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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Estonian fisherman held by Fiji police over Mara's fishing escapade

The family and friends of an Estonian man being held in custody by Fiji police investigating Roko Ului Mara's 'rescue' are worried about him.

Risto Harmat (pictured left) is believed to be the 'kaivalagi' witnesses have said was seen on the water with Roko Ului the day he was picked up by a Tongan Navy vessel.

Sources say Risto lives at Pacific Harbour and fishes at Kadavu regularly. It's believed he skippered the boat that took Mara out from the island last week.

Family and friends say they believe Risto's intentions would've been innocent and that he's just a keen fisherman.

Risto is believed to have been in police custody now for several days and family have been desperately seeking information about his welfare.

It's believed he hasn't been allowed to contact a lawyer.

Fiji police say they're convinced Mara, who remains in Tonga, planned his escape last week and was helped by a number of people. 

Several of his family, including his wife, Dolores, have been questioned a number of times in the past week.

Another European man has been quoted by witnesses and reports as having helped Mara that day. He is believed to be Tim McBride, the husband of Adi Koila Ganilau, Mara's niece.

It's not known if McBride, who is a surfing instructor, has been questioned or taken into custody by police. But sources say he was seen out last night.


  1. Isa no more fishing for Risto.
    He's probably got broken arms and legs by now.

  2. Go ahead Frank, make my day !
    Make it International !
    Let's get the ICC J involved and interpol.

  3. Isn't this illegal?
    Wouldn't this be a Human Rights violation and violation of International Law if he's not allowed access to a lawyer?
    May be it's time we take these bastards to the International Law Courts.

  4. Just heard the whole military council to be replaced with new ones. Voreqes new military council to be lead by Ben Naliva n Aseri Rokoura. Kaiyum finalizing the arrangements.

  5. Vosa mai na vatuMay 22, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    Whilst all the coups in recent years can be viewed as negative, another way of grasping it is to see them as the process Fiji must undergo in order to come out at the other end of the tunnel as an even better democracy. Many lessons have been learnt from the coups. The notion of justice and checks and balance has percolated down to the lower stratum. It idea that the executive must derive its authority from the people and be directed and be accountable to them is slowly dawning. That parliament is the moral instrument thru which the legitimacy of the nation is expressed and protected. That there is no justice in the absolutism of a monarchical system and indeed feudalism. Whilst Fiji has moved away from a monarchical system to a democratic system, neighbouring Tonga for example has not. The Tongan monarchical system has come under threat from internal democratic activists for more freedoms and just representation.

    It is in the Tongan Monarchists interests therefore to stir up diversionary trouble, say for example with Fiji. This would make the Tongan Monarchy be perceived as a useful and honourable institution in the eyes of the Tongan public. The hopeful outcome will be an extension of the family’s mandate to rule the Friendly Islands for a further period. Like mana from heaven, the escapades of Ului have become a convenient serendipitous diversion to justify for extension of absolutism in neighbouring Tonga. Whatever, Fiji outcome, the ultimate goal for peace is a democratic system where legitimacy is expressed in the mandate from the people. Not some dictator or gun totting groups who hold the nation to ransom so that they can advance personal interest.

  6. This is ridiculous, what will they charge him with? Where did Roko Ului escape from? Was he in custody?

    Roko Ului was on bail and the only offense he comitted is breaching his bail condition. So the allegation of escaping is ambigous and inappropriate; so is the charge of helping or facilitating the escape.

    After watching the television interview of the Police spokesman by TVNZ, I am not suprised with the stupidity of police action in this case. They (Fiji Police) have lost credibility.

  7. Driti's statment and affidavit from Raw Fiji News

    Insiders say that Pita Driti’ statement during his interrogation conducted by Fiji Police CID has implicated Frank Bainimarama as the leading man behind the torturing of some Fiji citizen who were detained under his orders.

    Driti, like Ului is privy to many of Frank Bainimarama’s crime against humanity and Driti is said to have testified that he will do what Ului has done and will also come out clean about Frank’s coup.

