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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Can New Zealand handle kai viti rakavi?

Control of Fiji Rugby is at stake with the illegal government's $3 million bribe. Jone Baledrokadroka asks if the host of this year's Rugby World Cup is up to the hijack.

Within the ruck of Fiji’s social structure that combines the Vanua, Lotu and Rakavi lies the seamless connectedness of Fijian politics. 

It is through the complexity and fusion of the three ‘indigenous’ organisations that one masters Fiji’s neo traditional politics.

Simply put: to be on top of the local political game is to be on top of these three institutions.

KAVA BOWL: Place of game playing.
Around the yagona bowl in any given rural or urban community, these three celebrated topics make up the cornerstones of what now makes for indigeneity and modern sporting culture. 

Along with the other two social topics, endless hours are spent on the discourse of Rakavi a la Viti.

In commenting on the way in which Samoans appropriated rugby after its introduction by the Marist Brothers in the early 20th century, former national team manager Lemalu Tate Simi (2007) might have spoken for the region as a whole. 

“We very quickly took to rugby, almost as if it were our own invention” he said. “Now, we don’t think of it as a Palagi (European; foreign) sport, we think of it as our own.” (Dewey: 2008:159). 

Judging by last weekend's Fiji Rugby Union AGM elections of executive members underpinned by the promised $3million grant bait, the illegal regime has finally got its hooks into our “national” game, politics and all.

With the World Cup only months away, the International Rugby Board now finds itself having to pack down on the same side with a new FRU board loaded with regime stooges against the host nation New Zealand’s travel  sanctions.

KEY: Can he play ball Fiji style?
Its chief executive, Mike Miller, said during a recent visit to New Zealand that he hoped it would relax the travel sanctions against regime members, including Bainimarama, so they can  to attend the World Cup matches in September. 

The regime has been jockeying for control of the Fiji Rugby Union ever since its political power grab of December 200. Remember, it placed the then Police Commissioner Esala Teleni on the FRU board as the government's representative.

In typical Fijian rugby style, the IRB may have been sold a perfect dummy pass by our Dictator prior to the World Cup. In fact, European voices in FRU Annual Reports and committee minutes from the 1950s and 1960s repeatedly complained about “unorthodoxy".

“No matter what you try to teach the Fijians one member of the Executive complained, “as soon as they get on the field they play their own type of game.” (Fiji Rugby Union, Management Committee Meeting, April 7, 1961). 

The question is will the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, buy the Fiji regime’s unorthodox political play?

Jone Baledrokadroka
Founding President
Natasiri Rugby Union (1998-2002)

Editor's Note (Sunday 6pm): The RFMF's Colonel Mosese Tikoitonga has been appointed chair of the FRU board. He told Fiji Village yesterday sub-committees have been formed to investigate certain issues and make recommendations. One of the  recommendations include a call by Suva Chairman, Francis Kean, for the FRU constitution and operations to be reviewed.


Matavesi said...

I had written to both the NZ Foreighn Affairs Minister and Chairman of NZ Rugby Union pleading with them not to be hoodwinked by the now Militarised Fiji Rugby Union into relaxing bans on military personnel participating in rugby activities on NZ soil. Their take over of rugby in Fiji is a backdoor means of forcing NZ relax bans on military personnel and relatives.

Attached to the letters is copy of Coup Four and Half's article about the military take over of Fiji Rugby Union. Plead to all of you Fiji lovers to lobby NZ parliamentary ministers and NZ Rugby Union to strengthen existing bans on military personnel visiting NZ and military participation in rugby on NZ soil.

Anonymous said...

Frank you know your living day by day forget about the rakavi world cup in september and concentrate on the raikivi each day.

$3m punter said...

Tikoitoga is now chairman...meeting over

Anonymous said...

Fiji will never win any of their pool games.
Unorthodox Fijian game disappeared in 2006. I wonder why?

NZ govt wasting their time with Vuaka. They should maintain their ban on Military personnel & their relatives.

Anonymous said...


SEMI MEO said...

We believe a variant to the “seamless connectedness of Fijian politics” we may consider is the exodus of "i Taukei" from the Methodist Church and Vanua..this two entities are known to be glued to water tight unison…probably not any more due to this exodus..this new shift to Charismatic Pentecostal mega churches around the countryside have somewhat birthed and nurtured a slightly different “Fijian culture”. ..the later's orientation and outlook to socio economic activities as simple as recreational behavior has slightly altered. It is not uncommon that during major sporting events when one part of the village glued to the TV or Radio, the other side would be beating their drums and singing or engages in a loud prayer meetings.

Saw in a recording one of these mega gathering end of last year officiated by a preacher from Bahamas. May be time to consider what these new breed of “Fijians” responses to all that’s happening now in our Fiji. Where do they stand??...maybe we should…and move together towards rebuilding Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

when govt will clean and let army guys take over fiji football board.
ffa is rotten /corrupt.
doctor sahu khan been disbarred ,
pls do the clean up of ffa asap.
this will be fair .if govt can clean fru/netball.
.why cant they clean up ffa.
we waiting to see this happen.

Taukei. said...

Although no doubt well intentioned - Semi Meo's waxing lyrical about "current" Fijian & Taukei culture" (village) from faraway Brisbane lacks both credibility & accuracy.

Anonymous said...

So what happened with (or to) to the IRB? Did it sell out because it didn't want non-attendance to spoil the tournament?

Not Kean said...

