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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fiji police: Mara had help fleeing the country

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
Fiji Police to establish who planned Mara’s escape
Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Fiji Police Force is trying to ascertain who was behind Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara’s escape to Tonga.

Police spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri says they have established that Mara had a few associates who helped him flee the country.

Sokomuri says most of these individuals are now being investigated by police.

He has also confirmed reports – the Tongan Defence vessel PO Savea picked Mara up from within Fiji’s territorial waters.

“It was not a sea rescue as circulated by many press and media organisations. It was a planned and deliberate operation. The big question now is who organised the trip to Tonga and that is where our investigation is concentrating.”

Mara is currently living in the Tongan King’s villa in Nuku’alofa under heavy military guard.


Anonymous said...

investigations should also be done on who assisted Alice Tabete the fugitive escape to New Zealand...ask Mary

Anonymous said...

Police/Army should re look at there slack operation. Stop the blaming game they should be all lock up in Nukulau

mark manning said...

To save face, Frank ran away to Kadavu and now he wants his motley crew to nail anyone he can for defying him and his doomed Regime.
What a childish pathetic and scared little Commander he is.

I'm still asking myself, why are these Soldiers following this idiot.

Rai Donu said...

They say that history repeats itself. Once again the shadow of Mara and Vana-aliali falls over Fiji and Tonga. The first Mara was a contender for King pin and time and time again escaped out to sea in his drua, with often his Mast being seen disappearing in the horizon. He was a slipperry character and was thought to be siding with the Rokotui Dreketi and Maafu in the Batlle of Kaba.Of course we know that Cakobau had to kerekere to the Kng of Tonga George, to extricate him from his life threatening position. Well, the Royal Tongan Navy arrived in Bau - it is said some 200 druas with armed men. Together with the Bauns they set sail to attack the enemy at Kaba. (This annoyed King George and the men involved were disciplined).The united forces of Fiji and Tonga were successfull that day, but it was sailors from Tonga who breeched the fort and won the battle. They had broken ahead of the main fleet and bent the rules to do this. Tonga saved Fiji's butt that day. Will this Mara number 3 in Tonga save Fiji from the perilous position that Baini and the Taliban has taken the nation? Or, will Mara be caught once again and put away?

SEMI MEO said...

Time out….OK..now is the time for Mr. Naivalurua to investigate all complaint lodged with the Police..ALL…including allegations against leaders of the Aiyuz/Bainimarama Gov….starting from PM Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama and his twin brother AG Mr. Aiyuz…obviously only two verdit…guilty or not..then let’s move on!!.

We remind Mr. Naivalurua of his front seat privilege and probable discussions with Bahamas Dr Mike Munro..or was it a Gov PR just to be seen in that mega Christian event?

Finish what Mr.Huges and your fellow Taveunian Mr. Driver left behind when they ran away to Australia.

The ball is in Taevuni's court..again!!

Anonymous said...

Question for Mary: Should the person responsible for the escape of Alice Tabete be investigated in the same way that the Mara escape is being investigated...everyone should be equal under the law...don't you think?

Fiji seeks extradition of Alice Tabete
Monday, December 03, 2007

Taken from / By: Fiji Times Online
The New Zealand government is accessing an application made by the Fiji’s interim government to extradite Netball Fiji president Alice Tabete.

While speaking to Radio Australia, NZ Foreign Affairs minister Winston Peters confirmed that he has received applications from the Fiji government saying Tabete is wanted for questioning.

Peters said Fiji wants Alice Tabete, the President of the netball team sent home from New Zealand for questioning.

Despite Tabate's family ties with the Fiji military she was granted a visa to travel to NZ for the netball tournament.

Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption, in a statement last month said Tabete was being questioned for her alleged involvement in the Fiji Sports Council scam.

Tabete told Radio Fiji Sports that she is spending time with her family in NZ.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Report by :

Anonymous said...

In WW2, it was the Battle of Stalingrad which broke the back of the Nazi Army from which they never recovered. In the Pacific, the Battle of the Coral Sea, ended Imperial Japans' ambitions. And in Fiji right now, the escape by Mara and the involvement of Tonga is the tipping point which now forces the Taliban regime inexorably into decline. They are definitely in their deaththrows. All supporters of the regime should be placed on a shame list for all to see their involvement.

Anonymous said...

Mara maybe in trouble from a few issues.

One he took confidential military documents, tapes from military council meetings in which he was a major party to. Any revelation from this illegal possession of documents may lead to further charges against him.

Two, he cannot blame Frank alone about the issues unless he can show his own opposition to the activities within those same reports, given that he confirmed publically that he was a party to the plotting of the overthrow of SDL led Govt.

