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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Naivalurua cops blame for death of senior officer

PLEDGING FITNESS AND EXCELLENCE: But are they up to it? pictures FijiLive

Police moles are blaming the death of a senior traffic officer on the police commissioner and the 700-strong Suva parade on Wednesday.

ASP Tomasi Lotawa RTO/SD ( regional Traffic Officer southern) suffered a heart attack and some insiders are saying it was the result of the strenuous parade the other day, when Ioane Naivalurua led the early morning rally urging officers to lift their game.

Intel sources claim Naivalurua is putting the lives of his men at risk, with his lack of experience and misguided directives.

Naivalurua has told all officers to get into shape and to be an asset to the police force, saying he wants a physically and mentally healthy workforce. 

In February, he told his officers in Labasa all the money and technology in the world is useless in the fight against crime if they're unfit. 

Most of the officers who had health checks recently were all found to have been overweight or to have high cholesterol. All have been given until December to get into shape.

But disenchanted insiders say the police force is not the military and that Naivalurua is killing officers rather than helping them.

Moles are also claiming a coup is now being mounted against Naivalurua and that senior officers will be petitioning the illegal prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, to get rid of the police commissioner.

They say Naivalurua, who on Wednesday admitted the Fiji Police Force had 'rotten officers' in its midst, is himself leading the corruption and needs to go.

Disenchanted insiders say Naivalurua has no knowledge of:

1) Police procedures
2) No strategy to combat crime
3) Has hindered police work by sending all police officers on 12 hour police patrol leaving no-one to follow complaints from the public or pending cases
4) Has increased fatigue in officers and this has led to increased leave and officers taking sickies
5) Endangered national security by disbanding Border and RAU units
7) Has no vision for community work and crime prevention
8) Is cutting and pasting the ideas of the former police commissioner Esala Teleni and has none of his own
9) Lacks vision and the courage to issue directives he's signed off
11) Is only concerned about is trimming down and health plans
12) Is using contacts of businessman and concentrating on projects like changing the names of police posts, pot plants, re-painting and change in uniforms as a way of making money
13) Is trying to get all his military colleagues and families into top police positions
14) Has endangered tourism by publicly stating he has a corrupt police force rather than taking action internally
15) And has done nothing in the past six months to upgrade any police standard equipments and that officers on foot patrol don’t even have handcuffs, torches or batons but expects officers to work 12 hour shifts.


Anonymous said...

CoPolice Naivalusona, you have killed our best police friend and a carreer police officer. One thing to tell you that I am a police officer present on the same parade where you forcing us to accept your KIP. You think that we are fools, blind and dump to accept you the CoP that needed to be investigated for TREASON and destroyed our best legal document known as THE CONSTITUTION OF FIJI. The DECREES and POLICIES you created with Aiarse and Bainimagasona are all illegal documents. Do not forget we are carreer and trained lawmen of Fiji and not riflemen trained to kill people like you. Army and Police may have in some ways have similarity in disciplne but we are million miles apart when executing our respective duties against lawbreaker or outlaws and treating the communities in general to gain their communal confidence and respect towards their safety and properties. We policemen trained to protect life and properties and maintaing peace and harmony for people and nation, so as we investagate crimes and criminals ... while soldiers boys trained to survive, plotting, ambush and shoot to kill people, and to defend peiople and nation in time of war , no hanky panky with you soldierboy. I am sorry that I do not like you, Sir, because you committed Treason and need to be investigated and so forget about your KIP bullshit,Decrees and Polices Sir. You have brought shame and worst disgrace to the RFMF and you now doing the same thing to our most experienced and respected Royal Police Force of Fiji (RPFF). Do not underestimate our young wekas soldierboys in the RFMF they too are also not a fool nor blind and dump like you and Vore Bainimagasona and fuck you Sir. Vosota Sir, you killed my fellow close police friend.

SEMI MEO said...

Our deep condolences and sincerely sympathy to the family of our brother, the late ASP Tomasi Lotawa RTO/SD (regional Traffic Officer southern).

Pleasantries aside, we have more sorrow however, in the stinking odor of the spew by the “mole” at the backside of this article.

We do then finally ask what the prime motive of these “mole”; self proclaim crusaders for presume justice they think are privy to, while all us are unholy patriots.

