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Monday, May 9, 2011

Fiji military poised for trouble: Ready Action Unit activated

Fiji's security forces are preparing for any trouble after former senior military officers, Pita Driti and Roko Ului Mara, were charged last week with trying to coup Frank Bainimarama.

Informers have sent us critical information, plus a map revealing the military is taking the possibility of retaliation seriously.

Details of the Ready Unit Action Compound (above) shows preparations for a new detention centre and a back-up National Command Centre.

Insiders say key officers from the army, navy, police, and prisons have been in the FTG (force training grounds) camp at 8 Miles to address and prepare for any mass riot situations since Thursday.

The RFMF went into high alert on Friday after Driti and Mara appeared in court, with the police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, approving road blocks and 1500 officers, backed up by the army, to provide 24/7 shifts.

Coupfourpointfive has been told the regime intends to remand Driti and Mara in custody while they at heir trial, because they compromise 'national security'.

Naivalurua today denied to Fiji Live Driti and Mara were in custody (we had not said they had already been detained), but our sources insist that is the plan and the Ready Action Unit has been activated in preparation of trouble.

We've been told officers at 8 Miles have been working on  boosting their leadership skills in the past four days. But more importantly:

1) Army experts have also been reviewing the uprising in Tunisia and Egypt and looking at how to counter people who wish to rise against the illegal government. Videos were shown with discussions focusing on how to detain mass people movement and how to cut routes off. 

2) A list of high profile targets and government enemies, including union leaders, political parties, churches and chiefs is being drawn up, so they can be arrested first at any time. 

3) Surveillance has already started on these people. Insiders say the model being followed here is the Chinese government response in recent weeks to detain all activists in China.


for fiji ever fiji said...

Well well - it looks like the time has come when the spark becomes a flame. FB asked for it and he and AG are going to get it. All right thinking people should do what is right and unite against tyranny.

Anonymous said...

This is so friking funny it's better than watching bloody cartoons. i'm laughing my head off here.
Anyway seriously. This could develop into a very messy affair. (by that I mean a few dead people)
So please Fiji soldiers the only way to prevent this is for the Bodyguards to slam the handcuffs on Vuaka and Aiyarse and tell the bloody stupid lamusona President to run the bloody country.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sa kua mada na vakamakama tiko
sa da vinakata kece ga me veka o voreqe..ia e sega ni dua e vakavekaci koya rawa tiko

da yavala mada na kaiviti
sa sivia na lamusona..

Keep The Faith said...

Now you've gone and done it C4.5 ;)

They'll be shaking in their shoes at the massive leak from within.

Watch your backs military peeps -- you just never really know who to trust these days. LMAO.

mark manning said...

I hope that then Security Forces are all walking around with hand held mirrors, because that's the only way they will be able to recognise the terrorists in Fiji, themselves !

for fiji ever fiji said...

naivalurua is the judas. just watch.

Anonymous said...

io me liu sara madaga oiko ,qai keimami muri yani.kua jiko mada na threat jiko.

Anonymous said...

E sa tiko na rere kei na ririko!

The time has come when we all feel that "enuf is enuf" !!!

Tikoitoga has taken up residence at the no. 1 officers' quarters at delainabua. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he'd set foot there. Nomu cagi mada Mosese! Kakua ga ni o se tei cagina. But hey, there is something definitely brewing... he had a full carpark over the weekend... esa tiko na rere kei na ririko!

Anonymous said...

The bloddy ulukau Pressie to run the country? ahahahahahahahhahahahahhaha!
Made your bed so lie in it suckers!!!
Let this unravel on its own accord, as it should..

Anonymous said...

ratu epeli nailatikau kei ratu epeli ganilau....drau bau cakava yani e dua na ka...na ca gona ni nomudrau vakamuri voreqe e sa mai yaco tu kina qori ena nomudoou matanitu suguraki na boidada... Sa yali sara na liumuri levu o paul manueli... All former army commanders full of shit...

End said...

A pacific solution would be a total general strike. Everybody stays at home. No more workers anywhere. What could the military do? Nothing.

