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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fiji police:surfer holds key to Mara's fishing saga

FBC is this morning reporting a surfing instructor is believed to be the man who took Roko Ului Mara to Nagigia Resort in Kadavu and later went fishing with him before he headed to Tonga.

Police told the station they are looking to establish who booked the room at the resort in Kadavu where Mara stayed in, the night before he left Fiji.

FBC says the man's name is known to police and investigations are continuing.
Meanwhile, Tonga's pro-democracy MP, Aikilisi Pohiva, has told Radio Australia Roko Ului's rescue by a Tongan patrol boat could seriously affect diplomatic relations.
But Pohiva believes Ratu Tevita Mara's presence in the Kingdom is justified on humanitarian grounds.

"Well our diplomatic relationship between Tonga and Fiji is very much affected in this case, because Bainimarama had already forwarded his request to Tongan government to send him back to Fiji. For the Tongan vessel to enter Fiji water to rescue someone who is alleged to have committed a criminal offence clearly breaches the international or the diplomatic relationship between Tongan government and Fiji. That is my first point."

"The second point from a humanitarian perspective, the Tongan government is quite justified for accepting his request for help."

Pohiva says it is up to Roko Ului whether he wants to continue to stay in Tonga or move to Australia and New Zealand.
"He can of course continue to live in Tonga if Tongan government is willing to protect him or he may choose to move out of Tonga and to another country.  But the problem is his family is still in Fiji, so from now on, I don't think he can go back to Fiji and I don't think Tongan government can release him, because he made a special request to Tongan government and the Tongan government said according to the Minister of Police there's a good ground, there's a ground for the Tongan government to protect Tevita Uluilakeba Mara."


Anonymous said...

No wonder there's a surge in crime in Fiji with police resources wasted on this stupid investigation in Kadavu.

The responses on blogs should tell the worried and clearly panicking Bainivuaka and his ILLEGAL REGIME just how many people would have helped Ului Mara on his way out!

Stop wasting our meager resources looking for a surfer who's only crime is being a companion to Mara!

Kaicolo said...

Thank you Mr Pohiva and Tongan people.

Please hold on to Mara and not be persuaded by the illegal Fiji Govt.

Mara will be tortured and probably killed if he returns. We have no laws in Fiji, the military is the law..and they will do anything to prolong their rule.


Anonymous said...

it took 1 day for RU to go from Fiji to Tonga, but taking week for Pryde to send Fiji’s extradition application(talk about Fiji time). Maybe AK and CP needs to send out SOS to Tongan Navy to help take the papers quicker...LOL This illegal government has lost the plot. they can't even wipe shit off there Aiyaz (Arse).

ex Fiji tourist said...

More LIES from the comedy sheet, thesun.

"""Meanwhile, Government is now awaiting a response from the Tongan government on the extradition application sent to the Tongan Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano.

The application was sent to Nuku’alofa on Tuesday.""""

The jaundiced junta's newspaper can't even get its propaganda correct.

pryde has swallowed his pride and admitted to Fijivillage that he has told big porkies:-
""Pryde said they will courier all the necessary documents and it is expected to go on the Saturday flight to Tonga.""

Or maybe fijivillage is telling the LIES

OR maybe it is all of them.

Anonymous said...

That's all these bloody interim fools (NOT GOVERNMENT) are good for ... WITCH HUNT, INVESTIGATION ... Ni yavu macawa!!

Ratu Tevita Mara and Pita Driti were not going to get a fair trial ... who are they trying to FOOL with their bloody b/s trumped up con charges!!! Whilst I am very upset with Ratu Tevita Mara and Pita Driti for their role in this mess that Fiji is in, I do not wish them harm. They now have a change to repent and try and make good of the wrong they perpetrated on the children of Fiji.

That extradition order is not worth the paper it is written on ... what a mockery you have made of everything that you touch!!
The Tongan people are much to intelligent and well ahead of the game. Ylei!! Waste of time.

Thank You to the Royal Family, the Government of Tonga and the people of Tonga for receiving Ratu Tevita Mara in the true spirit of kinship and love.

Anonymous said...

A big vinaka vakalevu to the Kingdom of Tonga and all its people for their hospitality. Its indeed the Friendly Islands.

Vinaka Roko ului....you do what you have to do to help bring democracy back to our beloved nation.


Anonymous said...

Breaking News!

Close corrupt allies of AG & Cmdr are now jumping ships... Robert Khan, owner of the Pro Baini/Khaiyum govt, NZ based Radio Tarana, are now trying to get in good terms with Ratu Tevita...

Also in the new ship is the heavily corrupt John Prasad with his buddies Mark Dawson and others from water authority...

Capt Natuva, please dig deep inside water authority and get their corrupt files ready... please do the right thing.. you are a man of honor and stand up for what means the most to you..

Robert Khan, John Prasad, Mark Dawson, John Fullman will need to face the music for their hand in millions of fund siphoning from water authority and FBCL...

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah! The Police are still alive!
Please Police don't waste your resources looking for one surfer. Please go and catch the 20 thugs who kidnapped Ratu Mara's wife just up the road.Right under your nose.
Kadavu is too far away. These thugs are just up in Delainabua.
Please charge them with Break and Enter; Kidnapping; Assault; Holding a person against their will.
See I've even made it easy for you.
Please please please Mr Iowane. Please charge these idiots. We've had enough of being terrorised by these thugs.
We just want to have a good night sleep.
Please be a good policeman and lock up these thugs Please.
ratu Inoke Kubuabola Can you help please , I beg you.
Don't go and talk too much overseas. Please just talk to Iowane. Please Rt Inoke, Jesus is watching you. Please help.

Anonymous said...

New flash... Tongan Navy have agreed to tow Baini back to Suva and pickup papers to take back to Tonga.

Anonymous said...

hey all it seems that the big pple around think that fijians are real fools kaicolo and can do wateva especially these assess like robert khan n them hey ratu n the new troop around dnt get carried away ok
just do wat u hve to n u know pple well so dnt get carried away

TheMax said...

Yeah, let the Tongan government protect this coward at their own peril. They haven't seen nothing yet.

As the evidence of breach of sovereignty gathers storm, Tonga has a lot to lose. Their version of events is being proven to be false so they are already losing credibility.

Breaching the international borders of Fiji, that's akin to an invasion. Directly this breach gives Fiji the right to remove Roko Ului from Tonga on their own terms with or without the Tongan government approval. It just might happen, who knows.