The moles 15 spew points assessment are laughable. Gonei, this is a Police Force, NOT a “soqosoqo in unu yagona mai Baniwai!”

Give General Naivalurua a chance. Those who despise changes within may ask to be transferred to join the Prison Department or Military.

Why not we sincerely thank all Police personal we meet on the street,church,mosque,Temple,Pub,beach.Tell them they are doing a marvelous job..of course they do!!

Anonymous said...

Disenchanted senior Police officers must realise that getting rid of Naivalurua alone will not be the solution to their problems.

The problems relate back to poor management of Government by this illegal regime.

Police officers should now join right thinking citizens to demand Fiji's return to democracy.

Only a democratically elected government will ensure that an appropriately qualified person is appoinred Compol.

For as long as VB is in power he will ensure that a Compol that supports him remains in that position, and who would not necessarily be the best candidate.

Anonymous said...

Fitness is essential in the force, considering the risks and the long hours they are expected to work. this requirment was not invented by Naivalurua. He just re-enforced this requirment. Before he came in the police officers were made of lazy good for nothings.
Good on you Naivalurua. keep it up.

mark manning said...

No one should ever be expected to do strenuous physical exercise without having 1st. undergone and passed, a Strict Medical Examination.

As for the Oath, it's all been done before :-

mark manning said...

A Policeman a Soldier does not make !
1/ A Medical examination should be done on staff before they are expected to engage in physical activities.
2/ A Policeman's fitness level doesn't necessarily equate to his or her ability to fight crime.
Doesn't the Pol. Comm. watch C.S.I. ?
3/ Their is a vast difference between physical stamina and mental stamina and one could argue the reverse, a very fit person, doesn't necessarily equate to a smart one !
After all, they could be a criminal to start with couldn't they ? Like the Pol. Comm. himself !
4/ The 10 points included in this article, say it all.

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua's appointment is a prime example of Dictator Vore's focus on placing unqualified military personnel as heads of departments without any regards to appropriate qualifications and experience.

Naivalurua will fail just as Teleni Ketepoka had failed. They have no idea what a Police Commossioner's role is. Ketepoka focussed on religion to fight crime while Naivalurua is infatuated with physical fitness as the prime weapon to fight crime While fitness is important, it is only one of what is required of a policeman. And the Commissioner has to also address all the other requirements of the force. But as a soldier all Naivalurua can think of is physical fitness......Vore, give Naivalurua the boot now.

Ex Police Officer said...

I know Tomasi Lotawa very well. He has been taking excessive grog and beer for the last decade without looking after himself well. This is a culture with senior officers, levu ga na gunu yaqona, sega na tereni. Why blame Commissioner Naivalurua for his poor health and for his death. He suffered heart attack, people.

Commissioner Naivalurua, if you are reading this, I beg you and I will beg you again, remove all the rotten from the Police.. officers that brief you every morning.. Ligairi, Brown, Rusi and Luke Navela. The faster you do it, you will see improvement in the Fiji Police..
Vakaloloma na rai mai vei ira na i lala Turaga ni Ovisa lala qo me ra bilitaki Commissioner na leqa nei Lotawa. Lotawa is a party to his own death,,he didnt look after himself well.
Namuraki ira vinaka qori Commissioner, kena levu ga kena vinaka, sa dede mai na nodra lasava na vucesa..

Anonymous said...

Why are Police Officers now being charged 8% of their salary & water & electricty while the MATAIVALU NI SOLISONA who are being charged nothing are being given all sorts of extra allowances for nothing.


Why is the salary of the Voreqe, Khaiyum & Cabinet being handled by BDO Khaiyum's aunty.

Police need to invetsigate all these corrupt payments as FICAC will not.

I urge all right thinking police and prison officers to stand up for our rights and stop these crooks in their tracks now.

All documentary eveidence must be carefully retained as these crooks will have to face the full brunt of the law.


Sa rauta said...

This is not the first time that a Police Officer has died during training.

The problem in Fiji is that we blame others for our ill health. It's others who have forced us to eat unhealthy food. Its others who have not taken us to the doctors to have blood tests and blood pressure checks. Its others who have stopped me from having regular exercise. Its others who have forced me to drink regularly.

its always someone elses fault. Take some responsibility and take some action.

That's what this government is doing.

Anonymous said...