Anonymous said...

ni vei vutu mada na sotia ni viti,e sega ni dua vei kemuni se vakai tavi ena dua nai valu,ni peace keeper wavoki voli ga,naka ni sa bau vulica mai ni mai vaka yaga taka vei ira na lewe ni vanua.kamisese mara kei penaia ganilau drau vei vutu mada ena vanua drau dui davo tukina qori,na nomu drau vaka donuya nai matai ni coup oya sada mai va tukina oqo,drau yavu tamata ulu lala.

Curious Local said...

What are the implications of this decision??

Goundar appointed acting Chief Justice
May 09, 2011 06:37:49 PM

Fiji’s Supreme Court judge Justice Daniel Goundar has been appointed the acting Chief Justice from 7 to 19 May, the office of the Attorney General has confirmed.

In a release, the Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said Justice Goundar was appointed by President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

Justice Goundar’s appointment comes in light of Chief Justice Anthony Gate’s trip to Sri Lanka for official duties.

The appointment is in accordance with section 17(3) of the Administration of Justice Decree 2009.

Goundar became a High Court judge in 2009, prior to that he was a state lawyer at the Director of Public Prosecutor’s office.

By Repeka Nasiko

Anonymous said...

People Power

Yea,its time to rise against the dictator. Bai is basically a coward masquerading as a Bully. He must be dislodged along with his henchmen and other colleagues in corruption ie Aiyarz.

Chiefs who have been insulted and ridiculed must stand up now, so must the Methodist Church, the workers and the farmers whose rights are being trampled on by this corrupt regime.

Chinese Embassy and staff must be driven out for support corrupt dictatorial rule like they have in their own country. Remember the Tiananmen Square massacre of young men and women protesting for democracy?

There are many in the army ready to come on the side of the people. We have 2 able ex Army Commanders to lead us. Come on you guys. Let's not wait.

The movement is gaining ground- only a matter of time. If blood has to flow, so be it. we must rid our country of corrupt. self serving dictators.

Anonymous said...

Sab koi suto. Koi nai jai!
Bahut Lamu Sona hai. Me Too! Bahut pirai bhaini....

If Driti's departure will not bring any split in army and no rebel forces, then two things are achieved.

1) The decipline in soldiers have truely returned after it lost its direction ever since 1987.

2) That there is only one commander in the army as from the errors of 2000. This brings end to future coups, unless politicians shit stir the leadership of RFMF in the future.

Sometimes bad happens for good and good happens for bad!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gaytes has done a runner!

Anonymous said...

Gates id leaving the country knowing that something is brewing out there...,kua na dro tiko....

mark manning said...

The People's Army, couldn't dislodge the people from the Square because the people pleaded with them saying, you are our Army, the People's Army, why are you attacking us ?
So the Government leaders, none of who are voted for in Democratic Elections, decided to bring in Soldiers from outside the area, because they would have no sympathy or allegiance to the local people.
These Soldiers, brutally quashed the uprising by running over people with tanks and firing into buildings surrounding the Square.

To this day, most Chinese know nothing of this part of their Governments part in this massacre of innocent, unarmed Civilians.
Does that ring a bell ?

The resistance on the part of the was against the tyranny of its Government past and a demand for Democracy from its old leaders.

The Australian Prime Minister @ the time, Bob Hawke's reaction was this :-



Anonymous said...

Action or reaction requires capital to fund a war chest. Too much money in Fiji unaccounted for and no-one seems to demand to know why. Governmental agencies chase their own tails because they are too afraid to go after those who are sending $$$ abroad (or are complicit). TOP governmental agencies who have been advised of scenerio remain eerily silent. Why???

It takes money to wage war or rape a country. It is becoming almost impossible to tell who, if any, are the good guys. John Galt

Equal Rights and Justice said...

Let us assume for a moment that not everybody in the regime is as stupid as Frank. Like everybody else the regime is watching TV and while we wonder if we can do what the people of Tunisia and Egypt have achieved and those of Yemen, Syria and Libya are trying, the regime wonders how to squash us if we decide to move.

