he paid money directly to Ben Padarath, who was going to partition his office. "I paid Ben $11,500. I got receipt for it. I then gave Renee another $2,500 to give to Ben but she did not give the money to him." 

Freeman says he was introduced to Renee Lal by Fiji Boxing commissioner, Tim Nobriga, who he later started the company, South Pacific Natural resources, with. Lal then introduced him to Padarath. "I was told Padarath was well-connected in the country."
Freeman says he has lodged a complaint with the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) and says they're trying to recover his money and have put him onto another contractor to help him get the Dolphin Plaza office up and running.
He says his file is missing from the office of Jamnadas Associates and claims that from the information revealed publicly about him via Coupfourpointfive, it can only have been taken by Renee Lal. 

An emotional Freeman said: "Why did she disclose my file? She is not a good lawyer to do that. I haven't conned anybody. I've never conned anyone. It's unbelievable what she did to me."

Freeman says reports he is exploring for oil in Bau waters are premature. Describing himself as a 'consultant' who has done similar work in Africa, he says he is still at the stage of setting up on the ground but has investors in the United States who are keen for a stake in any deal. He admits, though, the publicity with Renee Lal has cost him investors.

BAU: Oil to be had.
Freeman says he's not packing up. He says he came to Fiji after talking with geologists in Japan and the United Kingdom, all who believe there's oil in Fiji.

"They have got it; it's there, I tell you. We know the Government has the funds to do the exploration and to go into a deal with major overseas oil companies. The opportunity is there for 5,000 people to be employed."

Freeman was to have provided Coupfourpointfive with a photograph of himself, but we have yet to receive it.

To come: Blackmail and a US investor who lost more than $250,000.


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SEMI MEO said...

Mr.Freeman. Surely, you much have made some e-research before comming here that Fiji have an Investment Board, an Immigration Department and Lawyers Trust Accounts etc.

May be it is time to ask the kinda visa Mr. Freeman holds, investor,work, tourist or expried??

May be he is not a Free-man after all!!

Anonymous said...

rajesh said freeman you got information from me/tim on scms ltd about oil/gas and we gave all the documents and sopac reports.why lie.
i also took you to the ministers for meeting and you back stabbed us with info.
we dont like to black mail you or what the truth is that you have lied and used people.
we gave all the copies of the scms licences/others.
tim/freeman after getting all info tried to used ben/renne all back fired.we have hard/soft copies email/documents to prove it.
also you dont have money.this money came from martin kamandu.

Angie Heffernan said...

interesting that Renee Lal has been identified, judged and hung in the public court without a shred of evidence to support her alleged crimes, all on the word of one so called foreign investor who is also under investigation. For a blog site that purports to defend truth, justice and fair reporting, this type of slandering leaves alot to be desired.

Anonymous said...

There's always two sides to a story.
Let's here Ms Lal's version.

Anonymous said...

Its funny to hear the conman say he is not a conman. For those of us who he has conned knows that his days are numbered. What goes around will come around. It is norm for him to make false n wild accusations with nothing to back it up. Maybe we should ask his friend who took the rap for him by using false credit cards which freeman gave to him and is currently charged. Or we should ask the local authorities to investigate Freeman on his after hours activities. He has been distributing these so called "wonder pills" at this favourite nitespot to young girls with his partner DJ. Thats how they score their prizes as they called it. At the end of the day, a conman cannot accept the fact that he is called a "CON".

SaRauta said...

Semi Meo should be the next PM of Viti

Anonymous said...

Freeman is a conman. He uses people and then throws about names etc to seem legit but he has no money of his own and borrows from Peter to pay Paul. Don't trust this conman.

Anonymous said...

In the interest of fairness, give Freeman the space to tell his story. Why we so afraid of the truth? Can C4.5 ask Lal, Dilip, Frank, and Ben to tell their stories too. All for the sake of 'public interest' and a balanced view. Can you produce a scanned copy of the receipt?

Anonymous said...