Secondly, by directly involving themselves into Fiji's internal affairs, Tonga is risking their traditional relationship with Fiji. What those from Tonga who are complicit to this breach does not seem to realise is that the reform to take Fiji directly to true democracy just might be the catalyst for change in Tonga as well.

Every action constitute a reaction. In their small narrow brain, the Tongan government and King is underestimating the undercurrents of the move to real democracy under construction in Fiji. Once Fiji gets to election in 2014 and prove to the world that their home grown solution for real democracy works, and economic developments ensures Fiji's self sufficiency and reliance, the rest of the Pacific island countries will follow suit.

What New Zealand and Australia fears is countries of the Pacific becoming self sufficient and self reliant through trading with countries who do not put a string around their aid packages. Because if these small island states become self reliant by trading with countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and others in Asia and amongst themselves, New Zealand and Australia's sphere of influence in the Pacific diminishes and their foreign policies on Pacific island states become moot.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara's PRAYER:

"O LORD of hosts, that triest the righteous, that seest the heart and the mind, let me see thy vengeance on them; for unto thee have I revealed my cause." Jer. 20:12

Anonymous said...

The Max is a BainiArse Taliban Internet Troll...

Anonymous said...

@ Max

Someone should shoot this pathetic idiot's balls as it seems his brains are there. Also someone should check his bank account. There must be millions of looted money.

A simple answer to him is the current regime is illegal. All what you are talking about becomes null and void in international law.

Just try and lick your balls if you can. What you are trying to say is same exercise as that.

Anonymous said...

@ The Max....you talk like some graduate comes out the hill of Korovou prison....why don'tyou Bai & your bloodbrother aryse go to Tonga & get roko ului youselves....then you will see the real fun.

Anonymous said...

@The Max . Don't get too carried away.
The breach is between Tonga and the Illegal govt.
We the true owners had our govt stolen from us by Bainivuaka.
So don't try and pull the wool over our eyes arsehole.
The FIRST breach you have to worry about, arsehole, is the breach between Bainimarama and us the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

How much taxpayer money has boci BainiArise given you Trolls to come here and spew your crap? Just shows how fcking shtless scared your talibans really are.

roks____p said...

what is happening to the ben padarath torture investigation? why has compol ordered that this complaint be filed away without investigation????????????????

Anonymous said...

How dare the coward run from a mess he helped put in place. He says there is no law in Fiji well he helped put it that way in a very BIG way.

And now you wanna argue Human Rights Basis?? Pretty ironic and hypocritical I'd say for one who violated the most fundemental human rights of the people that he should have protected. Call a thug what it is, Roko Ului is a thug and coward.

ex Fiji tourist said...

pepsi max

you sound tired and confused; all this sword rattling in your head.

have you been on guard duty all night doing the rounds bashing defenseless woman.

You see, that is about all that the moronic military in Fiji is good for. They aren't very effective at administration or governance.

They are certainly not very good sailors. Is it 3 or 4 of Fiji's 9 patrol boats that are still sea worthy.

When you lead the charge to invade Tonga, haven't you forgotten something. You see, when you were asleep during your geography lessons at school, you missed out on hearing about what the blue bits on the map are. They are actually water; lots of it.

Do you really think that your 3 poorly maintained boats will get there; and back. I suppose in Tonga you will just slip around to the local marina and refuel.

I can just see you on the poop deck with your rusty sabre in one hand and your laptop in the other.

Thanks for the entertainment this morning pepsi; the humour is better than the comedy sheet.

ex Fiji tourist said...

Great satire in the NZ Herald

By Jim Hopkins

All hail the Tongan Navy
Praise the Captain and the crew
Who snatched brave Ratu Mara
Fearless critic of the coup

In sailed the Tongan Navy
All guns blazing on the deck
Through shot and shell and fiery hell
They saved good Ratu's neck

And even if that's not the truth
'Tis right and good to fudge it
Lest else this would a dull thing be
About the b****y Budget

Anonymous said...

Why are the police worried about ONE man? There are more robberies and crime happening around here in Suva. They would be wasting tax payers money on the investigation because majority of the white people do look alike so it would be Hard on the lone boat operator to identify that person or the Bar Maid at Suva Yacht Club.

Anonymous said...

@ Max just an advice PRAY HARD so that God can give you wisdom to understand the word HUMAN RIGHTS.....GOD BLESS TONGA for protecting Roko Ului.

Tiloko Damu said...

What a lot of rubush The Max. Fiji has an illegal and oppressive regime that does not act on the mandate of the people. Tonga or any other nation for that matter has the right to undertake humanitarian actions against such rogue states. In fact they could have gone one step further and once again bailed Fiji out of shit like they did at Kaba - by sending in their commandoes to take out the Taliban regime in Fiji and help restore democracy.You reflect the type of thinking that got Fiji into the swamps of coupland in the first place. The restoration of representative democracy will create the legitamacy and credibility which deserves respect.Tonga and Fiji are so close and many are related. They have helped us out in the past when we were in a mess.

Anonymous said...

The Max
What else to trade from fiji - no sugar, no investments ...iko dua na tamata ulukau.
Anyway, ni yavu sotia lamusona,,,,u cant go to Toga,,,,u only used to fighting those without guns...
shit comes out when u see another person holding gun and firing at u,,,,good example - your boci leader who ran down cassava patch!

Anonymous said...

Dont talk too much - yo family in Fiji might run at the camp!!

Anonymous said...


Kaicolo said...

The Max, what bullshit are you blurbing on about you idiot. You are Sounding more like a no school clown of a military goon. Am convinced you are in the military...you swine.

Tonga has every right to rescue Ului even in Fiji waters. He needed rescuing, no question...if even from the fIJI military.

Fiji military is simply peeved off because they accidentally exposed their incompetency in keeping Ului contained....they were fast asleep as we have come to expect.

Imagine if Tongan boat was on terrorist mission (hope they were)against Fiji, would have inflicted terror then sneeked away again. This is what the army is for,watch on border integrity...not declaring war and torturing unarmed helpless Fiji citizens who go about their work and paying tax to keep the obese soldiers and navy overfed.


Anonymous said...

@ THEMAX.....You talk like Fiji's current status Shits Gold!!!......"Tonga's Credibility this, Fiji's Sovereignty that, Traditional relationships...blah, blah, blah"!!!!!!......

You as well as everybody else in our digital day and age know that what comes from Fiji's junta, concerning Law and Order is nothing but the biggest "Hoooorrsseeee SHHHHI'T!!!!....that any group of lying deluded sons-a-bitches will come up with. And you're floating between their Ai-arse Vacuum Space

Why don't you just crawl back up Aiyaz's Arse where you came from......You really are a "Turd"; WASTE;-) of time.