Three,as he has said that the directives to assault and abuse was made by Franks henchmen, he should show recordings of his opposition to those abuses first before he can claim all directives were made by Frank which he opposed or gave any standing instructions to his own soldiers not to take any orders from anyone else apart from him.

Although Ratu Tevita Mara may reveal evidence against the regime which is very good for putting pressure against the regime, will he be able to save himself in the long run, or will he become another Tarakini - "wanted by the army for questioning"

So if Ratu Mara is to be given any concession, so should Frank for having to run down cassava patch for temporary insanity, and George Speight who took the full responsibility for coup that was plotted by others and not him.

Anonymous said...

When people are in the wrong place, doing what they're not trained to do they fail miserably. Where's the army, navy, police? No body seemed to do the monitoring so shame on you poor security services. Wake up! No grog dope! Well,there's time for everything, so this is Revelation Time.

Roko Ului wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

@Anon. 10:43 AM. Great Points! 100% agreed. Run BainArse Talibans Run

Anonymous said...

Right now there is an illegal Government in place in Fiji-so, for all of those people who are dealing with them are actually performing an illegal act!!If Ratu Ului has papers, video etc of the illegal methods that this Government is using i for one can't see how his behaviour constitutes an illegal act?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We need more high profile defections and only then will we be able to topple those two, Baini and Ai-arse.
We are surely gaining momentum now and must continue to apply the pressure.

Anonymous said...

It's unfair to talk about the legality of things at this stage. Who is legal and who is illegal is quite blur. We are uncertain because the regime is also running illegally. They gained power after an illegal coup - all coups are illegal. Well, we are trying out the Animal Farm philosophies.

Anonymous said...

The how and who of the escape is a non-issue. The real issue is why the police, navy, and military intelligence (not) did not prevent it? The issue is the failure of the heads of the 3 security units to detect and prevent RU from escaping. In line with what the witty Samoa PM said, this is the trouble when people who don't have any competence in these fields are appointed. Dou yavu sakuca, sakuca nomudou security details! No intelligence. Prevention is better than vengeance.

Get over Ului! said...

@ Anonymouse 10.53am clutching at LOOSE straws, lolsss.....

Sori buddy that it's just a little too LATE in the day to whip out your stupid rule book in an attempt to save the PIG's a$#e which you've been licking from Day 1.

Ni yavu boidada.. LOLS.....

Anonymous said...

Silently, the govt is happy that RU escaped to Tonga. He could not do anything from here and its best that he left. Its a win-win for both. RU can't do anything from Tonga.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Investigate who stole the government from the people of Fiji and who is now behaving as if he is a legitimate leader.

Bainimarama you are a thief. And all thieves pay.
Bainivuaka you will pay.
You are already paying now with Diabetes, High blood Pressure, stroke, Heart disease, Sleepless nights.
But one day we will put you away.
You and all those who helped you escape.
You will never win Vuaka.
You will never be famous like Ratu Sukuna.
You are destined for jail and children will pee on your grave you arsehole!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

listening to ului's comment,I come to the conclusion that the only reason he's revealing these secrets is because things doesn't go the way he want.We appreciate whats he's doing now but the point is does he really regret what him and his entire family did.He said that lau was the first Province to support Bainimarama but that was because he spoke for the province without their approval.He needs to make a public apology to Qarase and the people of Lau.With that happened he will then have a full unity in that province.We will then know that hes genuine in his effort.God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Question for ASK: Why did you assist Yashwant Gounder the owner of Fijilive escape overseas and why haven't you applied for extradition...why did you order that his file be shelved...should you be investigated for this escape...does Fijilive owe you a favour???

Anonymous said...

It seems the con-man Rajesh wants to be part of the new Govt.

Pls let him stay in NZ and deport him by canoe if he comes to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo says,

I ask you all for forgiveness, I thought all along that the illegal regime had a good cause.
But now I can see with my open eyes that they are more corrupted than any government Fiji has had since independence, esp with AG in power and Naz Shameem, Gates & Co as advisers to Frank. Franks can't think for himself because everything happening is far from his capability & intellect.

Fiji before we talk about extradition, charge etc etc, lets start by saying ....All this activities is a farce and the coup has already been declared illegal - full stop. Only people like Aiyaz & aunties Shameem sisters said it was legal - OMG where did they learn law. That is real corruption. Also before blaming anybody else, can we start with charging all those who participated and supported the coup - its the highest crime under law - penalty should be dead by hanging or shot. Fiji should introduce this law again so people with a mind like Frank & Aiyaz etc will not have the courage to take the country to ransom ever.
Police - Sokoimuri, your interview is very dry & we can tell that you're just protecting your job - morally corrupt as well for lies. Why don't you start with Ioawane & Kesa. teleni the thief has absconded via illegal regime after millions tax payers abuse to China as ambassador - his comms is negatively poor so what will he say to professionals and diplomats there.

