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Friday, April 15, 2011

Mau's lawyer drops plan to challenge Goundar decision



  1. So has he been taken aside and threatened by the Regime to change his course of action or does he have a better chance in the Court of Appeal ?

  2. that's his call...u can't see anything in your right mind because it's beeing full of jelousy and greed....god bless

  3. there is no chance of mau and patel in the court of appeal...the sentence will be the same because the judiaciary is corrupt and biased by a group of thug judges with the like of justice gandu gounder and gandu gates with the advise of witch shameem

    they should relax in prison and serve there sentence until bainivuaka government is overthrown

  4. Likely Justice Gandu Gounder will preside the case against former pm, laisenia qarase and mahendra Chaudhry and its likely the two former pms will likely go to prison . The way we saw the case against patel and mau, the two pm's are definently going in soon

    The Bainivuaka or bainivore's regime and his bullshit ficac want to show the people of fiji that they are doing something about corruption

  5. Fear is the Key.

  6. charge Minister of Health for buying medical equipt from Korea with out tender and his best Mate ROHIT RAMBISSESAR of Samabula Drug Store working for Drug Bulk Purchase ,govts buying arm of medication and creating false and planned shortages to benefit and make commissions .Some one talk to old staffers at drug bulk purchase to find out moreeee .Murgi Farm just a front to shoe black monies to white .

  7. mac patel got enough money to buy this illegal regime...even more so is to pay some desparate people in Fiji (which there are a very many) to dig out dirt on voreqe & kaiyum and expose the truth to the world and more so to the rural communities in Fiji!

    Message for Suliasi Daunitutu & democracy advocates, we have a very good sponsor with deep deep pockets in Mac Patel and handed to us on a silver platter by Vore & his mistress Kaiyum!

    Get a message to him, fund the compilation of the dvds, distribution etc...immigration officials and so as any Tom Dick & Harry in Fiji is desparate for that extra money. Use it to our advantage!

  8. Have mercy people ... just because this regime has not done anything against you does not give you the right to condemn people, there is always two sides to a story. After all this regime is illegal anyway, how can we have faith in anyhthing they are doing, whatever this regime is doing is all 'self preservation'. WE MUST NOT LOSE FOCUS AND ATTACK EACH OTHER OR OTHER CITIZENS, THE FOCUS MUST BE ON SAVING FIJI FROM THE HANDS OF THE DICTATORS VOREQE, KHAIYUM AND THE LIKES. Fighting amongst ourselves will not do us, Fiji and our future generation any good. This is a time for us to put aside our personal differences and UNITE for a cause that is bigger than ourselves ie. LIBERATE FIJI - start asking yourselves what can you do to save Fiji, enough of finger pointing I beg. Fear is not the key, LOVE is the key!

  9. Day of reckoning is coming closer for the Mataivalu ni solisona - They will all be following Voreqe down the cassava patch with shit coming out faster than water down their rear.

  10. Thanks to the corrupt Vuaka who appointed these corrupt judges. Now we see the fruit, ie corrupt decisions. This has Gaytes and Shameem influnce written all over it.
    These two bitches should also be sent to Naboro.
    Gounder is weak and obeys these two. Therefore he is also corrupt.
    This is why I always say that Bainimarama is an evil animal and under his rule "Evil" has run riot in Fiji.
    How come Sereana Qoro was allowed to walk away after misappropriating millions of dollars belonging to the shareholders of FHL?
    And who let her walk away? Yes , the Vuaka.
    Therefore Vuaka should be sent to jail.
    And here we are jailing people because of $1,500.
    How pathetic is this stupid government!
    This is is not justice. This is corruption.
    Bainimarama is corrupt and he has corrupted the Fijian judicial system.
    May God dish out to him and the judiciary the justice they deserve.
    And people who support the Vuaka in this forum, should be ashamed of themselves. All idiots.

  11. Jake say;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    The whole world knows that Fiji's judiciary is corrupt and manipulated by the illegal regime, Gates, Shameem sisters & Aiyaz Khaiyum. No worries go for it you thugs.
    Remember its happening in ARAB countries. How long will you deprive people of their freedom. When this is over we want to see the Mssrs Shameem sisters & team strip ped of all their rights and thrown to Naboro maximum prison. O sent to cassava patch so the pigs can feed on them. So much of good governance Naz, good governance starts from home and in your bedroom. You're a deceiving mother of a lier. I wonder what you teach your children - just be careful nothing haunts you later tick tok tick tok.

  12. Does anyone realise that these Judges, the Regime and these Courts, have absolutely no Authority except that which has been bestowed upon themselves, by themselves, and that in a Legal Court and Justice System, it is they who will be brought to Justice ?

    Anyone brought before these Courts, when Democracy is restored, will have to be released !

  13. The common proletariat of Fiji have been hoodwinked for so long by bourgeoise elites out to obtain favour for personal gain. A majority of the so called affluent owe their advantage due to bestowed political favours and thru manipulating their way around the hierarchy. Many businessmen sit on government appointed boards as did Mac Patel and compromise their interests.There are more on the conveyor belt waiting to be dealt with. It is time to rid society of these cancerous leaches once and for all so that when democracy is finally retored, the slate will be clean again.

  14. Yes Anonymous is true;

    How come Illegal regime is not charging their own corrupt appointees whom they have aginj sacked. They have done injustice big time. Good example is Serana Qoro & Aiyazz Musa (Col Aziz buddy) for huge losses incurred. Now hoe can they compare someone of Sitiveni's Weleilakeba's business know how with jnr like Sereana & Musa. Siti & crew build FHL to where it is now from $20M to hundreds of $M worth.
    It is clear the judisciary is in shambles - anumal farm courts with PIG judges.

    But the real one that BLOWS us away is ...."where is BIG MOUTH DRITI", for those that know him well. He is a non brainer who shoots from his heap to mouth kinda fella. All the big talk and no action except torturing innocent youths & women. You too deserve what you got.

    moce Viti

  15. Musa and Sanjeev Pal made monies by reporting people who were threat to them to FIRCA and with Aziz connection JIOJI VAKA and Moala Nata became the puppets.Than they go to the reported business people and demand cash to withdraw investigation. How did Pal get money to buy 15 vehicles for water authority when his $50 chq sits on supermarket walls.With no business deals Musa travellin to Lautoka every second day to be at his Pharmacy business.FICAC to check their accounts and to see how much money transfered to overseas through one money exchange in suva .All happening in late night meetings in Uday Sens office in Merchant Finance.WHY NO ONE HAS BEEN CHARGED SO FAR. Pal telling that he paid Prime Minister $20,000 to become crown witness in Brian Singh Case He should be in prison if Brian is there Where is justice in this case DAN Goundar.similar case as Peni Mau and Patel

  16. Some intersesting facts about Minister of Health and his buddies,There really has been a SHORTAGE OF DRUGS Has any one got more to tell on Sharma and his floating ideas

  17. Wailei da drama! LOLS.

    Mac Patel, don't bother with those silly revenge calls or heed their desperate fake cries to foot the bills for demokarasi fighters like SD. Just serve your sentence as you well know it was coming a long way back.. then move on with living more honestly and ethically the rest of your life.

  18. anon Apr 16 10:40.....Kawa ca

  19. Rogo..kawa ca ga o iko luveni gala boci

  20. Rogo..au lomani iko ni qai ata2 a daligamu e na dua ai saba


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