Jake said...


You must be a real nit wit. Why should NZ and Oz self countries like Fiji being self reliant? Their trade with Fiji is paenuts compared to Asian countries.

If Fiji can extract Ului from Tonga by force; go ahead and tell Bai to try, felx his muscle and see the outcome.

As for your 2014 election, luveni poci there will be no election. Wake up to what is happening, Bai is digging in to rule Fiji for life and when is finished so is the Fiji economy.

Anonymous said...

What is happening now is the side show to rooted problem of corruption. Fijian leaders are to be blamed 100% for allowing this to happen.

Mara's have done it and this Mara in Tonga cannot hold a bible in his hand and say he has not.

So, the Devil is corruption..which is materialistic ..which indicates hyprocracy in our beloved christian nation..

Democracy will make it worse (evidence is all around us in Fiji) - Communisim (as much as I hate it) may be the answer. China!! please show us how it is done.

When the Akoy's (to name one) & other notable fellow Fijians were doing what Ayaz is doing today, everyone cast a blind eye .. what a bunce of hypocrites we are..not to mention Infidels (that some accuse Tevita Mara of).. I wonder what christ looking into our hearts and souls at this moment must be saying .. Some fellow cult christians say the world will end tomrrow 21st may, if it does not, then it will prove again that the modern bible is man-made and full of mistakes and we are following the wrong scripture..lets go back to old testment.ohh! what that will be hard, cause we will not be able to do all the infidelity and hyprocacy and hatered that we harbour in our hearts. Robert Khan..a christian..ummm!!

Answer for us in Fiji based on our indulgence is: lets Stop calling we are a christian nation and follow the politcal system of communisim.

Corruption is the cancer that has killed our nation, our religion and our love & respect for humans.

I know you are fuming, I want to get your reaction? (without the insults, if you are a christian, and with insults if you are not) reply with @communist.

Anonymous said...

@Jake: Fiji's economy is already Dead my friend; but you're right. MAX is a NIT WIT!!

maumau said...

hello the last time Fiji went to war with Tonga, they had to run to the British for help!! Tongans are hard core....advise to Kaiyum, and shitsteers sisters...read Tongan and Fijian history....you idiots have bitten off more than you can chew.

Anonymous said...

Representative democracy ..legitamacy and credibility ?Please tell me where, on what planet this exists

Anonymous said...

@ ANON 11:44.....lol at "Vaccum Space", that is sooooo fucken funny hahahahahaha!!!!....Space Balls ga!!!

There should be a comedy movie about the junta when this is all over. Something along the lines of the Scary Movie genre. All the tack, puns and cheese-bits relevance etc. Its going to be fucken hilarious!!!!!!.....Done by noneother than our very own Fiji Audio Visual (FAV. They're gonna rake in millions by the time it screens across the pacific and OZ and NZ. How ironic is a government department making a mock movie about themselves hahaha.....And don't think it wont be contemplated; They need the money. I cant wait!

Reality said...

@ The Max,

Well said!. Some valid points raised and we need to think outside the box.

But am struggling with terms used
"real democracy works" & " economic developments"

Am really struggling to relate this to whats happening on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Mataitini hits out at bloggers
The Provincial Administrator for Cakaudrove Province, Aca Mataitini has labeled internet bloggers who labelled him as a puppet, as opportunists.
In a statement on Wednesday, Aca said his main role as the Provincial Administrator of the province was to see that good governance prevailed and that the wellbeing of the people was achieved.
“I am not a puppet of any leader, but I am just doing my job and I vow to stick to that,” Aca said.
“I will carry out my duties as the Provincial Administrator Cakaudrove and nothing more than the boundaries of my roles.
“I will continue to see what the government of the day instructs me to do in accordance to the principles of the People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.”
Aca who has links to Lomanikoro Village in Rewa labeled blogger’s claim as tragic with the wrong motive.
He took over the role of Provincial Administrator in January last year and since then a lot of developments has taken place in the province.
“If any person in Cakaudrove has concerns or issues about provincial matters, please clarify with me at the provincial council office. I am open to discussion of any concerns about the running of this provincial council office.”
In an earlier interview, Aca told the Cakaudrove community that irrespective of race, the provincial council office is ready to help those in need.
“If you don’t find any satisfaction in any services, come to us.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tonga for keeping Lau's prince in yr palace. Cos when he comes back to Fiji... sa tini tale i valenikuro!

Sa vagagalu sara toka o koya. Sa vacava sa leqa taka na nona bui?

Radiolucas said...

Hmmm. I don't think TheMax and Reality mix very well.

Anonymous said...

@ MAUMAU, thats because settlers of the Lau group probably were not prepared at the time. All my tau's from Lau are a highly intelligent lot, but peace loving as well. Maafu was just like Bainimarama, power hungry during a different time.

We live in very different times now, and Fiji's relationship with Tonga will always be dictated by the common people and not by rouge government representatives. If Bainimarama wants to be aggressive with Tonga, then he can do all that by himself. Everybody in Fiji love the people the Tonga.

That said, in my humble opinion, had Maafu tried his aggression on Viti Levu's respective coasts on Tailevu, Rewa, Nadroga, Ra or Ba, he would have had to encounter a different sort of Fijian (kawa nei Nawadradra mai Nakauvadra).

Maafu had a small taste of this on the Island of Matuku where Nawadradra's descendent's had settled the furthest at the time. Maafu battled them for six long years before surrendering the use of barbaric force as he was out classed, out witted, continuously annoyed and overwhelmed by the people of Matuku. In the end he had to rely on missionaries and religion to bring calm to the Matuku peoples aggression and stubbornness; so it was God who saved Maafu.

Its a good thing God conquered Viti Levu as well, for had Maafu landed on the shores of Tailevu, he would have needed God to save him.

Anonymous said...

Roko should be ashamed of himself leave his wife and kids there and running away saving himself.Coward you did everything with Frank now when you get caught stealing you run away from the country leaving your wife and kids to suffer in the hands of people who are cruel and unjust and illegal which are too .These kind of man are called puffs .

Anonymous said...

LAiva me dodo ra gang!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone in the greater Suva area that doesn't have constant clean drinkable water, all the ppl that have had their homes invaded are so happy to read this morning that the gov are spending all this money, time and resources to catch a surfer oilei...

Anonymous said...