    As we had reported earlier, Driti and Ului were the two main individuals who gave Frank that extra boost of confidence to execute the 2006 coup.

    They were in the eye of the storm with Frank and they are ready to tell it like it is.

    Driti, in his statement made special reference of his extreme dislike towards Aiyaz Khaiyum’s advice to Frank that the regime take over un-utilized native land under their already decreed land bank system which he said was Aiyaz’s way to further marginalize the indigenous Fijian race.

    Driti said he raised his concerns with Frank Bainimarama but the dictator brushed him aside saying that the indigenous Fijians don’t deserve their ancestral land for they don’t have the financial means to convert it into a bankable commodity. Frank is already giving away native land to overseas investors who have paid him hefty pay-backs for their new found piece of dirt.

    Another major concern Driti raised with Frank was his tendency to over-rule many decisions endorsed by the military council. He said that without any further consultation with the military council, Frank would execute policies that are totally contradictory to what was resolved by the military council.

    Driti said he knew that Aiyaz Khaiyum was the man behind Frank’s ears as they witnessed the rolling out of Aiyaz’s own Masters Degree thesis outlining the indigenous Fijian race sunset clause meant to marginalize the natives even further.

    Driti is said have listed Frank Bainimarama as one of his key witnesses and will request the court to subpoena him so he could be cross-examined by his defence lawyer. He also wants to test the claim by Aiyaz and Frank himself that “no one is above the law” by getting Frank and Aiyaz’s own court to demand his presence in Driti’s pending court case.

    Driti’s court case will open up Frank, Aiyaz, Nazhat Shameem, Anthony Gates and Christopher Pryde’s can of worms.

  8. Can someone get in contact with DJ he has helped Risto in the past with the sale of ki one (his boat) and knows full well, as I do that Risto is a MAD KEEN fisherman and has no care of politics or Ratu's or any agenda

  9. That's it! Declare war!
    Where's Estonia!?

  10. This story is inaccurate. It states Tim McBride is a European. In reality, he is a Kiwi. The Fijian police needs to investigate this individual's links to the NZ regime. If the details are wrong, then it's likely that the story itself is full of propaganda.

  11. @ anan 3:51 boci!! don't joke about Risto having broken legs n al.
    l Risto is a mad keen fisherman from Estonia why would he have anything to do with the politics of Fiji
    He lives and breathes for the ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiig of a fishing real FULLSTOP for him to implicated is nothing short of madness except if Fiji think the Vikings of Estonia are planning to take Fiji
    this is bullshit he should have Estonian legal representation

  12. Add to the fact mcbride is a U.S citizen

  13. ANZ apparent support for the illegal Fiji regime/China loan deals is connected to its attemp to suck up to China for bigger Chinese Banking business deals as reported today in NZ Herald:

    ANZ in Chinese bank deal
    6:20 AM Saturday May 21, 2011

    NZ Herald
    ANZ Banking Group signed another agreement with a big Chinese bank as it ramps up attempts to capture trade flows and cross-border deals between China, Australia and New Zealand.

    ANZ's co-operation agreement with the Export-Import Bank of China (China Eximbank) was signed in Beijing and comes a month after rival Westpac struck the first such agreement between China Eximbank and an Australian lender.

  14. What have our Beloved Nation shrunk to? Having to listen to this Bai (still St Giles patient) to run the country and having this Bankrupts to advice, where are the warriors who does not stoop at anything to defend our Nation, are they happy to stand at the sidelines after all these years watching our Beloved Country ploughed to the ground by these people... Fiji is now a laughing stock of all nations.. I Pray that it will end soon and all that put it in this stage be made accountable... God Bless Fiji...

  15. Ben has just made himself the main target if this appointment to the Military Council is true.

  16. Estonia is in the Baltics, across the Baltic Sea from Finland, next to Russia and North of Latvia.

  17. @Provocation...Estonia was once a part of the Eastern blok...u know the big ole USSR...Russian KGB etc...YA!!! A small country on the Balkan.

