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Monday, April 4, 2011

Training or a show of strength?

GREEN UNIFORMS: Back on Suva streets.

The 3rd Battalion Infantry Regiment took to the streets of Suva today with its commanding officer saying it's part of a three-month training programme.
But intel and police sources say it's a security measure to protect the position of the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, who is in Indonesia at the moment.  

Sources say the regime has deployed extra men every time the dictator has left the country.

They also say the stories that appeared in local Fiji media today failed to say that the so-called training programme will cost the country two million dollars a month.

The commanding officer of the 3rd Battalion Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Jone Kalouniwai told media today: "The whole purpose why we had conducted our battalion parade this morning was to showcase to the Commander Land force the capabilities of the 3rd battalion."

He also said: "Once I had taken over command of the 3rd Battalion – one of my first aims was to try and transform the 3rd Battalion into an effective unit. We have a role to play within the military and it is to maintain an operation capability of a standby company on a 24 hour notice."

Kalouniwai says the parade this morning was 'also a way of discovering any anomalies that need to be dealt with.'

Intel sources claim the regime is looking for an opportunity to show its might and suggest that while oil prices have jumped worldwide to US 1.08 a barrel, the illegal government has deliberately chosen to suppress local prices.

They say doing this will allow them to manipulate prices, which are now likely to soar at an unimaginable amount and force holding reserves to crash.

It's being suggested the explosion in prices will force bus and taxi operators to hike their prices leading to a public outcry at which time the 300 men on 24/7 will come in handy in maintaining power.

Intel sources say the regime knows citizens have a fear of the green uniforms and are taking the chance to show their strength and rattle people.

Editor's Note: Below is a statement posted a short time ago by the Ministry of Information on its website under the title "Be a soldier First: Tikoitonga."

More than 300 members of the 3rd Battalion Infantry Regiment (3FIR) were told to “be soldiers first” before excelling in other aspects of their lives.

The Commander Land Force, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga as reviewing officer made the order 3FIR soldiers during a parade at Queen Elizabeth Barracks this morning.

Col Tikoitoga told 3FIR soldiers: “We need to rethink who we are”.

“We need to keep in mind that we are soldiers more that anything else.

“There are many duties and activities that needs to be carried out for the betterment of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

“As members of the 3FIR, you need to create and establish a platform for other units in the military that will bring about reliable reputation to the institution.

“All other units of the military play a supporting role while your role is to uphold the integrity of the RFMF,” Col Tikoitoga said.

Soldiers of the 3FIR were reminded of the need to remain physically, mentally and spiritually fit.

He also made a call for soldiers to be proud of the unit they are part of and the uniform they wear.

“This will enable us to serve our country and other nations well when called for peace keeping duties,” Col Tikoitoga said.

Commanding Officer of 3FIR Lieutenant Colonel Jone Kalouniwai was also at the launch of Sub-unit training programme.

“The programme is a three-month highly intensive training the unit will conduct periodically in order to elevate basic soldiering skills, unit cohesiveness and its level of preparedness,”  Lt Col Kalouniwai journalists.

“This is to lift our performance and our preparedness in case of any situation that may arise the dress worn by the troops will be battle-order.”


Daurai said...

Pity,the idiot Tikoitoga faled to mention that a soldier should always upho;d their oath of Allegiance to the people and always respect the rule of law.

All that he is doing is to perpetuate the coup culture in the FMF because a military dictatorships are always founded on criminal actions and a corrupt military leadership of traitors in uniform.

The 3FIR we see today is a criminal militia disciplined in the cycle of abduction, torture and murder. The real 3FIR were once made up of real heroes who fought in the Pacific during WW11 and Malaya so that we can all enjoy a peaceful and democratic country.

The show of force is in response to the anti dictatorship public anger being played out inb the Arab world in their struggle for freedom.The current crop of misguided officers like Voreqe, Naivalurua and Tikoitoga stage public appearances like these to try and intimidate the public but little do they realise is that it serves to only reveal their chlidish insecurities and make them more unpopular.

Voreqe should watch his back because as the saying goes,"If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.".Their biggest threat comes from within their ranks and very soon soldiers will realise that their leaders are only taking the FMF deeper into coup rubbish.

Anonymous said...