Naviti Resort hit by huge King waves this AM. Bamboo raft came surging from sea through gymnasium windows on the resort grounds and flooded establishment. On bamboo raft were four men in military uniforms and man in Bula shirt clinging to red bucket. Asked staff for directions to Tonga.

Anonymous said...

@Reality: There is no integrity when it comes to illegal take overs and bullshitting goons, so save your concerns for a democratically elected government.


Kaicolo said...

Read Samoan PM poking fun at our egg-head dictator FenceForLadies (Bainimarama)


ex Fiji tourist said...

Reports of military thuggery in Fiji by bananasinpyjamas and pepsimax are spreading around the world.

have a look at the reports on BBC, ABC, NBC, etc

From the Courier mail

""Fiji tight-lipped over torture claims

By Tamara McLean in Auckland From: AAP May 20, 2011 10:48AM
Increase Text Size
Decrease Text Size

FIJI'S military government is tight-lipped on accusations of torture in its barracks and claims it has no plans to hold democratic elections as promised.

The regime led by Commodore Frank Bainimarama has gone into lockdown following the defection of one of its former senior officials, Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Mara, to Tonga last week.

Lt Col Mara escaped by boat in the days after being charged with plotting to bring down Bainimarama, and has since been holed up in Nuku'alofa and speaking out about the "brutal heartless" regime, in power since a 2006 coup.

The fugitive, who headed the main infantry regiment, has said the military was losing faith in Bainimarama, whom he described as a "puppet" to the whims of his attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

He said democratic elections in 2014, which both Australia and New Zealand have been pushing for, were "very unlikely" to happen and even if they do only a select few political parties will be allowed to stand.

Calls for action on Fiji regime The Australian, 2 days ago
Uncertainty makes Fiji a hard policy front The Australian, 2 days ago
Fiji fugitive Mara condemns Australia The Australian, 2 days ago
Tonga rescues Fiji dissident The Australian, 3 days ago
Fiji anger as ex-army chief flees to Tonga Courier Mail, 4 days ago

Lt Col Mara also said the regime regularly carried out military-style torture of civilians at the Queen Elizabeth barracks in Suva.

A select group of soldiers there answer only to Bainimarama and Khaiyum, and have carried out "hits" on several people.

"All kinds of things go on there. You don't want to know," he said this week.

The government has refused to comment on the claims, with a Ministry of Information spokesman confirming the regime would not speak to media on any issue concerning Lt Col Mara.

TheMax said...

@ Reality

What I meant by real democracy was based around the context of the removal of race based election.

Economic developments in the sense that the fruits of the policies undertaken now by this government is bound to bear fruit in two to three years and beyond. Mining is taking the lead. Agriculture is expanding in areas that will ensure we cut down on imports and we may increase agricultural exports to US, Asia, and even Australia and New Zealand.

Imagine if these lands being made available through the land bank are turned into large scale organic farms (motorised/unmotorised) for selected agricultural produce? We may not be able to supply the whole of China with our ginger and other produces but its a proven fact that Fiji's produce are of very high quality and are very much organically grown.

I'm sure sugar will be revived and pick itself up again. Tourism continue to rise. The expansion and upgrading of the road networks in rural areas are opening up opportunities for economic activities.

Currently, a major part of Fiji's economic activities and developments are centred around Viti Levu. Vanua Levu on the otherhand remains underdeveloped. Imagine that economic developments in the north increased to generate the level of revenue currently generated in Viti Levu?

The small minds naysayers criticizing the developments currently undertaken by Bainimarama's government are so consumed by their hatred of him they fail to see what he is really doing in terms of developments. They will be left to lick their wounds and hibernate in their small homes once the fruits of these developments bear fruits in 3, 4, 5 years time. Their small minds are not ready to see the light at the end of their tunnel vision.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, Fiji is a sewer, coup perpetrators have turned it into filth which has offended those of us that love Fiji with a passion.

Trust, respect, honesty, dignity and pride is all but gone, taken away from us by all coup perpetrators and every ulukau bavulu that supported any of the Fiji coups. I am one of those dick heads that supported the Rabuka coup because I knew the late Ratu Mara would have had something to do with it. I believed that a commoner would never go against the high chiefs at the time in staging a coup. I wanted to also believe that Fiji was being taken over by the Indians and the coup was going to stop it from happening. Stupid, stupid of me, but I learnt my lesson that coups is never the way to go as a solution if we have a fair globally recognized justice system. We should have all learnt our lesson from the first coup but some of us chose not to. We are now paying for the misdeeds of all the ulukau bavulus.

This is a chance for the Maras, Ganilau, Nailatikau, Methodist Church, Catholic Church and other chiefs to unravel this mess to bring back, trust, respect, honesty, dignity and some pride to the nation and its people.

Anonymous said...


Ratu Ului's wife seen at Suva waterfront paddling out to sea on a surfboard after having asked a tourist, "Which way to Tonga?" Sources say she has heard that there is a King tide on the coastline that should give her a good push off momentum.

Anonymous said...

CCF just put out a macawa two faced statement..calling for forum intervention through Bikitawa agreement. Yes we know why....dont we...they want to see Tonga heavily censored becos it dared offer refuge to mara. So tell me Yabaki....what exactly can the forum do..short of issuing a statement saying..."can you both sort it out among yourselves"
The situation of Solomon Island CCF is completely diff in thsi Fiji/Tonga situation..so plse just refrain from trying to make yourself relavent.

Anonymous said...

Bainimaram kaiyum trying to win sympathy and support by brying about its national sovernighy has been breached by another state. Haha falling on deaf years here. I suspect the Forum Sec and forum members have been calling Tonga offering support and messages of god will and congratulations. Dont this idiot get it. they are considered pariahs in teh region..and no one will lift a hand to help them, nor give their complaints any merit!!

Anonymous said...

The dictator has gone mad and worse than libya gadafi after he cant catch mara who is giving the bastatrd left right and centre from tonga palace like a king, the dictator directed psc chand crook to put all students studing on fiji immigration blacklist and show he is ruler and powerful and students soon to be taken to qeb for buturaki-this is madness-many students paid and non students names on blackilist a true mad diatatorship - the list has more than 5000 names from immigration source????/

Anonymous said...


