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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden's death: justice triumphs over evil

BLOODY DEATH SCENE: The inside of the mansion where bin Laden had been living.

Quick ending for 9/11 mastermind ... a crash, a raid then two shots in the head

The Americans were led to Osama bin Laden's mansion by one of his most terusted men: a courier, first identified by detainees at Guantánamo Bay. 

He was said to be protege of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, alleged architect of the 9/11 attack. The Americans discovered his name four years ago, and discovered that he lived in the Abbottabad region with his brother two years ago.

Last August they narrowed his location to a compound in Abbottabad, an affluent military town about 35 miles north of Islamabad. The compound, built in 2005 and valued at $1m, was no ordinary home. Perimeter walls up to six metres (18ft) high were topped with barbed wire, there was no internet or telephone connection and few windows.

Monitoring the house with satellite technology and other spy tools, the CIA determined that a family was living in the house with the two men. Last February the CIA determined "with high probability" that it was Bin Laden and his clan. Officials scrambled to formulate a plan to kill him.

The first idea was to bomb the house using B2 stealth bombers dropping 2,000-pound JDAMs (joint direct attack munitions), according to ABC News. But Barack Obama rejected it, saying he wanted definitive proof that the Saudi was inside. "The helicopter raid was riskier," said one US official. "[But] he didn't just want to leave a pile of rubble."

An air assault plan was formulated. The Seal Team Six, officially known as the Naval Special Warfare Development Group and based in Virginia, held rehearsals on a specially constructed compound in early April. Meanwhile, Obama officials engaged in regular meetings, chaired by national security adviser, Tom Donilon, and counter-terrorism adviser, John Brennan, to determine when – and how – to strike.

On 28 April, shortly after he nominated CIA director, Leon Panetta, to replace Robert Gates as defence secretary, Obama held a final meeting. In the secrecy of the White House situation room, he listened to recommendations from all sides, but reserved the final decision. Finally last Friday morning, with the eyes of the world glued on the royal wedding in London, he signed off on the air assault.

Only a tiny handful of people within the administration were aware of the operation. US officials say that no other country including Pakistan – as far as some were concerned, especially Pakistan – was informed, even though the US helicopters would essentially be invading Pakistani airspace. Pakistani officials agreed on Monday that they knew nothing.

Saturday came, the day of the planned assault, but bad weather conspired against the Americans. On Sunday, Obama spent part of his day on the golf course, but cut short his round to return to the White House for a meeting where he and top aides reviewed final preparations. Hours later the Seals took off – probably from Jalalabad or Bagram airbases in Afghanistan, the ISI official said – and entered Pakistani airspace.

What happened next is subject to the American account only. Local residents reported three large blasts shortly after the helicopters passed overhead. The al-Qaida fighters holed up inside fought back, trading gunfire for nearly 40 minutes, as the US troops cleared the compound floor by floor, Pentagon officials said.

The Pashtun courier – he has not been identified – and his brother were killed, as was one of Bin Laden's adult sons, possibly Hamza, who was a senior al-Qaida member. One woman reportedly died and two others were injured.

The Americans then reached Bin Laden – the man with a $25m bounty, the embodiment of the national terrorist nightmare, the subject of greater American passions and frustrations than perhaps any other figure of the past decade.

According to the Pentagon he was identified by name by one of his own wives. As the raiding party closed in on the last unsecured room in the compound, Bin Laden himself seized a gun and started firing back.

US officials say – and there is no independent verification of this fact – he was shot twice in the head. "Done in by a double tap – boom boom – to the left side of his face," wrote Marc Ambinder of the National Journal, a beltway insider's journal.

The Americans scoured the house for intelligence, took photos of the body, using facial recognition technology to compare it with pictures. It was him. Before withdrawing, the Seals blew up the wreckage of the helicopter.

Bin Laden's body was taken to the US aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in the Arabian Gulf. Back in Abbottabad, the wounded were taken to the Combined Military hospital in Abbottabad.

