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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fiji insiders warn of implications in Driti and Mara case

Sources say the case against Pita Driti and Roko Ului Mara hangs on the messages found on their mobile phones: the messages allegedly refer to a plot to remove the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama.

The former land force commander and the former commander of the 3rd infantry were charged yesterday with uttering seditious comments and inciting a mutiny: Driti with sedition and mutiny and Mara of just uttering seditious comments.

The charges relate to an alleged failed plot last year and both have pleaded not guilty.

Coupfourpointive has been told the DPP and Police case against the former key right hand men of Bainimarama will revolve around the telephone messages.

Other material that could be used to incriminate the duo include papers alleged to have been found at the home of the Suva businessman, Ben Padarath, the nephew of Driti.

Informed sources are already picking that with the regime determined to prove the charges against the pair and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's grip on the judges and the Commissioner of Police, Driti and Mara need good legal representation.

Sources say both could be looking at three to five years in prison.

Insiders are also saying it's possible moves will be made to remand Driti and Mara in custody because of the high risk of the allegations levelled at them. They say the measure is also likely to be pursued to scare officers who might want to go against the illegal leader and his self-appointed government.


Stealth. said...

Tik tok tik tok...

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't they get the same treatment as Kean? Positions in the army intact, go thru the kangaroo courts, get out of jail early and back to your positions in the army? Oh wait, you're not Vore's bro in law so no special treatment for you!!

mark manning said...

It's time to take Aiyaz out, and i don't mean to dinner !

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that every time something tumulteous happens in Fiji, the pig Vore is conveniently out of the country? Whenever there's rumours of a takeover or potential for a takeover he's either in China, India and now Vietnam. Bloody lamulamu!!

Anonymous said...

Well Well..the blinding obvious is that the chargers against these two senior serving officers should have been heard in a closed military court martial. The fact that they were not, points to the President Nailatikau (who has sole authority to do so) not granting such a military court to convene.Where are you Aziz as DALS?Or are you next... you suckers?

Kai Colo

VereBau. said...

Charges laid - now will it be an
"open court" or "closed" military tribunal?

SEMI MEO said...

@ Again we say, with all due respect, pls change your Lawyers gentlemen. …and do hope both will be vindicated IF QC take up the case…of course, will be a another test to the independence of our judiciary….again, let hope all will work out for good!!

Also, now is the time for the over glorified Fiji pro-democracy organisation overseasi to assist finance QCs NOT form Aust, but from HONGKONG and UK to take up this case.

All we care for is a quick resolve of this saga, and less excuse to defer the road map we now have for imminent return to democratic rule.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is NEXT!!!

VereBau. said...

@ Kai Colo.

There you go - there's that name again - Nailatikau.

The Oracle said...

Will Vasu from Prisons be next for his "seditious" comments about the government and all decisions since 2006 being "illegal"?
One law for some, another for the others - that's the new Khaiyum/DPP Principle/Theorum.
The problem is when the two merge into grey area .. Khaiyum might then find the true meaning of the word "backfire".
He already knows the meaning of "back-stab" because he's already a master at it. But as we all know, when you don't have a weapon in your hand, your courage and worth as a "man" can sorely be tested. Then, you're nothing more than a dog with your tail between your legs!!! Or maybe in Khaiyum's case, he's got Bai between his legs!?!
It now appears last month's get-together of the soldier boys (at great expense to the Fiji taxpayer) was to prepare them for anything Driti or Mara might have attempted to do.
Sa tekivu na vei liumuri taki!!!

Anonymous said...

it should be Aiyaz and Bainimarama next. nice if we can get them togehter. Shouldnt be a problem as they usually sleep togehter.

mark manning said...

@ Semi
they got themselves into the mess !
why should people from overseas save them from their own kangaroo court ?
the Democracy movements overseas are aPolitical and are only interested in returning Fiji to a Democratically Elected Government, not saving terrorists such as Driti or hangers on like Mara.
What you sow, so shall you reap.

Anonymous said...

Gud to see no repeat of 87 where officers misused power. All started cos of Driti banging physco Rogers. Ayiaz fired Rogers rightly for non performance and Driti didn't take it well. Well ASK

Radiolucas said...

@ Semi meo

And what would you know about the calibre of QCs from HK/Aust/UK or NZ?

Good luck with the road map - if you could find it that would be great. I fear you are dreaming if you think Frank & Co actually have a plan. They are too busy bumbling from crisis to crisis to think about planning - they are still the same pack of liars - no matter what promises they make.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Semi Meo jumps from one side of the fence to the other.
One minute he is praising the Coupsters then the next minute he is crawling up to the Democracy Movement.
Which side of the fence of the fence do you actually support Semi?
You can't support both.


SEMI MEO said...

@Ridiculous opps..@Radiolucas..Sir, QCs from Aust may just not give a damn…also, our own “QCs” eh..old names like Sahu Khan, Raza etc have been disrobed and diswiged..kalash!!

PM Rear Admiral Bainimarama again reiterated in affirming to the world the present Government’s resolve for imminent 2014 elections while speaking in Vietnam yesterday.

In the meantime, the machinery of Government moves on…even with the young Military hierarchy at Delainabua..hospital still open, our children still enjoy no-bus fare to school, poverty alleviant program targeting beggars still on, FIJI ME tourism thrust still attracting global tourists, again with Australian topping at 37,000 this Feb '11 alone, and promise for influx of Asian tourists, NZ is as we speak warming towards Fiji and may allow our reps to the upcoming anti terrorism seminar for our global security, more so now post Osama Kill, Aust receiving advise to re-consider embargo etc stand against Fiji, EU, Commonwealth wanna join in the party etc etc.

