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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bainimarama dismisses Mara as a kid


Public revelations the regime doesn't intend to hold elections in 2014 have hit a nerve with the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama.

In his third video the former commander of the third infantry, Roko Ului Mara, says Bainimarama laughed in private about not holding the 2009 elections and has no intention (as bloggers have been saying for some time) of holding elections in 2014. 

Mara says the promise was only ever a ploy (again as blogs have been saying for some time) to soften the international community from the smart sanctions and secure as many loans from donor agencies as possible to sustain the cruel dictatorship.

In what has been only been the second time he's referred directly to Mara since he fled to Tonga more than a week ago, Bainimarama dismissed Mara's story telling Fiji Live: “I said elections will be held in 2014 so it’s going to happen."

He added: “Don’t listen to him (Mara), he is not a soothsayer, he is a little kid who doesn’t know what is happening around him

Bainimarama has also today told Fiji Village the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is straining relations between the two countries by saying  Mara may be granted political asylum.

Questioning Key's motives, Bainimarama said Key's stance was contrary to the decision to block sportspeople from entering the country to take part in international tournaments.


  1. The Hand Puppet familyMay 24, 2011 at 5:26 PM

    Great photo of Mr and Mrs pig and their piglets. So this is what a little hand puppets family look like? The hand puppet Ceasescu's of the Pacific!!

  2. He is a little Kid with Qualifications whilst Bainimarama is an adult with none...............

  3. Sometimes when I look at this man I feel sorry for him he really looks like one village idiot

  4. He is a small kid with Qualifications whilst bainimarama is an adult with none......hahaiyaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  5. The photo of fiji gadafi and family who are growing super rich fast the son in british army is recieving corrupt monies for the crook father and increasing wealth in britian

  6. If election is going to take place in 2014. What's taking so long to get out the details to public. Will this election have any credibility?

  7. @Anonymous 5:33, and what proof do you have.

  8. I wonder what mary and her kids must be thinking aiyy....suppose when you are living the high life blugging off the tax paper with nay to worry about, its easy to ignore that small voice in your head. His family is the worst for not having the morality nort the guts to stand up to their father/husband for his crime against Fiji. Dance with the devil, you'll end up hanging with him!

  9. Disgraceful and shameful. No conscience whatsoever, money grabbing swine. You'll get yours!

  10. Baini should not be compared with the regimes of the middle-east. He is above them in all aspects.

  11. Well said PM. Youngest child of the Mara clan. Spoilt brat. Keep up the good work PM. These who don't live in Fiji...no nothing!

  12. He is trying to get RU back whilst a muderer in right under his nose....Lets not forget that Marys brother, killed bainimaramas daughters uncle in law.....after which going to jail was let out again...if its like that, then get out all the murderers in fiji who are in jail....set them free....play fair for all!!!!!!!RU jst said bad things about the regime and he is being sought after like someone who killed 100s of people!Its true he took part but he got out when he realised it was not wat they initially planned....Bainimarama and the way he is going, indirectly is going to cause people die with heart attacks when they hear they cannot get their money from FNPF!!!!!!!

  13. The dictator's comments reflects the kind of mentality he has...too bad illegal PM the kid around the corner is very much aware of what's happening around him that's why he's exposing them now...duh!!

  14. Look at the family of Parrots.

  15. for a little nation with not even a million people takes 8years to do reforms and election,dou veivutu sa kua mada na lasu.mary uro levu hi hi hi,jenny craigh is looking for you my dear

  16. Does anyone recall the Close up edition that aired on
    Fiji one? Dunno the year, believe a little
    Before the 2006 coup I suppose. Guess when there
    Was a stle mate between VB and PM and his line Minister
    For the Army. VB was asked whether he aspied
    to lead the Nation as PM he smirkly answered with an outright
    and blunt NO!....if he can lie to Nation now
    Well that speaks volume of a Fuck brain trying to
    Lead this God given Nation and its beloved people.

  17. I did not realise the Pig goes to church, he must be praying to Satan himself.

  18. Kailaaaa....isa o keda...quick fix vei iratou na royal family mai Kiuva...sa levu na i lavo..vakaloloma all the poor people...isa Viti

  19. I guess they are puppets, look at the size of the nose on them.
    Pinochio and his crew.

  20. someone enlighten me please! daughter in yellow dress is CEO of Fiji Sports Council, how come? it still boggles my mind! and thats son that travels with father everywhere including recent HK 7s! enjoying the high life! ANNOYING!