Hours later, the body was wrapped in white cloth, and – after, it is said, the administration of Islamic burial rites – it was weighted and dropped from a plank into the sea. The location was not revealed. (The Guardian)


Sovari said...

Please President Obama, repeat the same stealth and kill by your brave Seal on Dictator Bainimarama to save Fiji and the Pacific from another terrorist.

He has killed, maimed, torture, abused men women and children of our country and stripped citizens of their human rights.

It will be closure for us when Bainimarama's dead body is ditched from a plank into the deep Pacific Ocean for sharks to feast on.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Sovari, God has his own ways........

SEMI MEO said...

We do not condone acts of thuggery and senseless killing, though Mr Bin dies by the sword commensurates his evil acts,

… but, let’s be careful as what we wish on others may just boomerang….so Mr.Obama may start with Mugabe and other 7 other in Africa Tyrants..opps no oil!

…Fiji??...leave us alone..we will sought ourselves out…don’t you worry about that!!

Jieke said...


Why don't you come to Fiji and help us sort out the mess, rather than blowing your trumphet from far off enjoying the perks of democratic freedom.

We live under this oppresive regime and not you.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to America, the land of the brave and the free. God Bless this mighty country. To the seals, you are great heroes.

Anonymous said...

Agree with my ex-Lelean friend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, all we need is some kind of co-ordinates systems tracking of the site in which that IPM resides and the rest is on us. I remembered FCS, you guys used Northing and Easting CS. Anyway, we've been tracking all his moves through his cell phone usages. FREEDOM TO US ALL....

Anonymous said...

O Frank me dua ga na navy seal me mai vutuka ga nona sona, lesu tale! me kua ni mate, ni via mavo ga, dua tale mai na seal mai vutuka tale, baci lesu, me vaka tiko ya me yacova ni oti kece na navy seals mai Amerika, ni sa oti kece na navy seals, qai sogosogo o Jim Rasela!!!!

Meow Semi said...

Semi Meow you pussy,,Vuaka Bocimarama should be the next one. Semi Pussy, come back to Fiji and voice your opinions here you boci.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So Frank will be killed and then what. The no school chiefs will be back trying to run a country when most of them don’t know how to spell their names correctly. Or they will find another racist pig like Qarase or god forbids an asshole like Chaudhary to run the country. I am all for the removal of Frank and democracy etc etc etc. But what happens after that. Do we have any capable leaders in this country? I know i am willing to help run this country but just my first name will send you kaiviti running a million miles from me. I will be judged before i will have even a chance to prove myself. Sadly this is the reality of Fiji. Racial harmony and all that BS is just on the surface dig half and inch deeper and the true picture emerges. Kaiviti for Kaiviti kaidia for kaidia. Unfortunately for me i am both. So i will fall in no bodies good books although a half blood like me would probably be the answer to uniting Fiji.

Vanua. said...

@ Anon 4:28.

No such thing as a half blood - this is a cop out - choice is yours - if your registered in a mataquali your KaiViti - your not your KaiDia? If things get too bad u can always do a Ghandi - emigrate - make your mark elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Semi you are a true pussy. sitting overseas and making all this noise about how good it is in Fiji. Why dont you come over bro and say the same things in the middle of Cummins St. Soon you will be spending tinme in the jail also. Osama Bin Laden lives on in Frank's body. They are the same and let's hope the Obama makes Frank the next target. please send the black hawks now and get rid of this love child of Hitler soon.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo sounds like a Osama sympathiser and I have already put a report with ASIO to watch him closely..We wont tolerate terrorists and be ready to get your citizenship revoked..Thank You Semi for giving us a hint..

SEMI MEO said...

Of course, your truly is a sympathizer of the oppressed and victims of all Coups, re-read my posts since June 1987!!.

Why not we patriotically put all hand on deck, forget our political differences and resolve to work towards constitution referendum in 2012 and imminent election 2014.