In short all the coup objectives have been thrown out of the window - personal issues have been emerging & goal post keep shifting - this demonstrate the state of mind the illegal regime is in - they are frighten of their own shadows.

Sa rauta mada na lasu kei na vesu mona IR company, people have lost their lives, jobs, dignity wetc because of your bull-shit coup.
Whats wqrong about having the courage & guts to serve in Naboro.

Matavuvale.com said...

Tevita Ului Mara knew all along that he will go to Jail for his part in the coup.He is not a small kid any more.It will be wrong for anyone to back this idiot because we must always remember the future generation of Fiji our children.They are watching every steps we take and it will be completely wrong for anyone to support this fugitive.Please refrain from supporting Mara and let the law deal with him even if it means to hang him.Sometimes it is easy for us to forgive someone but we must not forget the children.Do we have teach our kids to support criminals or someone like Mara who allow innocent civilians to be tortured/abuse/murdered.?.Food for thought...criminal will always a criminal so they should be treated as a criminal

Anonymous said...

Fiji Police are "still trying to ascertain who was behind Roko Ului's escapte to Tonga". This is so laughable!!!

Naivalurua, Stop wasting public funds with this stupid investigations, it's been a week already for Pete's sake! Nobody gives a shit anymore.

Sa bera a po.. sa veka ko Jo! KAILA!!

Anonymous said...

anon 10.53

The comparison is stretching it a bit too far!

Anonymous said...

@ Rai Donu

You got it wrong.
It was Maafu who led the Tongans in the Battle of Kaba.
King George and Rt Cakobau remained on Bau while Maafu led the Tongan contingent

Anonymous said...

@Rajesh 11:56 are these documented? Does anyone have documented evidence of similar transactions or are they all just roumers

Anonymous said...

All this excitement about Ului Mara is wishful thinking. The reality is that this is the final revelation and exposure of the root of Fiji's problems since 1987; The Maras made Frank the Commander when the nomination was George Kadavulevu. The Maras then watched to their horror when the President Ratu Kamisese Mara was dumped unceremoniously by Frank! Yet inspite of all that despicable act the Maras supported Frank to carry out treason in 2006! Can you imagine how power hungry people become? Now when it does not suit them they behave as if the nation cannot do without them. This boy sitting in Tonga has returned home. Anyone hoping that Ului will save Fiji is deluding himself. Ratu Finau should be Tui Lau and the Maras accept that unless they have anyone that has real qualities, they are not Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara; they are his children and should not have any expectation. Frank can only be brought down when Fijians finally discover honesty and develop some moral courage - for goodness sake! OK - Those that wish to continue wishful blogging can start again.

Salty Sasa said...

It is standard trick used by elites to make the common folk think that their welfare is the objective. They use media manipulators to try and convince the public that this is so. Baini has been a puppet all along with the strings being pulled behind the scenes by business elites who were there right from 1987, some maybe from 1970 even.They help themselves to funds, deals and contracts due to the breakdown of law and order, the gagging of the media, PER, decrees etc. The idea is to trick the gullible common folk. Yes, those sacks of potatoes who live in the koros but have captive minds.Crisis creates the state of disorder which is a convenient smokescreen to fill their pockets and foreign bank accounts, for jumping the queque into higher power also(Ului in this catergory). For the King of Tonga, the diversion in Fiji is a convenient side show to take the minds of the people of Tonga off democratic reform, that is his primary motive.But it is the Taliban AG is the co-ordinator of the behind the scenes elite with Baini merely the front man. The intention is fundamentally criminal certainly not altruistic. All the more reason for a democratic system with many checks and balances along the way to prevent such abuse re-occuring. I also, concur with Meo who suggests that the death penalty should be introduced for those who conduct coups in the future.A strong deterrent is required for future miscreants whose whims can lead to further damage of the nation of Fiji.The rule of law must be the resort of all.The alternative is hobessian anarchy which only leads to more backwardness.

Verani. said...

Mara is guarded by Tongans - whereas Vore is guarded by Kubuna bati - spot the difference?

Anonymous said...

Whatever!!!this is what we thrives on....all talk and less work...no wonder we eat each other....lazy and lack of leadership.

Anonymous said...

RE: Semi Meo. Your apologies accepted my friend. Perhap now, you can see what we are truly dealing with. Pray for us, yes, but better than that, help us.

Anonymous said...