  21. Rokolui...The truth is that the Mara elitist group is now coming to the ground!! You forgot to take your children with you!! How will they feel when they know that their father did a Peter Foster on them?? Pls ask the Tongan Navy to come back for them!! They will be out fishing too!!lol

  22. Who gives a flying fuck whether we have elections or not...I now can drive by car to my village and watch tv and have lights in my house...Thats what every Govt promised before 2006 and only this Govt actually did!! Thank you!

  23. @ ANON 4.38pM..you mean the son that got mariied and his marriage didn't last a year when the wige came home to find him bonking another kalavo in their bedroom..now they're seen everywhere..tomi kalavo sa caka tiko..shame..

  24. @Anon 6:43 PM scandalous! maybe should arrange 1 kalavo to go do inside job go get information.

  25. I got an idea, lets just support bainimarama hardout and lets be coward not to stand up. We will not suffer, only our kids will:)haha

    First they are not going to get good education coz we will never be able to afford and second let them pay the price of our enjoyment now!!!!!!

    Vacava da sa duavata la qo, sa kua tale ni dua na kena vitalanoa, da sa laiva madaga, qai laivi ira na gone ra tubu cake mai qo me qai vunimedra:)

    ons tu ya se vacava???

  26. Disgraceful, Kanaloto familyMay 24, 2011 at 7:09 PM

    @ Anonymous 5.52

    You ask of PROOF for this shameless murdering family of thieves thriving illegally with BLOODSTAINED HANDS!

    Vakamadua ka vakaloloma dina...

    For starters - why don't you check out how many hats the PIG wears?

    Why isn't his NUMEROUS SALARIES being channeled through well-established checks and balances in the Ministry of Finance?

    Why is he being paid through a PRIVATE accounting firm instead?

    Why did the Pig approve himself a leave payment backdated to almost 2 decades? Totally unheard of for a civil servant!

    And you're still asking for proof? Sounds like some kanaloto you are! Tobo tale tu o van damme, LOLS...

  27. C4.5 you are naughty ... very naughty showing the picture of Mary and the piglets.

  28. Good to see that you folkes are venting your anger here and C 4.5 is handling all your frustrations with a certain degree of professionalism! We are in pain to see whats happening at home, but must remember we must clean up this mess why back from when it first began (1987)if not we are bound to let another generation relive it again in the future. Voreqe is the product of our times and of its making - to blame him alone, is to let others get away with similar crimes and to forget the previous injustices that were done under the guise of helping the Taukei in Fiji via coups. That may not sound too good to some who supported Rabuka & company and now live overseas-but we need to "caramaka na sala & talaraka mai na lasu kei na benu" about the coups once and for all! Forget it and you will have it revisted on other generations of Fijians.

  29. oilei sada laiva gona li, coz no one can do the caramaki salas:) tukuni meda lotu, so ra vabebe voli ga, so me equal ga, da laiva ga me ra qai sauma na luveda ra tubu cake tiko mai qo:)

    na Kalou li na veisaumi ga vakadodonu, so the only thing ga me da sa laiva ga vua na kalou me qai veisausaumi.....

  30. @ Anon 6:43, but who do you think is paying for these new roads etc etc, you think money grows on trees.
    Government loans from asia and all has to be payed back. Just like the Army only thinking of today and not of tomorrow.

  31. I think Bhaini's boy is just scared after the time he found his ex bro inlaw banging his girlfriend in NZ.

    ALL LIE.

  33. Hope the Baini family memebers read this and realise how f...k'd up the father is

  34. Its voro who has lost touch of reality that a coup will soon replace him as fiji people have woke up to the corruption of the regimes and his corruption, abuse of office, nepotism, fraud and serious crimes and he better keep both eyes open at night

  35. Great Mug shot of The Animal F#$% Farm. Wonder what they were thinking then!.

    This would be the cover of the new Fiji Ministry of Education curriculum thesis book by aiarse, cut / paste of the original.

    'Animal Farm' by George Orwell 1984 (oops 2006, well just fast forward).

    "All animals are equal, but some animals (i.e pigs) are more equal than others." Oilai. Suspect chief pig taliban apprentice heard about it at MBHS. Normally it is leart in class 6 primary school.