  18. can people in different countries create pages.. i hv heard facebook is vry powerful n reaches everyone... we can organise international marches, and requests to austr n nz to intervene

  19. Is Risto a russian Estonian or an estonian Estonian?

  20. This is exactly what RU was saying, detention for unknown period without trial.Previously under the soon to be revived 1997 constitution, the cops could only detain people for 24/48 hours before charging or releasing with them. With these guys, it could be months and years without charges. With the PER, the media can't even raise the issue.Hopefully the NZ media will pick this up.

  21. Its Innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent! Let the man go!

  22. Ului n Driti are just talk. Looks like the Max is right.
    Anyway Tim Macbride is a drug dealer,,,used to sell drugs to us from Caaf compound nadi.
    Blog on guys - u all wasting time,,,,,,go plant some tavioka

  23. McBride isn't a European. He's a kiwi. I suspect the fingerprints of the NZ regime and especially McCully all over this. Finally the cross Tasmans are having success in their divide and rule effort. Frank should put an end to this by inviting the Chinese to open up a military base in Fiji. It will keep all the neighbouring thieves out of the cookie jar.

  24. Jieke, your comments are ill informed. In the aftermath of the attack on Osama bin Laden, Obama reminded Pakistan that their enemy is within the country, and not from India. The same rule applies in Fiji. Indo fijians are a scapegoat. The Indian/Fijian conflict is a myth. The real differences in Fiji is within the indigenous Fijian hardline traditionalists and progressives and betweem melanesians and polynesians. Viseisei and Lau are completely different ends of Fiji. Taking Indians out of the equation doesn't solve the danger that Tonga threatens Fiji with. The reason that Mara and the Aussies and Kiwi dislike Khayum is because the guy is a genious. He knows international law and uses it effectively against foreign aggressors, frustrating the kiwis. He mental ability threatens others. To suggest that Khayum wants to marginialize Fijians is a joke because he is married to a Fijian woman. Why would he want to do something that could affect his future children ? Makes no sense.

  25. Anil - Here are the facts as much as you're in denial about them -

    1. NZ is a free and democratic government whilst Fiji is a military dictatorship or illegal regime.

    2. All of Fiji knows that Aiass is an incompetent, a con-artist and who is where he is today because of crazy Frank's support ... and now propped up by their own personal military that caters to their every whim.

  26. Anil Tuitavua, You are a real dumb. Aiyarse agenda is the demise of indigenous Fijians and all that they tresure and own.This was his uni thesis.

  27. @ Anil Tuitavua
    Aiyaz can't Father children because is is sterile, he will have to get an Indigenous Fijian to impregnate his Fijian Wife with sperm to have any offspring.
    The problem is, his wife is so ugly, he has to use someone else's polo to have sex.

  28. @Pssst.
    1. How do you define what's illegal ? Because it happens to be unelected and undemocratic ? Is democracy better ? Well lets see. Under democratic rule, US president Harry Truman dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. Democratic George Bush's Iraq war led to the killing of thousands of innocent Iraqis. Democratic UK brought indo fijians to Fiji, spread colonialism, it sent its criminals to Australia. And Democracy is nice ? Read the wikileaks wires and learn about NZ's illegal actions against Fiji. It isn't about illegal and legal, rather about wrong and right. If a military can eliminate decades of racism, then they are awesome.

    2) All of Fiji ? Which all of Fiji ? Not me, not my village in Ba province. The people u should talk to is McCully in NZ and Rudd in Australia who have been rattled by Khaiyum's ability to bolster support through China, India, Indonesia, Cuba etc. The aussies are stunned that Fiji under military rule has been able to get so much support. And BTW, the biggest reason noone would ever bother bringing military force into Fiji is because of India. The US and India are allies. The Aussies would not dare challenge nuclear powered India by threatening violence against Fiji.

