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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bainimarama leaves for Kadavu 'amid fears of an attack'

DIMWIT OUTWITTED: Today's NZ Herald cartoon.

The illegal prime minister is in Kadavu, the scene of his worst nightmare thanks to the events of the past few days, but insiders say it was a nervous Frank Bainimarama who headed off to the island yesterday.

Sources say the dictator departed for Kadavu about two o'clock yesterday afternoon amid fears he might be attacked. Navy divers spent one hour looking for any explosive device on the boat before they could leave.

Kadavu, about a day by boat from Suva, is where the former commander of the third infantry, Roko Ului, launched what is believed to be his escape plan late last week. 

Fiji has now officially started extradition proceedings against Mara, who was charged almost two weeks ago with uttering a seditious comment. 

The Fiji Magistrates Court yesterday issued a warrant for his  arrest, following Bainimarama's statement on Sunday that Mara is now a fugitive and Fiji would serve Tonga with extradition papers.

Fiji Village today quoted Tonga's Minister of Public Enterprises and Revenue, Clive Edwards, as saying Fiji will have to show there is a case to answer and that Mara would receive fair treatment.

In an interview with Coupfourpointfive on Saturday evening, Edwards, who is a former lawyer and a former police minister, told us Mara's family links with the Royal Family made the issue more complicated than it would've been.

Edwards told us the King obviously knew Mara was in Nukualofa and staying at the Royal Palace but the Cabinet had not been alerted to the political implications of Mara's sudden arrival.

He said while some people might assume the King would issue a blanket ruling ensuring Mara's protection, the monarch had not intervened in any court case since he took the throne in 2006.


  1. This is a link to a series of seditious comments made by the man himself


  2. Mara, you need to make your move now before innocent people are put away by FB as scapegoats. riffle probing have started by AG and FB

  3. VB seems to be running out of guards....very soon only the dogs will be left!

  4. Aiyaz has left the country.

  5. Tonga must not be seen to be harbouring a crimnal and therefore must repatriate this thug back to Fiji.

    This Mara is a fricken idiot because he is just as complicit in the usurpation of a legitimate government among other things crimes committed against the citizens of Fiji.

    There is no point in spilling the beans because he was part of the military apparatus.

    He nothing more than an abject coward.

  6. That's right! Roko Ului MUST act now and don't break momentum!!! And more so, don't overstay yr welcome in Tonga!!

  7. Ka vakaloloma ni sa mai liutaki Viti tu o Kaiyum ka vakavuna tu na kaisi bokola oqo na dro ni dua na noda Turaga e Toga. Cava da waraka tiko na lewe i Viti? Na kaisi o Kaiyum kei Voreqe me rau moku!

  8. Now there are alot of people who should be fearing for their lives... enough is enough, and sometimes soon, good is definitely going to come out of this.

    Ratu, do remember about the big scam that happened with fbcl, fdb and radio tarana.. it is about time that the Khaiyums and their good buddies Robert Khan and John Prasad be brought to task.

    Also, the NZ government that are keeping a good track on this site should note that Robert Khan through his hindi radio station, Radio Tarana is now a days the mouth piece of the illegal PM. Radio Tarana should be investigated even by the NZ authorities for aiding with the illegal regime and promoting their agenda in NZ.

    It is about time that NZ cuts all its ties with the illegal regime, and if Radio Tarana still continues, than his broadcasting license should just be cancelled.

  9. I wonder if there is anyone brave enough to do a coup while Vuaka is away in Kadavu or are they all Lamu?
    Whatelse you waiting for 3FIR?


  11. We sincerely hope that our grandchildren will NOT mock this generation with taunts like..eh..”is this the post 2006 Coup “lightning “ that weakened the knees of some of our best soldiers, some high chiefs, some church leaders, some corporate leaders??..is this the one..and …eh…even the knees of one of our beloved “Marama bale” in pledge of matrimony??...is this the one??

    Your truly was one of those who coined the phrase “Aiyuz/Bainimarama Government.

    Sadly, that would the very tale we will regrettably tell our children.
    Could we rewrite history, then??..yes…today, we can!!..NOT when our grand children mock us and may spit on our grave with further taunts like “you faceless and nameless coward”, “ you spineless kaiviti” worse still, some may just call us with the demeaning label King David psychological taunt at Goliath with..eh..most of you know!