Banimarama. Building hospitals ie navua building roads, bridges ie Kadavu, Viti interior. introducing domestic violence hotlines, waging the war on marijuana in Navosa implementing Heart and eye doctors to come, forcing hotels to utilize local produce, providing money for locals to start PRODUCING and exporting Bringing dual citizenship so former citizens can repatriate and invest what is this so called" illegal dictator" thinking......

Anonymous said...

Pita Driti’s explosive police statement and affidavit

"Driti, in his statement made special reference of his extreme dislike towards Aiyaz Khaiyum’s advice to Frank that the regime take over un-utilized native land under their already decreed land bank system which he said was Aiyaz’s way to further marginalize the indigenous Fijian race." http://rawfijinews.wordpress.com/


Anonymous said...

Driti in his explosive police statement and affidavit makes special reference of his extreme dislike towards Aiyaz Khaiyum’s advice to Frank that the illegal regime take over un-utilized native land under their already decreed land bank system which he said was Aiyaz’s way to further marginalize the indigenous Fijian race.

Driti says he raised his concerns with Frank Bainimarama but the dictator brushed him aside saying that the indigenous Fijians don’t deserve their ancestral land for they don’t have the financial means to convert it into a bankable commodity. Frank is already giving away native land to overseas investors who have paid him hefty pay-backs for their new found piece of dirt.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is a very normal part of any society or government. No one on this planet can eradicate it [aim of the illegal regime]- refer to the bible for proof. The mission by the current regime to get rid of it is lame and unrealistic. We can only lower or minimise corruption.When we try to fight it headon it blooms automatically. It also fights to survive so as the result gains mega strength. Remember corrupt people are smart people because that's their survival.

It has been proven that corruption gains strength ten times more when military personnels run a government. So, let's remove these corrupt, illegal, leaders before corruption gains super strength.
God bless Feejee!!!

Anonymous said...

Driti says he knew that taliban Aiyaz Khaiyum was the man behind condon bai's ears as the military council witnessed the rolling out of Aiyaz’s own thesis outlining the indigenous Fijian race sunset clause meant to marginalize the natives.

Anonymous said...

They know their time is up....

Looking for the way out ……… FMF soldiers recording their experiences to try to protect themselves when it all collapses.

A splinter group inside the FMF is encouraging selected soldiers to writ down or record their experiences during and since the coup. Specifically they must record the names and ranks of officers who ordered them to participate in activities they were not comfortable with.

Anonymous said...

Whoever form new gov please dnt entertain assholes like Rajesh Singh, swani Maharaj,Pravin bala,umaria,any Muslims,and the ass who's licking and trying to hve good face also George shui raj , these are the ravans of the new era in life we need formidable pple and faithfully pple hopefully virgins not fucked asses who stink of corruption

Anonymous said...

If Mary had been responsible for Alice's release to travel to NZ, then it was indeed a master move. She had already been eyeing Alice's job for daughter who is there now. Oh boy what a smart move..Talk about nepotism, favouritism, corruption and that..you have it right there..

Jieke said...

It sure looks like a bloody circus. The illegal military regime is crying foul over Roko Ului's escape and Tonga's illegal act. They want to extradite Roko Ului but are apperently reluctant to pursue this for fear of their own illegal status being dragged out in a credible court as compared to Fiji courts. As such the whole issue will be out in the open in the international arena and thats a risk they do not want to take.

The government says that Roko Ului is like Baledrokadroka, a voice in the wilderness. However their actions like investigations into those who helped in the escape, unjustified and illegal freezing of assets, harrasment of family members etc, speaks volume of their pre-occupation with neutralising this threat.

Yeah the Togan naval boat entered Fiji's territorial waters and we don't need police to confirm that. What we want to know is what the government will do about it. So stop going after Roko Ului's wife and other family members; go after Roko Ului and the Togan Navy.

This is a mere breach of bail condition so why the big hurah about associates who helped him escape? The police stand discredited at the end of it all, they are no longer independent and have become a tool of oppression.

Whether it was a rescue or planned operation, that is for government to ascertain and take appropriate action against the other party...the Togan Navy or government.

Anonymous said...

God is watching all my dear friends and citizens of Fiji. Absolutely nothing escapes His eye. He has set His rule. This is our fight. He has given us the tools we need. Now, we need to use them. BTW - for those of you who have not gotten it yet, I am NOT about governments. I'm about people. God gave us the resources and the talent, should we choose to use them. Now you decide.

A government is a collection of people, (normally) voted in by the people at large, to REPRESENT THEM. When their will (and actions) run contrary to our own, we must decide how to respond. Fiji. We must DECIDE. Who is running this country? We must decide who SHOULD run this country.

Be prepared to run from everything you hold familiar. Be prepared to sacrifice. Be prepared to reinvent yourselves.

