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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Police moles keep the heat on 'corrupt' officers

Police moles continue to release information in a bid to expose the corrupt practices of the force and the National Intelligence Bureau, (NIB). 

One of the officers is accused of selling information to the Australian Federal Police  and another of selling classified information to other governments.

Police moles have detailed the following info:
SP Luke Navela Wainiu: He is said to be a close advisor to Major General Sitveni Rabuka  and  is also related to him. When the 2000 mutiny  involving CRW soldiers  occurred, SP Luke lead the investigations against Rabuka for inciting the mutiny. Rabuka got off the hook when the audio tape of the interview of a CRW soldier's confession was lost by Police.  The tape went missing  under the command of SP Luke.

Luke is also accused of supplying information and getting innocent people beaten. His main contact is a cousin who works in the illegal PM's office,  the QEB Goon Savenaca Siwatibau Rabuka. 
ACP Henry Brown:  It's alleged he is the person who sells information directly to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) regarding the activities of the Fiji government and is currently protect by DCP Lageri.  

Sources say he was given two brand new Toyota twin cabs in 2010, donated by AFP and it was not endorsed by the regime. Has promoted ASP Abdul Khan to SP rank and posted him to Border for ease of transactions between NIB and AFP. 
SSP RusiateTudeavu:  Former NIB director who is accused of successfully manipulating the system to gain favors. Was supplying the Deputy 3FIR commander with all NIB information that gave Bainimarama the location of all arms of Fiji police and led to the fall of SDL government. As soon as Bainimarama government came in to power, he was promoted from inspector to SSP in NIB.

Accused of currently manipulating the regime by passing information to harm innocent people and selling classified information to other governments. Has a bank balance of over 100K. 

Police moles attached the following fax:

Purchasing Officers : SSP RusiateTudeavu , ACP Henry Brown
Equipment: Fax machine ( bugged by AFP)
We have creditable reports sighting Compol Ref XXXXXX dated April 2010 that the fax machine is used by NIB to fax all classified reports to Prime Minister and since the machine is deemed bugged it automatically transfers a copy to the Australian Embassy secured server system.
These officers are transferring secure information of the government by other means and people engaged in this operations are:
-          Fmr. ASP Savenaca Waqairatu ( currently in UN office in Suva)
-          Stg. Iowane Rauto
-          IP Anare Masitabua
-          IP Jitoko Filipe Segeilau

-          IP Anare Masitabua, IP Jitoko Filipe Segeilau  are the surviving members of the Andrews Time in 2004-2006 in the investigation into the military probe leading to the 2006 coup.


  1. This is wrong C4 this mole is misleading and want you to know this.

  2. Good job COMPOL...... make sure turn all the stones in that ministry......... throw all of them out.

  3. What can you say? Illegal law and order is the way to go....reminds me of those barrel spinners at the Adi Senitoa, "place your bet place your bet if you win don't side step, if you lose try again". Perhaps the cops are cashing up on this to catch up on the hefty salaries the useless army goons are getting now days. As they say if you can't beat them then join them.

  4. Ex-Police OfficerApril 6, 2011 at 6:42 AM

    All this time, my suspicion on these useless, corrupt, stinking Brown, Luke Navela, Abdul Khan and Rusiate Tudravu were correct. These officers have brought shame and disrepute to the organisation which I have been part of for the last decade.

    I remember the story when Jesus was about to be crucified, the people were calling out aloud, 'nail him to the cross' 'nail him to the cross'.. I beg the Police Commissioner, do the same to these officers who have brought shame to the Police, send them home and conduct an investigation immidiately on the allegation against them. Please also include tha abuse of office allegation against the Deputy..

  5. great attack coupfourandahalf...theses information's are so dam critical and even the people around and inside the government don't have the knowledge of all these...great job done..i wounder were you all get this vital information's from...

  6. Thank you C4.5. Whatever is done in the dark will be proclaimed from the roof top. Light will expose darkness.

  7. This article is funny. It tries to lay the blame on the Bainimarama government yet it is exposing people involved in the 2000 coup. No wonder Bainimarama is cleaning up all these compromised officers in the army and police force. Get rid of all of them Bai. We need to purge all these compromised soldiers, police officers and other civil servants. We need people loyal to Fiji and not those who sell their soul for a piece of silver.

  8. Jake says;

    Nothing new about Fijians & this proves a point.

    Fijians are very treacherous people and they do it with heaps dignity.

    Nothing to be proud of but batch of liumuri's in the highest order.

    Lako ga na churi, we condemn our Fiji Indo brothers for liu muri BUT kai Viti vs taukei liu muri is worse.

  9. So the cops are turning to masi polo too now.

  10. do you know that the state is spending 5 million big ones on the qc to prosecute chaudhry? that is more than the dpp's budget for the entire year.