    Again we say, let those absent Chiefs, absent Military officers, absent Church leaders, absent Corporate Leader STOP avoiding my tauvu PM Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama..again we remind you with ..Bahamas Bible guru Dr Mike Munro’s word after his 2 hours meet with the present PM.. ”you cannot change who you avoid”..maybe this great man of God sensed some vibes of loneliness in my tauvu..sure lonely at the top!! Of course, lightning Mr. Aiyuz has never avoided him. In fact, I’ve been reliable informed in my trips to Fiji last year that nearly ALL Cabinet Ministers have to make an appointment to even speak to PM..NO MOBILE PHONE, PLEASE!!
    Solution of this paradox??..Invite him to a neutral country, WITHOUT THE LIGHTNING….and let him meet patriotic in absentia like the author of the previous article, the 2 brilliant Fiji Lawyers on sabbatical in the Solomon Islands, Former FTIB CEO/ Diplomat in Washington DC, former Minister/Diplomat in Vanuatu, Townsville Migration Lawyer, Former HRC Lawyer Sydney, Retired Church Guru in NZ and Aust.

    No..no..do not remove the lightning..keep him for judgment day.

    Let's act so we could return to elections in 2014.

    Stop this blooming suggestions of Coups..Fiji is fed up with them!!

  12. If mara can leave fiji with tongan military he can also enter fiji and take out the junta & dictator by force and the police and navy will be fast a sleep like when he left and who knows what he brings and organises for the action in fiji so a national threat exists now for coup and the police com is lying that no national threat they always do the opposite like the dictator run away to kadavu quickly until clear for him to come back to suva as the coup threat is now real and talk of the town

  13. Strike while the iron is hot....
    The iron is hot...

  14. Bainimarama should invade Tonga or is he lamulamu??

    Maybe he should take Jake and ulukau Meo too as his two replacement for Ului & Driti...blind leading the mataboko!!Ha,ha,ha,ha!!

    If they all do a good job then Khaiyum can reward them with his Muslamani soseti up the sala ni tavioka!!

  15. In times of a crisis it is a natural reaction of a military man and coward to get out of a cluttered city and move to somewhere where the surroundings can be controlled and his life protected. Gaddafi is doing exactly the same. This in turn offers opportunities for the opposition to strike at the institutional heart of power, the capital city and deny the dictator a return to the controls of power. Unfortunately, there is no judiciary in Fiji who could issue an arrest warrant. The only way to end the nightmare is through military officers arresting Aiyaz and Frank on treason charges.

  16. @Anonymous may 17,2022 10:48AM..we were just talking about you..true..you grandchildren will spit of your grave with taunts like "faceless and nameless coward""..oh...by the way..the unwritten rule of this cyber world is that .you get 10 times the velocity or tranquility of the curse or the blessings you best..hence, you rest in peace or …yep…ma sa acchi!!.

    Hope PM revist Menireva reef and replant the Fiji flag..then equal the score Tonga 1 Fiji 1

  17. When the dust finally settles in this country and true law and order returns i will request the powers that be to leave the AG and Chodo with me and forget that they ever existed. I will torture them so much that they will forget to say "FIJI". These 2 m...f... have had the opportunity of a life time in that they could have played instrumental roles in uniting the 2 major races once and for all instead they choose to spread the seeds of hatred. I am an indo Fijian and these 2 don't represent me. I will say that i would like to do some real nasty shit on these to assholes. They have made us look down in shame.

  18. Did Taliban Arse go with the puppet? Where is he?

  19. Send Taliban Arse, Shammem, and other Ahmadiyyas (kafirs) to Pakistan to be killed off.

  20. Mara should use his influence from outside to disturb the stability of the military in Fiji. He should also make statements from time to time along with other former senior members of the Fiji Military who are currently residing in New Zealand. By doing this Bainimarama will start to have sleepless night and will live in constant fear. This is the only wat to bring Fiji back to democracy and protect the Fijian culture and identity. If nothing is done sooner Fiji will fall in trap of China and debt level will excalate beyond control as what had happened in FSC Limited. Mara, the whole Fijian community is waiting for your miracles.

  21. I hate it when the overseas press refer to the 2006 coup as a 'blood less coup'. If you're reading this overseas press, it's not a bloodless coup. People have died while in the custody of the RFMF. In other words, there were alot of blood shed...just hidden from the international community.