I love you all and I don't think anyone has said that yet. I love you, without proof. I love you for your kind and good spirit that I have witnessed. I love you for your potential to do good. I love you unconditionally.
John Galt
Life and liberty are not free. People must always decide that value they have.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2:04 soooo what did our ELECTED Quarase government do ANYONE??

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz Khaiyum’s marriage of convenience strained
May 22, 2011

Treasonous Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum surprised many when he announced he was marrying his new found babe he picked up from the touristy Nadi Town Bula Festival week.

He was the chief guest invited to crown Miss Bula.

His babe Ela was one of the contestants sponsored by her Radisson Fiji Resort employer.

She failed to impress the judges but she managed to bag herself the chief guest and Fiji’s notorious con-artist Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

She appeared at a time when Aiyaz was facing much pressure from the military top brass to be removed from his decree making role.

Frank had already told Aiyaz how his top boys were pressuring him to kick him out.

Aiyaz was even confronted and told off by Driti at a Nadi Resort during a government hosted function.

Driti warned Aiyaz not to mess with indigenous Fijian affairs or else.

Aiyaz knew that he was now viewed as the Hitler to the indigenous Fijian race. He had to quickly scheme a plan to dispel that perception and also find good reasons to convince Frank to remove Driti and Ului instead of him.

In came Ms Ela Gavoka who had issues trying to make something of herself.

She was once said to be an aspiring bride to the Na Kalevu, Ratu Makutu’s son but she lost out to another lady.

Ela comes from a good stock and her father is a well known pro-democracy advocate who was fired by Aiyaz Khaiyum himself from his CEO Tourism Fiji role after he was identified as one of those Fijian executives who was very anti-coup.

How Ela fell for her father’s own attacker is a classic case of “love is blind” for Aiyaz’s smooth con-man ways was impossible for her to resist.

Aiyaz knew he was going to split Ela’s family with his marriage proposition but he didn’t give two hoots about the Gavoka’s except for his own self-preservation from angry indigenous Fijians.

Now with Ela on his side, he can display to the Fijians and the world that he loves indigenous Fijians and has married one to prove it.

But all is not well at the Khaiyum’s home.

Sources say that Ela is unhappy about text messages her husband continues to receive from some of his old flame.

She is also saddened to finally realize how much hurt she has inflicted on her loving father, who failed to turn up to the wedding ceremony.

Sources say Ela was very close to her Dad but Aiyaz has put a deadly wedge between father and daughter.

They say that with Ela’s move from Nadi to Suva, she has finally realized the reality that she’s in and that it ain’t rosy as con-man Aiyaz had described to her.

Anonymous said...

Driti's claims that Aiyarse had advised Bai for govt takeover of unutilised native land is a very serious one which all indigenous shud be informed of. We must get the information out to all villages and every kaiviti. Sa dua na i tukutuku rerevaki. Vei kemuni na tiko ena keba ni yalovinaka ni tu mada vakamalua ka vakasamataka vakabibi na sasaga oqo. Oi kemuni o ni vaqele ka vakoro ka vakamataqali ka vakayavusa. E suaki kemuni sara tale tiko ga na sasaga oqo. Na i sulu drokadroka oqori ena yaco na gauna me sa na mai luva kina. Ni nanuma ira na tiko mai nakoro. Me da masu vakalevu me vakaraitaki vei keda e so na sasaga vuni ka butobuto ka da rogoca tiko oqo. Vinaka vakalevu Driti kei Roko Ului.Please RU can confirm Driti'd claim.

Anonymous said...

Why has Vuaka got the muzzle on the media?

So that he can continue to con the villagers.

Anonymous said...

@ Rajesh.. What are you on about. ???


Ag and pm would love to see these three behind bars. Have you any evidence of what they have done.? They have been practically hounded and abused by ag/pm yet you are stating that they have helped them? if anything, we should stick by them,. If they had anything concrete evidence on sahu khan they would have charged him already... They can't guarantee that one of their cronies.. Gates/Connors/goundar will be the judge. Ag has nothing on him to charge him criminally. Also, FIFA would ban Fiji football teams if the govt interferes @ the Fiji FA. AG/PM walking a very fine line.

Same thing that happened to alice is happening to khan,,
ag/pm want total control of all national sport bodies. they have already got the rugby union all stitched up. Now they are giving them taxpayer money.. Or should I say money from hk.(read prof narseys article about debt)

maybe we should not be judging others or painting them with the same brush that ag/pm have painted them with?

I support anyone that has been falsely accused and charged by the current regime and have got one of their cronies like goundar/Connors/gates delivering the judgment.

whose side are you on Rajesh? More importantly.. Where is your proof? Or are you saying ag/pm are corrupt but you will also at the same time believe everything that they will say? Or do you believe everything on Fiji times and Fiji radio and fiji live?