  11. Reminds me of one of those Fijian sayings that kids say " Iko qito tiko ena loma ni noqu qito"
    ie Vuaka thinks that he is in control but the big boys know exactly what he is about to do before he does it. Thanks to fax-machines. lol.

  12. Minister for Women and Social Welfare gave $5k from Govt funds allocated to women affiars especially to assist those who are underpriviledged, to Netball Fiji and Womens Golf with the pretext to empower women in sports.I wonder where Min of Youth and Sports fit into this equation.Note that funding for NF already budgetted for in last budget.

  13. I am happy that the table is turning slowly, slowly. Those who betrayed democracy and the people's trust in Fiji sided with Bai but now he is up against them. I tell you, Bai will throw them one by one out and later to prison. That is the bad news for the TRAITORS but the good news is also there and it is coming. After all have gone to prison, the last would be the man himself. People, mark my word. If you do not believe me, look at Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, so on and so forth, Dictators are falling, people are demanding their ex-leaders not to go exile but to be trialed in Court........they are all happening in 2011. Bai has only dictated for 5yrs, Gaddafi dictated for 42yrs but he is falling. Je!! Je!!

  14. Luke Navela is a thief and has been corrupt for many many years.

    Yes! It is true that he is very close to Rabuka(the father of coups in Fiji) and yes it is also true that he lost the recorded confession made by Captain Shane Stevens that implicated Rabuka in a huge way.

    Navela admitted under oath that he recorded something over the recording by Stevens in court during the court martial so this is public knowledge.
    Was he ever questioned about this after? No.

    I have worked with this thief, during investigations he would say there was no evidence, as soon as he was removed, the new officers found so much evidence against many of those involved in the 2000 coup.

    Yet the Police force under various Commanders have continued to promote him and give him higher positions and bigger pay.

    He was only a corporal when he lost all those vital evidence in 2000 and now is in the highest ranks of the Fiji Police.

    Why? Its really sad and this continues to happen.
    Only in Fiji ;)

  15. 5 million. i heard its more like 6.2 million dollars on mpc case to pay hong kong qc. heard also that pryde and aiaaz dont want to pay and looking for scapegoat. expect aca rayawa to be charged for abuse of office.

  16. E na qai yati mai na colo

    or as the Americans say "You can run but you cannot hide"

    or as the Bible says : "Beware, your sins shall find you out"

  17. Aca Rayawa has had it coming for a very long time... seems like that day "one day mafatu" will be here soon. It's been regrettable that state prosecutors have never in the past been subjected to a legal disciplinary body since they were exempted from mandatory membership of the law society. However, tide has now turned thank God! with the Independent Legal Services Commission providing oversight to these so-called officers of the court. No one is above the law.

  18. anon 10:42 noone is above the law except for Bai and his cocksucking buddies! is that what you are saying?

  19. @ Anon - April 6 1.00 pm
    Anon - April 7 1.42 pm
    and Anon April 8 10.42 am these posts were posted by one and the same person who has the same IP address and sounds like a sour loser...go and get a life. Stop worrying about the QC worry about the con job done by MPC. All those rumours about 5 million or 6 million is FALSE no one runs a case in Fiji that expensive you dumbwit...NUT

  20. Aca Rayawa said he has nothing to hide...he is transparent and willing to disclose any and everything...If he has done something wrong then he is also willing to admit it openly...but he cannot recall doing anything wrong in the MPC case...sorry mate your threats to have him charged at whatever tribunal does not scare him...go get a life and get some sweetness in your life you taste bitter sour loser

  21. No criminal case has ever cost 5 million dollars or 6 million dollars...get your facts right idiot...why are you attacking Aca Rayawa...he knows who you are...he will not fall for this trap in disclosing anything on this blog...you are the same person who approched him to assist you with the MPC case two weeks ago but he refused to help you even though he is no longer in the DPP's office...sorry mate your wicked attempt will not provoke him to reveal classified information about the case...you are the same person posting as anonymous on the 6th at 1.00 pm and on the 7th at 1.42 pm and on the 8th at 10.42 am...get a life...Aca Rayawa is already down and out he really has nothing to lose...so keep your threats to yourself it means nothing...

  22. OOPS! Sorry to be your worst nitemare but we not all same person. Your one day Mafatu is coming d!ckhead Aca Rayawa too much lasu2.. lolss!.

  23. @ anon April 9 2011 - 11.24 pm do not worry about how many of you are spreading the false rumours about the 5 to 6 million on the MPC case...you have buckled when challenged on the truth about the rumours you are spreading and choosing to fall back on the lame argument that there are in fact more then one of you spreading this false allegation...your response shows the world that you are a liar and lack character...Mafatu's day came and gone...whats the big deal...I say meet your day head on Mafatu...we are all lucky that C4.5 is fair and publishes both sides of the story...so think again before attempting to use this site to advance your deviant hidden agenda because you will be discredited for the world to see...


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