  22. This man Roko lui stole Serevis wife, why are you backing him,bring him back ti frank

  23. Wow, vinaka Ului, the illegal Bainimarama regime is now totally fked up!!

    Ha,ha,ha,ha..Bainimarama tamata lamusona macawa, levu ga na magiti roti tiko vei siga.

    Uprising in the camp....yes,yes,yes...Bainimarama and regime = arc of evil in the Pacific backed by f/kn Chinese communist bastards!!

    To hell with the Chinese communists and USA should nuke the bastards off the face of the earth, bloody corrupt regime trying to export the rubbish to Fiji through their communist sympathisers Ah Koy & boci Bainimarama.

  24. @Annon 11.12am ...I agree. I'm in NZ at the moment and its pathetic to see all the media here interviewing and analysing white academics and Tom Dick and Harry about Fiji's situation. No one has asked any Fijian in NZ to come on TV or Radio and talk about how they feel

    Who cared what these white people think about Fiji ...yeh!

  25. I am an Indian always opposed baini and his idiots , for Mara this is the time to act , WE ARE BEHIND YOU.WE LOVE FIJI

  26. Very True. Robert Khan, John Prasad, Aiyaz, Riyaz and Bainimarama are all buddies who are part of this saqa. They all should be brought to justice.

  27. Semi Meo my friend, your tauvu illegal PM's loneliness is a result of his stubborness! He brought it on himself. He was told to be more cooperative way back in 2006 when Fiji had an elected government and multi-party cabinet was treid out for the first time. But he and his cohorts who are now abandoning one by one had other ideas.......NO WONDER HE IS BECOMING VERY LONELY. The problem with the likes of your tauvu and others who think they were born to lead Fiji is that they have a distorted sense of self confidence that is corrupted with envy and jealousy of those that earn their successes in life. Yeah....you can say that again - He is lonely indeed cos Fiji wanted to progress in a partcipatory way even with the help of its international friends but the 2006 plotters had their own plan. The drug lord's network is progressively diminishing as members bust up and leave.......so is this an SOS call?.....sa macala tiko vei keimami ni sa na ra vakalutu yadudua tiko yani na mata ni meke....baleta na vakatara e a caka tiko mai e sega ni baleti nomu tauvu kei iratou nona mata meke. They only spoilt Fiji's progress as we are now seeing!!

  28. All the problems in this country are created by that c#$t in the specs who thinks he knows it all.He is ruining everything for the Fijian and Indian people who know what is right.Many eyes have been covered by his muslim veil of deceit.Truth will always prevail as will Justice and Good will always triumph over evil!

  29. As Fiji is now officially under the Taliban, Roko Lui shud be stoned to death for adultery

  30. it is not the leaving of mara that shivers the junta and its sick and crook dictator, its the coming back of mara to remove them for good cos they know if he can go he can come and police and navy wont even know about it and force the regime change they know what that means- gunfire and cassava patch.

  31. AG the taliban has issued a fuckwa on mara but guess what he will be running off to bin laden empty house in pakistan soon to hide and hope no treaty to send him back to fiji for trials for his crimes of corruption, bribery, abuse and crimnal actions

  32. What is it that happens to people when they assume positions of responsibility to the public? Military, judicial and governmental positions are SUPPOSED to be positions of service and sacrifice to the public whom they SERVE. They are answerable to US, not us to them.

    Why is it that message (or mandate) seems to be forgotten every time? Once there, their position flipflops into one of power and invisibility. They become monsters that step on the "little people" who held out so much hope.

    As the days wear on and the saga continues to unfold there don't appear to be ANY "good guys." They all seem to be painted with the same brush of greed. All appear to have forgotten their roles or campaign promises.

    They lie, steal, cheat and hurt anyone who gets in their way. They are drunk with power and heady with the booty they have stolen from the masses They treat their citizens like they are chattel and there only to be used. They hold nothing sacred and turn on one another for the least, little scrap like junkyard dogs.

    Each claims to be THE ONE to carry us to freedom and fairness. Each one has been an abuser of power who now wants our compassion.

    Have they shown compassion to us?

    Power hungry, and there is never enough of the power to sate them. "V" is for Vendetta. The people want the power BACK NOW. John Galt

  33. Pot calling the kettle black

    Bainimarama has a gall accusing Ratu Ului of disloyalty to Fiji. If anyone is disloyal to Fiji, it is the dictator himself: He has wrecked the country’s economy, taken away the fundamental freedoms of our people, interfered with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, compromised the independence of the judiciary by stacking the benches with judges from Sri Lanka and locals who would not qualify under the 1997 Constitution. Forget about any clean up campaign - he and his AG have simply filled their own pockets. This regime is as corrupt as they come.