    Which schools / years did aiairse go to? just out of academic and behavioural psychoanalysis thesis interests! Thesis to be released you know when! wawa wawa,,,,almost there.

    GO Ului, Tevita, David, GO FORWARD
    GO Tonga
    Go Fiji minus the anusirse

  36. @anon 6.38pm daughter in yellow dress got a managerial post in Connect and then resigned to take up CEO post at Fiji Sports...

  37. I cant read fiji times online...

    so thought id have a look at fiji one news online.

    ohhh wait....fiji one news online is not there anymore since 22nd may.

    guess i'll just have to rely on coup4.5 and coconut wireless.

  38. Arse Khaiyum has just bought himself a dog and is calling it Bainimarama.

  39. Thank you New Zealand for granting Roko Ului political assylum. This should be a lesson to all military goons.

    Toso Roko Ului, kua tale ni qai rai muri.

  40. JVB....Lautoka kid. True KAIVITI.May 24, 2011 at 8:40 PM

    I wonder can they have this kind of foto taken when he was in the NAVY?........uuuuu sa sega tu ga, baleta no money and now sa sivia na money.

  41. Looks like Adams family to me

  42. @anon 8.31pm well like all media in Fiji, slowly each gets shut down. oh you always have Fiji Village for some biased news from Condom Baini!

  43. Bainivuaka and Mrs Bainivuaka and their piglets. Living the high life whilst all the poor people of fiji are suffering from his Ruthless Evil Illegal Military Government.

    Ratu Ului might be a little kid that doesnt know what's happening around him. At least this kid is well-manned, likeable and has got Qualifications and you havent got any. This is the sort of childish comment given out by a Ruthless Nutter, Stubborn Uneducated Dictator to the International Media. Just show how Mentally Retarded he is(Bainivuaka).

    Bainivuaka at least Ratu Ului Mara's got some sense of emotional feelings in him to own up because he knows the rights and wrongs of the 2006 coup for the sake of the long suffering fiji people.

    Where as you Bainivuaka havent got any sense of emotions towards the beating, totouring and killing of Innocent Defenceless civillians. Bainivuaka, you know you got blood all over your hands since the 2000 coup.

    In the words of the Almighty God " Good Will Always Triumph Over Evil." Just pray and hope there will be a Civillian Uprising soon to end the Dictators Rule like Gadaffi. May God Bless Fiji.

  44. @ Anon 6:43pm - So so narrow minded bro, vosota but you simply have the same mentality as they and all I can conclude........car/lights/TV sounds like a typical CIVIL Servant and a staunch Methodist. Respected in the community but you're simply just ones of those adding cost to national budget!

  45. @Anon7:32PM those two must have had enough of the wannabe royals of fiji

    @Anon8:29PM trues up! wow some people have all the luck. man if i was related to i would be CEO of telecom by now

  46. Wake up to our reality. If and when the "current Govt.of the day" can figure out how to pull this last plug on free speech, they will.

  47. Anonymous said: PM keys is doing the right thing on Mara. He is educated and NZ is a free country.
    Sorry to inform you, but you are wrong. Education has nothing to do with it. Key's speciality is in Business, which demostrates a flaw with the democratic vote. Having a solid business background, and being elected PM as a result of it, DOES NOT make one a foreign relations specialist, as demonstrated here. He has no idea how to deal with and understand the social issues in NZ, so there's no chance of him understanding Fiji.

    Secondly, NZ is NOT a free country. By free, u may be refering to aspects such as free speech. But ask the maoris and they will not agree with you. The poor maoris have suffered years of police raids in their territories. Native Fijians will always have their lands, the maoris have lost theirs for ever. Who is more freer ? Fijians of course. NZ is a poor country to live in comparison to western standards, and are opportunistic in the south pacific. nothing great about that place.

  48. Did he buy his medals from a discount store?

  49. john prasad
    he told nz people.that bai is dumbo and he and ag controlled him.
    they made millions in deal with niam/china company/others.
    nurbano ag -aunty is the agent.
    next plan is nurbano .ag will deal with auss/kiwi guys on mahogany.