Good one. Just to add, I think, Maafu's nightmare would have been 100 times more than Viti Levu ...had he landed on Vanua Levu!!!,

Sa re, bula sia

Anonymous said...

voro now says lets rest the issue, the crook has made a biggest fool of himself in the media in fiji and overseas and the joke of the pacific he though he was king of pacific like MSG king he has no respect from within and now he knows all countries even tonga and samoa and so on, this the time for mara for the slaughter of the junta with revelations of truth, dictator is too lamusona now as all fiji people want to hear the truth about junta crooked deals and abuse and evil plots he is trying to divert attention so he direct immigration to put all students on balcklist and qeb goons to pick them up and beat up at camp what a policy by no school crook and diversion of attention as better things to do he says-this is what dictators like fiji gadafi do-people cant expect anything better but collapse of all state institutions like fsc, fnpf have already

Anonymous said...

Remember our national anthem:

"A land of freedom hope and glory to whatever lies before may God bless Fiji forever more.....ONWARD MARCH TOGETHER GOD BLESS FIJI!"

Anonymous said...

@MAUMAU and Anon 12.51PM focus on the issue at hand and stop worrying about Maafu and what happened back then 'cos that's irrelevant to what's happening to Fiji now. Let us give thanks to the Lord first for starting to work in the minds of these senior military officers. Everything happens for a reason and as Ului said diplomatic way of solving disputes, differences of idealogies is the way to go in this day and age. Jungle law of the past will never win nowdays and you can see that throughout the world. We are grateful to His Highness and the the people of Tonga for acting on humanitarian ground. Mr Pohiva's view on diplomatic relations is correct but only with those governments that have constitutional rule or those that rule based on the ultimatum given by its people - democracy. When there are serious breaches of human rights made worse as as a result of military coups, in my view a government's chances of applying for extradition of one its citizens will have to prove in an independent court of law its first of all its legitimacy and secondly that it will fulfill the UN Human Rights law. Ului's case is interesting in a court of law because he, by being associated and supporting VB during the coup, was not a champion of democracy. He admitted to that. To the military he is a traitor and must be punished (military way). This is the whole objective of this extradition and VB's interpretation of "dina, dodonu, savasava. Anyway, to all of you the silent majority of Fiji who have suffered quietly in the last five years, have faith and keep on giving thanks to the Lord. Your freedom will come!

Anonymous said...

@ Max, Tonga is one of the island states in the region that has a good number of Phd Graduates. So, how can they be narrow minded???????

Anonymous said...

Ratu Mataitini,

You are the man.Make sure your provincial council office does not start nominating candidates for elections as your office is a State owned office and not a proxy of any political party.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu..

DAULOTU said...

Me da masu mada


Anonymous said...

For those who are harping on about-Maafu please don't beleive what you were told-Maafu. Maafu had Fijian Blood.His forfathers originally settled in the area which is known as Natadola.They were costal people blood kinsman to the pople of Ra. These clansman of Maafu were the first settlers on Nayualevu(now known as Nayua), the second wave of migration into Nayaulevu was form Verata-Ucunivanua.These original settlers from Ra were the same people(dark skinned)Tongans who were reknowned in warefare thattravelled to Tonga & setteled there. To cut a long story short these people where the ones that took the war of the Lotu to unify Tonga under Siaosi or who later became know as George the First.The most revered leader of this group who lead them was one that was know as Ko Vana(Kaufana).He is told in songs as a dark skinned person of tremendous built.After the battle in Vavau he was badly injured and cound't go to Tonga tapu but returned to his home in Eua.This leader was forgotten when George the first created the titles of Nobels & distributed the lands after the unification of Tonga. When Kaufana heard that he was not given a thing he created his own Title(Hau Pe a Kui)(here comes the Blind) indirectly meaning when leaders get what they want they become blind!That title is still in use in Tonga till this day.The decendents of these people are dark skin Tongans who later came to in Fiji(returned would be a better word). That clan came with Maafu-and moved to places like Kadavu, Yasawa, Macuata, Ra, Ucunivanua and in fact Bau-the first marriage of the Last Vunivalu of Bau was a Lady from Namata in Tailevu(this clan of Roko Tui Namata are also decendents of this warrior-Kaufana). About 2 generations ago the clan from Ra that was virtually "kawa boko", went looking in the vola ni kawa bula and ended up in Tonga-they brought their blood relatives back and they now are still in Ra!These are the kawa of Ko Vana(Kaufana)! They have come back home just as Maafu did! So a a bit of history-without the bull can tell you a hella lot! As for Nawadrawadra that is another story for another day-but only for certain ears! If you want to know why the Indo-Fijian are i Fiji or for that matter the Malayans ask the older generations of kai Nadi!They came way, way before the Indentured system oh for that matter there is a cave in Yasawa that has the writings of when these people came-problem is the text is ancient! As the good Book says "the truth will set you free" but can you really handle the TRUTH-He is the first few lines from the lamentations of a meke
Siri O
Siri Ye
Vanua Ko
Tabu lala
Kubou cadra
Vanua Lala?
Taro no
A Gone ni Se....
Tau Kei Ni Mate

Turukawa said...

Poor surfer instructor,what they goona do to him? the bird has flown and that is it..full stop.

just a waste of resorces and time i think to investigate this,just worry about what is coming in the next few weeks and months as the world media are focussing on fiji now. Or FB & gang have run out of plans?

I think Fb has got Paranoia syndrome leading to Bi-polar to lialia..he cannot trust anyone and thinsk evryone will kill him hence the 50 so guards he take saround with him..come on rt tevita ..spill more bins..

SWM said...

When Bsinikaiyum is taken care off then the Great Council of Chiefs will sit and The kingof Tonga will be our chief guest

Jake said...

Its very clear now this is a gathering of the weak and the hopelessness that lies deep in the hearts of those lost souls..

People this lowlife mongrel that you sad bastards are proclaiming as your hero is infact a criminal.

The mind boggles, listen up you pooh pushers this man like that of his counterparts is guilty of treason.


Reality said...

@ The Max,

Agree, personal issues & hunches etc should be left aside with prime focus on economic progress for all. Current economic outlooks etc ( ANZ) dont reveal much about the paths aheads but i get to scratch my head again when one compares progress on some sectors against the current heavy borrowings by Government.

Bottom line is, our beloved country's balance sheet & P&L needs to be thrashed out abit more so as to ensure that there are no short term thrills which our future generation will pay dearly for.

Trust that those in charge have a similiar framework...if so.... forget the critics, keeping on drilling, you will soon strike gold......if not....you will shortly explode!!

Cheers Max

Verani. said...

@ Max.

Tonga has a history of meddling in Viti's affairs - name Ma'Afu ring a bell? Wasn't for Bau you'd all be speaking Tongan.

Anonymous said...

