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Monday, April 18, 2011

World Cup open door to Fiji despite sanctions threat

Fiji are expected to take their place at the World Cup in New Zealand later this year, International Rugby Board (IRB) chief executive Mike Miller has said, despite local media reports of players possibly not being granted entry to the country, SBS Television reports.

"We will see what happens on a case-by-case basis," Miller told reporters in Wellington Friday.

"But Fiji will be here. We have to wait and see who they select and the processes will take their course, but the Fijian team will be here."

Fiji is subject to sanctions by the New Zealand government after a military coup in 2006 with Foreign Minister Murray McCully saying last month it may not lift travel sanctions on citizens associated with the military-led government unless it committed to elections by 2014.

The sport has also been embroiled in a protracted political battle since January, with the Fiji Rugby Union and the government at loggerheads over an investigation by the country's Commerce Commission into a lottery held to raise funds for the World Cup.

The government said it would give F$3 million to help prepare the team for the September 9-October 23 tournament in New Zealand, but only if the FRU board resigned.

Miller said Friday they had spoken to the Fijian government and the union earlier this year about the standoff and they had all agreed to hold elections for the union's board later this month. The elections would be overseen by the Fijian Olympic Committee.

"Everyone is allowed to stand as part of our agreement," he said. "I was very pleased with the nature of the discussions and that everyone was able to reach an accommodation.

"Rugby World Cup is one of the most important things for them, they know it's a chance for Fiji to shine."
Miller said the IRB had not discussed with the New Zealand government the possibility of bans on Fijian players or officials coming to the World Cup.

"There is no need to have that discussion at the moment," he added. "We'll just have to wait and see if a situation arises. I don't believe in speculating. If an issue arises then we will deal with them.

"The team hasn't been selected. We have had no dialogue about this. Let's not create a drama that doesn't exist."

The sanctions have also placed in doubt tentative plans to schedule a World Cup warm-up match between the All Blacks and Fiji on July 22.

"The trick is getting enough assurance there won't be any political interference that will put the game in jeopardy," New Zealand Rugby Union chief executive Steve Tew told Television New Zealand this week.

"We may not be able to play Fiji in which case we start to look at ... alternatives which we haven't finalised." (SBS Television, Reuters, Pacific Media Watch)

Editor's Note: Coupfourpointfive thinks Bainimarama and others on the ban list should not be allowed to attend the World Cup. We intend to write to Mike Miller to voice our opinion. Others opposed to the illegal leader making it to the international tournament can also voice their views: the contact details for the Dublin-based IRB is as follows:
Tel: 00 353 1 240 9200
Fax: 00 353 1 240 9201


mark manning said...

Don't waste your time writing to the IRB !
They don't have the authority to say who can enter another country.
Email The N.Z. Prime Minister or Mr. McCoy, he is the Foreign Minister after all.
Or google ( contact an M.P. )

Tadu said...

Hey Guys - remember it is not up to the IRB as to who enters NZ .... so its a fuss about nothing.

At the end of the day its up to the NZ authorities.

Anonymous said...

Time Mike Miller - Steve Tew & IRB pulled their collective heads in.
Their charter is rugby not international politics.

mark manning said...

That should read Mr.McCully not McCoy !

Radiolucas said...

Frank & Co should travel to NZ. Then they could get arrested and trialed for all the beatings and unlawful arrests that they have perpetrated - many of the victims now live in Fiji - would be quite an event I am sure!

That is the reason why, no matter what Frank & Co say, they will never really travel to NZ and Oz - the risk to their personal freedom is too great. How ironic.

Anonymous said...


Jake said...

Radio Luka.

There wont be any arrest here in NZ I will make certain of that in fact when the day is upon us I will be travelling to Auckland Airport personally to welcome him to NZ.

After all the gretings I will than transport him and his entourage back to my farm for feast fit for a king and catch up on the latest gos.


RaVoco said...

Jake latest gos ga jiko omu i voco drau voco lelevu kei Vore

Anonymous said...


i Taukei said...

I personally will rip apart any military traitors that set foot in NZ during the world cup.

Bainimara should take his army team to China and play vei taurikau with them, bleri kawa ca taucoko.

Savirio Dreketi, Nakobo, Korocau, Cakaudrove. said...

@I Taukei 3:49 all the i taukei are in Fiji, so who are you, kiwi??, because the i taukei belong in Fiji and not as a NZ Fijian. Kua ni ko vakayagataka tiko na keimami cavuti na i taukei e Viti mo mai vosa tiko kina vakaviavialevu e na blog qo. O iko sa kai Niusiladi, vakayagataka yani na i kemuni cavuti mai keri.
O ira na neimami sotia e ra sega ni mai kawa ca me vaka ko tukuna, qarauna de qai lesuvi iko yani na nomu vosa. O ira na neimami qaqa e ra na solia na nodra bula e na vuku i Viti na neimami vanua lomani. Kua ni vosa tiko vakaviavialevu baleti ira, sega na kemu yaga e Viti.

Anonymous said...

Jake says ....

I welcome VB to NZ, I will greet him and wait for him at the airport like I said. And thereafter I will introduce him to my Mosad friends to take him to Mt Eden Hotel behind bars.

moce jo

a.rogo said...