  50. I think it's actually the Vuaka who is behaving like a little kid and throwing a tantrum. Deporting people and harrassing RUM's relatives.
    Who is the real spoilt kid? Yes BainiVuaka. Funny when you point the finger and 3 others poiting at you.
    Sorry folks No 2014 election!
    By the way where is Semi Meo?
    I think he has come to his senses and is now depressed.

  51. Aiyad and Frank, just allow China to open a naval base in Viti Levu, and India to have one in Vanua Levu, and the Tasman 2 will run with their tails behind their back.
    Simple solution.

  52. fiona
    mary bai been bonking me too.i am 17 years old.
    i am a kalavo..
    bai said mary is ugly.
    well you can meet me and i will show you bai texts/

  53. There is no election in 2014 or ever, this has been ploted by illegal AG who is the real illegal PM and plotted by Voro in the FMF Council and 2014 is a bluff-where will voro go-within ten days of removing the PER which means Fiji will be without Martal Law means voro will be running the casssva patch so he cant survive under any form of democracy-sa lamu sona and needs dictatorship or finished for good, only way is a coup to correct the 2006 coup-NOW

  54. If got all the village idiots of the world to one village, this will be Khaiyum, Thakur Ranjit Singh, Croz Walsh, Graham Davis, Matai Akaoula and of course Bainimarama. ,.... Bainimarama will be the village idiot of that village. Ulukau !

  55. @Anonymous 9:08 Bainimarama and Aiyaz are trying to make indigenous Fijians become like Maoris and disposess them of their land by tricking indigenous Fijians into giving their land into The Land Bank.

    It is sad that the uneducated Fijians in the villages have been duped again.

  56. Looks like Fiji's very own Simpson's Family....and a very dysfunctional one at that...

  57. we simply need another coup to fix this coup.... and we need it like NOW

  58. and where is chaudhary,urai,felix.. organise the countries biggest march..

    and where is qarase,bale,asenaca,samisoni.. organise the countries biggest rally.. bring it to its knees..

    guys lets join hands n get democracy back... for gods sake,wake up chaudhry n qarase.. n show da people u can work 2geta...

  59. I have never seen fijians fighting against fijians like this. One always thought the indians were born with the stick.

    Why are we at this juncture? Because fijian leadership failed. Fijians voted for other parties, flp won, and coup happened.

    Bottom line is we have to blame ourselves. Do we have s leader to unite us? No. Is it RUM? Obviously not.

    Let's not fight. Let's not say things against other's wife and children. That's un-christain.

  60. come on guys.. lets topple these guys.. every1 should write 2helen clark 2ask her to convince un to interfere.. aust n nz are jst waiting on da call frm UN.


  61. lady in yellow recently got married to one of the bereso's and guess what their 3 story house was built from a chinese aid.Diverted by FB ground floor gym, 2nd floor dinning, 3rd floor bedroom. All furnitures from china.Very reliable source.

  62. john prasad,tell ur buddy,mark dawson.. his time is up.. and urs will be next..

  63. The only allegation by RU that Bai responded was the 2014 elections which he said will happen. He has never responded to $700,000 salary, 2009 election promise, Tapoos shady deal which means admission. I am now led to believe this guy is a liar. Saying RU is a little kid who does not understand things around him cannot be true. Being Commander, why the hell did he promote him to Lt-Col and gave him charge over 3FIR which is a very senior and important position in army. If it's not based on professional merit then Bai is guilty of nepotism and favouritism because any other ground other than pro merit tantamounts to such. In that case Bai would be guilty of corruption, the very ill that he claims to be eradicating. Anyway the early release of bro in law Kean from a very serious crime also tantamounts to corruption unless someone can convince me otherwise. His claim on leave backpay of $184,000 which in fact should have been forfeited because of the time lapse is also corruption. Please stop talking about being anti-corruption because your words just don't tie up with what's happening.

  64. Anon 9:45, My thoughts exactly when i read that idiots comment about Maori.

  65. Jeepas..now I know how yellow-dressed daighter got Sports council CEO job. Mother Mary made a master move by aiding Alice's flight to NZ. She had her eyes on poor Alice's job for daughter. And then tabetabe council chair and sports minister Bole forced that the job go to her instead of more qualified ppl that had applied. ,

  66. Gathering from Bainimaramas lack of intellect and having no sense of priority, he probably has sour grapes because he won't get to go and watch the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, while Mara will. Its unfortunate he doesn't know how to use the internet, because maybe then he'd visit this site and see that hes been taken for ride by everyone around him. That is if his intensions are to benefit the people of Fiji and not himself.