Fiji comes First

writer : Losalini RASOQOSOQO and Nanise Loanakadavu


Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says the escape of former 3FIR Commander Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara to Tonga is of secondary importance to the country.
“He is not Government’s main concern right now. There are more important things to do,” the Prime Minister told the Fiji Sun in Vunisea, Kadavu, last night.

“Let’s rest the issue. Let him join Baledrokadroka as another lonely voice in the wilderness.”

Mr Baledrokadroka is a former army officer now a Fiji critic from Australia.

Commodore Bainimarama said Government would not comment on the issue again until there was a finalisation of its extradition application sent to the Tongan government.

He said investigations to find out whether there were locals who helped Ratu Tevita - commonly known as Roko Ului -escape were continuing.

He said Police were leading investigations.

Government has termed Ratu Tevita as a fugitive after he escaped to Tonga and breached his bail conditions.

He is facing charges of sedition against Government.

Police also confirmed last night that they were following some major leads in their investigations.

While some people have been taken in for questioning Police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri confirmed they were following some strong leads.

Inspector Sokomuri said information at this stage was sketchy and they would be identifying those who were involved soon.

He said the Police were looking to identify the person who slept at the Nagigia Island Resort in Kadavu on May 8.

“We have some leads and will identify the person soon,” Inspector Sokomuri said.

Resort staff had told the Fiji Sun in Kadavu on Wednesday that Ratu Tevita had stayed at the hotel, accompanied by a European man.

Inspector Sokomuri said Ratu Tevita last signed in at the Samabula Police Station on May 6.

Government says he fled the country on a Tongan navy ship in waters off Kadavu Island on May 9.

Police Commissioner, Brigadier-General Ioane Naivalurua has only said that investigations were progressing but no further information could be revealed now. Meanwhile resort worker Apisai Bolatuku, said he transported Ratu Tevita and the European man from the resort to a boat out at sea in the resort’s punt.

He said the Lau chief and the European man met with another European man and his i-Taukei wife, the morning they left the resort. Mr Bolatuku said he had taken the two men to the boat as part of his work, adding that the European man accompanying Ratu Tevita was a regular visitor to the resort.

Meanwhile, Government is now awaiting a response from the Tongan government on the extradition application sent to the Tongan Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano.

The application was sent to Nuku’alofa on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Maumau, and others who have run away to foreign countries like Angie Heffernan and Roko Ului and JB need to stop talking and siding with foreign countries. The military knows the comments you making - wanting to be anonymous

Anonymous said...

Good on u Frank unlike these susu madrai bloggers who have yet to set foot in their village nor are they in the VKB,,,,ni yavu dosi!!!
Chiefly send off for PM at Vunisea

writer : LOSALINI RASOQOSOQO in Kadavu


Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama’s week-long visit to Kadavu came to an end at the Vunisea Government Station yesterday.
The Tui Tavuki, Ratu Jone Duikete, thanked the Prime Minister for his visit and Government’s help through development programmes on the island.

“I thank the Prime Minister for taking the time to come down and visit us,” Ratu Jone said.

“We are so lucky that he has done that and I am sure other people around the country would be saying the same because he has also visited them and heard their pleas.

“Not only that he has ensured that what people have been crying for has been met.”

Ratu Jone said he and his people were grateful for all the work that Government had done.

“We are seeing things happening before our own eyes,” he said.

Prime Minister Bainimarama thanked the people of Kadavu for their support, towards him and Government and urged them to continue to play their part.

The Prime Minister’s tour party will leave Kadavu this morning for Beqa Island before they return to Suva

The Oracle said...

@The Max ... Your words - breach of sovereignty.

No dispute on that one!

The Tongan navy's extraction of Roko Ului was indeed an INVASION - all bullshit aside about distress calls, whether from Ono-i-Lau or Kadavu, or whether it was a simple rescue without advance planning - with or without Nailatikau's knowledge/support.

Straight-out breach of sovereignty/invasion. SO, WHAT you, Frank and Khaiyum plan to do about it? What? Not enough fuel to send the tinboats to retaliate? What? No refit programs for the boats after the Australians withdrew from Fiji to Vanuatu? What? No more money in the cash cow - FNPF?

Regarding Roko Ului... the intention was never to prove him guilty in court (for "seditious comments against his own comrades who themselves committed sedition and treason through their rape of democracy"!!!). The idea was, as is Khaiyum's trademark trump card, to prolong the case so that it sits in abeyance for the next two to three years before charges are eventually withdrawn on flimsy excuses. Take a look at all the interim-government "political" court cases since 2006 - all adjourned for long periods then simply withdrawn. If Pryde wants evidence of the judiciary compromising itself - that's the proof. It's called manipulating the judicial system to suit your own interests. A case of "if you keep them out of sight long enough no one will remember them."

May God Bless Fiji and may Nailatikau burn in Hell for his cowardice.

Anonymous said...

@non 1.07 - You are great. Admitting wrong is bigger then anything else.

During 1987, that was a learning experience that exposed truth and false propagandas.

So the $20m bonus to Chiefs via FHL bought Chiefs to promote Rabuka, the handout giver as life member of GCC.

It is this mistake that has been seen as aspiration to outdo others when elections are lost as GCC will praise them.

This error was the repeat seen in 2000. And the current one appeared to show cleanup of those mindset, but has gone too far now only because it is their own been thrown out or 95% of Fijians voted the party that got thrown out, so are not supporting the situation.

Will Ratu Ului make any difference now that he could not do it when he was inside.

Anonymous said...

sobo Ratu Edita sa sea beka ni tabaki na noqui tukutuku baleti Maafu-kei na nona dra vaka Viti!