@ Taukei...O cei o iko..iko sega ni kilai ira na luvei Viti era lewena tu na mataivalu ni viti....nai vosavosa ga ni tamata tomi tu i sala na nomu i vosavosa...tamata sega na kemu yaga...U are a Parasite among the community....sa loloma yani

SEMI MEO said...

Good move for Prime Minister Rear Admiral Bainimara to attend the Rugby World Cup, but please..keep Col Pio Tikoduadua away from NZ!!

SEMI MEO said...

Fiji PM Rear Admiral Bainimarama should travel to NZ for the rugby world cup,but, please NOT Col Pio Tikoduadua!!

Don't appease despots... said...

NZ granting regime permission to attend the world cup is surrender by installment - like giving a canibal a finger in the hope of saving an arm.

Anonymous said...

pio should investigated taking money from korean people to pay his hotel bills in korea.

Alpha monkey said...

Its all right to have these junta monkeys aping the military line. They are all idiots thinking they can enjoy all the ill-gotten wealth. Well not for long. We have a list of all employees of the army and those in their propaganda arm. So will not be too difficult to nail the culprits when this illegal circus is turned on its head. Be good to see these faceless parrots in court in the light of day, won't it?

mark manning said...

@ Semi
you mean Captain Seagoon, not Rear Admiral :-

Anonymous said...

A Rogo
Sona levu
Parasite ga o Voreqe kei ira nonai lala ena nodra butako i tutu kara sa ra namuti viti vinaka sara tikoga nikua.
Luveni tamata dau namu!

Rogoci Orocau said...

Rogo taura na au nei oya mai Korocau drau veiboboyaka sara va maleka. O ira ga na soti ni vale vo sa ra tu qo i na keba. Solia nodra bula nomudrau i voco...they are paid for a job and they failed to do it bloody useless lot.

Oya mai Orocau i takei is a term and you don't who uses it or not.Only those who identify themselve as one can use it...sega sara ga ina omu baigani ...qauri qase

Koro ni Valu said...

@ Rogoci Orocau 8:08 PM E vakacava e lauti iko na i vakamacala ya??? Baleta gona ni dina, kua ni ko vakilakila mai mo mai vosataka e dua na ka e sega kina na nomu baigani, tamata sega na kemu yaga o iko.
If you say that only those who identify themselves as the i taukei can therefore use the term to describe themselves, then every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world can identify themselves as a i Taukei. Ni ko tamata ulukau, kua ni ko via vakamacala taka e dua na ka e sega ni yacova na nomu 'level' ni vuli.
O iko na sa tu mai vavalagi, o sega ni mai wili e na i votavota qo baleta ni ko sa lai vaka volatara e na veivanua o sa laki tiko kina. Na i taukei e cavuti ga vei keimami na taukena tiko qo na neimami vanua lomani o Viti.
E laurai ga mai na i tautau ni nomu vosa ni ko sega ni mai kai Cakaudrove, kua ni ko vakayagataka mai na 'gato' baleta e sa rui 'broken' vakalevu qai vakasisila na nomu vakamacala. Kena i otioti, o ira na luvei keimami e ra lewena na mataivalu e ra na tamata qaqa tu ga ka ra sega ni mai lamulamu vakataki iko. Ke dua e qauri, e lako beka mai na nomu yasana ka sega e na yasana qo baleta o keimami e matata tu na i tukutuku vaka i valu ni tukai keimami mai na gauna makawa (daku ni kuila) ki na gauna qo.

Voco ni Koro said...

@Koro ni Voco (Valu)

Au sega ni ai cakaudorve and I don't want to be one. But I am a Fijian in Suva and I don't give a fa'''k what you think. I got brothers and whatever in the same damn military...and do I care..they are all ass oles just like you.

Kuroniti said...

@Koro ni valu ni boci

Luveni toci..you don't have a clue what is happening. Dou veitaurikau ga va levu mai cakaudrove, korocau, ulukobo se i vei tale. We the i taikei or kai viti or whatever...we don't like what is hapening and that is it. Get it into your ass..coz you got no brain. acaha

Valu ni Valevo said...

Koro ni Valu

Magai inamu macawa come and see mee in Torak. Luveni qauri o iko, kawa ca, cebo levu...daku ga ni nomu i voco..valu cava o bau saki taka tiko. Vacuka mada na demu.

Orocau said...

Oro i ni Valu

E cava e mosi poy...ni o sotia poci walega. Era tamata macawa kece na sotia tu qori i na keba wili ina o nodra boci levu o Voreqe ei io. Daku ni nomu poci ga e oto ina omu i voco.

Ligana said...

Yeah koro ni da

All who know their dela ni yavus, irespective of where they are..if they are i tau keis or kai vijia so be it...you and korocau have no say on it...rawa ga ni drau vei tauri boci me yacova ni dua e drakulu a ligana

I Taukei said...

A Rogo, tamata no sukulu,ira na luvei viti qori o cavuta tiko era tamata qauri kece veiboici matanisona mai na keba.

Nodra cakacaka na yadra tu na checkpoint, yawa sara na valu dina.

Aw,any sotia solisona qori set foot in NZ, I will hunt them down like dogs and slit their throats.

Tukuna vei nomudou komada me keirou veivacu mada me qai macala o cei na tagane..Kai Kiuva lamusona dau katukatu...drou lei veitauri kau i vei tavioka!!