  67. Ira dou kaya mai Kadavu Ya So!! They really think they are th first family? Gimme a break we have a nut as the PM his wife former RRA family, and kids well nevermind. Really reaping the benefits of this position that they have usurped from the people. Its the tax that each hardworking citizen pays that allows this clown and his family to live the high life, torture citizens who dare try to fight for their rights and embarrass the shit out of everyone every time he opens his mouth to speak on half of the people of Fiji. When will this shit end!! Roko Ului right now you are the hope, PLEASE do somthing!!

  68. I'm enjoying all the regime haters choking on their vomit !!

    Very few in number these bloggers, as the vast majority in Fiji support Baini and his clean up campaign.

    I was pleased to hear that the hated President of FFA has been debarred from practising law !!

  69. Its time for an uprising people! Ive had enough of this bull crap! Lets all get down to the park and march the streets!

  70. Once we have Democracy we seize all their assets to pay for their debts All Vuaka's assets including Mama Pig and all the Piglets.
    Seize all Khaiyum assets
    Seize all Tappoo assets
    Seise all Aziz assets. All those Hilux in his name.
    All these ill-gotten gains must be siezed.
    These must go towards payment of their debts and also whatever transactions they were involved in that caused the government or private companies like FHL to lose money.
    Also the money to be used by school children who were disadvantaged because their parents were illegally sacked by the Vuaka and Khaiyum.

  71. wait a spit mada on this picture..pittuii!!!

    meanwhile, the Fakyar family pictorial lineup...oh what he wearing, his fishing suit???
    and whos that man next to Baimagana? looks like a man!!

  72. another stroke coming on soon..

    I wish he get accidentally lost at sea

    Good ridance of Bai Bad Rubbish.

    ,,..........hahaha,,, pst Bai... gone fishing!!!hahaha
    POTE BAI!!

  73. Oilei na I taba qo..sa kua ga na vosa..au sa masumasu tu mada ga..na Kalou nai taukei ni kakece..evrything will happen ..IN HIS TIME, so evry1 pls stop the complain n whining coz God is helping his ppl. They have been sufferin for too long..io ni sa yaco mai na cudru ni Kalou, moni kila tiko ga, ya sa na va ga ya..so ni dabe qa vakalevu, ena qai yaco mai

  74. Me dua ga na kedratou dakai da na taba tiko oqori! Vakasisila!

  75. mara must reveal AZIZ corruption on FHL board and how the junta dictator swipe it under the carpet

  76. Anon 12:59 AM. We'll definitely seize their stolen assets, but we're not paying their debts or the debts THEY accumulated during their illegal reign.

    An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; creates no office.

    All laws repugnant to the Constitution are NULL AND VOID!!!

  77. Very nice, happy family photo knowing that every month Air Pacific is paying $8000 a month for rent of Domodomo House, formerly owned by Reserve Bank and now owned by PM & Family. It begs the question why Fijian taxpayers putting up with this bullshit, paying an empty house in Suva for conman CEO David Pfliger whilst the company has property in Namaka. Add insult to injury new CEBO sori CEO telling staff cut cost but house empty in Suva and and now living the "high life" on Denerau at taxpayers expense with his no brain "con" consultants. Mrs Pfliger ran back to America becos "bossman" sleeping with Shaenz Voss and others recently employed by Air Pacific. They should be ALL booted out. DP back to America with a bit of time at Naboro and and PM life at Naboro.


  79. Let's advice foreign governments that once illegal baini regime is kicked out the new legal government will not honor any debts he signs

  80. @ Anon 8:10 AM. Everything done by this illegal taliban regime is to be declared NULL AND VOID!!!

  81. mara videos emailed to hundreds of emails and mobile videos and many FMF officers got it too, boxes posted too and CD's now circulating before the coup to come-remeber that rabuka did it with 20 men so this time histroy will soon repeat itself-its time for change-out with corruption-time for a clean up campiagn

  82. All these "laws" (decrees) of AG TALIBAN are averred to be null and void because repugnant to the Constitution of the Fiji Islands.

  83. @Anonymous 8:10
    I totally agree with you. I think at present only Roko Ului Mara is the one with some clout on overseas governments. So I think if he can release a You Tube Video saying that the new Democracy government won't recognise any Debts raised by this Illegal government, that will make these overseas countries re think their stance.