Thats it..plan A didn't work..Teleni was a big time flop..now put Naivalurua the dickhead there..maybe this will divert the attention of the taxpayers of this country into thinking that this will improve the now tarnished image of the police force..but how many times do you have to tell the dickhead that no matter who you appoint as CP..you are still illegal..you can fool people one time but you cant fool them all the time..

convolutedexperiment said...

The problem the Pol. Comm. faces is, he is as vulnerable to Frank's whims as are his subordinates within the Police Force.
there is no incentive for anyone in the Fiji Police force to excel, because they can be removed at anytime or falsely accused of corrupt behaviour etc. b and increasingly hostile dictatorship in fiji.
With no incentives, morale decreases and so does work efficiency and results.
You could have a Police ?force consisting of Arnold Schwarzeneggers, but that won't make them good police officers or any more efficient or capable.

Jake said...

While we sympathise with the lost of life lets not lose sight of factors that would have contributed to his demise.

On average there would be at least two to three deaths across both disciplines the military and police with the main contributory factor being ill health.

This is not the first and it wont be the last as long as there is a propensity to remain inactive the death rate among these two disciplines will increase.


Mosi Vei Au said...

Wat Mr Naivalurua is trying to do now is to get the police officers out from their COMFORT ZONE.....@ Anoynym April 9th 07:15am...Dont be a coward....you said that you also present at the parade, Why can't you talk to Mr Commissioner then or after the parade? and instead of that you came and voiced your grievances in this forum which Mr Naivalurua doesn't want to waste his time in reading it... Don't act like one scoundrel or a dog which only can bark from his door step.....That is the problem here in Fiji when there is time to raise an issue or ask question, no one seems to bother and everybody act like they all agree to what has been told but as soon as the meeting/parade is over people went and talk behind your back discussing their views about what has been said during the meeting which i termed it as GOSSIPING.......C'mon bro....BE A MAN.....AND DON'T BE A PUFTA..... You've mentioned that you a carrer police officer , I doubted that you also applied for the Commissioner's post when it was advertised ( Food for thought)......

Anonymous said...

Condllonces to the Lotawa family but the COMPOL shouldnt be blamed.
The COMPOL is doing a great job. Police Officers need to be fit and disciplined. They have been lazy, unfit and realxed for too long.

Fiji said...

I'm afraid Anon #1 is correct.

No matter iPolCom's noble intentions in trying his best to "damage control" what he and his coup plotters started (really!).. it just isn't going to work. NO WAY.

The police force STINKS and it starts from the head.

No two ways about it and no two ways around it either.

You have NIL legitimacy Naivalurua.

All you're trying to create is an illusion of one... one that had long lost its sparkle with your real and intelligent career police officers.

That much is clear to us - observing members of the public.

Anonymous said...

This is all bullshit....when someone dies blame it on the POLCOM.....Everyone is responsible for his or her own health...C'mon people we all know that every civil service appointment in Fiji are illegal but to blame ones death on a person who has no knowledge of ones health is ridiculous. Message to all Police officers... get into a fitness program rather than sitting in front of those grog bowl or lazing around in those fancy sulutavatava...

Anonymous said...

Mosi Vei Au,. We know the truth when there is one around because it smells and make people like you afraid and speaks the way you do. Do not lecture to us about your truth because we have seen death and tortured marks on bodies of your victims supported by medical doctors written reports. That is PUFTA'S job with guns in your hands. Get away from your foxhole Mr. Fox before we will flush you out and finish you off with the TRUTH.
Who in his or her right mind today will confront those illegal, torturing and murderous leaders face to face? My right to speak and write openly with freedom of expression had been denied long time ago by you led by Vore Banimagasona and Naivalusonaboci. But one thing I know if I do speak openly like before I will buy me a coffin, leave my family suffered for a longtime and plus lauvutu talega na noqu sona by the barrel of your gun and other foreign objects. Look what you have done to our most experiencing and respectable career senior police officers. They will one day walk back in through the front door soon to upright your wrongs.And mark my words and that will includes those senior army officers too.
The best way to know many things on the other side of professional life and move forward together, as brothers, is to open up the freedom of speech and expression to all people. As it is today, it is a one way street . This is not GOSSIPING when discussion taking place openly throughout Fiji and across the international waters with 800 million readers heard and read it and some participating in it as well. , not forgetting 154 countries with their respective Prime Ministers, Presidents , United Nation and NGOs are well informed of your daily activities. Do you still want me to follow you and your Bainimagasona falsehood strategies and taken in for treason etc when ready for investigation by the International Criminal Court? No thank you, Sir.

