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Monday, April 4, 2011

Padarath makes second court appearance

Ben Padarath has appeared in court again but the DPP's office says it needs more time to review the charges brought against him before it proceeds.

Padarath is accused of concealing false government documents but has yet to make a plea.

It's alleged the documents were found in the Suva home of Padarath, the nephew of the former land force commander, Pita Driti, who was implicated in last year's alleged failed plot to topple the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama.

Padarath's appearance in the Suva Magistrates Court this morning was his second. His appearance in court in a wheelchair last month (see picture) sparked a huge controversial outcry and debate about his assault at the hands of the police.

A restraining order was granted at that appearance protecting him from further police harassment and interviews.

His medical report was presented to the court today.

Fiji Village says Padarath will appear again in June. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow on Coupfourpointfive, the Ghanian businessman, Paul Kofi Freeman, tells his story, revealing how much money he says he lost to Renee Lal and Ben Padarath and what he's been doing in Fiji since 2009. "I am just a young fella like anyone else in the world, trying to make my dreams come true but they are trying to kill me before my dream comes true. She (Renee Lal) is trying to crucify me."


Anonymous said...

Lucky he escaped with a beating - last people who opposed Bainimarama
were tortured - then killed.

Anonymous said...

cons are coning the cons.
see what freeman con artist has to say.

Anonymous said...

@ c4.5 editor - can you clarify police or army beating. Police apparently have no file in this case. Wondering if this is similar to the CRW deaths where they were beaten @ the camp and then set to Vitogo to be delivered to the family.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is a coward! Tamata sonalevu, vayagataki ira na sotia me ra vakamatei ira tale na noda gone i Taukei, cava sara me ra lai mate kina? Can he justify reasons for killing some of our own sons? Sa dua na ka ke sega ni mosi tu vua nai tovo lolovira e cakava vei ira na matavuvale ka ra vakaleqai na wekadra mai vei ira na sotia. Sa qai mai kena i ubi tu ga yani na veisiko ena veikorokoro e cakava tiko, kei na vesu mona vei ira na tu vakavanua ena veivakatorocaketaki......ke na sega ni saumi vei iko Bai, ena qai saumi vei ira na nomu kawa era muri mai....vei kemuni na sotia ni vakarorogo tiko ena nona vakatulewa cala me ra vakararawataki tiko na lewe ni vanua, au kerea mo ni dui dikevi kemuni vinaka ka mo ni gole tani mai kina........au kila ni lewe vica wale saraga na lewe ni mataivalu ka ra vakarorogo tu vei Bai era sa mai boroya e dua nai yaloyalo ca kina RFMF.......e lewe vuqa sara vei ira era tamata lotu dina, ra vakamatavuvale vinaka ka ra cavu tu mai na veidelaniyavu vakaturaga ena noda vanua lomani ko Viti, era sa cakacaka tu baleta na bula ni nodra matavuvale, au via vakayaloqaqataki kemuni na sotia dina ka mositi kemuni dina tiko na vanua lomani o Viti, ni qarava vakadodonu ga na nomuni i tavi, bituti ratou tiko na dau veivakararawataki me ratou cakava tiko na nodratou cakacaka, sa dui tu ga nai sau ni nodai valavala, ena qai dui sauma ga vei keda o koya e lewa na bula.

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@5.26pm Padarath was obviously beaten by military soldiers but with the official police line of denial, there's no paper trail. Remember, Tikoitonga first denied military get involved in police arrests then later said, only when there were PER breaches. Both were clearly involved in the Padarath case so what the court says about this will be interesting.-C4.5

Anonymous said...

@annon 0951 hrs, Kua mada na vosa vaka lotu baleta nio a vosaca mai na tekivu ni nomu vosa, boci.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for who else is going to be charged. Obviously Driti and Ului are happy for Padarath to take the fall for this. Sorry Ben! Na siova gona na itutu kei na qaciqacia sa mai kani iko tale na nomu i vakarau. Nanuma tiko na nomu a dau vakatukututuku taki ira na lewenivanua vei Driti. Karma is only a bitch if you are.