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Saturday, May 21, 2011

'Dictator's hold on Fiji is crumbling'

New Zealand Herald editorial, today's paper, May 21

Sooner or later Fijians will wake up to the profound insolence of a self-appointed leadership telling them it knows their best interest and does not care for their vote.

Dictatorships fall when basic human resentment at the removal of rights and freedoms can no longer be repressed. Fijians have much to resent.

The dramatic flight to Tonga a week ago of their former third-ranked military officer, Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Mara, who was "rescued" at sea, shows that resentments now boil within the regime.

Colonel Mara, son of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, the country's founding Prime Minister, called for the overthrow of the Government of Frank Bainimarama.
It was, he said, a "hateful dictatorship". He accused Commodore Bainimarama of being ill, morally and intellectually bankrupt, and acting as a "hand puppet" of Fiji's civilian Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.
The YouTube video of Colonel Mara's message to Fijians also targeted those still serving in the armed forces.

Interestingly, the colonel fled after being charged with making seditious comments and inciting mutiny. The high-level arrests were not reported in the censored Fijian media.

Colonel Mara says he and another leading officer had given advice to their commander on how to soften the regime's approach to public dissent. That in itself was seen as betrayal. But public dissent is at the heart of this.

If Colonel Mara had not been making seditious comments and inciting mutiny before, he certainly is now. It is something of a Damascene conversion. He accepts he will answer to Fijians for his time serving the regime, having commanded the army's third infantry regiment at the time of the 2006 coup.

Nevertheless, the advice he gave Commodore Bainimarama that led to his being charged and now his public stand from Nuku'alofa exhibit great courage deserving of national and international support.

Fiji has predictably dragged out allegations that the formerly trusted colonel is being investigated over missing funds from Fiji Pine. It is blustering about Tonga's involvement.

The Tongan King, George Tupou V, counts the Mara clan as relatives, and his Government is playing it cool, saying any bid for extradition will be handled independently by Tonga's courts. It notes Fiji must show good grounds for the charges laid against Colonel Mara.

Most likely, this is the point where the Bainimarama regime will struggle. Its concept of "rule of law" is peculiar to its ilk. In Nuku'alofa there are no handpicked Bainimarama regime judges ready to apply Mr Sayed-Khaiyum's rulebook.

Directly or indirectly Tonga is standing up for Fijians' right to be heard. Having undergone its own tentative transformation to real democracy, it now does the democratic cause in the wider South Pacific a valuable service.

New Zealand is steering clear of taking sides. Foreign Minister Murray McCully noted the division in the regime and said intervention would not be helpful. He is probably right.

Commodore Bainimarama tries to convince Fijians that criticism from Australia and New Zealand is some kind of post-colonial hang-up from nations with no clue of the cultural and societal goals of his armed rule.

Colonel Mara's insider view is far more powerful, in any case. A leading Fijian Establishment military man is calling things as they are.

He hopes Tonga's system will resist pressure and prevent Suva forcing him home before the regime is itself in the dock, answering to Fijians for the abuses and misrule it has perpetrated. The case will be a milestone in Fiji's return to freedom.



Anonymous said...

I see the imminent total annihilation of the taliban miscreants BainiArse & Co.

Anonymous said...

I see rapture in Condom Baini's regime. Small hole will soon rip open and his loyal soilders will start swimings

Anonymous said...

Hello K-Mart Shoppers!

We are running a special, today and today only, green beanies with matching uniforms. No rainchecks to apply so hurry in now as to not miss out on the sale!

Each purchase will come with a neat little tin star. (Please note that star intended to be put on chest and NOT on other parts of anatomy!)

Anonymous said...

If your church or preacher is preaching to you to 'do what the government says, it's of the Lord,' you better switch churches fast.

The Fiji churches should be leading today the fight against the illegal taliban government and the tyranny they have imposed on us all.

Anonymous said...

the illegal taliban government is on LIFE SUPPORT - The game has changed – now its simply about survival. The Fijian people are waiting for any chance to revolt, fight and even shoot and this will happen. Who is this coward junta and dumb no school sick crook dictator

Anonymous said...

Dream on guys !!!

