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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Confirmed: Fiji police make first charge in Mara fishing escapade

HARMAT: Please tell the world I'm innocent.
Coupfourpointfive has spoken with the Estonian fisherman who has now been charged by Fiji police for allegedly helping Roko Ului Mara flee to Tonga.

Risto Harmat spoke to us a few minutes ago from the Suva courthouse where he has just appeared and was charged with obstructing the course of justice.

RESCUE: Savea.
The charge suggests  Harmat had prior knowledge of Mara's plans to leave Fiji and assisted him in that plan, and helped him break his bail conditions.
Harmat confirmed to us he was on the boat with Mara at Kadavu when the former military office said he got into trouble while fishing and set of distress flares, which were answered by a Tongan navy boat.

He also confirmed to us that he owns the boat, as we previously reported and said to pass the following the message on to the world: "Please, I'm not involved."

Harmat has been charged but remains at Suva Central Police station in a cell because police have refused to allow him to bailed today to his girlfriend.
He expects to be bailed tomorrow when he reappears in court.

Clearly shaken, the Estonian managed to tell Coupfourpointfive the past week has traumatic for him before authorities removed his phone.


Al Kaida Regime said...

This Al Kaida regime of Al Kaida Khaiyum and his little hand puppet Gestapo Frank must be brought to its knees. Everything they touch in Fiji is being ruined. These regime despots and their criminal collaborators have rooted the nation of Fiji. Even its once proud reputation has gone.

Aunty Nur TaliBano TaliAli said...

The truth about the Arse-Baini relationship is actually very clear cut: A poorly educated dimwit who suffers from personal insecurity and a massive inferiority complex gets his hand on a couple of guns and declares himself the new Chief of Fiji. While the docile and gullible population says “yes boss” a junior lawyer at Colonial sees the opportunity of a live time. Here is the opportunity to wiggle himself into the corridors of power and make an old academic dream come true: The termination of Fijian culture and tradition. The thug in chief who is unable to write a single sentence without making five mistakes starts to listen to the guy who knows how to manipulate a moron. That is it. No race card not bullshit.

Anonymous said...

This will just be trumped up charges. How anyone can defend the judiciary in Fiji after RU's revelation (see Raw Fiji News) that the Vore and the military council framed Qarase to disqualify him from standing in Elections is beyond sanity. Christopher Pryde better wake up from his dreamworld as its now obvious the fijian judiciary only serves to do Bainikhaiyums bidding. Starting from the cops who are working overtime on this case to the presecutors and judges who are looking to Aiyarse as to what they should do. I truly feel sorry for this guy and if I were him I'd be looking at jailbreak and taking off to Tonga too...at least you'll get a fair trial there. Pathetic!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

report this to un human rights body and his government now-this is tyranny, what a joke-mara gone and scapegoats now charged-why not charge the navy comm for sleeping on the job bainivuaka should go back to run the navuy or else driti will escape soon

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is the penalty for "aiding and abetting someone to skip bail"?

Why isn't he being allowed a lawyer. Isn't that a criminal act?
How about they be taken to court for that?

Is it one law for them and one law for the rest of us?

Why is the Police so quick on this case and yet they still haven't been able to identify the soldiers that tortured Speight.

Bainimarama you are just pathetic.
Iko dua na tamata lolovi ra nomu i tovo. Luveni vuaka. Kaisi.

Anonymous said...

If he's not charged for anything than why is he still held in custody? Isn't that a violation of the constitution....ohh i forgot there is no FUCKIN constitution as abridged by the dumbass who i bet can't even spell the word democracy let alone the core meaning of the word.

Anonymous said...

Sa so talega na CID ulupepa!

What the hell is the CID doing?? If they know they don't have evidence to charge - they why the f*** are they charging?? They are a bunch of losers too i reckon.

Misipeka said...

Lakeba chiefs distance themselves from Mara letter
Thursday, May 26, 2011


Fiji Police are investigating a man who allegedly manipulated and forged the signatures of representatives at a recent village meeting in Tubou, Lakeba – and sent a letter to the PM asking that he not visit the village and the island.

In the letter allegedly signed by a number of representatives and allegedly written by a Peni Mapa – the meeting which allegedly took place on the 16th of May is said to have agreed to write to the PM saying he was not welcome at the village.

However a copy of the minutes of the meeting acquired by Police show that there was no such resolution, and a number of representatives whose name and signature appear on the letter – have since told Police their signatures were forged, or they never read the letter.

The Mata ni Tikina of Lakeba has also called on the PM’s Office to state that the letter does not represent their views and they do not agree with it.

Those who told the Police they did not read or sign the letter include the Turaga ni Koro of Tubou, the Vaka Vanua, the Tui Soso, and the Ramasi Nasevou.

The representatives say their signatures were forged.

The Tui Ra-Atapu also told Police he did not see or sign the petition, and he was away from home when Mapa allegedly turned up and forced his wife to sign on his behalf.