Tell me, What difference are there between Qarase giving out agricultural equipments and Bainimagasona visiting villages, giving out promises and open up roads, fishing businesses, water supplies, electricity supplies, bus fares for elderly people and school kids. free education and books etc.etc. If I was him, it is the right time I should apologize and make the ISORO, MATANIGASAU & VAKATTUUSA to the very relatives of those innocent people I killed and tortured at the QEB with my hired killers. Hired in the sense that I increased their salaries and gave them promotion plus other privileges, whisky and beers with maybe women etc. etc. Your problem with Baininmagasona is “PRIDE and GREED“ "THE END IS SWEETER AND BETTER THEN THE BEGINNING", SAYS THE LORD.

Anonymous said...

Mosi Vei AU.
If our Chiefs and Talatalas are locked up in Prison and so as our Vanuas, What then am I be called when they no longer present at home village.?
Who was behind George Speight that sent him to life imprisonment? Why Naivalurua and FICAC are not investigating what they are created for and professionally best known for to start off with?
Why Bainimarama is not speaking out the TRUTH of what really took place rather than using Chiefs and Talatalas as scapegoats to divert general public’s attention?. Hey my friend, the longer you hold on to the investigation the more black cats comes out of the bags and to tell the whole world of the TRUTH and one of them will certainly mention your position my good man.
New diversion tactics are taking place today and that is to send well known top prominent businessmen to Court of Justice and then to imprisonment. Not bad, but the problem is, Who is going to investigate the Treason committed by Bainimarama , Naivalurua and others? How about the thrown out of the Constitution of Fiji who will investigate that too? .
What we want to know are the ROOTS of the problems like who was behind George Speight's coup. Why that Chief did not arrive at the Parliment House on time and take over from Speight as planned? Au rogo italanoataka tiko ga na itukutuku oqori. Bainimarama and I know it is true. saw it that this was his chance to lead the nation, so he moved in and screwed everything up to match his wants and needs to become the Prime Minister. Baninimarama's next stop is the President of Fiji supported by the 1% MUDEROUS.

mark manning said...

It doesn't matter how fit the Police Force are, the problem is that many of them are underpaid and corrupt.
So all you'll end up with under Naivalurua is Fit corrupt underpaid Police !

Anonymous said...

Anon @ April 10, 2011 9:28 PM.

AU kerei iko mo lei vuli tale vakavinaka.

O sa vakamedualaki keimami na leweni vanua of viti.

Na ulukau e tiko veui iko.

Anonymous said...

So you guys woulld be happy if Savua is brought back?????

Anonymous said...

Voceke Bainimaga and his illegal cronies are driving Fiji into the doldrums, if not there already.

Fiji Police HQ said...

watever this blog is publishing about FPF is 110% true.

CP is corrupt from head to toe. The recent 10 scooters purchased at a figure around $80,000.00 was never tendered.

CP limit is just 20K and he has violated the finance directive and puchased without tender. Payments are to be done by 4 cheques of 20k.

This is pure corruption - sir its you who are rotten to the bone as you have also collected a commission of $5000.00 from this purchases.

We at the police HQ - call that you immediately resign - because you are corrupt.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9.27 am

No one is asking for Savua to be brought back. Shows how stupid you are.

The last Compol under a democratically elected Government was Hughes. Perhaps he is the one that should be brought back.

Only a transparent and accountable process under a democratic system of Government will ensure that the best person is appointed Compol.

A compromised and corrupt system under dictatorship will only ensure the appointment of a Compol that will protect the regime's leaders.

Ovisa said...

Oh...what a shocking picture!!The dress standards of the Fiji Police have gone to the dogs because the uniforms look ugly and is a mess...ugly,ugly,ugly!!

Where are the bright parade colours and beautiful smiles?? They look like a bunch of sad lackeys dressed in uniforms similar to those worn in tinpot African regimes.

Oh...I forgot....we do have a tinpot regime in Fiji!!