This Driti/Mara crisis , serious at it may, will be amicably dispense with, but certainly NOT stop to roll!!

Anonymous said...


Radiolucas said...

@ Semi Meo

"PM Rear Admiral Bainimarama" - made me laugh.

But why do you say "QCs from Aust may just not give a damn"? Why would that be the case? Anyway - Aust is running out of QCs because they are no longer being appointed - all SCs now.

As for the machinery of the government - what machinery? It is a farce - yes the hospital is still open but largely to do with the fact that the military are not required to go in there and attempt to "manage" it. Look at the state of sugar in the west - Frank's regime is like a veritable King Midas of shitstorms - everything they touch turns to da.

With the exposure of Driti and Mara Frank & Co know that they are running out of options and literally circling the toilet bowl - who can they trust now?

The writing is on the wall. In the end it will just be Aiyaz and Frank holding eachother's hands as they are lead off in chains.

The crap draconian legislation they enacted will be repealed, their tenure exposed and prosecuted. In some ways it may end up being one of the most cleansing events in our history - it may even lead (much to their chagrin I guess) to a revitalised form of open government in Fiji and an acknowledgment that we must all remain vigilant against corruption in all its forms. What an exciting idea for our future eh?

Jake said...

Radio Luka.

What make you think the QC's or USP educated lawyers are worhty of their qualifications?

If you are one of them USP educated halfwits than its no wonder you took cover their in Australia.

Cant you see Frank is being about the much needed justice, what better place to start aye!!


Annie said...

at anony 2.02

you have no respect for others...mind your language.

Anonymous said...

I'm really proud of the Bainimarama government...great job.

silver said...

at Semi...well said

Anonymous said...

for me no mercy to any baini cronies, they are idiots

Puaka said...

Meo taura ga na nei Jake drau yavu gusu ni poci

Tui Viti said...

@ Semi Meo....Bainivore talking about democracy in Vietnam - a one party state. Shows how stupid he really is!!!Back to the question, which side of the fence are you really on??

Geronimo said...

@ Brother S.Meo...QCs from Aussie will be better, close to your home!

@ Sister Annie...not language...mind your tongue!

SEMI MEO said...

@ Radiolucas..ni yadra Gonei. We do not give a hoot whether a QC,SC or an overseas paralegal. My point again is, with all due respect, the two Lawyer’s (appointed by the former military giants) record are not good at all basing from recent cases. We believe only one local Lawyer..Lauan (we think?), Mr. Naco who achieved success in a “sedition case;”

Also, with the over lording Law Commission in place of the Society , local Lawyers value their respective registration and may not be brave enough to explore the contents of the varied “closets” the two accused may open during the trial. Overseas advocates have (less) no fear and will approach the case totally in aspects of Law and facts with no inkling whatsoever of an emotional, sentimental or patriotic connotation which some of our local advocates may struggle with.

You, Radiolucas no doubt would agree with this Government and all of us that we all hope for a fair trial..wouldn’t you??

Seeing how things are moving, many may need fair trials in future.. so let’s set a standard in getting the best so all be dispense with and continue focus on the 2012 constitutional referendum and election in 2014.

@ Puaka..na puka ga na puaka.

@Tui Viti..oh I thought you'd be with PM in that State visit...listern dum, he was speaking in a Reginal forum in Viatanamu!!..why should I be on any side of your stereotyping blooming fence?? I AM FOR FIJI FORWARD TO DEMOCRACY!!

Tui Viti said...

@ Semi Meo.......you would make a good side show for the Illegal PM with your confused rhetoric. I have more respect for the Pro- Illegal Regime then for some opportunist who sits on the fence. At least they know where they stand, as for the fence sitters like you tukaqu - please remeber what happened to Humpty Dumpty.

SEMI MEO said...

Tui Viti..how many million times do we have to drum in your royal brain and let it engrave deeply in your thought process that..THIS IS NOT ABOUT PRO OR ANTI BAINIMARAMA/AIYUZ GOVERNMENT!!...no not at all, Sir!!
Please, we implore you to Stop staggering around with a rusty TWO METER barometer to measure where each Citizens measure in your very ego centric summation of who, what and where we are in this post coup socio-economic-politic journey.
..n era where the rest of us 99.99% are poised to move ahead…… Goodness!!!...take your barometer and throw at DUMty humpty..your humpty dumpty cousin..goodness!!

Anonymous said...

semi meo levu ga na nomu vaka macala lasu2 ike mai va lusia ga nai lavo ni tax payers.sa rauta mada na mai con duka taki kei mami tiko na lewe ni vanua,vaka2rau taki iko vata kei bainiboci vinaka tiko ena vukuni lai tomi sovu i naboro...drau na lau vutu vei na mapolo..

SEMI MEO said...

@A-NUNI_MOSI May 7,2011 4:26AM..BOTHY..wilika tale na veika au vola tekivu mai na 12/2006. Au sega ni dua vaka na nodrau veisausaumi ni lavo ni livi o Mr. Chaudry kei Mr.Bainimarama, au SEGA NI DUA VAKA KEI NA DUA GA NA COUP E VITI..ia, me da dua vaka KECE SARA me vakalesui tale noda Viti ki na Matanitu tu gagala!!

Vaka veiau o se qai mai ciqobaca la qo e loma ni veitalanoa..na bothy ga na bothy !!..koya vata sara ga tukuna na Tui o Tevita vei Koliaci..ia, i keri osa bothy qai seag tu na yacamu..kua ni vakamadua taki nomu Ta kei Na..mai vunitaki yaca voli ena ruku ni liku kei na sulu i ra...lewa, oti ga qo lai sisili sara ka kua ni guicava me sava na gusu bone qori.moce lewa!