Quote: "They have got it; it's there, I tell you. We know the Government has the funds to do the exploration and to go into a deal with major overseas oil companies. The opportunity is there for 5,000 people to be employed."

Is it normal business practice where Freeman comes from to give $30,000 on demand for the PM's christmas bonus? Why would he give it without asking any questions? And why would he tint his car so that the PM can use it, again without question? Is that normal business practice? So because he hoped the government would pay for the exploration, he expected it normal business practice in Fiji to pay the $30,000 christmas bonus and lend the PM his car?? What or who gave him the idea that the government would fund the exploration and invest in his fly by night idea??

Anonymous said...

C4.5 editors - do you even ask any question or do you just give this free space to Freeman to mouth off? Lal hasn't even been charged and here you are slandering her. What about Jamnadas?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Not Free-man from corruption and good Free-bigliar-Man, Answer these;

- FTIB rejected your application and you tried to bribe them to get your certificate.

- Ben promised to get you the FTIB certificate provided he will be one of the directors of your company. Poor Ben thought you are the billionaire who will make him a millionaire. You knew Ben before Lal.

- Your visa was near expiring. You decided to marry a Fijian girl to keep you in Fiji. (Wonder how that worked with immigration as I thought immigration needs proof of a long term relationship. Not marriage of convenience).

- Disclose where the funds are coming from and what is your line of business at your home or any other parts of the world.

- What is the reason for the investors in the world to go with you? If the investors have the money and keen on Fiji, they will be in touch with authorities in Fiji. What is it that you can do better than authorities? What do you promise them? Are you telling them that the authorities are in your payroll and you can get the deals for much less than their worth? Does that mean you are trying to sell Fiji for less???

- You are freelance consultant? what is your major? experience in investment sector? Are you a banker? Wall street agent?

If you can answer any of these, we will believe you. If not you are a conman. Not just a conman. very stupid CONMAN. You better leave our country soon, otherwise you will not know where and what hit you............

Anonymous said...

News,the kidney foundation has no money,the promised government grant by ministry of health did not come as promised.Today daily have reported this .Where did the money go Mr Minister Sharma,not on your Drug wholesale company or the chicken farm.Funny you were broke some years back and could not pay your compensation money for blotched birth of the baby at cwm.You have done well with wealth in few years in the illegal govt. Better than medical practise at BAKSHI STREET.

Viti Viti said...

People have been shooting their mouths off for weeks about Freeman, Lal and even bringing Jamnadas into it. Now we have the specifics but some people don't like it. I agree with the gentleman who said let PKFreeman tell his story. He's not Janola White but everybody has been going on about this scandal for weeks behind the scenes and no guts to put their names to their comments. So it's okay to speculate and manipiulate from behind the scenes but not upfront.

Anonymous said...

Viti Viti... why don't you put your name on first... if you're going to preach you better practice at home first!

Tiger Balm said...

Hey Angie stop shooting the messenger. by the way we have never heard your story of what happened to you and Virisila and the others at QEB....heard you in New Zealand now so should be able to speak freely. Hurry, we're waiting kerekere.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon April 5, 2011 3:36 PM

Everyone has the opportunity to tell their side of the story on C4.5 - perhaps Renee already has or will in the future.

Either way - I doubt that it is appropriate because it is something to be sorted out before the courts.

A lot of good people get dragged into the rumor mill but as with everything, it has to be taken with a pinch of salt - but these are the times we live in because we have no free media.

sachkesiwajhoot said...

typical bloggers - full of shit. you dont have regime change by blogging but getting out and agitating. any of you got the balls for it? if not shut up. and heffernan come back to fiji to pay your debts and legal bills before opening your big mouth. btw am no supporter of the illegal regime.

SEMI MEO said...

@SaRauta said... April 5, 2011 1:58 PM..Viti bakery beka ga,lol.

For sure, should we go Burma way then a Military Officer, should we go westminster, then may be Gurdial Singh..either way,I will still contest wahat ever seat Mr. Pio Tikoduadua's aiming for..see you in 2010..se SaRauta!!