    -Valataka na Dina

  84. After all the revelations by Roko Ului, and concrete evidence of massive corruption by the Bainimarama illegal regime, military officers and their men should now withdraw their support for Bainimarama, and allow the Police to arrest him for murder, illegal takeover of Government, corruption and abuse of office.

    After Bainimarama's arrest by the Police, the GCC should be convened to elect a new President under the terms of the 1997 Constitution. The new President is to then appount a Caretaker Government in line with the decision of the Court of Appeal in April 2009, and this Caretaker Government is to organise elections within 6 months.

    For Army officers reading this posting, this is your plan to follow to get Fiji back to democracy.

    Following elections the following can then be undertaken by the elected government: review of the 1997 Constitution, establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, investigation and punishment of all who were involved in the coups.

    So for your Army officers, the ball is now in your court. Implement the above plan now if you have Fiji at heart and want a better future for our children.

  85. His kids don't even look like him.

  86. actually correction...vuaka's son was married and it didnt last a year that's right, but it was wife who cheated on him and not the other way around. i dont blame her if she had an anorexic hubby like that!



  89. Thank you Bainimarama for the major developments to some of our land, and Yes I think that it is time that you and your ministers' honorably stand down your position and revise the 1997 constitution with a few amendments of course.
    For the politicians, I don't want any of the PAST MINISTERS' BACK and that is period. No Rabuka, Chaudary, Qarase, Singh, Vunibobo, Ah Koy Or any of our PAST ministers back PLEASE, even those in this Govt esp Bole, Sukanaivalu, Dr Luveni, Khaiyum, or Bainimarama. Except for Health Minister he sounds HONORABLE
    I want new faces and HONEST ones'. They should go through a lie detector and they should not be declared Bankrupt or They should be financial stable (except Mr. Ah Koy we don't need YOU (You have lied to the Kadavu people for TOO LONG, Bloody Kai Thaina). As for the President's position I think Rt Nailatikau is the BEST CHOICE President, better then Iloilo, Late Rt Mara, Late Rt Ganilau, Late Rt G Cakobau, because he has NO Ulterior Motive for that position. He is stable as is.
    I do hope that Mr. Bainimarama & his bunch of misfit ministers adhere to my call and ACT NOW before it is TOO LATE.
    Vinaka, God Bless Fiji and It's people who reside Here

  90. leave the beresos out mate

  91. I'm a very keen reader of C4.5, in the beginning I took no notice of what was happening as I thought all was said because of political reasons. I gave my all thumbs up to Frank for doing what was unlawful in the beginning (coup). The main issue of the coup was to get rid of corruption and the corrupter's. It's been 5yrs and only a hand few has gone behind bar's, one case not justifiable. My question to Frank is do you think your actions of a coup holds credit to your justification?

  92. Io dave pflieger or wateva ur real name is: this is ur message :enough of ur crap! Every1 in airpac is sufferin while u livin a high life! All ur consultants gettin paid fjd40K to FJD70K per month while they all live in denarau villas n luxury hotels. , n drivin around a hertz rental car( rental company owned by shenaaz voss n husband- ur k2). U r nothin but an un employed loser frm the US as well as ur consulants tryin to make money out of the company while ir team tells the GMs and staff to go home. At least they are well qualified n they easily get a job in other orgs and out of the country in no time with a better package- a slap in ur face. The flight attendants will b the next to go, who will now feed their kids most of the hubby n wife both flight attendants who will fight for their case now that u fully support the new draft critical industries decree that wil wipe out the powers of unions including TWU? Evrtime PM ghoes to HK u wanna hav d best aircraft to fly him across n u wanna sit with him on da cockpit.too much sucking up to the high authorities n wanna b recgnised. FB pls wake up n terminate Dave's contract. He's just brinhgin the company down, sending ppl home while he n his consultants do a bullshit job while they fill in their pockets so they can run away to pay thei mortgages in their respective home countries. Manoa Kamikamica was the best candidate for the CEO post local and he would have done a gr8 job inm turng the company around. Pls govt of the day wake up frm ur sleep and do somwthing fo the sake of fiji b4 its too late!!!. Air pac will shutdown soon if u don't actiomn this now! All the staff are scared of their future! Pls do a commissionm of inquiry of the comnsultants packages and wether they paying witholding taxes as thy not part of the payroll! And by right thry shld b part of payroll n paying 31%tax..pls action this request asap

  93. Hey be nice you guys, I slept with one of her daughters so take that!! Needless to say, it's not worth it.

  94. To Anonymous@6:43pm



  95. ahahahahahaha!!!