Baini here to stay.

Anonymous said...

Well I week gone by, UM has not released any damning inside info anout the regime. He has only disclosed what we already now, broken of course by C4.5.

I reckon the man is bullshitting...looking more for sympathy from the public...tic tok tick tok...we are waiting...sa enough mada the relaxing in Tonga. As Samoa P)M says ..Fiji and Tonga too much hot....esp coming from UM

Anonymous said...

It is said that God helps those who help themselves. Our government only appears to be helping itself. The people feel helpless.

1 + 1 = well, folks, we are where we have always been: familiar ground.

Anonymous said...

Yes, here to stay in Naboro, unless someone puts a bullet into his head first.

Beginning of the End said...

Go Ului! You go brave man! Fijians are so behind you!

Kua ni leqa taki ira na matavulo ka ra mai vosa ca taki kemuni tu i ke.

Au kerea mo ni talaucaka taka kecekece mai na vei ka vuni kece me baleta ira na tamata butobuto qo.

Fijians are not stupid, blind or dumb, we know BULLSHIT when we read them here from the anonymous regime supporters. Rere tiko vei kemudou!



Anonymous said...

@Beginning of the End. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, AND AMEN!!!!!!!!

4.5 under attack said...

Oi, that Graham Davis has attacked you guys on his Grubsheet ( how apt ) and reprinted on Crosbie and Pacific Scoop. Some fresh info on the Mara saga.

Anonymous said...

Ah! - As we all wait with baited breath to see what will unfold!

Me thinks all involved have found their brains too taxed and have decided to take a FIJI nap. By the time they awaken from their slumber, they will have forgotten what the problem is!

Before you can teach a child to run, it must learn how to walk. It would seem that Fiji is not even at the walking stage yet.

This dysfunction of our country may well be a result of having been pushed out of the nest too soon. But as a spoiled, little child, Fiji may be incapable of asking the parent to keep it from continuing to stumble. Better, the parent should RECOGNIZE its own mistakes and rescue its child. Part of good parenting is to stick around until your child is truly old enough to spread its own wings.

Are you waiting for the child to ask you to stop it from hurting itself? Yeah, right! And when was the last time you heard a child say, "No, I've had enough," and push the ice cream away?

Even the tortures here have been on an infantile level. Honestly! Rifles being misused? Expecting prisoners to entertain the handlers with sex acts???? If even ANY of this is true, then it is evident to the world that the country is being run by children. I am thinking of the move, "Lord of the Flies."

Anonymous said...

For the very first time I now see that my tau Meo@10.35am is finally talking sense here so vinaka tau wakakau! I know that tomorrow your mindset will change again so this credit expires midnight today. To anon @10.27 thanks for the list. Yes these "danivas" will be thrown into the net after we catch the two chubby "sumusumu" (to name them sharks is overrated). You'll agree that the cops will need solid evidence to issue arrest warrant. Vinaka JB for the idea - you are far ahead than the other boys in uniform in understanding how a civilian govt is run. I floated the idea of compiling potential evidence in 2008-09 when I noticed the millions of emails floating about abuses in Fiji. I started compiling my own database then and it became handy a few months a go when I revealed to 4.5 the names of the cowards in the military who are terrorising civilians (refer home screen). Stop vakateratera Rocky, has that black eye you copped in 2005 healed yet? Ului has confirmed these names in his recent u-tube speech. My database is still WIP but at least I know it'll be useful in future for I believe that victory to the people of Fiji will WIN in the end. We are not far off that mark. As civilians these are the things that we can do. Have a look at what the freedom fighters are doing in Burma. With Fiji I think we (all human rights/freedom fighters) overseas can come together using our available resources at our disposal and skills sets to help put together a strong circumstantial evidence based on solid facts against this illegal regime. The fact is at the moment the silent majority in Fiji are following the easy way. It’s the easy choice and I can understand why. The fact is that the ship named FIJI is taking in water day by day while the crew are still thinking. But for those of us who are blogging from all corners of the earth perhaps this is a time to stand back and review the effectiveness of your blogging in the last five years? To a certain extent I think we are effective in keeping the flame of hope alive for our fellow brothers and sisters at home. With Ului's escape to Tonga I see this one more step to victory for the true freedom fighters. This is the moment we are waiting for praise God!. The big nations have done their part and it's up to us. We all love Fiji at heart so let us work in partnership with one another and pulled together our resources to build a case against this Dictator for the ICC. In addition to Coup4.5 and its executive committee, Bose (Human Rights Coordinator for the Asia/Pacific) are in my opinion the best contact to coordinate our resources together. We can then approach senior ex-army/police officers such as Ului, JB, Caucau, Driti, Andrew Hughes, Mo Driver, etc. The victims of the 2006 coup will then have an ACTIVE INDEPENDENT body based overseas (preferably Aust or NZ)who will receive,QA,build a database,compile,get legal advice,drafting,etc, to which they can send,voice their grievances to. When the time is right these solid evidences will be presented in the Court of Law. It's challenging but it can be done. What's the outcome of our struggle? FREEDOM and LOVE FOR THE ORDINARY PEOPLE OF FIJI. To Bose and 4.5 VINAKA VAKALEVU for your effort. What do you think? Based on the above I'm ready to move one step further and offer my service for free. I don't have a website but a humble freedom/human rights believer based in Aussie. Any chance you can talk with the other bloggers around the world? The ten Blog sites I've seen so far are well structured but we are voicing the same message day in day out. Can we be interconnected in some way so as to carry weight in terms of approaching the ICC with one voice? It appears disjointed at the moment and needed some basic structure to be recognised universally? Perhaps contacting the key people is a good start. God bless our beloved Fiji.