The Matakibau, the Tui Ra-Drekeivuci, and Tui Ra-Vatuligiligi say they signed the petition but did not read or understand the contents or were told it was for something else.

Police say there are strong indications of breaches under the Public Order Act and Giving False Information.

Investigations are continuing.

Report by : Stanley Simpson

Anonymous said...

Oileiii...the CID has been renamed the CICI to reflect the services they give to Bainikhaiyum! They are no longer out to protect the citizens but only concerned about protecting their income by submitting to Bainikyaiyum regardless of legalities ...pathetic bunch of losers. Might as well not have a Commissioner and add another portfolio to Baini or Aiyarse.

Jieke said...

This is the legal system being touted by the SG and AG as independent, fair and above board. The AG even said he had confidence in the Police Commissioner for police action to be within the law.

What a load of crap, and that in itself justifies Mara's action, the Tongan response and even NZ for willing to consider Mara as a refugee.

Anonymous said...

Aiding and abetting? How about the countless aiders and abetters that have assisted with the coups since Dec 5 2006? Please note his sentence so that when the real a&a like gaytes, shamimis, aiarse, interim ministers, chaudhry, Military council, FLP, etc etc they will have to pay for their part in the mother of all crimes- TREASON!!!

Anonymous said...

My gooodness! Trumped up charges against an innocent man! Your beef is with RUM, not the people who aided his escape! Hopefully the Estonian has links to Russia or the US or some other super power who can intervene and put an end to all of this rubbish brought on by Condom Vutulaki!

Anonymous said...

There goes another victim of the illegal regime,stop trying to deceive and manipulate the justice system.There's no law and order in Fiji nowadays. The public are not stupid!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:15 I agree with you. All who have "aided and abetted" these ilegal and treasonous government will surely pay, including Iowane Naivalurua. We will make sure of that once Democracy is restored.
Shameem sisters, Pryde and Gates, you will all pay. You will be carrying buckets in Naboro.

Anonymous said...

this is joke, junta cant victimise and gail the man who ran away so gail some others, bainivula is despratae and wants to deter FMF officers from a coup on him- no way the junta a gang of 10 thugs will go now or later

Anonymous said...

What concrete evidence do they have to prove that Risto was aware of Mara's planned escape..and who is investigating the dissapearance of the million dollars that they are accusing Mara of stealing. I think that the name of this profile should be changed to Democracy for Fiji now!!!

Anonymous said...

interesting look backs

Posted at 04:07 on 08 June, 2006 UTC
Fiji’s military has warned of far reaching consequences for national security if the proposed Defence White Paper is implemented.
The paper has recommended reducing the strength of the army by nearly 50% from 3,300 to only 1,700 and changes to the method of appointing the commander.
The Daily Post quotes the military spokesman, Major Neumi Leweni, as saying the implementation of the Defence White Paper would have implications for the security of the country which in turn would directly affect the economy.
Major Leweni says the social implication of implementing the White Paper is an issue that has to be addressed carefully.
He warns that the East Timor issue is a good example and Fiji should learn from it.
Major Leweni says the military is now taking the Defence White Paper seriously because in the pre-election period it had been led to believe that the paper had been shelved.
He says the military will now need to re-examine the issue and take appropriate steps to deal with them.
News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand


Anonymous said...

Defence White Paper in Fiji recommends cutting army by 50%
Posted at 17:52 on 04 June, 2006 UTC

A Defence White Paper commissioned by the Fiji government has proposed slashing the strength of the army by nearly 50% from 3,300 to just 1,700.
The Fiji Sun reports that it has recommended that the cuts should come from the land force or infantry and force headquarters, leaving the army engineering regiment largely untouched.
The Defence White Paper also strongly recommends that the government moves to reassert civilian control over the army.
It says its recommendations are designed to ensure that there is no excuse for the military to enter domestic politics.
The Defence White Paper has also recommended that the police force be strengthened to assume full responsibility for maintaining law and internal security, leaving the military with the primary role of peacekeeping.
The authors of the report say they are aware of the potential backlash against the recommendations from the army or elements of the army, but say the risk could be minimized by providing adequate compensation for displaced soldiers.
The Fiji Sun says the new multi-party cabinet will consider the White Paper’s recommendations over the next two weeks.
News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand


May 26, 2011 2:56 PM

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you Mr Risto BUT don't worry. The fiji police is fond of doing this by charging people without any evidence. Thei will for sure withdraw the case later on in court.... saying about satisfying the bainivore regime...one question to the police...Why you did not chrge those police officer and prison officers involved in the brutal murder of joe Baleiloa and also the tevita malasebe case....please be fair in your investigation because you are doing injustice to their families. Sa rauta mada na were ubiubi tiko ena nomudou veivaqaqai. Mo ni kila tiko na mata ni Kalou e wanonovi kemuni tu ena veisiga.

Tui Viti said...

Nazhat & AG must be burning the midnight oil writing up the script for Risto's trial. Then they'll have an audition before the trial commences.

TheMax said...