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor I extracted this from www.talamua.com...the funny side of this saga from the Samoan PM. Pls publish for our readers.
Samoa's PM blames Global Warming for Fiji-Tonga storm
APIA: Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi who just returned from Turkey today blames the current storm-in-a-teacup between Fiji and Tonga on Global Warming.
Asked for comment, the Prime Minister in the best of the Samoan tradition of fagogo (spinning a yarn) said; “After reading the reported facts, I am super clear that the Fiji colonel went out fishing and got into problems with the current that sucks every debris into the Tongan Trench.
“That the Tongan boat - basking in the sunny ocean - spotted the lone colonel and went in to help. That the fisherman was none other than King George’s relation is of pure coincidence.
“Only in the Pacific do coincidences of this nature are aplenty.
“So in essence, Commodore Bainimarama should be thanking the Tongan government for rescuing Mara.
“He should be telling off his own navy for not helping.
“Perhaps that’s what happens when their admiral spends all his time in politics leaving the navy headless.
“You see, if it wasn’t for the Tongan boat and its alert crew, Mara would probably be in South America by now. Bainimarama then should thank the Tongan king and apologize for all the trouble this incident had caused.”
The only complication these days, said Tuilaepa, are when one introduces un-Polynesian concepts such as sovereignty and territorial waters.
“Those are imported concepts. Back in the olden days, you are free to roam the oceans and feast on its bounties. It belonged to nobody but to everybody.
“It’s a way of life that is above and beyond the purview of modern-day international maritime law.”
“And drifting fishermen are not new in this part of the world especially as hundreds of fishing canoes leave the villages to go out to fish and joyride every day. Some fishermen occasionally get swept off to the open sea and get picked up by other fishermen in nearby islands. For Samoa, Tonga and Fiji, it is tradition that you go out and rescue strayed fishermen in distress then offer them your best hospitality.
“But these incidents are happening all too often these days. Climate change and global warming has meant stronger currents and more fishermen getting cast adrift.
“If anything then is to be blamed for the current Fiji-Tonga hair-pulling, it is climate change.
“Australia therefore should provide us with more naval boats and high-tech oceanic tracking equipment so we can quickly go out and rescue our castaway fishermen.
(Shaking head) “With the way they (fishermen) are getting carried out to sea at the moment, we might not have any more fishermen left by 2012.
“And if more colonels in Fiji go fishing – eventually – there will be no more army to prop up Bani.”
“It’s really a storm in a teacup. Fiji and Tonga are very close. We have a concept that best describes these two. The Samoan word togafiti aptly describes the warm relations that exists between Fijians and Tongans, the mutual backs-scratching in times of itchiness and the occasional brotherly squabble that occurs between these two.
Togafiti therefore in English, simply means, the Pacific Way.
His advice to Commodore Bainimarama?
“Go fishing. Likely you’ll be picked up by the same Tongan phantom boat that will take you to Nukualofa. After a long tit-for-tat there with Mara and the King, no doubt Bainimarama will come back ready to put Fiji back to the road to democracy and a better understanding of the rule of law and, of course, the law of the sea."

Jake said...

Max you are deluded. The mining that is happening now provides some semblance of development but wait for it. There is a lot happening behind the scene like the kick backs being paid rtc.

As for Fiji exporting agricultural products to NZ and Oz...oti nai taba kai. Sugar is dead at the hands of your idol Bai.

At the end of the day the only ones who benefit are Bai and his coronies you dim it.

mark manning said...

How embarrassing !
The machinery of Frank and Aiyaz brought to its knees by a lone surfing instructor !

Anonymous said...

For Roko Ului please come out with the names of ALL those SHADOWY Figures back in 2006 as quoted by Commissioner Hughes who were responsible for this Coup at the first place. As for Mr. Khaiyum WHY DO YOU HAVE A POLICE GUARD POST IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE 24/7? WHY NOT ALL THESE OTHER MINISTERS HAVE A GUARD POST AS WELL? As for Mr. Bainimarama, I have seen that fortified guard house in the front. It is almost as if he is expecting something. WHY ARE THE SOLDIERS CARRYING LIVE ROUNDS?
PLEASE SIR's RETURN OUR COUNTRY BACK TO NORMALCY A.S.A.P. You would be answering our prayers. NO MORE OLD POLITICIANS, (Rabuka, Kotobalavu, QARASE, Tavola, Chaudary, and all those OLD FACES, NEW FACES Expected PERIOD

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:37PM - that sounds similar to the kind of receptions and send offs Qarase and his cabinet used to receive when they held cabinet meetings and visits around the country. Doesn't seem to have taken long for the loyalty of those in the villages to change as will happen with Bainikhaiyum once they're exposed to all for the thieving maggots they are and removed. Unfortunately as has been seen by a lot of these 'Ratus', depending on their allegiance and loyalty is like building your house upon quicksand. I can count on one hand which chiefs have stuck to their guns since 2006 and they are the ones who deserve the respect and loyalty accorded to them from their people whereas I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the turncoat fairweather chiefs.

FijiGirl said...

CSI Kadavu!! (*kling kling*)
What a joke. The horse has bolted, guys. What's the point of locking the stable door now? Unless of course iArse told you to do it to keep you busy while he hides his $$$ and makes his escape plan.
God bless Fiji.

Reality said...


Agree, more major issues to tackle.

@2.37: Kadavu Update;

If report is true, Frank is making real progress.

Frank & Team....... a bit of wisdom for your success:

Free up the media and stop abusing human rights...just focus on your targets and you will get there.

If not...2 steps forward...100 back strokes:

Anonymous said...

Hey MAX, I applaud your logical capabilities, but thats as far as I go. Its obvious that you're one of those well educated, high paid comfort zone types, hence your favour in anything logical that makes sense, although just hot air.

Yes we'd all like our economy to develop further and boom as been promised by the two accused FB and AK. But promises can only go so far with people from "on the ground" while your watching from your financial organisation/educational institute, the majority of the population is struggling, and it looks like they've had enough!!!!........Ones things for sure; assessments aside, its the majority that rule.

Theres going to be a change in government, regardless of when its going to happen. Theres no stopping the inevitable my friend.

Coup 4.5 said...

Can the person who posted the comment about the estonia and the US consulate email C4.5 at pacificinthemedia@gmail.com? Vinaka C4.5 editor

Anonymous said...

You read the daily newspaper and all appears to be normal in Fiji. Taliban Aiyaz Khaiyum has done a good job scaring the crap out of all the fiji news papers and Fiji Village. he could not keep the lid on fiji Times so sent the owner to prison courtesy of instructions from Tappoos. Your day is nigh Taliban Aiyaz Khaiyum. Start packing your bags. soon you will be wearing Orange overalls at Walu Bay prison you dirty rat. Oops! sorry for the insults to rats. A simple rusty bullet thru your thick head would do just fine. f..U

Semi said...

I hope that when Bainivuaka goes to Beqa, let him do the firewalking and let the Vuaka burn.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon @ 1:07 PM. I respect the fact that you would admit that your position in how you view government has changed over time. You did things for the wrong reason in the past but it is evident that you have matured so much since then.

Too bad some of the people in the news coverage now do not have the sincerity of heart that you do.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon @ 2 PM. Very, very interesting historical info you've given. I personally believe that since history is such a big thing for us here in Fiji (as I think it is everywhere), it is important for us to know as much of it as we can. Doesn't matter whether or not it is pertinent to specific current situation. Where did you accumulate your data?