W. Tamanikaira said...

The legitimate appointment and role of the Fiji Police Commissioner is guided by the Constitution of Fiji.

Naivalurua does not fit into that category therefore he is illegal and at the moment carrying out criminal offenses similar to impersonation,fraud and intimidation.Worst still,he colluded in the criminal removal of the constitution which amounts to treason,sedition,murder,torture and a plethora of other crimes.

By having an illegal head of the Police Force, he is compromising the very fabric of law enforcement.His authority is derived from an illegal system of decrees and authoritarian rule.

Authoritarian rule is usually an illegal system of governance that is aimed at placing power in a single hand or junta. This highly concentrated and centralized power is maintained by political repression and the exclusion of potential challengers. It uses political rhetoric and public events to mobilize people around the goals of the junta.

Authoritarianism emphases the rule of man over the rule of law,it includes political decisions being made by a select group of unelected officials behind closed doors, a bureaucracy that operates independently of rules,which does not properly supervise elected officials, and fails to serve the concerns of the constituencies they purportedly serve.

Authoritarianism also embraces the informal and unregulated exercise of political power, a leadership that is "self-appointed and even if elected cannot be displaced by citizens' free choice among competitors," the arbitrary deprivation of civil liberties, and little tolerance for meaningful opposition.

A range of social controls (eg PER and Media Decree)also attempt to stifle civil society, while "political stability" is maintained by control over and support of the military, a pervasive bureaucracy staffed by the regime, and creation of allegiance through various means of socialization like the Peoples Charter.

Does all of the above describe the dark and evil characteristics of the illegal regime and the misguided Bainimarama???

Like millions of protesting Arabs in the Middle East and citizens of stable countries, I choose democracy and freedom anyday.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 11:30am

I agree. Com. Hughes was very good for the force - but then again, he was investigating Franky and still has the dirt on that.

Anonymous said...

Is it a police force or bullshit force?

Mosi Vei Au said...

@Anonym #1 it seems you are getting off track. We are discussing about Naivalurua and you've mentioned about the current government and what not....
oh what are joke when you mentioned that you cant speak openly becoz you fear of being victimized and lauvutu nomu sona. you sounded that you are wishing for that( Lauvutu nomu sona).....so that word PUFTA serves you right.....


Mosi Vei Au said...

@ Anonym April 10th 9028pm Pliz this is not the place to talk about what you hear on the street ( Rogo i talanoa) we are hear to talk about the FACT....NO HEARSAY.....
Only GOSSIPERS and PUFTAS do that.....

Anonymous said...

@ Anon April 9, 2011 7:15 PM.

Only hoped all Fiji Police personnel had such good English..hee hee. Obviously you are not a police staff. A so called human rights activist who was no where to be seen in 2000 yet popped up in 2006 or later as you feel hard done by the current Govt.

Anonymous said...

We should not point finger at COMPOL-Mr. Naivalurua. Understandbly, he was there through this regime.However, he is trying to establish some credibility to the Police Force.He may want to create some necessary changes. For example, urging Police Officers to be fit,knowing the Decrees etc

Anyone in the security field should be ready 24/7, physically, mentally and spiritually fit to his or her duties. If they are called at the 11th hour, than they should be ready....to run, to chase, to arrest and whatever!.Thus HEALTH will be their main weapon and wealth!

COMPOL, if you are reading this, my advice is to take a review of the whole Fiji Police Force.....recruitment process, salary, promotion, health audit, legal literacy and have a broader knowledge of everything. To be a one stop shop of information! Give increments, give them opportunity to rediscover their capability by opening doors of opportunity for studies, overseas attachments. Encourage community focussed police -public interaction activities....

Sobo, Mr. Naivalurua.....e rawarawa tu ga! Ni dabe vata ga, veitalanoa, vakatataro ena nodra gauna galala, veisiko ena vei Police Post, take time out and walk with them on beat patrols,etc.

Try something new, something never done by previous COMPOLS.

Jake said...

Radio Luka.

"He was investigating Franky and still has the dirt on that"

Provide us with facts why dont you?


Tui Viti said...

@ Mosi Vei Au..regardless as to how you might want to dodge the issue, those questions posed by Anon April 10, 2011 9:17 PM ,indeed question the credibility of COMPOL. By being selective in his investigation, he is clearly showing his inability to be fair and transparent.Regardless of how good he performs,his appointment was and is illegal.Sa Dri Yani.......

Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

No Jake. Some of the documents ARE available online.

But I would rather not waste another ten minutes of my life explaining logic and past events to someone in NZ with no interest other than being a cheerleader for a dictator.

I know what I know. You have your farm animals.

Lets keep it like that.

Jake said...

Radio Luka.

Well you have the ideal opportunity to disseminate such documents for all to see dont you think?

Facts and more facts is needed to keep the nonbelievers at bay what say sunshine.


mark manning said...

@ jake
All the material on Frank is on a number of cd's, and in safe keeping here in Australia and in a few safe locations within Fiji.
Frank's goons were too slow to locate and destroy the evidence at the beginning of the coup.
His biggest mistake.

Qase said...

Yeah let the senile Jake play with his animals, the qauri qase.

Tui Viti said...

Isa o Jake, reminds me our perverted CJ - Tony Gates. Birds of feather flock together!!!

Jake said...


Na qauri e tu omu cici luveni kabawaqa.

Mark Manning.

Yes we heard all this claptrap before whats needed is proof.


Anonymous said...

Sa qai dua na compol ulukau o iko Naivalurua kei kemuni kecega na tokoni koya tiko, ni ulukau vata!hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!

Anonymous said...

Mosi Vei Au, The truth is surfacing of your spending our tax payers money, $450,000,000,000 over spending. VINAKA VAKALEVU NA BUTAKO TIKO. Tell Vore Bainimagasona to raise up your salary evry month for your supporting ior you will shoot him down. You know what? He will certainly pay you since he is th MInister for Finanace and hia word is tha Constitution and the Laws of Fiji. No wonder you are defending the crooks because you are feeding from it.Good on you but you could become a very good witness material. Keep sucking him and give your arse too to makr the world go around between you and Bainimagasona.

Jieke said...

Jake, jake cool down cebo laqa, luveni macawa, qau ri salulu.

Sogota mada ga no clap trap i muri.

Anonymous said...

Jake cebo laqa? qauri salulu? cava, o koya victim talega ni bottle mai na keba? oiauwe!!!!Jake stich rawa bro! its not too late! before the "bottles" (RFMF nickname)get you again!

a.rogo said...

Once you start to loose your temper...you are a loser...wen you try to argue your point...try to be constructive and not abusive...that shows wat you've got upstairs...vinaka

a.rogo said...

COMPOL is doing a great job in trying to mould his officers in tip top form inorder for them to carryout their duties deligently....if they are pictured in uniform patrolling the city with big stomach and scruppy look...you start pointing fingers...wen COMPOL train them to keep them fit...u point fingers....how he run the force is his perogative and his call.... so be it....if U think U can do a better job...U can present yourself to the PM's Office with your Civi...I think they will receive you with open arms......vinaka

Daliga said...

Rogo you didi vara. He assumed the post through the back door and no amount of good work or preprogative will make that right.

You idiot, you go and present your self to the stupid PM if you like. Better still lai masia va levu sara ona polo.

a.rogo said...

daliga...u like it or otherwise, this govt is legal....vinaka

Tui Viti said...

De kabani nei Ta!!! Present yourself to the PM!!!. The COMPOL is appointed under the Constitution to which the COMPOL is a part to its illegal abrogation.The post is deemed as a constitutional appointee just like Bhaini's post. Till then they are both ILLEGAL..As for your comment upstairs, we've known all along that everything under this regime is ILLEGAL, O ira ga na ulukau ,bavulu ra ignore taka tiko na dina.

Anonymous said...

@a. rogo,

i like reading your comments, however, your credibility would be questioned over your statement that "this government is legal"

Kakua ni tovaka na ca, ia mo tukuna vakadodonu ga na dina.

Didivara said...

Sega ni rogoca rawa na dina o Rogo. You doppy this government was declared by the courts as illegal ...mama na nei Vore.

i Taukei said...

E so na kawa i taukei era vosa jiko i ke era sega ni lotu Va-Karisito. Ni gauna e ca kina na yalomu vua edua na wekamu, e kaya na i Vola Tabu ni oiko sa dau laba...ena rawata rawa vakacava na tamata daulaba na bula tawa mudu...na macawa ni curu vakatui...ni yala vinaka meda veilomani ni bera ni tarai iko na ca.
Me kalougata o Viti keiira na lewena.

a.rogo said...