Let's put the alleged cronies in front of proper, unbiased and moral judges ... Not judges and officers and FICAC agents controlled by pm/ag and then see what the outcome is..

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:04
-Perhaps if Bainimarama hadn't done underhand dealings at FSC the $80 million loss could have built a brand new Sugar Mill with the latest technology.
-Perhaps the loss of $400 million at FNPF could pay for a brand new Hotel
-Perhaps there wouldn't have been a $25 million loss at FHL if he hadn't put dickhead Sereana Qoro there.
-Perhaps the $200 million used by the Army since 2006 could have built a brand new Hospital or give the population of Fiji, needed medications well into the next decade.
- That is just monetary loss. We haven't spoken about the loss carried by families with loss of employment and opportunity loss.
-So you see Arsehole, you and Bainimarama are in the same boat. You are both hopeless with money management and you've already wasted a lot and now running up huge debts in China.

Anonymous said...

Sa da mai madua na kai viti e na vukuni calacala ni matanitu qo..Da sa lusilusi vaka i lavo..Lusi ena qito baleta ni da mai vakarogoca tu e dua na tamata macawa ,kawa ca,viavia levu,Lasulasu, lawaki ca..o bainimarama..sa laurai vaka sigalevu tu na nona tamata dokadoka baleta ni a dau f***karound tu ga mai Lami town..half school..kocokoco..O iko Bai..kevaka o wilika tiko qo..mo kila sara nikua ni keimami sa mai madua baleti iko..Na ka kece ga o cakava mai na 2006 yaco mai nikua e sa calacala vakalevu..solia tale vei ira na lewe ni vanua me ra digitaka na nodrai.liuliu baleta ni o iko o navy commander walega ka o via siova na i tutu vaka P.M..Qo drau sa qai Pote tu kei tavalemu o varanisese Kean baleta ni tu dina na nomudrau cakacaka drau qai via lai siosio na taura vakaukauwa na matanitu..

Anonymous said...

The only sunset will be the one at AGs multi million dollar beach front investment. According to riyazs website.. Things in Naisoso are looking very rosy indeed. AG and riyaz have done really well in getting their mum to invest $2.5million in naisoso..

It's a pity she has moved to nz, she can't enjoy seeing her investment rocketing up in value..

AG.. Explain to the Fiji people where your mother got so much money from..?

1. She doesn't work? Right?
2. She has never worked? Right?
3. She never had that much money in her bank account. right?.

AG, How much input have you had in the developments that have been going on in Naisoso? Have you had any input/role?

If yes, Have you declared your conflict of interest?
Were you aware of the developments before the purchase? Did you impart this knowledge to your mother?

Answer to the people illegal AG...

You better hope Goundar is the judge when you are tried in front of the Fijian people.

The Fijian/ Indian /Chinese community .. muslim, catholic, atheist, budhist.. They all are opposed to you now ..

Anonymous said...

Atu Sokomuri...ulu kau!

nayacakalou said...

@ Matavuvale...we have to remember that the Army has its own court,and they have to obey orders only given by the commander himself.This shows that,there is only one command to listen to and that is Bainijidamunivore.Everything is done, is done in the name of Bainijidamunivore.Are you telling the world that Ului should do another coup?He was just following orders,just like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Oilei, would the real policemen please stand up? Atu sokomuri kua mada na pretend tiko na viavia police ni da sega ni bunoca, that's the problem too much matai viakana puaka!No need to cast net far, driftnet will haul in naivalurua, kean, and 3fir tikoitonga. Sa rauta, all these people should be investigated for failing in their roles.

Anil Tuitavua said...

The simple logic is that after independence, Melanesian native Fijians and Indo Fijians were run by Ratu Mara (more a Tongan/Lauan than a Fijian). Fiji has also suffered historically through the threats of Ma'afu. To date, there have been 3 real Fijian leaders- Ratu Sukuna, Dr Timoci Bavadra (from Vuda, the place where original melanesian Fijians first arrived in Fiji) and Frank. All 3 wanted the best for Fiji. We've had Ratu Mara's racism and dictorship under the guise of democracy from 1970-1987. There is no need for another Ratu Mara to damage Fiji. Fiji is Melanesian, and must once again rise to keep the shadow of Ma'afu and Ratu Mara away. God bless you Frank. Melanesia embraces Fiji, while polynesia, led by the the kiwis and tongans are a recurring threat.
Democracy means majority rule, NOT equality. Long live the military.

Anonymous said...

When you hang the traitors, don't forget the culprits Chodo, Pissnoi and all their labour party supporters - Jokapeci Koroi, Petero Mataboica, 10% of the Fijian voters, 40% Chinese, 60% kaivalagis and 90% of the Indian voters and all the Talibans.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Anil..set sara ga qori.