SaRauta said...

Yeah I will vote Meo for PM

Angie Heffernan said...

@ sachwhatever. You must be so stupid to think I will pay a single cent of court costs awarded against me by illegally appointed judges to illegal goons who I had the guts yes guts to sue for breaches to my consititional rights of freedom of expression and movement. Get a grip!

Anonymous said...

@ rajesh. Mate you just full of it. You and your mate Jag are big time pretenders and deserve to conned by Freeman.

Anonymous said...

All of you who are criticizing Freeman, give him a break, as I said earlier, if he is a con man it will surface sometime soon, all he is doing is trying to do business here, so just leave him alone and just worry abour your own lives, you pathetic creatures

Ms Lisabeta said...

I'd put my money on Renee's version of what went down than on the two CON-ARTISTS as well as Renee's former lazy partner Jammed-in-the-Dust.. ;)

Go Renee, show 'em!

Jake said...

Anon@ April 5, 2011 10:01 PM.

Who is bending over you or him?

Maybe you ought to consider doing it for Fiji while whistling Isa Lei or sili wai na kuka.


Anonymous said...

rajesh said
freeman called and threatern me that he will get me in fiji through his contact and i will get same treatment like ben/renne.
so freeman wants to act as mafaia and pay army/police/govt top guys to do his dirty job.
this confirms what kind of person is freeman.
let the public be the judge.

Anonymous said...

Ben Padarath appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday in relation to another case after he was charged by FICAC.

Padarath has been charged with giving false information to a public servant last year.

FICAC lawyer Livai Sovau produced Padarath before Magistrate Tushara Rajasinghe yesterday afternoon.

Padarath is alleged to have given information which he knew to be false to the Director of Immigration Major Nemani Vuniwaqa, via text messages, intending to cause the Director to include the name of one Paul Freeman in the Fiji Immigration Watch List.

Padarath’s lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry asked FICAC to explain under what powers or jurisdiction has FICAC laid the charge against his client.

He asked whether the charge was laid under the Crimes Decree or the FICAC Promulgation.

Sovau said that he did not have the FICAC Promulgation with him in court.

However he said that Padarath was charged under the Crimes Decree.

Magistrate Rajasinghe has given Sovau time to go through the FICAC Promulgation and come back to court in a fortnight’s time.

Chaudhry requested the court to allow Padarath to report to FICAC once a fortnight because his client was seriously injured.

FICAC did not object to it.

The court has ordered that Padarath has to report to the FICAC office once a fortnight and has been released on $2,000 bail.

The case will be recalled on the 19th of this month.

Anonymous said...

@ Angie, you are crook too. You owe your lawyers money. you don't have any crediblity. Thinking you can get away with the disjointed wanna be accent. Good riddance you are. Fiji doesnt need ya!

Joke said...

Jake is da master at bending over and whistling while at it.

sachkesiwajhoot said...

angie - you cant have a revolution by lip sevice. And if you took a matter to court and lost and had costs awarded against you - why dont you pay? whats good for the goose has to be good for the gander - is it not angie???? stop this bulls***t. again i say am not a sympathiser of the regime. in actual fact i hate the bastards. but reality dictates that to agitate we must be here and be focused and be prepared to take risks. regime change doesnt come without a fight.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo must be a soldier, but seriously though, what are you trying to say Semi? Meow back when you have deciphered your posting ok.

Angie Heffernan said...

My issue is that people like Renee Lal are being publicly accused without real proof. We know from media reports that she is under investigation, and may end up in court. Therefore it is prudency on her part to refrain from discussing this matter publicly. We would expect that this forum would respect that. I find it interesting that Freeman, despite making an official compliant, and having his matter dealt wiith thru Ben Padarath's matter in court, seems hell bent on running both down. Pretty pointless exercise considering everydog will have his day in court including him, so why not wait till than!.