  29. @ Anil.........you're pervert who supports and condones the torture of civilians, arse prodding with gun barrels included, the concept of two sets of rules. One for the regime and one for the common people. Look at Keane and the killers of Malasebe & Rabaka, walking the streets as freemen, whereas other people who committed similar crimes are imprisoned for life.Hope you'll enjoy your perverted "democracy" whilst it lasts.The outcome for this regime has already been written, April 2009 Court of Appeal judgement declaring the takeover illegal.It might not be today, this week,this month or this year, but it will come. Enjoy........for now!!!

  30. @ mark manning. Besides insulting a native fijian woman, do u have anything productive ? How would u know he is sterile ? From personal experience ? Just wondering.

    @ anonymous. where's his thesis ? lets see it, in detail and not bits and pieces.

  31. @Tui Tavua. You're right, only if u had consistency. However, I doubt that you were annoyed when Rabuka's muscular military group beat up old innocent indian farmers, or when Speight took over the government with goals of making every dark skinned Fijian and indo fijian slaves of Ma'afu's clan. The military rule will end, but Fiji's problems won't. The threat of Polynesia won't go away. The goals of the Tasman 2 to get whatever it wants from Fiji by throwing little aid money won't go away. The division among provinces, islands, villages won't go away.

  32. Anil, how STUPID can you be... case of DuMB and Dumber!!

    Wake up and smell the rifle, up your rear (admiral).. haha!

    Only under an ILLEGAL regime does a convicted murderer (KEANE- Brother in law of BAINIidiot) not complete his full sentence and re-instated to his position as head of navy... Sa rauta ga me sega ni tobo nona lei "siwa: of Roko Ului... ni luitaka tu na mataivalu i wai e dua na CONVICTED MURDERER!!

    Sa dri yani!

  33. Democracy is a far better system than anything else on the planet. Don't expect it to be perfect, it is alway a work in progress.One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to appreciate that.

  34. Estonia.
    Russia - USSR - KGB - Vikings - Finland - Latvia - cold - no Kava?

    Gee - makes declaring war on Tonga sound even better.

  35. @ Nationality who said...
    'Is Risto a russian Estonian or an estonian Estonian?'

    This is one of the dumbest shit that has ever been said but very humuorous when you here in the Baltic Sea and hearing it from someone 24 hours away by plane.

    I will forward this to all Baltic Sea States Media stations. Nice original joke, man......more please, Nationality

  36. Mai nona tale na samu ni dawa o Risto....o sobo....kerekere me va sukai mai vatotolo kemudou mai na keba.....ke EU Citizen na rawa ni va vu leqa levu nona tauri tiko qori vakatawa dodonu.

  37. I personally know Tim and know his weakness and Cash Problems at times. He surely loves Drugs and Women. Sorry Koila for this Note shud u be reading tis.
    Ok now to this white dude "Risto" (estonian - nice countryside country) what they hell is he doing here on the other side of the glove? Is he a Fiji Citizen? If not then He will Need an EU rep there to witness his interview (or in Fiji "Lauvacu tiko")

  38. Oi Anil,

    1. If the Fiji Court of Appeal decision that ruled against TREASON or the ILLEGAL overthrow of a democratically elected govt doesn't means NOTHING to you and your common criminal relatives in the BaineiAiaass regime, then isn't it any wonder how you've all taken and left this country up shitz creek without a bloody paddle.

    2. Yes tamata ulukau vakai Aiyass, all of Fiji including the pathetic hole you crawled out from.

    If you really stood by the trash you spew here, then use your real name. Or are you another of them cowards with guns propping their butts up but who blog here anonymously since they know that their end is nigh. LOLS......

    The pants is falling...LAMBASA!!!!

  39. has tony fullman arrested by FMF??

  40. Risto (god bless him) is an Estonian fisherman nothing to do with Russia etc he and his father are friends through fishing with G Southwick . He is an honest no nonsense bloke, who loves fishing and loves the pacific. After years of knowing Risto I can assure you all, he has no care for politics AT ALL. either in Estonia or Fiji.