The question is, how was Risto able to return to Fiji and Roko Ului went on to Tonga? Isn't that a clear indication that this escape was well planned and executed? If they were really in distress, both of them would have been returned to Fiji by the Tonga government out of respect for Fiji's sovereignty and traditional relationship.

One thing is pretty clear. This escape was well planned and the subsequent response from Tonga so far clearly shows that they were in the know and abetted the escape sacrificing their diplomatic and traditional relationship with Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The more they increase the number of military personnel the more the downturn in Fiji's economy.

Sugar Sugar. said...

Imagine this will not go down real well in EU corridors of power - FSC
can kiss goodbye what little chance it had of getting any money. Irony being Vore's the Sugar minister - talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Tim said...

I take it that Chris Pryde has opted for retirement in Fiji - which of course was probably always his plan.
God how laughable all those Bubba and Shaista prtestations were about neo-colonialism.

Anonymous said...

I nah come to fight flesh and blood
But spiritual wickedness in high and low places
So while they fight you down
Stand firm and give God thanks and praises


BTW Risto sounds very much like the Fijian name for our saviour Jesus Christ

Anonymous said...

This guy is a con investor. Ask FTIB. How much funds he brought in the country.

How can he be living here? How can he be fishing without a licence.

Anonymous said...

how could he have known about the bail when all the media and news are banned from publishing/? Fiji is fucked up with this regime.

Anonymous said...

Free gee said
Good questions anon
Is he a con investor?
I happen to know he is in partnership with one of Fiji's biggest fish exporters
Ask FTIB anything. Ha
Is he fishing without a license?
Ha he owns half of a Fiji registered longliner and has a license
care to make any other STUPID insinuations

Anonymous said...

Freed gee said

European Union - EU
Hundreds of people undertook a concerted action on social media to draw Europe's attention to the death sentence passed against four Bahraini protestors. In response, European Parliament's President Jerzy Buzek issued a statement condemning the sentence. Are social media becoming a meaningful tool to influence decision makers?
EU site on facebook

Anonymous said...

FreedGee said

The Estonian snow ball has started rolling...


Anonymous said...

Freedgee said

if you can't trust yourself with the TRUTH how can you trust anyone else with the TRUTH

Anonymous said...

Well Risto, sadly these guys had to look for a scapegoat to put the blame on for their incompetence (not detecting the foreign vessel), guilt (for not preventing the escape), revenge (against Roko Ului), fear (of what's coming) so they had to look for one innocent vulnerable person.You my friend fit the bill for their plans- you are a foreigner (easy target), vulnerable, well connected to Ului and his family (or most likely) so they will prey on you. You shouldn't have said anything- maintain your silence - you the right to remain silent and all that? So that the burden of proof will be upon that competent police- don't volunteer any information that will make it easy for them to trump up the charges. Well the wheels of injustice continues to roll in our beloved Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Just wish one hell of and earthquake swallows up only these Illegal regime goons and their homes.

That will be the end of them and we can look fwd to peace & democracy and human rights once again.

These fallas Bai & arse and Co. can rot in hell for all I care.

Anonymous said...

Err news was alerted by bloggers on C4.5 I hear. Welldone guys. I hear our UN emails are starting to work as well. Baini and AG r starting to panick.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the launch ran into trouble and a signal had to be put out for rescue - and the Tongan vessel DID pick up Mara - how come Risto didn't also go along for the ride? How DID he get the launch safely back to shore if it was inoperable?? Mara saved himself and left Risto behind to take the rap? Lots of questions there.

It is my understanding that CID is a very specialized arm of the police. They are more skilled at interrogation and operations but still MUST answer to the Comm. of Police. He holds the trump card. When their findings didn't match up, they were over-ridden. Three people, all on the same team, are running the show. John Galt

Anonymous said...

Another headache is propping up about law and order so when the country gets back to constitutional rule whenever that may be, I think the Ministry of Home Affairs (now called the Ministry Defence)will have to be totally revamped i.e. get rid of the military (spare the Navy for border control sea rescue)and eliminate all the "lamusona" in the Police force. In this latest drama, what benefit to society will they get from arresting this foreigner? They should, as the Samoan PM, investigate the boys in Togalevu for not patrolling the border as they should be? What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Take note you have done it now , First the EU knows about your treating of a Estonia Man . Second you have the UN taking this all in .Frank you have no authority with the UN you are a Dictator and your dictatorship have no authority you are illegal and your AG and SG will take the fall as well .Looking forward to the day you are in Court all of you . Free Fiji and soon

Anonymous said...

Christopher Thomas Pryed , Oyes you say he will get a far trial . You must have your head up your own ass. First he has done nothing wrong and second any other country he would be made a hero for saving some one at sea. Now you when this dictatorship falls apart you will be in front of a court your self and I know being a Law person you will get ten to twenty years . I am looking for that day and you wont be able to hide any where in the world . But lets hope you get Fiji Jail time I would love to come and visit you ,. So Christopher Thomas Pryed your on the list , Sleep well maggot .