For those who accuse me of leaving unpaid lawyers bills in FIji - my case was taken on by local lawyers (Tupou Draunidalo and Dorsami Naidu) and my Australian lawyer Dr John Camroon on a pro bono basis ..and if you don't know what that means - go consult a legal dictionary.

@whateveryourname - I went to court in good faith. Faith in the integrity and independence of Fiji;s judiciary. That faith was shattered after the interim regime removed the presiding Judge - a humble, long serving man of legal depth and credibility - Justice Singh from handing my case after he gave an interim ruling against the regime.The circustances around this was 'unusual' in judicial practice. The rest is history.

Simple common sense or rules of fair play woud demand that if for instance you had a grievence or issue against someone they would not be part of the party that would consider this matter. This is about removing conflicts of interests . However, in my case..the judges..who I challenged to hear my matter refused to recuse themselves. The state used its lawyers to represent and defend these judges, and the matter was heard before these very judges I had challenged. Worse still, these judges than awarded costs to themselves to be paid by me.
Is this justice. Is this fair..who cares now anyway.,.everydog will have its day !

Anonymous said...

freeman who??? banker??more like a wanker!! hhahahaha

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous of April 6, 2011 1:32 PM.You faceless and nameless coward!!..Sure, I am a soldier of the cross!

Anonymous said...

....and while you all squabble about unpaid bills, court matters & the identity of one insignificant wanna-be-something (not!) Semi Meo, I wanna know WHO gave the green light to the men in green, to carry out the beatings. That's the interesting question!

SaRauta said...

Semi Meo

Gud on yah, as long as you are not da soldier of da Vuaka

Jake said...


"Worse still, these judges than awarded costs to themselves to be paid by me"

That said did you pay costs or did you like everyone who purports to be defenders of Democracy scarpered?

Did you pay the $1300000 awarded against you? Did you lose you house in the process?

Or was the amount $1000000?

So much for democracy aye?

All's not fair in love and war to the victor the spoils.


Anonymous said...

LOL at how idiotic Jake and sachwhateveryournameis replies are to the arguments of Angie. Come on guys, stop diggin your graves even further, you both sound ridiculous with your two cent snaps at Angie's posts. It looks like an idiotic footnote at the end of a pshychology thesis. Besides, you've both gone offtrack to the subject at hand. Personal-Agenda much ? ?

SaRauta said...

Jake you spoiled brat, qauri qase.

j said...


Quari ga o tamamu luveni kaidia.


Jake said...

Anon @ April 8, 2011 5:27 PM.

You faceless and gutless turd!! Here’s a thought before you contemplate writing next time you may want to pull you head out of your rectosigmoid you pathetic idiot.

For what’s it worth Angie lost big time like you fricken losers?


Sake said...

Jake the fake is a god-damned snake. heeehaaaa!!!! lols!

Anonymous said...

freeman is a user.he used me to get oil/gas information.
I used my credit cards to pay freeman bills.
I took him to renne/ben.
he doent have money.he used martin funds.
He is a con artist.police should investigate him.

Anonymous said...

@ Jake.
My point exactly, you and your 2cent snaps, LOL!! You've just made my day by making my point even clearer. Cant argue with an idiot when he's intellect is limited. LOL.. This article is not about Angie, fyi your personal agenda reeks from a mile away, YET AGAIN you've made a complete idiot of yourself! LOL, LOL...Look up idiot in a dictionary, it has JAKE under it :) Continue with your remarks, I will not dignify your idiocracy with a response. That will be all ! LOL..

Joke said...

Jake qauri qase va taki amamu

Jake said...

Anon@ April 11, 2011 12:40 PM.

So what exactly is your point drongo that fact that your sidewinder friend owed money.

Apart from that your vitriol says a lot of the person you are one the dog drag out of the gutter.

You mofo.


iTaukei said...

Aggie and Lisabeta pliz wait for FICAC to complete their investigation. You will be ashamed and wish to hang yourself

Jieke said...

Jake your vitriol stinks.

Anonymous said...

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