    90% of the people of Fiji today want Baini, Khaiyum and their corrupt regime out. Officers in the RFMF who support him should be ashamed of themselves. They are brutally suppressing their own people at gunpoint.
    Ratu Ului’s reference to Fiji as a Nazi regime is spot on.

    Time for the President to step in – he should give Baini, Khaiyum and their regime a deadline to relinquish power; reinstate the Constitution and install a civilian government with a clear mandate to call elections within 12 months. Concurrently, he should dismiss the current puppet judiciary and restore its independence and integrity in line with the provisions of the Constitution. He will have to appoint a new Commander of the RFMF and a new Police Commissioner. Bainimarama, his evil collaborator Khaiyum and their other lackeys should be prosecuted for treasonous offences and other crimes against the people of Fiji. One of the first to hang has to be ex-Judge Shameem for perverting the course of justice.

    Australia, New Zealand and the US can no longer sit on the fence – they should get actively involved in restoring democracy to Fiji and preventing bloodshed.

  34. @ Semi Meo

    Seriously: Take. Your. Medicine.

    Nameless and faceless cowards indeed. Haven't you ever heard the saying that "(it) is better to remain quiet and be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

    Your tauvu is done. They are all going to be held to account for their lies, their treason and the myriad crimes that they have perpetrated in the name of "cleanup" and "progress". It was always going to end this way - Frank and Aiyaz have dug in too deep int he quicksand and never saw that they had to plan for the future - all they saw was their own greed and power.

  35. And the award for the dumbest Military Commander in the history of the world goes to Voceke Bainivuaka....


  37. Thank-you RadioLucas. You said it all for me!


  39. NEWS FLASH!!!!

    U.S. drone now flying over Suva. President is still snoozing with drink close by.

    Naivalurua on golf course improving his swing. (well I guess he should improve SOMETHING!)

    Familiar figure entering J.J.'s. Must be news didn't reach him in time to say that probably no good bones to pick at the moment in Fiji.


    Drone over Beqa Island. Are those coconuts or heads bobbing in the water? Probably one and the same!


    Recent real estate boom in Kadavu is over as tide is washing back in. One little red bucket bobbing in the surf.


    Pigs are gorging on food and champagne. No sign of "tourist." On horizon, same yacht is steaming away from Fiji group. Golden parachute not in sight.


  41. @Radiolucas ...another ridicules nameless thug..no name; no worth, Ridiculously nothing

  42. But the hour cometh, and now is!

  43. But the hour cometh, and now is!

  44. A coin of gold is delighting in a bag of silver coins

  45. Another face of extra-marital shame is that LTA spokeswoman Ssainiana waqanabeto ot woteva her name is. She was caught with late Col. Draunidalo in a rocking chair, i mean govt pajero in a parking lot.... finaly left her hubby to marry to another sotia sailor. These balekades know how to sleep their way up the ladder!

    So all you junta thieving sapotas - pliz quit calling the kettle black you mata va potes!!!


  47. o.k people when mara spills the beans, then what do we do about it?....mara doesnt have to spill the beans, we already know wat these administration did and is still doing.....if we want revolution to happen, we the ones who have access to computers and reading this blog cannot do it because all we do is read and write our comments and thats it....to start a revolution we must target those in the villages and make them aware of whats going on...why did frank target rural areas first in terms of development? becoz he knew if he won thier support he need not worry...look at the 2000 coup, most of the people in parliament were from the villagers and rural areaz...roko ului should have run to the interior to conjur up support if he wanted a revolution...i bet rite now as we bloggers bolt up our temper in trying to eradicate bai and khayum, the villagers dont even have a clue that roko ului has run away to tonga and even b4 we tel them why he ran we must first explain to them who he is...so this is just like a climax of a movie...strait after this we are back to normal....why do we need roko ului to spill the beans when we already knw all the infor....the question is what are we gonna do people?

  48. The Mara family brought Baini to power, now the Mara family must take him out.

    Ratu Ului Mara may be in Tonga, but ALL of his family is still HERE in Fiji, starting with First Lady Adi Koila.