Now, having two military commanders falling out with Aiyaz and his lap dog, there is an opportunity to do something. Staying home as End suggested above involves the lowest risk but may not yield the desired result. Remember that this regime is not at all concerned about the collapse of the economy. They have already lined their pockets. A solution would have to involve street protests of some sort. We should keep it absolutely peaceful and just express our opinion. Once the first shot is fired against unarmed civilians, the game changes. We should prepare to file a case at the International Criminal Court in case this happens. We should also talk to our brothers and cousins in the military. I do not believe that loyalty to Aiyaz is very high in the force and a decisive move of a senior military men such as Driti could swing the mood quite quickly. Lets get together on twitter and start organizing!

Inoke Kubuabola said...

moce gates its true his never coming back,his got his bag of cash and his going to retire in sri lankar,his had enough veivutu sona in fiji

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning. They'll probably bring in the same Chinese soldiers to come and shoot us.

Anonymous said...

The original purpose of the Fiji Armed Forces was to protect the Fijian population from external attack from countries like China.

Instead it has been hijacked by this illegal regime and used to intimidate the people, with the support of China. It is the sworn duty of every Fijian soldier and policeman to protect the citizens of Fiji.

It is about time they started doing their duty.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll know know the story of the scorpion and the frog, right?

Scorpion wanted a free ride across the pond one day and asked frog to do it. Frog,replied,"hey, you are a scorpion. If I do that how do I know you won't sting me?"

Scorpion replied, "Why then, I would drown myself! I wouldn't do THAT!"

Unfortunate frog submissively agrees to the logic and carries scorpion across the pond. Halfway over, the scorpion stings the frog who cries out, "Scorpion WHY did you DO THAT?! Now we shall both die!

Scorpion replies, "Sorry. It's just my nature."

Nature applies here. Signed, John Galt

Anonymous said...


Inshala said...

Natural RFMF will pull together and try to close ranks. Thing to watch for is whether they peel off or decide to keep throwing their lot in with Bainikhaiyum. What can this devious duo bribe the army with now? Maybe not money this time but philosophy (ideology) and fear.

Matavesi said...

Given the clarity of foto from space on QEB at Nabua, i ask you all Fiji lovers to contact the USA President Barack Obama by email, letters or via Obama's Facebook ie


for US military to use the space foto guide the US pilotless Drone Bombers to QEB and bomb QEB out of existence.

Closer to QEB you can request the USA Ambasoder in Suva for the same favour.
If Qadaffi is being attacked by US Airforce, Bainimarama deserves the same as he is also killing, torturing, supressing and subjecting Fiji citizens to Crimes Aginst Humanity.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking comments above. The USA cannot fight everyone's fight for them. They are only one country. They cannot be everywhere doing everthing for everybody else. It is very good to note, though, that sentiment here holds the USA in good esteem.

Chinese philosophy - Feed a man a fish and he is dependent on you forever. Teach a man HOW to fish and you set him free.

TheMax said...

A small child is way better than these anti-Fiji/RFMF/Bainimarama bloggers. It's amazing they still believe in their bullshit that Bainimarama will be removed. The RFMF is behind Bai, can't you fools put that in your blockheads? He tookover government from the SDL thieves in 2006 and he is still running the show. He can't be running the show if he doesn't have support in RFMF. Get that in your thickheads folks. The game is over, see you in 2014 election.

Anonymous said...

USA only fight for their own reasons. Why dont they go to Zimbawe. Cos there is no oil. Why would they bother with Fiji. Most hypocritical country in the world. American values my ass. They aint the worlds saviour.

Anonymous said...

Listen Max, I am Min, your boss Bainimarama is eating yours and mine money in the FNPF which you and I are saving it for our old age that would help our family's future too. If your comments is true then you are telling us that the whole RFMF is deeping their hands in other coffers too for their own personal and better living.