The public should take as many photos as possible of these soldiers faces to send to the foreign embassies and to post them on anti coup blog sites so that they can be individually identified and shamed.

Anonymous said...

Word from FMF is that the military excercises are a part of Voreqe's grand plan to invade NZ if they stop him from going to watch the world cup.

The people of NZ should expect Voreqe's soldiers to be patrolling the streets of New Zealand and stopping people at checkpoints.

Walker said...

I've spend enough time in Fiji to know that people are lazy and take the bus or taxi for a 100 metres ride. An increase in oil prices will make the people more healthy.

Anonymous said...

The security forces feeling insecure? Na rere tiko vi kemudou!

mark manning said...

This action proves that Frank and Aiyaz are insecure and on edge.
Perhaps this will backfire and the training will enable these Soldiers to take back control of the RFMF from this despot Frank Bainimarama.

Now is the time !

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7.51pm; sega ni dua na rere, e rere tiko ga koya post taka tu na i tukutuku qo ka sa lai vakarerei koya wale tiko ga na nona lasu.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who is the Enemy?

Anonymous said...

Rau kai vei o rau na baku qo o Kalouniwai kei Tikoitoga?

mark manning said...

The enemy is, their own shadows !
Boo !

ThePuaka said...

E rau kawa ca carawai, luveni kala poci ruarua.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga is from Muani Village in Kadavu.Shame on you Tikoitoga and the village of Muani.
I had a proud uncle who fought in the real war in the Solomon who is still well and alive in my village which just a few villages away from that shit of a village of Tikoitoga.He looks like a part-european anyway and someone should check the volani kawa bula.

Anonymous said...

One thing that anyone will notice now is that hardly do we meet any soldier wearing uniform of any kind on buses or taxis or even walking on the streets as was the practice in the past.Even soldiers marching in town in the recent show of force reported above, try hard to hide their faces by pulling their jungle hats or berets low over their faces.Look at the picture above as a good example.My point is that soldiers do not seem to feel proud of the uniform anymore or are even ashamed.Or it can be a sign that morale is very low at Delainabua.
Surely many soldiers read blogsites where around 80% of the comments to any given topic just contains swears and deogatory language aimed at Bainimarama,the soldiers and the military institution and government as a whole.Many soldiers spend weekends with their relatives,tokatoka,mataqali,koro and vavakoso where many of them are given dressing downs by their elders on the negatives that they don't hear up at the camp.And it is taking it's toll.
There are reliable reports that the number of soldiers who turn up for marches in town now keep dwindling because of the many who are sick or decide to go on leave.
Surely not all soldiers are blockheads.With the hard economic situation and lack of money,some or many of them are getting fed up and it won't be long now before we see signs of disagreements from within the camp.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is running around like a mad man. Now you see Tikoitoga and Kalouniwai. Not far back you saw Driti and Roko Lui then not too far back you saw Baledrokadroka and Seruvakula. Do you see the pattern. No doubt Tikoitoga and Kalouniwai will be determined to maintain their positions. How does one do that. You make sure that you do not pose a threat to Frank; whether the threat is real or not is not the issue. The only thing that matters is whether Bainimarama thinks you are a threat or not. So Tikoitoga and Kalouniwai your days are numbered - you are not like Aziz or Khaiyum - you are Fijians and your relatives do not have the money to buy favours. You may think you are safe now - but believe you me - if your are doing your appreciation you should have deducted that you will only last until someone dobs you in with Frank. The people under your command have a direct link to Frank and you know that the power is in the hands of Frank's informers. And as usual these are the useless soldiers. The best soldiers of course will not tabetabe. Just like you they think that with hardwork and honesty they can get ahead. There is only one problem - the goood soldiers and you have not realised that there is a fundamental paradigm shift. It is no longer a professional corp of men at arms. It is now a militia. Therefore "tabetabe vakakaukauwa" to stay on. Whether you accept this or not - this is your fate; it does not last!

Anonymous said...