Brother in law Kean getting set to take his machete to the constitution, eh? The heavy hand of the Bainimarama clan at work again. There'll be nothing left of Fiji as w know it by the time the 2014 elections roll around.

SEMI MEO said...

@Taukei..we are very embarrassed that you've shamed the author of this article; Col Baledrokdroka.

Thankfully, he's bravely put his name along his article,though he has been in Aust for a few years now, unlike some people we know, "waxing lyrical about" nothingness from under the “suli ira” and “sari”..shame!!..till we get back to democracy,these faceless thugs remain... yep...faceless..what a life..what a Miserable faceless and nameless one

Anonymous said...

I can't see from Taukei's comment any attack on Baledrokadroka.
You've missed the point again. Like most of your contribution.

Anonymous said...

Anon..May 8..12.56pm..There is no Fijian politics in FFA ..so no use encroaching into FFA affairs. All things indigenous are being taken over by these goons so come 2014elections which is very much doubtful,,they hope to have formed a party and contest hoping to have indigenous support under their wings...This is not new..it has been the trend..SVT, SDL they all played the same type of game.

SEMI MEO said...

Oh..since when were we directed to
adhere to faceless and nameless self promoted cyber refrees?..like @a-nuni-mosi May 8,2011 11.01PM.

This Taukei guy/girl was sooos blind when he took his two edged insulting blade and slur the author...Taukei thought I was the sole target..do not blame us if your slow to remember your real name and to grasp our drift in our posts…” “neu”..tubelight!!

Taukei. said...

@ Semi Meo.

As another blogger rightly pointed out - I didn't mention Jone Baledrokadroka in my post?
But seeing as you did please consider the following?
Where was the great Natsiri bati when Ratu Inoke was stitched up in a kangaroo court and jailed?
Where was JB when it was thought the Suva street protests might go ahead? If JB is so concerned about event in Vit why does he remain in Australia? Got no time for the current murderous & corrupt regime - like many others I will do everything in my power too bring them down - this however does not entail replacing one set of carpetbaggers and opportunists with another.

Pussy Semi Meowow said...

NZ will never allow these thugs into NZ for the rugby world cup. The IRB has no power to force NZ to allow Vuaka's men into the country. They should instead take the rugby team to China, Vietnam and perhaps North Korea.

ozzie mozzie said...

I don't know B'drokadroka personally but I hail those who are coming out of their comfort zone. Unlike some of the other far flung warriors from ANU and Ozzie and Kiwi academics, who continue to protect themselves in the foolish hope they remain safe.

SEMI MEO said...

@taukei...may be the author Mr.Baledrokadroka best reply to post..

..but, me qualified to comment as taunted??..again, been to Fiji many times since 12/06..and yours truly an elder of the Pentecostal Christian Church for many years in Fiji, though I DO NOT Americanize my Christianity..hence, my comment, that a possible variant in the author summation is as I said…what is your honorable view in this matter,anyway??

oh.., though WE DO NOT SUPPORT COUPS..but,read my lips...the FRU players, family, Board and all will be travelling to the RWC in NZ

Taukei. said...

@ Semi Meo.

lets keep this about JB.

Drop the Pilot said...

Pliefger is a pilot - what does know about labour rules?

He's just another of Sayed Khaiyum flunkies doing damage to the country.

Please put his name on the list of Fiji coup supporters to be sent to offshore governments.

C4.5 Please hurry and put this list up for all of us to see.

Going broke everywhere said...

Way things are heading in the avation industry in general - Air Pacific in particular - suggest Pliefger's time could be better spent ensuing AP immediate survival?

Anonymous said...


Taukei. said...

@ Semi Meo.

Lack of response from both JB & yourself towards questions raised says it all.

SEMI MEO said...

@Taukei..oi,e kuvai, e coka tiko wacamudrau,se drau bai vaka tiko na soqe, simoko tiko na ganja??

Sa kenamu muriu cake na toloni wai ni veitalanoa,drau se bubura tiko mai ra qori "Taukei" ni veidabibi??

Move on..goodness!!

Taukei. said...

@ Semi Meo.

Final word for both yourself and the missing bati JB - "Qaranivalu".

SEMI MEO said...

@Taukei..o vela!..keinamu sa vodo ena basi nei Bisuni, drau se laga tiko ga na sere ni masese mai saula?..maumau sara na sala drau daramake tiko qori..ke drau kauwai ena ka vakaitaukei drau na wara ni taro tiko mai.

Class six history students understand this part of the Court cases against the Turaga “Qaranivalu”…now, Taukei sit down, fold your hand and listen good....STOP..scratching your everything.

In short, brilliant Lawyers..I say again brilliant Lawyers who did their home work represented persons alleged to have uttered seditious comments or alleged acts. Proof??.. many vindicated and some decided to take a sabbatical overseas.

You did NOT know this is the second time “Na Turaga Qaravalu” has been incarcerated., did you? We remember a brilliant young and brave i Taukei Lawyer , did his home work and convincingly argued a mis-trial, resultantly the release “Na Turaga Qaravalu” for a retrial.

For “Na Turaga Qaravalu” to change his solicitors and barristers AFTER his release to prepare and advocate at the retrial, is his chiefly prerogative alone, no one else!!

Now @ Taukei..you can get up now, STOP scratching, I said!! and ..see you at the top of the blog site..phew!!..sega ni maca eso qo, wili tiko na Lalakai se warai?..se voli ga na lalakai me boro ia na vanisi..

That's my Final Word of this topic..

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