Didivara...au kila ni o iko na qitawa...osa via mama na ka kecega e ciri takoso...don't hide behind those identity...edua ga na ka e vakaraitaka tiko oya ni o internet butako tiko ena dua na vanua ona tobo kina ka vakasakei...iko kauta tiko mai vei na nomu facts...kevaka o kila tiko na ka o vakamacala taka tiko o na sega ni vosa vakalialia...o iko ga o doppy,bavulu ka sega ni kila na ka o vosa taka tiko....e illegal ga na ka eratou vakayacora na matanitu keimami a digitaka na lewenivanua o viti..koya e nodra cakacaka ga na daylight robbery koya o ni tokona tiko mai qori...vinaka

a.rogo said...

we the people of our beloved fiji wants is to move forward with hard work and the support from the govt ...as the present govt is doing...keep it up , the people of fiji are all behind you....God bless fiji

Rogoca said...

Rogo levu na cebo...qitawa kania kece ga na d....

Taura nomu digi2 biuta e nomu i voco

Rogoca said...

Rogo drau vi tauri kau kei Taukei ni da...drau yavu macawa, luveni kala poci.

Rogo cebo levu...I use my own internet..not like you; using the gov internet...de nei tamamudrau kei Voreqe...mama na nona

Anonymous said...

@ a.rogo...the whole of the RFMF is behind you prodding you. Yes we support this govt..if we murder someone today we will be set free like Keane and Naulia, yes we have made progress in torturing innocent civilians, yes, the Illegal PM is paying himself a $700K progress!!!Yes, this is the progress that we want the world to see where sugar one of our main exports is running out of stock in the supermarket shelves and we are importing it...Wheww!!! Fiji is making progress.........na mataboko ga e va tu na nona rai, YADRA MAI A.ROGO.

Anonymous said...

To the person who commented first-If you're so against Bainimarama-why the fuck are you still in the Police Force?????

Fucken idiot!!!

Jake said...


Luveni dau kubu duna se o kawa ni bili da.


Isa said...

LOL @ Anon 3.44p.m. Isa boy, u sound terrified hiding behind 'anonymous', scared your thieving joyride is coming to a very nasty end? tiki..toko.. Naboro awaits!!!!!

rlotz901 said...

Ex Police Officer said...
I know Tomasi Lotawa very well. He has been taking excessive grog and beer for the last decade without looking after himself well. This is a culture with senior officers, levu ga na gunu yaqona, sega na tereni. Why blame Commissioner Naivalurua for his poor health and for his death. He suffered heart attack, people.

Commissioner Naivalurua, if you are reading this, I beg you and I will beg you again, remove all the rotten from the Police.. officers that brief you every morning.. Ligairi, Brown, Rusi and Luke Navela. The faster you do it, you will see improvement in the Fiji Police..
Vakaloloma na rai mai vei ira na i lala Turaga ni Ovisa lala qo me ra bilitaki Commissioner na leqa nei Lotawa. Lotawa is a party to his own death,,he didnt look after himself well.
Namuraki ira vinaka qori Commissioner, kena levu ga kena vinaka, sa dede mai na nodra lasava na vucesa..

April 10, 2011 4:5
I am a member of the Lotawa Family and I would disagree wth the Ex Police Officer,say that he was one of the rotten Police Officer,Tomasi Lotawa is one of the decorated and are selfless committed person that I have known all my life.Giving 30 years of his life to the FPF and never backing down from any of the jobs or assignment given to him.Never complains and always looking forward to the task at hand.He was a Man of a different calibre which is pretty hard to find this days.Always backs his word with what he does towards his work and to his colleagues,which im pretty sure his friends whom have known him would agree with me.So before you start making useless acquisation about someone,please think before you start bleatering off unnecessary comment.I known Tomasi Lotawa drinks but he attends to his job to the upmost manner that he will always be remembered for...To a loving Husband,To the greatest dad in the world,and to the loving granddad....AT THE GOING DOWN OF THE SUN,AND IN THE MORNING....WE WILL REMEMBRE THEM......R.I.P DAD WE WILL SURELY MISS U...MOCE RE VAHEWA DAD..REVONI LOTAWA