Remember!! this is the same warfare tactics Saddam Hussein did in 1991 and 2003 to intimidate the Coalition forces' attacks against him and his army. Actually he was putting up a false fronts to hide his fears. This is a sign of FEAR and DEFEAT. Q. Where is Saddam Hussein and his governments today? A. Its history. Bainimarama! you know that your days of reckoning is closing in on you and you will reap exactly what you sow. The Chineese and the Melanesian Motobitu Kerekere Group (MSG) cannot save you and your cohorts. My advise to all of you naive soldiers and opportunists civilian people, who are supporting this illegal regime, Get out while you can, before you become cornered rats with nowhere to run or hide.

Anonymous said...

@ annon 0935 hrs, why don't you go and ask them yourself because you're not a baku!!! It's quite easy to find them, they're at QEB Nabua, right in Suva. Pay them a visit, could be very informative!!!

Anonymous said...

Can figure out from his speeches that Kalouniwai is an idiot, with plenty of wai in his brain. He does not know that he is paid to train his soldiers to protect the citizens not to carry on what they have done to date ie terrorise, brutalize and intimidate them.

Kalouniwai you can atone yourse to God and your people if you assasinate Voreqe.

Somebody please post o photo of this swine on this blog so we can put face to the empty skull.

Anonymous said...

JONE should take over the govt and convince the parliment and restore the 1997 constitutuion.
council of chiefs.law and order.
jone talk to your officers and do the right thing for god and country .than god will bless you all/fiji.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading the comments on this so called Military exercise and it does seem that most of you are implying that their is a threat to Bainimarama governments. Threat from who may i ask. Their is NO sign of any unrest or percieved unrest even. People are going about their business everywhere in Fiji and of course their are those who of us who do not like what is going on but we wont be running around with AK-47'S anytime soon. Can someone please clarify this for me. Excatly who is going to challenge Baini.Every common kaiviti i talk to seems to be generally happy with the government albeit with certain reservation but nothing that would push them to revolt. It is the Kaindia who are not happy as they can see through the smoke screen and they arene't going to challenge no one. They just have one thing on their mind and that is to find a way to leave this sinking ship. They have had enough.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10.42AM

Threat from within the military of course....has happened before when Bainimarama made a beeline down the cassava plantation ....unfortunate in that instance plot did not come off succesful....there is always a next time and its possible today!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All you soldiers Sotia ni Solisona.
Bai does not care about you. He only cares about himself.
Kemuni na sotia ni sa tu ga moni i vakarawa-ni-ka vei Bainivuaka vatakei Aiyazhole.

Puaka said...

Shows that there is nothing useful they can do. Wasting money for being paid to parade around the city of unarmed vivilians. What a useless lot

TheMax said...

Some of you anti-Fiji/Bainimarama bloggers commenting here must really be out of your head. The venom by which you denigrate some of these Fiji soldiers is disgraceful. If you think these soldiers will revolt against Bainimarama or the current government leadership, think again, it's not gonna happen.

The bad apples in the hierarchy of the RFMF have almost completely been wiped out. The current military leadership are far more united than ever before. All the bad apples from the old military hierarchy have been completed wiped out. The current military leadership are finally doing the true role of the RFMF which is to look after every citizens and taxpayer of this country immaterial of your race, colour or creed.

God Bless You Loyal soldiers. You have far more support than these losers who can no longer hide their frustration and despair on this blog.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.30pm 4/4:
O au a post yani 'ya. Esa basika mai rere ka sa tiko ena maliwa ni Mataivalu me ra vakaraitaka mai na nodra vakavakarau. O cei mera laki valuta? Na lewenivanua ga ka ra dodonu mera taqomaka tiko? Sa oti na kena rokovi na Mataivalu oqo... sa roro mai na gauna me sa na sereki kina na lewe-i-Viti!!! There are enough officers and men who have walked out of the Military to be equipped for warfare against this rot!! C'mon Fiji!

Anonymous said...

No, there's no threat from outside the military. The threat is INSIDE the miltary after all.

It was after all the Seruvakula led 3FIR that put down the November 2, 2000 mutiny.

We the unarmed people do not have to lift a finger. We just sit, observe and watch the military destroy itself, for the fish rots from the head.

The military will implode from the inside by itself.

TheMax said...

How long will you anti-RFMF bloggers delude yourself into thinking the army will implode from inside? That is not going to happen. What will be happening is that the anti-RFMF/Fiji/Bainimarama bloggers will soon find themselves arrested. We'll start with the SDL looters from the top then come down. In fact, it's already happening.