Anonymous said...


Qio said...

@Anon 1138am
@Anon 0102pm
@Anon 0132pm
@Anon 0403pm

You are the only ones who have seen beyond this charade.

NO USE FINDING OUT WHO/WHY/WHAT/HOW RUM managed to get to Tonga. The DEED is done. No use trying to get him back. We have all heard the opinions of the Tongan Govt.

Its the revelations of RUM which is hurting the establishment.

The question now is how long will this regime last and who among the few remaining inclu Rt Nailati-ulukau can make decision and take decisive action to do something......

matavuvale.com said...

nayacakalou I didnot say that Ului to do another coup hell no, no and no? he is a criminal and was the member of the Military Council who think that they can cleaned up the corruption from a democratic elected goverment.He was an inner circle.Nearly aftre 5 years and now his saying that its wrong.He is so dump to realise that for long five years.Bulshit..he did this just because he fell out with Voreqe.
What Im saying is that we should not be fooled into supporting him because it will paint a very bad picture to our kids.I think as for us Fijians and for me especially I do not want to repeat the biggest mistake of my political decision in supporting the Rabukas coup.All coups are wrong and I will never ever support and believe any one in what so ever way support any coup.Ive learned from my mistake and I will never repeat it.So for me Mara is just another criminal and I will only forgive him once he serve his time.No other way mate.

Anonymous said...

@Anil Tuitavua
You are obviously blind.
Blind because under Vuaka's shady dealings FSC has made the biggest loss ever. $300million in the last 3 years. Add to that the loss of $400 mil at FNPF.We haven't even considered other losses.
That is just mind boggling.
Just think how much your province of Ba could have benefited.
But you are just another pigheaded dumbass, like Bai, who doesn't really care.
Never mind that Melanesian children in Tavua have to forego school and go and cut cane in order to support their family , who lost their job because of Vuaka.
This is very sad Anil.
And its your beloved Frank and his dumb military who are doing all this.
Fijians doing it to Fijians.
I find it disturbing that you still support Bai despite all the evidence before you.
Anil de vinaka me sa rauta mada na kana marijuana de rawa ni na matata kina na vakasama.

Anonymous said...

COUPFOURPOINTFIVE. I can only pray that you have archived every contribution to this blog site. I do not have the means to do so, but I am hoping you can. These statements made by so many people create a quilt of evidence and knowledge that we will desperately need to reference to in the future.

I have no levity to offer in these dark times. No NEWS FLASHES, K-Mart Specials or Drone encounters to provide relief for a desperately struggling nation. I, like everyone else, am holding my breath, or rather, sinking below the inevitable waves.

I see nothing but depravation in every quadrant of government. Forget calling the police (unless you're a criminal) or any other political office. They are not listening to us. They are listening to the sound of money being deposited in their overseas accounts.

We have been sold out. And now for the shocker - we have been sold out by OUR OWN!

Thirty pieces of silver and the deal is done. Lot walked away and could not save a SINGLE soul.

Those of us who live in Fiji and have struggled so hard to find the truth will tell you that - there is NO TRUTH. John Galt

Anonymous said...

Anil Tuitavua-Ratu Mara was a Fijian. His forfathers came from Verata, Ucunivanua of the present clan of the Ratu and also of Ra! His Tonga blood is from his maternal side-fact! With a name that begins with Anil and ends as Tuitavua no wonder you facts are up shit creek! Like him or not Ratu Mara left his mark -we have yet to see someone else better his record, since we gained Independence, for services to the people of Fiji. If you know someone has please name him? As for Ratu Sukuna he also had Laun blood-pity you never learnt you history of Fiji in School-maybe you were just to busy day dreaming you will be Fijis next PM?? The Tawavanua's never landed on Vuda-get you facts right before you start talking by the time the settlement of Vuda tok place Viti was already populated by Polynesians on the coast of what is now known as Viti Levu & Lakeba!Want to know more of our ancient peoples of Viti -ask politetly and I will consider it! Taukei NI Mate.

Anonymous said...

Like him or not Ratu Mara left his mark -we have yet to see someone else better his record, since we gained Independence, for services to the people of Fiji.


Anonymous said...

"With a name that begins with Anil and ends as Tuitavua no wonder you facts are up shit creek!"


Anonymous said...

e sega ni yadravi Voreqe na Bati kei Kubuna. eratou yadravi koya tiko qori o i ratou la na batina!

Anonymous said...

Only Time will tell where this little... "storm in a Cup" will end...Two wrongs don't make a right...and most of all ... what is wrong can never ever be right... no matter how much you apologize... to the nation....