It helps us to shed light on the past,correct inconsistencies and find out that we are all more closely related than not. Good job! John Galt

Anonymous said...

After all, History repeats itself...
Battle of Kaba II?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.32 who gives a flying toss about what the incompetent, illegal morons think. Are we supposed to shiver in our shoes becos they claim they know the identity of bloggers!! What a joke that Tonga was able to happily enter Fiji;s EEZ and baini's kean and the macawa fools did not know a thing. Too much sitting on their bums, reading about themselves on blog sites, drinking grog and bacg stabbing each other.

maumau said...

@Anon 2.32 who gives a flying toss about what the incompetent, illegal morons think. Are we supposed to shiver in our shoes becos they claim they know the identity of bloggers!! What a joke that Tonga was able to happily enter Fiji;s EEZ and baini's kean and the macawa fools did not know a thing. Too much sitting on their bums, reading about themselves on blog sites, drinking grog and back stabbing each other.

Anonymous said...

Cakobau was surrounded and in dire straits when King George of Tonga came to his assistance to counter the posibility of his brother Ma'afu becoming King of Fiji and thus being a threat to George. Wainiqolo was Ma'afu's general who extended his reach to many parts of Fiji.
Present situation is a family situation for us Fijians (all races) with nil bearing on national soverignty issues.
Tonga has come to rescue us from a national embarrament, to watch our present regime deal with the young son of Ratu Mara and the fact that the young Mara is an embarassment to his wife and family.
There is no way Frank would be lollying about in Kadavu unless he was supper confident that our Prez was not going to make a move.
The Prez is no doubt quite happy that the young spoilt Mara can no longer keep up his philandering ways and has sent instructions to his cuz to put him on lanterine duty like a buck private till he grows up.
can only hope lol.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anon. 7:34 PM. Not "we", only BainArse Talibans.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.34pm. Seems like Baini is blogging with us. Bula Frankie! better put on your life jacket. may need it for your trip back...if you come back.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

We may shortly need Tonga's help once again to remove another Chief, but this time they only need to drop him on a reef, somewhere out there with the fish, young fish.

Anonymous said...

Let him be in Tonga. Let the Tongans feed and maintain him for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

Well it seems there was no distress call or anything like it. T'was a pre-arranged high risk pick-up where our territorial waters invaded.If that's the case do you think they are going to give him up. I doubt it after all the effort..

Anonymous said...

BainiArise trolls are on here! hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

This is quite a showdown..Fugitive versus Terrorist.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.54am. You left out the surferist

Anonymous said...

RE: Turukawi @ 2:02 PM, May 20

Not to worry. Surfer dude has said in a live news conference from Australia that he was able to fool the border security patrol at the Nadi International Airport by donning a red Santa Claus suit. Fooled them entirely! The only question he was asked as he stepped through security is what pressies they could expect under their Chistmas trees this year.

Anonymous said...

NEWS FLASH..Fiji's terrorist group BAINIAIYARSE QAIDA an affiliate of late Bin Laden's AL QAIDA seeks help from latter in the capture of ruaway Colonel cum fugitive Rokoului. A top official Ben Naliva is believed to be in Afghanistan to hold talks with Al Qaida officials on the issue.

sdl.to.da.bone said...

Just read in yesterday's Fiji Times, that one of the alleged QEB goons, Maciu Vulaono, has died. He was a brother to the late Lt Col Aisake Mataikabara and Capt Esala Teleni and the infamous Atu Vulaono.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! You guys forgot to include Sanat and Elvis!!!!

Tui Viti said...

@ The Max.two wrongs don't make a right. If your concept of democracy and development is having two sets of rules one for the IG and one for the commoners then you've basically shot yourself in the foot when preaching democracy.How is it that people like Keane who murdered a man, a father with his bare hands gets to walk out of prison? Others like Naulia & Co. Not only do they get a GET OUT OF JAIL CARD, they were actually on the payroll whilst in prison.IS THIS YOUR VERSION OF DEMOCRACY?.You version of democracy takes Fiji back a 100 years.IT makes Fiji look like South Africa during the apartheid era where white folks got away with crimes that put colored folks in prison.
If your version of democracy is suppressing the media from broacasting the truth then your governmet is no better then the RUSSIAN COMMUNIST.In reality this IG is mirroring the rule of the COMMUNIST RUSSIANS,SUPPRESSING THE MEDIA,TORTURING DISSIDENTS!!
The Court of Appeal in 2009 declaring the illegality of these IG will come back to bear and haunt this regime.Mark my words. In the meantime you can take your perverted, twisted and biased form of democracy and put it where the sun don't shine.FIJI DOES NOT NEED YOUR FORM OF PERVERTED DEMOCRACY. IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT 'ONE MAN ONE VOTE', then at least note the basic principle of democracy 'WE ARE EQUAL UNDER THE LAW.......

Anonymous said...

RE: Tui Viti @ 1:07 PM. I agree completely! John Galt

Anonymous said...

@The Max, Do not drag the situation back to history. History is for us to learn from not to make the same mistake again. Bai's Navy brew up Tonga lights beacon at Minerva. Tonga Navy took Mara from ?. Fiji do what next? Then Tonga do what next? I do not think anyone would like to see that. Let us go back to the Kava circle and drink Kava.

Anonymous said...

We just need to plan a concerted attack on the www.fiji.gov.fj web site. Lets show the Condom Baini that we have the power to bring his regime down from cyberspace. This will also show the people that by attacking the site together and making it meltdown that there is large number of people not happy with him.

Can C4.5 publish a date and I am sure we have enough experts here to help guide the best way to plan this attck.

Lets start to hurt him. Its just collective all of us to start visting his website and making request simultaneously. or is there another method? there is no crime in visiting the site so no one will be in trouble. But we all need to visit it same time and start clicking on menu same time.

Condom Baini get ready for our attack.

Anonymous said...

@ The Max

Bai undermined the Tonga/Fiji relation that has been weaving by our ancestors for hundred of years and choose to use the uncivilised method of using explosive at Minerva instead of using Law of the Sea that the UN has established. What sover? you talking about?

Anonymous said...

@The Max

If you still insist in taking your suggested solution to bring back Mara by force, You are more than welcome to do so.
Tongans will be happy to welcome you the same way they welcome Mara. After all they are the easy unfriendly Friendly Island. Bai knows that too. That is why he is reluctant to take your suggestion.

Anonymous said...

it will only take a drone attack to demolish all that crap of a home.