One thing we know is that @anonymous 1 may form the “animal lover party”, @anonymous 2 may form the “veivuni party”, @anonymous 3 may form the sex party like in Aust, @anonymous 4 may form the Bini na da..opps Bin laden party.

ASIO to visit me?…good heavens!!, they love me, and I love them!!..hee…heee…heee…heeee.

One thing I assure all this faceless cowards though, my party will fill a candidate in whatever seat Mr. P Tikoduadua stands in !!

Anonymous said...

don't worry boys & girls , baini's time is very near, atleast he should learn now thugs , loot and Terrorism has no place in world . I hope his cronies , likes of mahendra reddy kanua , rajesh chandra (jhandu), thokar singh , ganesh (pagla) will give him some advice. Quit or !!!!!!!!!!!

miau semi said...

Miau(pussy cat) ho..ho drau veivutu ga kei P Tikoduadua na dau masia na volo nei Voreqe bin Laden.Ni o na laurai vaca ona lauv....ha..ha moce u BASTARD.
Have a good night mate.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo is a Coup sympathiser. ASIO should watch him. Better still, put him in Villawood.

Anonymous said...

@ Semi Meo..stop the wannabe build a better fiji syndrome cause people like you are just pretentious wannabe's wanting to be something and would always jump at any opportunity to be recognized and givem a medal..I have been folowing your comments and the question is..now that you are overseas ..why are you still very concerned on the situation in fiji??..Are you planning to join the military governmment and take up one of the save and build a better fiji ministerial positions?? On Asio..people like you are the very loveable ones who pretend to be liked but really come with a hidden agenda..

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4.28..Your comments sounds like the person you are..DISORIENTATED..what a laugh..Isa..you arent sure weather you are going up or down or going around and around..as for fiji..we..the elections will speak for itself cause the people will be given the right to vote for their leader and it certainly would not be a disorientated person like you..who doesn't really know where you're going..the perfect example of a kailoma//floating in mid air and cant decide where to go..My advice to you is please find a country where you know you can call home and then settle there..in the meantime ..you can always catch the round and round bus and live there..thank you.

SEMI MEO said...

@Phew..some people just love to read my posts ..even with all its typo and grammatical flaws..I am humbled and am enjoying this..more..more please.

...just does NOT change the pathway of reforms the Bainimarama/Aiyuz Government is taking Fiji to..even yesterday NZ and Aust and soon US will warm towards the Fiji Governemtn plan..why will they not do so..may be they have no other choice??.

..these Allies just do not want any more “yellow” paint over “red, white and blue”…eh...KAPISH??..let us the 99.99% of Fiji look forward to imminent constituion referundum in 2012 and election in 2014

..let’s just love these pity party squad of the faceless and nameless squadron...they do need our prayers..really they do..

Pussy Meow said...

Pussy Semi, cowards comment from overseas, the brave comment from Fiji.

Anonymous said...

To Vanua and Anon 5.17. Exactly the kind of reaction i thought i would get. The Kailoma part or better still the race part just get past some people. My father us Indian so i guess that means i am Indian. Why should i leave Fiji. This is my home and this is where i will stay. I do more for this country economicaly then most of do put together. The amount of taxes i pay each year is more then most of you will hope to earn in ten years or more. I provide employment to many people and contribute to my society in many ways. The point of my earlier comments is simply that Fiji will never grow up unless we start looking at people for who they are and what they do and have done rather then his or her heritage.

Vanua. said...

@ Anon 3:58.
Certainly didn't say leave Viti - merely suggested that if you were unhappy about who you were and who you were not - you might "consider" leaving?

But after reading your latest post I'd say relax- no doubt whatsoever - your definately Kai Dia. Now this has nothing at all to do with your race - but everything to do with your culture. Example. When Kai Dia have money they go to a bank - when Kai Viti has money they go to a supermarket. Spot the difference?Funny too when reading your latest post boasting about how well your doing - how many people you employ - ammount of taxes you pay etc had you strangest feeling I know you - how they treating you in Naboro Mac?

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