Funny the nation or its citizens did no wrong and yet here we are apologizing for not accepting the charter... just to get development our way... from this regime... quite sad.. what citizens are put through....

Then again... to all goons past or present your time will come....the arithmatics are simple... if you over inflate a balloon ... by compressing it.. it will expoldes... and mind you it will not... will not take any prisoners... God Bless and have a nice day..

Anonymous said...

I don't give a flying F$%K about Alice Tabete, Sahu Khan etc etc. Okay so Sahu khan doesn't do much for FFA (who know's; theres so much bickering going on in there)that doesn't warrant forcible removal. I mean he was democratically appointed by the respective soccer confederacies, right!!..

As for Alice, her prominence wasn't relevant to my industry, but the fact that all our international sporting facilities exist, and that she almost single handedly brought a world cup event to our shores, that would have directly impacted a boost in economy displays great depth.

FICAC still haven't come up with anything about her. Even I'm starting to become convinced that theres no evidence. Its been 4 years guys whats going on in FICAC???

What ever happened to Langman?? Was he just using the opportunity to get a ministerial post?? Apparently, Franko doesn't think his men capable as Aiyaz holds about 4 or 5 portfolio's hahaha!!....What a slap in the face. I'd withdraw my support for Baini, if I were George Langman (if he had the balls).

If high profile civil servants of these high calibers are being forced out, its only natural that we'll be left with the rejects; hence our situation now. Our countries being run by rejects!!!!

Everyone knows Sahu Khan and co are targeted scape goats like Ratu Tuisolia (also acquitted). After all the accusations against him, FICAC still didn't have enough or warranted evidence, it seems.

Rajesh Singh's agenda's are pathetic beyond the least. But thats typical of a con-man. Nothings been proven, yet Rajesh hasn't found a new way to rub the shinnies of Aiyaz and Frank. He'll just sing the same-ol boring tune. He shouldn't even bother talking as he already has a tainted reputation. Nothing but a rouge politician. We really cant trust him!!

He should be hanged too, but by the ankles; in his sulu vaka taga for laughs!!!.....He doesn't deserve death as he's not gaining anything, he's just an opportunist. The Court Jester.

Anonymous said...

For those in the know our famous Constitutional lawyer from Ba who headed the Soccer mob for upteeen years-he was always known for his shady deals. Bainimarama must have learnt form him -look how long he ran Fiji Football?

Solomone Vulavou said...

Never in the history of the Fijian race where a chief runs away from his people,never a Fijian senior military officer to desert the force to save his own skin(leaving his precious wife at the mercy of his own boys)To Ului,whats with your wife now?,Koila,the Estonian,the Kiwi,and the others while you dine & wine in your new country?As we get updates daily,we can also see that all you've said in the media is all bulls...Australia n NZ,instead of watching Fiji are now onto you closer than you think - you cannot be trusted. My advise is to apply for Tongan citizenship before its too late.The King can easily do it for you.Forget Fiji

The End is Nigh! said...

@ Solopone

LOLS.... You may comfort yourself since the END DRAWS NIGH!!!


The rest of us will work with RUM and other REAL MILITARY OFFICERS who have defected to expose and bring this TYRANNICAL REGIME DOWN!

So sit back, relax and watch us unravel the whole bang lot of you thieving asses.

Ho ho ho ho....

Frankinstein Bai the Monster said...

@The End is Nigh! Amen.

Anonymous said...

can people start talking about the effects the coup and the present government has posed on them? and the sufferings and struggles they are going through, so that other people may learn of it .......there is so much hatred talk of this one and that one ...why don't you share your own story!

Anonymous said...

Solomone Vulavou-"never in the history of Fiji has a Chief run away from his people"! You need to more study in about ancient Fiji! E so na gauna e dau vinaka cake me da galu no ga-especially when we don't know a thing about Fijian history before the coming of the white fallow! So many Chiefs were saved by running away and coming back to fight another day! I will give you one closer after Cession. There was a bose held at Bau, and the Ratu mai Verata attended with his daughter, at the meeting he showed his disappontment at the treatment been done to his people. After the meet there was a tabua that was taken around for someone to kill the Ratu mai Vereta. There were a clan of people from Tailevu who accepted and a plan was hatched to kill him on his route back to Ucunivanua. His Matanivanua became aware of this plot and intercepted the Ratu mai Vereta. He tok his daughter for safe keeping and the Ratu took another path to get to Verata. When the warriors of Verata were told of, they lay in waiting for this mob of kiilers and killed them . That clan to this day has never succeeded in any venture they have endeavoured on. Even after they got the Church to pray and cleanse their land-nothing much has changed. So cut your crap!