Anonymous said...

Things must be really desperate if you have to go after people who have a different opinion. Frank's paranoia has resulted in his cannibalising Driti and Roko Ului, just the latest line of victims in his quest to draw support by pointing to an enemy of the RFMF, since he became commander he's been finding 'enemies' everywhere. Even Driti and Ului who thought they were bosom buddies get thrown under the bus by Frank. It will be your turn soon TheMax. Then who will speak up for you?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.48 pm. I am an army officer and I am not alone in the camp to tell you the truth that we are not of the same stupid fool like you. I have a very happy family to look after the right and throw away the wrong. Just speak for yourself, Sir. Thank you.

Tui Viti said...

@ The Max.."The bad apples in the hierarchy of the RFMF have almost completely been wiped out"..wiped out ga na nomu sona.....then what do you call the murdering thugs like Naulia and Keane, the cream of the RFMF. As I said before, their is no difference between the orange dress of the prisoners in Fiji and the Olive green of the RFMF ( with little yellow shit stains) both are worn by criminals and thugs..kua mada na via vesu mona tiko......style nei Leweni, masia, masia, masi = promotion....but big blockhead...

Anonymous said...

@ANONY 2.48PM....'wiped out"?....ILLEGALY beka ay?...QAVOKAVOKA VEKAVEKA!

By the way, Why was Mo Tikoitoga transferred back from Commissioner Central to Delainabua?....

Anonymous said...

Tu oratou na boci - Mataivalu ni solisona.

Wanting to look tough with paint on their face when we all know that they grease it on the other side for each other everynight.

Da Da ga na mataivalu ni solisona.

SaKua said...


Cebo levu you num skul. Dau masia na dakai nei Vore luveni kala poci.

TheMax said...

@ Tui Viti

When I say bad apples, I meant those leftovers from when it all started back in 1987 and throughout the 90s culminating in another takeover in 2000.

Bainimarama and his current military leadership know what they are doing. They are purging every government institution of this mindset that perpetuated racial extremism because it's not good for indigenous Fijians in the short and long term, and also not good for the country as we chart our destiny in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Voceke is simply scared, and Max is already planning to swith sides after Voceke Bocimarama is ousted.

Tui Viti said...

@ The Max..........everything begins at home. So before Bhaini & you can start pointing fingers and doing clean up, why don't you start with your own backyard:

1. Bhaini to face the music for the CRW deaths in 2000. After all, the mutineers, Shane Stevens and Takiveikata are in jail.

2. Francis Keane. Whats a convicted murderer doing in an RFMF uniform. So as Lesavua, Naulia & Co.

3. Officers who tortured civilians like Siwa & Naliva. What is the RFMF doing about it.

You want credibility you start at home first. So till then, shut the fuck up. I said it before and will continue to say it......their is no difference between the orange prison uniform and the RFMF olive green as both are worn by thugs, murderers and thieves....Walk the talk.....kua so na vesumona kei na vosavosa vaka vuku, GUSU CAITI!!!

Tellitman said...

The Max of 2:48PM of 5th Apr need to be told that evil like him are enjoying their peace, wealth and glory right now. The good things about evil people like him that they are full of murderous, deceiving, deceitful, aggressive, arrogant, liars,hatred, jealousy, hyprocrites and greedy mates, they only laugh for a little while and very suspicious all the time of their life, we all are wrong but himself. They do not believe in God but pretenders and marvelous actors. Let us wait until their laughing and drinking spree stops and watch them they begin to kill each other for reasons that we all know as good christians. Our God the Father hears our prayers of pains and sufferings of what evil people are doing to us. Guns and marching in the streets will soon turn against their Commanders and Colonels for we know what is coming that was said by Our Father the Lord, Vengence is Mine". WE MUST never forget that OUR FATHER will lead us to the battle field to destroy these evil bastards and that time is drawing nearer.


mark manning said...

the lack of money in fiji will be the deciding factor for this Regime !

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga should have said " We in Miltary should maintain our uncivilised image in a civilised world. We should try and live up to our name as bully, rapist, murderers & civilised cannibals and torturers locally and wannabe peace builders overseas.Bloody bunch of cowards and liars.