  49. The noble Mara family's intentions have always been good, and they, like us, are SHOCKED at how all this has turned out. They started this mess, and they, with our full support, must/will end this mess.

    We must fully support Ratu Ului Mara and his family at this very critical time, setting aside all SOCIAL, POLITICAL, RACIAL, AND RELIGIOUS differences and UNITING BEHIND THEM with a firm resolve to put an end to our sufferings.

  50. Received following email from AG Taliban's office..

    If you are reading this, it means that you have recieved the latest weapon in
    the AG Taliban war - The AG Taliban Virus.
    Because we have no actual control of Fiji, we have decided to destroy
    the modern world's communication network.

    However, we are not so advanced in Fijiyet, so this is a manual virus.

    If you are running Windows, please click Start and choose Run. A box asking
    you what program you want to run pops up. Now, type the word: "command" in
    this box, then press the enter key.
    If you have completed the above steps correctly, then you will see a big black
    box on you screen. This is where things get hard. Now, you have to select the
    big black box and type: "format c:" then press the enter key. You will now see
    text in the big black box. Don't worry, you did it all right. All you have to
    do now is to press "y" and then press the enter key.Congratulations - you have successfully run The AG Taliban Virus on you computer.

    If the above didn't work you can contact our computer department on
    E-mail: askmullah@fiji.gov.fj
    Telephone: 555-A-G-T-A-L-I-B-A-N
    Post address: Computer Dep.,First hut to the right, Suva, Fiji

  51. Fiji is in a morass. The only thing that will save Fiji is the revival of its constitution which was ripped up by the coup perpetrators. They is no trust and without trust there is no soul. Frank B & Khaiyum are not only the remaining dictators but are terrorists who will terrorise anyone that is a threat to them. They are down to the last throw of the dice because Fiji's Justice System is so corrupt, it doesn't exist.

    Bring in the experts, Ratu Joni, Graham Leung, Brij Lal, Mere Samisoni,Adi Teimumu etc, form an enpowering committee and with the help of the Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand Frank and Khaiyum can and should be removed from power.

    The sad thing about all this is the respect for the chiefly system has been lost. No one to blame but the high chiefs themselves, especially the stupidity of the Maras, Gaunilau and Nailatikau. All has been lost and Nailatikau and his Mara wife are there at Government House in name only without any authority. Explain that to the village people, they would never understand how a Western democracy would allow it to happen.

  52. Na ka e cakava o Roko Ului e vakaraitaki koya sara vakadodonu....e biuti ira na nona tamata qai step...e sega ni rawa ni cakava ya e dua na Turaga i Taukei dina....

    E sa na qai laurai eke na veika me baleta na Yatu Lau Company Ltd...

    Ni tucake ka tarogi Roko Ului me baleta na i yau ni yasana..

  53. RE: Anon @ 5:10 pm. Very clever. Thank-you. I think we are all needing a little humor at this dark and confusing hour.

  54. RE: Anon @ 5:10 pm. I initially thought it was dead real.

  55. The AG Taliban Virus is real. Aparently AG and VB paid good money to China for this technology. It was part of the data centre deal for $35M.

  56. Freedom...or no Freedom Tefita mara...should veitaurikau kei Vore bainimaqa..in Naboro....!!!!!same...same but different...

  57. Fiji Navy Plan D now on bilimbilli, target Tonga, current location nukulau. Ran out of premix kerosene mixed benzine. Paddle oars - just like dragon boat, guess who at the helm, Not AG, it is vorege nut case.

    Awaiting for for next full moon night for extraction. cannot make it tonight.
    Where is the photo of the situation room!

  58. Aiyaz is planning trip to Sri Lanka. He is trying to outsource the Army service to SL army as he has no confidence in the RFMF.

  59. RE: Anon. 4:55 pm. Shocked? Really?! And just when did this shock set in? Delayed reaction - very delayed, I would say!

  60. All will happen in “Fiji Time” as they say. Will be here 12 months from now and still talking about the same shit. Army are happy as long as they get the food and money. Franky and his girls (this includes you AK) will continue to fill their pockets and people of Fiji will stand on the side watch it all happen. Only place they will be voice their concern will be right here on C4.5 and unfortunately we can only read this. Beats reading Fiji Sun I guess. check out fiji.gov.fj home page. VB states that Tonga Naval extracted RU from Fiji waters. Tonga government better clarify this first before handing RU to Fiji.


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