Max, right now you are the most strongest man in Fiji, one day you will grow old, your relatives in the village are still there suffering of what you did to them today with their money and welfares you abused it. Say you do not want to retire to your village to share the pains with them, How could you survive in the city when is ruined and riddled it with bullets shots you fired, yes, I burnt the city because you fired at me. In the City, we need lights at night and gas for cooking, we do not have the supply since the fuel and gas prices are too high to buy, $5.00 per litre on fuel and $60 per bottle on gas.Because there are wars too on the other side of the world all costs of living gone sky high, which you and Bainimarama blend it together with our stolen money and assests that made us living below the poverty line of life. RFMF and Bainimarama have stolen everything. Each morning I woke up, the barmen told me that you, Bainimarama and Nailatikau belt it out at the Defence Club, drunk with whiskey and wai. Where is my money, Max ?

The words that were said by many in this blog seems justifiable and correct, NA """VEIVUTUSONAm se SOLI SONA""" GA ME QAI CAKA, SE VAKACAVA YA MAX?. Some wrote, """ULUKAU GA NA ULUKAU""" or ""BOCI GA NA BOCI"" NA QALAMU SA SEGA NI YAGA SA TU GA ME MI MI MI. NI KO SA QASE"

There is no future with us when Aiyaz, Aziz, Sahmeem, Khan etc. etc. etc. are controlling you and your boss Bainimarama. Drau solia ga na nomudrau qele kei na iyaubula drau taukena mai na koro ka me kakua na noqu, and that is what I do not like because I have families too, like you, to feed and give joy to them in this and coming life. You have destroyed my peace, freedom and future for my family.Where is my FNPF money? It is gone, you have taken it ALL illegally with your boss Bainimarama and Aiyaz.You have destroyed my FTUnion membership today by Aiyaz's Decree and turn me into your slavery system. WHY! WHY! WHY! MAX. I do not mind if you and your boss Bainimarama stand alone with no Aiyaz the lawyer and muslim supports because they just suck your blood and run away and live somewhere else.

We and Aiyaz & Co all know that you and your boss Bainmarama do not have a single knowledge, experiences, qualities and qualification in the economic, financial and world politics because you are trained military personnels. With all those lacks you have with your boss I forgive you but Aiyaz the muslim corrupted manupilator along with his kind, NEVER. Do not forget there are some good muslims around with us but I am referring to the bad ones here and so as some of our soldiers who understand the importance of family values.

With those comments I am not a fool, thickhead nor blockhead, Sir, but at the end of these warpath we may both know then, Who is? God bless you, Max.

TheMax said...

@ Anonymous May 12, 2011 11:29 AM

Your long rant is meaningless it doesn't deserve a reply.

If you have no future because of Aiyaz, Aziz, Shameem, Khan, etc, you are just a worthless piece of garbage. All I see from your rant and singling out the names of these people is a person consumed by hatred borne out of racism. You think you are a christian yet filth is falling out of your mouth. You need to be born again or in your current worthless state, you need to get your head examined.

The abuse and misuse of funds at FNPF happened long before even Bainimarama became head of RFMF. Yes, your thugs who led Fiji in coup 1987 are responsible for the biggest abuse and wastage of FNPF money Fiji has ever had for the last 20 plus years. The repercussion of those abuses are still felt today even though Bainimarama and the current leadership are trying their best to correct and stop the outward flow of funds from FNPF. To Bainimarama's credit, we are at least witnessing a wiser use of these funds for the benefit of all citizens and contributors in Fiji.

Your small mind is only good for the small person you are. You can't think and your rant shows how short your memory is.

Lako tale mada lai vakadikeva vakavinaka nomu bula kei na nomu qavokavoka. Sa rui levu kina na DA. Moce Jo.

Still Proud Fijian said...

@ Anonymous 10.32am

Oh pliz!! No sympathy needed here and those are not heartbreaking comments you refer to!

There's is NO NEED for your govt or outside interference, let the chiefs and so-called leaders lead the people out of the mess that was of THEIR OWN CREATION.

DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF SPOON-FEEDING US, we're not exactly that primitive or illiterate :-) or your govt will live to regret it... you only need to look at history to find ample examples.