    Honestly Coup 4.5, did you really have to put this photo up??

    ahahaha!! its like the most commented article in a while now.

    hahahaha!! isalei,to all you haters- Godbless your souls, theyre not worth your high blood pressure hitting the roof.


  96. Piggy In StitchesMay 25, 2011 at 12:47 PM

    C4.5 you guys really do have the feel for what the people want. i lurve this picture and all of the funnies from the fiji bloggers. You gang so funny

  97. jake says,

    My boss looks nice in white suit because he needs to remind himself of the blood in his hands for killing & torturing innocent people.

    This photo is called the "butako photo", mai yaso.

  98. Many (not all)(particularily Anon @ 10:23 PM on May 24) good comments here and also more good info coming in. C4.5 please archive it all for our future.John Galt

  99. To all Army officers and soldiers.

    You need not coup or do anything violent or with force to have Bainimarama removed from office. He is illegal anyway and you will not be charged for any offence for not following his illegal orders.

    Bainimarama has been investigated by the Police for crimes like treason, murder and corruption.

    Just step back and allow the Police to do their job, to arrest and charge Bainimarama for all the crimes that he has committed.

    This will lead to the collapse of the Bainimarama illegal regime, and trigger the process of convening the GCC, election of the President, appointment of a caretaker government and elections within 6 months after that and the formation of a democratic government.

    It is all in your hands. Wake up, think and take action!

  100. Oi lei na jimoni levu sa vaka i sulu vulavula tu.

  101. Isa nai taba qoka!! That Bai Jnr has been jeje for a while now at the Nabua barrack.. tamani vakuburi qai lausamu tiko... kua ni kaya i cakee!! kailaa

  102. What's the frigging medal he's wearing? It's similar to medals they give out at a primary school sports day. Well done Bainivuaka for winning the gold medal for the dumbest dumbass in Fiji.

    By the way, where is Semi Meo?

  103. Speaking of mahogany, the SMI company near Navua has been promised by AG that they will get exclusivity over all of Fiji's mahogany. So it looks like we Fijian people can say good-bye to one of our most valuable resources.

    SMI have been paying AG to get they're way which is why Fiji Hardwood recently lost their Board and CEO.

    Apparently Fiji Hardwood's sacked CEO Stephen Clark saw a chance to diversify and expand to other high-end markets, and contribute to improving Fiji Hardwoods tarnished image. This didn't go down well with SMI, so they went running to AG.

    AG cant be seen to sack FHCL CEO for just one customer, so he raked in fellow muslims at Dayal Sawmillers to create what would look like a legitimate issue and concern.

    AG also knew that he wouldn't be able to rid FHCL of Stephen Clark easily as board members at the time consisted of military officers, namely Inia Seruiratu, and Pio Tikiduadua; who both despise the AG. So AG changed the Board members as well before getting rid of Stephen Clark.......All in the name of SMI, who have bought AG as their initiator.

    The AG drafted the mahogany decree in 2010 to initiate the Mahogany Industry Council, which was to consist of 5 members, two of which were supposed to be from the military council. The council has now reduced to 3 members consisting PM, AG and one other from the private sector. Theres intel that this third member will be someone from SMI.

    AG is moving to shut down Fiji Hardwood and the Mahogany Trust, so SMI can have full control of Fiji's mahogany. He has already sold out we the landowners to SMI. More money in his pocket!!!!!

    The future for landowner generation's needs to be protected NOW!!!!!!

  104. Anil Semi Meow Meow TuitavuaMay 25, 2011 at 6:27 PM

    My goodness, doesn't he look like a full-on retard...

  105. he has tarnished this once beautiful country, claiming to reveal political corruption when really the root of all evil was starring at him every morning in the mirror..Business and international relationships have been ruined and if he REALLY cared about this country he would get his FAT BUM off his HIGH HORSE and let Fiji heal, regain relationships and flourish.. PS: I really like the "Mr and Mrs Piglet" comment


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