Anonymous said...

RE:Anon @ 1:21 PM. Do whatever it is that you can. As you MUST know, you have more freedom than we do. Even you are afraid to use your name so you can imagine how those of us living in the middle of this nightmare feel.

There are no civil liberties in Fiji at the present time. Speak up and you will be pulled into QEB or just disappear. We can no longer tell the good guys from the bad guys because they are all behaving badly.

BTW - Anyone see the AG as of late?

Anonymous said...

Guess British colonial rule was not the oppressor after all. Ask the Queen to come back.

Anonymous said...

Regimes function & survive based on intelligence-true or false is irrelvant!Fiji right now is in such a state you can see who the real liu muris are-"matanigasau" left , right & centre.Any wonder then why we are in the state we are in? We have a confused generation of children! Glorufying the wrong deeds of the coup makers & supporters! We blame everyone else but ourselves, never really looking to see what happened in the past. For us to move forward the past has to be sorted out because those who started this whole affair are still alive & kicking, including those that gave full support to Rabuka but now live overseas & jumping up & down about Voreqe, including those that were very content with what George Speight did!Any wonder why we are still standing in "coka da".

Anonymous said...

Annymous 3:47 if think the British wasn't the oppressor what do think the indentures System was? SLAVERY! with a new name. They may have signed when they came but the treatment of people was just pure slavery!

Anonymous said...

Condom Baini has spoken with media and said.."Tell them [international media] not to be naughty.". Shows that he he is really educated and well spoken condom to lead Fiji! not.

Anonymous said...

Whats really crumbling is the mara family ... when the heat is on they only know how to escape like little girls ... true cowards ...

Anonymous said...

We just need to plan a concerted attack on the www.fiji.gov.fj web site. Lets show the Condom Baini that we have the power to bring his regime down from cyberspace. This will also show the people that by attacking the site together and making it meltdown that there is large number of people not happy with him.

Can C4.5 publish a date and I am sure we have enough experts here to help guide the best way to plan this attck.

Lets start to hurt him. Its just collective all of us to start visting his website and making request simultaneously. or is there another method? there is no crime in visiting the site so no one will be in trouble. But we all need to visit it same time and start clicking on menu same time.

Condom Baini get ready for our attack.

Anonymous said...

good idea bro on attack.

Anonymous said...

Frank & Aiyaz is vwery quick to comment of other people including his very own people being charge or invloved in criminal activities hence should be charged.


before trying to charge others. Everyone in Fiji is not a fool like you lot BLOODY day light thiefs & MONEY SUCKERS and morally corrupt people.