    Tim is actually a U.S CITIZEN
    Nothing to do with N.Z and from personal experience it's actually the WOMEN that chase him! And if you believe he has money problems you have been Namued lol his family have shares in the new yourk times and Tim is not short of coin but yes he does like to act as if he has no cash

  41. i just hope dat anil is not the dum arse aiyaz himself... cos i am pretty sure apart from him,no1 likes him in fiji...he has brought so much racial discrimination in fiji.. and one more thing.. if the leaders of the muslim community are reading this,they should jst dis own him rite now..his way are of da taliban,n not of da muslims..

  42. Be strong Risto. My sympathy to all Fijians who are facing hardship out there.

    If Bainimarama say's that everything is okay in Fiji then why is he heavily guarded? and aiyarse too..

    Seem's like their safety is paramount then the life of the nation.

  43. @ Anil Tuitavua,

    1. So what if Tim McBride is a Kiwi? The term "European" is used loosely here to refer to people of predominantly British, Irish, or continental descent.

    2. McBride's links to "the New Zealand regime?" Let me tell you a thing or two, Anil. We don't have a "regime" here, we have an elected government, thank you very much. The only people with "links" to the government are those employed by it.

    3. Your scurrilous accusations about McBride being "a drug dealer" are legally actionable, at least in New Zealand. If that's not the case in Fiji, that only confirms what I suspect about the Fijian justice system.

    4. Aiyaz may well be a "genious" (your spelling) - just like Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, etc - but you are certainly not. You can't even spell the word.

  44. Its obvious who was behind it all... poor risto the scape goat from Estonia.

  45. @Anil. Is democracy better ? Well lets see. Under democratic rule, US president Harry Truman dropped the atomic bomb on Japan.

    This mongrel "Anil T" is bonkers-totally looney!! just like Baini & Arse. He ought to be thrown into mental institution

  46. Anil Tuitavua... BainiArse INTERNET TROLL...

  47. @ Pssst

    1) Hillarious my friend, and quite contradictory. Isn't it the NZ and Australian regimes and Frank's racist opposition in Fiji who have claimed to the UN that the judiciary ISN'T separate from the military ? How could you claim that the courts' ruling should stand when your group claims that the courts are run by the military ? That is the funniest thing ever ! Where's the consistency ? Or does it only count if it works in your favour ?

    2) Your "all of Fiji" claim is baseless. you provide no proof of it. Every time we sit outside for grog, we tell ourselves how free we all feel. Myths should not be connected to reality.

    3) As for names, I am Fijian and Indian both, and have served in the US marines in combat to the likes that you would not be able to imagine nor handle. You don't do what I could do in my prime while being a coward. Why are you so anonymous ?

    BTW. Usually, when people do not have valid comebacks, they resort to profanity and low blows, which is in full display here.

  48. @ Anonymous 9:24 PM

    You are welcome...Let me know what the baltic stations will report ;-)

    Nationality is an important thing in Fiji...fijian Fijians, indian Fijians, etc.... so I thought it was the same in Estonia.

  49. @Anon 9:24 PM

    By the way, my comment was serious. If he is russian Estonian (doesn't have a estonian passport) than this is a serious diplomatic incident with Russia, which more or less quietly supported the Military up to now... Otherwise, it is an incident with Estonia, part of the Western bloc and european union now...

    Behind a "dumb" comment there is often a great brain.


  50. arse aiyaz is just a lonely dumbass using a dumber ass baini to do his bidding.

  51. All the historical evidence shows that as the arbitrary power of a regime increases, that is, as we move from democratic through authoritarian to totalitarian regimes, the amount of killing jumps by huge multiples.

    The empirical and theoretical conclusion is this: The way to end war and virtually eliminate democide appears to be through restricting and checking Power, i.e., through fostering democratic freedom, " by which Professor Rummel means individual liberty; limited, constitutional government; and social tolerance of difference and diversity among the peoples in a society.


  52. Estonians speak a language related to the Finno-Ugric family, that is, to Finnish and Hungarian, and not to Indo-European, which most of the languages of Europe, Iran, and the Indian subcontinent belong to.

  53. It's amazing that others who claim to spaek on behalf of those who support thjis regime never seem to identify with the flaws, faults illegality of the same regime. The point out inconsistencies inothers agruments while defending the appalling record of this regime while claiming that if we all just wait eight years it will be all worth it for some race free utopia. Nthey are the same militray types who don't quite accept there are next to no indians etc in their own military and this is years after claiming some sort of twisted mandate from a people that could really care less.This was not some overwhelmingly popular peoples movement. This was a military that fails on every level to be accountable demanding it from everyone else.

  54. So sad !!!!!!How about the HUMAN RIGHTS????? chucked in d bin????? cummonnnnnnn WAKE UP mada all the kaiviti...

  55. awwwwwwwwwwwwww been detained for few days??? Not allowed to contact a lawyer???

    These people( police,army and who ever they are) They a just taking the law @ their on hands.. oh my my!!!


  56. Kaiviti's don't know what human rights are. So stop wasting your time blogging here. People of Eygpt and Libya were lot smarter and they managed to over throw the regime there lot quicker. things will happen here but slowly like Fiji time!!!!

  57. To A Tuvatuva @May 23, 2011 4:03 AM

    Your crap states you are slow.
    The court's ruling before that led to the abrogation of the constitution and the sacking of the Fiji Judiciary. The judiciary now is military.

    Marine military your arse.....I don't think so!!!!!!!

  58. so so so @ Anonymous 10a.m .. As you've said kaiviti don't know about the Human Rights... No wonder the illegal government are taking advantage of that..

  59. the man Ratu is not a convict he is on bailed and does not commit an offence by going to Tonga.Tonga dont have extradiction offence for sedition act . but other offence so Ratu is a free man in Tonga.Fiji is an illeage regime so all laws lof fiji is unlawful do correct me if Iam wrong.

  60. @anon 10am el oh el. Mubarak reigned for 30 years and you say they are a lot smarter cause they managed to overthrow a lot quicker!

    some of the post here are pure entertainment hahaha

    On a different note
    Who is running Yatu Lau now? Where is all the $$ mooolah $$

  61. I am at a loss as to why the Australian government is still silent on the Tongan patrol boat "Savea" seen in Fiji waters on the 9th May.Australia gave out 22 Pacific Patrol Boats(Savea Class) as aid to Pacific countries some years ago,3 to Fiji(Kula('94),Kikau('95),Kiro('96)3 to PNG,2 to Samoa,2 to Tonga,Vanuatu,Solomons,Cook Is,Palau and the list goes on.All these ships are fitted with VMS(vessel monitoring system)controlled and monitored from ADF HQ in Canberra to track each of them 24/7 wherever they are.This is on a big electronic chart updated every 5 minutes.My question is how can they have missed the Savea? coincidence or conspiracy or are they just turning a blind eye to the enemy.Come on Australia,NZ has already admitted there was no distress call,what do you say mate?

  62. Oi Anil

    What an idiot.

    U've obviously been living on lala land if you're still confusing the FCA decision against this tinpot regime with the current kangaroo court created by bainimarama/aiyass' decrees.


    Btw, your wannabe marine BS stinks to the high heavens..

  63. WTF is the police doing and this tin pot dictator?? Barking up the wrong tree. Just admit the bloody bullcrap navy commander cant even protect Fiji's waters. He probably couldnt even see a canoe even if it sailed out of his backside. So much for military intelligence!! lol. But seriously there are so many other priorities like improving the economy and improving employment, reducing poverty instead of running after these people.

  64. Risto is Estonian but has lived in Fiji for many many years. He is an easy going guy and the only reason he is involved in this is because of his fishing friend Tim McBride. The information about Tim being European or a NZer is obsured. He has lived in Fiji his whole life and his family is from the cook islands. Both of these men wouldn't have an interest in politics they live to surf and fish and its sad they have been caught up in this mess.


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